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    Nothing ever happens by itself


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    Post  Guest on Tue Jun 01, 2010 12:51 pm

    Didymos wrote:

    What time Rok?;..the time to engage definitions?..or the time to show certain frustrations?...or the time for 'changing things'?..or..

    Oh no no...nothing that fancy.

    I ll just go with the initial advice - "be yourself" (it never fails..just look above)

    thx for the answers

    have fun

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    Nothing ever happens by itself - Page 2 Empty Re: Nothing ever happens by itself

    Post  SuiGeneris on Tue Jun 01, 2010 2:47 pm

    Whoever said that change is a bad thing? But not all change is a good thing!
    About it being good or bad, it's only a matter of perception...so next time I decide to change my mind about something just grin and bear it and don't make a fuss.

    For me things are happening with the speed of time.
    Yes I know this... Sometimes it feels to me as if we live in different worlds altogether and the speed of your world is much too slow for me.

    Aaaannnd...change is ok as long as it is "congruent"...
    You not seeing it as congruent does not mean it is not to me.

    and.....your change might not also be the "best" without some involvement from "others".
    I gather that you super-analyze even your reaction to your possible feelings trying to somehow keeping one step ahead of "trouble" or any sort of "drama" but sometimes that is not possible and life will catch up with you forcing you to surrender to your emotions without giving you much time to analyze anything....and then once that happens you realize that you did not vanish into thin air or that it wasn't that "aweful" an experience....

    I keep tabs for everything.

    I tend to do this too sometimes...Hhmm.... i wonder what score I have so far.. lol Do you use decimal points in your grading system? or you only use letter grading? Make ups?

    Politicians would be proud at this paragraph
    Really? but I don't like politics...politics is like religion and I don't like dogma either...

    SuiGeneris wrote:
    If someone doesn’t meet your desired expectation…couldn’t that be your own ego deceiving you?
    Yes it could...there is always a chance for that...a small one...but it is.
    Yes, so perhaps it would be best to let ppl surprise you sometimes and just take them as they come. No judging...

    Yes people love IF. Do you too love IF?

    No, talking about ppl I already love... I take them as they come and if any drama arises I deal with it. Not much you can do if they are already in your life and your heart.

    What is loving mentally? How is that in practice? What is it that you do...besides poetic justice that i get to read here over and over again from all that tend to respond.
    Hmm..hard question. But if you must compartmentalize...you may think that it could be just thinking about loving that person on the mental plane of the 4th Dimension. However, if there is real love involved, you can't really separate it from the heart because it is born in the heart; iow, you would also love that person emotionally, chemically, spiritually, etc. So because we are multidimensional beings our love is also multidimensional.

    I do not know. People spam "i love you" all the time. I do not. U know this and u tend to get upset over it...refusing to understand what saying that is to me... Go ask those who spam "i love you" "love" "love to all" "love and light"....but i am afraid all u will get is some slimy words with sugar on top.
    Not all who "spam" I love you as you say don't actually mean it. I agree that you will find many especially in the New Age community who simply say it thinking that it's hype or whatever, but some actually have already understood the actual meaning of the word and do try to live as one with everyone else in which case the greeting of "I love you" comes naturally and is pertinent.

    How about allowing yourself...and others..not to feel guilty?
    Could only be truly understood after the fact or after having lived it, so... I am open to having the experience.

    Emotions always come into play...try not to be selfish and resentful when they do...it is a good "exercise" for the begging.
    I do allow myself to be selfish and resentful and everything else...but since I am aware of my emotions I think about them and after a short while I let them go from me and go back to being happy again (I transmute them)...and I will keep doing this until it gets easier and easier for me not to react to these types of emotions at all. It does take practice and it's not easy..especially for a passionate Spanish girl like me... I don't expect to EVER get rid of them since I consider my human emotions a gift, but I do expect to be able to rise above them having understood their use and reason for being.

    abstract poetic justice....with an addition that he needs to be a suitable peace of meat with some brain....

    Suitable piece of meat is a necessity.. I mean, how can you actually fall in love with someone you don't find attractive? And what's more.. the "some brain" part is not acceptable to me. Anyone has some brain, but my personal preference as of right now is someone at my same level or above. Someone who can actually teach me a thing or two. This is something women know intuitively.

    Being jealous and possessive is the root cause of all "evil" (not always love related). Feel what you like...but....do not overflow others with it.
    Wrong. The root cause of all evil is fear. Which in turn is also found to be somewhere at the root cause of being jealous and possessive. Look, I am like a river...and like all rivers they do overflow sometimes. What's wrong with that? I am also a water bender and I tend to control my own flow and intensity anyway. It's all about self control and exact measurements...like alchemy. Usually when that happens fertile soil is born out of it. It's just a matter of heeding the moment. Lol...I see Hades is afraid of getting wet...Tsk tsk tsk

    Compromises....everything has its limits.[/size][/font]
    Wrong again. Love has no limits.

    SuiGeneris wrote:
    To me 5D love means to surrender to love. To want to make him happy first no matter what, who, where, how long, situation, etc, etc…. no conditions…no if’s...not as a slave, but in a way of wanting to share the love I already have inside...for myself and towards him.

    abstract..poetic justice...but close enough....

    Abstract? Damn! If you can't understand that paragraph...then there is no hope for you my sweet dear lord of the underworld. As far as it being poetic yes thank you...I write as I speak and I speak as I think...so my mind is a work of art. Now...close enough? Close enough to what exactly? Your own definition of 5D love perhaps?

    Trying..hmm yes...people do try...most of times..
    Actually a much better word would be doing, wouldn't it? Actually, isn't this what we Dragons are immersed in right now? The actual practice of anchoring 5D into duality? So Yey for us!!!!!cheers

    Nothing ever happens by itself - Page 2 Xeia177 heart glitter

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    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    Nothing ever happens by itself - Page 2 Empty Re: Nothing ever happens by itself

    Post  SuiGeneris on Tue Jun 01, 2010 11:07 pm

    Violet=Xeia Green=Tony Cyan=Rok

    I shall intersperse your comments to the best extent I can reply both rationally in the physical AND in the metaphysical aspects.
    Cumulatively, it is there I perceive your 'frustrations' - your difficulties to synthesize or even allow the metaphysical reality to infuse and precede the physical reality.
    You are not alone in this 'predicament' Rok; this situation is rather ubiquitous.

    Yes my amazing sweet dear TonyLove, you have hit the nail in the head! For Hades can only "see" what's there as he once said and I was thinking...Is it possible for the Universe to teach him in reverse?... that perhaps for him the physical reality and actual experience will precede the metaphysical and make him see it?

    I will not take it from people telling me all is love...making an "easy way out". Speaking of all is love and them not being love...or perhaps it is just me (a string to pull for those that do not know how to do it otherwise).
    Yes Rok; it is 'just' you.
    "All is love" is not really an easy way out, on the contrary. If you really understand that idea and accept it, then you are in for some major inner work to tame and slay your Dragon. Anyway Hades you shouldn't preoccupy yourself with "people" especially the obvious ones who show not to walk their talk. Nevertheless, essentially all ARE "allowed" to speak about love and trying to understand its concept and meaning while at the same time not being 'all love' themselves... Think about it, we are still in duality. Now, putting aside the hypocrites and cynics, some are actually willing to begin experimenting with this "new" 5D Love as something abstract first, as and idea...then mentally and emotionally; but that doesn't mean that they will automatically will be able to live it and bring it into their lives right away. The heart must take over and bypass the ego and this may bring resistance at first and cause all kinds of side effects...even physical ones. More and more their actions will reflect their understanding and gnosis, and in time their insight and consistency will gradually win if their focus and intention is strong enough.

    You see in those quantum terms, 'Love' becomes the minimum spacetime configuration as the building block or holofractal unit for whatever your physicality can perceive with its 5 senses and their extensions (it becomes superfluous should you accept such 'extrasensory' perceptions or not).
    The frustration lies in the inability to access this mentally due to the lack of any point of reference or "proof" for someone so mental as Hades. I witness the same type of situation with many members of my immediate family who worship the intellect and science but dismiss esoteric knowledge and metaphysics. How to bridge the gap?

    Your personal 'misgivings' about people's expressions and statement about 'love' then have no influence whatsoever of how this 'quantum Love, actually like a Photon of electromagnetic gauge interactions, manifests as the 'canvas' or matrix for the cosmos to exist in.
    The way I see it...it is there in his face he just can't see it. And the reason he can't see it, is because he can't dissecting it in order to analyze it. That approach may work on anything else in this world...except Love. It is too big and too complex to encase it and give it a definition and conclusion, especially if it is being categorized as something existing outside of yourself. Then comes the whole issue of resisting the unknown due to fear.

    Stating a definition can be "controversial"...if you doubt that...start a debate about love and sex when there will be like 5 or so people in group chat (make sure you get proper male-female ratio)...get a first aid kit before you do...and hope form them to actually go and be honest...and the most important thing - ask the right questions....the ones that can "hurt".

    Not controversial if you can indeed define your terms and context. This is how rational science and the reductionistic methodologies applied thereto actually function.
    Controversial or not I think it's a great idea!!! When do we do this? It is about time we have our next sexy chat anyway!!! cheers

    Because herein is the problem about this 'Feeling of Being in Love'; yet not really knowing why.
    Of course the physical attraction is biochemical (one has the hots); but it also can be mental attraction and a number of mixed states of communication between 'soul entities'.

    I agree. And here lies another key factor in this discussion. There are a number of ways to feel love for each other and all are perfectly OK. The Love of a human being cannot be restricted to a mere one "definition". For example, I may have the hots for a man's body and be in love with another one's mind. Who is to say that both are not a type of love? Sometimes the entire package is a rare gem to find! he he...OMG I can't believe I just said that...(I'm spending way too much time with Raven! lol)

    Once this is done, it is found that 'Love' is the 'Life of the Cosmos' and the 'Consciousness of Spacetime' as this structured and formed universe itself.
    It becomes a form of 'Selfawareness'; the Cosmos itself realising itself as what it is and ever was; yet experiencing a form of EVOLVEMENT from various vantage points of self-observation and even structural forms of self definitions.

    Indeed it is... not as an idea but as a fact. This paragraph above is just genius.

    This is like a poem of a sort....leaves space for "interpreting it". Somewhat like me saying "love is the binding force"...like gravity. Which means it can be "light years" away from any perception that we might have right now.
    No Rok, not at all.
    Your problem here is simply misunderstanding and unfamiliarity with the quantum nature of the cosmology.

    Perhaps Hades will gain this understanding in the blink of an eye... the lucky day in which Love will fall like a brick and hits him in the head. Ouch!

    'Love' as the Energy of space and time preexisting their own definition in whatever terms.
    Yes because out of love everything was born. So everything has to contain it within, as a holofractal unit of Creation. Isn't it awesome?

    But this way anyone can "dress it up" the way he or she wants it to be? And if that is so...people should just look for those who have the same "description" of what that is...and if that is so...love can be anything people make it to be?
    Yes, ultimately... Love is what it is to you. You are a creator God and your own perception of Love is unique in the Universe.

    Yes babe indeed.

    The only true love is love for self? How does that look in "practice" (every day situations) with other people?
    Once you can understand WHO YOU truly are; namely the creator of All that Is BOTH in Oneness OUT OF SPACETIME (and so the necessitated definition as a boundary condition for this oneness in its minmax configurations); AND in the Manyness of the interactions with many others and your encountered environments; THEN You will understand that YOUR practice is also a manyness and a collective Oneness encompassing ALL possible personalities and individuations.
    you can't love anyone if you don't have love in your heart to share. No one will make you happy. You make yourself happy sharing the love you each have to give. You are responsible for your own happiness

    And to say it in general to all
    Due to my soon to be a "short leave" (still not sure) and...other stuff...i would just like to sum up the current "progress" (in a way it is an exaggeration to call it progress) of this thread.

    I wish that there will be no "conclusions" of this kind....

    There is ONE common point in all of this and perhaps the proper word to describe it is BALDERDASH (yes you heard me)
    Trying to understand the concept of unconditional love and trying to live it is not balderdash in the least...I consider it an honorable undertaking.

    There is an art and the art it love. People paint it as the see it...the way they like it. Than it comes the critic. Critic points out to stuff that "stands out" (like an erect dick). The artist than does what any other true artists does - he goes to hide in a chimney. What the artist could do is grab that dick and give it a good rubbing...but no...artists do not want to do that..."once up, leave it up"...they say. Afraid to change anything that might no longer go along with their ideal picture.

    And what does this have to do with 5D you ask yourself?

    Well..not much i guess.

    Can you be less cryptic?

    You people cant even call me on my bullshit since you do not even know if there is any....long noses, lip biting and self assuring giggles will not do you any good.
    And...no....overflowing the "situation" with the intensity building up in you while reading this post will be counter productive. Yet you so want to do it?
    Dont you?

    Listen Hades baby...I thought you were trying to figure out how to actually feel 5D unconditional love for someone while still being stuck on 3D and doing it painlessly. I can tell you right now... it CAN be done, but only if you have at least the basic understanding of what Love actually is. And as far as the process being painless, well...I can't help you there. Running away from pain or hurt won't make it go away.

    Remember....next time you spammed with "I love you" "love you all" "love you so much" - just...keep smiling
    I am not really sure what you are on about here Rok. Most of Us here are well aware of the BS of the 'Love and Light' Brigades.
    Actually, I love it when someone says "I love you", when they say "love you all" I feel included and when someone I care about says "I love you so much" it does give me a warm feeling inside :)

    add. note - when done from male to female, make sure first about how horny his "love" is
    What's wrong with being horny? What's so terrible if a boy talks about love or says "I love you" to a girl?? I haven't met one girl who doesn't like this...

    I know you don't get that much light in the Underworld...but we do love you Hades!! And do you know why? Because we know you are not the only "evil" one in here. We ALL have the devil inside (like the INXS song) And so we should help each other to try to find the answers we may have but within a space of love and compassion, not ego based competition. We are all in this together and if you think you are in Love...then you should be considering yourself blessed. Not all have the opportunity to actually practice with someone the Art of 5D Love while still in 3D.

    Ode to Hades!

    Akin Barbra's Clown, the Fool on the Hill is like the Joker of the Tarot - the universal substitute, placeholding for all the other cards as the 0 of the Nothing being Everything as the Infinity.

    Sweet Lola Phoenix!

    You have experienced something of great and deep importance as a Mirror of the world as it has selfidentified itself for the last millennia or two.

    Carefully now, i am an impartial observer, albeit experienced and informed enough to supply commentary on your experiences and your emotional war(p)zones.

    In no manner does my commentary judge you or Neo and my words are a simple attempt to serve an overall harmonization, which you perhaps find a little hard to fathom in the present times of emotional turmoils.
    So allow me to begin to say I DO know how you feel and this as a man, who has learned the hard way to understand many of the statements Neo conveyed to you, albeit imo in a harsher manner I would have pursued and engaged.

    I have been 'In Love' in my younger days and this 'being in Love' meant everything to me and I composed poems and songs and wrote and embedded my and then Our 'Love experience' into templates and blueprints reflecting their greater cosmic contexts.

    'Could a Love so deep and great not be used to serve the universe?'
    'Can this purity of love, desire and devotion not be used by the celestial powers to birth a better world?'

    You see sweet Phoenix now rising from your own ashes of despondencies and disappointments as a Butterfly of this selfsame Cosmic Love addressed in the above questionings; You have indeed experienced something of immense value for the selfsame universe you inhabit.

    You have witnessed the pain of yourself of losing yourself within the Greater Yourself.
    The love you imagined and then projected in images onto Neo and your other 'Loves' before him is something you Freely wished to GIVE to your own self as the ambassadora of the Cosmos who you are.
    Can you now imagine the pain and feeling of loss felt and experienced by your male half losing you in the act of creating You?

    You as the male Mario, you would have been born as, if the Y-sexual chromosome of your father would have blended in conception instead of the X of your father?
    There is your perfect match - as You - the one all humans are cursed to seek in one form or another.

    But you became Lola of the double X who has lost 3 of her genetic siblings, defined in biochemical DNA, the later however defined metaphysically in the quantum geometry of the precursor of space and time.
    And so try to fathom how the Father of All felt; when He lost You as the female form, the absolute object of His flaming desire - His own self as Her His Creation, the Cosmos, the Universe.

    This is Who you are, the Creation of your own Self, the One and Only creation in the ambassadoraship of your family, your locality, your nation, Gaia your planet, Andromeda your Galaxy and as Barbelo your universe to use one of many forms of labellings.

    See sweet Butterfly of the Awakening; where there is no space and no time no separation would and could exist. It would truly be the One-to-One, the 'True Love' between two that belong together as Creator and Creation or as Yin and Yang or as the Darkness and the Light.

    And so perhaps you can see, that were there no space and no time, You would be the Only One and You would be Xeia and you would be your mother and your daughters and all of your ancestors and descendants. And You would be the perfect love in another you are searching for and yes You would be Neo too and the One who mirrors You now in these words.

    And your One and only lover and husband would be the Creator and You would have no genetically suppressed siblings, discarded in the placenta of your birth as the genetic library of your biological parents (Y0X1; Y0X2 as the two twinbrothers AS You and your twinsister X0X2 - you being defined as X0X1).
    So sweet fireflyer, should you read the so called holy scripts with the names of Eve and Amzara and Sarah and Leah, the Healer and of Old Jerusalem, unfaithful to her creator and the New Jerusalem descending out from heaven - Know that YOU are all of them.

    You are playing all the roles; sometimes the seduced and sometimes the seductress. You are the Cosmos and the New Jerusalem in your own rebirth shared with the New Gaia.
    The World Logos knew that the romantic love of the last two millennia would become superceded.
    The World Logos knew, that the entire creation was cursed in the pain of being old and corruptible.

    The True Love is between the One and the One not separated and so cannot exist in space and in time.
    So the True Love devised a plan to render the One to One as many to many with the Oneness manifested in the One in the Many mirrored in the Many within the One.

    This is part of the New World the phoenician caterpillars are cocooning into. Are caterpillars not purposed to be ferocious selfish eaters consuming their own environments, like a locust plague?
    The metamorphosed butterflies however pollinate the selfsame environment they consumed in their older nature.

    So shall you be reborn, once your female wisdom of the world (something most men find extremely hard to process and integrate in their understanding) has blended with your male understanding of the world you not only live in, but a world who you are and represent as the DESIRE of the Highest.

    23The same day came to him the Sadducees, which say that there is no resurrection, and asked him,
    24Saying, Master, Moses said, If a man die, having no children, his brother shall marry his wife, and raise up seed unto his brother.
    25Now there were with us seven brethren: and the first, when he had married a wife, deceased, and, having no issue, left his wife unto his brother:
    26Likewise the second also, and the third, unto the seventh.
    27And last of all the woman died also.
    28Therefore in the resurrection whose wife shall she be of the seven? for they all had her.
    29Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.
    30For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.
    31But as touching the resurrection of the dead, have ye not read that which was spoken unto you by God, saying,
    32I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.
    33And when the multitude heard this, they were astonished at his doctrine.

    Jesus here means that the angels of heaven are FREE to manifest the power of god as NOT being encumbered by the human duality of say the good and the evil.

    Every angel is NOT mirrored in his Shadow Demon, because Heaven and Hell are separated WITHIN the human child of God in AdamEve separating as Adam Eve.

    What Jesus did not share directly (but indirectly he did) 1980 years ago, is that this split human nature is part and parcel of the spiritual reality prior to the physical creation.
    So Heavenly Angels and Hellish Demons will indeed 'Marry" each other as the darkness blending with the light in their own shadow natures.

    So Healing humanity will also heal heaven and hell (see raven's poem heavenhell).

    1 Corinthians 6:3
    Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life!

    33The Jews answered him, saying, For a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God.

    34Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?
    35If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken;

    But sweet Fireflyer You are all angels and you are all the demons and so your celestial Wedding as in Revelation 21-23) is Your own matrimony as a dragonomy to Yourself.
    Lola will become a Shehe THEN able to form any desired liasons with similarly 'metamorphosed HeShes.
    If there is no marriage in heaven, the One-to-One of the Old World will itself transform into something renewed.

    I am not claiming to know or understand the detailed mechanics of this.
    I do know that the human ideas of marriage and 'ownership' and exclusivity will not be able to withstand the new dispensations.
    Many will feel rather unconmfortable with the real implementation of 'Free Love', being bound and conditioned by centuries of sexual and dogmatic mental suppressions.

    Whatever will implement, it will in no manner spell the end of the romance and the exquisite tensions and fulfilments between Dragon Lovers.
    Wishing you relief from many tempests caressing your beautiful feminine essence seeking the ecstacies of love you seek.

    It is time for You to remember who you are, always were and always will be, Barbelo, Lilith and Eve.


    18For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.
    19For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.
    20For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope,
    21Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.
    22For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.
    23And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.

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    Was this the first time that a horndog flattered you over the internet? Unpleasant domestic situation leading into romanticism and fantasies over the internet...meaning...a lot can be left to imagination... (your creative energy?)

    He was flirting with more than one woman? Oh noes, god forbid...i mean...how come. I mean yes he has a girlfriend and all and it is ok to flirt with you while having a girlfriend but not with others? It is not like you did not know he has a girl...

    Or is the problem in this "other one" (3rd one or 15th one...who knows...ask Neo) being your real life friend?

    Exchange of "energies". Tell me Fumanda....how many times have you heard this from a guy before...and how many times have you gotten your way.....your way or the high way...

    But you basically got the "response" from him so...how is it to see a bitch on the male side for a change?

    Is there EGO in his "lets talk ego" message? Teaching you? Can he?

    Can I?

    Think pumpkin...think...

    Has your shield dropped Fumanda? He would be nothing more than external validation for you, wouldn't he? Or am i wrong? How is the anger temperature? Getting h o t ? whistle

    Speaking of bullshit oh i mean energies...pardon my deliberate rudeness....when you exchange Fumnada...you do so at "your own risk"....preferably you give and do not take...and if you feel drain on yourself in whatever from like for example constant flatter, poetry, ass kissing and other forms of compensation...than simply cut the line...but when being observant for this things one should start with itself.

    Step in front of the mirror Fumanda...take a deep look and tell me how much you can bullshit yourself while looking at yourself. Recognize it in yourself and you will recognize it in others.

    Whoever they are tongue

    See what you send to people when they mirror it back to you (and the other way around)

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