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Dragons of Thuban To Ban The Falseness

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Abraxas' Thuban Q&A


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Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:57 pm

Initiate wrote:

Hi Abraxis,

Could you please expand on your take on the "Council of Nine". Supposidly the Council is Housed at Sirius and relates to the blue Ray. There is also some reference to Obama's Higher Self being one of the 9. How does this relate to your agenda?

There is also some information that this council is in fact a CIA mind control project.


your thoughts?

Dear Initiate!

Thank you for reminding me about your question and I apologize for neglecting order of reply.

There are as many stories as there are 'Advocates of the Transformation' (say LightWorkers and alien lineage walk-ins or similar).

You will find, that the common basis for the creative emergence are archetypes - here the 'Council of Nine', also basic to the Nine Lords of Time of the Mayan cosmology.
The 'Council of Nine' so becomes a generalisation, partially in harmony with the 'encompassing agenda' and often disinformation (due to the potency of the archetype or symbol).

The manifested colour-squence for all 'coloured in storylines' is simply the rainbow extension in the colour mixing (of alternate colours say Red+Yellow=Orange).


As you can see, the 9th colour is Blue for the 9th Ray in this 12-colour series completing itself in closing the linear in the circle of Blue blending into Red (Purple, Violet, Lilac and Magenta hues say).

The Sirius connection is appropriate as Sirius A is the brightest and closest Star to Earth in the ET agendas (Nommo od the Dogons and the DogStar Sirius Astar-Isis connections and so on).

The Jodie Foster-Carl Sagan Film 'Contact' also drew on this archetype and proximity.
Alex Collier has found from his Anromedean contacts, that there will be a 'Wormhole' opening between Gaia and Sirius.

I concur with this Andromedean data.

In regards to Obama; a link from the Mayan database is here:
In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

Greetings to all the ones spread over the seven continental sisters! This message will be somewhat cryptic to the many, but highly informative to the few.

This is a special dispensation and addresses the spiritual manifestation of the linear timeline of August 4th from 28AD to 70AD to 2008AD.

On August 4th 28AD, a messiahnic 'image-tempel' figure was baptised in a physical location upon planet earth.
On August 4th 70AD, the physical 'image' temple was destroyed in the form of Solomon's temple by the Romans under Titus.

ON August 4th 2008AD, this 'image temple' was reimaged as a 'blessing' in physical reality and in a mapping between the years 1961 and 1989.

At midnight November 4th 1996AD, a Mean-Alignment-Time or MAT was declared at a location upon planet earth.
This MAT 'unfroze' a particular 'spacetime' from the universal cosmic wavefunction, which represents the physical universe of which this planet earth is a constituent part.
In other words, the declaration of the MAT allowed the entire physical universe to become 'individuated' as a prototype for the multiverse or megaversal reproduction.
The NOW-Time of the singularity so became 'mapped' in one-to-one correspondence to the evolving and expanding universe at MAT.

To render peace possible upon earth; the true reasons for war must be addressed and accomodated.
The reason for violence and war are not politico-economic, but they are mental and spiritual.
The physical universe was born from the singularity in NOW-Time from its nonphysical image.

This manifested a one-to-one correspondence or an Isomorphism between a physical emergent and a metaphysical precursor.

This isomorphism necessitated a symmetry-breaking in the metaphysical realm, which manifested as a disharmonisation in the physical worlds.
But this symmetry breaking created gravity from its antiphotonic parentage and so allowed the metaphysical singularity to manifest in a creation of spacetime functionality, also known as the Big Bang Cosmogenesis.

The scientific models describing this are published elsewhere on the links and through other sources.

The metaphysical reality is often denied by the inhabitants of the physical reality and this denial results in even more intense disharmonisations between the physical reality and the metaphysical reality, namely because the metaphysical reality is closely associated with mental processes and other immaterial energy communications.
An appropriate axiom is: "What you resist, persists!"

One outcome of this denial of the metaphysical selfhood becomes the manifesto of fear, say as defined as the absence of love or the spiritual darkness existing without the illumination of the spiritual light.
The mis-identification of a physical locale as a spiritual- or metaphysical location serves as example.

The politico-economic 'Nation-State' of Israel is partially mis-identified as a 'Spiritual Holy Land' and a 'Jew' or Israelite is partially mis-identified as a 'Special Genealogical Bloodline' or genetic inheritor.

The Jewish patriarch Jacob (The Supplanter of Esau's birthright as firstborn) is RENAMED to Israel (A Prince with God) after a specific occurrence (wrestling with an angel say). Similarly, the human couple
Abram&Sarai is RENAMED Abraham&Sarah (after communication with God and the establishment of a covenant).

Jacob the patriarch or family man BECOMES ISRAEL, the Nation-State as a 'HOLY LAND' RELABELLED.

In the 'bigger picture', say a particular 'master-plan', EVERY embodiment in the 'extended' bloodline of Jacob also is RENAMED as Abram to Abraham to "What's your name?" or WYN.

Corresponding to this 'scriptural' reidentification then, is the MAT-definition for WYN's particular spacetime AS the COMBINED body-form with his physical and/or shadowed companion {Adam&Eve, Romeo&Juliet, He&She or He&Dreambaby or Dreambaby&She}.

So what does this mean in regards to the 'United Federation of Nationstates' upon the palnet earth?

The metaphysical 'Unification of United New Earth' has become blueprinted in the MAT and the 'fulfilment of prophecy' with respect to the 'blessings' associated with the August 4th timeline (details are found elsewhere).
This 'Unification upon earth', begins however to REHARMONISE the 'broken symmetry' between the physical reality and the metaphysical reality.

The establishment of the archetypology, does not however infer the physical manifestation of this archetype in full.
Albeit certain partial orderings of this reharmonisation will engage the definition processes for the MAT and the timelines of prophecy.

And so we find a most unlikely scenario (as relative to the politico-economic structures controlling the earthly scenarios) in terms of the physical manifestations within the timeline markers as compared to the historical engagements without those markers.

To fulfil prophecy, the politico-economic structures must be infiltrated, say in the form of a double-secret-agency.

In familiar humanoid terms; the 'inside story' goes like this.

The politico-economic structure is a manifestation of the timeline in self-evolution.
The restricted and physically separated 'dominions' merge and blend through a historical timeline, say a precessional Maya-cycle UNTIL this blending reaches a certain saturation point, say the accessibility of physical global communication.
This worldwide 'web' of physical communique so renders the harbouring superorganism as 'unified' in the 'physical' sense and allows the metaphysical 'web' to SHADOW this development.
But the 'masterplan' requires INDIVIDUAL parts of the superorganism to become 'selfaware' enough to harbour the MAT definitions of what a spacetimed universe represents in the 'greater order of things' and as NO INDIVIDUAL can hitherto accomodate the necessary spacetime parameters required; and as the timeline is 'fulfilled'; whatever modality is in control (the politico-economic system) must CRYSTALLISE the means to further 'fulfil' the timeline.

Then for the prophecied endtime scenarios to play themselves out; the controlling system itself; will 'groom' the INDIVIDUAL required to change the course of its own agenda of control.

This shall manifest as follows;
Barack Hussein Obama is a secret double-agent, but he may only be partially aware of this role.
His birthday is August 4th, 1961 and he is 'blessed' in the blessings of the Jordan, August 4th, 28AD.

His role is to REPRESENT a MIRROR to the world as a 'honest politician' and filled with integrity.
Barack Hussein Obama IS that, what he is trying to represent and 'there is no guile or deceit' in his mouth.

History is repeating itself, with the metaphysical messiah of 28AD MIRRORING the world around himself in a physical context.

Now some insight information.

Jesus walked alone and without disciples or apostles from December 8th 24AD until his baptism by John the Baptist on August 4th, 28AD.
Jesus did proclaim the 'kingdom of god' during that time, but without the blessing, he was one of many.

Obama was a peacemaker on the campus at Harvard; unifying the proPalestinians with the antiPalestinians as well as black and white; Obama was elected president in that role.

After the blessing, Jesus went into the wilderness for 40 days and upon returning confounded the 'temple scribes' and also began to work in parallel with John the Baptist and began to associate disciples, from whom he later chose the apostles as direct inheritors of his wisdom, knowledge and 'gnosis'.

Obama is 'handcuffed' until January 20th, inauguration day, but MUST choose his 'inner circle' of advisors and 'co-decision' makers in his 'days in the wilderness'.

Now Jesus chose his 'inner circle' of his own will or intuition; but Obama MUST chose those, who 'allowed him' into office.

So the overall situation for the global community is this.

There is ONE Obama, who would, and is expected to, to 'MAKE a difference' and to 'manifest change in the order of things'; BUT Obama, the 'Most powerful man in the world as the president of the United States of America' CANNOT do so, without the collaboration of the politico-economic controllers 'behind the throne'.

There is ONE Jesus, who would and could 'MAKE a difference' and who 'manifested change in the order of things'; because he acted locally and in relative obscurity with a personally chosen circle of immediate friends and initiates.

What is the outcome of the True Barack Hussein Obama, the peacemaker and a Prince of Peace; who IS a TRUE Prophet of the SHALOM, but who is TRAPPED as a FALSE Prophet in the Image of the Beast of prophecy (Revelation.12-13ff)?

Barack Obama will grow old before his time and conflicts with his own family will further frustrate him and the worlds around him.

Barack Obama will tread the footsteps of Jesus as a promised messiah and desiring in his heart to fulfil the expectations placed upon him, he will continually be frustrated by the 'advisors' and 'power mongers' about himself.
Barack Obama has an agenda of peace and 'goodwill to all men'; this is his office given to him by the circle of the illuminati.
This illuminati KNEW, that the image of the USA as a global leader had to be changed and modified.
This illuminati groomed Obama and opened certain doors to radiacally change the global perception and selfimage of the USA as mirrored to the rest of the world.

The circle of the illuminati is NOT a group of people knowingly conspiring to 'rule the world'.

The individual members of the illuminati are only peripherally connected to each other. Partial reason for this is the elimination of blackmail, abduction and the exposure to personal perils.
The individual members of the illuminati are normal people and inheritors of the Abrahamic starseed promises like everyone else.

What differentiates the illuminati-members is their independence from monetary and fiscal constraints and their thorough acceptance of the metaphysical realities.

The illuminati has been instrumental in 'manipulating' the intelligentsia and the academics on one side of the spectrum and the under-educated and the bourgoise- and the peasantry on the other side.

The academic 'rational' elite has been 'brainwashed' in the form of a limited 'power sharing' in the academic world and the 'irrational' populus has been 'brainwashed' in the form of the mass media.

This mass media has become 'controlled' in its strict adherence to the principles and the modus operandi as set out by the 'brainwashed' academia.

The illuminati fully embraces the 'gnosis' of astrology, scripture, science fiction and utopian scenarios.
The illuminati knows that to stay in control; both the academical powersharing and the deception of the populus must remain steady.

The illuminati also knows, that for some strange reason the prognostications of all things seems to fade out near the Mayan nexus point of 2012.

All the fiscal freedom in the world, seems to be insufficient to ensure the continuity of the illuminated BEAST of the System.

This BEAST of revelation is the Trap and Prison of Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama speaks like a Dragon and has the horns of a lamb. Obama is a True prophet of God; yet he is also a False prophet of the Beast in whose image he has power to be what he is.

Obama is the Image of God AND the Image of the Antigod.
The God is metaphysical and the Antigod is the SAME God as a physical image.
Jesus of 28AD was both, the Son of God and the Son of the Antigod as the Son of Man and as the Son of Satan.
Because Jesus had a physical body, was he the Son of the Devil. Everyone in embodiment IS a Son of darkness!

Obama and WYN, both are the Son of God in the footsteps of Jesus and also the Son of the Devil as say White and Black Lucifers or as the Morning Star of the Dawn and as the Evening Star of the Sunset as Venus and as Venusia and as White and Black Madonnas.

The Falseness in Obama is the falseness of his embodiment and the Truth in Obama is the truth of his metaphysical embodiment as a spirit.
Because Obama is a man, his MindWave is True, but his embodiment as a ParticleWave is False.
As Michelle Obama is a woman, her Mindwave will come into conflict with Barack's Mindwave as a female goddess.

Post 2012AD, should the union wither the approaching storms; the False prophet of Obama and the Jezebel of Michelle can become absorbed within the lake of Michelle's Fire and the Brimstone of Barack. This is the 'Heavenly Wedding' of Barack as a selfrealised HeShe in the Christening Dragonomy with Michelle as a selfrealised SheHe.

In either case, the 'Death of the false Images' is the fulfilment of all prophecy and the 'scriptures' of the 'Holy writ' shall become placed upon the dustshelves of the human histories.

To conclude; Barack Hussein Obama is divinely commissioned to do what he is saying he intends to do.
Barack Obama is HELPING to bring the war between the 'Heaven of spirit' and the 'Hell of an earth' to an end.

The name Barack Hussein Obama carries within the reconciliation between Christianity and Islam and so between the Western paradigmn and the Middle eastern worldviews.
Barack Obama will EXEMPLIFY to the whole world what a 'honest politician' looks like and how such should behave.
Barack Obama so will MIRROR the corruption of the BEAST of the polito-economic systems back to the world, the populus and the illuminati.
Barack Obama so will SHARE the frustrations of the populus in NOT being able to implement the things he promised as the 'false prophet', groomed by the illuminati.

The whole world will FALL into DESPAIR, because Obama will be seen to be powerless to effect change.
Because Obama has NO apostles and NO 'followers' who SHARE his visions, and despite the adoration of millions; because of that particular ONENESS of being a powerless messiah - the BEAST SHALL FALL!

The BEAST shall fall and then many Obamas shall converge to reconstruct a United Nations, not toothless as a global instrument, but being comprised of Wisdom Carriers; native tribal chiefs from all around the globe and the seven continental sisters.
An Orb of Elders, Unified within the vison of Barack Hussein Obama and a vision shared by themselves as their own vision; shall REINVIGORATE the oratories of Barack Obama and of Martin Luther King and of JFK and Abraham Lincoln and the founding fathers and of all the 'Speakers' in the office of Solomon, the Wise.

Then the global war machine shall be dismantled and all military 'expenditure' shall become of civil service to construct and reconstruct infrastructures and the basic amenities on a global scale.

Then the fiscal war machine shall be dismantled and all the monetary dependencies shall be transformed into a 'credit exchange mechanism' which is all inclusive and a function of beingness within locality.

Then all national governments shall be abolished in a universal 'party of unity' and because of certain external occurrences post 2012, this party shall be democratically 'elected' into office on a worldwide scale irrespective of the prevalent political system in place.

Then there will be only a global government of selected elders, interacting with local governments - there will be no nation states, but there will be community government.

Whoever 'lives' at a certain place will make the regulations and means of trade and exchange for that place. Subsequently all territorial quarreling will become superfluous: the Tibeteans 'rule' Tibet and the Chinese 'rule' China; the Kurds 'rule' Kurdistan and the Mohicans 'rule' Mohicana and the Palestinians 'rule' Palestine.

There will be an understanding that the place called Israel is no longer a geographical location, but a reference to the global community as a whole.
The Mohican is an Israelite as much as the Tibetean, the Chinese, the Kurd and the Palestinian.

So the Israelite in Israel is BOTH, an Israelite from Abraham through Isaac and Sarah and also a Palestinian from Abraham through Ishmael and Hagar.

The woman of geographical Jerusalem so can call herself a Jewish Goddess or and and a Palestinian Goddess.

The Mohican- or Tibetean Goddess will also be a Hebrew Sarah=Princess and if She chooses to reside in the New Palestine, then She will also become a Palestinian Goddess - all in one.

Then there will be another open door for the Israelites which wish to change residences.
There will be a NEW Geographical ISRAEL, following the renaming of the Old Israel as the New Palestine.
So the Hebrew Gods and Goddesses, who do not wish to remain in Palestine as Israelites; they can easily migrate to the NEW IS-RA-EL called AUS-TRA-LIA.
Australia will be known as as one of the seven sisters and linked in blood to America as a twinship sister and also associated with seven sisters in the Pleiadean sky.

And there will be communication between the Pleiadean sisters and the seven Gaian sisters and many things will be known and understood and a new science will be known to enable many things and the old terran science will be the prototypical backbone for the new science and people post 2012 will turn on their TV's and view the stories pre 2012 and shake their heads in amazements: 'How could the world not understand what is so clear today? But we were all so blind, but now we can clearly see!"

And Barack Hussein Obama will say: 'Yes, it all was worthwhile after all!"

IAmWhatIAm - Betwixt the Physical and the Metaphysical Realities yet divided but to be as One again!

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Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 8:09 pm

Spregovori wrote:
About the story...

I am currently doing my slave duty (work) so I was not able to read in it peace...but than again..I also can not do that at what I call home...I also did not have time to "think about it" but am also not sure how to think about it

Are you suggesting me to procreate...or to be less "politically correct"...to have sex?

Am I missing the whole point here?

Am I to go and "imagine" it (I am not aware that I can (or how to) actually enter a "state" via my higher self and create the experience) or to actually do it? Give some love? Gimme some lovin?

In your story..you mention (or so I understand) we are all bisexual?

To get a "liiittle" more personal: I like to think, all women, by they nature, are bisexual. If nothing else it is a "fun thing" to think about...

Not sure what to think about men or men that only like men or if someone likes children or people that engage in paraphilias?

Is there any way of sexuality considered to be unnatural or wrong by the Thuban?

At the end you mention 3 names...remind me on the so called angles...I do not know much about religion...I prefer not to (half truths). Yet you have given them female form...so we can be both?

While in "hell" why did you decide to play games...is it more exciting...not knowing what will happen next? I do not wish to be rude (i mean this as a humor)...but if that is the case...you remind on spoiled babry girls.

If need be I can further "elaborate" on the babry girl phenomena

Instead of playing games...you could simply...make a choice..for example: this is what I, then is when i want it and that is how i want...now GO! for example...

I am unable to connect all of this (your story as a part of the answer) to my questions answered so far....I can not make "unity" with this..do not knowhow to "incorporate" it into everything.

Dear Spregovori!

This 'story' is very deep and you may say not for the 'faint hearted'. Harbouring any form of 'sexual suppression' (I do not imply sex with animals or children to be an inappropriate 'suppression' here); will most certainly result in misreadings and misunderstandings.

So I shall refrain from replying to you about the contents of this story until you have at least digested the information in a peripheral manner and until you have formulated specific and in context questions.

Commenting in incompleteness to your points raised would be unproductive and confuse you even more.


Anchor wrote:
< Moderator: Breathes sigh of relief >

Spregovori wrote:
E hhehehh lol Anchor, keep breathing...I am not done yet

Imagine the "turmoil"...and the drama... and the HEADLINES ...

i will attempt to...amm contemplate the story in great detail... but i can not promise anything... although perhaps Anchor would suggest to handle "curtain" detail via PM system...or not...make it spicy... ok enough joking...back to work...

Dear Anchor!

Deep at the core of the present situation of a 'disharmonized universe in thought' is the 'Power of Suppression'.
A very great part of the 'hidden powers' is FUELLED by the 'Sexual Taboos' imposed onto the populus by the dictates of the 'legislators' and the 'protectors of the public morals'.

The true standard can easily be witnessed in nature itself. What is natural and what is unnatural in terms of sexual behaviour patterns.

The New World not only demands a 'New Science'; a 'New Understanding'; a 'New Philosophy' and a 'New Way of Community'; but also a 'New Order for Human Social Integration and Relationships' inclusive a 'Redefinition' of what it means to be a 'Sexual Starhuman Being'.

This is especially so because besides the Cetaceans (yes, the apes are in this way less related to humans than whales), the human genus is the only one experiencing menopause and being 'on heat' all time around (not counting rabbits here).

So human sexuality has a deeper meaning, than just reproduction and this is part of the agenda of sharing that story.


Anchor wrote:
I agree, and I think you maybe had an idea I knew all that.

My concern is that I know that this is a tough topic to discuss in an open manner on an open forum because as you observed, you are going to be firing across the bows of some deeply embedded repressions / distortions / blockages in some people; which has been known to trigger forum-fireworks.

I know that I would personally actually seriously benefit from an open discourse on the subject - being saddled myself with many questions, blockages, doubts and distortions in the area of sexuality and its many expressions and extremes, but I really do wonder if it would appropriate at this time and in this venue; which is why I held back on my own questions related to the topic in the past.

I am not making any policy statements here. I am not saying dont go here or there with your information - every bit is of value. I only said anything because I am nervous about this topic and the effects it has on a forum - I admit am conditioned by my past experience! Sometimes that is a good thing - it stops me picking up hot rocks for example.

Dear Anchor!

I fully understand and share your temperance.
As you may have noticed I did not directly reply to Spregovori and shall continue to refrain from giving generalising answers (as is possible to do with most topics).
However it is of PARAMOUNT importance to have raised the subject matter to allow the 'great cleansing' of the 'polluted archetypes' to proceed from Gaia's energy herself.

Allow me to give you a little example (this is not meant to offend anyone and no particular individuals are addressed, all characterisations are fictional):

The 'wargame players' are meeting in the 'war room' to plan 'strategy' for a 'war scenario' already engaged in somewhere on the planet or one that is on the agenda of becoming implemented.

The Air-Marshall, the Army-General and the Navy-Admiral, all have their ideas of 'how to proceed'.

There are plans and plastic figures representing 'troops', hardware, collateral material and 'engagements', say laid out on a table of 'lego land'.

It is rather a 'turn-on' for the 'brassy ones' and their many adjutants of course; to use their 'Phallic Substitutes' of Continental Ballistic Missiles, named 'Julie and Wilma' and of 'Fred the Depleted Uranium 238 Bomb'.

Then 'Little Boy' and 'Fat Man' are so much 'nicer' humanized substitutes for the atomic destroyers of Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectively.

Back home in the bedroom, the 'brassy ones' are relatively impotent. Their wives and mistresses have long lost their attractiveness to them and even the latest and most expensive 'calling girls' cannot induce the 'brassy ones' to 'raise to their occasions'.

Maybe a 'little boy' or a 'little girl' TOTALLY INNOCENT and inexperienced and NATURALLY 'Not Ready' for sexual energizations can 'get it up'?

Ah well, if this doesn't work; one tries a sheep or a dog or a camel. The animal better be killed afterwards so as not to corrupt the 'natural order of things'.

Nothing works; but one can use the phallic substitute to FEEL the adrenalin and the POWER of BEING in Charge; pressing buttons; there it flies --kaboom; ah yes, now I feel it raising.

Crass, Anchor, I know. But Necessary to EXPOSE the archetypes of the abuse.

Give the 'brassy ones' (and by implication ALL sexually suppressed ones) a good harmonious expression of their sexuality; the nudist resort; the sauna; the 'house of ill repute'; the shared bubble-bath; the stripper show and its extensions; the Roman or Greek Orgy with Likeminded Sexually Mature Equals - in brief DO OPENLY and in full recognisance of yourself as your own judge and prosecutor; what you have HIDDEN under occult labels of secret brotherhoods (say the Clan of the ****) - then you will transform this, the most corrupting and devious archetype of them all.

A nation like the USA prides itself of its 'high moralistic ground' in the 'Mirror of the World' but in its clandestine agendas of banal and 'silly' pornography (not eroticisms of esoteric tantra of whole body interaction); sex slave trading and child abuse; it is the leader of the 'Mirrors of the Underworld'.

I shall only answer particular questions about the 'Story of the Inner Journey'; when it will be clear to me, that it is of benefit for the forum to do so.


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Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 8:10 pm

SABINA wrote:
thanks alot
hairs when I was young there was amusical
well other culures know this especially the Sikks in India they never will cut their hairs men and women (the guys with the turban) androgyn

Hair - The Musical and that wonderful classical song and tune: 'The Age of Aquarius'.

And a storyline about the spirit of love and community suffering the ignorance of the false communities and their value base of 'honour your country of your defence, protecting your liberties'.


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Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 8:23 pm

Jason wrote:
Solar Eclipse tonight at exactly 11:11pm, hows that for synchronization!

----copy paste notice---

14th January 2010

-----end of copy paste notice-----

Indeed Jason,
one can term it astrological synchronizations. The lunar eclipse of the 'Mother's' Cancer Moon at the end of 2009 followed by the 'Father's Capricorn Moon for a solar eclipse two weeks later.
On Sunday, January 17th Venus enters Aquarius; on Monday, January 18th, Jupiter enters Pisces from Aquarius and on Tuesday, January 19th, the Sun conjoins Venus in Aquarius.
Mars the male drive is opposite Venus the female temperace (and flirtation) in Leo and Neptune ruler of Pisces and Chiron, the Cosmic Healer all are in Aquarius with Uranus with its rulership of Aquarius in the 'Sign of the Vesica Pisces' and the 'changing of the ages' from Pisces to Aquarius.


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Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 8:24 pm

eleni wrote:
Ha! I read this book many years ago - The Greatest Story Never Told by Lana Cantrell and she said long hair (in the case of a woman) is an antenna that should not be cut short so as to receive cosmic energies......

Hi eleni!

Think about your fingernails. What happens if you do not cut them - they grow and render your movements a little uncomfortable, say washing dishes.
Now think about a man's hair growth. Not shaving results in a beard, which eventually reaches the ground - again contraptions must be used to allow movement.

Lana Cantrell has published approprite information about the crown of the spirit as an archetype and related to Man uncovering their heads (in taking off their hats 'in solemn places'), whilst woman are to remain covered.
This can of course be erroneously identified in 'covering a woman head to toe' in superficialities, instead realising it means the covering of bald skull by hair.

Funny, when it starts falling out the moneymakers invent schemes to glue or paste it back on in contraindication of cutting it off when it is there.\

Do Gorillas and Chimpanzees cut their hair? Why does an Orang-Utan not visit the hairdresser?
Because there is something about the human genome, which is 'different', like the 'being on heat', from its biological and genetic relatives.

Certain hair only grows to a certain length and performs biochemical functions, such as protecting glandular biology from dehydration and such.
Nature should be asked the questions of why and not some 'beautician'.

There is a lot of money to be made to portray the 'idea of a beautiful woman' to be an emasculated, anorexic shaven thin figure; spending lots of income to 'get rid' of attributes given by nature at birth in the genome.

Entering the Louvre in Paris or the London Galleries shows that Aphrodite, the embodiment of classical art in the renaissance was anything else but a thin hollow woman, just about to fall apart.

So providing information and background data (say why do Gorillas don't need hairdressers); will allow a more informed choice to be made by anyone to cut what, all or any hair or not.

Australopithecus Ramidus 4 million years ago was more 'hairy' than Neanderthal Man was more 'hairy' than Cro Magnon 26,000 years ago.
Then if the genome of the new starhuman is designed to further eliminate hair-growth, then nature shall implement this genetic variation.
Barring genetic malfunction, the present human template is sufficient for the present stage of evolutionary development.


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Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 8:26 pm

halebox wrote:
So you feel my origins are from Thuban or just my hearts intent? What species populates the Draco star system? Also Ive witnessed many luminous orbs floating in the sky in the past couple years sometimes groups of them in daylight. Sometimes appearing minutes after looking into the sky above my head. Can you give an opinion on these?

Hi halebox!

In regards to orbs. The 'veil' of the 5th dimension is thinning. The manifestation of energy from hyperspace (the astral dimensions) begins in the form of thoughtforms as consciousness in space
(technical details are at: http://tonyb.freeyellow.com/id185.html);
attaining the nature of light, such as your orbs.
Then the lightforms will become coupled to density functions maintaining the lower dimensions in the quantum physics of the awareness parameter (df/dt) coupled to the space-consciousness of the observer (Volumexawareness=consciousness).
From this then plasmic forms of matter can 'materialise' and from that the hybrid state between matter and light (technical restmass photon or axion) will eventuate in the unfolding of the 5th dimension.

In regards to your origins on Thuban, the following excerpts from the Thubanese 'master' might help in elucidaton:

(03) Jesus says:
"If those who lead you say to you: ‘Look, the kingdom is in the sky!’
then the birds of the sky will precede you.
If they say to you: ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fishes will precede you.
Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and outside of you."
"When you come to know yourselves, then you will be known,
and you will realize that you are the children of the living Father.
But if you do not come to know yourselves, then you exist in poverty, and you are poverty."

(77) Jesus says:
"I am the light that is over all. I am the All.
The All came forth out of me. And to me the All has come."
"Split a piece of wood – I am there.
Lift the stone, and you will find me there."

His disciples said to him: "The kingdom – on what day will it come?"
"It will not come by watching (and waiting for) it.
They will not say: ‘Look, here!’ or ‘Look, there!’
Rather, the kingdom of the Father is spread out upon the earth, and people do not see it."


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Steven wrote:
Hello Abraxasinas. Here is a letter from Alex Collier received by the andromedan contact he has since several years. Quote:

'The Race from Alpha Draconis

The Draconis race is probably the most misunderstood. I have witnessed a deep respect for this race which is generated out of admiration and fear. The Draconans are the oldest reptilian race in our Universe. Their forefathers, somewhere in our most ancient past came to our Universe from another separate Universe and/or reality. When this actually occurred no one really knows.

The 11 (Council of Eleven) have said that the Draconans themselves aren't clear how or when they themselves got here, but what is interesting is that they declare and teach to the masses that they were in this Universe first, before humans beings, and that they are the true heirs to this Universe and, as such are all royalty. Most, if not all, human races don't recognize this claim as truth but, none the less, they don't debate the issue with them either. Alpha Draconans have colonized many star systems and have created many races by genetically altering the life forms that they encountered.

The most densely populated area of sub-races of Draconans is the constellation of Orion, Rigel, and the star system known as Capella. Here lies a very dangerous part of the Universe for human beings. The mind set or consciousness of the majority of the races in this region is service to self and as such they are always subverting, invading and manipulating less advanced races using their technology for control and domination.

This is a very old and ancient war with the peace that does exist always being tested by these beings that believe that fear rules and love is weak, that the less fortunate are meant to be slaves. This belief system is created at birth in the reptilian races as the mother, at the time of birth will hide the young and then abandon them to fend for themselves.

Most of the time they are cared for by the warrior class that uses the children for games of combat and amusements. They believe that in their ways that if the young ones survive they were meant to and in the process they have had to fight all the way and at a young age they are full warriors, used to depending on no one.

Alpha Draconans are very suspicious of all life forms including their own, but not of course to the extent that they would be of humans. They are taught that Draconan history of the Great Galactic War. The version or opinion that the humans were at fault for the invasion of the Universe and how we selfishly wanted the Draconan race to starve and struggle for the basic materials for their society to exist. Therefore they are brainwashed at a young age just like we humans have done to our younger generations by all human races in the galaxy.' End of the quote.

What can you tell me about this Great Galactic War and its repercussion throught out the galaxy and time?

Here is the source of the text: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/an...v2n3alpha.html

Namaste, Steven

Hi Steven!

The Alpha Draconians as described by the Andromedeans represent the archetypical manifestation of DECSENDANTS from the 'founder race' termed the Paa Taal by Alex Collier and his contacts. As you can read in the above, the Descendents have forgotten their origins; but somehow 'they' connect their own origins to the existence of the 'cosmic humanoid', perceiveing in them some sort of 'threat' to their seniority and 'masterrace' status.

The 'Great Galactic War' you wish me to describe to you was not on the physical plane; but has to do with the 'spiritual wickedness at high places'

Ephesians 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Ephesians 6:11-13

So using the original archetypes, indicated, but not defined in the quote above; CAN indicate to you from whence the Andromedean story; 'your own recollection of that story'; 'Barbara Hand-Clow's story'; 'Anna Hayes' story' and so on and on originates from.

The full story relates to the creation of the universe itself. I have shared the details many times here, but shall briefly describe it yet again.

In the Beginning there was a Void being Eternity without space and without time and without any definitions at all.
{The mathematical and logistics selfcreated/invented from this can be found in the Lucifer's Mirror thread and some other places on this forum).

This Beingness was nevertheless able to Imagine its own Being as Being NOT Infinite as the Void=Eternity and from this evolved a Cosmogony of Purpose then initiating an Ontology for Being within a materialising Cosmology engaging the concepts of space and time and densities of matter. This cosmology is sufficiently described by standard models of classical physical theory blended with the so called quantum mechanics of a Planck Black Body Radiator expanding thermodynamically in entropic time arrows and the postulates of classical geometric field theories like the Relativities of Einstein.

But your question addresses not the physical genesis but the metaphysical genesis and the latter so revisits the logistical processes, which manifested the parameters for the physical universe to come into existence. {Lucifer Thread}.

The examination and analysis of this metaphysics then shows how the Infinitum is replated to the Finitum and how the Void of the beginning is realised in a White Hole-Black Hole physics connected by the Wormhole aka the Einstein-Rosen-Bridge in the semantics of theoretical physics.

In brief; it becomes the Wormhole as a quasi-singularity of physicality, which becomes a MIRROR between a Double-sided surface or manifold so rendering the twosidedness onesided.

This is like a mathematical 'trick' for the Void=Infinity to become Finite in Duality, yet still containing its own Unity of the onesidedness.

So one can develop the mathematics and the physics to 'make a physical universe' from its metaphysical precursive definitions.

The 'Hole' in space and time becomes a 12D wormhole mirror emboding the precise minimum spacetimematter configuration as say a Quantization of all physical parameters 'measurable', such as length, time, weight, temperature, luminosity, molarity, electric current and the geometric connectors (pi and sterradian say).

What has this to do with the 'Great Galactic War' between the Lyrans and the Reptilians you may ask?

It has everything to do with it, if you can understand that the twosidedness to onesidedness 'topology transformation' REQUIRED a particular duality to become 'SET UP' on the archetypical primordial level.

The technical linguistics label this as a T-Duality between a heterotic superstring class, characterized in a Lie group algebra of 8x8 symmetries (I Ching and 64-codex of DNA/RNA codon couplings of nucleotidal base pairings).

But those 'string labels' were invented in the 1980's and did not exist at the 'time of the great galactic wars'.

Yet they ARE simply a Relabelling of the primordial archetype, describing the 'spiritual wickedness at high places'.

So now you have two options; either familiarise yourself with complicated string-membrane mathematics of convulution integrals OR attempt to rediscover the ancient archetypes through the study of the 'histories'.

This you and the 'story tellers' have done and many of your stories converge in parts and diverge in parts; all of them based upon the true and valid archetypes.

The Thuban story differs in one elementary aspect from the other stories. The Thuban story knows the 'modern interpretation' of the 'ancient archetype' and so can BACKTRACE to the 'oldest story of them all' via its technicalities. This is like travelling backwards in time or a form of 'backwards engineering'.

So what have the Thubans found?
The Thubans found out, that the Alpha Draconians are their descendents, their firstborn GRANDCHILDREN IN THIS the Milky Way Galaxy.
The Thubans have also found out, that the Paa Taal were their Children in this Galaxy and that the Lyrans (you can relabel the Lyrans as the Musicians of Lucifer's Lyre or as the original Mystics of the White Crystal and in many other ways) also were their Grandchildren.
So the Alpha Draconians became the Skeksis of the Dark Crystal (in one pertinent renaming by Thubanese scribes) in the form of a Black Brosisterhood of the Black Lucifers and in a form of competition with the White Brosisterhood of the Mystics aka the White Lucifers.

A much much younger reinterpretation of this archetype became the Atlantean labelling of the Brosisterhood of the Serpent in the Shamballa of the Red Dragon of Tibet at the Outside towards the Sky and the Golden Dragon of Agartha at the Inside, say the Center of the Earth.

From this the Annunaki mythology of the 'Cosmic Twinship' took form in Mesopotamian lore and the Gilgamesh; then leading to the Torah of Genesis and further story telling based on a potent original collection of archetypes and symbols.

But the 'Cosmic Twinship' of the Egyptian RaH-HaR; Shu-Tefnut and Geb-Nut then 'Doubled' itself in the Osiris-Isis and Seth-Nephtys twinships. From this the story of archetypes became the familar story of scriptural patriarchical and matriarchical lineages and correlations and blendings with the earlier mostly orally tyransmitted legends of the symbols and namings.

I could go on Steve; either in technical discourse elucidating WHY the archetypes are Serpentine and the nature of the Glyph of the Dragon.
Or I could IMAGINE and then IMAGE the appropriate 'cosmic star wars story' from the most potent form of the original archetypology.

You can do this yourself and a multitude of such stories are found on the web; all of which carry parts of the truth and part of mystery.
The Andromedan agenda admits of 'not knowing' the origin of the origin. Being from a different observer perspective, namely extragalactic instead of intergalactic (as the Alpha Draconians and Pleiadeans and Arcturians and Sirians are); the Andromedean witnessed the opening of the 12-dimensional Wormholes as the MIRRORS between the Void of the Eternity and the Finite universe.

The Thuban story of the 'Great Galactic Wars' is exceedingly simple and has already been told in film; 'The Dark Crystal', by Jim Henderson of Sesame Street renown.

Now there are immense 'scriptural' and prophetic implications about the scripture (Ephesians) quoted above.
It are those implications, which form the core of the present transformation experienced by Gaia.

But all of the 'alien agendas' partially, but not fully 'materialized' cannot act independent from their empowerment of the fundamental archetypology.
The backwards travelling in time by the Thubanese wingmakers and timetravellers by and through the RECONSTRUCTION of the 'making of the universe from first principles', has allowed the Council of Thuban and under guidance and in the name of their 'Master-Templar-Template-Dragon' to share this information with anyone having ears to hear and eyes to see.

You are as much a Member of the Counicil of Thuban as I, Abraxas am.
The difference is I know the origin of both of us; you are in search of your origins using the database you can accept and incorporate as your own.

All children of the universe are destined to 'make their own universe' this is part of the 'masterplan' as children of the creator.
Do not sons and daughters grow up to set out on their own?
The Creator has a wish - to become a Grandfather. Without 'Sons of the Universe making trade' He cannot become a Father of Fathers and without Mothers giving birth to 'universe makers' the Mother-Creation aka 'Gaia in Disguise' cannot become a Grandma - it's as simple as that.

All are called but not many will hear and most will continue to adhere to archetypes of duality being the offspring of the monadic cosmogenesis.

The 'puppet movie' for the children IS the Story of Thuban - the Dragon-Elflings of the StarHumanity.

15Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein. {Mark.10.15}.

Peace of Mind be with you Steven


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Ravens and Doves wrote:
Greetings, Earthlings,

I, Paul, of the the Illustrious Council of the Neighborhood of North Hollywood in the City of Angels, California Republic under Conan the Barbarian, Nephew of SR-71 Blackbird Designer, Son of Reagan's Dentist and certified, unemployed family psycho ART BUM have one question:

Do you ever have bake sales?



Hi Paul of the Circle of the Arachne!

No the Thuban Council has nothing to sell at all.



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JohnMatX wrote:
My Question is quite simple. How is anything NEW? New Earth is not new. It has a name but Why aren't We told it? Why must we think we Co-create something New. When it's already there? All these things Feed our EGO. The biggest pitt fall is EGO Spiritualism. All of which we are taught threw quite a bit "New Age" paths. I read channelings supposedly from "Angels" calling us Warriors of Light. Giving us Names Like Gods and Goddess/Lords. These words are empty. These titles are only necessary for people who want attention or Respect/Power. You don't have to say what you think you are. You being you is enough. Our people have been treated like dirt. Once They hear names like Gods or "Ascended" Masters, Lords and they think this is all ok. We were taught this by those who manipulate Us. Those who still strive for FULL control. Lead us and give Us a sense of power threw Titles. I don't want no YES man to tell me everything is ok. I want truth not what Our Egos want Us to hear. When people say New Earth is already here. Yes in a way it is but We as a Collective we choose what probability we choose to align with. Nothing is Set in Stone. I am part reptilian myself for many of Us are. Nothing special. I am a D-12 collective consciousness too and go beyond that. Wow big deal. We all are. I just get the feeling this post is a vortex for people to feed on. Many truths here, many half truths all energy to be borrowed or consumed. Everything is filter everything is taken. Everything changes. Universal Evolving Truth of our own Perception. All is not perfect but all is perfect for learning Yes? Learn who you are, Depend on Your God seed Self. Be a true Ambassador of a Sovereign Being from your collective. For there is no I BUT WE! We choose who We Were and Are. In Loving Kristic Services We offer Peace and Love for all Who seek to heal within the scared Cleansing fields of Love. Unity Through Complementary Diversity! John M

Hi JohnM!

When the planet earth came intop physical existence from a solar nebula so 4.8 billion years ago it became a NEW EARTH by and through the agglomerating material forming the metallic elemental earth.

The OLD EARTH so had existed in a metaphysical form before this 'densification'.
It so was a PHASESHIFT between geometrical dimensions, which allowed the Old Earth to transform into a New Earth - a dimensional intersections between LineSpacetime and HyperSpacetime mirrored from QuantumSpacetima and OmniSpacetime in a particular labeling.

The Old Earth now has attained its evolutionary nexus point to Phaseshift agian - this time from the LineSpacetime back into the HyperSpacetime with the difference of then being able to Retain its LineSp[ace Identity as a Kernel of Seed for its ascension.

This has nothing to do with how you seem to classify the notion of EGO as you seem to describe it in your post.
And yes, the Thuban data is for 'feeding' -even for 'intoxication'. Our master-templar; who you must surely know indeed, if you are familiar with the 12th dimension, has said so:

(28) Jesus said: I stood in the midst of the world, and I appeared to them in flesh. I found them all drunk, I found none among them thirsting; and my soul was afflicted for the sons of men, for they are blind in their heart and they do not see. For empty came they into the world, seeking also to depart empty from the world. But now they are drunk. When they have thrown off their wine, then will they repent.


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eleni wrote:
On the subject of orbs.....I had an experience 8 years or so ago where I floated out of bed to meet this orb the size of a Swiss exercise ball that had floated in via my window- I merged with this orb and it was an incredible sexual experience unlike any earth based incident (back then)......

What is the meaning of that? I felt I merged with an aspect of myself.......

Hi eleni!

Yes, my data says you experienced your 'future self' through your merkabah, being the 'vessel of the lord' as your own personalised 'spacecraft'.

It is 'highly sexual' because the shadow eleni is 'Helenus-Attila' say.
Imagine yourself at the point of sexual conception when your father's Xo sexual chromosome blended with one of your mother's say X1.

Now consider the Y-chromosome of your father, which DID become part of his genetic library in the placenta of your womb in the spermatozoa absorption.
This Y-chromosome in conjunction with your mother's OTHER X-chromosome, say labeled X2 BECAME your Perfect Twin in the Y0X2 sexchromosomatic coupling.

This 'twin soul' of sorts was 'thrown into the rubbish bin' after you were born and left the placental enclosure.

All of your life you subconsciously 'search' for your 'Lost Male Other Half', the one who was in the placenta as a metaphysical entity, absorbing the bioplasma of your conception.

So now it is easy to understand what your Shadow-SoulTwin is. It is your metaphysical 'Cosmic Twin'.

So you literally experienced a 'baseperfect' sexual union with yourself in the merger with the metaphysical YOU as say Helenus-Attila.
You temporarily became a SheHe, the androgenous higher DNA/RNA expression of the 5th density. This is the programmed Natural Bisexuality of the New StarWoman.

Then by implication sexual communion between StarHumans will engage automatic 'foursomes' in harmonisation between the male aspects in New StarMen in extroversion and male aspects in New StarWomen in introversion - and vice versa for the femal aspects in the HeShes and the SheHes.

Having already attained a fore-taste of this in your experience; you now KNOW what higher dimensional sexuality and the orgasmic selfhood indicates in the greater schema of the template for the starhumanity.


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Firstlook wrote:
hello Abraxas,

What does the Thuban Council have to offer on the topic of sun gazing?



Dear Firstlook!

I know of what you speak.
When the soul remembers its origins, the first contact associates the sources of light, either the moon or the sun.
Then the 'inner voice' may say: "You are part of the sun. You can look right into it and just as the Lunar Aura is Blue, so the Aura of the Sun is Green'.

Then the soul might use its biology to look into the sun and say when it dawns or sets.
And then this might succeed for a while and then the biological eyes will hurt a bit and many years later the damage to the physical eyes might manifest in deteriorating vision.

So the Thuban advice is to look into the sun, but not with your 3D eyes but your higherD eyes.
The urges of the soul to blend with the sun or the moon is a message of the homecoming and the inner eyes of the awakening (say third eye) are sufficient to rediscover the kinship with all of the celestial orbs.

Love Abraxas


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Spregovori wrote:
Hi Abraxasinas

So the story...

I wish you could speak my language...it would make things about 10 times easier...

I am having trouble understanding the meaning, since there is not only the meaning to understand, I first have to understand (translate) words..re-form sentences...and than there are things like mistakes in translation and words I do not know how to understand...

I think I did my best. No need to worry Anchor I did self-censorship

So the story - an addition to the start of the thread and is not directly connected with my previous questions?

We have a person, pondering about the astral world?


Spregovori wrote:
While doing so that person started to ask itself how would it be to visit itself?

Yes this is very important - discovery of the Inner Self as a World in itself.

Spregovori wrote:
The person also gets caught into pondering about the peoples thoughts in general?

No, other peoples thought do not enter this experience at all.

Spregovori wrote:
While doing that, the person entered the state unique to that person and that state was metaphorically named hell?

"hell' is simply a label for the 'Underworld' or 'Inner World' and the archetype associated to be explored, i.e. 'what is my own inner Hell like?'

Spregovori wrote:
At first hell was just a mix of colors..unrecognizable pictures...an abstract...or sort of an artist view?

Ok, one enters without knowing what to expect - no presumptions.

Spregovori wrote:
Let us call this person a Hero.

It's you and everyone 'going on the journey' - no drugs required, just your mind.

Spregovori wrote:
Our Hero decides eagerly to explore his own version of hell as doing so observing the changes in environment and himself.


Spregovori wrote:
One of the first things our Hero learns is that while he is in control of himself he is also in the control of the situation?


Spregovori wrote:
Hero also learns that one can not go beyond what he/she is?

No, the hero learns that hisher mind seems to be basically unlimited in creative potential.

Spregovori wrote:
As our Hero continued his journey he realized that everything and everyone just plays its role in what there is?

No, the roles are there, appear and change and become subject to the hero's perceptions and thoughts, expectations, desires, .. whatever.

Spregovori wrote:
Our Hero soon encounters what he labels as demons and a also some witches. A beings of untold powers, unknown to men.

No not at all. The hero(ine) discovers that the overworld archetypes and symbols also exist in the inner world and new ones can become created and infented in manifestation.

Spregovori wrote:
The witches were...dancing...in their natural clothing... and soon became sexually attracted to the Hero...

A witche's coven and the pagan worship of nature as an archetype, yes.

Spregovori wrote:
This attraction can be considered as a perfectly natural response?


Spregovori wrote:
Also...Hero being in charge of his own castle...the witches reactions might also come from Heroes unconscious desire?

Yes, the desires, expectations of all parties in interacting archetypes; the hero(ine) being the SELF-archetype.

Spregovori wrote:
As a result of all this..happening...our Hero got a boner. He became to re-form the images and made an image of a women he prefers best...all of this mad our Hero aroused....thus enabling him to discover a female inside of him?

Beautiful gnosis=insight blended with self-discovery indeed.

Spregovori wrote:
At this same time the Hero realizes that the only way to the freedom of the spiritual self expression of the soul is to undergo a polygamy?

No, you misunderstood; the freedom is the unification of the self. Once the self becomes unified; the One in Many (sexual partners say) also becomes the Many in One.

Spregovori wrote:
Hero realizes that claiming someone to be "yours" is purely a form of egoism?

Indeed, very true.

Spregovori wrote:
After that the Hero uses his imagination to change from...from he to she...from she to he...

Easy after self-unification.

Spregovori wrote:
Hero enjoys exploring his feminine side...thus began the transformation of the hell (himself?)...from hell to something "nicer". He soon realizes the power of feminine...power over male (demon?)...

Yes, you have discerned this well - transformation of self leads to transformation of the environment - ancient wisdom.

Spregovori wrote:
As female...Hero starts looking for the alpha male...the one with the biggest...stick. The prime intention was a unity of hell and heaven?
To stop being separated and join in oneness?
To fully obtain the andorgeny?

Yes, but the 'big stick' refers to the exploration of the archetype and using the previously known 'stereotypes' of what is preferrable in transmutation. remember the story talks about fitting scales together in harmony.

Spregovori wrote:
After this the Hero gets overcomed by the Barby girl phenomenon. Hero decides he will increase his options regrading the alpha male. He puts up a pretense in form of games which include a fail safe?

Your Barby Girl label here is inappropriate. The scenario is purely geared to manifest the agenda of the 'oracle', using the expectation of the underworld to fulfil the expectation of the overworld. The hero(ine) becomes a secret agent for the 'highest good' a win-win situation for all concerned.

Spregovori wrote:
As any other true Barby girl...Hero decides he will let himself be surprised by unknowing - in order to bring forth more excitement...more unpredictability?

Yes, to allow the DESIRE of the underworld FOR the overworld to maximise for the most potent outcome.

Spregovori wrote:
Hero meets his 3 candidates in a from of what is called a devil. Devils comment on Hero being from Shamballa while themselves are being in the underworld Agartha....

These are other archetypes: the four gospels, Greek elements, directions NESW and so on.

Spregovori wrote:
Is it not the Agartha - the garden of eden? Why are there "devils" there in a story?

Here you are stuck in a later interpretation of archetypes. Yes the point is to 'marry' Heaven with Hell; Shamballa with Agartha; Overworld with Underworld; Outer Self with Inner Self etc. etc.

Spregovori wrote:
Hero than starts playing a game of deceit? He promises a....never ending story...to the devil that will win.

You misunderstood. There is no deceit, but the utility of the Natural Order to manifest itself using polar opposites. The Hero(ine) has learned to use the inner harmony to manifest the outer harmony.

Spregovori wrote:
Unity between surface world and underworld? Isn't that what made the hmm so called "fallen angels" that had sex with the surface people ?

This is where your own dualistic preconceptions about history and the 'meaning of life' begin to clash with deeper realities unified.
The 'fallen angels' are the 'devils' in the underworld AND are the 'risen devils' of the 'angels' of the overworld. So its a Mirror of Mirrors. I'll leave it at that for now.

Spregovori wrote:
During the fail-safe part of the game...Hero makes a mistake and the devil that won the 1st part also wins the 2nd part.

No not a mistake; but a learning process. The hero(ine) surrenders control of hisher own creation (Free Will question here of and about God, if you can discern this here) to render the 'adventure' more entertaining. The 2nd part fulfils the 1st part in again allowing a maximum win-win situation to become possible.

Spregovori wrote:
Hero..did not do as promised right away...there were "other tasks" to do first. In the mean time the devils were given the pictures...with females on them. Each female had a name...name mostly familiarized with the angels.

Yes, the archetypes again: 4 archdemons marrying 4 archangelic goddesses - not too hard to conceptualise. The 'other tasks' refer to the timeline, not yet completed; but the 'promises' have been made and the 'New Heaven and New Hell' are 'In waiting' like groom and bride really.

Spregovori wrote:
I am still not sure if I "get it"....

This went better than I expected. Anchor will be ok with that.


Spregovori wrote:
I am however willing (if need be) to discuss sexuality without "moral presumptions" and as intellectually as I can... But I think that sort of discussion might cause Anchor to have a headache...so it could only be done in private.

Spregovori wrote:
What did you expect?

I too had anchor in my mind...while responding...so at time I did heavy censorship...regarding the juicy stuff...which might also derail the whole point...or not....


To all:

While people do have "triggers" regarding sexuality I do believe it would benefit them even if it would...bring them out of the "oblivion" into the "horror" of the "real world"...name it as you would like to...

Much is hidden....deep down inside...

For those that like conspiracy theories - the way we are told and shown about the topic of sexuality - is probably the biggest of them all

but yes dear reader...i might be wrong...than again...so might be you

Hi Spregovori - I expected less lucidity, not just from you but from anyone commenting.
Both you and Anchor have exhibited more 'spiritual maturity' then would be the 'norm' in regards to such a delicate subject.
And you have summarised it well in this, your statement:

"For those that like conspiracy theories - the way we are told and shown about the topic of sexuality - is probably the biggest of them all"

Enough said.

Thank you for replying and questioning.


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In Transit wrote:
Hi Abraxas -

Re: Post 418

Thank you for your reply. I understand much of what you say, yet there is much that I do not understand. I still in my infancy concerning the type of knowledge that you share.

I was taught in my youth that there would be a "great gathering" of those entities in the "last days" and that the gathering would involve many who have walked this plane of existence before. Even the father of all men, Adam. Is this the homecoming of which you speak?

Hi In Transit!
Yes the Father of all men is indeed Adam - as an universal archetype.
And this archetype was meant to become a real physically incarnate being and be given a new, actually many names.

Adam is YOU.
And you are here are you not? The 'Great gathering' is all around you.

In Transit wrote:
I was told specifically that I would work with the entity known as Manasseh (as well as others) during the period which I mentioned in the previous post. How would something like this manifest? First ascension, then transformation, then mission? In other words, must I pass through some type of physical change before I am introduced to those who will be my teachers and that I will later assist in helping others?

Manasseh is another one of those archetypes and symbolises a 'split' between two brothers of Joseph=Aquarius Starsign.
Manasseh applies to ALL Americans and Ephraim applies to all 'Commonwealthers', including UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Manasseh is 'The Great Nation' and Ephraim is 'The Company of Nations', in encodement.
So every American is an Israelite of Aquarius and is also one of the other tribes relative to hisher own starsign (see some other posts).

In Transit wrote:
10And God said unto him, Thy name is Jacob: thy name shall not be called any more Jacob, but Israel shall be thy name: and he called his name Israel.
11And God said unto him, I am God Almighty: be fruitful and multiply; a nation and a company of nations shall be of thee, and kings shall come out of thy loins; 12And the land which I gave Abraham and Isaac, to thee I will give it, and to thy seed after thee will I give the land.

Should you be able to process this information regarding your own archetypes, then this will be sufficient 'initiation' and 'graduation'; as then your 'inner guidance' will know how to proceed independent from all other sources (including the Thuban source).

In Transit wrote:
I was also told that during the time I would work with Manasseh and others I would be assisting many who would be "shackled" and "oppressed". I have always just accepted that this was more of a spiritual connotation. I would have to think that during all of the chaos of the upcoming events (whatever that is exactly) and the implementation of the "New Jerusalem" a lot of individuals would be absolutely frightened and confused. What is your take on this?

All of the above is true. You now know what Manasseh is as your countrymen and you know about the 'oppressions' being participatory on this forum. The 'New Jerusalem' is also an archetype, substituting for many things;
1. A City of Light in the Sky with four gates and of diameter of so 2000 miles (its encoded in Ezekiel and Revelation).
2. From the Gates derive Motherships, themselves a kind of 'Daughters of the New Jerusalem' and so on.
3. Every New StarWoman will become a 'New Jerusalem' in herhis own merkabah and vice versa for the heshes.
Think of a Great Black Mothership also being a Great White Fathership AS the emissiary from the 'City of Light'.

In Transit wrote:
Thanks for your insight. I look forward to further insight on this topic. There is more that I would like to share, but I believe this conversation will take on a life of it's own to both of our benefit.

You are welcome and thanking you for opening the sharing of this data in asking pertinent questions.


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Post  Guest on Sat Jan 08, 2011 9:04 pm

Jason wrote:
Thank you abraxasinas for helping the willing, 'clear their pathways' per say. I would like to hear your take on the Aquarian archetype, (me being one) and what role the generally serve and is their a specific task or role to be served in the new earth/paradigm/golden age etc?

Hi Jason!

The Aquarian archetype is all around you.
This present time in terms of astrodata of the zodiac is described by a transition of the 'Age of Pisces' into the 'Age of Aquarius'.

In the greater picture of the last 13th Mayan baktun of 144,000 days (or 394.26 civil years) from 1617 -2012 (Newton/Galileo to today) becomes 'finetuned' in a 37.8 year period for the transition of the Sun past the Galactic Center.
As the sun's size is about 0.5 degrees; this transit will be midpointed in January 1998 with (an encoded) deviation period of 3.5 years forthe 2012/2013 nexus time.

Then the 'Age of Aquarius' began on January 20th, 1998 (correlating the Edgar Cayce prediction and the David Wilcock channelings) when the sun transited from Capricorn into Aquarius; just as this week on January 19th, the Sun with Venus will join Neptune and Chiron (the Cosmic Healer) in Aquarius and following the solar eclipse of the Father's Capricornian Moon and the lunar eclipse heralding the end of 2009 with the Mother's Cancer Moon on December 31st, 2009.

So the 'beginnings' of 1998 are now manifesting in the 'play of the zodiac' in one form of the 'fulfilment of prophecy'.

The planet of the christening, Neptune of the Vesica Pisces is in Aquarius and Aquarius's ruler Uranus is in Pisces.
Uranus will stay there until May 28th, when it will enter Aries until August 15th, 2010 then reversing into Pisces again until finally entering Aries on March 12th, 2011.

So the great Uranus-Neptune 'Dance of the Lila' will complete in springtime 2011 and then Neptune will 'take over' the final year of the birthing-transformation.

Neptune will enter his own Pisces sign on February 4th, 2012 to lead into the transformation zodiac-wise.

Jupiter will enter Pisces on January 18th/19th to relate the 'King of the Planets' and the 'Symbol of the Jews' to the rebirthing of the 'Cosmic Christ' Energy but then in MANY and not the One of Bethlehem on March 24th, 6 BC. {Then a dance between Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon related similar astrodata to Saturn-Moon conjoins 1 New Moon apart in the March equinox 6BC and April 17th}.

Jupiter will be a Piscean energy ruler until January 23rd, 2011 with a retrovisit into Aries for the period June 7th, 2010 to September 10th, 2010.

Overall, the present time period is marked by the ecliptic Father-Mother partnership and the Sun-Venus
Mercury will enter Aquarius on February 11th followed by Venus into Pisces on the 12th to join the Sun, Chiron, Uranus and Neptune in the 'Dance of the Celestial Orbs' and Houses of the 'gods' - astrometrically writing.
{There are similar occurrences in the greater calendrical agendas as indicated, which are galactic and extragalactic superpositions onto the finetuned starsystem based ones.}


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powerviolence wrote:
I JUST found this thread and I'm hating myself for it because I'm only up to like page 4 and it ends in 3 days so I wanted to skip ahead and ask abraxas some questions...

Hi powerviolence!

There is no need to worry, nothing ends in three days. It is simply a new cycle beginning - see post to Jason about the astrocycles.

powerviolence wrote:
I've been battling addiction with a substance for a couple of years now, it started out because of a chronic pain disease with no cure that I developed, both the disease and addiction have pretty much ruined my life and made me really depressed... is there any advice you could give me?

Can you believe that there might be others sharing your predicament? Perhaps not caused by substance abuse, but by say an insideous neurological disease due to genetic malfunctioning of the axial motor neuron systems.
How would you feel, having been a middle distance runner and active person, becoming confined to walking sticks, shaking when trying to stand and walking relating to selftorture?

Then instead of depression, can you use what you have left in biology to strengthen your mind and USE your disability to bring forth the 'inner being' of you in harmony with a 'future selfhood' no longer imprisoned in a selfdestructing and decaying physical bodyform?

Your present incarnational physical life might be ruined; yet you can 'work' on your superincarnational life - the promise of a hybrid body - half matter and half light - without disease.

powerviolence wrote:
I've read as most as I could so far and tried my best to understand it, I just have some questions about things that have never really been clear to me..

-in 2012 when earth 'ascends' or changes or whatever it is that's going to happen, will we still be alive in our current physical bodies?

As in the above - the great promise and this:

1 Corinthians 15:52 (King James Version)

52In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

powerviolence wrote:
-I was intrigued by the idea of people ascending to '4th density', now I'm more intrigued by the higher densities and dimensions, once again, I have to ask, do we retain our physical body once we ascend to those higher densities or dimensions(sorry still not quite clear on the difference between the terms), or is the ascension process something that happens over thousands of years and after many incarnations?(but then what about 2012 ascension?)

No, the 'ascension process' will be 'the twinkling of an eye' in terms of a BACKGROUND then for the Individual to 'ascend in'.
As said the 'New Body' will use the 'Old Body' as a basis - like a phasechange, say water freezing from its liquid state or evaporating from its liquid state.
I have seen the lightbody with 'physical' eyes and I have access to the physical-mathematical model describing this in elementary terms of gauge-string-interaction and other jargonautics of mathematical physical theory.
In a nutshell a fifth gauge interaction is required besides the longrange unification of gravitation with electromagnetism and the shortrange strong- and weak nuclear gauge interactions to harmonise the longrange with the shortrange.
This interaction engages 'Stationary Lightwaves' as Consciousness-Fields from the Universal LightMatrix (of the Heisenberg ZPE say).
This then is akin a Merkabah-Aura encompassing the 'Old Human Bodyform' in a Magnetic EnergyInduction termed Monopolar EMR.
In this manner what you know as Mass becomes Static Electricity coupled in mass parameters to the Frequency Nature of electric current not as i=dq/dt, but as i=2ef in quantum form (the electron charge quantum becomes a constant coefficient in a differential equation reduced in order from 2 to 1.

Some esoteric schools term this the Superelectron of Metatron and similar.
It is 'hard core' advanced string-membrane physics in the modern usage of the archetype.

powerviolence wrote:
-Do you know what chemtrails are?

Another form of pollution and control mechnism, like subliminals, food additives, innoculations and the rest of it.

powerviolence wrote:
-What's your opinion on the movie "Avatar"?

I like it. It describes the archetype of the harmony-antiharmony in terms of the application of technology natural-synthetic (weaponry) say to good effect. In terms of filmmaking, the special effects are pioneering.

powerviolence wrote:
-And lastly, and sorry if this has this been discussd because I imagine it has.. but Haiti earthquake.. I've never felt so devastated at a 'natural'(or haarp-created) disaster ever in my life, I think I've cried over it several times, a lot of people seem to be affected as well.. what do you make of this?

I'll appreciate it quite a bit if you could answer any of my questions, especially the first one I asked you. Thanks.

The transition of the Old Earth is synchronized with the transformation of 'unseen' archetypes. Would it not have been for the many 'higher selves' and 'ET-friends' engaged in bringing about the 'Greatest Story ever told'; then many more (un)natural disaters would have befallen this planet by now.
Nuclear annihilation would have already occurred, say so two decades ago.
The Harmonic Convergence of August 16-18 1987 was instrumental and of immense cosmic significance to have already assured that the 'critical mass' of 7 billion inhabitants will be reached in the year 2012 - to whom are added 200 million 'alien' walk-ins say.


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Post  Guest on Sun Jan 09, 2011 3:46 pm

Ravens and Doves wrote:
Thank you Abraxas,

You know me and you know I only jest sometimes. I haven't been able to read all your posts, but I hope they will be archived.

Your avatar is both gentle and powerful.

Right now I'm listeneing to an old aquaintences song "In Deep" (by Bird York -she got an Oscar nomination for it in the movie "Crash"). It reminds me of you and others on Avelon.


May we all stay In Deep.

Abraxas, you are the lead violin in this symphony of a thread.


Aye Paul!
I do know you and your experiences have been powerful indicators.
You are well on the way to obtain even deeper insights and WE are sitting in the same boat.

PAUL=ARACHNE=CIRCLE=3+9+18+3+12+5 and the Spider's Web in the Corner of the Cube inscribed in the Sphere allows the Merkabah the become a Tesseract.
The artists of the Old World will be most important wayshowers and pioneers to translate the sciences of the parallel abstractions in the New World.

Love and Gnosis to you

PS.: You do look like the filmstar David Germanus Hasselhoff, the One who faced the synthetic Anacondas - if I were a goddess!


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Ravens and Doves wrote:
If you'll accept my apologies, I meant Abraxasinas (I blush).



As In Abraxas is Abraxasinas and more like Old Wise Yoda in Plato's Cave of the Shadows than a 'Leading Violin String'.
Yoda is too old and brittle to move around much - but he knows the Story.

Yoda, the Keeper of and Trainer of Dragons

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Steven wrote:
Thank you for the reply Abraxasinas. I'm impressed by the time and dedication you give to answer all people here .

Thank you for your answer, interesting. You refer the "Great Galactic War" mentioned by the andromedan as not from our dimension and prime to our Universe. It is not the case dear. Not the same event.

And the founder or "Paa Taal" are from unknown origin according to the andromedan, most probably not from Draconian origin, because they are not from our Universe, always according to the andromedan.

So in other word, if I follow the logic of the Thuban material. The draconian are descendant of the "founder". They are native of this Universe and not the cause of the "Great Galactic War" that occurred in the past history of our galaxy...

It is almost 180 degree opposite from what Alex Collier message received from the andromedans. I suspect the Thuban material being created by the draconian interventionists in the purpose to mislead Earth people into false doctrine to influence them further on the path of servitude...

Thank you for your time, Steven

Dear me, no my dear Steven!

You have misunderstood the reply. The Andromedan stated, through Alex Collier, that they DID NOT KNOW where the 'elders' came from. This and the opening of the 12th dimension.

I then outlined in some detail, that the Draconians (of Collier) as well as the Lyrans (of Collier) are the GrandChildren of the 'founding elders'.
As you see, there is a missing generation - the Paa Taal (Collier), who are the 'common ancestors' of both the 'Draconian ' 'Dark STS' brotherhood say and the 'Lyran' 'Light STO' brotherhood (which then (Collier) gave issue to the Pleiadeans and the humans).

Nowhere did I even mention your 'Great Galactic War' as being anything else but a 'war between archetypes'.
I did however separate the observer perspective of Andromeda as being extragalactic, whilst the 'Alpha Draconians', as well as the Lyran-Pleiadean-Human perspectives are from the intergalactic observation platform.

Then I attempted to clarify the Paa Taal as being a 'unified' observation point and I should have clarified, that this unified perspective 'transcends' all of your and Collier's notion of the 'Great Galactic War' in this galaxy and as say observed by the Andromdean extragalactic viewpoint.
You can write your own story about those 'wars of the Stars' OR you can accept the many other legends about those wars in editorial function or copycat fashion.

So yes, the Draconians (and all other races) are descendents from the Elders but the Elders are 'a generation' removed through the intermissiary of the Paa Taal.
As the participants of the 'Great Galactic Wars' are all akin 'Grandchildren' of the Elders and akin Children of the Paa Taal; all of them remain 'in ambivalence' or mystery as to their origins.

You can attempt to induce me to 'describe' the 'Great Galactic Wars' until the holy cows of Hathor return from Egypt, I will not do so.
In your attempt to contradict my data base by and through your comparative data obtained by a variety of other sources and authors; you are conveniently omitting my statement, that all of those 'star wars records' depict secondary and tertiary accounts and manifestations of the archetypes FOUNDED by the Elders and MANIFESTED by the Paa Taal and then RECORDED by the Third Generation.

As member of the Council of Thuban, I observe the many records of the 'story telling' of OUR Grandchildren. There is no need for me to IMAGE another accord for this, as the Archetypology described to you in some detail, ENCOMPASSES ALL of such stories and legends.

You cannot contradict my database dear Grandchild.
Perhaps it would be advisable for you to discover who your parents are, before you question the wisdom of the Elders.

Grandpa Abraxas

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ewhite wrote:
Greetings abraxasinas,

I have been following this marvelous thread since you started it, I have been taking in this vast amount of information as best as I can. I must say having read most of it three times it all does start to make sense. I admit of all I think I understand, I feel that I am missing one detail that I can not decipher on my own.

I have seen many of your responses contain phrases such as this:


I have no idea on how to decipher these, or what they mean. I apologize to you and everyone else if this is "elementary", but i feel as if I may understand much more if you would kindly explain (or point me in the right direction) what these mean or how it fits with the rest of this tremendous information.

Thank you,


Thank you ewhite for asking me directly about this. It is such a marvellous question, because it allows me to share a magnificent story of how the education system of the New Earth will be much more fun and play, than the rote-learning of the Old Earth.

Here is the story and your question will be answered within it.

You are EWHITE and you have a Son called Tim, who being about 6 years old is learning to count and write in some school.

You have taught Tim the alphabet of 26 letters and also the complementary 'Arabic' numeracy.

Even before Tim began interacting in a schooling environment with other children, you taught him the SECRET of his NAME.

Tim so knows his secret name when he begins school life and soon he plays with other children and they exchange names.
'I am Tim, what is your name', asks Tim
'My name is John and her name is Eliza', replies John.

Tim scratches his head and thinks for a while. He also looks at the wall in front of him, where the treacher is sitting observing the school ground.
'John I know something about you, which you dont know and the same about Eliza', Tim grins to both John and Eliza.

'Yeah, what would that be', Eliza questions Tim.

Tim says: "John your secret name is the Number 47 and Eliza your secret number is the number 53"!

John and Eliza look at each other and John replies astounded: "how do you know that"?

'It's very simple magic. I'll teach it to you and then you can teach the magic of the numbers to the other kids", replies Tim.

'And I'll check you in both of you telling me my secret name', Tim continues.

'Wow, this could be fun", says Eliza and so the children teach and learn from each other - without teachers staring over their shoulders, except in some general role of the observer of the playground.
The children learn both the Alphabet and Basic Arithmetic just by sharing their Names of the Magic Numbers.

Ok, this is how Tim worked out John's and Eliza's 'secret numbers' of the Magic.
On the wall behind the teacher is a grand banner of the Alphabet with numbers written under each number:

A=1; B=2; C=3; D=4; E=5; F=6;......X=24; Y=25; Z=26.

So Tim added up (in his head): J=10; O=15; H=8 and N=14.
10+15=25, 25+8=33 and 33+14=47.

For Eliza then, looking at the banner of the Alpha-Numeracy:

E=5; L=12; I=9; Z=26; A=1 for 5+12=17, 17+9=26; 26+26=52; 52+1=53.

And the playfulness of mathematics, linked to visualisations in practical relevance, such as given names continues.


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iainl140285 wrote:
Well, I dont want to step on anyones toes here, but the significance is, EVERYTHING is linked through letters/language and numbers.

Its Infinite. Just like PI Or CIRCLE.

A quick example. PI = 3.14
Go to the middle letters of the alphabet - MN = 13 14 OR 3.14 Its all connected

Hi Iainl!

Indeed you understand. You have graduated to the Title of Alphanumericist and you can now begin to share your knowledge of this simple key with the universe.

The Arabic English system is used (one can use of course any other language), because it derives from the alphanumeracy of the Hebrew Kabbalah now 'Anglosaxonized', which subsitutes vowels with numbers, say in the Tetragrammaton YHWH and the Pentagrammaton YHWHY.

'After your seed shall the New Nation be called', it is written to Abraham via ISAAC=IS.AAC=IS.AA*C=IS.ABC because if A=1 and B=2 and...and Z=26, then the next A=A* will be like a B if the Z=A in the closing of the Circle of the alphabet.

Hebrews 11:18
Of whom it was said, That in Isaac shall thy seed be called:


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viking wrote:
Hello Abaxanus...

Yes, I as well would like to thank you for your dedication with this thread...amazing amount of info...I need to read a couple of times for it to sink in...Hey, I am just a mere human...

Can I ask you a few questions please?

If you are who you say you are, and you have a genuine message for mankind, so to speak...

Why are you singing this tune to such a small audience? ... Surely you need to reach a much wider audience!...

I am not doing this on 'my' behalf, but on OUR behalf. I do know the general timeline, but I do not know the details of this timeline until these are transmitted to me. In some way I am learning what comes next in interacting here. All teachers are also students. I am not really a teacher but a simple councillor and scribe and witess to the things coming.

viking wrote:
Perhaps you are pushing the message on various other forums? Yes?

No, I run some forums in my name of John Shadow; but on these forums the 'rigidity' of thinking is far more 'mainstream' (and manipulated) as here.
I am doing what I am doing as long as it shall last or be appropriate.

viking wrote:
Sorry, I don't mean to demean your efforts in any way on the contrary I commend you on your thread which has been injected with huge information and some wisdom. There are a couple of topics I would disagree with!

Many disagree with many things. Some agree with most things and some agree with some things. This is as it should be.
To accept everything I share as some 'New Commandment from Thuban' would be MOST counterproductive and stifle your evolution to DISCOVER yourself in the grandest manner possible.

viking wrote:
Also what is your understanding with regard to 'The Universal Laws of creation'?


My understanding of 'The Universal Laws of Creation' are the THUBANESE VERSION. I am sure there are many other versions there for your discernment and comparison.

A lot of my work is a little technical and suffused with what is known as 'Universal Insight/Gnosis' or the 'perennial Philosophy' (Wisdom of the Ancients).
This link gives access: http://tonyb.freeyellow.com


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viking wrote:
Thank you so much for your reply...you are certainly quick of the mark!!

The first question you forgot to answer... Why do you choose such a small audience with such an important message for mankind??

I would have thought you would have broadcast the information on a much larger scale...


Perhaps it is in everyones interest for this data to remain relatively obscure for a while. It's 2010 not 2011 and not yet 2012.

Here's a Story to share for you.

The Parable of Hans Schatten

There once lived a gardener in a place not known in part but in all. The gardener so could not plant anything somewhere in particular, but could only plant where he himself was as being nowhere and everywhere.

The gardener wished to plant an apple-seed he had found to be part of himself in the place he was and so the gardener thought of himself as not being nowhere anymore, but to be right in the place of the apple seed.

So the apple seed became real and occupied a real space, but caused the gardener to disappear from that real space into an unreal space. The gardener so became the unreal image in unreal space of the real image of the apple seed in the real space.

And so the apple seed was born as real space to occupy, but being surrounded by an unreal space and there where the gardener still followed his dream to see the apple seed grow and blossom into a full apple tree after he had planted it.

For the dream of the gardener was to grow the apple seed into a full apple tree and after reaching maturity, the apple tree would blossom and yield its fruit of apples which carried their own apple seeds within.
Because this was the plan of the gardener as the unreal image of the real image. Should the single apple seed become two apple seeds, then any two apple seeds could image each other and the real images in the real space, would enable the gardener to use the real image of one of the apple seeds to mirror himself in the realness of one of the apple seeds in the gardener's unreality becoming real in the reality.

Then the single seed of the gardener could multiply and the single apple tree could become a forest of apple trees and so on ad infinitum.

But there would always have to be the first single apple seed which the gardener had become in real space as the image of himself in the unreal space. There could not have been two seeds of the one gardener, because two seeds would have meant that the gardener divided itself into two and that was not the plan of the planter.

This initial apple seed would always remain to be the Seed of all Seeds around which the other seeds and apple trees and apple forests could grow, multiply and reproduce.

Then the gardener would find himself in the real space too and leave his exile in the unreal space. The gardener would become reborn as the image of the image and all other apple seeds would similarly become gardeners themselves, as this was the nature of all things and the beginning of it all.

Hans Schatten; for my apple seeded daughter in the unreal space to become real.

Hans Schatten is the German translation for John Shadow


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eleni wrote:
Abraxsinas- thank you for answering my question about the large orb.......
very interesting and makes sense to me........

As usual I have to reread your replies to others........and another thank you for taking time to answer everyone's questions in depth.......

As far as the sexual material goes........I find it rather surprising that the subject doesn't get more coverage in *conspiracy communities*........

Dear Eleni!

The 'perpetrators' are as 'scared' of the subject as are the 'victims'.
Allow me to thank you for coming forward with your experience, as it's sharing allowed me to elaborate on its significance for everyone - science and spirituality in harmony.

Love Abraxas

PS.: By the way the Denver Airport thing is a 'key archetype' empowered but somewhat 'mistranslated' by the 'performing artists'.

But you, your children or anyone need not be 'afraid' of it. It has and will be negated in its archetypical engulfment.

The Children with their Grandparents shall outfox their Parents and Children.

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viking wrote:
Thank you once again for your speedy response...

And thank you for the Parable they are always so profound...

Heres one for you ... I hope you like...

The story of a man going into another country, who called together his servants and loaned them money to invest for him while he was away.

He gave $5,000 to one, $2,000 to another, and $1,000 to the last---dividing it in proportion to their abilities---and then left on his trip. The man who received the $5,000 began immediately to buy and sell with it and soon earned another $5,000. The man with the $2,000 went right to work, too, and earned another $2,000.

But the man who received the $1,000 dug a hole in the ground and hid the money for safekeeping.

After a long time their master returned from his trip and called them to him and asked for an accounting. The man to whom he had entrusted the $5,000 brought him $10,000. His master praised him for this good work. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, he told him, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Begin the joyous tasks I have assigned unto you.

Next came the man who had received the $2,000, with the report. "Sir, you gave me $2,000 to use, and I have doubled it". Good work, his master said. You are a good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over this small amount, so now I will give you much more with which to work.

Then the man with the $1,000 came and said. "Sir, I knew you were a hard man, and I was afraid you would rob me of what I earned, so I hid your money in the earth and here it is."

Ah, but his master replied, "Wicked man! Lazy man! Since you knew I would demand your profit, you should at least have put my money into the bank so I could have some interest. Take the money from this man and give it to the man with $10,000," shouted the master. For the man who uses well that which he has, will be given more, and he shall have abundance. But from the man who is unfaithful, even what little responsibility he has shall be taken from him for he has done naught with the gift. "Cast out that man who has been unfaithful for neither did he share of the cache that it be rendered useful."

But when I, the Messiah, shall come in my glory, and all the angels with me, then I shall sit upon my presiding chair of glory.

All the nations shall be gathered before me. I will separate the people as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats, and place the sheep at my right hand, and the goats at my left.

Then I, in justice, shall say to those at my right: "Come blessed of my Father, into the Kingdom prepared for you from the founding of the world. For I was hungry and you fed me; I was thirsty and you gave me drink; I was a stranger and you invited me into your homes; naked and you clothed me; sick and in prison, and you visited me."

Then these righteous ones will reply, "Sir, when did we ever see you hungry and feed you? Or thirsty and give unto you anything to drink? Or a stranger, and help you? Or naked and clothe you? We remember not that you were in prison and we visited thee.

And I, in authority, will tell them, "WHEN YOU DID IT TO THESE, MY BROTHERS, YOU WERE DOING IT UNTO ME!" Then I will turn to those on my left and say, "AWAY WITH YOU, YOU CURSED ONES, INTO THE ETERNAL FIRE PREPARED FOR THE DEVIL AND HIS ANGELS. For I was hungry and you would not feed me; thirsty, and you gave me naught to drink; a stranger, and you refused me in; naked, and you would not help to cover my body; sick, and in prison, and you did not visit me."

Then these ones will cry out and reply: "Lord, when did we ever see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and not help you?"


Ye ones carry a grave responsibility unto a weary people---ones crying out in pain and death. Ye shall be given that which is suitable into your hands for management; ye will be required to do thy job to perfection for the times are critical. Ye shall not throw it about in carelessness, but ye shall use of the abundance to gain more for the glory of the transition and the new kingdom at hand.

With the asking, however, also comes the responsibility. Ye shall not be in asking just because you "are" and you expect to not put forth thine works, but rather to live off the labor of another. It shall not come to pass in such a manner. That is the irresponsibility of those who only read of half the passages. Come unto me ye who are weary and heavy laden and I shall give unto thee rest. I shall cast out those who come in expectations of riches without labor in my vineyards. Ye must be in the discerning between those who NEED and are honestly in pain and trouble, and those who are wanting to take of the abundance for themselves that they produce not. Ye shall be given to know the difference. If those who "take", go from you and learn their lessons and return to petition entry unto the kingdom, they shall be again given consideration, and if the testing is ratified, they shall be allowed entry.

These things I say unto you of my beloved shepherds, for ye work in confusion at that which ye should do, and who is to be included within the tiny circle of management, in the final days of perplexity. Let is unfold gently.



Indeed viking, an old parable of wisdom.

One thing I can share with you here.

The goats and sheep are the SAME beings - one is real and the other fake.

39And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

40Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. 41Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.

So it will be YOUR FAKE IMAGES which shall be 'cast into the lake of fire and brimstone'; i.o.w it will be LIES and DECEITS NOT souls or living entities.

The "Beast from the Sea' is the 'Beast from the Mirror - YOUR own false image as the MIRROR of YOURSELF.
The Beast of the Earth' as the 'False Prophet' is YOU as this False Image of the Real YOU.

This information is very deep. Should you not understand it now, you shall in the near future. Please try not to be troubled by it at this point in time.
This info is a Master-Key.



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Post  Guest on Sun Jan 09, 2011 4:05 pm

hippihillbobbi wrote:
Hi Abraxas --

this thread is Blowing My Mind!!! and i also feel so blessed and privileged to have "happened" upon it! i know we're all thanking you a lot, Abraxasinas, but hopefully this is not getting "old" to you .... as i'm sure we all feel such a natural and intense gratitude for our exposure to this information and our interaction with your spirit. iow .... You Rock!!!

i am probably not "getting" at least one fourth of the material you present, Abrax. most of the scientific, technical, astrological and numerical data elude me. but i'm sure i am "getting" the main thrust of your message to all of us here at this time and--again--am SO VERY appreciative of this opportunity to learn and grow. merci, gracias, grazi, thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!

i have 2 questions, please:

1) if the ascension is a sudden event as you seem to indicate, will those either "left behind" or those "matriculating" to other densities, planets, etc. (other than those ascending to 4th or 5th density positive) be aware of their friends and loved ones' (who have ascended) absence??? will it all be understood and accepted (by each soul/entity) before-hand? or, will there be some sort of "veil" that will serve to mask the absence of the missing/ascended ones .... sort of like the veil over our memories while in 3-d?? will we/they miss them/us??? would it be anything like grieving for loved ones after they die? or will it be joyous, like celebrating a resurrection?? or .... will it depend on our individual or group polarity at said time???

Hi hippihillbobbi!

The 'ascension' is also a 'descension'.
Gaia, the physical planet is giving birth to herself as a metaphysical planet, albeit 'keeping' her physicality as a core.
It's as simple as a peach. The physical earth is the core of the peach in the process of becoming a 'fruity' peach. So the structure of the earth will utilize its 'Seedling Physicality' to 'grow' and transform into a StarPlanet.

For this to occur; some 'spark' from the cosmos must merge at the center of the earth.
This 'spark' is the Mayan nexus point and so when the 'message' from Hunab Ku aka the Galactic Center 'hits' the center of the earth, this 'Hollow Core' will transform inside-out and become a 'power source' to begin sending 'messages' back to the galactic center and the rest of the universe.

All lifeforms on the planet so must also transform, as the emitted 'Dark Light' from the earth center will be like a new atmosphere for the planet and then expanding at the speed of light PHYSICALLY as a 'new radiostation' for the universe.

The setups of SETI of the Gaian scientists have it backwards. It is the other way around. It is not the ET's sending messages to earth, but it is earth sending messages to the ETs.

The individual transformations are however not instantaneous for all.
This is encoded as a 'New Song of Moses'; which only the 'selfchosen ones' can sing i.e. 'tune into' - the New Tune of Gaia herself.
In the below, the 'throne' is your LoveHeart as the God-Vibration of what is in Thubanese science termed the Love-Photon and the lamb is the One Cosmic Christ having manifested in the Many, that can 'sing the new melodies'.
3And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth.{Revelation.14.3}
3And they sing the song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying, Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints.{Revelation.15.3}

The 'throne' so also becomes the new center of the earth transformed from a Black HoleEnergy Receiver into a White Hole Energy Emitter and say as the LoveHeart of Gaia then 'ascended' from a planetary mother to a Cosmic Mother.

This whole thing is a LoveStory of Cosmic Proportions really. Many of you KNOW that already.

hippihillbobbi wrote:
2) will those of us who haven't any experience/knowledge of things like lucid dreaming, astral-travel, knowledge of past lives, astrology, numerology, physics (quantum or otherwise, LOL!) be handicapped by our lack of this type of awareness/experience?

No, as the only thing that matters is for you to UNDERSTAND Yourself, so YOU can tune into this 'flow of energy' emitted from Gaia-Serpentina.


hippihillbobbi wrote:
is a desire to "love God with all our hearts, minds, and souls .... and our neighbors as ourselves" sufficient to qualify us as potential "ascendees" without any further esoteric knowledge to back up our basic love-of/faith-in the eternal Father-Mother-Savior-Spirit God??

Yes, it is quite sufficient. You will have eternity to learn all these 'other things'. These 'other things' are however necessary to BE HERE NOW for the Old archetypes to be able to be become REDEFINED in the 'Book of Life' as New archetypes.

hippihillbobbi wrote:
or, are we peons "doomed" to find a school like Harry Potter's to initiate us into the above-mentioned mysteries before we can hope to work and play and sing and dance with our Sister-Brothers, Brother-Sisters on the New Earth???

thanks again, dear brother.
with love,


You are the Magic of Harry Potter dear one - and already initiated in the Magic.

No problems, brothersister in thought and deed.


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