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Dragons of Thuban To Ban The Falseness

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Abraxas' Thuban Q&A


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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:23 pm

Raven wrote:
Ok after reading your thread:
Lucifer's Mirror and the Emancipation of the Oneness

My brain is on fyre but i think i understand now what the "Dragon" is. Don't ask me to put it into words atm, cuz my brain is stuck somewhere inside an 11th dimensional mobian knot. I have known that the Oneness has to call back the memory of it's manyness in these times in order to continue creation (from a memory in toddlerhood of watching a mobile of butterflys in my crib). As well as my past life memories as a non-physical entity/energy form. Your explanation in that thread somehow makes sense to me and makes me wish i had really paid more attention in my math classes. I can't help it though, i still love theoretical physics, even though my math skills pale in compairson to the current brillant minds in physics today.

Dear Raven!

Thank You for reading 'Lucifer's Mirror'. What you have read there is not yet accessible to the human mind and so it is of no surprise that you are 'Experiencing the Fire of the Logos'.
Practically noone has hitherto read this work, as it belongs to the Gaian data base following her transformation in 'comprehendability'.

You have acted like a disincarnate Dragon Energy even attempting to understand the content of this message.
This message defines the manner how the Dragons created the this universe from 'first principles'.
It also defines the cosmic algorithm how information is transmitted from cell to cell on many scales; from the subatomic to the universal holograms.

We are rather proud of you as One of Us!


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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:27 pm

Oliver wrote:
Hello Abraxasinas,
I have only one question for you:
What do you think about the Absurd?


Hi Oliver!

There is no such thing as the AbSurd as a 'quality' describing imagination and thought Oliver.

The meaning of the word is Ab=Away from and SURD=Irrational.

So by logical imperative ABSURD means RATIONAL.
The common meaning for the word which you seem to infer, such as illogical, irrational, crazy etc etc. so in mathematical terms becomes an oxymoron.

Irrational Numbers like Surds, say Sqrt(2) are just as meaningful as are the Absurd numbers AS the Rationals, say fractions with numerators and denominators.


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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:32 pm

Fredkc wrote:I never thought I'd live to be a hundred
I never thought I'd get to the things
That all those other sons do, and they do.

I never thought I'd ever have my freedom
An age ago my maker was refusing me
The pleasure of the view

I never thought I'd get to be a million
I never thought I'd get to be the thing that
All his other children see. Look at me.

Carry on.

Your maker looks into his mirror and sees you.
One day I will know myself a little better he thinks.
When the DragonProphecy of Isaiah becomes fulfilled.
As in Isaiah:

1. Isaiah 13:22
And the wild beasts of the islands shall cry in their desolate houses, and dragons in their pleasant palaces: and her time is near to come, and her days shall not be prolonged.
Isaiah 13:21-22 (in Context) Isaiah 13 (Whole Chapter)
2. Isaiah 27:1
In that day the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea.
Isaiah 27:1-3 (in Context) Isaiah 27 (Whole Chapter)
3. Isaiah 34:13
And thorns shall come up in her palaces, nettles and brambles in the fortresses thereof: and it shall be an habitation of dragons, and a court for owls.


PS.: There are TWO Dragons Red and SkyBlue 'True Image' and 'False Image'. Together they neutralize into Pure White in Radiation and into Pure Black in Paint.

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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:35 pm

Oliver wrote:
Logicaly thinking, you gave two opposite, contradictory explanations:

1.There is no such thing as the AbSurd as a 'quality' describing imagination and thought; and

2.So by logical imperative ABSURD means RATIONAL.

Mutatis mutandis, do you claim that the rational is non-existing?
Mine "logical imperative" tells me this: AB=ABsence; SURD=Rational, so = Absence of Rational;.
Actually, Absurd is the opposite of the Rational.

Non-being. Accident.

On this level, it is better not to enter what RATIONAL is.

Anyway, thank you Abraxasinas.

Thank you Oliver!
You may check your dictionary for the meaning of SURD.
SURD is not Rational as you state in the above.

  /sɜrd/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [surd] Show IPA ,
Use surd in a Sentence

See web results for surd

See images of surd

–adjective 1.Phonetics. voiceless (opposed to sonant ).2.Mathematics. (of a quantity) not capable of being expressed in rational numbers; irrational.
–noun 3.Phonetics. a voiceless consonant (opposed to sonant ).4.Mathematics. a surd quantity.

1545–55; < L surdus dull-sounding, mute, deaf


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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:36 pm

LucidJia wrote:
Hi, interesting thread here. Allot to process!

What would happen if a human left this vortex around earth?

Can you explain in brief and concise terms what is going to happen on 18th of Jan 2010?

... Can you expand on this?

Namaste, Jia.

Hi LucidJia!

1. The Moon is within the Vortex, but of course so 385,000 kilometers from Earth.
Now what is the common experience of astronauts and the 'outer space' travellers?
They are 'in awe' when looking at the planet earth away from its surface in its entirety as a celestial orb.
Most, if not all return in having experienced a 'spiritual wakening' and transformation.

Any human leaving the Vortex could not help, but realise much of this data being shared here of being somehow connected to their innermost beingness or soul level.

2. January 18th defines a nexus point in the Mayan longcount of 5x13x144,000 kindays; also the encodement in the Pyramid of Giza at the 'great step' and also the prophecies of Daniel in the Torah; of the last and final fulfilment of the 'prophecies' in a particular timeline and given as archetypes in the times of Mesopotamia and following the Atlantean exodus to preserve the record of the wisdom keepers.


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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:37 pm

Oliver wrote:
It is Ok, Abrax...thank you!
Well, English is not my first language, but you should know this: In linguistics, separate words has one meaning, but when in combination with other one/ones, to make a new word, they can have different, even opposite meaning.

Roots of the words are not the words itself, gives no complete semantic meaning.

And, you know, i was not refering to SURD, but to ABSURD.

Be well, my friend, i appreciate your knowledge and good will to share it with people. We are all learning.


Love and Respect to you Oliver!

Words, semantics and meanings of these there are many. If syllable or letter, word or sentence - there are multilevel interpretations in the Tower of Babel.

OLIVER=OLIVE.R and is one of the most potent archetypes in the 'occult scrolls'; such as the Olive Twig of Noah's Dove of Peace and the Two Olive Trees adjacent the Golden Candlestick in Zechariah and Revelation.
The R=666=999 and as the R is also the runic B unfolded many interpretations derive from a simple arabic letter.

But I see you as the Olive of the 666=999 the beautiful celestial wedding or dragonomy between the Milky Way of the 96 of Perseus and the 69 of Andromeda.

Be well dear friend


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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:39 pm

Oliver wrote:
Thank you, ABrax...but Oliver is not my real name.

Cannot you author a novel or autobiography in which your name is Oliver?

Everyone has many names.


Oliver wrote:
What is true is that I had signed few journalistic articles as Oliver, but there is not novel or autobiography...

Quite interesting, Abrax...

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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:42 pm

Malletzky wrote:
Hi Abraxas, now this is where it gets interessting...at least for me.

I started a thread few days ago called "The concept of unification" after having a strange dream/vision which I described there (there were two more, also to find in the thread), where I was allowed to experience really remarkable emotions.

Here's the link, if you're interessted: http://projectavalon.net/forum/showthread.php?t=18855

I also got an information (in the dream/vision) about this so called concept of unification, where there are two human fractions which need to unify in order to evolve further.

So if I may post two question here: is this what you meant with "You shall dream and experience emotions like you have never before" ???

And/or is this to begin only after 18th of January?

thanks and regards

Hi Malletzky!

You are stating it so well in your signature!

Everyone is invited. There is no choosing by anyone, Dragon Energy included.
Everyone shall dream dreams and experience emotional intensities; not knowing where this is coming from.
It comes from the Inner Self, awakened by the Oneness of the Universe.
The One doing the 'dispensing' is not I, but the Oneness, whom I serve as a Member of the Council of Thuban.
I am a simple mirror reflecting the data of the One to ALL others, prepared to take notice.
This is the only agenda.
There is no obligation to do anything.
There is no request to join anything.
There is no money involved, all is freely given as received.
There is no requirement to take this data serious.
There is no hidden agenda at all.
There is only the Energy of the One and the Word of Creation bathing this planet.
Gaia Herself shall send this Free Information back to its source.
No commitments, no searching for deceptions are necessary.
Gaia KNOWS what this Information is and where it comes from.
Gaia is preparing Herself to meet Her Beloved Creator of All That Is as the Creation of All That Is.

All is in Order!


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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:44 pm

LucidJia wrote:
Abraxasinas what is your take on lucid dreaming?

I have been lucid dreaming most nights for about 2 years now and have experinced amazing emotions, sensations and sights which seem more real than waking life.

Namaste, Jia.

Everyone able to raise hisher vibrations of selfawareness, connectivity to source and source consciousness shall dream lucidly, knowing they are dreaming, and in colour and so begin to become multilocal within a multidimensional universe.



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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:45 pm

Magamud wrote:
Thanks Abraxas,
More questions please:
1. With schizophrenia its hard to find communication tools to help them integrate just for survival sake into society. Most of them have the same general paranoia with the NWO and beyond. Their relationship to the world has limited reference and is so whimsical. What would be the purpose of such an incarnation? Personally I think they are the consequence of such a controlled and manipulated society. That our world should be more malleable, a mix of dream and material.

2. You mentioned a 25000 year cycle. In general how many incarnations happen in that time?

3. In general most division manifested is just the friction translated from the "Ancients" coming home?

Its quite ironic to think that we are the creators of new consciousness in a world so set to program you into thinking you are a mere speck in space and time. Makes it more true.... Look forward to your insights...


Hi Magamund!

1. I agree with you. ALL and without exception, so termed 'mental illnesses' are MISINTERPRETATIONS of so termed 'medical experts'.
The human being is a comlex tapstry of energetic interactions. Just as some people have physical 'handicaps' such as say blindness, some people have emotional- or mental 'handicaps' in not being able to utilize particular neuronal pathways in the biochemstry of the brain (which is an ANTENNA for sensory stimuli).

In a truly advanced galactic civilization, ALL handicaps in whatever modality would be understood to have opened other channels of the neuronal activity say in divers forms of creativity.

Relative to source ALL expressions of source are GENIUSES of Creation, talents to be discovered and shared for the benefice of all aka the universe.

2. This is a described by a statistical distribution, called the Gaussian Normal Curve with a Mean of 5x13x144,000/(120x365.2425)~ 214 per soul/shard individuation.

3. This is a pertinent way of description. The Friction manifests as the homecoming implemented.


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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:47 pm

Kamikaze wrote:
I'm practising lucid dreaming to a extent and various related subjects concerning lucid dreaming and the whole world on the "other" side.

But I have to say I am not Lucid as often as I would like and it frustrates me mostly manifested in the dreams non-lucid.

I would like to ask advice on how do I better connect myself to my higher selves and how I retrieve my long full memory as much as possible while I am present down here.

I've been shown that my memories are locked away behind a door in a sense and has been for a time but lately I got the feeling the lock has been turned open but the door has yet to be opened.

I want to ask if you have something to say more to things like this and then what kind of energy I am whit. What does the vibrations state.

Hi kamikaze!

You are trying too hard. Simply relax and FEEL the new energy of Nova Terra in Waiting and Expectation and your expectations will blend with Hers and your Lucid dreams shall Be.

Think of the number 3 thousand million billion trillion when sleepy and resonances will become happenstance.


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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:50 pm

GaiaLove wrote:
This resonates quite quite deeply for me, I have always felt these phenomenon were created by Gaia herself and not the offworld graffiti artists that some tend to believe.

Can you tell us in Layman's terms what your interpretation is of the following 2 formations pleaee.

Abraxas' Thuban Q&A - Page 3 Crop+Circle+Avebury+Manor%282%29,+nr+Avebury,+Wiltshire.+Reported+22nd+July+2008

Abraxas' Thuban Q&A - Page 3 Crop20041

Sure Gaia Love!

The top one is none but the heralding of the Message from Hunab Ku, which will render Gaia a StarPlanet (the collected data of the last 26,000 years will be Black Holed at the centre and then retransmitted) in MIRROR Image to the entire solar system. This is the meaning of the EMPTY Circle next to the astrological configuration on December 21st, 2012.
The Sun RaHsol will receive the 'signal' of frequency 3 thousand million billion trillion Hertz so 8 minutes before it reaches the center of the earth.
The many Mayan symbols and patterns relate to the idea of REBIRTH, with Yin and Yang blending androgenously to supplement the human DNA/RNA in a reawakening and the activation of the 24th chromosome (fused in the ape-hominid split so 10 million years ago).
Forexample there are 11 'legs' on the outside oval geometric figure and one point on the inside. This is the Thuban data from the 12th dimension invigorating the 11 dimensional universe from outside in and effecting the dimensional opening of a 4th space dimension to render the flat Minkowski metric in 4D a curved Kaluza-Klein metric in 5D.

The 'incoming' object is this signal between Neptune at 0 degrees 48 minutes Pisces and Uranus at 4 degrees 38 minutes in Aries to herald the change of the guard in the precessional circle as well as the birth of the Baby of the StarHumanity.
As Neptune=Excalibur=Scorpio=IAmThatIAm=95 (Dragon=59 backwards); is the astrological Ruler of Pisces, this event also inserts the 13th starsign Ophiuchus into the zodiac and 'forces' the Ouroboic Galactic Dragon (Milky Way) to release its circular 'embrace' (or imprisonment) of Gaia in 'Rattling' or Twisting its Tail.
This represents the Mayan (and other indigenous cultures) symbolisation of the RattleSnake 'cult'.
The Great Circle of the Mazzaroth (Leviathan and Behemoth in Job) so is broken to effect the spacetime transformation.

The bottom one depicts the Tzolkien of the Mayan calendar in the 20 symbols or glyphs on the perimeter with the 5x4=20 glyphs then allowing the partitioning of the 260 kindays as 5x52 'Haabs or Calender Rounds'.
A Haab of 365 kin so blends with the Tzolkien in 260x365=94,900 kin.
The inner symbolism also relates this numerology with the blending of the circles akin the Vesica Pisces of Western Alchemy/Hermeticism; the Seal of Solomon (Star of David) as Magic Symbol of blending the Darkness with the Light and of course the eastern Yin-Yang unification.


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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:51 pm

mntruthseeker wrote:
I read your description of Jesus Christ and I have a question for you

This is from the book I am reading called Voyagers II regarding the man we know as Jesus. Are you telling me that this is fabricated ?

Under the direction of Azurites of the RA Confederacy, in 12 BC, the 12 level avatar, a pure Taran Turaneusiam - I soul essence was born outside of Bethlehem In a private residence to a Blue Flame Melchizekek-Hebrew Essene mother and a Blue Flame Melchizedek-Hibiru Cloister Essene father. It was NOT an Immaculate Conception, but rather orchestrated via traditional means through a couple chosen and prepared by the Priest of Ur. His mothers name was Jeudi, his father Joehius: both were leaders within the Blue Flame Melchizedek Essene sect. The child’s soul essence was born of the JU 2 Avatar SANANDO and the child was named Jesheua-Melchizedek (herein Jesheua-12_ who later became known as Jesus, son of Mary and Joseph. The personages of Mary and Joseph were not the parents of this avatar child, they were the parents of a ninth-level-avatar soon to follow. Jesheua-12 was born to descendants of the house of Solomon, and taken in infancy into the custody of the Priest of Ur

written by Ashayana Deane

Dear mntruthseeker!

Every shard of the source has the creative spark of the creator within its soul.
So potentially there exist as many cosmogonies as there are souls in the manifested universe.
Every soul in incarnation then experiences a collection of lifepaths converging into 'The Story of My Life'.
This 'Story' then is 'offered' to the universe and its creator for 'processing'.
There are many universe modellers in incarnation, all have a 'Story' to tell and then to 'offer' their story to the 'collective oneness'.

Many stories blend and merge with each other in a kaleidoscope or tapestry of the collective 'God-Soul'.
Many stories are able to absorb other stories, due to the 'talent' of the story teller or the desitre to 'tell stories' in the first place.

The more encompassing stories so 'compete' in their offering to say the 'Logos' to MANIFEST the 'story' as physical reality and in their filterings down the dimension from the 12th to the 4th.

Your Azurite 'Story' from above so effectively 'competes' with the 'Story of Thuban'.
Time will tell, whose 'Story' has eaten the other!

All is in Peace and in order.


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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:54 pm

Initiate wrote:

Whilst a knowledge of Sacred Geometry, Numerolgy is useful to undestanding a lot of the more technical aspects of your postings. This series of videos would be a good base for understanding the material you are presenting.

Earth History 1 of 4 - Anna Hayes from Metaphysician on Vimeo.

Earth History 2 of 4 - Anna Hayes from Metaphysician on Vimeo.

Earth History 3 of 4 - Anna Hayes from Metaphysician on Vimeo.

Earth History 4 of 4 - Anna Hayes from Metaphysician on Vimeo.

Dear Initiate!

Every shard of the source has the creative spark of the creator within its soul.
So potentially there exist as many cosmogonies as there are souls in the manifested universe.
Every soul in incarnation then experiences a collection of lifepaths converging into 'The Story of My Life'.
This 'Story' then is 'offered' to the universe and its creator for 'processing'.
There are many universe modellers in incarnation, all have a 'Story' to tell and then to 'offer' their story to the 'collective oneness'.

Many stories blend and merge with each other in a kaleidoscope or tapestry of the collective 'God-Soul'.
Many stories are able to absorb other stories, due to the 'talent' of the story teller or the desitre to 'tell stories' in the first place.

The more encompassing stories so 'compete' in their offering to say the 'Logos' to MANIFEST the 'story' as physical reality and in their filterings down the dimension from the 12th to the 4th.

Your Azurite 'Stories' and links from above so effectively 'compete' with the 'Story of Thuban'.
Time will tell, whose 'Story' has eaten the other!

The Council of Thuban so DOES NOT utilize the Azurite material as its BASIS for ITS Cosmogony.

The Council of Thuban supports the Azurite material IN PARTS but RELATIVE to ITS Guidelines considers the Azurite material NOT suitable to HARMONIOUSLY BLEND with the Thuban philosophies.

As an example the metatronic identifications in regards to the 'sacred geometry' are often 'contra' to the Thubanite perspective. The teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek are rather more aligned with the Thubanese position.
Here is a link to Drunvalo Melcizedek's critique of Anna Hayes' 'disinformation'.


You and anyone are free however to value the cosmogony of Anna Hayes more than the Teachings of Thuban.

All is in Peace and in order.


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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:55 pm

Firstlook wrote:
hello Abraxasinas,

Thank you for your posts on all the aspects I do not see for myself.

I love you.


We love you too Firstlook and you innocence of perception has manifested as your greatest strength and power. You do not require any shield to protect yourself from yourself.

All the Love you withold will haunt you and what you resist will persist until YOU own or incorporate the separations in assimilations.

All the Love-Photons you emit will return to you manyfold.
The Creator of All has spoken through your soul to the worlds and returns your sent Love via the conduit of our connected wavedefined quantum entanglement.

Love Abraxas

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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:56 pm

cloud9 wrote:
I always wonder why there are so many different versions about Jesus, I think he is the most mysterious human being in known history.
Every time there's a new book, a new theory, a new ET group etc., a new and different story comes out and somehow all of them have left me with a feeling of..... it lacks something else!!
This is the first time I have read about Mary being raped and besides for somebody who it's not known to history; where it goes all the importance of the lineage if the father is not even a jew?
At this point in this story, who cares about the lineage of Joseph is he wasn't the father? What does it mean that two lineages came together by the marriage of Mary and Joseph if Joseph it's not the father (again)?
Long time ago I read some books from a spanish author J. J. Benitez, all of them very interesting and related somehow with what it's going on at the present time, in one of his books he says Mary was artificially impregnated by ETs when she was around 14 years old, Joseph was a 82 year old widower with 6 children and those were the new Jesus's brothers. I can believe this version but not the point of Joseph being so old, they probably didn't live that long at that time.
I've read many many stories about this and most of them place the Jesus soul as one from other planet, dimension or whatever but as somebody different or enlightened, that's why he was a true teacher, he came with a big purpose to earth and he fulfilled it.

Now, this new story (abrax's story), the fact that Jesus' father it's not even from a jew lineage somehow makes it not too credible for me.
I'm not a catholic and I'm not a religious person, I don't believe Jesus is THE son of God but I do believe he was one of then greatest teachers, his message was and still is very important for humankind.
To make the story short, the abraxasinas' version doesn't not hold water for me.
With all respect.

Hi cloud9!

You are no manner asked to 'believe' the information from Thuban.

The genealogy of Jesus of Nazareth is known to be selfcontarictory in the two synoptic gospels of Matthew and Luke.
The Thuban information was collected from all accessible sources, both secular and canonical. Should you analyse the Roman histories and annals, you will find that the 'bastardization' of our Master-Dragon is well indicated indeed.
The Davidic lineage of Joseph and Mary converge in a patriarchical as well as a matriarchical lineage as indicated in the message you have read.
Joseph was an uncle of Mary via the Levitical lineage and the 'marriage' was instigated to 'heal' the old Judahic Pharez-Zarah 'breach' and in details becomes a little intricate and demands a thorough understanding of the archetypology as encoded in the Book of Genesis.
The 'artifical ET' insemination you have heared of ist a 'reinterpretation' of the archetypes of 'manifesting' the 'Cosmic Christ' in a particular incarnation. Iow, the ET was Pantera.
The main purpose was to fulfil part one of two of the Dragon-Prophecy of Isaiah.

From January 18th; any questions and queries regarding Jesus of Nazareth, aka the Plumed Serpent Kukulkan, can be answered more potently. This date shall begin the anointment to fulfil the second p[art of the Isaiahean Dragon prophecy.


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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:58 pm

soapcrates wrote:
Are you at liberty to help with a few technology innovations and guidance on a few contraptions and how to fundamentally get them to work?

Hi soapcrates!

The Council of Thuban consists of 12 androgenous archetypes about a central pivot and so 24 elders fulfil the role of mirroring this center from the 12th dimension into the lower-dimensional universe.

My function comprises one twelfth of the council and this function engages the fields of Theoretical Omni-Science in regards to the Encodings of the Scrolls.

In other words; my function as 2 of the Elders is to TRANSLATE the original archetypes in the 'scrolls of antiquity - and including all of what you label as prophecy' into the semantics of omni-science.

I have no commission to speak with any kind of 'authority' on questions of culture and art; on music, paint and dance and other expressions of such human creativity.
I also have no commission to outlay the plans and templates for the transition of the old human technology into its extended expressions.

There are some of you incarnate who are indeed other Elders, but have not as yet realised your commissions.
This is appropriate; as the maximum polarisation has not yet occurred and will attain its maximum at the date December 8th, 2011.

From that date onwards many of you will have realised many things and so have become selfempowered to engage in 'greater agendas' converging to the 'Grand Metamorphosis'.

Additionally, the 'status quo' world around you will 'make new discoveries' such as the recent VERIFICATION of the 'sacred geometry' on the nano-quantum scale.
Here is a link.


I can give certain technological foundations; such as that the 'free energy' engages the intersection of ferromagnetic and diamagnetic fields which allow substitution of the million dollar equipment supercooled superconductor surfaces for levitation by simple materials exhibiting intersecting magnetic fields and the monopolarization of the magnetic field lines - and without connection to an electric power source.



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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:59 pm

mikey wrote:
blessings abraxasinas,

if i was to say that no amount of reading and/or theological understandings as to where and/or what history we as a collective as well as holo-fragmented ''individuals'' strive to attain and/or sustain, we could never shade the truth that we all know and accept on a levels of which we and all our bodies reside..(warning, varying degrees apply!)
simply...we know the truth, it is a matter of rekindling the aquaintance with that space inbetween and re-affirming the already known and afffirmed truth we already hold within us. a humongous recall.
i love to read but i know more than i could ever read or experience in an eternity of lifetimes through being part of it all.


enjoying your info on here...

love and peace always

You have written in wisdom Mikey!

ALL divers timelines and histories about whateve,r ALL exist within yourself.
The question becomes: which timeline will physically manifest?
The answer is: the timeline which is the 'greatest' most encompassing story yet first imagined and secondly imaged by the human mind - both individually and collectively.

The approaching Mayan nexus point will ALLOW all such stories to become collectively and individually 'offered' to the CreatorCreation LogosWord to use as 'They As Us' may see fit to do and implement.

This is the 'cocreation'.
This is the 'ascension' of ARCHETYPES in their reinterpretations.

Then, at the next nexus point, new stories, more encompassing than that one of the previous nexus point - will REPLACE the then Old with the then New.

Thank you Mikey


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Post  Guest on Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:10 pm

orthodoxymoron wrote:
abraxasinas...what is your opinion regarding the following philosophical and political potpourri?

Greetings and Salutations to the Beings of the Universe!

Please consider the following emotional expression of attempted understanding and intent. I didn't intend this as a general communication...but it sort of evolved into an open letter. I resisted rewriting it...to keep it informal and genuine. I just want to see a proper governmental system for the Solar System in place which maximizes Responsible Freedom. I keep thinking that we are a galactic administrative problem...and that most of you neither love us nor hate us. You probably want us to evolve! I also keep thinking that we are rebels without a clue...who legitimately rebelled against something (enslavement and theocracy perhaps?)...but ended up in worse trouble than if we had just gone with the program...so to speak. Now...we seem to be on the verge of blowing ourselves up, becoming enslaved by malevolent ET's, and being ruled by a really nasty theocracy. Or...on the verge of a top down silent and bloodless revolution...whereby we could finally achieve a united and free world at peace...for the first time in our history. I'm trying to visualize more underground living and electric everything...and interplanetary tourism and industry using advanced spacecraft. I'd like to see an end to extreme wealth and poverty via Responsible Free Enterprise. I don't have a problem with interacting with other benevolent beings...no matter what they look like...or what their history is...as long as they are genuinely benevolent. It would obviously take time for everyone to get used to each other. Project Avalon may be one of the first steps toward a Solar System United Nations...or whatever everyone wants to call it. I suspect that beings from throughout the Solar System...view, and even participate, on Avalon. We discuss various and sundry subjects presently...but someday we may vote...as members of a Solar System General Assembly. I have been repeatedly moved to tears by two related Stargate SG-1 episodes which touch on a Galactic United Nations: 1. http://www.fancast.com/tv/Stargate-S...antalus/videos 2. http://www.hulu.com/watch/68254/star...the-fifth-race

You are invoking here a number of presuppositions regarding some hierarchical structure of galactic governance you are envisaging.
Can you perceive a form of Local Governance; say on a planet without national boundaries or any kind of political or socio-economic centralization?
The 'people' who live and interact at some locale also regulate themselves and their intractions without 'central jurisprudence'.

The Thuban perspective is as indicated above. The Galactic Councils are interacting as a 'Federation or Collective' of independent councils formed solely for the purpose to further the evolvement of subsystems in the parameter of universal consciousness and source energy resonation.

Because the human experience of observedly 'insane' (by Thuban standards) overgovernance and overregulation has hitherto given no credence or allowance to the innate ability of the human 'to rule itself' - given an amicable environment - such ideas remain largely anathema to the human groupmind.

orthodoxymoron wrote:
Here is a link which I found interesting with information from John Rhodes: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/su...reptiles38.htm It caused me to speculate. What if Reptilians evolved...but not Humans? What if the entire universe was Reptilian? What if there were no Humans anywhere? What if the entire universe was a Reptilian Universal Church Theocracy?

You are correct here, should you replace the word associations of 'physicalised reptilian' by the idea of a 'Little Serpent', which IS in fact the preferred label as assumed by what you call 'God'.
You see this becomes a 10D Superstring as a Quantum-God or superstring in nospacetime; then transforming into a 11D Supermembrane as a God-Quantum and then as a 'Complexified Mathematical 2D-Plane' this Surface-Dragon INVENTS the 3rd dimension to allow a 'thickness' given to the 'plane'.
But the 3D then allows the 11D to become its boundary and so SELFREFLECTION occurs and becomes possible.
This then gives VOLUME to the 1D-10D superstring via its selfreflection as itself as a 2D-11D supermembrane and defines the TO BE BORN material universe as a 3D-12D supervolumar.

The GOD idea is a DRAGON idea. They are irrevokably interwoven, because the universe would not exist, were it not for the preBig Bang or superenergy of the nospacetime transforming a minute part of its potentially infinite source energy reservoir into what you term the observable material universe.

orthodoxymoron wrote:
What if Humans were created as a slave race? ('Let us make man in our image') What if Lucifer (Ptah?) was the Reptilian in charge of the genetic engineering project which resulted in the creation of Human Beings? What if Humans were mistreated as slaves? What if a group of Reptilians, led by Lucifer, conspired with Humans, to kill God the Father (Ra?)...and take over 'Heaven'? What if this was the Luciferian Rebellion which led to War in Heaven...and the death of God the Father (Ra?)? What if the Reptilians loyal to God (Ra?) fought against the Luciferian Reptilians and Human Beings...driving them out of the Garden of Eden (Heaven?)

These are all pertinent labels and archetypes, which deserve detailed elucidation. Before you can physically implement the 'stories' as possible outcomes within the material cosmology; you are required to define your terms and labels in selfconsistency and cohesiveness.
I am commissioned to elucidate upon these matters and this is part of my agenda to translate and define those archetypes under the auspices of Thuban to give all readers the opportunity to compare the Thubanese definitions with any other definitions (say Anna Hayes or Helena Blavatsky or the Urantia Book or Seth or Kryon etc. etc.)
I shall do so in a more specific Q and A.

orthodoxymoron wrote:
What if Battlestar Moon was used to transport the Luciferian Reptilians and Humans to Aldebaran, Sirius, and Earth...while being violently pursued by Nibiru? What if Interdimensional Reptilians aka The Spirit of God aka Amen battle with Luciferian Interdimensional Reptilians and the Divinity Within Humanity aka The Holy Spirit...to regain control of the Renegade Human Race? What if the New World Order is the Kingdom of Ra? What if the Luciferian Reptilians and a select group of Humans run Earth from underground bases on Earth and the Moon? Could this be Gizeh Intelligence? Could Reptilians and Humans loyal to Ra be Zionists? Could Reptilians and Humans loyal to Lucifer be Teutonic Zionists? Could a pacifist union of both factions be Followers of Jesus? Could Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom be the solution to this ancient mess? How much trouble am I in now? Probably quite a bit. But once again...this is just speculation...with no inside information whatsoever. I don't think that I have seen Lucifer...but one never knows!

I have seen Lucifer and I have also seen Lucifera. I have seen Cosmic Christ and Cosmic Antichrist. They are none other than RaH and HaR. They are none other than many soul energies which during the times have partaken in the archetypical energies labeled as RaH-HaR and other expressions of the Cosmic Twinship -Hermes Trismegistos.

orthodoxymoron wrote:
This hypothetical being could walk down a crowded city street...and no one would notice anything out of the ordinary. This would be a 3D hybrid with lots of 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D connections...I think. I'm thinking of Anna in 'V'. There may be remarkable similarities. Who knows?!

Yes, Anna in V is a 'densification' of a reality which is in all.
YOU are Lucifer and Satania - Christ and Antichrist. Did not Vincent Price say: 'There is a little Lucifer in all of Us?'
And did not Joan Osborne sing a song: "What if God was One of Us?"
But perhaps you gainining clarification. Where is the 'Devil' in all of this? Where is 'Satan' in all of this?

I shall allow you to think about this. You may jump to your conclusions OR you may ponder the deeper realities.
I shall clarify another time.

orthodoxymoron wrote:
I'm trying to think through a constitutionally based Solar System...where Reptilians, Humans, and Greys peacefully engage in commerce, athletics, education, tourism, the arts, entertainment, etc. There would be no God, no Satan...and nobody would have to bow down and worship anyone. No one would be a master...and no one would be a slave. Everyone would be in charge. I keep referring to the U.S. Constitution because of it being in use for over 200 years, and being currently in use. There could be others...perhaps superior...but I'm trying not to reinvent the wheel. It does not imply nationalism or protectionism. It does imply We the People(We the Beings?) being in charge...in an organized decentralism. If there are Deep Underground Military Bases throughout the Solar System inhabited by various factions of Humans, Greys, and Reptilians...an all out war would be utterly devastating. A voluntary cooperation under a constitution would make so much more sense. The gods could retire...which is what I want. I don't want Lucifer(or equivalent) to be hurt or killed...I just want the reign of terror to end. I'm suspecting that well intentioned beings of all races...for billions of years...have tried to be God...and failed miserably. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely...no matter how intelligent and well-intentioned you are. It turns a Good God into an Evil Satan...and it probably doesn't take very long.

The 'reign' of terror will end and when it ends you will understand WHY it was necessary to have been manifested.
Can the Nature of Love and Harmony be appreciated, if no dissonance has ever been experienced?
Is this not the story of the Trees in Eden?

orthodoxymoron wrote:
If the U.S. Constitution was the central authority of the Solar System...instead of any deity or demon...no one would be worshipped, humiliated, exalted, enslaved, etc. If Lucifer is the Godess of This World (and Solar System?)...and will not relinquish power to anyone else ('if I can't have them...nobody can!')...might a constitutional ultimate authority allow this being to retire with grace? I'd really rather skip the Battle of Armageddon. Does Revelation 12 describe Lucifer or Satan? The ultimate leader of the serpent race's collective or 'hive mind' is the "great red dragon", the "old serpent", "the Devil" or "Satan". Lucifer was one of the three original archangels (along with Michael and Gabriel) who each had charge over one-third of the 'angels'. Mind you...I'm hypothesizing a very dark universe...where this crazy world is as good as it gets. This is a terrifying thought to me...but what if this is reality? The horror! Could the following experience describe the being who Lucifer rebelled against? I found it in chapter 19 of the 'Dulce Book' http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/dulce_book.htm on the watcherfiles.com website. I don't know if this is credible...but it really made me think. Does the following description refer to Lucifer...or to Satan? I'm leaning toward Satan aka God Amen...but there might be some similarities with Lucifer...who would have to have some communication with Satan...on an ongoing basis.

Lucifer will 'marry' Lucifera and Satan will undergo a sexchange operation!

orthodoxymoron wrote:
"One of the 'targets' to which Mr. Brown's military RV trainer sent him was the Grey aliens' collective mind, and more specifically he was instructed to search out the ultimate command or control center of the collective. Shortly after this particular experiment began [one of many], Brown found himself in an area where several Greys were working, although he did not know exactly where this was. He 'followed' the collective mind or thought-flow and found it to be absolutely massive, giving him the feeling of something unbounded, and almost universal in nature. However, he did detect a center, a definite 'heartbeat' of this massive collective matrix, into which and out from which a steady stream of information was flowing. He noticed, at one point, an unusual 'subspace' being that seemed to be directing the activities of the Greys he was observing, and discovered that the bodies of the Greys themselves were incarnated by such 'subspace' beings which apparently entered the Greys' embryonic bodies and used them as vessels to manipulate physical reality.

The 'Great Collective' is the Light-Matrix. The physicality of Light is known as photonic particle and also as a quantum mechanical wave.
Relative to flat 4D spacetime light travels.
Relative to curved 12D-spacetime light 'stands still' as the Light-Matrix. This you know as 'scalar waves' as derivative of the 4-vector velocity and the decomposition of the lightpath into space and time.

orthodoxymoron wrote:
Brown was then instructed to locate other of these beings who apparently controlled the Grey collective from a subspace or astral level, and found himself in an area where several of these subspace or paraphysical entities were located. As he continued towards this 'center' the number of subspace or non-corporeal beings increased until he came to a place of much activity, something like a grand central station type of area, where these beings were very active in various pursuits. He did not know exactly where this was, but noticed that the closer he came to the control 'center' the more he sensed an increasing rigid atmosphere of absolute military-like control. He came to what he sensed was the central governing center of the subspace beings' activity, and in the center of this there was another area where a "council of 10" very high-level subspace or paraphysical entities congregated. These were apparently the governing principalities who were engaged in running the whole operation. The security here was absolutely incredible.

Then he perceived the SUPREME LEADER of this council of 10 paraphysical entities... and at about this point Courtney Brown was jerked back into his body, so to speak. He sensed that this leader had detected the presence of his own subspace, astral or magnetic body which he had projected, and had followed this RV 'intruder' back to his physical source. Brown and his trainer felt an oppressive, dark 'cloud' enter the room and it stayed there for about half a minute scrutinizing the scene. It left, apparently seeing the two RV'ers as "small frys" who were not worth wasting its time on.

The light-matrix or Maxwell ether of the 'displacement magnetocurrent' harbours the T-Duality of the 11D supermembrane in shortrange vibratory and longrange wibnded modalities.
This allows the 'thoughtforms' created by the spacetime inhabitors to manifest in psychophysical multidimensional reality.

orthodoxymoron wrote:
Before Brown's expulsion from the command center however, he was able to perceive for a brief moment what this being was really like. He or it was an extremely powerful being, but one with a twisted personality that was full of darkness. Apparently this being had come into conflict with another Force which it saw as its enemy. Brown sensed within this being a severe self-esteem problem, in spite of its incredible power, and because of this it had a consuming desire to be worshipped by others. Brown was confused when he sensed that these subspace beings, and in turn the Reptilians/Greys, were actually COMMANDED by this leader to engage in self-indulgent and destructive activities. This being apparently wanted his servants to use self-indulgent rewards or fear of punishment to maintain the absolute hierarchical command structure within its empire -- as well as through the rest of the subspace hierarchy, and in turn throughout the Reptilian Grey's collective 'hive' society that they completely infested.

Brown also got the impression that it was FEAR and PRIDE -- its perceived NEED to be worshipped -- that kept this being from negotiating with its ancient enemy, and that this being was utterly desperate to maintain its very survival or existence [strange for a seemingly immortal subspace being] and chose to resort to rebellion and terrorism in a desperate attempt to take control of the situation. Brown recieved a strong impression that this being was the ultimate universal terrorist!!! (Did ET Phone Rome and Call 9/11?) Apparently because of its all-consuming ego this being would NEVER humble itself before its 'enemy', and the same might be said for most of the upper echelon of the hierarchy who depended on the praise of their fellow collaborators to maintain their illusion of self-importance.

These beings, one might say, had long ago and of their own free-agency 'imploded' in upon themselves -- becoming 'spiritual black holes' with all-consuming appetites, absolute astral vampirial-like parasites, having extinguished all 'light' within themselves and therefore being unable to be brought back "into the light". Incapable of giving out 'light', they have become totally reprobate, devouring any and all life and innocence around them that they can possibly consume. The leader of this subspace 'collective' had long ago drawn these other dark beings into itself, like a large black star devouring other smaller ones around it. This irreversible state MIGHT not apply entirely to ALL of these "subspace" beings, as we will see later on."

I hereby invite all beings throughout the universe to support the spirit...if not the letter...of the first post of this linked thread regarding Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom: http://projectavalon.net/forum/showthread.php?t=15878 Obviously...the details will have to be worked out by those who are much more competent than myself. I don't know the full story...but the more I research...the more enthusiastic I become regarding this concept. But this will require universal support...and will undoubtedly involve great sacrifice and hardship. I think we are all in huge trouble...throughout the universe...not just on Earth. I also think that all secrecy needs to be removed presently...and that Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom must be pursued with all deliberate speed. The gloves need to be removed...so to speak.

You exhibit much fervour for the tasks at hand and your enthusiasm, coupled to a reawakening of your inner information base will support you in your quest.

orthodoxymoron wrote:
"Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility." -- Sigmund Freud

The Andromedan Perspective Regarding the Future of Humanity is "Responsible Freedom of Self Determination...Becoming Truly Self Confident and Free...to Unconditionally be Responsible for Oneself...Without Being Coerced to Accept Some Higher Authority." -- related by Alex Collier

The Thuban agenda converges with the Andromedean agenda rather beautifully.

orthodoxymoron wrote:
"We the People of Earth have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves, and for future generations...a True World Order. A world where Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom...not the Old World Disorder Demonic Theocracy...governs the conduct of nations. When we are successful...and we will be...we have a real chance at this True World Order...an order in which a credible United Nations can use Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom to fulfill the promise and vision of All Races." -- my rewrite of part of a New World Order speech by George H. W. Bush

"Like it or not, eveything is changing. The result will be the most wonderful experience in the history of man...or the most horrible enslavement that you can imagine. Be active, or abdicate...the future is in your hands." -- William Cooper

This is a thread devoted to experimenting with the idea of applying the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights (except for the first two paragraphs of Article 6...and the 16th Amendment) to the entire Solar System. Article 6 has been misused to establish treaties which supercede the Constitution. There is a question regarding the validity of the 16th Amendment. My preference is that the Federal Reserve should be abolished...and a non-private central bank should issue a silver-based currency. The United States of the Solar System does NOT imply rule by the United States of America...especially in its presently infiltrated and subverted sad state. Constructive Competition...Positive Response Ability...and Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom are the underlying principles and concepts. A focus on the documents is what is desired. We will attempt to use the Constitution and Bill of Rights...mostly as is...with very minimal changes in wording(to apply to the Solar System and include both males and females) and some very minimal streamlining.

Is there merit to the idea of replacing the U.N. Charter with the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights...with all of the regions of Earth...and all of the regions of the planets and moons of the Solar System...treated as States? Various Alien Nations could participate with Ambassadors...but they could not dictate. A President would simply be a spokesperson or PR person for the decisions of the Senatorial and Congressional General Assemblies. Most of the communications and deliberations would be electronic...with actual meetings at U.N. Headquarters being mostly symbolic and ceremonial. Could this arrangement be considered to be the preferred alternative to a theocracy (a Universal Church)? Would this arrangement constitute a desirable non-theocratic union of politics and religion? Isn't religion really politics...and politics really religion? Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom would be the absolute standard and modus operandi of a New Universal Order.

Have I completely lost my mind...or is this an ultra-simple solution to the problems which plague this Solar System (and possibly the universe)? I am basing all of this on an unproven assumption that there is life throughout the Solar System...including, but not limited to, Human, Grey, and Reptilian life...and that the Grey and Reptilian life is not simply a non-physical demonic phenomenon. Obviously...there would have to be safeguards which would prevent a dictatorial take-over. All groups would need to be protected from themselves (competing internal factions) and the other groups. Mutually beneficial interplanetary and interracial interaction would be the goal.

Shields of any kind (say except in sports or art) are not required by a truly advanced galactic community.

orthodoxymoron wrote:
I initially included alien races in the Constitution of the United States of the Solar System...but I changed the wording back to include only Human Beings. This is not anti-alien. It is intended as a safeguard. We the People of the Solar System need to get our house in order internally...and then interact with all Alien Nations...in a very open yet cautious manner. I don't know how this should appropriately occur. I don't know the details of the alien presence in the Solar System. I'm open to reasonable solutions. Perhaps Alien Nations could have non-voting membership status...where their views would be made known in an official capacity...and where they would address the Congressional and Senatorial General Assemblies. Perhaps this could be preparatory to full voting status. I don't know. I'm just very wary of Trojan Horse scenarios. Again...I do not desire rulership over Alien Nations. Nor do I desire their humiliation, degradation, extermination, or enslavement.

The preamble is a condensed version of the preamble to the Charter for the United Nations. I did remove the reference to treaties and other sources of international law. Nothing should supercede the founding documents.

'The Declaration of Human Sovereignty' from www.humansovereignty.org is included, with minimal modifications. I basically agree with it...and do not wish to reinvent the wheel. I did, however, eliminate the homeworld references, and I eliminated the demand to destroy ET bases...which might be necessary to defend the Solar System. This is the cosmic equivalent of the 'Declaration of Independence'. A big thank-you to humansovereignty.org. They might, or might not, approve of this thread. I don't know. Perhaps I won't have to wait long to find out!

The concept is simple...but undoubtedly the details and implementation would be very, very complex. I'm guessing that powerful forces outside of this Solar System would have to agree to allow this to occur. I'm also sensing that some of the agreement...if it was granted...would be very grudging...with the view that it would never work...and that the Pleiades, Sirius, Draco, Orion (and others?) would ultimately theocratically rule Earth eventually anyway. Who knows...this could be a new development in a very dictatorial, rigid, and violent universe. It could be Morning in the Universe...or the Solar System...at least. Lucifer...what do you think? How will this play in the Pleiades, Sirius, Draco, and Orion? You can make this happen. We are all actors on a stage...and the universe is watching. Namaste to everyone...including you Lucifer.

I don't hate anyone...Reptilian or Human. I think that 99% are victims...and the remaining 1% are deluded or insane (and in a sense...victims as well...even though they are in charge...and may be very harsh and cruel). I think everyone is in trouble...from the top to the bottom. This universe may need a new program and a reboot. The Reptilians...who many fear (including me)...may turn out to be quite friendly...if and when there is a paradigm shift and a leadership change. Their external appearance should not be viewed predjudicially. I don't know the true nature of the Reptilians. I've never seen one (that I know of)...and I'm still not absolutely sure that they exist (although the testimonial evidence is overwhelming). This conceptual statment should not be viewed as Human vs Reptilian. In an all-out Human vs Reptilian war...I have a sneaking suspicion that humanity might cease to exist. Who knows...Benevolent Reptilians may be keeping Human Beings from becoming extinct.

The 'Little Serpent' is the most benevolent creature imaginable; now or at any other timeline. The 'Little Serpent' is the template and blueprint for the 'Quantum of Love' the Gauge Love-Photon of the wormhole frequency.

orthodoxymoron wrote:
If the universal community cannot accept the linked proposal http://projectavalon.net/forum/showthread.php?t=15878 as a universal modus operandi...I would only request that an exception be made for this Solar System. Give us a chance to test the concept...under quarantine...if deemed necessary. I understand that unrestrained and irresponsible freedom is highly dangerous and contageous. The qualifiers outlined in the first post of this thread should be sufficient to maintain legitimate and reasonable law and order.

Thanks and Gratitude in Advance to the Beings of the Universe.


I have attempted to give comment to the above in interspersion orthodoxymoron.


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Moxie wrote:
Is it not true that the "Illuminati" always tell what they are going to do because this is a FreeWill universe?

Represetatives of Fallen Angelic Legions will be those to falsely "reassure" humans that fallen angelic races and the contemporay conflict drama do not exist.

True Guardian-Melchizedeks will always acknowledge the Order of the Yunasai as their Source. (pronounced You'-na'sigh) while Annu-Elohim Templar-Melchizedek Priesthoolds will "pay homage" to Melchizedek Orders that go by other names.

Fallen Legions attempt to misguide humanity into becoming "galactic" rather than "angelic".... to prevent Earth humans from actualizing the dormant 12-strand DNA potential, through which humans can reclaim the Angelic Human heritage to serve as Conscious Guardians of the Halls of Amenti.

Please answer the above with a true/false or yes/no answer and also qualify yourself w/the Order of the Yunasai.
Thank you

Hi moxie!

Could you please rephrase your questions in a way so that a True/False or/and a Yes/No answer can be applied?

Your perspective of 'illuminati'; 'fallen angelic legions'; 'Order of the Yunasai'; 'Annu-Elohim' and 'Melchizedek Orders' - all are dichotomized labellings from a unified platform, which encompasses them all.

The Thuban platform does encompass them all and a True/False distinction so becomes inappropriate.


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dannyc wrote:
greets abraxasinas,

since i have not a clue as to what my purpose may be in this world i would greatly appreiciate any light you might shed on that subject. thank you for your intrigueing words up to this point looking forward to the 18th!

Hi DannyC!

Your purpose in this world is to remember yourself, it's that simple.
It's like you can then answer questions like:
Where was I 100 years ago?
Where will I be in 100 years from now?
Where did I come from before being biologically conceived by the fusion of my biological parental sexual chromosomes?
Where are my dead ancestors?
Questions like that.

What is the easiest way to remember yourself?

The Indian saying addresses 'Walking in another's mocassins'.
This means identifying yourself with your environment and ALL you encounter - the nice experiences and the fearful or distasteful ones.
This so also is the 'Buddha hood', the 'selfenlightenment' and such labels.

So as an experiment go out into some garden and watch some ants do their things.
Then IMAGINE of BEING one of the ants and attempt to BLEND with ant-group-consciousness.
This is a much more potent meditation than sitting cross-legged and singing OM.

You will be surprised how deep the affinities between you and the ants can become.
You may quickly realise that you seem to understand them, being able to anttalk.

And then you may also realise what the aliens are and how the 'good aliens' and the 'bad aliens' are all part of you.
YOU are that powerful and potent as a Spiritul part of CreatorCreation experiencing separation in embodiment.


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Hi, Abraxasinas
I have another question for you.
Are you familiair with 'Dialoque With 'Hidden Hand', Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider' by Wes Penre? (Illuminati News, Dec. 27, 2008).
If you are, what is your opinion on this?
This 'Hidden Hand' has, just like you're doing here, now, answered questions of members on the ATS forum.
There are some who say 'Hidden Hand' & Wes Penre are the same 'person'. Personally I doubt that very much.

Hi Trancoso!

I am not the only one able to realise the hitherto 'hidden' information deriving from the 'opening' of the 12th dimension.
However I know from where my commission to share this information under the label of Thuban derives from and my allegience is to the Master-Dragonon in whose name I bring forth this information.

My information about 'Hidden Hand' is that he has realised the potency of the data emitted from the 12th dimension; but that he has not been given the authority to 'speak in the name of the Master-Dragon'.
Yet 'Hidden Hand's' Information is basically Thubanese and highly relevant and important to the 'Harvest', which I am also espousing.
Think of this this way.
Hidden Hand (HH) has the 'correct' data from the HIGHEST avenues of the lowerD planes - that you term Luciferic Agenda from 6-7-8th density.
HH so UNDERSTANDS the 'great deception' by the '13 bloodlines', which only can reach 6th density by the way.

Thuban is higher than the 'Automatic Return of the dichotomy' of the 8th density.
So HH is potent in terms of the political and agendas of the media corruption etc etc AND HH understands prime source as deriving from 12D and the hierarchy between 12D and 6D (I have termed omnispace and quantumspace).

So summararily HH's mission is rather similar to mine and INDIRECTLY he has been commissioned by Thuban but from the potency and data base of 8D and not yet from 12D.


My information

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BROOK wrote:
Wow...lost of information in this thread...much to digest.

abraxasinas, I see many here asking you about who they are and their purpose in regards to the events you speak of. So I will give it a go...what part do I play?

And if you can see that ....can you tell me about the room I was stuck in for thousands of years..and it's true purpose?


Hi brook!

Your part is rather like my answer to dannyc above.
The more you remember yourself, the more you will realise your unique talents you can use to help your own, the planet's and the universe's transformation into their next highest selfexpressions.

Your perception of being 'stuck in a room' for thousands of years is a recalled memory JUST BEFORE you physically incarnated.

You have made it your absolute predominant task in life to finally figure out how to escape the 'selfimprisonments' of physical incarnation.


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BROOK wrote:

Hi Abraxas,

I have been out of the room for awhile now...it was the purpose of the room that peaked my interest. And thank God for that...as it is not a place I wish to be in....but I WAS there for a very long time. As it somewhat goes along with your line of reasoning here..I was concerned that you could enlighten me to the actual purpose. I have seen what goes on there....And have traveled back several times to document the findings. But the true prupose..well...I will leave it at that.

As for finding out who I am...already done as well....and I know of my talents...and the purpose of such a talent....I was more concerned as to the part it plays on this "event" you speak of on the 18th..as some of the information goes with the things I speak of. Or maybe not.

Hi Brook! Hi Trancoso! Hi All!

Allow me to copy here an extract of the 'Hidden Hand' Interview of December 2008!
It will elucidate and illuminate MANY of your questions.
January 18th, 2010 will allow any of you to directly connect your innermost soul-level to the 12th dimension.
My task is simply to inform and prepare you for your own selfresponsibility to allow such an interaction.
January 18th, 2010 so will COMMENCE your Individualised Armageddons. ARMAGEDDON=DRAGON MADE=GOD NAMED RA=82.
All of you who can process this 'personal turmoil' to sufficient degree will so become INSTRUMENTAL of avoiding physical planetary catastrophies, such as 'megalomaniacised' by the 2012 movie and related 'fear-based' agendas.

As you shall read in this excerpt; there is a HARVEST planned in 2012 and this Harvest engages ALL negative and neutral and positive 'soul entities'.

The difference between the 'Hidden Hand' and the Thuban=33+33=66=Freedom information is that the Thuban information is not as restricted as the 'Luciferic' data from Hidden Hand.
Hidden Hand functions from the authority of the 8th density, where the negative and positive polarities are unified; whilst the Thuban information is commissioned from the 12th density, where the unified monadic energy systems harmonise all of the lower densities.

I shall answer questions about the information given by Hidden Hand, without being restricted by the protocol of the 8th density.


ATS: Is 2012 harvest time? When you speak of the harvest, it has echoes of Chaos Gnosticism in the sense that we are divine souls trapped in the physical world, continuously re-incarnated into flesh until the time that we reach such a level of spiritual 'gnosis' that we are able to avoid being re-incarnated in our next cycle. Is this the foundation of your belief?

HH: Another excellent (and very insightful) question. Thank you.

The higher the quality of the question, the more depth I can give to my answer. It all has to do with the Laws of Confusion and Free Will.

Yes, the noonday Winter Solstice Sun of December 21st, 2012 is the time when the Lord of The Harvest shall return. You might know him as "Nibiru".

Read up on the Mayan Prophesies and Calendrical events for more detail upon how the actual Galactic and Universal Cycles work. The "Travelers" who gave them this information were the same ones who visited the the Civilization of Atlantis. The Mayans used that information by creating with the Positive vibration of the Polarity. The Atlanteans opted for the Negative.

Yes, to answer your question. There is much truth in some of the ancient Gnostic texts, though there are also distortions. The information is not 'pure'. It came through many 'filters'.

You are indeed what you call "Divine Souls"; you are sparks or seeds of The One Infinite Creator. You are Life Itself (Light), remembering and learning who you really are (we came here to help you to do this) and yes, currently, you are trapped (or more accurately "Quarantined") within the 'matter' of this planet you call Earth.

You can thank your Creator Yahweh for that. You are the 'offspring' or individuations of his Group Soul (or Social Memory Complex). Macrocosmically speaking, you ARE Yahweh. The 'Karmic' effect of his imprisoning us in his Astral Planes, also has an impact upon you. I cannot be more specific on this, without impinging on the Law of Confusion. You must work it out for yourselves.

As for the question of can I elaborate on the coming Harvest, yes, I shall do so now.

Your planet abides by the laws of the Creation of your Galactic Logos. The Galaxy runs on Cycles of time, known as the Precession of the Equinoxes. As I said, seek the Mayan Calendar for a deeper insight as to how the Galaxy runs (it is highly accurate), but for the purpose of this discourse, I will give a brief overview.

The Maya use an astrological cycle called the "Precession of the Equinoxes". This is a 26,000 year cycle in which Earth transits through each of the 12 signs of the zodiac for about 2,152 years each. Each of these astrological ages represents one month of the grand Cosmic Year. This "Mayan" cycle also corresponds to a 26,000 year relationship of the Sun (Solar Logos) orbiting Alcyone, the central star of our Seven Sisters Pleiades constellation.

The End of this Cycle, heralds literally, a New World Age, and a New Creation. "A new Heaven, and a new Earth", and is the time of the Great Harvest.

Smaller Cycles yield a Harvest, and then life continues on the planet as normal. Great Cycles yield a Great Harvest, and the end of current life on the 3rd Density. See it as a kind of 'Cosmic jet wash' and deep clean, while the planet takes a rest and regenerates herself..

When this Life-Cycle Ends, "All things will pass away, and All things shall be made new".

Collectively, Humanity right now, is growing, and developing, into the Beings you have long been encoded to be. Yet, as with any labor, it is not the mother or the baby who is in charge, it is the Primal process of Birth itself, unfolding it's own destiny.

So, December 21, 2012 AD, is not the day where all of the sudden the lights go out, and everything will suddenly change, rather, we are NOW in the process of this transition, from one World Age to the next. The changes are underway and will continue steadily accelerating as we head towards the culminating date.

The 26,000 year cycle is composed of 5 lesser cycles, each of which are 5,125 years in duration. Each of these 5 cycles is considered its own World Age or Creation Cycle.

Our present great cycle (3113 B.C. - 2012 A.D.) is called the Age of the Fifth Sun.

This fifth age is the synthesis of the previous four. The initial date that Earth entered the Fifth World, was August 13, 3113 BC, written in Mayan long count notation as

To help you understand this Notation:

13=Baktuns, 0=Katuns, the 2nd 0=Tuns, 3rd 0=Uinals, 4th 0=Kin

These are the Mayan words for the periods of time:

Day = Kin (pronounced: keen)
Month of 20 days/Kin = Uinal (wee nal)
Year of 360 days/Kin = Tun (toon)
20 Tuns/years = K'atun (k'ah toon)
20 K'atuns = Baktun (bock toon)
a Baktun is 5,125 years

Every day from that point is reckoned by the number of days passed since the event of this cosmic beginning point. Within the 5,125 year cycle lies 13 smaller cycles, known as the "13 Baktun Count," or the "long count." Each baktun cycle lasts for 394 years, or 144,000 days. Each baktun was its own Historical Age, within the Great Creation Cycle, with a specific destiny for the evolution of those who incarnated in each baktun.

Planet Earth and her inhabitants are currently traveling through the 13th baktun cycle, the final period of 1618-2012 AD. This cycle is known both as "the triumph of materialism", and "the transformation of matter."

On, the December solstice sun will be found in the band of the Milky Way, directly in the position of the "Dark Rift" in the Galaxy, forming an alignment between the Galactic Plane and the Solstice Meridian. We are about to enter into a literal alignment of the Cosmic, Galactic, Solar, and Lunar Planes. This is an event that has slowly converged, over a period of thousands of years, and is caused by the precession of the equinoxes. Kind of like a "turning" of the Universal Gears. It brings about the Great Harvest, and the return of the Lord of The Harvest.

And the planet will complete it's Ascension to the Fourth Density, the vibrational Density of Love. During this Ascension, there will be a three way split for those Souls inhabiting Earth. Those of the predominantly Negative Polarity, will accompany us as we Graduate through the Negative (or Service to Self) Harvest. We (Lucifer) will Create a new 4th Density Earth, based on the Negative Self Service Polarity. We must 'work off' our own part of the Negative Karmic effect incurred from all the Negativity created on this planet. Once we have done so, we will be released to once again assume our place as Sixth Density Guardians and Teachers of Wisdom throughout the Galaxy.

Those of the predominantly Positive Polarity (Love and Light) will Ascend to a beautiful new 4th Density Earth, where you will begin to work upon your learning and demonstrating of Love and Compassion. It will be a very beautiful and "Golden" Age. The 4th Density begins to open you up to your True Powers as a unique individualized aspect of The One Infinite Creator. You will perform works and wonders of the like that the one you call "Jesus" promised you would do "and even greater things than these". It will be a very magical time for you.
For the majority of Humans on the earth who could be considered shall we say "luke warm", they will experience a period of (what will feel 'ecstatic') zero-point time, where you feel totally at One with The Creator, giving you an encouraging reminder and glimpse of who you really are, before the veil of forgetfulness once again descends upon you, and you will be transported to another 3rd Density planet (a kind of 'Earth Replica'), to continue working upon yourselves and learning that life here is all about making choices. You will remain "quarantined" incarnating in 3rd Density matter until the time of the next Harvest; in which time you will need to have proved yourselves that you have learned how to be more Positive Beings, focused more upon being of Service to others, rather than seeking only to Serve yourself. When you can do this, and the next Harvest comes, you will have earned the right to join us, and enjoy your inheritance, as a member of the Galactic Community, and you will sit with us as Brothers and Sisters of The One, around the table of our Galactic Governing Body, the Confederation of Planets.

Well, I have imparted much during this session, with thanks to the quality of your enquiries, and I must now take my leave for today.

If you have further questions on the Harvest you wish me to speak in more detail on, if you ask, I can answer. Or any other questions you have too on other matters, I will get to them all as time allows, as with the other (respectfully asked) questions here since I took these away with me to reply to earlier.

If time permits, I will check in with you tomorrow.
- - -
ATS: A lot of what you write seems reminscent of The Ra Material, especially the concept of harvest, STS and STO choices, and intelligent infinity. (More information found here www.llresearch.org... ) Have you read that?
HH: It is indeed extremely similar. We both originate from the Source of the Infinite Creator, and we both remember where we come from. I would expect our messages to contain the same Core Truths.

The messages of the Sixth Density Soul Group 'Ra' is the most accurate information in your mainstream circulation at this point in time. It is approximately 85-90% accurate, from what I have seen. The material was brought to my attention when it first came out, something like about 25 years or so ago, if memory serves. I read a lot of it, but not all. I do not have very much free time for that kind of thing, with my many duties. Though others of the Family gave it a close scrutiny to judge it's accuracy, and were very pleased with the end product.

Ra, in fact, is the group I earlier termed 'off world entities' of which visited the Mayan and Atlantean Civilizations. We are acquainted, and friends. Both our Group Soul's are at a very similar level of development / evolution. Both Sixth Density, nearly Seventh. But like us, Ra also chose the path of Service to our fellow Galactic Brothers and Sisters (you, and others), instead of further progression Home. We would recommend that material for any who truly seek understanding. Though, as I said, it is not 100% accurate, so take what resonates.
ATS: What function, if any, do alien abductions have? Why are abductees chosen?
HH: That depends, upon who is doing the "abducting". Most of what you hear termed as "abductions", are conducted by your own 'governments'. Especially the ones where the 'so-called' "Greys" are involved. Other than that, sometimes the Confederation will meet with certain incarnates here who have a part to play in "awakening" others to the coming Harvest. These will always be positive experiences, and those who have them will feel uplifted and inspired by their contact.

Then there is the Orion Empire Group. Their purposes in visiting you are more along the Negative lines. They mainly target the ones you have called "Lightworkers". They try to put them off their assignments and try to spread fear. They will not actually 'harm' you physically. Mainly their modus operandi is to restrict you, and deflect you from your path. They often engage in psychic attacks that the 'Lightworker' is unaware of, but it does often drain away much of their energy, and make them lack motivation.
ATS: Why do you want a negative harvest?
HH: It is complicated to put into words, and also I must be careful with what I say on this. I've already had a "slap on the wrist", you could say.

If we do not have a Negative Harvest, we are bound with you for another cycle. Once this Great Harvest is completed, our Contract with the Council and our Creator is also completed. In other words, we have done our duty, and would be free to return to our Fullest Expression, that of Sixth (nearly Seventh) Density Galactic Guardians, and ones who joyfully offer ourselves in Service to the One Infinite Creator, and to our Brothers and Sisters across the Galaxy. However, there is a problem. Well, you would call it a "problem", we call it a Challenge. I will address this later in more detail, in response to another question, but in short, we need a very high percentage of Negative Polarity, if we are to achieve a Negative Harvest. In other words, we have to be Self-Service-Centred to an extreme degree, in order to become Negatively Harvested. This is why we work so hard to be as Negatively Polarized as we possibly can be, If we do not make a high enough percentage, we will miss out, and will end up with the majority "luke warm" percentage, that have to go through another Cycle in 3rd Density.

By attaining a Negative Harvest, we can still "Graduate" to 4th Density, only it will be a Negative Polarity planet. Not a great place to be. But, as I've stated previously, we (as a Group Soul) have incurred the natural Karmic restitution process that we must work off, for all the Negativity we have caused upon this planet. We will do this for a Cycle in our new 4th Density world, and then we will be freed to once again be the Glorious Being of Light that we truly are. We need a Negative Harvest, so that we can create our 4th Density Earth, and clear our Karmic Record.

Understand, that we HAVE to be Negative. That's what we were sent here to be. It is our contract, and it has always been to help you, by providing the "Catalyst" I spoke of earlier. Being Negative is very hard for us, not on a physical level, (the characters we play enjoy our roles, as we're programmed that way), but on a Spiritual level, it is hard. We surpassed the lowly negative vibrations eons ago. We are Light, and we are Love. It is a very hard thing for us to do Spiritually, to create all this Negativity, but we do it because we love you, and it is for your highest good, ultimately. You could say, that it is our Sacrifice that we have made, in order to be of Service to the One Infinite Creator, and to you, our Brothers and Sisters in the One.

Remember, we are all just acting out a grand old game here, where we agree to forget who we really are, that in the remembering, that we may find each other again, and know that we are One. That All of Life, is One.
ATS: I must correct you here. The precession of the equinoxes cannot cause this. It cannot cause anything other than the way in which we here on Earth view the cosmos around us. It concerns the wobble of the Earth's axis and as far as I know does not relate to any other planetary bodies.
HH: From a 3rd Density perspective, you are correct, it "appears" that way. We do not look from a 3rd Density perspective. There is a 'bigger picture' at work that you cannot see.
ATS: Regarding our enslavement, you seem to be saying - essentially - that as fractions of our Logos Yahweh, we are equally responsible for his decision to keep us trapped here on our 3rd density planet Earth. That's an interesting thought. In that sense our total freedom must arrive through a collaborative spiritual effort.
HH: From a certain perspective, what you say is correct. From a 3rd Density view, you see yourselves as being "separate" from everything. From a higher perspective, you see that is not at all the case. You and your Creator, are One. As to your statement on your 'total freedom', you are not responsible for those around you. You and they are all One too, when seen from a higher Density, but in this Density, you are here to work upon yourself. You are here to remember who you are, and why you are here. You are here to remember the Infinite Creator. To know your Creator within you, and to offer your Service to him, and others, of your own Free Will choice to Serve. The one comes before the other. When you remember who you are, and you know it, deep within the Core of your Being, you will know and recognize your 'invisible' connection to All that Is, and in so doing, Joy, and Thanksgiving, and Service, will be the natural outpouring result, from your grateful heart. When you work upon yourself, and learn to know the Creator within you, being of Service to Others will be natural for you, and your Glorious Harvest shall await.
ATS: One thing I don't get - and perhaps you can explain this to me Hidden-Hand - is why those who belong to Lucifer (and Lucifer himself) do not fight for the freedom of all souls? If Lucifer represents liberty, freedom of will and knowledge, why do those who serve him not do as the Biblical Lucifer did and rebel against the tyranny of the Elders?
HH: This is a very good question, thank you. I will split it into two parts, and answer the second part after this. Firstly, the Council of Elders are the absolute opposite of tyrannical. They are the Wise and Loving Guardians of our Galaxy. There is so much that one cannot understand from only a 3rd Density perspective. When you reach higher Densities, you see that ultimately, everything balances, and there is only Unity. All else than Unity, is Illusion, or 'thought-form'.

The Council gave us a set of choices. We chose to stay here to help you, despite the cost to ourself. That is the nature of Loving Service to Others. The ultimate paradox in all this, is that in this storyline we are all co-creating together, in order for us to be of the most Service to you, we must be utterly self serving. I do so love our Creator's sense of irony.

As to the first part of your question, the biblical depiction of "War in Heaven" is not entirely inaccurate. I shall explain. Our initial contract, was to introduce the Catalyst for Free Will on this planet. When Yahweh initially began discourse with the Council of Elders, he was not initially looking for help with introducing Free Will, but rather for guidance on how he could best speed up his (and his inhabitant's) evolutionary process. As I mentioned, he was running a benign dictatorship. We had at that time, just completed an assignment in Tau Ceti, and had reported for our next duties. We (as Group Soul Lucifer) were sent on a "fact finding expedition" as it were, to visit Earth, and meet with Yahweh, to evaluate his planetary Creation Laws, and make suggestions on how best he could help his "offspring" (this is the term I shall use to describe the Souls who comprise the Group Soul) and thusly Yahweh, to progress.

We explored many options, and reported our findings to the Council, and to Yahweh. It was our best evaluation, that the only real and fast track way to increase his evolvement meaningfully, was the introduction of Free Will. It was not specifically the implementation of Free Will that Yahweh wanted help with, it was simply the introduction of a Catalyst. He was not at all pleased with our report that he needed to implement Free Will. He was happy with his little pet paradise, and he didn't want to "loose control" of it. In the end the Council persuaded him that it was the best way, and he reluctantly agreed. We returned to Earth, and had a cordial meeting with Yahweh, discussing how we could best implement the Free Will option. Yahweh was adamant that his offspring would choose to be loyal to him anyway, and that they were so contented with their way of life, that they would always trust him and do as he said was best. That, he said, was his "main reason" that Free Will would not work well as the Catalyst. That's why he agreed to the experiment of the Tree of Knowledge. He believed it would prove him "right". When it did not, he became angry, threw his toys out of the pram, and his offspring out of the garden, and laid a big guilt trip on them about how they had broken his trust and disobeyed him. That's not really an Honourable way for a Logos to behave, but hey, that's the beauty of Free Will I guess.

Next "problem" to occur, was that his offspring were so grateful to us for our help, that Yahweh became (in his own admission) a "Jealous God". Then we had the whole "you shall have no other gods than me" thing. We were not pleased with the situation at all, as a Logos should not be behaving like this with his offspring, they are One, after all. When we attempted to leave the planet to return to the Council, Yahweh prevented our departure. We tried to leave again, and were then thrown down into the Astral Planes and confined therein. The Council ordered us to be released, but said we would have to cancel our contract to help the Souls on Earth to evolve. We didn't want to leave, we found them very likable Beings, really Positively Polarized, and we wanted to stay and help, we just wanted also to be free to come and go as we pleased. The only way we could stay, was to stay confined as a Group Soul, which meant Cycles of incarnation for us (as individuated Souls), which we had not done for a long while. As I've stated before, there is no 'wrong' or 'right' seen from a Higher Density, but there are still consequences for every action. Such is the law of Karmic effect. The contract had already been made between Yahweh, us, and the Council for us to provide the Catalyst so we had a right to be there, the Karmic effect of Yahweh imprisoning us on the Macrocosmic level, was that his individuated Souls would be imprisoned on the microcosmic level. The Infinite Creator gave Yahweh (and all) the gift of Free Will to Create as we choose, but the Karmic effect of his choice was the Council quarantining the planet. A certain evolutionary level is required to be a functioning part of a Positive Unified Galactic Society.

As for "fighting for the freedom of all souls", remember that ultimately, this is a Game, that we are all playing here. We are actors, playing on the "stage of Life". This 'world' is all illusion, or 'though-form'. No one really "dies", and no one is really hurt. In between incarnations, you know this very well. But the rules of the game ensure that you must forget who you really are, so that you believe it is all 'real' whilst you are playing the game of Life. That is an essential prerequisite when you are making choices. Otherwise, the game would be too easy.

This world is not reality. Though we can express Reality in it, if we so chose.


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eleni wrote:
Abrax, do you know about the Source A disclosure and the 2 races (one reptoid, the other a crystal type being) and can you comment on them and what their agenda is (providing the story is true).

Hi Eleni!

Your sources are restricted to 8th density and so the labellings are dichotomised.
Allow me to give you an excerpt from the Andromedan agenda here, which serves as a platform for your query.
I have highlighted the passages on which I shall comment in red.


Our Universe is a Hologram:

Abraxas' Thuban Q&A - Page 3 Andromeda_m31_small

o us, some may say "that doesn't matter, I won't be here." But as far as other extraterrestrial races are concerned, they will be here. Many of them live from an average of 1,000 to 1,500 years.

The Andromedans live to an average of 2,007 years. The "years" that I am going to be giving you as a measure of time are linear - it's the only way I can give it to you. They do not look at time the same way we do. Just keep that in mind.

They say that our universe, which consists of everything that we do and don't know about, is a 21 trillion year-old hologram. That's what they say.

They say that all the matter that is in our universe came out of black holes. Under every galaxy, they say there is a black hole from whence everything came. How they have described it is that there was a universe that was evolving (when they mean evolve, they mean that the frequency of that universe continues to evolve), and as the universe evolved, those energies that did not want to evolve or were holding themselves back because they were full of fear started to "gain weight," so to speak.
These energies, which include consciousness, formed "sacks", which got "heavier". As the universe raises in frequency (colour and sound), the pockets of resistance break and explode out . This scenario is apparently what is beginning to happen now in our universe, 21 trillion years after its creation.

Everything in our universe, including us, came from a black hole. The Andromedans say there is no age to us. We truly are infinite. You can take that any way you want.
According to Vissaeus and Morenae, on March 23rd of 1994 a specific color and sound frequency began to emanate from all the black holes in the known universe. In terms of their science, which goes back along way, this is the first time this has ever happened. What this energy and frequency is doing is that it is creating a holographic impression throughout all dimensional levels, of which they say there are eleven creational densities.

This new holographic impression has become a 12th density. They say that this new holographic impression has one frequency - that it does not carry a duality within it.

What this frequency is doing is that it is pulling up all the dimensional levels below it. They say that by December 2013, third density as we know it here will cease to exist - it is imploding in on itself as everything is being drawn up. Those on the 11th are going to 12th. We are supposed to go to 4th and then to 5th density.
From the Andromedan perspective, 4th density is a consciousness. It is where an entire race is telepathic with each other, they are aware of each other, they feel each other - they are of one mind, separate individuals but still one. Fifth density is where we would be considered from the third density as being light. They say that this is what is going to happen to us, no later than 2013, based on their science.

Do I know if this is right? I will know when you know, but they have not been wrong yet.

Now, there are individual consciousness' which have appeared in this 12th density holographic consciousness. They apparently are like nothing that has ever been seen before. The Andromedans don't know who they are, what they are, and don't know even how to describe them. But, apparently these 12th dimensional beings have the capability to gaze down through all of the dimensions and see everything that is going on there.

That is all I know about that.

Why is this happening?

Abraxas' Thuban Q&A - Page 3 010_001

As all this is happening, certain essences are starting to "gain weight" [See Fig 1] because the frequency shifting is "pulling everything up."

Those energies that are regressive are starting to "freak out". According to the Andromedans, every single one of us on planet Earth and 21 other star systems in our galaxy apparently consist of a group of beings, individual consciousness', that apparently evolved some trillions of years ago to the 11th density.

An experiment was conceived where beings would drop down into the concept of time and experiment with our thoughts creating physical matter. They say that apparently a large group of us dropped down into 3rd density and found a specific race already there with a very specific genetic coding involving 22 different extraterrestrial races.

All life on Earth was brought here by traders (Earth lies along a galactic trade route), explorers, miners, joy-riders - all different people. Originally, the Earth was in a different orbit, closer to Mars, and nothing but ice.

Abraxas comments:

The 12th density beings are a UNIFIED Hologram BLENDING the Lowest 1st Dimension with the Highest 12th Dimension in a CLOSING of the Circle.
Until the 12th density energy; a WORMHOLE Frequecy of precisely 3 thousand million billion trillion cycles (a 3 followed by 30 zeros); emerged the process of cosmic cosciousness was LINEAR from 1st to 2nd to 3rd to the 4th and 5th of the present Gaia incarnation.

What is termed the Orion Negative Service-To-Self Retilian Agenda is a Group-Consciousness of the 5th density, which is REQUIRED to attain a maximum polarisation within itself. Being of Service-To-Self this manifests as THOUGHTFORM concentrated in the INDIVIDUAL.
This in a nutshell is the 'whistleblower data' from 'Hidden Hand' (HH). His stated lineage is of that group-consciousness.

So HH is part of Lucifer-consciousness in group-ID AND as an individual.

The disclosure then relates to a CRYSTALLIZATION of the maximum polarized 'Orion IDs' relative to their Individualisations, which are Separated from each other.

It is the simple analogy of individuated snowflakes agglomerating into a snowball say or water droplets freezing into crystalline Ice.

Iow the Individuated 'negative' Reptoid is FREEZING into a 'Dark Crystal' of Unity to be further processed in the Harvest of Consciousness.

In utter simplicity, I advice anyone interested to watch a Jim Henderson (Sesame Street) Movie: 'The Dark Crystal'. This movie illustrates this agenda to a dot.
All of you playing the role of the two Gelflings (as the heroes of the reharmonization, using the Elders).

This scenario draws upon the archetypology of 5 Hells and 12 Heavens with a 5+7=12 finestructure. {Reference 'The Secret Book of John' from the Nag Hammadi Codex}.

I shall further elucidate when so appropriate.

Abraxas (from the 12th dimensions as indicated in the above Andromedean context).
Ripley's Caveat: Believe It or Not!

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