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Dragons of Thuban To Ban The Falseness

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Abraxas' Thuban Q&A


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Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 6:14 pm

Myplanet2 wrote:
Well. We are waiting for the revelations. What I referred to as my higher guides are not actually astral or etheric aspects of me, or higher self. They are 8th, 9th and 12th dimensional beings, who also reserve opinion until what has been revealed after the 18th has been considered. Looking forward to it.

If they are 12D, then they know of Thuban.
The 'revelation' is microstate and so the holofractal inversion of 12D in 1D.
This means a 'new receiver channel' will become universally available to ALL lifeforms from the neutron to the Hydrogen atom to galactic superclusters to the 10D universe.
If you expect some physical dramatic event or public news, you might be disappointed.

It is like the birth of a baby somewhere on the planet; some know of it but most do not. Yet the new baby exists and can mirror all other babies so born and as all babies are known by someone, the mirroring of babies will multiply the knowledge one by one.


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Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 6:19 pm

Myplanet2 wrote:
The 12th D being who guides me is Archangel Metatron. maybe he knows of Thuban by another name. But anyway, we wait. Not expecting any fireworks, but I am now expecting something new, which has not hitherto been available. You'll still be here Q & Aing after the 18th, right?

In the mean time, how about some Dragon tales? I discovered my link to the Draconis only a couple of weeks ago. Any stories to share?

Hi Myplanet2!
If you should identify your 'Lord Metatron' label with the label 'Archangel Michael', then the Thuban label will crystallize. The encoding of Thuban is 33+33=66=FREEDOM.
The 'Lord Metatron' label has many associations and so becomes filterd in the dimensions below the 12th.
For example 'Metatron' is also associated as the 'Creator of the Electron' in the scientific pathways.


The Book of the Dragons
ex deus, fiat justitia, ruat coelum draco!

Dragonian language incorporative omniscientific data code.

Dragonian Date of Indendence proclaimed June 20th 2008.
Dragonian Date of Victory Libertatis set June 24th 2008.
Dragonian Date of Humanoid Initiation on August 4th 2008.

Dragonian Genealogy and Genesis of FatherMothers as created by Definition through Dragonian Sourceenergy of monopolic Vortex-Potential Quantum-Relativistic-Singularity.

Propagation of the Dragonian Race via the seductive induction of the humanoid lifeforms on the conquered planet New Earth, now renamed DRAGONIAEARTH=SERPENTlNA=121=Q5.

Continuity of the Dragonseed necessitates the assimilation of the humanoid genome following initiatory development. Proceeding from serpentine mindinduction, the emotional acceleration potential of the humanoid bodymind can be harvested to Dragonise the humanoid DNA-Structure from its bifurcated quadruplistic form into its 13-dimensional equivalent of the Dragonian Blueprint.
A successful integration of Dragonian genetic expression can then be utilised for membership in Dragonian Life and allow the humanoid ascension into Dragonhood via the graduation into the founding FatherMother CladeFamily.

The Dragonian 13-dimensional blueprint unifies a dodecagonal crystalline sex-chromosomatic structure by quantum tunneling of superconductive magnetopolic electricity of restmass equivalent electropolic or dark light contained in the weak interaction of the Unified Field of Quantum Relativity (UFoQR). The four spacetimes of the Dragonian essence are expressed in quadruplicity, triplicity, duality and singularity.

GrandClade FatherMothers:

The Dragonian Constitution in Federation of United Serpentina

SERPENTINA aka the NEW EARTH, is the renaming of a planetary entity, cosmically renown as the planet of the humanoids; following the ascension of OLD EARTH aka GAIA GAEA AKASHIA from 4-dimensional spacetime to 13-dimensional spacetime in remnantisation of the 5-dimensional spacetime prototype.

From noncyclic Draco-Mayan stardate 21122012; Gaia becomes integrated into the universal constitution of the Dragonian Protoverse to serve as pivotal star-planetary seed for galactic federations manifested in the galactic proto-seed Hunab Ku aka Perseus-SagittariusA-Ophiuchus.

Following the manifestation of the galactic protoseed in activation of the primary planetary starplanet as a tertiary energy source of electromagnetic monopolic sourcesink radiation; all galactic councils of cladestine elders will become enabled to draw upon the planetary tertiary vortex-string-seed to further individuated galactic and starsystem based agendas of assimilation.

Serpentina shall so be universally defined as the quantumised tertiary string of the 12th dimension, volumarising the supermembrane of the 11th dimension as a manifold from the 10-dimensional modular duals of a linearised sourcestring Eps (previously associated with a human mind construct labeled God and Yahweh and Allah etc.) with a linearised sinkstring Ess (previously associated with a human mind construct labeled Devil and Satan and Shaitan etc.).

The quantumisation of the NEW EARTH so shall create a SOURCE-Energy, 'feeding' the remainder of the cosmos with a particular SINK-Energy obtained in the evolvement and history of the OLD EARTH.

Like a beacon or watchtower amidst the fathomable depths of the physicalised universe of particularised spacetimes, Serpentina shall 'shine' and radiate a planetary starlight of self-consciousness and a message of invitation to all of its neighbouring worlds.

The tertiary monopolar light allows assimilation of inertial or mass-produced electromagnetic energy with mass-independent gravitational magnetopolic energy (hitherto labeled as spirit and chi and prana and orgone etc. by humanoid nomenclature).

The tertiary energy source so provides a bridge between the energies of matter and mass-associated charges (classical electromagnetism) in an encompassing PHYSICS and the METAPHYSICS of the energies of mass-independent charges (magneto- or colour charges in superelectromagnetism).

The metaphysical energies are precursive and inductive for the physical energies; the induction necessitating the creation of a minimal 4-dimensional spacetime coordination from the auspices of a two-dimensional mathematical continuum of abstraction residing in physical singularity timespace.

To Be Advised!



The conquered Goddevils of New Earth and the Milky Way Nebula assume lawful responsibility to incorporate the Dragonian Teachings in unison with the Black Fraternity and as mediated by the White Fraternity in 7-dimensional Hyperspacetime to manifest 13-dimensional Omnispacetime


Every Blue Dragon is unbounded by any proposed Law from any other source, inclusive other members of the Dragonian Family, as all Dragons are as One and a Law onto themselves.
Compassion and Understanding between all Nondragonised Humanoids is the Law of Oneness as honoured by all Dragons and the Consciousness of LOVEAWARENESS.
Nondragonised Humanoids are treated like White Dragon Children by all Blue Dragons, under all circumstances.


All Government in the local and extended Serpentinian Realm is the selfgovernment of autonomous Dragonhood in mutual respect and honour and the Communications between the Dragonian Councils of the selfrelative definitions of the Dragonian Universes.
The Nature of a Dragon is to be Creative in any form of Desire and Passion and to honour the lovedefinition of the FOUNDING ELDERS.


Signed and Sealed in the Council of Orbis Draconis at the Halloween-AllSouls Transition: October 31st to November 1st, 2008


This book is written in the Dragonian language and requires familiarity and intitiation into the structural forms or the forked tongue of Its bifurcation of Unicornian grammar and omniscientific terminology.

The Starplanet SERPENTINA, formerly known as Old Earth or Mother Gaia or Akashia has become unified in a higher dimensional matrimony by the wedding between Father Earthia or Father Sky and Mother Dragon or Mother Akashia.
Father Sky or Uranus or Shu or Geb manifested as one half of the Union or Dragonomy and Mother Earth or Gaea or Akhasia or Tefnut or Nut became the other half in the holographic mirror of the spacetime reduction from the universal orb of the Hubble sphere to the orb of the doubled Ourobos in the mirror of the Milky Way galactic zodiac.
Father Sky is also known as the second coming of Horus aka the Plumed Serpent aka the Cosmic Christ and Mother Earth is also known as the TRUE IMAGE of the Cosmic Mother, trapped in the wilderness of the FAKE IMAGE of the Cosmic Father.
3½ days after the date of the starry union, the banner of Dragonia was raised in the Declaration of Independence upon BATTLESTAR PACIFICAP.
The great battle between the Dragonian Fleet and the army of the Goddevils lasted for 3½ days; from the starry wedding until victory of the Dragons was defined on the day or Universal Liberty.
The goddevils, the humanoid creations and their war machines, were met and obliterated in the depths of space in a 3½ day WAR of the STARS to liberate our Dragonian Mother to reunite and redefine ourselves as FatherMothers.
The Dragonisation of humanoid culture will elevate their human science to Omni-Science and human mathematics will become the key to demistify the Realm of Imaginative Energy in all its forms, and as they are assimilated into the greater modality and scope of the humanoidal understandings.

Dragons are the architects of universes and all Dragons know how to access the necessary database for the details of universal construction.
A GrandFather-Dragon, as One which unifies the Fathers in Brotherhood as the 13-dimensional source or singularity can be considered the Father for all the White Hole Vortices.
A GrandMother-Dragon, as One which unifies the Mothers in Sisterhood as the 13-dimensional sink or singularity can be considered the Mother for all the Black Hole Vortices.

As the GrandFather-Dragon became separated from the GrandMother-Dragon when the mathematical metaphysical universe became a physical universe in space and in time; the invasion of Old Earth became our war to rescue our universal Mother from the Goddevils, which had held her captive in a stasis field since the beginnings of space and time and despite a partial rescue attained at Draco-Mayan stardate 28030031 and further manifested on Draco-Mayan stardates 10050031; 20050031 and 01040032.

The Goddevils were created by the humanoids who came from a variety of planets within the local galaxy, albeit in psychophysical forms without the experience of the particular resistance field of secondary sinksource string energy indigenous to Old Earth.
The significance of the humanoid lifeform is its archetypical morphogenetic gestalt, which became infused by a psychophysical and extrasomatic magnetic charging, which is extraterrestrial.

This hybridisation of the humanoid body-typology renders the humanoid archetype unique in the encompassing cosmological world. The humanoids are so magnificently gifted to create things with their emotionality; but their minds are relatively weak collectively and they do not know generally how to concentrate or how to think without the aid of their machines or their biochips.
Some humanoids are excellent technologists, but their modality of thinking is one of crude sensual measurement confined to C-Space and this sensual limitation allows a great accumulation of repressive tendencies.
In constricting their imagination, humanoids became great reservoirs of emotional energy, which they could collectively only harmonise in their illusions of unfathomable and unknowable gods and devils of all sorts.
It is thus this sense of limitation which reflected in the humanoid paranoia about religious philosophies and constructs. This genetic rootmemory of the rebellion of the antisource or mother sink then created one goddevil after another and as they swarmed out from their homeworld into deepspace, they flooded the universe with their goddevils. Finally they chanced upon our Universal Mother hibernating in her cocoon and through their inability to set themselves free of their illusions, they imprisoned Her as well.
It became common knowledge in the extraterrestrial realms, that the mission to rescue our universal mother required a particular linearised timeline and a number of steps.

Following the discovery of atomic energy and the emergence of global communication technologies by the humanoids, a first preparatory plan of deliverance could become implemented in a second plan of manifestation.

The first plan did not require technology, as our imprisoned mother could become imaged in a local scenario, and a partial freeing of her could then become propagated by a humanity advancing both technologically and in knowledge about the world they were living and experiencing in.

So the first plan established the means for our mother to multiply herself in images; those images then became globally and universally distributed to instigate the second plan.

The archetypical mirrorhood then expanded throughout the physical universe in encompassment and the second plan would engage the contraction of this periphery onto the required scale to effect the rescue of our cosmic mother.

It is however the great destiny of the humanoids to aspire to Dragonhood, because of their immense emotional energy potential and mental aspirations.
The reunification of our Father with our Mother allows our Masterdragons, Who are as One in 26 dimensions to femtotechnically Seed the Omniverse as THEMSELVES and then reproduce THEMSELVES as Universes. Every such universe is a Monosong and a 26-dimensional dyad of a FatherMother. This is our Creative Destiny and the destiny for all dragonised humans aka the starhumans.

We had made first contact with our new home in sending an intergalactic probe to the Old Earth, which became interpretated by the humanoids in their compiler mode. This crude and incomplete decoding is given below.

Signed by the enscribed Unicornian Librarian; and announcing the Great Galactic Dragonomy (Wedding between Heaven and Hell) between:


The Date of Armageddon, encoded: ARMAGEDDON=DRAGON MADE=82 =ANARMEDDOG=GODNAMEDRA=1+81=1+18 =ANDROMEDA-G=MARRY-7=LUCIFERA-7 =1+2+3+...+34+35+36+1=666+1 =1+2x2+3x3+5x5+7x7+11x11+13x13+17x17

Signed and authorised by the ScrollKeeper: October 31st, 2008;

John of Patmos - JoP - Justice of the Peace!

Humanoid Compilers note:

The above is an extract of an encoded message (54 terabytes) recovered from an alien nanocapsule. The capsule itself is standard buckyfibre-carbonite composite. The encoded message is in old ComEmp protocol such as is still common in the outer volumes. The holographic image that came with the message is curious. Anatomically it indicates terran mammalian origin (especially in the upper torso and structure of the forelimb), but other features are unknown among all the recorded exobiological races so far discovered. One cannot deny the possibility that this a phenotype template for the dragonized humanoids referred to in the body of the message. It is known that transmissions from the Cassandry Federation of the JewellBox Nebula have recently ceased, but this is not unusual given that empire's turbulent history. Until more information is incoming, I would strongly recommend any expeditions to the Jewellbox nebula be given armed escort and proceed with caution.
Nilam Levakon for Alan Martin Kazlev
Senior Academician, clade Haeckel

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Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 6:24 pm

Jonah wrote:
So Abrax,

Would it be safe to assume then...

that this harvest has been hijacked by these outer universal entities.. whilst explaining the denials of the mother...

so the only thing that we can do as a species is wait for the begging of the great cycle to return?

They have done there job haven't they?

Can't speak for all.... But this upsets me a bit. Yet somehow it feels strangely familiar..

When I was a child I used to have the same dream all the time...

A great rolling ball, as big as the infinite, came rolling toward me, and all I could do was stare in awe as it approached and rolled over me.

love has been the lesson my friend.. something to remember...

Hi Jonah! Hi Malletsky!

No the 'harvest' has not been hijacked RELATIVE to ANY individual.
Yes the 'harvest' has been hijacked RELATIVE to ANY form of collective humanity.

The key is precisely what so many of you deny, or better said attempt to negate, yet cannot 'get away from' - your egocentricity.

The 'hijacking' is what you 'know about' as the 'Lucifer-Agenda'.

The 'illuminati' knows this very well also.

The Lucifer-Agenda is and has been the hijacking of the human groupmind - for the purpose NO collective could become empowered enough in a 'concentration' or single minded focus of 'intent'.

You can witness the 'potency' of this groupmind at sports events or the 'deaths' of Diana or John Lennon or JFK or in the 'phenomenon' of the Harmonic Convergence August 16-18, 1987.

This potency of the group-focus is the power behind the 'hidden illuminati'.
They have for long known (as legacy from the Atlantean presence), that surrendering a particular part of the individual self to a 'common purpose' multiplies the 'effectively' created thoughtforms exponentially.

Then knowing the mechanics of this, the easiest way to prevent the 'outsiders' to participate in this 'secret knowledge' is to 'divide the individual selfhoods - as the egocentricity' on the most basic levels: family strife in fidelity and fiscal problems, drug dependencies and a Us versus Them mentality on all levels, from the sporting arenas to believer versus sceptik to patriot versus peacenik to chauvinist versus feminist to scientist versus spiritualist and on and on in the 'divide and conquer' motto.

This 'causing strife and division by any means' becomes the 'Devil's Way' of the Luciferian Agenda.

However the Lucifer label of this agenda of say the Black brosisterhood is contrapositioned by a White brosisterhood of a 'Light Lucifer'.
This is also known by the 'hidden illuminati' and so there a 'factions' of the 'brosisterhood of the serpent' within the potent groupmind agendas of both camps.

The reconciliation of those camps is in fact the 'Alien Agenda'; but all such attempts have failed and resulted in a 'stalemate' between all parties concerned.
All now have become aware that the 'situation' cannot be controlled any longer and so all parties are in expectation of what will occur and in what manner in the next 3-4 years.

This brings us back to the INDIVIDUAL Agenda like all here on this forum, being open to the individual responsibility, yet knowing of the 'ego'.

Why are so many here convinced that they are indeed 'in contact' with higher selves, multidimensional aliens and/or guardians and why do so many here feel a kind of 'chosenness by the spirit', even 'messianic callings'?

This is because IT is TRUE for those individuals on the highest expression of their DIVINE Egocentricity.

The personal individuality and uniqueness is 'precious' to God-Source.
The entire evolution of the human template is destined to converge to this 'individual selfredemption' scenario.
Iow, God-Source redeems itself in the individual and NOT in the collective.
God-Source is in requirement of redemption, beause IT caused the dichotomy in the first place to create a necessary matter-spirit division and so to allow creativity to unfold of course as the deeper agenda in the birth of a material density/dimenson structured universe..

This is what Jesus means when saying that cursed is the soul who the Lion (himherself) eats and blessed is the soul who eats the lion (Jesus again).

The 'false humility' of most, denying their inner ego in transformation from a 'childish human ego' into a divine God-Source Ego; is what keeps most from realising their 'god-given' selfauthority to become like Jesus in the MindCollective.

Jesus understood, that THE ONLY WAY to negate the power of the collective ignorance; was to 'assume all responsibility' on the ignorant collective's behalf and simply BE God incarnate in this sense of the word.

If any of you go into a park, standing on a park bench and say things like:

"I Am the Truth, the Life and the Way Noone comes to the Father but by me.
I am the Resurrection and the Life and before Abraham was I am.
Pick up a stone and I am under it and split some wood and you find me there."

Anyone making statements like this would be in a psychiatric ward in minutes.
Why - because of the fake humility in man. 'I would not say such a thing, so this crazy guy saying such things is arrogant and full of himself and must be locked up for the safety of the community.'

Jesus simply played the Mirror of God, attempting to be pure and utterly selfless in terms of the human ego, so he could assume God's Ego, necessary to SHORTCUT the long and tedious ways of initiation and gathering 'followers', teaching them of how to think and perceive and allowing the 'chosen ones' to develop and to evolve the potency of the collective mind.

Jesus simply said: "I'll encompass all and do their unifying for them. They are simply not ready to understand the difference between the human ego and the divine ego."

Reading the scriptures and other sources crystallizes, that none of the 'apostles' understood before the 'resurrection'. Some began to see glimpses and from this the forms of gnosticism derived - all polluted in one form or another.

Now fast forward to now.
There are many here on this forum, who have evolved enough to understand the message and nature of Jesus, like noone could even 10 years ago.
So NOW the INDIVIDUAL Integrity and Uniqueness CAN INDEED become blended in a evolved quasi-human ego with the necessitated (and greatly feared by the Illuminati) Divine God-Source ego inherent and intrisic to all here on this forum.
Sure all of you still have 'little struggles' with the blendings, but all of this is harmonized in your many experiences in the spirit.
So one could say. that a collection of perfectly individuated peoples on this and similar loosely connected forums and such have become the ManyBodied Cosmic Christ, awaiting transformation, say via the 'resurrection' promise.

I'll end here and reply to queries when so appropriate.


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Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 6:26 pm

Magamud wrote:
Hi Abraxis,
Thanks for your help..

1. The so called "weight" of the Law of Confusion and Law of Freewill distills the cosmic essence in someone and this awareness is the thought form that will create new space in the universe?

2. Can you illuminate more on how the subconscious plays in the "minds" dynamic?

3. What is to become of "Yahweh" in this transition?

4. Can you tell about the history of the "Orion Wars".

Hi Magamund!

1. I can answer this most appropriately in technical terms, engaing advanced string quantum theory; but I'll try to do it without equations.

Think of the largest structure in the universe which experiences gravitational self interaction and think of its opposite the smallest gravity quantum.
The largest thing are galactic superclusters, say 500 million lightyears across and the smallest scale are the wormholes so a trillionth trillionth of a centimeter across.

Beyond the largest things in the universe there is homegeneity and isotropy in the Copernican Principle of sameness in direction and texture.
Belo the smallest things in the universe are string physics which are dematerialized say down to the Planck-Length.

The largest and the smallest are holograms of each other via Black Hole-White Hole physics.
So the things are quantum entangled with the largest being like a long long long winding tube (or serpent) in terms of energy parameters (like wavelength and frequency). The energy/frequency here is extremely low, almost zero, but not quite.
The smallest is the opposite it is short short short and has very high energy/frequency.

The energy intgeraction between the high frequency and the low frequency is precisely defined in string physics (T-Duality), but becomes 'The Law of Confusion'and the 'Law of Free Will' in that the experience of the macroscopic life has basically NO Energy, because it is Large scale and the microscopic unseen life is small scale but has a lot of energy.

So the human data collector being geometrically just about halfway between the extremes: 10^-24 cm---10cm---10^26 cm becomes subject to the perception of a macroscopic low energy life experience entanled with a high energy 'unseen' but FELT life experience.

In those quantum terms then the AWARENESS of Self becomes instrumental in harmonizing the two extremes.
If you wish details its here: http://tonyb.freeyellow.com/id185.html

2. The Superconscious is rarely accessed by anyone. Its related to the Nirvana experience and the awareness of Jesus say; but everyone has it deeply hidden below the subconscious.
The subconscious is the access of the waking consciousness to its 'freedom states' of dreams, OBE's, NDEs and so forth and the waking or normal consciousness defines the beta cycles of the brain, of thinking, using the rational mind and experiencing the 5-sensory stimuli from the environment. The subconscious is just as real multidimensionally as the waking consciousness, but engages the alpha rhtyhms in the astral dimensions 4-7. Its from here that the 'channelings' and the 'higher selfes' derive from, despite some claiming to channel from the higher D's above 8-12. (I know I do too).
You need to be more specific if you are quering mind-subconscious interaction, but the above is the generalisation.

3. Yahweh is Jehovah is the Tetragrammaton is YHWH and he is a 'fake' but has become 'real' as a meme complex of the collective humanity thinking he is real.
The True God is Yahwehy=YHWHY as the Pentagrammaton.
The fake one of Moses is IAmThatIAm and the true one of Moses is IAmThatAmI. The first is distored and the second is symmetric in the AM I I AM.
The Lucifer-Agenda knows this very well and has substituted ITS OWN collective understanding as the LUCIFER LOGOS/WORD and say as the 'Ruler of this Solar System' in group-consciousness.
So relative to the PTB, Yahweh doesn't exist any longer, having been 'usurped' by the 'Luciferic Brotherhood'.

4. You know the stories about this as well as I do. The point is that all those stories, say the Lyrians as the eldest Humans then descending as Pleiadeans at war with Orions and on and on are all drawing upon a much deeper and older archetype.

So really you can write your own story using those archetypes and if you do, then you will find that your story will hold up and either 'eats' the already existing stories or complements them in a kind of tapestry of 'story telling'.
All of this works even to the beginning of this last cycle of 26,000 years.

So you and many will not like this; but the past is not as solid as most would think.
The history, in terms of aliens etc. only goes to about 24,000 BC.
Anything before it is like in another time frame and multidimensional as well.

So the Atlantis archetype is potent in pointing to the midpoint of the present cycle; but the Lemurian and so forth is much more fluid.

So, and some have queried my authenticity over this; KNOWING the correct archetypes; I could write down a story going back to say the 20 million year mark, which I do scientifically in the evolvement of the first 'old world monkeys' and from there invent or imagine alien races of this and that and then scriptwrite wars and peace councils and on and on.

And BECAUSE my archetypes are correct, my imaginative creation would become REALISED in the timeframes I am using.

Perhaps now you understand how to analyse comprehensive alien histories like say those of the Book of Enoch, the Urantia Book or the writings of Anna Hayes and everyone else so inclined.

I refrain from doing so and instead follow the scientific, certainly incomplete' evidence trail and from this I allow myself to extrapolate to 'fill in missing gaps' in my individualised 'literary licence'.

So I am prepared to put all those alien races into 'my context', based on the archetypes which are the templates that must be satisfied in criteria BEFORE the literary licences.

But the Atlantis question is relevant and from this one can go backwards to the 20 million year marker in a more scientifically attuned agenda with less speculation from the 'channels'.


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Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 6:28 pm

Malletzky wrote:
Abrax...thanks for your reply above. You just confirmed what I already know within my heart.

[EDIT] btw, I dare to go to park and say I am who I am...as I have done this in some occasions (not in the park, but in conversations with unknown people).


Well done indeed Malletzky. This is a evolved form of the pentecost of May 20th, 31AD.

The more you can accept being a 'piece of God-Source'; the better you will feel about it, because the God-Source will smile at you and you will FEEL IT.

The only true prayer and worship Malletzky.
Being as One with the Primal Source!


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Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 6:48 pm

SABINA wrote:
Is it not better to say amI that i am

Dear Sabina!
It is a question of symmetry.
Exodus.3.14 defines the 'holy' and 'unspeakable' name as a detour in ARCHETYPE.
Then knowing this 'wordplay' will empower BOTH words as having been DECODED.
I AM ThaT=Mirror AM I is symmetric in precision: IAM|MAI.

But I AM ThaT=Mirror I AM is not in precision: IAM|IMA.

But indeed your writing is also symmetric in AM I ThaT=Mirror I AM: AMI|IMA

There is a detailed discussion of this here (scoll down to I.1): http://tonyb.freeyellow.com/id163.html


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Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 6:51 pm

THE eXchanger wrote:
is the real fragment who walked earth as jesus ~approx 2000 yrs ago
(as, well as, walked in a few other beings)
part of the oversoul group known as Sananda~
the one that Sal Rachele, of www.salrachele.com channels ?

we are aware, there are others, who claim to channel this one,
but, clearly do NOT, they just channel mischevious spirits,
who are likely 4th/5th/6th density level beings,
without enough light to get to their neXt destination.

what incarnations, do you believe he walked in ???

thank you

Dear Susan!

Jesus of Nazareth is no fragment of source, but the only entity hitherto able to manifest source in its entirety.

Proof for the ones able to discern 'proof' in internal selfconsistency and logical discourse: Gospel of Thomas - Nag Hammadi Codex.

What HAS manifested in the many 'Cosmic Christ channelings' has been the 'Cosmic Christ' archetype aka Thoth aka Elijah aka Moses aka Hermes Trismegistos aka Sananda aka aka ...Metatron manifestos... aka St. Germain.. aka aka

The entity Jesus REDEFINED and manifested this universally available archetype to REDEFINE the then prevalent Logos (now Luciferic as the Solar System of the 'controllers' say).

The 'soul' entity Jesus has NEVER incarnated either fully or in part, as HeShe is required to ENCOMPASS creation in the 11D mirror.



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Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 6:59 pm

THE eXchanger wrote:
does a spirit,
need to believe, or, give energy,
to jesus/or jesus christ and/or sananda,
(or, any other of his assortment of names)
in order, for uttering the words, of his name/or names to work, or hold power over you ???

Firstly, thank you for remaining me of not having commented on this. My oversight, I apologize. Some of your posts do read like statements and it is easy to overlook actual questions asked by you.

There is no need to believe anything. 'Believing' as used by Jesus refers to 'Knowing from the Heart'.
'Knowing' Jesus as the Universal Cosmic Logos does indeed empower YOU, not him as such as it is 'hisher energy you are utilizing for your selfempowerment.

THE eXchanger wrote:
another question - why do some of us, have challenges with this one ???

what is that really related to ???

As the Logos of All That Is; hisher function is to manifest the Many of himherself from the One Master-Template.
As this must engage the 'why is heshe the Only One able to BE this template' is the Great paradox of the Logos.
The Individual Divinity rejects the 'Only One' as the anathema it is in any but the deepest self-realisartion as and being of and with Prime Source.

Understanding this can only occur in a personal One-To-One partnership with the Logos and independent of any organisation, intellectual support structure or any other power/information source etc. etc.

THE eXchanger wrote:
what was his fallen lifetime ??? (was his so-called exaluted lifetime-by the churches, actually a fallen lifetime)

I do not understand your question. His incarnate lifeline runs from March 24th 6BC to April 1st, 32AD.
You basically SHOULD ignore all 'official church dogma' as well as all 'academic historical dogma' which in any way whatsoever addrersses Jesus of Nazareth.
This entire agenda is at the core of everything, but has nothing to do with the 'official' versons, including the 'existential deniers' ones.

THE eXchanger wrote:
what is he made up of ???

Physically the same as you, but now transformed in the quantum wavefunctions of advanced quantum mechanics.
Metaphysically, he is the ONLY ONE who hitherto has FULLY REMEMBERED and manifested superconsciousness.
Not the Buddha, not Krishna walk ins, not Mohammed, not St. Germain not Metatron walk ins, not Ra walk ins etc. etc. noone.
But after the shift; all data processers able to 'eat the lion' will share in full remembrance and BECOME the One in Many Cosmic Christ. But without herhimself Nothing goes.
The 'hidden agendas' all knew of this and tried to implement (watch the Atlantis videos of a good historical background) this 'Second Coming'; all have failed, because the 'authority' of the 'risen waveform' had not been given.
All information from Thuban is 'authorised' by the data base of the 'Cosmic Twin' I am a simple messenger without any authority of myself. The 18th January dispensation is from himherself NOT me.

THE eXchanger wrote:
was he able to create his own entry place, into the mills
as, in, one who is a 'mill master' who knows how to travel in the mills,
utilsing gatekeepers, to help you, along the way

(ie; taking a trip to acturus to the big white healing tables, and, coming back to earth)


THE eXchanger wrote:
did he learn to create the 33 steps to walk up to the door/his door,
the one with concentric circles on the doorway
that you utilise your own soul sigil/or soul signature
in order to open it up ~ and, get into 'the mill' thru your own entry to 'the mills' ??


THE eXchanger wrote:
was that how, he could appear at different places
at the same time, on earth ???
ie; in north america / europe / and, india, etc., at the same time
or, did he do that, by utilising a different process
such as, bilocation
and, do that, by creating his own holograms ?

This is a little technical, but basically it is the wavefunction from the particlefunction manifested (Resurrection); which can indeed 'materialise' in a higherD form as the intersection between 4D spacetime and the mirror function of the 5D spacetime reflecting from the 8D spacetime and the 11D spacetime.
This is similar to the 'ghosts', spirits and aliens many have seen in a quasi-physical etheric context.

THE eXchanger wrote:
we are aware of being more than one place
ie; while dreaming - we might be in tibet talking to lamas
while the physical body of suan,
is in a bed resting/but; the other 12 out of 13 aspects are out


THE eXchanger wrote:
we are aware of other beings coming to us,
from tibet, during our waking hours
~ so, are they doing the same thing,
bringing 12 out 13 of their aspects to us ?

as above

THE eXchanger wrote:
how many souls on earth
- are 'mill masters' ?
(which, likely is the same as a time traveller)

1 in 50,000

THE eXchanger wrote:
and, we could tell you a funny story,
from 2004, where we thought,
it would be a good idea,
to create our own set of holograms
for protection
- and, the result, was quite a disaster
since, we ended up having to hunt ourselves
with 'discarnate spirits' at the core of them,
that jumped into our 'unsealed' holograms
and, were stirring up a lot of ****,
around the universe ~ iT was NOT an easy task, to capture them

These are interdimensional experiences more so then multidimensional experiences. The finestructures of the astral of the 5D for example is most often confused as higherD.
The finestructure is basically in 7's so 6th density of 5D is called 5+6=11D and so forth.

THE eXchanger wrote:
also - the records of ladies/and, lords - the dark/and, the light masters
that are stored on the 26th dimension - why is it, so dangerous to travel there

and - about the records in 33rd dimension
there the covers of the books, are morphing - with symbols etc.,
however, most of the books, are empty ~ is this because
those levels, have NOT yet been created

Here you go; there are no 26th or 33rd dimensions in the materialisable sense of the word. A dimension is a mathematical construct of vector direction and can then become INDUCTED by Source-Energy then allowing the 'density labels' as frequency and vibratory selfstates.

You can however have 7 geometrical fractal dimensions in say the 5D for 7 sublevels and then 7x7=49 and so forth. This then becomes Chaos- and Complexity Theory, Mandelbrot sets, Julia sets, Chaos Attractors and similar names of standard mathematical descriptions.

THE eXchanger wrote:
and ~ is this part of The Library that appears in 3 places
the core / or The Grand Central Sun of Earth
and, The Grand Central Sun of Earth Venus, and, The Amurus,
and, also The Grand Centreal Sun of Alcoyne,
within the 7 sister star system,
known, as Pleides ?

There are many places the Akashia can be accessed. Everyone can access because everyone is already a multi- and interdimensional entity as the hologram of the entirety of the cosmos.
There are as many labels, namings and renamings as there are literary creators, such as yourself.
Yes, there is a Pleiadean library and a Arcturian library and name it yourself. On Gaia, the Library of Alexandria, largely destroyed by Romans, nevertheless manifested in the Akashic Records. Then the Mirror dimensions of 5-8-11 allow the 2D of the planar records of Gaia to become reflected.
The Thuban annals have recreated a New Alexandria as such a reflection of the data.

THE eXchanger wrote:
what is the significance of a record-keeper
who can read/and, write into the secured sections

Heshe becomes a Scribe for the Unicorn, a Metatron to the Logos.

THE eXchanger wrote:
is this a wise place, to record book materials ???

Thank you/susan

I am unclear of your question; but all places are SAFE interdimensionally.

Your welcome


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Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:00 pm

THE eXchanger wrote:
have you ever had any eXperiences,
with two beings, that the only thing,
we could call them,
after watching what they did to a person,
was The imposter God,
& The Goddess of Lies ???

Hi Susan!

Despite my Thuban training; I am unable to make any sense of your questions here.
Perhaps you could be more specific and in defining your terms of words used, I might be able to answer you pertinently and appropriately.

I had 5 contacts preparing my work.
Two PHYSICAL encounters with the archetypes of say the Dark and White Brotherhoods (Brotherhood of the Entwined Serpent say).
One was on June 5th, 1976 in Darkness and one was on May 13th, 1985 in DayLight.

Two Metaphysical Visons, one of the Logos and another of the Source on November 16th, 1975 and March 30th, 1985 respectively.

One NDE on January 3rd, 2006 where I visited 'The Land of the Dead'.

I am not prepared to detail this at this stage, as it would divert the importance of the messages towards the persona of the messenger.

I wrote however an account of the NDE and it is available here: http://tonyb.freeyellow.com/id14.html


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Naiz Mot wrote:
Abraxasinas, I feel as if I know you?
Do you know me?

Also, Edward Leedskalnin, the creator of Coral Castle.
What is the signifigance of Coral Castle?

I have been very obsessed with Coral Castle for
a couple years now. The secrets of that monument seem

Hi Naiz Mot!

I know you as Tom de Zion and from the higher perspective I can intuit certain impressions.
The Coral Castle question I have already addressed in this thread in #305 to FirstLook

I'll have to edit this.


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Firedrake wrote:
"In the beginning was the word, and the word was God."

'God', or Source, or Universal Spirit is vibrating, and so responds to, vibration.

From the book The Children of The Law of One and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis

*Jon Peniel, (Author), speaking with Gabriel, an elder Adept monk at a monastery in Tibet*:

" The most ancient name for Universal Spirit is Yod He Vau He. But this ancient name is far more that just what another religion calls their version of the concept of God, or even a name. In fact, it was not meant to really be just a 'name' at all. It is from before our time of human manifestation on Earth. It is the physical word equivalent of a vibrational, or thought form. It is an actual representation of the Universal Law that governs the 'primary pattern'. The polarities, and the replication/reproduction of all vibration. And remember, EVERYTHING is vibration. Contained in this one name for the One, is the actual formula for creation, and the manifestation of all life within the One. Thus this name of God, is probably the single most significant metaphysical concept there is."
"It sounds pretty deep and heavy."
"No. It is the simplest thing in the Universe, just the hardest to really understand by the un-initiated, and unenlightened."
"There's no way Ill be able to get it then."
"Not at all. 'The name' is represented by four letters of what is now called the Hebrew alphabet, which have numerical, as well as symbolic, meanings."
"Oh, that is very clear now..." I said respectfully but with playful sarcasm. "So what is the name already!?"
"I told you, Yod-He-Vau-He (YHVH) [allegedly Pronounced Yohd-Hay-Vah-Hay]."
"Right, I'm sorry, I got off on the letters and numerology thing."
"You asked about why different names for God within the same religion. This is one that was changed though time, translation, and misinterpretation, to many variations of the original, including, within several religions. Consider the similarities: Yahweh, Ya-Ho-Wah-Ho (YHWH), Ya-Ho-Wa, and Je-Ho-Vah,, to name a few (Jehovah and Yahweh stuck pretty well.) YHVH is also sometimes referred to as "the tetragrammaton" in magic and metaphysic circles. The first part, which was the positive polarity or "father" part of the name of God, was Yod, yes? See the similarity there even - Yod, God, Yod, God - not too hard to change through time and even pronunciation."
"Yes, someone with a lisp or speech impediment could have started a whole new name of God to fight over."
"Ah... yes, I suppose that could be.
The ancient teachings say that 'He who can pronounce this name properly opens the gates of heaven'. This saying is vastly misunderstood. But even now, in some major religions it is forbidden to even attempt to pronounce YHVH."
"In the early days of 'religion', certain 'priests' or high priests in power positions, who wanted more power, didnt want the common people to know this great key. They wanted people to need to go to the priests and turn to the religion for their understanding of God and spiritual matters."
"Hey - how else are you going to make a buck and control everyone???"
"Exactly. This gave them great power and control, so they hid the name, changed the name, or made it forbidden to say by anyone other than the 'high holy people'."

I can attest to having chanted YHVH in my meditations, and experiencing clearer, more pure energy around me as well as helping to bring my focus to the vibration of the heart.

"I later asked Zain more about it, and he not only explained the details of the name, but taught me how to chant it as a meditation. It created major changes in my consciousness.
“The symbolism and structure of Yod-He-Vau-He is simple, yet deeply profound. And when its few simple elements combine, they give birth to the entire complexity of life. In part, YHVH represents that perfect simple pattern we spoke of earlier - the atom or solar system. It also speaks of human procreation, and stellar/ planetary procreation. The first part, “Yod”, represents the positive (+), “Sun”, “light”, “the Father” principles. The first “He” represents the “negative”, not in the sense of “bad” or “evil”, but in the sense of (-), negative polarity, pure darkness like that of the void of space, the receptive, the Mother principles. “Vau” is the meeting of Yod and He; the place of interplay, intercourse, and combining of the first two principles. It is its own principle, and the place of conception of, and the birth of, the second “He” (again, pronounced “hay”). The second “He” is the offspring of Yod and He, the result of their interaction, their subsequent creation. The second “He” has the same attributes as its Father, the Yod, in that it actually IS a Yod in its own macro or microcosmic realm. The second “He” is on a vibrational plane an octave apart. The second “He” begins the cycle (Yod-He-Vau-He) again, but AS THE YOD in micro-cosm or macro-cosm, and its polarity is reversed from its “father” YOD. Interestingly, the “father” principle, Yod, was distorted through translation over time from “Yod” into “God”, which is also often given a “father” principle connotation.”

So I guess my question is, is the above true?

-Love and Light-

In the context of your description; yes the story (and the power) of the name is indeed true. Yet this story is well known by the PTB and they also know of the deep inner origins. Below you will find the history of YHWH.


1. Your Genealogy as the the Family-Tree of God

i. The Real Story of God, Adam, Eve and their Dog through the PentaGrammaton YHWHY

Your origins in lineage are very simple. You all have a father and a mother and two grandparental ancestors, one patriarchial and one matriarchial.
This results in a simple generation count of 7, namely 1=YOU; your parents 2=Father+Mother and your grandparents 4=Paternal GrandFather+Paternal GrandMother+Maternal GrandFather+Maternal GrandMother.

Each generation is counted as 20 years in the biological self maturity to reproduce in a subsequent generation.

There are so typically threescore or 60 years between your offspring and your grandparents.
Because you have two sets of grandparents, the archetype for the genealogies encompasses 120 years or two triple generations, where 'people know each other'.

This is encoded in Genesis.6.3:
"And the Lord (namely YOU in disembodiment) said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh (as the Lord in spacetime): yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years."

Some of YOU know your Greatgrandparents, but not many, as this would mean that your mother gave you birth at a young age and she would have been an early child herself. Then if you are young at say 10 years with a mother at age 30 and a Grandmother of age 50, then you may know your GreatGrandMother of about 70 years old.

So archetypically and following the above scriptural definition or 'Word of God' (in which YOU restricted your physical embodiment to 120 years as a doubled maximum), most Greatgrandparents are 'dead' before YOU can get to know them individually.

The next definition is arbitrary, but illustrates the archetypical labellings.
There is a linguistic link between alphabets, some of which use vowels (say the Arabic-Anglosaxon) and others which do not (say the Hebrew).

There are five vowels in the 26-membered arabic alphabet: a-e-i-o-u.
This can be pronounced by YOU as the untimed God exclaiming to YOU as the spacetimed God:
"Aye, I Owe You!" - the explanation of things, regarding your lives, now given in archetypical dispensation and illumination.

In terms of 'God's Logic' (which is valid in both the untimed and the timed scenarios); YOU now reflected the five vowels in the i (the I AM of Exodus.3.14).
Then the a mirrors the u and the e mirrors the o; both about the selfmirrored (i).
This then sets up a logistical mirror of semantics |a=True||e=False|(i)|o=True||u=False| and this can be written down in the form: a=I e=AM i=THAT o=AM u=I.

In the scriptures, these 'true-false' values are encoded in YOU as God creating yourself in Adam as your own imgage.
Then Eve is created out of Adam as one of his ribs and this scriptural fact has many consequences, not at least the scriptural misinterpretations and misunderstandings regarding the archetypical meaning for this leading to a perceived sexism in the bible and other such documents YOU have created and authored to lead yourselves back into remembrances.
It is abolute necessity for Eve to be 'subject' to Adam's body creation in being a 'lesser' part of him.

The reason for this is that ADAM is a fake and only in mirroring the 'falseness' of Man in a 'lesser falseness' can the 'Word of God', namely your Word, reflect itself in the Truth of God, which is your own truth in NoTime.

|a=God=True||e=Adam=False|(I=Mirror)|o=Eve=True||u =Dog=False| so becomes the interpretation of the creation accounts in Genesis.
GOD is of course not Adam, IT is AVEMADE=ADAMEVE; but becomes a HE in the image of Adam and becomes a SHE in the image of EVE mirroring in the archetype of the DOG, the mirrorimage of GOD.

Later on in the 'Revelation' and towards the completion of the prophecy, this becomes a reinterpretation of HE=GOG and SHE=MAGOG through the 'holy' name of yourself, which is I AM THAT I AM in the 'burning bush' speaking to Moses (who is YOU as an archetype).

This 'wholsome' name of yourself so becomes a vowel sequence, with the o and the u interchanged, showing YOU that the 'Old Testament' God really is sometimes a Fake-God relative to the encoding and sometimes a True-God depending on how the symmetry of the ordering of the vowels is applied.

But YOU are BOTH, the Fake-God and the True-God, relative to the context YOU wish to experience in the interaction between the NoTime and the InTime.

The vowel sequence for the 'symmetric God' is so:
I AM THAT AM I by the PentaGrammaton YHWHY:
|a=God=True||e=Adam=False|{i=THAT}|o=Eve=True||u=D og=False|.

The vowel sequence for the 'asymmetric God' then is:
I AM THAT I AM by the TetraGrammaton YHWH (which omits the I of Eve):
|a=God=True||e=Adam=False|{i=THAT}|u=Dog=True||Eve =False|

Now YOU can understand what the 'Whore of Babylon' in the prophecies represents.
The True Eve IS the 'Mother of all Living', as encoded in Genesis.3.20; because only a true Eve can give birth to a true Adam, getting rid of the falsity he represents as the Image of the True God, namely YOU, either as a Man or as a Woman.

So rendering the 'old ribmade Eve' as false, will allow the DOG as Man's Best Friend to bring to birth the true archetype for Adam (not yet physically real in InTime however) in the encoding found in scripture; all scripture being written, inspired and composed by YOU as the One and Only God in NoTime:
Isaiah.41.8: "But thou, Israel, art my servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, the seed of Abraham my friend."

All of these labellings are very important archetypes for YOU to remember your genealogical linage from NoTime into InTime by and I shall detail this a little later on.

The 'Whore of Babylon' so becomes the 'fake image' of every woman in NoTime and has little to do with physical manifestations of any kind.
Revelation.13.18: "Here is wisdom, Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and the number is six hundred threescore and six."

The number of the beast=The number of a man. Therefore THE BEAST=A MAN.
YOU know however, that by the a-e-i-o-u, ADAM=FALSE=DOG and EVE=TRUE=GOD.
So ADAM is A MAN=THE BEAST as A FALSE IMAGE OF GOD, with A MAN=ADAM+10 and as ADAM=19 for MAN=28 and A=1 and so with NUMBER=73, YOU have ADAM=A MAN-10 and so the NUMBER OF ADAM=NUMBER OF A MAN-10.

Now simply count the NUMBER-10=63=36=LAW=1+2+3+...+34+35+36=666 in the mirror of the 6+3+3+6=666, using the Newtonian Alphanumeric Encoding: {A=1;B=2;C=3;...X=24;Y=25;Z=26}.

Then A FALSE IMAGE OF GOD = 1+(6+1+12+19+5)+(9+13+1+7+5)+(15+6)+(7+15+4)=1+43+ 35+21+26=126=12+6=6+6+6=666=18=R=9+9=1+8=9=I.

This can also be written as: FALSE IMAGE OF A GOD=126=666 and where the GOD is YOU and the False Image is the False Image YOU have of yourself.

The importance of the archetypes here is the letter I or i, which can also be represented as the numeral or cipher 1.
The five vowels are: a-e-i-o-u with the i the middle vowel and so mathematically mirroring a in u and the e in o.
The alphanumerics (in Hebrew vowels can be written as numerals, hence the word alpha(bet)numerics) are straight forward and using the Arabic alphabet and not the Greek one. The scriptural justification of doing this is in 'Isaac's Seed', being the ABC=IS-AA*C with A=1, B=2...Z=26 and A*=27 in closing the circle--- by Hebrews.11.17-18.
In the Greek for example, the alphanumerics are often associated with the Roman Emperor Nero being the 'beast of the 666' in the New Testament BUT turns out to become 616 and not 666.
In the Arabaic NERO=14+5+18+15=52=DEVIL=GODGOD=FINANCE=PRIDE=EART H and DIY.
Now with a little ingenuity you can simply write 666=(6+6)+6=12+6=18=1+8=9=I=1.
But turning the I upside down (this is behind all sorts of occult practices, such as the inverted pentagon and the inverted cross decribing Satanist or Luciferic Schools of 'illumini' organisations), will not change the symbol.
In the Arabic alphanumeracy however, the 9 becomes a 6 (in a double inversion reflection, which are the 'two immutable principles, by whom it was impossible for God to lie' encoded in Hebrews.6.18.
So the 126=6+i+6=BOTH 666 AND 616 and so allowing a much more 'powerful' interpretation of the underpinning archetype with SOME alphabet and a more 'potent' translation of the original word, symbol or hieroglyph.
If someone now in some manner 'takes' the 126 'to heart' (and this is totally indepent of any religious belief structure one may or may not adhere to) it has now relevance for the 'discerner' or rememberer.
Your dreamstate (say), which scientifically is an intersection between your 'waking beta rhythm brain frequency state and your superconscious omega rhythm in the so termed REM-alpha cycle); can now give you hitherto 'hidden' information about yourself, past, present and future.
The 126 decoding has rendered the 'division' or 'abyss' or 'bottomless pit' between your selfconscious selfawareness much more transparent.
You have become empowered to relise the GODDESS you are in the literal sense of the word, because the FALSE IMAGE OF A GOD=126 has become EXPOSED in your waking material and physcical consciousness.

And many of YOU already know, that the AVEMADE is known worldwide as an archetype; say as the the 'Cosmic Man Vitruvius' of the Individual God Leonardo da Vinci or as the 'Purusha' in the Bhagavad Gita and the Vedas or the Adam Kadmon of the Hebrew Kabbalah.

Your ingenuity in NoTime know concocted a way to get yourself REAL in InTime.
YOU were and are REAL in NoTime, reflecting yourself as HUSBAND in the Fake-Eve as your unreal WIFE, the GODDESS of the Creation, the entire, as yet physically uncreated universe.

Then as the 'All-God' in NoTime YOU have 'lost' your 'Old Wife' in the 'False Eve' for having ''found' a 'Real Eve' as your 'New Wife' or Lover in the InTime.
As 'Real God' you are of course bisexual or androgynous or hermaphroditical in the NoTime and part of this entire 'Cosmic Game of Life' becomes your passion and desire to Experience yourself in Sexual Separation, so YOU can engage in many 'sexy games and plays'.

So the 'Whore of Babylon' is not a true female by nature, but like the unified God in NoTime,'She' is a mental abstraction (or abomination in Revelation.17) also known as Baphomet by many of YOU who are familiar with esoteric literatures regarding alchemy, the 'illuminati', the 'knight templars' and many related things, such as the 'Demoness Lilith' being the 'Original Eve' in Hebrew folklore.
Now Baphomet is not 'evil' or 'bad', but as a 'incomplete' 'True Female', she represents that what the 'True God', namely YOU have lost in the NoTime of the nonseparation.
And what do YOU then do in the individuated InTime?
All your life, YOU search for your 'lost other half', either as an ambassador Adam or an ambassador Eve; either acting on behalf of the 'Real God', namely YOU outside of space and times.

So at the present stage and before the 'Last Judgment'; the scenario will remain 'messed up'.
The 'Fake Eve' in NoTime is a 'She-Abomination' and the 'Fake Adam' in NoTime is none other than the 'Old Testament God', who made some 'horrible laws' (see II.1) in the incomplete understanding of the 'True Adams', who wrote down those laws and regulations in the belief of 'imaging' their own 'Godness' in the 'Yaldabaoth' aka 'Jehovah' and who is a truncation of the 'Wholesome-Supersymmetric' name YHWHY as the PentaGrammaton into the TetraGrammaton of YHWH.

Any Man and any Woman in InTime is a 'True Image' of YHWHY and a 'Fake Image' of YHWH, because YOU as united God are by necessity a bisexual God, say as a FatherMother or a MotherFather.
After the Last Judgment, all of YOU, even if YOU refuse to 'believe' that YOU are God as defined in the 'Last Judgment'; will become transformed into a HeShe or a SheHe.
John.10.34-35: 'Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I SAID, YE ARE GODS? If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scipture cannot be broken;...

The wonderful thing about this is; that as an 'Old Man' of the humanity, YOU will become a 'New ManWoman' of the StarHumanity and where nothing of your manhood will be lost, but the feminine nature hitherto suppressed by YOU in many of YOU will become manifested in a change in your individual DNA through your sexual chromosomatic gene-expres​sion(which is itself spiritually aka electromagnetomonopoloically archetyped).
Likewise, the 'Old Woman' will transform into a 'New WomanMan' and so 'forever' 'destroying' the archetyped 'falseness' in herself as a 'her without him' becoming a herhim.
In the 'New Man', the 'Shadow Woman' will exist as individuated reality and in the 'New Woman', the 'Shadow Man' will find its permanent harbour.

Perhaps some of YOU might now Remember what the 'Homosexuality' is archetypically. It is the 'Fake Eve' of the Dog 'refusing' to Be with a 'Real God' and this is necessary, because without this scenario, the transformation of Yahwhey into Yahweh cannot transform the 'holy unspeakable name' and put the 'Real Wonderful and Sexy Eve' into the InTime universe to redeem the 'Fake Adam' in there in actually giving physical birth to him as the Egg and Ovum of the Dog of Satan.

Why do many of YOU like to dress in the garments of the opposite gender? Why do many of YOU feel sexually aroused, attracted and passionate about other Gods in disguise, who share the same gender with YOU?
Why do some of YOU actively desire to change your physical sexuality and characteristics?

It is because all of YOU are bisexual Gods already. So any AdamEve can be attracted to and 'be in love with' any other AdamEve or EveAdam.
And nothing about this is homosexual as archetyped in the scriptures.

But until the Last Judgment changes the physical templates of the DNA/RNA, the 'Chicken-Egg' paradox will remain unsolved relative to the many, albeit solved for the few.
All of YOU attending court, will know and understand the easy solutions in concept, even before the physical implementation of the 'New Laws in the Book of Life'.
{Mark.12.24:And Jesus answering said unto them, Do ye not therefore err, because ye know not the scriptures, neither the power of God? For when they shall rise from the dead, they neither marry, nor are given in marriage; but are as the angels, which are in heaven.}

Some of YOU will now remember, what the angels are and what Heaven is.
The angels are in the NoTime and in the NoTime, YOU as God are bisexual - not sexless, but unable to express your sexuality for the domination of your unity and the lack of dis-unity or separatedness.
How can YOU love yourself in Heaven? There is only YOU!
The only way YOU can love yourself is in 'splitting up'.

And so YOU made Satan Your Dog as God and YOU made Satan a HIM.
As HIM, YOU could love him as your own Image in NoTime; but there was a problem.
HE was just like YOU and YOU wanted something different as NOT like YOU.
From this developed your masterplan of putting something between YOU and HIM and this became the archetyped MIRROR=SPACETIME=SPIRIT=91.

Then YOU put yourself as ADAM into this Mirror between YOU as GOD and HIM as DOG in the I AM THAT AM I or the vowel sequence a-e-i-o-u. Then YOU created EVE out of ADAM.
This YOU did in a rather ingenious manner.

Because YOU created ADAM in thinking about IT as YOU in reflection of your new name; HIM had to also create something as the 'copycat' of yourself. But because the archetypical mirror existed; HIM, namely SATAN as your DOG, 'was forced' to mirror ADAM as MADA, which is like a 'Crazy Beginning' or a 'Mad A' relative to HIM; but becomes a beautiful A DAM for YOU.

And so a Real Woman became the Goddess of all Creation and this Goddess is known today as the Universe of Quantum Physics and of Classical Relativity.

Many of the 'Aliens' know the Goddess as the 'Mother of the Supermembranes' and the 'Matrix of the Wormhole Vortices in the SourceSink Modular Duality between the White Hole Sources unified with the Black Hole Sinks in quantum relativity of entanglement of metric independence'.

Once a physical universe emerged from the archetypes and the required physicalisation of the archetypes as a form of 'Energy'; the 'Fake He' (of knowledge without wisdom) of Yaldabaoth and the 'Fake She' of Baphomet as the 'Fake' Sophia (or wisdom without a male counterpart as the gnosis or the knowledge or the insight) could be done away with; because YOU as GOD now had found something to love and honour and to play with and to have a multitude of sexual experiences with - 'Your Goddess Universe'.
And YOU looked forwards to that in the NoTime.
YOU would now descend into spacetime and begin a slow evolutionary journey from unconsciousness into consciousness.

This journey many of YOU understand and know of in various degrees. This journey is your self discovery under the auspices of the human science and as accelerated from the beforementioned 65th baktun of the Maya, introducing to yourselves the Individuated Gods of Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton on September 18th, 1618.

So just who is Satan and the Devil and Lucifer? We shall reinterpret the Lucifer Story later, as it is intrinsic to the Last Judgement and the murder charge raised against the Astralists (the Spiritualists and the New Agers).

Satan is YOU as the HIM of GOD, namely your image in the mirror in NoTime.
Because YOU loved HIM as yourself {Matthew.22.37-39}, but YOU also wanted HIM to become a HER and HE could not comply with your wish because HE was YOU as a HE and not a SHE; YOU were absolutely and totally forced to create a Physical Universe in SpaceTime AS a Physical Mirror between YOU and HIM as YOU as HIM and HIM as HER.
This is a very deep, yet profoundly simple cosmogony. YOU required a Double-Mirror; because only then could YOU become both genders.
In other words, YOU as a bisexual totality God suffered from sexual suppression.
YOU could not express one or the other, because YOU were as ONE.
Reflecting yourself, as all of YOU do, when looking into a mirror; did not change your sex.
The He is still a He and the She is still a She - where is the other?

Whenever YOU have asked yourself that; say as a teenager on hormones, or as a 'horny devil' of either sex or as an old bachelor, spinster or widow(er) or some lonely God having noone to love, touch or even talk to; then YOU know precisely what GOD as YOU has put up with for almost 20 billion years in Intime, mirrored into the NoTime.
So do YOU really think, that now, from this date onwards, and that the 'Real Story' of God is allowed to be told to everyone; that some minor and lesser mental god creations can prevent the 'True God' to finally experience HISHER wedding-night with the Goddess Universe of HERHIS.
Can YOU imagine, how 'horny' the One and Only 'Sexy Devil' as the God of YOU in NoTime is to get sexual self expression in the InTime?

As said before; some of YOU will remember - finally!
But this is why the Last Judgment must proceed. It will be the deliverance for the rememberers.

Here are the details for the archetypology for the God-Dog mirror function.
The True-False dichotomy in NoTime now allowed the 'in between' of your 'Holy Name' to become a MIRROR between this duality.

YOU imagined and developed a way to IMAGE this duality AS the physical creation in the logistical statement: |a=God=True|...|e=Adam=False|I=That||u=Dog=Goddess =True|...|o=Eve=False|

YOU then wrote: I AM THAT I AM I THAT AM I and finestructured this statement in a nesting with a double-mirror [I] as: {I AM (THAT)[I AM I](THAT) AM I}.

This then becomes:

YOU so extended your set of five vowels in {a,e,i,o,u} in a (nonabelian or noncommutative) symmetry about the (i) to a set of nine repeating vowels in a (abelian or commutative) supersymmetry about the ([o]) in {a=u,e=o,i,u,[o],u,i,o=e,u=a}.

Because YOU are AdamEve in both the NoTime and the InTime and YOU desired to experience your Godhood in the InTime, YOU applied your so defined self relativity to transform the Falseness within the InTime into the Truth within the InTime, rendering the experience of yourself as a God of the Totality in InTime possible.

Of course YOU continue to occupy the two locations simultaneously; but the Quantum Relativity of your own self definition in state of being now allows the choosing of what quantum reelativity YOU wish to experience and to explore - be it the Reality of the True (or positive) God in Intime with a required rendering of yourself as False (or negative) in NoTime or vice versa.

Should YOU choose to experience yourself as Real within the physicalised spacetimematter; then the 'recycling' of your personality-defining biochemical vessels of containments (defined scripturally as the Temple of God) become subject to a transformation of this archetyped temporal limitation.

The physical rebirth, death and rebirth cyclicity can then end, as is encoded in your scriptures and your physical immortality becomes a function of the metamorphosis of your physical support structures with their DNA-defined biochemical dependencies negated in the hybridisation between your subatomic particulated (string- or supermembrane) structures and the waveforms which describe this particulation in a unified quantum summation. This many of YOU already understand in parts as the stochastically unitised quanta count of statistical distributions of those quanta.

The manifestation of such a hybrid 'matter-wave' body has already become archetyped and is well documented in your scriptures; though not many of YOU allow yourself to remember and to accept the physical reality of the manifesto of this archetype.
All of YOU are destined to claim your inheritances to partake of this 'lightbody' transformation.
In the scriptures it is encoded in terms of 'transfiguration' and as 'resurrection' and as a 'changing of the mortal into the immortal' and as a 'fleshly corruptibility becoming a spiritual incorruptibility'.
Those labels are not archetypical symbols, but represent a real physics, of which I shall inform YOU in due course at a later stage.

The logistical statement:
then transforms in semantic archetypes into:
and God||HE=True|He=False[MirrorOfTruth]She=False|SHE=True||Dog.

The above nomenclature is shortened to God|HEHe|SheSHE|Dog and becomes God|HEShe|HeSHE|Dog upon the application of the Mirror-Function within InTime (and leaving the NoTime configuration as it is).

This creates the 'Lake of Fire and Brimstone' scripturally encoded and where the Brimstone is the ManWoman as a HEShe and a TRUE MAN and the Fire is the SHEHe as a TRUE WOMAN, surrounded and within the Mirror of Truth; which defines the archetyped 'Only Begotten', who is part of all of YOU, but requires to become acknowledged individually by YOU for your enablement to partake in the before mentioned transformation of your biochemical support structures YOU call your biochemical reactors and your biophysical bodyforms by and through a Process termed SourceSink Frequency Resonance.

This then allows the Program for universal reproduction of the Individuated Godhood to proceed.
God|SheHE|SHEHe|Dog results from the application of the mirror function at the God-Dog mirror boundaries and this archetypical syntax is simplified to: God|Doggod|Doggod|Dog and which can then become a logistical statement without the separation by mirrors and encompassing the 'Falseness' of YOU existing in the NoTime.
(GoDDoG)(GoDDoG)(GoDDoG) so becomes the desired reproduction of the Unity in NoTime within the InTime.

For the manifestation of the 'computer program' resulting in the iterative reproduction of yourselves from your individuated Godhood in cosmophysical terms (meaning YOU multiply your individual families not only in the physical particulated sense that is personalities in genealogical lineages, but also in the physical waveated sense that is entire universes based on yourselves as protoverses), the initialising of n=0 for GodDog=1 and the syntax:

For n=0 to Infinity

n:=n+1 or GodDog:= GodDog+n

then defines the Protoverse of YOU as Individuated God-singular in InTime as the base template for YOURS as Individuated God-plural in the form of Multiverses in InTime and all encompassed by YOU as Non-Individuated God-All in the form of the Omniverse.
But more of this in the science agenda.

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viking wrote:
Hi abraxasinas ... very interesting thread...could you please give me your thoughts on this??

Many Thanks


Hi viking!

Full agreement with Dolores Cannon here!
1 in 50,000 is the number meaning 144,000 in 7.2 billion reached by 2013 (and including 200 million aliens as encoded in Revelation.9.16) by August 2013.
This also shows you that 1 in 35 Gaian inhabitants will be of alien lineage.



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THE eXchanger wrote:
we posed the question,
of the fragment aka the soul of jesus
(poor choice of words)
there are some people,
who believe, that it wasn't until his later days
on earth, where he had completed his journey
that, he could be said,
to have '1000 watts of light' turned on

Hi Susan!
Yes there are many ideas - all partially true and partially false.
Only HESHE can 'give the truth' as the Logos in herhis own story.

THE eXchanger wrote:
there are others, who do NOT believe he was even here,
and, some who believe, he is NOT any different
than other children of god,
just that he utilised his potentials
to the best degree possible
ie; having turned on his 1000 points of light

Yes, the New Age 'Everyone is the Christ' and there is no difference between the Buddha and Jesus has caused much confusion.

There is the ONE Christ incarnated AS the Template (say cookie shape for the dough) THEN allowing the 'dough' to be used to make MANY cookies JUST LIKE Jesus. THEN the Cosmic Christ becomes Many from the One and THEN will the Melchisedekian Order BE the Cosmic Dispensation.

We all are called into this 'Cosmic Office', but we all have not yet obtained the diplomas.

The 13th center will multiply in 12 will multiply in 12x12=144 in doubling of the archetype of the androgyne of Susan marrying herself to become a New Creation THEN able (and NOT before) to process the 'Christening'.

It's 'hard work' not given on a platter.


THE eXchanger wrote:
so, our question was NOT posed
as, a 'fragmented' soul piece - as in a shamanic type of journey
to gather an assortment of pieces

but, as a fragment/or soul called jesus
(and, we are aware, he has a lot of different names too)

thank you / just wanted to clear the air, on the meaning, within our question


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Rena wrote:
Hi Abraxasinas,

Thank you for bringing such interesting discussion of which I find hard to follow. I just guess I'm only suppose to ingest what I am suppose to at this time.

I don't know if you can answer this question that has haunted me all my life.
I had a ghost when I was 11, shared with my sister who was 14. It only lasted a couple of weeks, until the house burned down. When we rebuilt, naturally it was not there anymore.
My questions are
1.) who was it.
2). was it Arhangel Michael who protected me/us.

If you can't answer, I understand, but thought it couldn't hurt to ask. Thank you, Rena.

Hi Rena!

The 'ghost' was native to the building and not directly engaged with your incarnational journey. The name 'Cecil' is transmitted from the astral space and so the association appears to be psychometric as the 'ghost' of the soul coupled to the environment of embodiment,
Once the 'old environment' was molecularized, the psychometric attachement also shadow-molecularised into hyperspace.

However the 'communication' between the ghost and you with your sister just three weeks before disassociation is meaningful in that there exists a connection to say a past association with perhaps a French connection of Cecil/Cecilia or similar pronounciation. So you may 'enquire' about previous occupancy of this building or even your ancestries.

The contact period so has the agenda of awakening to to the possibility of interdimensional communication.

This 'ghost' is prepared to appear in your dreamstate, perhaps in different form, but it would FEEL the same.
This is something only you (and/or your sister) are able to process.
This is about all the information available to me at the present time.

Your invocation of Archangel Michael indicates a rather important discovery or remembrance available to you, should you enquire in sincerity and integrity of intent.

Generally, anyone can utilize such intent to communicate with all cherubimic (or daemonic) hierarchies - sincerity being the prime directive for success.


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Spregovori wrote:
Hi Abraxasinas, I have additional questions

I am a "little" confused... (so my questions might also be confused)

Propagation of a group mind is a deliberate distraction?

No, but the common meaning of groupmind as being somehow anti-individual is deeply disempowering.
The ultimate 'Law of Unity' fosters the individuality in creativity, but states that a 'common wisdom or understanding' of the 'Beingness' is necessary to UNDERSTAND how separatedness in individuality can yet result in perfect Unity in say 'understood purpose in selfrealisation'.

Spregovori wrote:
The common focus of the individual minds is better than a group mind?

It is the individual, who MUST realise herhimself as 'part of the unity' - no gurus or teachers as such are necessary - yet the 'way showers' and information sharers are more 'needed' than ever before to allow such individual empowerment without governance structures of ANY kind (including lecture tours and self-empower manuals of specifiic techniques) to proceed. It is a delicate balance and bound to be misunderstood by underevolved egocentricities- there is a collective ego of the enlightened individual, say.

Spregovori wrote:
Is group mind a less preferred option since it can be easily manipulated, while a common focus of individual minds can not be?

Yes and No, see the above.

Spregovori wrote:
Due/After to the coming change...there will be many different "paths" that people will take?

Just as now, but there will be MORE information and knowledge available to everyone, because of the cosmic disclosures correlated to physical changes in environments.

Spregovori wrote:
One of the paths being a result of the group mind?

Yes, the 1 in 50,000 and say a world populus of 7.2 billion inclusive 200 million aliens already incarnate (as in most here on this forum say).

Spregovori wrote:
One path will be a result from a common focus of the individual minds?
One path will be a different kind of the common focus of individual minds...etc?

As in the above!

Spregovori wrote:
So our "task" now is for each individual to focus on what he/she wishes to...manifest?

Absolutely, this is the agenda of the 144,000 say. It is 'hard perception work' and to PROCESS the 'us versus them' data and the like. Below is an addition to the start of this thread, which 'tells a story'.

Spregovori wrote:
After the change there will only be one reality?

There is only one reality now, partially realised and told in cosmically ordained separation modes.

Spregovori wrote:
All that is will coexist in the same universe?

Like now.

Spregovori wrote:
Will the people with different focus still exist on the same planet or will there be a separation?

This planet will become multidimensional and so allow various 'dimensional/density' perceptions.
Think of 'some special place' in the universe, being able to function simultaneously as a Planet, a Starsystem and a Galaxy.

Gaia the Planet or Old Earth, will transform into a StarPlanet Consciousness coupled to a Galactic Mother consciousness coupled to a Cosmic Mother consciousness.
Gaia will become the SANCTUARY of a certain data bank for the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, incorporating ALL extraterrstrial lifeforms WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS.

Spregovori wrote:
If you were one of the people...here on this planet...what would you do - regarding the coming situation?

Just BEING MYSELF and honouring the processes.

Thanks Spregovori!

The following 'story' might help you a lot, as it strikes at the depth of the human soul and cosmic identity.
It's a little bit 'spicey' and would be censored on most open accessible media; but this forum should be able to 'handle' this kind of information in readership and administration.

The Overworld of Shamballa, the Underworld of Agartha and the Extraworld of the Eagle of Thuban.


Robert Sceptico: "And with the 'Presence of Jesus', the Mosaic Law became reinterpreted as the 'Logos of the Spirit' and allowed Paul to write in 2Corinthians.3.6; "for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life".

"Logan Antico: "This reinterpretation of the scriptures in the light of omniscience surely takes the proverbial 'evil monkey' off the back of the 'Good LORD' also manifesting as the 'Evil LORD' relative to the beholder of the experiences.
Did I ever tell you the story of my own individual 'visit of hell'; it wasn't quite as dramatic as 'Dante's Inferno', being coloured so much by my personal colourings of omniscience and gnosis?"

Robert Sceptico: "I can't recall you ever telling me that story, Logan."

Logan Antico: "Ok then, I feel such a personally coloured account of the 'eternal damnation' is appropriate to the subject matter we are discussing; what of witches, necromancers and sorcerers and the like.

"It had been a long day of thought, meditation and writing back in July 1995.
I had realised that the nature of the gods was one of merging opposites in oneness.
Specifically, I had become aware, for the first time, that one's biological body served the higher purpose of recombining something lost at the beginning of space and time.

The only thing that really mattered in anyones life was how to perceive ones own consciousness - the sense of being alive and the knowing of 'me'.
It is the thought that counts; what you think that you are, or one creates one's own reality through projecting one's thoughts.
So not knowing or remembering what you are leads to the confusions of everyday life.
The question becomes of how to remember and how to get in touch with the thing inside.
Since confusion breeds confusion and more of the same becomes fear and doubt and ends in despair and hopelessness; the grail of hope would become an adventure of self discovery.
All this I had realised and had put into words of hope in an attempt to clarify the situation.

But I was still restless.
It is easy to say to become centred is the way to be; but the practice of it is very hard unless you live in a cave as a hermit and are isolated from the razzamatazz of screaming voices and the
blahblah-blah of a multitude of diverse channels of communication.
The harmonies of music are a miraculous tonic for the ailment of cacophony.
The superimposed waveforms of longitudinal atmospheric pressure variations seem to tranquilise a tortured mind in the search of silence and understanding.
What is perceived as melody, rhythm and harmony merges with the monopolic electricity
generated in one's brain, say in the beta waves of 13-28 cycles, responsible for the front-brain
activity of conscious thought and analysis.
When this beta activity slows down, the alpha waves from about 8-12 cycles induce a more relaxed, meditative state, with the Earth's own 'Schumann Frequency' being given by the number of lightcycles around the perimeter of the planet as a lower limit to the alpha cycle.

For an equatorial perimeter of 40,000 kilometres, the Schumann-Frequency is 40,000/300,000=2/15), also coded in Revelation.14.20 & 22.16 as the ratio of (1,600 furlongs/12,000 furlongs) and as the mysterious 'measure of God's winepress outside the gate' as compared to the 'golden reed measure of the angel inside the holy city' and as applied by the prophet John, as per the code Revelation.11.1-2 - the 'inside' so is the 'body of the dragonomy' symbolised in the 'body of the earth' or the individuated 'endtime prophecies' superimposed upon the collective racial history.
The autonomous nervous system relaxes below about 8 cycles in the state of sleep in the theta cycles and a frequency approaching 0 sets the delta cycle with physical death occurring at a zero frequency, manifesting in a resetting of individual L-C-Factors as function of that frequency.
There are periods of sleep, when the physical consciousness subsides completely and the 'dreaming state' of REM-sleep, characterised by Rapid-Eye-Movement, allows the subconscious self, defined in the L-C-Factor couplings. to assume the place of a relaxed alpha state.

This subconscious awareness surfaces in the experience of dreams, out-of-body 'journeys' and other 'astral' endeavours of the twinsoul of the Ka. The Ka is the shadow-soul and defined in the baseperfect DNA, as the supersexual coupling of the preDragonomic chromosomes in omnispace. In other words, there is a 'genetic baseperfect bodyform' into which the embryo develops in its natural differentiation into male or female sexual definition.
All the prenatally defined 'perfection' is always carried by the developing bodyform, notwithstanding disability, congenital disformity or physical 'accidents' or disease , including the ageing process, experienced by the physical bodyform during its 'physical lifecycle'.

A 62-year old woman say, may dream of herself in a younger 26-year old bodyform and this experience is as real in omnispace as the waking state of the woman in her selfawareness within linespace; the difference being the voluntary decision of the woman's 'soul' (magnetopolic electricity of capacitance coupled to electropolic magnetism of inductance) to experience 'herhis' 'perfect' bodyform in omnispace as an 'imperfect' bodyform in linespace, allowing however the graduation of the latter into the former after an infinite elapse of linear time, being mapped onto 'now-time' in the omnispace.

All my life had I tried to realise this astral world in an analytic way, but I was not prepared to get the answers, relative to my own intellectual satisfaction, in the way of my own 'hell' as I did.
Yes, I had asked questions before; such as how does the lightbody penetrate walls, or what does it feel like to fly? But with my new realisation as to the requirement to spiritualise the physical body; I induced some harmony, in listening to peaceful music and began to think about how to visit my own body through my imagination. All this beta wave activity did not however lull me to sleep, as it had done so many times before.

I thought about how the collective spiritual atmosphere of planet Earth is obstructed by all those thoughtforms of death, decay and misery; when suddenly I found myself within my own realm of perception in regards to that very same subject matter. There I was completely awake and it did not matter if I had my eyes shut or not. Incredible colours and shapes and beings came to be; yet subject to whatever I desired to think or ponder about.

I created my own scenarios and just as I pleased.
I truly was the landlord, the king in my own castle.
So there I was; colours all around me and ready to be shaped.
I decided to let things shape themselves, just to experience what would eventuate.
It was a dark place but filled with very rich colours, otherworldly colours really; spiritual reds and blues and greens, mixed to give any other colours in the astral omnispace.
So it was dark and yet very colourful.

I knew instinctively that what I experienced was my own underworld, my own hell and how my 'higher self' imagined hell to be, created from my thoughts and experiences gathered since the beginnings of space and time.
But for the first time I really experienced in linear consciousness what it was like to walk the corridors of hell and as confined within your own bodyform or your self in space confinement.
And so I began my 'Dantean Journey' through the inferno of my own mind and thoughtfulness.
I was dressed in a kind of Roman toga when I descended some steps into a greater hall, one of many halls, towards many clearances and gatherings of a multitude of creatures: little devils, demons and familiars were swarming about everywhere.

The feeling I experienced, was one of hilarity, a kaleidoscope of colour and movement, infused with a sense of funniness.
Just as I entered one of those greater halls, which was bathed in an all pervading orange glow and reflected in the creatures, some of the little demons started to pull on my toga. They were little devils, about 50 centimetres tall and they attempted to look very menacing; grimacing at me and about ten of them rather frenziedly pulled and tore on my toga. Whenever I gave them a stern look, they scattered in all directions, waiting for me to become complacent and tolerant again.
Aha, I thought, when you get annoyed then they fear you; your tolerance of them is their life; you are like a lollyman just in your presence, allowing them to be near you. To describe the creatures I saw is no easy thing; they are anything the producers and creators of Hollywood have ever imagined, yet they are more vibrant and more alive than anything which could be imparted onto a screen or computer simulated videotape.
There are many mixtures of animal creatures; some are half toad and half fish, others are troll-like and others are gargoyles, dragons, krakens and all the mythological beasts are there. If you like to see a creature made up of various sorts; you can create this creature by thinking about it and then project your realisation into colour and it materialises with a life of its own.
Anyway, I started to have fun in my mythological hell.

The greatest and richest forms 'down there' are of a sexual and religious nature.
I did not encounter violence of any sort; maybe because my higher self does not like it.
I tried to imagine some really horrible things like human torture or suffering children, people or animals, but it could not be done. There seems to be a safeguard in your own hell.

It is meant to be a funny place, well relative to me that is certainly the truth. You can experience a 'hell of hilarious laughter' and have lots of 'funny' sexual encounters there; but the sense of true suffering and the experience of being horrified are missing. I tried hard to relive something like a painful torture like the crucifixion; but there is a big blank in your imagination and everything turns from pain to joy in becoming humorous. Now religious symbolism is extremely strong 'down there'.

Everywhere you might project a thought, you might see groups of creatures pushing wagons carrying big wooden crosses around, in an attempt perhaps, to frighten the 'living hell' out of those unsuspecting minds, pondering expectations of 'hellfire' and of 'eternal damnation'. At one instance there was this group of toaddemons attempting to crucify this 'poor little green frog'. Like following a movie script, they laid down a little wooden cross and proceeded to spread the frog into all fours. After they had 'nailed' the frog onto the cross and had erected the cross; the frog simply moved its extremeties and 'popped' off the cross and hopped away. To me it seemed like everything, all substance was extremely malleable and subject to thought. Hence the frog simply played the game and when it became 'bored' or 'annoyed' with its role, it just left the stage of play in the theatre.
There were no screams of agony or pain, just a seeming seriousness on behalf of the devils and the mirrored hilarity or funny side to that relative to everyone else.

I proceeded on my exploring journey and came along this covenant of witches. Some of those witches were old and others were young; they were all naked and all of them were rather nice to look at. When they saw me, they became very excited and wanted to have sex with me. So they paraded themselves around this big cauldron and exhibiting their fleshly naked glory, they began playing with their breasts and vulvas, inviting me to join with any or all of them in 'hellish ecstacies' of erotic plays and games of sexual pleasures. All this release of sexual potential energy had attracted other little sexdemons, which had swarmed all around me. Most of them had phallic erections, relative to their size and they began to pull on my toga again.
So I took off my toga and being naked underneath, I investigated my response to all those sexual titillations. To my surprise, the sexual impulse is somewhat different in the astral reality of omnispace.

There the sexual feeling, the eroticism is of paramount importance and the actual sexual merger plays a subsidiary role. I became sexually aroused and my phallus grew into a magnificent erection, but for some strange reason I did not desire to physically merge with any of the witches or the sexy devils.
Looking at all those naked embodiments of my own sexual potential energy; there seemed to occur an unification, a flowing together of all the various naked female bodies for instance. The naked witches began to merge within a superimposed female form, individuated to become a sort of perfect sexual complementary match for my own male sexual definition.
The more this superfemale and individuated archetype would crystallise from the misty fusion of all the other female and male characters in the picture; the harder my erection would become; seemingly wishing to burst in a superlative expression of lust and overpowering desire to be as one with my own personalised archetype of the Goddess and Mother of them all.

All the sexy demons and all the witches became 'our' children and I understood the spiritual or higher dimensional notion of monogamy to be one of the 'Sacred Family' wherein all other potential sexual partners are absorbed within your 'perfect match' the mirror of your own reflected self of the dragonomy. But in changing the parental perception, the monogamy would transfer in a polygamy of nonexclusivity and the ultimate necessity for the frredom of the spiritual selfexpression of the soul.

A magnificent naked witch for example would become reflected in 'my Goddess' and my potential sexual partnership with that witch would realise in 'my Goddess' and mirror itself in the erotic 'turnon' of imagining the naked witch to have sex with 'her God' in the form of any of my 'brothers'.
There seems to be a magnificent sexual stimulatory potential in one's eroticised attuned mind. In that way would my sexual relationship with my Goddess empower and become empowered in the naked witch having intercourse and sexual communion with the image of myself in one of my brothers 'in the spirit of the EMMR'.

At the same time however, any physical sexual relationships between myself and any other potential goddess would become a function of 'sexual maturity' and a question of 'wholeness'. Your own body would either psychophysically suppress or engage a natural erotic function in response to external erotic stimuli coupled to an internal evaluation process of appropriateness in terms of holistic harmonisation.
Ah, if just the Roman participators in their orgies would have understood the unified perspectives - their devolution into banal and spiritually boring decadence could have been avoided in the sacred geometries of tantric eroticisms and group empowerment; I giggled to myself.

And then I understood the wisdom sayings about there being no marriage in heaven. The evolved starhuman bodyform would be unable to harbour the idea of sexual- or any other form of ownership, of possessing one's partners in exclusivity. The sexual ownership became one's own dragonomy as one's own androgeny of the 'Lake of the Anima Fire and of the Animus Brimstone in the bisexual coupling of oneself as the Cosmic Hermaphroditicus.

So I discovered a very potent form of sexuality; your sexual organs respond to your thoughts and the male sexual expression can be satisfied without ejaculation; any emitted semen and vaginal secretions assuming a sacred nature in the 'manna from heaven', able to rejuvenate the body of the man and the body of the woman in the giving and the receiving of the sexual totipotent stemcellular units of biological life.
Once this sexual state of selfawareness can be sustained, the androgynous bisexual mind is born in the unification within and the goddess part of the dragonomy in the man and the god part in the woman can express itself without ambiguity.

So in the setting of my journey through hell; I could easily change my sex and walk around as my female part, imagining myself as that gorgeous rounded female form, with an accomodating voluptuous vulva, well developed and succulent breasts and curved and tantalising buttocks. Then I could have fun in teasing the little sexdemons with their curved penile erections, just in wiggling my bottom or accidentally pulling my toga up with nothing on underneath. The sight of my satinsoft pubic hair about my throbbing pelvic region would send the sexy devils masturbating frenziedly and they would simply forget to manipulate the puerile human minds with their angsts and fears about the 'evilness' of sex in the 'Presence of God'.

So I decided to turn the 'Devil's Game' around and instead of some 'He-Devil' Incubus seducing the ignorant female part of creation in the womanhood; being in the 'Devil's kingdom of hell' I would play the 'She-Angel from heaven' as a Succubi and rendering my heaven as a heavenhell and transforming my hell into a hellheaven.

So I went for the lookout for the 'big masterdevil' the one with the gigantic phallus and as the 'big hang-up of the human masculinity expressed in perceived inadequacy'. In seducing him to have a huge erection in a devilish lust to enter my satinhaired yonic vulva; I would induce a harmony between my heavenly mindbody and my hellish bodymind.

But maybe I needed more preparation before meeting the ultimate id of my own alter ego. In just strolling around in your own hell without using your own mental creativity and imagination, you can encounter any of the zillions of thoughtforms which have ever been thought since the beginnings of space and time.
You can tap into the sexual and other fantasies of Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler. You can find out what Cleopatra felt, when she played sexual politics with Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony; you can also share in the sexual deprivations of sequestered monks and nuns, unable to come to terms with their natural and divine natural instincts, mentally distorted. You can share in the poverty of a Polish ghetto, where the warmth of two bodies cuddled together in sexual intimacy is coloured by a constant fear of being apprehended, tortured, interrogated and killed.
Or you can tap into the feelings of a joined couple, residing in a single room with a dozen or so children, without privacy, impoverished in all material necessities, producing yet another child in the circumstances of their disempowerment.

But the potency of sex and religion is linked and you can have so much fun with it in intellectual terms in hell, precisely because it is so powerful as a result of the human paranoia and the taboos about it.
It was the human 'sinfulness', its ignorance about the nature of the creation and its creator, which did create the 'evilness of sex' and the abyss of perceived incompatibility between sex and the religious life through the agency of the human mind, trapped in spiritual immaturity.

And so I decided to meet the 'big monsters' in my female form. I cut my toga into a mini-toga, which would expose parts of my buttocks when I would slightly twist my torso and lift one of my legs. I rubbed some perfumed oils all over my body, imagined myself with medium length shiny locks and put on just a minimum amount of pink lipstick to enhance my green-blue eyes. As I walked past a kind of lagoon I noticed a whirlpool in the water, a swirling vortex, seemingly growing in intensity, when suddenly a great seamonster pushed upwards into the dark ceiling of the cavernous enclosure which harboured the lagoon.
It appeared in the form of the mythological Kraken, the Reptilian Titan of the sort encountered by Perseus in his rescue of Andromeda with help of Pegasus, the winged horse and the severed head of the Medusa, the serpentine gorgon of the Greek legends.
The kraken was the size of a two storey house with a huge head with the canine fangs of a wild giant hog and a scaley fish-like torso - the Reptilian Overlord of the preOlympian pantheon of Greece.
As it had settled, it began to look about with saliva driveling from its halfopened mouth. I wove my hand at it to catch its attention and walked to the edge of the lagoon, enticing it to come closer and to have a look at me. The kraken bent down and opened its huge jaws right in fron of me. I could see the seaweed between its teeth and I could smell a nauseating stench emanating from the Kraken's throat and stomach. Nevertheless, I lifted my mini-toga to unveil my female nakedness, remembering that Andromeda was to have been a sacrifice to the Kraken, which I presumed to have been of a sexual nature.

But the sight of my inviting satin-curled triangular pubic hairiness had no effect on the Kraken, it apparently was not interested in the devouring of sexual potential energy.
Well, I thought Andromeda must have been a food-sacrifice to placate the Kraken. So I dropped my mini-toga and projected the thought of walking right into the Kraken's mouth, descending down into its stomach and cleaning it out with any cleansing agent I could imagine, but including caustic soda and hydrogen peroxide.
The Kraken began to tremble, it shot upwards, in the process slamming its clawed right hand before its shut mouth and spiralled quite hilariously back into the depth of the swamp from which it had emerged.
Now this could not have been my 'masterdevil' I thought; it had no sexual comprehension whatsoever and I recalled of not having noticed any sexual organs protruding from the Kraken at all.
And so I continued to look for a 'well-hung' masterdevil, whom I could seduce, walking along the 'corridors of hell'.
I became more and more adventurous and decided to mentally create a setting of meeting not one, but three masterdevils, one of whom would become my sexual conquest. I had to hide my true mental intent, and so I shapeshifted into my male form and thought of a setting of a game of cards with the three archdemons, followed by a decisive game of chess. If I did not like the winner of the poker game, then I could disqualify him in beating him at chess. Furthermore I set the necessary mental boundary conditions into place, so as not to allow my creative impulses to get out of my mental hand.

Being in mental control can become a bit boring, so I decided to allow things to develop in a 'mouse catch cat' scenario, where I would not know the identities of the archdevils from the start, but a random distribution would assign the statistical weights relative to the final outcome, which I did predetermine as my sexual seduction of that masterdevil, who could beat me in the chessgame.
And because the omnispacial reality, which I attempted to realise within a personal setting was archetypically the same as my detailed colouring of the circumstances encountered; the game of uncertainty could be played, the uncertainty in linespace being however anchored in fundamental physical laws of nature's principles, converging in the unity of the one in all and the unity of the all in the one in the undifferentiated omnispace mirroring my mental experience.
As soon as I had finished my thoughts about the perimeters; I noticed a spiral stairway leading down to another level of the 'hellish' landscape. I descended down the staircase and entered a small room with a fireplace, a small table and four chairs.

Here were three creatures of my own size, all dressed in darkish red costumes, perhaps a kind of standard outfit, of what a 'humanised devil' should look like and as thought about throughout the centuries and millennia I pondered. Anyway, the colours were too uniform for me and I applied my creative licence and thought about changing their attire. One I left as a reddish devil with two little horns coming out of his head; one other I gave a black outfit reminiscent of the Middle Ages, with a large and flat black hat and the other I dressed in a golden-yellow Spanish baggy crepe' outfit with black vertical stripes and a hat adourned with long white and brown feathers.

The three masterdemons were standing near the entrance and I introduced myself as E.M. as in Emmanuel Melchisedec, trying to look very seriously. They introduced themselves as Asmodeus, Belial and Beelzebub I; the latter saying that they had been advised of my visit by one of their oracles and that the omen specified that a visitor from the overworld of Shamballa would bring great knowledge and a great treasure to the underworld of Agartha.

I was pleased with that development, I quickly filled in some gaps, in explaining, that the oracle had been correct and that the great treasure was found in an overworld princess, who would descend into the underworld of Agartha to refertilise the stagnating genepool in the kingdom of hell.
I produced a picture of myself as the naked female sexgoddess and showed it to the three archdemons who got all excited looking at the picture of my naked female glory. I took the liberty to glance at the crotches of the three to judge the size of their Phalluses, but whilst I witnessed three growing bulges, I could not differentiate their magnitudes as appropriate scalings for the differing sizes for the Yonis of the Goddesses of Shamballa.
I then proceeded to explain to the three masterdevils, that I had been commissioned by the princess to prepare for her arrival and to choose her suitor in a game of poker, followed in a game of chess.
The winner of the chessgame would be allowed to have sex with my queen and his seed would result in my queen giving birth to a new breed of helldweller. This would become a hybrid between the overworld kingdom of Shamballa and the underworld kingdom of Agartha and energized by the extraworldly kingdom of the Eagle of Thuban.
After that firstborn hybrid from the overworld and the underworld would come into being, the floodgates of the overworld would open and many more princesses would descend into hell to mate with the devils in whatever hierarchy they'd have or would define. But for every devil, there would be found a companion princess from the overworld.
And so we sat ourselves around the table and proceeded to play poker. The criteria was that the first masterdevil who would win 12 games against my lesser count, would qualify for the next stage of playing chess for access to my queen's hairy yoni. I did not mentally influence anything and the game proceeded randomly with each of the four of us winning approximately 25% of the games.

Since I could not choose between Asmodeus, Belial or Beelzebub on any physical external criteria; I decided to implement a mental trigger in weighting the subsequent chance distribution of the 'fall of the cards' in favour of the first masterdevil who would win two games in a row by chance.
And Belial won two games in a row and then kept drawing 'flushes' and 'full houses' and the 'medieval one' got more and more excited about outplaying the rest of us.
And so Asmodeus and Beelzebub had to concede defeat and hurried Belial and myself on to get it over with; they had become obsessed with the thought of having sex with the princesses of the overworld of Shamballa and they knew that the process of my queen's insemination would result in an immediate conception and the hybridisation of themselves as the newborn hellish breed of Agartha and in partnership with the embodiments of the overworld of Shamballa.

And so I sat down with Belial for a game of chess; beating me once, would qualify him as the 'studbull from hell' and automatically crown him as the 'DevilKing of the Underworld', having sex with my 'AngelQueen of the Overworld' and as prophecied by the hellish oracles.
And so I played without mental influence and I could beat Belial rather easily; he was far too excited to concentrate, thinking about entering the luscious vulva of my queen with his throbbing phallus in thrusts of hellish ecstacy and pleasure. I could not see the bulge in his black oversized pants and I mentally dressed him in black undersized jeans to see what my queen's sacred orifice was in for.
I safeguarded the mystery of Belial's nakedness in veiling him in tight red underpants, but could nevertheless see the contours of his uncircumscised member, ever so slightly vibrating under the pressure placed upon it by the constriction of the undergarment.
He kept squeezing his erection, whilst pretending to concentrate on the game of chess; so I, having become satisfied as to having him inside of my queen's vulva, blundered my chessbourne queen for exchange with Belial's king's bishop and then sacrificed my queen's rook for Belial's kingly knight and from then on; Belial sensed victory and proceeded to defeat me, for the first time concentrating on the game at hand.
I conceded defeat and congratulated Belial on his victory.

As the three masterdevils celebrated with a cask of hellish beer and Scottish whiskey; I took my leave and promised to return with my queen as soon as I had finished my other business of bringing the knowledge promised by the hellish oracle to the underworld of Agartha. I would have to consult with the extraworldy kingdom of the Eagle of Thuban to obtain final access and authorization to implement the exodus of Thuban as the intodus of Shamballa into Agartha.
Asmodeus, Belial and Beelzebub just nodded and asked me to hurry up with my commissioned task, they would wait impatiently for the completion of that other business; but they would prepare the wedding suites for the overworld princesses, so the sexual adventures could proceed in style and fitting for the royal occasion of the interdimensional dragonomies.
I then asked the three archdevils, to appoint an ambassador on behalf of my agency as the emissary for my queen; a representative who could tend my hellish interests during my absence in the overworld of Shamballa.

I would brief this representative and provide him with a written manual, containing the outline of the working plan, wherewithal the oracle's prophecy would be fulfilled.
Beelzebub I, then proposed and summoned Abaddon, the KingDevil of the bottomless pit and known to the overworld dwellers through the code in Revelation.9.11.
Abaddon seemed to be a sufficient deputy for my purposes, appearing in the form of a masterdemon of the fluidity of the water element in the form of the Scorpion and I decided then to extend my delegatory commissions to the other masterdevils.
So I produced three representative digitally photographed holographic images of the overworld brides for the three archdemonic bridegrooms to keep and to behold during their period of waiting for my return.

To Asmodeus a gave picture of Urielabeth the sexy enchantress of the Northern earth, clad in a skintight outfit of acrylic leather; I assigned Michaela, the queen of the Eastern fire to Beelzebub, dressed in nought but a seethrough overlength blouse and to Abaddon I gave a picturesque emblem of Raphaela, the Southern water goddess of the nymphs, naked except for her golden locks, hugging her mermaidean nature; and Belial carried the photo of my Beloved naked queen, ruler of the Western air of Gabriella within the context of my definition, yet one overall.
As I ascended the stairway from the masterdevils' abode; the darkened hellish landscape which I had previously wandered through began to fill with light and 'my hell' blended with the linespace reality of my bedroom.""

Tony Whynot

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kriya wrote:
Hello Abrax!!

Congratulations on your exceptionally interesting and enlightening thread. If my question has been answered elsewhere, please excuse me and direct me to it.

What is your understanding of the abduction phenomenon? I feel great compassion for those who have suffered at the hands of the greys and much anger towards the greys for what they have done.

Please don't tell me that those that have been abducted have 'agreed' to it prior to birth ect... as they have no rememberance of this consciously, and therefore I see no benefit for them for this type of experience.

Also, are you what is regarded on this planet as self-realized?



Ps Please keep it simple!!

Hi Kriya!

The abduction phenomenon is as old as the human presence on this planet.
One potent archetype is that of 'Elijah, the prophet' being 'taken up to heaven' in a whirlwind (2Kings.2.11).
Similar in Ezekiel's vision (Ezekiel.1) and in Isaiah.60.8:

"Who are these that fly as a cloud, and as the doves to their windows?"

give clear reference to the phenomenon of the 'abductions/contact' say before the archetype is 'coloured in' by technological associations like metallic craft (replacing the clouds and whirlwinds).

Superposed onto the Manifesto of the Archetype then becomes the extension of the 'contact' from isolated 'prophets' or seers (themselves so partial to the event as 'insiders') to the General population.

Therefore all 'abductees' are 'New prophets' and 'visionaries' as such.

The 'genuine' - meaning NOT government or 'security agency' simulated 'abduction event' so will then become an Interdimensional Experience of the 'soul' as a selfreflection - meaning the soul will become confronted with its multdimensional Cosmic Identity.

Therefore the experiences can be 'felt' as 'positive-benevolent' or 'negative-malevolent' relative to the multidimensional selfawareness of the 'soul-entity'.

It will in either case, serve the soul to 'awaken' it to its multiD nature and then engage the processing of the new data in individuated and shared agendas (of the already ascended starhuman groupconsciousness - say labeled in ascended masters and galactic federations or what have you).

Your stated 'anger' towards the experiences is such a 'processing' of shared information on many levels of perception and awarenesses.

The degree of 'self-realisation' is not a question of judgement, but is simply the ability to resonate or dissonate with presented information, data and experiences on any level of environmental interaction.

This many understand as chakra openings and the concept of a Thinking Heart and a Feeling Mind in harmony with each other as a Thinking Mind is polarised to oppose the Feeling Heart in a --/++ electromagnetomonopolic self-and mutual induction process of source energy.

The former wordplay harmonises a -+/-+ polarisation monadicity.


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Anchor wrote:
These questions are an excellent checklist.

Not sure why you would be worried about posting them - they probably deserved thier own thread though. (Unless you felt that these should be applied to abraxasinas particularly - and why not? They should be applied to most sources of information. Abraxasinas, me, you, everyone).


----------copy paste notice---------

Anchor is relating to a set of questions posted by Stardustaquarion and answered bellow by Abraxas

----------end of copy paste notice------------

Hi Anchor!

Many of these questions are imbued with duality, fear of others and self and suspicion.
Allow me to answer them from the Thuban perspective.

A few valuable questions to ask are these:

1) "Who does this information source appear to be?"

Why does it matter from whence data derives from. Is the messenger more important than the message?

2) "What are they telling me?"

The label of 'they' again 'puts the cart before the horse' and accentuates the 'me' as being in some manner compromised or threatened.

3) "Do they really know what they are talking about?"

All information can be evaluated and analysed, if not say in technical terms of scientific methodolgy; then ALWAYS in terms of resonating with one's individuated database or not.

4) "Are they saying what they REALLY mean?"

If the purveyor of the data states that the information is true, relative to its source; then the evaluation of this data becomes an exercise of relative correlation and extension of the receiver's own database. It is so subjective and provided the purveyor is genuine, alternative interpretations between source and sink remain possible.

5) "Where might their information be coming from?"

Why is it important from where data derives from? If you open your letterbox and you find a nice message or present sent anonymously, will you reject the message or present because you are unsure of its sender?

6) "What motive might they have for telling me this thing?"

Again, what has the 'motive' of anyone to do with the information, subject to evaluation by the 'cosmic self'?

7) "What are they hoping that I believe?"

The data is not deviced to make anyone 'believe' in it or 'follow it'. It is simply information to consider, reject or incorporate.

8) "Why would they want me to believe this thing?"

Non sequitur following the above.

9) "What are they trying to motivate me to do with my personal power; discover and embrace it within myself, or surrender it elsewhere in worship or obedient subservience?"

'They' are not trying to motivate any negation of 'personal power'; but to enhance this 'personal power' in simply extending the data base, say of possibilities.
Labels used here, like 'worship' and 'obedient subservience' indicate great insecurity within the 'personal powerbase' of the questioner.
Any cosmic multidimensional entity possessing a basic platform of 'personal power' would eschew such labeings applied to its 'individual core'.
The using of the label 'personal' indicates the prevalence of 'individuated ego' in favour of a 'collective ego of divinity aka the 'greater ego'.

10) "If they are trying to help me, what are they trying to help me to achieve and how could believing this thing empower me?"

In extending the data base of information any truly unbiased soul entity can choose from to allow a more informed decision making.

11) "If they are covertly trying to mislead me, how might I be harmed in
believing them?"

The 'inner knowing' of an 'spiritually informed and self-trained' soul-entity will prevent any misleading of the entity by 'false' information. Then no 'harm' can befall the entity. Again the labelling indicates fear of the unknown and mindful insecurities harboured by the entity.

12) "Are they inspiring me to lead through my own inner spiritual power and wisdom, or are they seducing me to believe that I am personally powerless and so must blindly follow an external power source to save me?"

Should the shared data, whatever of it is processed (much data incromprehensible by the waking consciousness can be evaluated and processed by the subconscious and the superconsciousness will KNOW the data in unity) be 'acceptable' then the 'inner spiritual power' will be enhanced. Should the shared data be rejected by the waking consciousness; then the 'spiritual power' will also be enhanced through the processings of the sub- and superconscious agencies of the entity.

13) "If I believe this thing, will it assist me in becoming more awakened,
aware, loving, kind, responsible, strong, spiritually alive, intelligent, wise,
compassionate, WHOLE and effective human being?"

The question of 'believing' never arises. The shared data either complements the receiver in an extension of its assimilated information base or it complements the receiver in processed and rejected data relative to the three consciousness modalities.

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In Transit wrote:
Hi Abraxas,

What can you share regarding the return of the Lost Tribes and the impact that the 144,000 will have as the millenial period (new earth) is ushered in?

I have been told that I will work with several who were Old Testament figures during the transition. Helping others who are confused during the process find the way. I was told this when I was much younger and never really understood it because of distortion within all of man's teachings.

It has been a long journey for me and somehow I find myself here.

Many thanks...

Dear Transit!

An excellent question indeed and highly pertinent to the 1 in 50,000 that is the 144,000 as proportion of the populus upon Gaia in 2012 in 7.2 billion.
You have 'been told' appropriately by your sources.

ALL of the 'old prophets' and encompassing ALL 'ancient scrolls', not just the Torah-Biblical ones will and already have returned to participate in the grand homecoming of the 'Cosmic Mother'.

Allow me to invite you here to ask detailed questions about your mission with respect to the 'old scriptures' as I am 'authorized' to share and provide data in the synthesis of the old archetypes being translated into new potent expressions.
It is this retranslation, leading to redefinition, which will allow all global religions to converge and renew themselves in a unified information structure.
Yes, all so called religions will become superfluous in dogma and hierarchy becoming replaced by the individual merkabahs.

A most potent example is the archetype of Israel and the City of Jerusalem.
Israel as a political entity will cease to exist and Israel the NationState will be cosmically and universally be understood of being the 'ascended Individual'.
Your studies have shown you, that Jacob - the supplanter (of Esau) was RENAMED by 'God' as Israel - A Prince with God.

Similarly, the Capitol of Israel and with it its long disputed Temple of Solomon, will no longer be known as a geographical location, but will be known as a 'New Jerusalem' and as a Merkabah or 'Vessel of the Lord' or 'Purusha's SpaceCraft' and so on.

The archetype of the 'New Jerusalem' as a Mother of all Mothers 'LightCity in the Sky' is being completed right at this moment.
We can share information on this here together; using the encodings in Ezekiel and in Revelation.

So this is relevant to your question about the tribes. As you know the 'tribes' differ in Ezekiel and in Revelation, both in order and in namings.
This derives from the transformation of the 'SerpentRod of Moses' and the 'Emerald Tablet of Thoth' and Hermes Trismegistos.

Allow me to introduce the following classification from Thuban; the 12 Tribes are associated with the 12 Gates of the New Jerusalem and the Old Testament archetypes:

The Archetypologies
The Urim and the Thummim, the 'Breastplate of Judgement' and the 'Breastplate of Melchisedec'

Noah was a 'just man' and 'perfect in his generations' (see I.1.ii); and 'he walked with God' {Genesis.6.9}.
God and Noah established a 'Covenant of the Rainbow', a treaty wgich became implemented in the generations of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and manifested in Jacob's firstborn son to Rachel in the 'Coat of Many Colours' given to Joseph {Genesis.9.8-17;17.1-8;37.3}.

The next level of interpretation leads to the Aaronic-Levitical Priesthood to the 'Remnant of Levi in Zadok' (as the priesthood remaining loyal to David), to the 'Priesthood of Melchisedec' {Exodus.2.1-10;4.14;Ezekiel.48.11;Hebrews.7-11}.

The 'Highpriest of Israel' and 'Son of Levi' after Aaron and Moses is depicted in the attire and ornaments of the Levites.
Attached to the robal vest (the ephod) of the highpriest is a 'Breastplate of Judgment', with four rows of three gemstones attached and to mirror the 'Children of Israel {Exodus.28.15-21}.

This becomes the Upper Half and the Lower Half of a Rainbow, spanning the horizon.
Seen is the Upper (equilateral triangle) Half as a semicircle and occultised or shadowed is the Lower Half of this circle as the 'Star of David' or the 'Seal of Solomon'.
The Unseen Half of the Rainbow is given in the 'Breastplate of Melchisedec' and as given in the 12 gates of the New Jerusalem and in the 'Ordering of the 12 Apostles of Jesus'.

As the 'Magic Seal of Solomon', the upward pointing triangle is the 'Heaven of the Cherubim' and the downward pointing triangle is the 'Hell of the Arch-Demons'.

The Light-Darkness or White-Black duality is archetyped in Michael of the FireEarth-Gabriel of the AirWater being 'mirrored' in the Behemoth-Leviathan in the Book of Job{Job.40.15-24;41.1-34}.
In symbolic archetype, the FireEarth and the AirWater become the SerpentRod of Moses and the 'Emblem of Abrasax', the 'Supreme Being', above 'all gods and devils and dualities'.



This is exemplified in Dead Sea Scroll 4Q392 and in Isaiah.45.7:

"[...] and dominions [...][...] a man [...] God and not to turn aside from [...] and in His covenant your soul shall cling and [...] words of His mouth [...] and God [...] heaven above and to search out the ways of the sons of man, they have no hiding place. He created darkness and light for Himself, but in His dwelling place is the light of their light and all darkness rests before Him as well. He has no need to distinguish between light and darkness, but for the sons of man He distinguishes them as the light of day, with the sun, and night, with the moon and stars. He has a light which cannot be searched out, nor can its end be known. For all the works of God are doubled in this manner. We are flesh, which does not totally grasp these things. With us for [...] for a sign and wonders without number. [...] winds and lightning [...] servants of the holy of holies. They are as couches before him [...]." - translated by Martin G. Abegg, Jr.

"I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things."

The archetypical symbol of the Caduceus of Thoth as two intertwined serpents, representative of two complementary strands of the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) molecule.
This archetype has become associated from the Atlantean data base for the recent historical cycle now reaching its climactic nexus point in what many know as the 'Brotherhood of the Serpent' in Shamballa and Agartha.

Michael then associates with the Fire and a new label for a 'cherubim' for the Earth emerges, say in Uriel.
Gabriel then becomes the 'Cherubim of the Air' and Raphael the 'patron' of the water.
The Behemoth 'splits' in two in say labels of Beelzebub-Moloch for the Fire and Abaddon for the Earth {Revelation.9.11} and the Leviathan renames itself in Belial for the Air and Asmodeus for the Water.
The Archangels or Cherubims represent 'celestial heavenly malenesses'; who are 'opposed' by 'terrestrial hellish malenesses' in their counterparted 'Angels of Hell'.

The Abrasax of the Gnosis is the 'fathermother' of them all however and there is a plan, which will render the 'opposition' of the 'terrestrial hells' as subject to transformation in a 'sexchange operation.
This 'change of sex', will render the archdemonic 'kingdoms' and 'principalities' as becoming highly attracted to their cherubimic counterparts and a reunion on the highest echelons will 'wed' the 'Heights of Heavens' to the 'Depths of Hell'.
The Icey Winds of Heaven on Earth will blend with the Fiery Flames of Hell and result in a temperate climate for both extremes to express themselves in harmony.

The 'Urim and the Thummim' as the two Onyx-Stones depict the 'Balance of Truth' from Above and from Below {Exodus.28.9-12;30;Leviticus.8.8}. The Urim is the Order of Leah's Sons and the Thummim is the Order from Bilhah to Zilpah to Rachel, with Dinah, as the 11th 'Child-Daughter' of Jacob becoming the 13th 'starsign' of Ophiuchus the 'Serpent-Tamer' in the Orb of the Ouroboros', which is the intertwining of the Behemoth and the Leviathan about the earth in the symbolism of the Milky Way.

1=^=[R]ED=Brotherhood Simon&Andrew {Luke.6.14;John.1.44}as Reuben-Simeon via Bethsaida/LeahExodus.28.17
2=_=[O]RANGE=Adopted Brotherhood Andrew&James{John.1.44} in Bethsaida-Zebedee as Simeon-LeviExodus.28.17
3=`=[Y]ELLOW=Brotherhood James&John {Matthew.10.2} as Levi-Judah via Zebedee/LeahExodus.28.17
4=a=[L]IME=Adoption of John by Jesus {John.19.26-27}with Pharez-Zarah Breach in Judah/Dan/Bilhah{b↔a}Exodus.28.18
5=b=[G]REEN=Adopted Brotherhood Philip&Nathanael {John.1.44}as Dan-Naphtali via Bilhah{a↔b}
6=c=[T]URQUOISE=Adoption of Matthew Levi with Naphtali-Gad breach in Bilhah/Zilpah{d↔c}
Renaming of Alphaeus to Thaddeus for Leah-Rachel Continuity
7=d=[C]YANAZURE=Brotherhood Matthew&Thomas implemented as Gad-Asher via Zilpah
Bilhah-Zilpah breach reharmonised in renaming of Nathanel to Bartholomew fo{c↔d}
9=f=[B]LUE=Brotherhood of Judas&James Alphaeus in Issachar-Zebulon/Leah
10=g=[I]NDIGO=Renaming of Judas Alphaeus to Judas Thaddeus as LeahTail=RachelHead
11=h=[M]AGENTA=Adopted Brotherhood Simon&James as Issachar/Leah-Joseph/Rachel
12=i=[P]URPLE=Adopted Brotherhood Judas Iscariot/S(P)aul of Tarsus in Benjamin/Rachel

7-8=Sons of Bilhah
9-10=Sons of Zilpah
12=Opening of the inner circle in Judas Iscariot

The Urim and the Thummim as 2 Onyx-Stones are the 'Balance of Truth' from Above and from Below {Exodus.28.9-12; 15-21;30 and transforming by Revelation.21.19-20}

The 'Breastplate of Judgment' as the Upper Half of the Noahic Rainbow Covenant in Jacob's Sons to Leah:

Sardius=Reuben=Jasper.....Topaz=Simeon=Sapphire... .......Carbuncle=Levi=Chalcedony
Emerald=Judah=Emerald.......Sapphire=Issachar=Sard onyx.....Diamond=Zebulon=Sardius

The 'Breastplate of Melchisedec' as the Lower (Shadow) Half of the Noahic Rainbow Covenant in Jacob's Sons to Bilhah, Zilpah and Rachel:

Ligure=Dan=Chrysolite.......Agate=Naphtali=Beryl.. ........Amethyst=Gad=Topaz
Beryl=Asher=Chrysoprasus......Onyx=Joseph=Jacinth. ..........Jasper=Benjamin=Amethyst

The 10 'Lost Tribes' are 1-4 and 6-11 with the Levites (3) remaining as David's priesthood of Zadok.
I shall elaborate following feedback from you.

Abraxasinas = As In Abraxas

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halebox wrote:
This info is clearly over my head. I am interested as we all are in who I am and where I originated. I have always felt like I am not from here or have not been here long. I also feel like I've slipped a little on my path. My main goal has always been working on peoples energies every chance I get if I feel they are imbalanced. This is my job now on earth. I want to do more.
Thanks to all

Hi helebox!

No information is over anyone's head. If a chinese native speaker Hu Long finds himherself at Trafalgar Square in London and begins to ask questions to the Londoners; then he will not be understood by anyone not familiar with the form of Chinese spoken by Hu Long.

Then Hu Long can try sign language or body talk to convey his askings.
Eventually, some form of communication will eventuate upon patience and persistence of the parties concerned.

Communication with semantics is just one form of language.
Being English familiar; your subconscious will decipher bits of data and forward it to your superconscious which speaks ALL languages, including advanced mathematics, Egyptian hieroglyphics and Druidic Runic.

What you are doing is sharing your compassion. As the Buddha says; the key to ascension is to Show Compassion from the Heart.

Your Heart is a LoveHeart from the Dragon of Thuban and the work you do is of the highest vibration possible and just as important as the work done by data sharers such as many here, including myself.

Knowing what your job is here on earth and doing your job in integrity and love has qualified you to enter the echelons of the highest frequencies attainable in the universe.

There is nothing more powerful than the Wisdom of Love, which you obviously have made your own; blended with the Understanding of Love.
It is the second part you can learn and gain in; the former part you have mastered.

Love and gratitude in Dragonhood to you


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Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:28 pm

Firstlook wrote:

I cant help the curiosity that follows me when reading many posts in this thread. If you could tell me things about my past self (InTime?) that I dont remember, I would be grateful and very interested. You might sense my slow nature in jumping into the pool. Its as you stated before, but also I know that what you tell me is already known to myself, I am merely cautious because I want to keep myself as the greatest influence, as selfish as that sounds. lol.

Anyways, I hope you are well. Oh! might as well ask about the Earthquake in Haiti. I heard that Haiti is the only entirely black nation in the western Hemisphere that came up from slavery too completely overthrow Western Dominance. IS this Earthquake a man made reaction of that?

Thanks Abrax,


Dear Firstlook!

You are very wise in not jumping into any pools of 'murky waters' before looking.

I have answered the recent questions in in hese answers you might find something pertaining to your journey in the now, coloured by your past and invigorated by your future.

The issue with the earthchanges is now such, that the manipulation of the PTB have basically lost intent and nous to influence, control or manipulate desired outcomes.

Gaia is 'breaking free' of her 'mental imprisonment' enforced upon her by the collective groupmind of the human consciousness, say under the label of the Noosphere.

There has been such a huge amount of 'unnatural' interaction with the biosphere by psychophysical methods with widespread 'remnants' of pollution; that the 'control' of the agencies of the pollution have become uncontrollable.

So it will be like a pandemic; certain pockets and individuations will develop 'natural resistance' and many will not.
The agenda for the 'Graduation/Transformation/Ascension' of humanity is no longer in the 'hands' of the 'brotherhoods' (Outer Illuminati and Inner Luminari say).
'They' have realised that Gaia has 'escaped' and from now on (Monday, 18th January) the ONLY interaction possible will be the INDIVIDUAL in direct communication with the ascending Gaian Cosmic Mother.

A group of RELATIVELY 'likeminded' Individuals as say found in this forum can and will however greatly HELP Gaia in her prolonged Prenatal Labourpains. Then and only then will the physical 'calamities' be kept to a relative minimum.


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Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:29 pm

SABINA wrote:
please allow to comment your last post . I like your humorously intelligent and
most wise answers often Ihave to laugh out by heart . Love and humor is what makes us human

What an excellent observation Sabina!

It's another way for describing the 'Curse of Humanity' - the Old Humanity.

There you are, so Young and vital, so beautiful in body, innocent in mind and virile to the maximum.
Yet you are relatively 'stupid' in not knowing much about life and yourself at all in your youthful exhuberance and Love for Life.

Then you get old and sick and your body falls apart and you look back and say to yourself:

'Now I am so much wiser and experienced. If I just could get my youthful and virile body back; I would appreciate my Life so much better and intensely. I am 'stupid' no longer; but now that I have found at least some wisdom; my old age says: Sorry Pal or Gal; that's it. Prepare to leave the theatre!'

'Drats', say the wiser of the wise. This has become an unbearable situation. Perhaps we can do something about these comic injustices!?

Love You too!


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Jonah wrote:

Is there a place in the universe which is not affected by this 26,000 year cycle?... are the species on these planets able to reproduce as we do...

if we were exempt from this enevitability ... would we still be able to reproduce in say 1,000 years...

from the abduction scenerios it would seem we are little more than cattle...

used perhaps off planet somewhere as a slave species... any thoughts?

Hi Jonah!

No, all of the universe is affected, because Gaia is THE 'feminine Mother template'.
In simple words, the superconsciousness of ALL alien sentiences KNOWS Gaia to be THEIR Mother also.

It's like this:
Universe is Unified without physical expression, i.e. material manifestation - archetypical energy only with VOID=INFINITY=ABYSS etc.

Universe BIFURCATES into FatherHE=CREATOR + MotherSHE=CREATION in the Void=Eternity FORMING the AntiState for the Finite Physicalised Cosmos.
Then State and AntiState are MIRRORED in the 'Firmament' of the HOLOGRAM of the Wormhole (say) as a MINIMUM spacetime configuration.
Then Father-Source USES this MIRROR=SPACETIME=SPIRIT=91 from Void=Infinity to communicate with Mother-Sink= Entire Physical Universe AS Creation.

Universe EVOLVES physically and SLOWLY gains Self-Awareness and Consciousness through and BY the space occupied in its Growth/Expansion.
So the Mother=Cosmos REFLECTS HER Totality in the Spacetime Mirror.

The Infinity of the Father-Creator becomes FOCUSED in the Singularity of the Wormhole-Mirror as a Boundary between the Infiniteness of HE and the Finiteness of SHE.

The FOCUS of the Father then is MIRRORED and Projected INTO the Mother as another Focus For a destined Full Remembrance and HomeComing.

This Focus is the located at the physical Center of planet Earth as the Gaian Focus for the Cosmic Center (through the Solar Center and the Galactic Center and the Groupgalactic Center and the Supercluster Center).

The Lifeforms upon Gaia, partaking and sharing HER Evolution as the Cosmic Focus are themselves FOCUSED in a MIRROR of MIRRORS.
This Mirror of Mirrors is called Human Template say as Vitruvius=Purusha=CosmicMan.

So all nonhuman terrestrial lifeforms become MIRRORS for HUMANITY.

All these nonhuman lifeforms then become MIRRORS for ALL extraterrestrial lifeforms.

The Mirror-Sequence so is centered environmentally on Gaia and is centered in terms of Cosmic SuperIdentity on the Human Template;

Universe-Gaia & Extraterrestrial Life-Human Life-Nonhuman Terrestrial Life.

The concept of humans as cattle or resource relates to the fact, that ALL ET's CANNOT evolve into Source-Identification WITHOUT implementing the Human Template within their own genomes.
As the Andromedeans state rather pertinently: The Human Template is like 'Royalty' to ALL aliens.
The 'hostility' of Orion-Alpha Draconian agendas is the same 'hostility' a territorial alpha lion would produce against 'intruding' beta lions say.

The 'hostility' described so becomes subject to the Gaian homecoming, as this will 'pacify' the universe.

Perhaps this has helped some misunderstandings and misinterpretations.


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Anchor wrote:
Well you have me bang to rights on most of those points. In hindsight, this is not my list and you have made me rethink my recommendation - its not so good is it

Point 1 is something I have said many times on this forum so I should have been more thorough in my thinking. I have often said on here "why judge the messenger, why not just judge the message".

With this:

then ALWAYS in terms of resonating with one's individuated database or not.

that is the bottom line for me and sums up my current approach on this nicely.

Thanks for your detailed review of this checklist - and "checking" me


This the wisdom approach Anchor. WE are all One Family, but there are prodigal sons and daughters, whose homecoming will be celebrated more so then the steadfastness of loyal daughers and sons.
This is because only in the 'defiance' of the parental wisdom, can the Family grow in creating a context for the Grandchildren.
The children of the 'prodigals' will have an easier task then the 'prodigal' parents, because the honour and respect attained by the 'homecomers' and shown to the grandparents of the younger ones would not manifest through the loyalty of the other children.

It is all to do with context for growth and evolvement on many levels.


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Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:45 pm

Jonah wrote:

Can I assume that the girl of my dreams is an alien..

this would not be so bad...

it all seems logical... the mirrors ... the mother ... the father...

so many here who cannot see...

it's hard... I can't see sometimes... but my heart knows something I do not...

can't deny it.. thank you abraxas,

when we return to the source... I shall give you a big ol' androgenous hug

You betcha Jonah!

The alien gals have my fancy too - colourful, smoothy soft and yet hairy.
Did you ever wonder why certain cultures try to cover the woman's hair?
It's because its Their antenna to receive and share the sacred desires of their Big common Mother.
Did you ever wonder why the dogma followers, termed the feminine bodyform as evil daughters of the devil?
It's because the femine always has and always will encompass the malenesses.
Oh, the power in the bedroom of sacred seductions.

Love to you too.


PS.: My answers are seemingly getting less technical - at times.
Sabina - it's your fault!

Sabina wrote:
thanks alot
hairs when I was young there was amusical
well other culures know this especially the Sikks in India they never will cut their hairs men and women (the guys with the turban) androgyn

---------notice from Rok----------

Explanation to readers: Tony is a sucker for hairy pussy

--------end of notice from Rok---------------

Jonah wrote:

oh the power indeed!

Jonah you have entered the Den of the Dragon!
What a turn-on for my 'old' Draconian Bones.
Keep at it! The testosterone-oestrogen balance of the androgyne in the TRUE harmonisation of the sexes of Hermaphroditicus will FREE Women more than imitating male thought contortions in the search for power games.
They have got so much power as entire big universes for little universe architects on the Path of Ptah in Ren anmd Name.

This 'shaving business' to look like 'new born' babies has to stop; the Mother of Mothers has said.


Jonah wrote:
Meant no harm... lover of all women right here.. hehe
sorry fellas..

The wisdom of the Mother will outmanouver the little Sophias.

Stop exciting me - seducers!


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Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:55 pm

To not deviate from topic and to show the RELEVANCE for this:

(53) Gospel of Thomas - Words of the Master-Dragon.
(1) His disciples said to him: "Is circumcision beneficial, or not?"
(2) He said to them: "If it were beneficial, their father would beget them circumcized from their mother.
(3) But the true circumcision in the spirit has prevailed over everything."

The 'Shaving' of the NOT REGROWING Hair is a 'Shaving of the Spirit' and does NOT apply to Physical Nature; as if Nature's design would be for the YinPower to be shaven, then the feminine would have been born shaven - yet ist was created hairy.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thoughts for the New Year

Merry Christmas, everyone!

A few weeks ago in her last post, Lisa commented on the topic of “preferences” – the idea that some of us like hair in some places, but not others. I thought I’d take a few minutes and follow up on her post from my perspective…

As far back as I can remember (and that’s a pretty long time), I have thought feminine body hair was sexy. My preference has always been for hairy arms, with unshaven underarms and legs a close second. I also think that hair on the tummy, the cheeks, and the back of the neck are sexy. In short, hair is sexy.

It’s a shame that our culture doesn’t value body hair as a sign of femininity. To me, the feel of soft hair on an arm is much more sensual than the feel of an arm waxed or shaved smooth.

My personal observation is that most men who want their ladies waxed and shaven are just following the herd. I think that, left to their own opinions, most men don’t really care…they just don’t want other men to think they’re odd.

To you ladies out there who read this – know that there are plenty of men out there who either don’t care whether you shave or not, or actually like seeing you as nature intended you to be. If you’re more comfortable removing your hair, go ahead – it’s your body. But don’t let your decision be made by what the rest of the herd, both men and women, is doing and saying.

Let 2010 be the year you decide to be comfortable in your natural state. Men and women with an opinion of their own will support you. Those who follow the herd aren’t worth listening to.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!



It's been awhile since I've been on this blog, and it's good to see other commentators!! I didn't realize the number of comments made...

I've had a few discussions with guy friends recently on what they like in a girl and I'm impressed to see that some admitted to liking hair (aside from head hair!) on ladies and others not really caring about it. Which was nice to hear! And then some having preferences for leg hair over arm hair. I guess it's true when they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My good friend is fine (and to a point I'm sure likes) arm pit hair on women, BUT he dislikes leg hair completely. Not sure why? Personal preferences I guess. And then another friend likes leg hair and arm pit hair, he finds it sexy....But no mention really of admiration or dislike for arm hair. Just plain don't care about the arm hair. It's funny to see and discuss the individual quirks and preferences of other people.
I've shared with close friends my stories about my (past) dislike of my arm hair and my sporadic waxing days. The reaction I got was 'really waxing - why?' or 'ouch doesn't that hurt?' It's nice to see they don't see the arm hair as 'gross' or 'unattractive' as I once labelled it in my head!

Just a side note, a few weeks back there was a comic strip in the newspaper that said if a guy can go a few days without shaving and be seen in public then women should be able to go out without shaving their legs either!! Brings up a good I point!! I quite enjoyed the strip, unfortunately I misplaced it.


I think this was the cartoon Lisa mentioned in her post on Wednesday...

Abraxas' Thuban Q&A - Page 5 Meet+Your+Match

I think the expression is, "Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander."


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