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Dragons of Thuban To Ban The Falseness



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    HeavenHell Gaia1

    Behold, oh beloved Mother Earth, you shall no longer be in twain.
    Your children by father sky have gathered to end your enduring pain.
    To heal your body in matter, joined to the love in your mind.
    A new family you have nourished to become caring, gentle and kind.

    Can you hear the movement up high in the heavens above?
    New trumpets are sounding, sending peace on the wings of a dove.
    The angels of the dark have found their maidens of Light's delight;
    in harmony together, they are entwining each other so tight.

    What peace is this? As above, so below and a true Love!
    Knowingly agreeable the netherworld has become and so suave.
    Redeemed are the darkness and the light as the ancient prototype,
    for all loves to follow, when the seeded fruits are ripe.

    Oh come home to Eden, all you Lucifers~ sons of the stars.
    All you Adams find your Luciferas, your Eves, end all the wars.
    Where are you Mars? Venus~Aphrodite come forth, be seen!
    Let your passions be two, in mind and in body, be ever so keen.

    New worlds are born in the joining of two bodies in One.
    God and Goddess together, just as every moon must have a sun.
    Its the end of the mystery, the closing of a night so dark.
    The dogs of Sirius are barking and announcing a new journey to embark.

    In honor of all the Orthodoxymorons of the world
    HeavenHell Hellheaven

    The Thubans for their DragonQueens from the Cosmic Heavens

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