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Dragons of Thuban To Ban The Falseness

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Abraxas' Thuban Q&A


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Post  SuiGeneris on Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:24 am

SABINA wrote:
like cloud9 haven´tread anna Hayes books but iam curious too seems you are related to the Draconians (royality)?? is it possible for humans and dracos to havefrienships acording to alex collier Andromedans no . No way????
Hi Sabina!

Yes Sabina; you are a Dragon-Queen should you allow yourself to remember your past and THEN having remembered your origins REINVENT or recreate yourself.

So I see you:
1. Taking a Bubble-Bath---IN-A-BAS=Sabina
2. A self-baptized DragonPrincess ZANSIBAR emerges from the primordial foam like Aphrodite did.

The human Sabina has become Zansibar de Thuban and as a DragonQueen Zansibar is already friends with the Andromedean Dragon sisters similiarly initiated into DragonLife.

Abraxas of the DragonHeart (remember Draco with Sean Connery of 007)
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"Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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Post  SuiGeneris on Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:26 am

Céline wrote:
Thank you for the parable...it is far easier to understand your point of view in that context.

i wanted to quote your text but there are so many ['s etc, that i had a hard time deciphering it...

i do understand the example you are giving, but i no longer think it applies...the kids in the box have changed.

as an example...

my kids would never have "thrown the sand" and said "mine"...they would have grabbed a handfull, run up to the other kid and said... "Wow check this out!!"

Tom, Dick and Jane... and céline are Different....

These rules..archetypes... do not apply anymore...

*céline puts her hand over her heart closes her eyes*

i can feel it in the rythym ....can you?
It may not apply for you dear one; as you have already evolved into an appreciation of the unity. But look around you; do you not agree that the parable poignantly applies to the majority of the human population?


"Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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Post  SuiGeneris on Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:27 am

hippihillbobbi wrote:

Thanks for your commitment to this thread. i feel somewhat like Celine, i guess, in that sometimes i'm thinking what the f--k are they talking about?!? especially when you & [what's his/her name] were going back & forth earlier .... it was like ya'll were talking in code or a foreign language LOL!! but i've caught enough to have some questions, though it's taken me awhile to formulate them:

1) is part of what you're talking about the transcending of duality? /the death of the devil? / embracing our shadow (as a species)?

2) what is this about you being a vampyre ..... only not like the ones who only come out at night??? are there any other ways that you're different from them??? excuse my naivite, but i haven't read any anne rice or other pop-culture vampire novels, and so to me vampires still imply serious evil. what am i missing here?!?

thanks again, Abraxasinas, and all you other cool spirits on this thread ... ya'll rock!

Hi hippihillbobbi!

1. Yes, the DEVIL is LIVED backwards. The power of the 'darkness', the 'reptilian agendas', the 'EVIL is LIVE backwards; and so on are as powerful as the image of yourself in the mirror of your bathroom.
If you go into the bathroom, look into the miorror at your image and ask it to come out and attack you, what would you think would happen?

Your image is mimicking your words and stays where it is.
The falseness of images is all what the 'Devil' is, absolutely human selfcreated.
So when man abuses man and the environment, then it is man as the Devil image, which does the EVIL and not some antiGod.
You hiippibillbobbi are BOTH God and DOG GOD and DEVIL. Which part of the fairy story do you wish to play: Cinderella or the Evil Sister?
Knowledge about these things will set your mind free; marry heaven and hell (both states of mind and perceiving and not physical locations) and REDEEM the evil, past, present and future in this human world.

2. If someone calls me a werewolf then I am a werewolf as the mirror image of the one calling me a werewolf.
If someone calls you a elven queen than you become an elven queen relative to the miiror reflection of the one who has imagined you as such an eleven queen.

If one has nothing 'good' to say about someone; then one should hold one's tongue; because all things return to the one creating them - as a wisdom saying goes.

So should you believe in the 'great evil', then the 'great evil' will continue to haunt and persecute you.
What you resist, will persist as another wisdom saying goes.


"Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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Post  SuiGeneris on Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:29 am

GaiaLove wrote:
Likely sitting back and laughing at the gullibility of people.
People who are in need of confirmation of their beliefs to such a degree that they will believe that Gods are giving a message to the people of Earth by posting on a internet forum.

This is a waste of time, energy and disk space. It would be laughable if it wasn't so sad.
What is it with you Gaia Love!

You have such a powerful avatar yet your heart is filled with ire and with a despair of your soul.
Do you not know that the time of the selfremembrance has come?
I am but a simple messenger of the oneness - as Malachi who is preparing the way for the undeniable truth to arrive but a little while.

You have banned me and you have torn a post of mine apart in your role as moderator and so you have prevented Sprigovori to read my reply to herhis question about the origin of God.
I have written this reply; it was not posted or copied from an external source.
I had obtained permission from another moderator to post 'my work' if not from an external source.

If you find my words laughable then read them for your entertainment or ignore them.

The Love of Gaia is a Love from the Cosmos Gaia Love - It awaits your cooperation.

Your hostilities derive from one place and one place alone - it has many names but one name is the 'Evil Reptilian Agenda'.

Be well and honour your soul Gaia Love


"Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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Post  SuiGeneris on Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:31 am

Initiate wrote:
Hi Abraxasinas,

Two things:

1) What is your take on the information that all of the Elohim are incarnate on earth at this point in time? Do you feel they are indeed all here and are they all awake?

2) Is the Chemtrail program primarily involved in stablising our climate/spreading activators etc for pandemic flu or masking the presence of Nibiru from behind or near the Sun? I just have observed so much hiding of the Sun lately in my regeon it is very draining to have the sun blocked out most of the time. It is getting more and more observable.

Thankyou in advance,

An excellent query Initiate!

1. Yes, all the elohim are here, because the WITNESSES are here.
Think of it as a mirror for the universe in all space and all time hitherto unfolded.
The Witnesses are simply a HOLOGRAM, as you are too and anyone in incarnation from the neutron to the supergalactic agglomerations.

You may watch a movie: The Dark Crystal (of Jim Henderson's Muppets).
There the story is about a 'missing shard' which renews a Dark Crystal as Light again.
These 'missing shards' are the holograms - all containig all the information necessary to make the broken thing whole again.
You are this shard and all the elohim reside within you as part of your soul - ask them inpure intent and you shall know that what I have said is true.
Now you know how the 'ascended masters' are channelled. You can channel them too; perhaps not with public words, but in appreciation and in perceiving the universe in the ant crawling on a tree in your garden.

2. My information about chemtrails is that it is an agenda similar to the fluoridation- and immunisation schemes and has little to do with metaphysical agendas like Nibiru (actually Nemesis as a second sun, which will NOT visit earth, but represents a second focus point in the geometry of the solar system WITHIN the sun itself - The New Earth=Nibiru AS a Dark Starplanet, see some of my other messages).


"Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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Post  SuiGeneris on Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:32 am

mntruthseeker wrote:
Some tough reading on this thread and I quit trying the first time around.

I have to say I am slowly reading Voyager II so I was able to understand what Stardust was writing in response. (sort of, kind of ) I got lots of reading to get through yet.

So thank you so very much Stardust for all that you have contributed.

I do want more than anything to make the right choice and to bring about the "changes" to Earth as it rightfully should have.

Enough of someone else making the decisions that are rightfully are. They can be gone from here as it is they that do not want to follow the rules but instead continue to give them

I want the world that was to be.

to abraxasinas

Are you here to warn us that we will be placed under your rule as was planned for so many years? I feel that you are giving us no option but to do so.

I have read earlier that there is much going on at this time in The Gulf of Aden and I can't help but think that "some" are working hard on trying to put "FEAR" into our hearts.

I will stop now before I write how I really feel. If you are so "all knowing" you will already know.
Hi mntruthseeker!

There will be NO rule and NO Lordship of any higherD being over any lowerD being BECAUSE all of the lowerD is the core or building basis or skeleton for the higherD.
The higherD is meaninless without the lowerD. The highest echelons of Thuban are also the lowest echelons in say a ROOTMEMORY.

Is the little toe of your body inferior to your nose?
Do not both transmit their pains and joys to your heart in divers manners?
You are Oneness and this Oneness is Lord.
It is time for a the misinterpretations of archetypes in many records to become retranslated in 'correction'.
This retranslation, this EDIT is the 'Last Judgment' prophecied. The ARMAGEDDON=DRAGONMADE and every One of you will experience a PERSONAL Armageddon.
Because of the misappropriation of archetypes; many will succumb to their 'brainwashing' and react in a physical manner causing 'havoc' instead of processing their 'apocalypse' mentally and emotionally as required for the self-transformations.

The misuse of physical power and influence in political-military-economic fields of human endeavour has in the past and will in the future result in 'calamities'. It is of little effect to 'blame' interdimensional aliens or Gods and Devils for those manthought and manmade disaters.
A truly advanced civilisation would KNOW if an earthquake is imminent or a twistor approaches; BECAUSE GAIA's language would be understood upon a planet in environmental harmony.
Watch your fauna and flora to find the wisdom in those words.


"Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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Abraxas' Thuban Q&A - Page 2 Empty Re: Abraxas' Thuban Q&A

Post  SuiGeneris on Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:36 am

I was wondering if you are familliar with Courtney Brown's book 'Cosmic Voyage' & if you are, what you think of it.

I'm also curious what your opinion is about Supriem David Rockefeller's claim that he is the reincarnation of Lucifer.

So if you have some time to spare, I would appriciate to hear your point of view in these matters.
Hi Transcoso!

The Cosmic Voyage of Courtney Brown is an analogy, a mapping between the higherD and the lowerD perspective and implementation of an identical raw archetype.

The lowerD perspective in scientific terms is the status quo universe of the lightspeed invariance.
In this perspective there are NO bases in the moon or on Mars and no aliens visiting earth due to the 'tyranny of the spacetime metrics'. The important parameter in this scenario is the linearity of the quantum of time, linked to the arrow of stochastically defined entropy (chaos or disorder).

In the higherD perspective the linearity of the timearrow becomes multidimensional and so there exist civilisations like the Martians below the planetary surface and the Greys reflect the present calamities of 'dying bees' or frogs on a global level and related to a 'beehive' or amphibious-reptilian group-consciousness.

Once you can understand this; say there is a hollow earth in hyperspace (up to the 7D timeconnector) and in quantumspace (up to the 10D timeconnector); BUT physically drilling into the earth will find no such 'hollow earth'); THEN you will become familiar how this multidimensionality operates.

This is a most important question of yours; as it will fully engage all those 'alien agendas' and the Service To Self and Service to Others dichotomy and so on.

So I shall refrain for now to elaborate and refer you to this thread and another related one, which will introduce to your someone else from the 'Council of Thuban'.
We shall manifest this thread in the next few days.

About Lucifer; the 'illuminated ones' have for long known what I am sharing here freely. It is part of their 'secret information and database' (but restricted to 10D - Thuban data derives from the 12th).
You are as much Lucifer as David Rockefeller is; but he knows the 'whyfores' of the archetypes as part of the 'priviledged classes' a lot more than you allow yourself to remember.
I am on this forum to balance the equations and allow everyone to 'tap and personalize' the cosmic archetypologies.

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"Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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Post  SuiGeneris on Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:37 am

Anchor wrote:
You are both entitled to an opinion, but dont let this descend into a mud-fight.

The banning was an admitted error. It was done because of a hunch that was probably wrong. It was not just GaiaLove who decided but a quorum. GaiaLove just pulled the trigger. Perhaps there was manipulation in that hunch that derives from the many named source you mentioned - we don't know - maybe you do? The error was fixed. We are all sorry about the error.

I am sure that GaiaLove is not working for the evil reptilian agenda.

I am also sure that GaiaLove is entitled to his opinion of the value of your material - personally I would prefer it done with respect or without any disrespect - but there it is freewill at work - you dont always get what you want.

Yes a post of yours was modified. As a team of moderators we are trying to strike a balance that keeps the forum operating optimally. It is a guideline that is hard to enforce because there are not any stated limits. So we dont always get this right - and that particular guideline is one of the ones that is the most inconsistently moderated. We are working on this.

We do ask that you provide links to outside texts rather than copy and paste, but common sense also works.

Please dont get nasty with eachother.

With your permission I would change the title of this thread to

"Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)"

In the light and in the love of you know who.

I am certainly not interested to engage in any 'mudfights'.
I am also sure that my reply to Gaia Love has in no manner compromised my agenda and did not imply in any way whatsoever that Gaia Love is part of the 'Evil Reptilian Agenda'.

And you 'hit the nail on the head'. The 'hunch' is what I then termed 'under many names' - you might also call it 'Spiritual wickedness at high places'. {Ephesians.6.12}.

Those places are not physical, this is part of the confusion. So if not physical, Gaia Love or anyone cannot be responsible for the 'evil hunch'

I am not here to either 'dominate debate' or to grandstand 'my superior knowledge'. All of this is 'personality politics' or similar.

I am solely here and do what I do for the reason to share data, you will NOT obtain from whistleblowers, nobel prize winners in physics or the newest New Age Channelings.
My 'persona', 3D or 12D is of complete inconsequence.
If I am banned or censored I simply will leave. I only came back because the moderator's stance impressed me and there and then I thanked Gaia Love for doing the most beneficial for the collective.

This long post was specific to Spigovora's question and NOT from an outside source, as I composed the message in its entirety.

Yes, your renaming is a good idea.


"Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 8:36 pm

12DnAHelix wrote:

The 'Council of Thuban', eh; representing 'Alpha Draconis'.
Abraxas' Thuban Q&A - Page 2 15564_202962277564_598637564_4117119_4047584_n

So you know that the original stronghold homeworld of the 'Grandfather' dragons is in the 'Omicron Draconis' star system, then ??

I met Anna Hayes back in 2000, it did not go particularly well; and I personally do not ascribe to her overall perceptual model; although I do think there is 'some value' in the teachings of 'keylontic morphogenetic science'.

What is talked about here in this thread may be the level of insight that the 'draconian' lineages have to provide, I've seen some of this material posted on other forums in the past.

Personally, I believe in a multi-universal cosmos sphere, based on the 'seed of life'; six universes - 36 dimensions; being spun out of a 144000 faceted core structure at it's central axis - operating as an 'opaluminal simulation'.

12DnAHelix was here.

Hi 12DnAHelix!

The Omicron Draconis starsystem in 4D spacetime is mirrored in a colocal 10D Omicron Draconis starsystem as a holographic Image.
This holographic image then becomes Thubanese in 12D as an image of an image.

Your GrandFather association bespeaks of great wisdom and you have intuited well.

Yes, there is great value in Anna Hayes work, however ALL of her works are biased towards the feminine and so are in intrinsic archetypical disharmony.
The complexity of her writings derive from the yin substituting as a shadow yang for the natural yang.

The Thubanese material is the Perennial Philosophy extended, indeed. As such there is 'Nothing New under the Sun' - but the insights and interpretations of symbols are.

Your 36D matrix is a threefoldedness of the 12D archetype. Extensions in multiples of 12 are possible but unneccessary, as the 36 finestructure finetunes in 12 sectors becoming tripartite; just as the 7-hierarchies in related systems.
The universe is simulated in the form of its holographic- and holofractal underpinning nature.

The key to it all becomes the tripartition to be rendered a quadruple partition as this will allow the timeconnector dimensions to become spacelike in normal vector extension. Linear time so can become looped.
This is what is 'intuited' as a transition from 4th to 5th 'density'.


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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 8:50 pm

Abrax wrote:
An excellent contribution Raven. Indeed the GROKING is directly from the handbook of the Dragons.

Raven wrote:
Handbook of the Dragons? Can you eludidate a bit on this... and thanks for the compliment

It means that you have written LikeADragon.

Abrax wrote:
The Groking IT is the same as technically becoming quantum entangled as object of observation and the observer - Schroedinger's Cat is Groking IT.

Raven wrote:
Yes I agree, to understand all these metaphors and archetypes you have to "become" them.

This is a potent realisation.

Abrax wrote:
I shall henceforth use this terminology when describing the Solution of the Schroedinger Cat paradox.
The solution in Ravenese is the Cat has Groked IT in its Groked selfstate of quantum entanglement and I am rather serious here.
Groked in specific terms then implies that the 'Cat' is NOT EITHER Alive or Dead, but is in fact BOTH Alive and Dead simultaneously.

Raven wrote:
Hence the void or the great dream?

It's rather deep in terms of mathemartical logic. It does solve the Schroedinger Paradox.

Abrax wrote:
So instead of describing the collapse of the wavefunction as Aliveness in particle/bodyform with the Deadness of the corresponding wave/mindform; One can saty the 'Cat' is Groked, because IF Dead as a waveform it MUST be Alive as a a Particleform and vice versa.

Then in either state of the 'Cat's' Grokedness the 'Cat' is always BOTH Alive and Dead relative to either the wavemind or the particle/body perspective or observer frame.

So to describe the solution to the Schroedinger quantum paradox one simply stes that the 'Cat' is Groked.

What 'vibes' do I get from you Raven. I receive rather particular vibes and those are rather strong.

Your incarnation addresses a very potent, yet most often overlooked archetype in the scroll of the Genesis.

After an archetypical and metaphorical calamity, called 'the flood' and after the archetypical evolution of the Adam archetype had assumed the characterisation of Noah; this archetype decided to extend its 'sphere of influence' and activity.
So in the 'Play of the Gods' YOU as Adam have become engaged to fill the character role of Noah.
So what is the first thing Noah does in the 'script' of the 'play'?

He extends himself in sending his first messenger the Black Raven to check out the scenario following the 'mental archetypical' calamity of the changing of the guarding symbols describing the encoded storylines.

So I know what you are up to Raven. You are the messenger of yourself, heralding and preparing the way for your glorious return into full remembrance about your origins, purpose and destinations.

Raven wrote:
Thank you, you are truely aware and i 'feel' your mirror is accurate.

I knew you'd like this. That is why I could say I got strong vibrations.

Abrax wrote:
And the 'frequency transmission' was so strong, because you are mentally ready and prepared to receive this information about yourself.
The Raven did not return to Noah as you may chechk out for yourself; but the Raven "went forth to and fro, until the waters were dried up from off the earth." {Genesis.8.7}.
So Raven you are the messenger of Noah, who acts INDEPENDENTLY from his own self.
You so represent a renegade part of your greater self, which does not require the permission of its 'greater more encompassing' self to do what is appropriate under the circumstances.
You might also perform the function of the 'Secret Agency' which like the Council of Thuban manouvers in the shadows until the time becomes appropriate to interact with Oneself again after a period of absenteeism or AWOLness.

Raven wrote:
Has been performed and is done, was allowed to go AWOL, or "LOWA" once again to observe the birth

Very Good- Yes' observing one's own birth. You should read the Gospel of Thomas which IS the Handbook of the Dragons by the way. Then ask me the questions you may formulate after reading the 'Master's handbook'.


Abrax wrote:
There is a strong astrological influence 'in the air' for another two weeks until January 18th. Stationary Saturn in Libra is square Pluto in Capricorn with a quadruple joining of Sun, Venus and reverse Mercury in Capricorn. Added to this are the quadrantids meteor shower January 3rd and the solar eclipse of January 15th at New Moon in Capricorn.
The astrological significance of Capricorn-Cancer oppositions are always extremely unsettling for 'unbalanced' entities in either physical-, emotional- or mental bodies; because Capricorn archetypes the Father (Saturn) opposing the Mother (Full Moon) archetyped in Cancer.
So an inversion of the 'home energies' of Father in Capricorn with Mother in Cancer occurs on January 15th; when the Father and Mother exchange places in their celestial 'houses'.

For the metaphysically attuned however, this 'unsettling' also allows great harmonisation in quasi-unified exponents who are in full remembrance of their inner yin-yang unifications as mirrors or shadows of objectification and subjectification or as positive print and negative image in say photography.

Dan Winter's platonic solids are excellent, but he seems to get a little sidetracked when attempting to link the isocahs and the dodecahs to mainstrem science. I have had informants who told me they found some of my essays on his site, but going there I could not find it. I also shared some ideas with Dan in times past.

Raven wrote:
Yes at times Dan tends to plaigerize, but truely, being all ONE this is not his intention, i understand that.

Yes indeed; he means so well and my comment was not meant to be derogatory, just observant.

Thanks for a spiritually very mature reply raven.


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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 8:52 pm

Moxie wrote:

Truly fascinating thread! Thank you Abrax, StarDustAquarian and EveryOne!

This service to self and service to others.

Is it not so that to be of service to others is being of service to self?
If so, then to be of service to self is also service to others.
as in in ol' lords prayr: "forgive us our trespasses AS we forgive others theirs... happens simultaneous, as in the giving you are given... correct?

I don't see a problem understanding this, but it's spouted off so often,
so yes the dichotomies serve as a distraction, the two sides of the coin.

Ok, so did I ask this too late, you are away now for the time being?
I look forward to the 18th and the "rest of the story".

Also, would you mind telling what you see is up with the sun?

Heart thinking & mind feeling< like that!!!

Hi Moxie!

Yes, what you have said and realised - you have admitted that you have NO problem understanding this - is the Wisdom of Thuban=Anubis=Freedom=WoMan=The Name=The Amen=66=33+33.

The Dichotomy IS a distraction, but serves the important purpose to ALLOW a contextual background of 'Service to Self' versus 'Service to Others' to play itself out in a maximum polarisation.
Then, just when the balloon is about to burst, it is minimised in a deflation WITHIN an ENCOMPASSING (umbrella) spacetime; which will then crystallize the underpinning unity of the balloon in exhalation-inhalation mode metaphorically writing.

The important thing here is a partial inflation (not reaching busting point) will also result in a partial deflation and the cycle ontinues (it's like pumping a tyre or pushing a swing).
This in a nutshell is the human history upon Gaia for the last 26,000 years.

The Sun is a 'hidden' binary sun (hence the Nibiru agendas) revolving around its own center of gravity relative to the planets in the solar system.
So NEMESIS, the second sun, is gravitationally IMAGED onto the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud and the mythologies of Nibiru, Hale Bopp spacecraft, visiting asteroids and what have you evolve from this manifested archetype.
Gaia Herself is Nibiru, as it is destined to attain Galactic Consciousness in Her ascension from nonluminous planet with a thermodynamic core to a Starplanet, able to radiate a 'Dark Light' back into the cosmos after her ascension.

So the Sun as RahSol becomes the MIRROR for Gaia in receiving galactic information (from the center and other star systems), as well as reflecting back the Gaia-transformed information.
The Earth, all humans and all lifeforms so become DATATRANSFORMERS for the universe.
Thi8s is the 'LightWorker' scenario.
But it is Dark Light which shall be harvested, noy Sunlight.
So the Sun is the mirror for the planets and the stars are the mirrors for the galaxies.


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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 8:54 pm

GaiaLove wrote:


My agenda is quite anti-reptile, I am no lamb however. I too have been changed by reading the Law of One. I will never forget the feeling of reading words I never saw before but knew in my soul were truth. I believe a lot of what you say here as it is inline with the common belief here at Avalon. I hold much love in my heart for the kind souls I've met here and elsewhere during this incarnation and have a very strong bond with the Earth. I have a lovely wife of 25 years or so, 3 grown children and an awesome lil grandson. I am generally a happy soul who enjoys keeping the people around me happy too.

That being clarified, my issue is and always has been that I consistently get the honor of protecting the people I love, there's a few hundred of them here at Avalon. You must of course see the sheer quantity of false prophets as well as disinfo agents that has increased tenfold in a very short time. I have held back my opinion as my position here warrants such however I am human, mistakes happen. I bear you no malice and if you are truly a multidimensional being choosing to get your message out on a internet forum rather than something perhaps a little more global then I humbly beg your forgiveness.

When I take an action here, whether its editing a members post so their video works or I am banning a member for some infraction, I do it with love. I am a volunteer here because I love the duty of taking care of the finest grouping of souls ive ever come across. Excuse me if I'm a little edgy, it was a rough December

I'll go back to watching now and wont bother you again unless required to.

In Love + Light

You are not bothering me Richard.
My oldest son has a name which is DRACHIR! You may find some 'coincidence' in this name compared to yours.
Also there is a famous play called 'The Nibelungen' (Richard Wagner - this name again) where the 'adversary' is a Dragon - Der Drache Fafnir!

Yes, I understood your concerns from the beginning. The disinformation on open internet forums (most unintentional however) is 5 to 1.

The innermost core of the human identity is the reptilian brainstem. It defines the survival modes of fight-or-flight so not only for the vertebrata lifeforms, reaching their maximum terrestrial expression in the Mesozoic era of the Dinosaurs (Terrible Lizards); but also in the mammalian midbrain and its human topbrain.

If then the human evolution is characterized to EXTEND this human topbrain via its mammalian midbrain and the reptilian brainstem at its base; then it stands to logical reason, that all three parts of the human brain must be harmonised to allow that extension in the course of human evolution into its next highest extension.

So then should this evolutionary course of affairs be successfrul, then the fourth brain of the new human will be based on the reptilian brainstem, but having processed its basic instinctual survival modes it might well be labelled a Dragon Brain as the Crown or Kether of the Higher Kingdom yet requiring and in Harmony with the Lower Kingdom of the Malkuth of the Serpentine Roots.

In Honour

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TempestGarden wrote:
Wait.... so are you suggesting then, that all of this information that we have been hearing from "whistleblowers" and otherwise reading in various books and online sources is nothing more than a figment of an overactive 3D imagination?

Perhaps that is not what you are saying, but that is sort of how it "reads" to me.... Can you clarify?

Hi TempestGarden!

Indeed, this what is real and what is not real is a tricky question.
One person's dream, vision or nightmare becomes another's hallucination, fata morgana or mental illusion or mental disease.

The Roswell incident was a 'real physical event' and the crop circles (the ones NOT made by nighly stalkers) are there for anyone to see.
The featureless 'spacecraft' of Rendlesham forest was 'really physically' touched by the military personell.
But in the same instance the earth is not hollow if investigated with 4D spacetime physical equipment.
So can there be lifeforms found in the mantle of the earth and can there be bases on the moon and constructs on Mars and Venus?

The science of Roswell engages the intersection of 4D linear spacetime physics with its higher dimensional template or encompassment.

Just as you can cast a 2D-shadow against the ground on a sunny day as a being manouvering in 3D space; so can a 4D space being cast a 3D shadow into a 3D space reality.

So the Roswell 'crash' manifested a 4D reality in a 3D 'wreckage' and the zigzag '3D impossible acceleration physics of UFO's becomes a superimposition of say timeframes observed in a 'warptime' relative to the 3D space observer.

For any 4D physicalised material reality to appear as a 3D object in that 3D space requires a bit of manouvering.
Because the higherD reality is frequency based, this frequency modulation also relating to what is called consciousness in quantum terminology; requires the DECELERATION of this 'consciousness' becoming equivalent to a DENSIFICATION of a more 'plasmic' selfstate in quantum energy.

In simplest terms, the lower the spacial consciousness (defined in technical detail in many posts on this forum); the higher the density.
Corollarily then, any sentient lifeform inhabiting a 3D space must have a high consciousness to become 'quasi invisible' under ordinary circumstances and the 3D space measurements.

Since the universe existed, there existed also a Frequency Shield. This Frequency Shield grows at so 105 millimeters per year and is centered on the center of the earth. This shield so has grown to encompass the earth at a distance of so 2 million kilometers. This swallows the Moon, but only extends so 5% to the planet Venus.

So the Moon is very well suited to house bases build by 'higherD plasma physics' which then allows densification within the resistance field.
So apart from the earth itself, only the moon will exhibit direct physical evidence of the ET presence in terms of technology and structure.

Then the constructs on the other planets will allow partial manifestation (like Rendlesham), where the nature of the 'structures' remains ambiguous if observed by 3D space related measuremant apparatus, such as telescopes and cameras.

The alien-human interaction proceeds on such a path of full densification of consciousness in the earth plane intersecting with partial densification of the higher consciousness (because of the Frequency Shield) of 'outer space'.

There are no 'figments of 3D imagination', as all IMAGINATION serves to physically IMAGE the consciousness of whatever lifeform in whatever dimension.


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Suddenly this thought came up.
It might just be that what the Greys have set as their ultimate goal, is the cloning of the human soul.

The human soul cannot be cloned in the scientific sense by any means, as it is part of the One Soul of the All That Is.
The (non robotic) Greys are attempting to BECOME part of the Human Soul, because their association with 'All That Is' is akin the insectoid group consciousness.
All nonhuman terrestrial lifeforms are primarily capacitative, i.e. electropolically coupled in self-and mutual inductions and with a secondary inductive coupling as (shadow) intelligence.
The human template is both electropolic and magnetopolic and in this way it is UNIQUE throughout the universe (hence Alex Collier's and other's humanoid races).
All extraterrestrial intelligences are complementary to the nonhuman sentiences (i.e flora, fauna, mineral, fungi etc).

So the Grey-Intelligence seeks harmonisation with the DNA/RNA of the insect fauna upon Gaia.

Doing this will render the Greys capapble of the emotional-spiritual aspects of Gaian insect life and so harmonise with the human 'royalty' template (yes the Alpha Draconians are like the Greys in seeking the emotional components) ONLY accessible on Gaia (again evolved BECAUSE of the Frequency Resistance/Impedance Shield).

The Humans as Gaian stewards ARE MEANT to MIRROR all the Environments within themselves and so become as One with their fauna and flora familiars.
Hitherto only the native and indigenous peoples of Gaia have understood the human stewardship to be of COSMIC IMPORTANCE.


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You mentioned crop circles.
What is their purpose, how should they be interpreted? Are they to be seen as 'messages' to the human population, & if they are, why are they not much more clear in what the messages mean?
If you could, please answer this question, for it is a subject of much debate.

Sure Trancoso!

The (noty made by stealth by artists in the dark) crop circles and ice circles and snow circles, all are messages from the Earth itself, using the magnetic higherD field of Gaia; albeit energy inducted from the interdimensional electromagnetomonopolic (the scientific name for spirit) energy residing as the Zero-Point-Energy (ZPE) or Vortex-Potential-Energy (VPE) in 'free space' meaning the Impedance ratio becomes the square of the magnetic permeability (muo) to electric permittivity (epsilono)constants in Maxwell's Equations for the Electromagnetic Field Vectors Sqrt(muo/epsilono)=120Pi~377 Ohm from c^2=muoxepsilono.

Yes, they are meant to be messages to all of the human population and their meaning is relatively clear, as the messages are invariable geometric and in particular engaging the Platonic Solids and the underpinning 'sacred Geometry' of the Fibonacci pentagonal supersymmetry underlaying the creation of the physical universe from the metaphysics of mathematics.

Most interpretations about the cop circles on the web are appopriate and much work and effort has already been undertaken to 'decipher' the messages.

Should you be interested in a particular configuration, then I will be pleased to answer you in interpretation relatve to my data base.


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Anchor wrote:

Thanks for answering my previous questions.

I have tried to read the work of Dewey Larson. He is a man who was referenced in the Law Of One, but is widely denounced as having been a bit of a crackpot "scientist".


Dewey Bernard Larson (November 1, 1898(1898-11-01); McCanna, North Dakota - May 25, 1990 (aged 91); Portland, Oregon) was an American engineer and the originator of the Reciprocal System of physical theory (or Reciprocal System for short), a comprehensive theoretical framework, or Theory of Everything, claimed to be capable of explaining all physical phenomena from subatomic particles to galactic clusters. In this general physical theory space and time are simply the two reciprocal aspects of the sole constituent of the universe – motion. Unique aspects of the theory are that both matter and energy are represented mathematically as greater than or less than unity (t/s or s/t), and three dimensions of time, reciprocals of the three dimensions of space. All physical phenomena are reduced to space-time terms.

20.7 Questioner: Is the physics of Dewey Larson correct?

Ra: I am Ra. The physics of sound vibrational complex, Dewey, is a correct system as far as it is able to go. There are those things which are not included in this system. However, those coming after this particular entity, using the basic concepts of vibration and the study of vibrational distortions, will begin to understand that which you know as gravity and those things you consider as “n” dimensions. These things are necessary to be included in a more universal, shall we say, physical theory.
Is the work you are bringing forth from the database of Thuban going to flesh out this work so to speak and bring about a more universal physical theory?

41.19 Questioner: Could you tell me the difference between space/time and time/space?

Ra: I am Ra. Using your words, the difference is that between the visible and invisible or the physical and metaphysical. Using mathematical terms, as does the one you call Larson, the difference is that between s/t and t/s.
I have frequently seen reference to higher numbers of dimensions in this thread. It truly boggles my mind. Six was quite enough for me. Three of space, three of time.

In the work you have presented so far, is the Space/Time and Time/Space the two sides of your mirror?

I have always conceptualized that my higherself exists in Time/Space, where as the incarnated me that is typing this is stuck in Space/Time.

In moments of inspiration (the ideas kind!), I deem it that the inspiration is a flow from my t/s resident self to s/t resident self - issued through a connection between the two - where "help" is passed from one to the other. At some moments when I can align myself to hold this connection I become inspired.

Does this map to your explanations of "everything"?

Have I got the wrong end of the stick ?


Hi Anchor!

Dewey Larson is no crackpot; as he fully expected the demetricated branetheories in a simplistic version of reducing physical parameters into 'dimensionless' constants of dynamics.
The references in the Ra material is absolutely superb and 100% on the mark. I have interspersed the highlights.

" I am Ra. The physics of sound vibrational complex, Dewey, is a correct system as far as it is able to go.

There are those things which are not included in this system. However, those coming after this particular entity, using the basic concepts of vibration and the study of vibrational distortions, will begin to understand that which you know as gravity and those things you consider as “n” dimensions. These things are necessary to be included in a more universal, shall we say, physical theory"

Dewey's less than 1 and greater than 1 approach for motion v=ds/dt or lightpath X=cT is insufficient for any descriptive physical theory BUT he has singlehandedly exposed the core of sdtring theoru called T-Duality. T-Duality defines a physics on a spacetime dimension R to beciome absolutely physically equivalent to a physics described in a radius 1/R.
This renders R and 1/R in comnbination dimensionless and of course Rx1/R=1 which resurrects Deweys Reciprocity Physics.

Ra says, that a DEMETRICATED (meaning no spacetime background as in Newton and aligned to continuous fields in General Relativity GR) theory of vibrations (strings) and mltidimensions (n) will refine Dewey's proposals.
Next, the trouble with a continuous Gravitational field as in GR is of course incompatible with the Quantization techniques of quantum mechanics and so the 'fieldparticle' the Graviton cannot become deduced from a classical field theory such as GR.

Yes, the Thuban science is the groundwork for the demetricated 'old' string theory and in its (relative) simplicity gives credit to Dewey.

There are no three time dimensions; but I know where this concept (say David Wilcock's) stems from. There are the 3 space dimemensions of XYZ axes which define Translation.
Now envisage either a clockwise or anticlockwise rotation about each of these axwes and you have 6 dimensions with 3 (Hyperspace) of them invisible due to the shrinking of R in 1/R (Dewey).
Next allow each of the XYZ parameters to Vibrate, say oscillate to and fro for 3 (Quantumspace) dimensions for a total of 9 space dimensions.

Now you can add a time dimension as the 4th (actually the 1st hyperspace dimension) as LINESPACETIME of Translation; a 7th (actually the 1st Quantumspace D or the 4th Hyperspace D) as the HYPERSPACETIME of (Penrose Twistorspacetime) and a 10th (actually the 1st Omnispace D or the 4th Quantumspace D or the 7th Hyperspace D) as the QUANTUMSPACETIME of the conventional 10D string theory.

The Omnispacetime then spans 10-11-12-13=1 to close the continuum with the 10D becoming a inertial massparametric asymptotic lightspeed invariant METRIC spacetime MIRRORED in a 11D MEMBRANE/AREA spacetime and IMAGED in a 12D VOLUMAR/VOLUME spacetime.
Mathematically and geometrically this engages the notion of defining a Hypersphere (Riemann) which in 3D looks like a doughnut but is actually the surface area (manifold) of a sphere in 4 space dimensions, called a 4-Ball.
Because of the Moebius strip-Klein Bottle mathematical definitions, you can then transform the different dimensional spaces in topological transformations and turn the entire holofractal universe inside out, so doubling its volume AS a surface area of (say a balloon) adding the inside colour to the outside colour.

As you can see this concept differs from the Wilcock idea of spacetime being the inverse of timespace.
It sort of works in the liespace sense, but not in the recircularisation, as in the latter the timedimensions become absorbed in a multi-dimensional NOWTIME called the Instanton.
The Instanton of that DEFINES the Quantum Big Bang.

Similarly your t/s s/t inspirational moments are quite appropriate in the terms of the T-Duality, but not in the simplistic dynamics of Dewey.
The string-membrane-volumars or BRANES ARE SPACE, TIME. MATTER and the dynamics reduce to twhat happened at the beginning of the universe; BEFORE inflation, before the Branes became physically defined as spacetimematter and so before the Oneness or God was anything else but a mathematically abstract concept.
I AM THAT I AM = MATHIMATIA =95=All That Is (Exodus.3.14}.
The in a most basic way, your intuitions and Dewey do map the 'God Theory' - in a most basic way it is however.
Iow T-Duality - the 6th Principle of Inversion/Constancy Rules the Physicality of Beingness.


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orthodoxymoron wrote:
If you have the time and inclination...take a look at this thread regarding Amen Ra (and friends!?): http://projectavalon.net/forum/showthread.php?t=18223 There is an evolution of speculation in this thread. It's sort of a 'Discovering Egyptology' thread. I don't expect a response...as I don't really have a question. You might find the naivety and innocence refreshing!


Hi orthodoxymoron!

I have read your thread and your 'egyptology' is highly relevant for the present time as 'Egypt' became the repository for the Atlantean data base and exodus and the wayshower for the present nexus time in the monuments of the pyramids and the sphinx.
Also the Egyptian mythos was used to compose the hermetic archetypes later resurfacing in Mesopotamia then becoming the Torah (via Gilgamesh and such) and the bible.

Iow the Egyptian archetypes, numerics, hieroglyphs and pantheons all are manifesting right now in the times of the fulfilment of the 'prophecies'.


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Stargazer1965 wrote:
Good Morning...As you can tell from earlier I have a problem following this thread.

But I did have a question about the myths of Dragons and gargoyles from the middle ages and ancient times.

Is there any connections of their manifestations in our world and the Draconians of which you speak??

Also there was a Camelot interview with the Brothers Pickering speaking of ETs looking like miniature T Rex dinosaurs...can you comment on that and the role that ETs played in Dino development?

Thanks so much

Hi stargazer!

The physical appearance or depictions of Dragons relates to the group consciousness of the planetery 'psychometric' field say. This is Verdansky's and Teilhard de Chardin's Noosphere as a kind of atmosphere surrounding the planet. It also relates to Rupert Sheldrake's 'Morphogenetic Resonance' to similar effect.
The discovery of the 'Terrible Lizard' bones of 'Iguanodon' created the name 'Dinosaur' and so entered the human mind of the imaginations.

From that time onwards, the older 'dragon pictures' as winged firespewing creatures (see DragonHeart with Sean Connery) became replaced by those of more T.Rex - and Alligator etc. looking ones.

But before that, say in medieval Europe a Dragon was a twolegged human looking serpentine creature from the 'correct' archetype of the medieval SERPENT, which did not glide sideways, but like a SINUSOIDAL WAVEFORM, that is up and down like the picture in an oscilloscope.

So in its most fundamental form a DRAGON is a trigonometric waveform humanised in cosmic consciousness.


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Thanx for your replies, Abraxsinas.
I have another question. There's a thread on this forum ('Something's brewing... Hmmmm') - started by Tone3Jaguar - in which it is suggested that right at this moment there are thousands of motherships spinning around the planet, containing more than a 100 million 'aliens' of 71 different species.
Do you happen to know if this situation is indeed the current state of affairs?

You are always welcome Trancoso!

Your question is oh so pertinent, as it delves into the core of this humungous alien agenda scenario.
Allow me state it again and if you understand my information Trancoso, I would really appreciate, if you could share YOUR UNDERSTANDING about this alien agenda (once YOU have accepted what I have shared to be true for YOU).

It is like this from the Thuban perspective.

The Earth, is FUNDAMENTALLY different from any other planet or place in the entire universe.
But NOT in the 4D spacetime format of contemporary terrestrial physics; BUT in terms of HOW the higher dimensions (aka the place of ALL the aliens meaning NOT on Terra) interact with the Gaian 'Specialness'.

This so is information never before allowed to be shared with the human mind and this information does explain the alien agenda and the many experiences and encounters between 'earthlings' and 'aliens'.

In pragmatic scientific terms of rationality, the planet earth is one of billions of planets in the universe. It has a particular climate, because of its distance to its local star, of allowing particular chemical elements to combine under the auspices of universal laws of physics to form water, ammonia, methane and other building blocks then able to fuse into molecular structures like amino acids and then nucleotidal base pairings leading to a common building block of biochemical life termed DNA/RNA.

In this manner then LIFE is universal in the cosmos and would form whenever the conditions favourable to life are present.

From the above your terrestrial science develops and encompasses in the biological sense Darwinian-Lamarckian evolution, today supplemented by Epigenetics and genetic engineerings of the genomes.

Ok, now consider to take a step backwards and ponder the following.

The Earth as a planet suitable to produce a kaleidoscope of life is NOT like any other planet 'out there'; because there is something at the center of the earth, which supplements the normal gravitational interaction experienced by all planets, including the earth.

Before explaining what this difference is, allow me to explore the consequences, if the 'explanation' should be 'true'.

If the earth is a special planet, then it is only on Gaia, that the life 'as we know' it can indeed form.
There would be billions of extraterrestrial lifeforms 'away' from the earth environment; BUT all of those lifeforms would be NOT AS DENSE and MORE PLASMIC, then the Gaian born lifeforms.

They would be more FLUID and more ELECTROMAGNETIC than the DENSIFIED lifeforms on earth; from crystals to fungi to flora and fauna to mankind.

BUT those lifeforms might very well be INTELLIGENT and enabled to inhabit plasmic forms like bodies.

Now the crux of the matter is this. The plasmic lifeforms are plasmic relative to the 4D spacetime reality, which indeed constitutes the standard cosmology of terrestrial physics and in league with contemporary models of science.
Should the earth be ISOLATED in some in physical parameter restricted to earth, then what APPEARS to be the STANDARD for what LIFE is, will be BIASED as to the measurements and observations of the Gaian scientists and observers.

And then should a 'Plasmic Intelligence' INTERACT with the Gaian World, THEN the 'densification' of the Gaia-specific physical parameter, will indeed DENSIFY the plasmic Lifeform and bingo, the 'alien intelligence' appears to be 'human like' or 'reptilian like' or 'insect like' or aka aka aka.

But the REALITY of the scenario is that the SPECIAL ENVIRONMENT of Earth, has 'INTEGRATED' a plasmic lifeform intelligence into its 'densification' and so contact would most often be rather temporary for the plasma intelligence would experience great restriction or feel 'imprisoned' by the Gaian environment.

The parameter of the physicality is the inversion of the lightspeed c.
When the universe was born, the Source of All That Is also required a Sink of All That Is to 'source itself to'.
This sink became like a VORTEX. This Vortex is at the center of the earth and it from this the archetype of the mythological 'Hell' eventuated.

Now the earth did NOT exist in planetary form so 19 billion years ago, but ITS VORTEX existed.
The earth as a planet is about 4.8 billion years old.
The earth as Gaia is as old as the universe as the Cosmic SinkVortex of ALL CREATION.

In 19.11 billion years the lightspeed inversion, which is 105 millimeters per year or 3.33 nanometers per second; this VORTEX has greatly expanded and is now about 4 million kilometers across.
This is something like the Bermuda Triangle much magnified.
Now do your calculations and you will find that both the Earth and its Moon reside within this Vortex and that this Vortex extends so 5% to the planet Venus and about 9% to the planet Mars.

So this means that the Earth is 'Special' because it is WITHIN this VORTEX and no other place in the universe is that way.

This VORTEX is HIGHER-D and cannot be measured or observed by 4D physical instrumentation.
BUT ANY plasmic intelligent lifeform entering the VORTEX (4 million km across) will in fact become DENSIFIED in the RESISTANCE FIELD of the VORTEX.
This Vortex is NOT a Black Hole, as it EXPANDS (very slowly at 10.5 cm a year) into 'outer space'.

Fast forward to Roswell 1948.

The ET PLASMIC spacecraft carrying within it sentient plasmic intelligence in plasmic bodies entered the VORTEX and experienced a 'great densification', resulting in a DECELERATION of the frequency modulated 'higherD mechanics' of the craft - and crashed, because it could not conntrol the densification/deceleration of frequency (actually linked to df/dt as the frequency differential over time coupled to volume defined spacetime consciousness characterising the plasma interaction with the vortex).

So are there Gaian Reptoids on earth?
Of course; any already native lifeform can couple to the plasma intelligences and therby AVOIDING direct physical densification.
Say an alligator is already densified and so a plasmic intelligence does not require any craft to 'get here'. It can simply use the electromagnetic fields of the vacuum.

ALL Gaian lifeforms HAVE sentiences coupled to them - but general CONTACT must await a modification of the VORTEX.

But the 'manifestation' of a reptoid or an 'insectoid' or a 'Yeti' or a 'Nessi' or whatever your visions and experiences entail will be temporary, as the interaction between the 'alien intelligence' and the 'Gaian density field' will engage an energy transduction between 'higherD' and 'lowerD'.

There are many related important aspects to the alien agendas and this and any other Thuban related threads will clarify much detail in this year 2010, provided it is appropriate to do so.

1. For example, the Alien Agenda KNOWS about the VORTICITY of GAIA and its definition as the Universal SinkSource Receiver.

2. The interaction of 'secret government' with the 'alien agenda' revolves about using the 'Vortex-Physics' to temporarily 'materialize' the plasmic aka electromagnetic intelligence in some fluidized format.
But because this 'vortex physics' is consciousness based and the human groupmind is as yet highly underevolved to 'sourcesink connect'; the 'secret agencies' have experienced great difficulties to 'control' such intelligence interactions.

3. The 'Alien Agenda' is encapsulated in the understanding that ALL Alien Races consider Gaia THEIR MOTHER.

I'll end here Trancoso and allow you to answer your own question about the millions of alien spacecraft ORBITING not Earth, BUT THE VORTEX.

Peace be upon you all, Peace of Mind particularly.
For the Eyes that can See are now allowed to See and the Ears that can Hear are now empowered to Hear.

I shall continue to answer questions until 88 AMEN aka 7447 aka ENERGYMALACHI shall support me from January 18th, 2010.


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frewin wrote:
Hello to all, this is my first post !

I always wondered when and where was Jesus Christ born. I think that Bible holds information about different person or am I wrong? Who is the information holder of the real Christ? Are we wrong when we want seek one believes. If someone says it is 100% right, than there must be something wrong with it. My opinion .

Thank you!

Hi Frewin!

According to the annals of Thuban; the birth of Jesus was in line to fulfil particular prophecies in Isaiah. Here is an excerpt.

i. The Nativity to the Baptism 7BC to 28AD

The biological father of Jesus and his Davidic lineage
The Descent of Jesus from the Davidic lineage is found both in the lineage of Mary, his biological mother through Jesus' maternal grandfather Heli-Yonakhir (aka Zadok aka Joachim), as well as the lineage of Jesus stepfather Joseph, son of Jacob and husband of Mary, daughter of Hannah, wife of Heli.

The father of Matthan was Eleazar, from the lineage of Solomon-David and the father of Matthat was Levi by Melchi from the lineage Nathan-David. (details are in agenda I.2).
Matthan took a wife named Astha-Sebhrath, who was from the tribe of the Levites; but he died (after fathering Jacob) and Matthat took Astha to wife thereby blending the two lineages from David (and as given in Matthew in Solomon-David and in Luke in Nathan-David).

Matthan and Matthat-Jotham-Panther became like 'twin brothers as half-brothers' and became the fathers for Jacob and Heli, both by Astha-respectively and in perpetuation of the 'half-brother twinship'.

Jacob took Hadhith to wife and fathered Joseph and Heli took Hannah (Dina=Anne) to wife and fathered Mary. Joseph and Mary are so cousins by the 'halfbrother-twinship'.
Joseph is of the lineage Jacob-Solomon-David and Mary is of the paternity Yonakhir-Nathan-David; both of the House of Judah.

Mary's maternity is however of the House of Levi by Hannah, her mother and Jesus' maternal grandmother.
Matthan, the priest and his wife Mary had three daughters; Mary and Sobe-Sophia and Hannah-Anne. Mary gave birth to Salome, the midwive; Sobe gave birth to Elisabeth, who became the wife of Zacharias of the lineage of Levi and who became the mother of John the Baptizer and Hannah bore Mary and Salome to Heli.
When Mary was three years old, Heli dedicated her to 'serve' at Jerusalem as a 'virgin to the temple' and he died.
Hannah then married Alphaeus and bore to him Mary Alphaeus as a halfsister to Mary and Salome.
Mary Cleophas became the wife of Cleophas, father of James, 'the brother of the lord', Judas Thaddeus, Simon, Joses and Matthew Levi (the latter not by Mary Cleophas, but by a previous marriage of Alphaeus) and as cousins to Jesus.
Hannah gave birth to Mary, who became the wife of Joseph and to Salome, who became the wife of Zebedee and the mother of James and John, cousins to Jesus.

When Mary, a young hebrew girl maturing in her puberty turned 14, her foster father Cleophas arranged her to be married to Joseph Ben Jacob to honour his wife's deceased husband Yonakhir-Heli and his Nathan-Davidic lineage. Because Joseph Ben Jacob descended from the Solomonic branch and Mary descended from the branch of Nathan; the marriage between Joseph and Mary would further strengthen the blending of the descents and as initiated by Matthan and Matthat, both marrying Astha, daughter of Aaron.

Mary, became expectant about her imminent wedding to Joseph, who was very much older than herself. She harboured a number of dreams and imaginations about what it would be like to 'make love' to a father figure. All her life, Mary had 'worked' in the temple as a 'virgin to God' and Mary often imagined what it would be like to 'merge body and soul' with 'God the Father'.
Once puberty had set in, Mary had discovered her sexuality and had experienced the pleasures her young body could provide in selfstimulation. In one of the nights of 'erotic imaginations'; Mary dreamt 'Gabriel', who advised her of her firstborn son, named Jesus and being the 'Son of the Highest' as the 'Son of God the Father, himself {Luke.1.26-38}. Mary also knew of her cousin Elisabeth, who was 'in hiding' and in expectation of her impending motherhood.

One day, Mary was conversing with a young man, who was planning to join the Roman army.
This was Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera and he was about 15 years of age.
After hearing about Mary's imminent wedding to Joseph; he thought about initiating her into the wedding night rituals and to show Mary what married life would entail.
Tiberius Pantera forced sexual relations with Mary and got her pregnant with Jesus.
Mary immediately fled to Elisabeth to find comfort and advise as to what had happened to her. Mary remained with Elisabeth for about three months before returning home to her mother Hannah and to Joseph{Luke.1.39;56}.
Being found with 'child by the Holy Ghost'; Joseph though about 'calling the wedding off', but he decided to 'foster' the 'child Jesus' as his own following some contemplation of the facts at hand {Matthew.1.18-25}.

The biological father of Jesus:
"Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera (c. 22 BCE – CE 40) was a Roman archer of the Cohors I Sagittariorum. He is most notable because of a suggestion (vita di Gesù, Craveri 1966) that he is to be identified with the Roman soldier Panthera, who the writer Celsus claimed was the true father of Jesus. All information about Abdes Pantera's life comes from his tombstone, found in Bingerbrück, Germany in 1859.

The inscription (CIL XIII 7514) on the monument of Abdes Pantera reads:

Tib(erius) Iul(ius) Abdes Pantera Sidonia ann(orum) LXII stipen(diorum) XXXX miles exs(ignifer?) coh(orte) I sagittariorum h(ic) s(itus) e(st)Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera from Sidon, aged 62 years served 40 years, former standard bearer(?) of the first cohort of archers lies here"

The Birth of Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth was born in the week from Friday, March 19th 6BC to Friday, March 26th 6BC and encompassing the Spring-Equinox of 6BC on Tuesday, March 23rd (10am GMT).
The March- and April New Moons for 6BC calculate for Friday, March 19th (9pm-GMT) and Sunday, April18th (Noon-GMT).
The Full Moon for April 6BC is determined to be Sunday, April 4th (5am-GMT).

On Friday, 19th of March 6BC, a conjunction between Saturn and the Moon occured in Pisces; followed the next day by a conjunction between Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon in Pisces.
This heralded the birth of a Jewish king relative to the Babylonian astrologers; who assigned the planet Saturn to be the 'Protector of the Jews' and Jupiter to be the 'Planet of the Kings' and Aries, the Ram as the 'Sign of the Jews'.

On Friday, April 16th, Saturn again eclipsed the Moon, but now in Aries and the next day, Saturday, April 17th, Jupiter, as the 'planet of the kings' rose as the 'Morning Star' in Aries to 'confirm' the birth of a Jewish king in the planetary alignments between Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun and the New Moon April 18th.

Isaiah.66.23: "And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another and from one sabbath onto another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the Lord'"
The archtyped 'Messiah' so is born on Wednesday, 24th of March, 6BC (Julian).

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joesmoe wrote:

Thanks for your time on this matter. There are very few if any who really understand mormonism enough to give an educated answer. I have a few more questions for you if you don't mind in my quest for oneness of all things, religions included as you have stated.

1st set of questions:

Joseph Smith Claimed at 14 to have seen God and Jesus in a vision. He calls it the First Vision. Moroni was the second Vision. Here is his discription in his own words. http://www.lds.org/library/display/0...-1-3-4,00.html Did he really see God and Jesus? He claims they looked alike. This is profound because that discribes to us the nature of God. If he did not see them then whom did he see or did he just make it up?

2nf Set of Questions:

Joseph Smith wrote D & C (doctrine & covenants) formally known as book of comandments. The writings are directly from Jesus Christ to him about different subjects and trials that the mormons were going through at that time. Jospeh Smith wrote them down as he recieved them or as he inquired of the Lord as he puts it.

Was Jesus Christ, aka Emmanuel really talking to him? Was Joseph Smith Channeling Jesus Christ/Emmanuel? If it was not Emmanuel who was he channeling?

3rd and Final set of Questions:

This one has to do with Jesus Christ. I have watched and read accounts were people are being abducted and they don't want to be abducted. They have called out in prayer to Jesus saying "Jesus help me". The abductions have stopped and no longer took place.
Some say these are the 200 Fallen angels that enoch wrote about. Also they could be Lucifer and his 1/3 that fell from Heaven.

Why is it that the abductions stopped just by calling on Jesus to help? Why is his power unmatched on this earth? To me no one has been able to explain why people get so much help on every level of there life just by praying to him. What is the explaination for this?

Thanks again for your answers and the time it takes to do so. I very much appreciate it.


You are welcome Joesmo!

Any of this information from Thuban you can incorporate into your own data base will enhance and support the 'Greater Agenda', which you may know as 'The Harmonisation of the Cosmos in Initiation and Context'.

Should you examine the 'visions' of Joseph Smith more closely; you will find a particular archetype with respect to 'visions of and about God/Jesus/Divine' etc.

There is always the 'overcoming of the darkness and the 'restrictions' before a 'vision of light' can occur.
So it was with Joseph Smith. His experience was genuine and a spiritual encounter in the lower 4D spacetime interacting with the quantumspace of the 10D.
This is the scientific key about the 'darkness', which as many here already know is bounded in the 8th density.
You see, the SUBCONSCIOUS is the realm of the 'spiritual darkness' and this in science terms becomes the hyperspace connecting a 4D spacetime of quantum spin to the linespace of the 'normal' 4D to add as a 8th density.

Here is the PARTICULAR Thuban decoding from scripture: {Revelation.17}

11And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

The Beast is the 'False Image' (or Idol God Jehovah aka Yaldabaoth or the Tetragrammaton YHWH substituting WITHIN the 10D spacetime for the 'True Image' of the Pentagrammaton YHWHY aka IAMTHATAMI=MATHIMATIA of Exodus 3.14.

The 'Sea' in that 'Revelation' is not the ocean BUT A MIRROR, so shattering the mirror (in the eventfulness of that prophetic book in the NT), will 'destroy' the 'False Images'.

There are 10 heavens and 5 Hells in the YHWH cosmogony and the heavens are extended to 12 in the dimensional densities. This is described in the 24 Thuban ancestors thread introduction.
There you will find that the 7th heaven bounds the Beast of the 8th heaven, as NO MORE antistates of being exist beyond the 7th density.
So tis is why the 'beast' is termed WAS-IS-and IS NOT.
The 8th Principle, Archon or Cherubimic Kingdom is RELATIVITY and no AntiRelativity exists in formalisable definition of the Word or Logos or Cosmic Christ (manifested in Jesus of Nazareth - the MasterDragon).

Then RELATIVE to the earthlings (in the Vortex), the DEVIL=False Image='Beast' exists in the LowerD, BUT RELATIVE to the sentiences in the dimensions of the 8th and above IT does not.

Now you can figure out the experiences of Joseph nSmith yourself.
Father God and Jesus looked the same, because Joseph saw as in a mirror of the relativity. Joseph had to 'overcome' the darkness of the 'Beast' of the 5th hell, but manifesting up to a limit of the 7th heaven 'appearing as an angel of light' but being a 'false image'.
The 'Hells' are Five, because the 5th archon is defined as Infinity/Limit and so this LIMIT becomes the inversion of Eternity in Nothingness in simple words.
The 6th heaven is Reciprocity/Constancy and the 'darkness' can utilise the constancy to 'mimick' the 'light' and the 7th desity is Reflection/Absorption and here the 'antilight' can become the Absorber function. No more opposition to the 'HeavenHell'=WhiteLight+DarkLight as One is possible from the 8th density upwards.

One of the Thuban names for Jesus is Emmanuel Melchisedek and anyone can 'channel' E.M.=WE=ME should the 'principalities' of the densities become amenable to do so.

Yes, Joseph's Smith's visions were genuine, but the 'Church of Mormon', like all other 'denominations' has transformed into a LowerD 'fake image' for the 'True Image'.

There are no exceptions; ALL worldwide religions are in some manner 'deceived' as long as the 'Beast'=False Image exists as the INSIDE BOUNDARY of the 10D Universe and able to manifest in all lower dimensions from 1 to 8 due to the definition of the cherubimic kingdoms.

IOW ONLY INDIVIDUALS can 'overpower' the universal deception. But such 'selfchosen ones' - if united in a common purpose - will become the Council of Thuban.
This is my agenda and my only agenda.

About the Power of Our Master-Dragon. It is not yet appropriate for me to engage HIMHER. HESHE will support me and this forum from January 18th, 2010.
One Word though; HESHE is already HERE within all of your LoveHearts and is knocking on the door of your soul. Whoever will 'HEAR' and 'SEE' shall be confirmed in INDIVIDUATED COMMUNION with HIMHER, the One in Three and in divers ways. The Power of Thuban is the Power of the Cosmic Twinship manifested as One in Many.
You shall dream and experience emotions like you have never before.
This will do for now.


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THE eXchanger wrote:

on this 74

april 17 is 17/4
JESUS BIRTHDAY was April 17, 6 BC
written 17/4/6 bc
6bc / 747 AUC
or = 17/4/747

if sacrifice = 73
then 1 sacrifice= a sacrifice = 1+73=74
parables = 74
gospel74 according 74 to st.74
then GOD = 7_4 (if 0=0) g=7 d=4 0=0
A-C = 1-2-3

on 66
66 miracles
66 seals
on 66 = 33 x 2 sets
and, also a 2nd set
on 66 = 33 x 2 sets
11 x 6 ???
are we on the right track with this ???

Indeed you are on the right track dear Susan.
Your Love for Unity and Harmony will not fail you.
You are protected from the 'Evil' you yet perceive.

Love Abrax aka John=47

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Steven wrote:

Hello Abraxasinas. I have posted it in the thread, but you might have not seen it, so I will ask again.

1. What can you tell us about the conflict between the Lyrians and the alpha Draconis?

2. What is Freewill in Creation?

3. Who are the Founders?

Thanks, Steven

Hi Steven!

I apologize to you. I really did not see your earlier post and I shall answer all questions posed to the best of my access to the Thuban archives (which mirror the akashic records many of you have heared of).

Generally for anyone. If you feel I have not answered you please send me a PM or repost your quest. It is not my intent to IGNORE any of you who have a question.
If the postman delivers you 50 letters, it can happen that one slips under the table.

Steven your questions have been answered in a general sense in my reply to Trancoso.

1. The Lyrians are a plasmic lifeform, giving rise to the Pleiadians and so on in the most commonly composed scenario.
This is the key, the anthropocentric universe decided through and by the logistics of the Logos=Word of Creation to render a Vortex SinkEnergy called Gaia the depository of Information gathered by ALL sentient lifeforms in the universe.

So from the beginning of time, Gaia was destined for Universal Motherhood.

And by implication, all lifeforms upon and supported by the EarthMother would become HEIRS and HEIRESSES to such a grandiouse cosmic obligation and responsibility.

This agenda is omni-scientific - meaning all of what the terrestrail reductionistic science does, create and analyse is ENCOMPASSED by a greater science - omni-science - the Science From and For the All.

Amongst many other scenarios it becomes the task of the STEWARDS of GAIA, namely the human data gatherers, to CONSTRUCT, CREATE, WRITE and otherwise COMPOSE and LIVE the Unification of the Worlds.

Allow an example; consider your own body, say your liver.
Your liver is a conglomeration of biovital cells, which have specialised their function to BE A LIVER, cleransing you bloodflow to and from your biological and biochemical heart and so on.

But before the liver cells became specialised in your gestation as a biological embryo; the preliver cells were omnipotent cells. The omni- or totipotent stemcells could differentiate to assume functions like adrenal or cardiac or neuronal.

Every one of those cells (of life) is a holofractal for a galaxy.
Yes the Milky way galaxy is like a single omnipotent cell in your embryo and you literally reside within a single cell within your own body.
Subsequently6, on the greatest perception possible in the spacetime defined universe - your body IS the entire universe, not metaphorically BUT LITERALLY.
Only YOU exist AS the Universe, but this invokes an unbearable loeliness - does it not?

But from these Thuban realisations, almost unfathomable to the conditioned human mind; derive the archetypes of the Kabbalah, of Vitruvius, Purusha, of Cosmic Man Adam Kadmon the Androgyne and so on and on.

So now ponder your own loneliness as the ONLY ONE, that exists and your loneliness will now induce you to CREATE.
And YOU create or IMAGINE to render your liver, a conglomeration of specialised omnipotent stemcells as a SUPERCLUSTER of Galaxies - each galaxy mapping one-to-one one of the original omnipotent stemcells comprising your liver.

So can you iunderstand now the Lyrans as stemcells, giving birth to descendents in adrenal cells called Pleiadians and becoming EXPOSED to a harmonizing cellular environment of 'invader cells' by and through other omnipotent cells termed Immune-System-Cells (say T-Cells from Arcturus)?

Within the preexisting universe and BEFORE the Quantum Big Bang; there was ONLY YOU.
But after the Quntum Big bang and particularly beginning so 2,200 million years ago; there were MANY YOU's.
And some other YOU may create an entire extraterrestrial civilisation from the perspective of another cellular molecular complex and term it Andromeda as a sistercell to your Milkly Way aka Perseus.

2. Free Will is inviolable under all circumstances; yet on the ultimate level the 'Free Will' of the ''Superconscious Individuation of All That Is' becomes indistinguishable from the 'Free Will' of the 'Collective Oneness'.

3. The Founders have many names. I chose to follow the One I call the Master-Dragon and so have labeled it the Council of Thuban.
You are free to relabel the founders in the creation of your own all encompassing and interwoven and selfconsistent cosmogony.


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Raven wrote:
Dear Abrax,
I have been dreaming...and groking all that i have read here, only one thing perplexes me...why does the council of Thuben, if it is as you say from the omniverse identify itself with labels such as Dragons? It is my experence of this dimension personally as having no discriptors as that would limit its infinity and expression as the quantum potential. I have found the 'face' of god by looking within and there are no words to describe the no-thingness that exists in that Void, this is the great mystery...how can no-thing be something? I am only aware, in this place, that IAM. All else is maya, but as Einstein put so beautifully, rather persistant
Sincerely, Raven

Hi Raven!

The ultimate identification of a Dragon is the Electromagnetic Sinusoidal Waveform!

This is what is meant by DragonHood of Thuban. It is the Electromagnetic Maxwell Field of Terran science coupled t a Scalar Component of Monopolic Magnetism.

SERPENT=PRESENT=SONOFMAN=97 via S=19, E=5, R=18, N=14 and T=20

Did not the 'Evil' Serpent in the Garden of Eden help to 'Wake Up' Adam and Eve?

Who do you think this 'Evil Serpent' was?


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Initiate wrote:
Good to see you identify the false acension spiral.

Are you of the Melchisedek order?

Yes, I am Initiate!

And you are too!


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