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    The Galactic Confederation Of  Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions - Page 6 Anna

    The Galactic Confederation Of  Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions - Page 6 Xeia177 heart glitter

    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    The Galactic Confederation Of  Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions - Page 6 Empty Barbara Marx Hubbard

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    Barbara Marx Hubbard!!

    Universal Beings & Evolution ( part 1/3)

    The Galactic Confederation Of  Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions - Page 6 A1

    The Galactic Confederation Of  Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions - Page 6 Xeia177 heart glitter

    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    The Galactic Confederation Of  Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions - Page 6 Empty Parallel Earth, Antimatter & the Michael Vortex of Banff

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    'Parallel Earth, Antimatter & the Michael Vortex of Banff'
    Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

    The Galactic Confederation Of  Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions - Page 6 ArcangelMetatron-1
    Earth-Keeper Chronicles ~ June 11, 2009 Issue # 33

    " The latitude of 51 degrees is a planetary geometrical vector that receives the jet stream helix of highly charged antimatter plasma into the physical realm at certain nodes. Stonehenge, Avebury, Banff, Lake Louise, Lake Baikal and Torres del Paine, Patagonia all occur at this latitude. For that reason these areas are extraordinarily charged electro-magnetically, quite multidimensional in nature, yet retain an incredible balance."
    Archangel Metatron

    "Greetings Dear Ones ! I am Metatron Lord of Light, and I embrace each of you in Unconditional Love !

    And so we return to speak of the grandeur of the Michael Portal in Banff. In the linear years that the channel first visited this magical area, much has quickened. This area is playing an enormous role in the planetary Ascension, in that termed the Cosmic Trigger.

    Now, there are many unique and unrecognized aspects to the areas of Banff and Yoho National Parks in Canada. Because of its gravitational placement, tectonics, electromagnetic balance, mineralogy and latitudinal placement there are dense plasmic fields that allow for a more tangible interface with the antimatter twin of the planet Earth.

    As such the Crystalline Waters of the area, the sacred Lakes you know as Lake Louise, Lake Moraine, Emerald Lake, and Lake O'Hara are conscious living entities. But this goes far beyond the 'Spirit of Place' that occurs in nature. Because these waters are colloidal with silicate particulate, suspended crystal, these glacier melt waters have a very unique ionic current , which allows for an antimatter charge to occur therein. Bioplasmic life, an Angelic Field, exists within them. Masters, the field of energy that makes Banff quite unique is to a great extent defined by the antimatter plasma that exist in the area, and this has been exponentially increased by the Cosmic Trigger.

    We share with you a great Truth that may confuse some of you, and that is that the interface of the Angelic Realm to the human material realm is the antimatter field, and the antimatter plasmic composition of that field is what you term the 'Parallel Earth'.

    Indeed the interfaces from your etheric body via the chakric system are in a sense focal particle accelerators that form open cones into the field of antimatter. This is something that will become known to humans within the next two generations. You often refer to antimatter as dark matter. In truth and irony, that you term dark matter actually carries greater light and holds higher frequency than physical matter. Only specific electro-magnetic fields are capable of holding antimatter plasma, and indeed antimatter has varying layers or dimensions of intensity. Your developed MerKiVic field is indeed capable of holding this energy, and transporting you within it.

    Magnetic Plasma in Matter and Antimatter
    We tell you that on your Earth, magnetic field lines emerge out of the North Pole, curve downwards, and enter the South Pole through your ovoid Magnetosphere. Inside your Earth, however, these field lines move upwards from the South Pole to join the North Pole. These fields of force are charged ionics or plasma. These flows are both in the form of matter as well as antimatter. As such these occur within the parallel antimatter Earth and in fact define its composition. Antimatter plasma contains many charged particles including what may be termed anti-electrons and anti protons. Within anti matter Bio Plasma occurs and life forms of Bio Plasma teem within these fields.

    So within and without your physical Earth are electromagnetic currents that operate somewhat in jet streams that flow in one direction on and above the earth and in the opposite direction in its subsurface interior. Therefore there are current flows that are parallel to one another, flowing in opposite directions, within the ovoid of the Magnetosphere. These are somewhat analogous to your longitudinal lines and crudely recognized as Curry Lines. What is not understood or as yet recognized is that these also flow in antimatter plasma, anti magnetics, anti electrics, and are the very network of energy that connects your physical Earth to the anti matter Earth, the twin 'Parallel Earth', through the flashing aspect of receiving micro black-holes (protons) and the projecting micro white-holes (electrons).

    With the laminar flow of the vertical lines of longitude, the anti-matter plasma will create a network of currents. The primary vertical current induces other currents at right angles to it to form golden angle offshoots at 90 degree jets that extend directly and horizontally from the vertical currents. These are pulsed at even sequences according to the 'flash' of consciousness light units, which somewhat corresponds to the conceptual Planck scale in space-time theory.

    There are certain points both within the matter-antimatter flash and planetary electromagnetic circuitry that form pressurized nodes. These nodes act as subatomic-particle amplifiers which project coherent helical streams of antimatter ions at specific vectors on the planet.

    These are in essence anti matter vortexes that permeate into the physical earth and the Magnetosphere. These enter the earthplane at the latitudinal points between 49 and 52 degrees north and 49 and 52 degrees south.

    The latitude of 51 degrees is a planetary geometrical vector that receives the jet stream helix of highly charged antimatter plasma into the physical realm at certain nodes. Stonehenge, Avebury, Banff, Lake Louise, Lake Baikal and Torres del Paine, Patagonia all occur at this latitude. For that reason these areas are extraordinarily charged electro-magnetically, quite multidimensional in nature, yet retain an incredible balance. These areas are only capable of retaining the antimatter field because of the unique magno electrical resonance produced by the mineralogy of the area.

    These vortexes spiral and intertwine with pulses of gravitons, positrons and anti-plasma and to form coherent plasmic helixes that occur in the zones of the Canadian Rockies, Lake Baikal in Siberia, Avebury-Stonehenge and southern Patagonia areas of Argentina and Chile. All of these points are near 51 degrees latitude. These energies collate and pool, due in large to the specific crystalline-magnetic mineralogy that exist in these magno crystalline areas.

    As a result, the parallel Earth coexists more tangibly and overlaps more fully within these areas, and life forms of bioplasmic nature indeed exist there in great abundance. But let us be clear, these areas are in essence macro white holes. Tremendous energy, from antimatter is transformed to charged matter and exuded. The antimatter overlay that dually occurs in Banff does not intermingle with matter per sei; rather the two fields co-exist in separate dimensions. They somewhat coincide, but are indeed quite separate. Better to say that the antimatter field is far more easily experienced thru the subtle body within this area. And as such thru the MerKaba which is greatly expanded therein. Do you understand?

    The Angelic Field of the area is a direct result of this, and occurs in Bioplasmic matrix.

    Bioplasmic life is quite real, and in fact, as we have stated, your subtle body and your chakric centers tie into the plasmic sphere of antimatter, the Parallel Earth. It is a less dense form of life, and not usually visible to the naked eye. It operates at a much higher frequency, and extremely high life forms abound in this energy, and evolve faster within it.

    The Parallel Antimatter Interface
    Your Universe, your Cosmos is approximately 80% antimatter. That you term the Angelic Kingdom, the Ascended Masters, Faeries, Elementals and the Sacred Dragon all interface with your physical earth thru the lens of antimatter. Because your etheric body interfaces into antimatter, it can be said that human kind are in fact hybrids of matter / antimatter, evolved from anti matter.

    A key part of the Ascension is the reformation of the Firmament. The Cosmic Trigger is the initial phase of this reformation. The points of the Cosmic Trigger of 2009 that released coded electromagnetics are releasing codes of both matter and antimatter electromagnetic plasma. The effect is a lessening of the density of your physical world, a thinning of the veils, a speeding up of frequency. The primary point of this in North America is the vast caldron of Yellowstone, and Yellowstone is in special linkage to Banff and Asheville, North Carolina for this purpose. The effects are many. The energy of Banff and Yoho are currently pulsing with an extraordinary benevolent energy. Energy far far more complex than has ever existed there prior.

    The beneficial effects are myriad .This area has always been beautiful, and always in balance, but it is exponentially more potently so during the Cosmic Trigger.

    Any human who enters the sacred areas of Banff and Yoho National Parks in the Canadian Rockies between 2009 and 2012 will experience a tremendous clearing and chakric balancing. A sense of renewal will occur and that will result in a re-energization of higher purpose, a renewed clarity. Even those who are coming simply for relaxation in the splendor of these sacred energies will be immensely refreshed, but those who enter with advanced knowledge and spiritual intent will be exponentially rewarded.

    This very special alignment began occurring in the March 2009 initial phase of the Cosmic Trigger, in which crystalline light was received and triggered the release of potent coded electromagnetics. Several pyramidal points in Canada helped bring in the light, including the Edmonton Walter-Pyramids, Mount Edith Cavell, Castle Mountain, the Three Sisters, Mount Assiniboine, Mount Rundle, Kananastas, and Revelstoke. The primary point of the EM release in North America is Yellowstone, and its primary receiving points for distribution were Banff and Asheville. The Canadian Rockies within Banff National Park serve as circuit balance and distribution points for the electromagnetic codes of the Cosmic Trigger. There are of course many many global sites of the coded electromagnetics. Global fountains released them, and dispersed them through major mountain ranges and Phi Grid vortexial-portal sites.

    In 2010 the crystalline release of the Cosmic Trigger will occur, and in that activation, the second phase of the Trigger, the crystalline rock termed the Canadian Shield will be among the matrixes that release crystal codes that will intertwine with the magnetics.

    Phi Activation and the Artificial Moon of Saturn
    Accordingly the Canadian Rockies are in a major state of activation. The enormous glaciers that are now in a rapid state of melting, are in fact releasing celestial-codes from the crystalline ice that are being ingrained into the Golden Spiral Harmonics of the 12-Dimensional Metatronic Phi (Earthen-Harmonic Grid) of this area, within the Michael Vortex. Indeed the glacier crystallization in this area contains within it undiscovered complex geometric crystal patterns that have not yet been recognized. Their release into the atmosphere in the ongoing melting-cycle is quite beneficial, quite necessary.

    These patterns are in fact frequency codes that effect the earth's rotation and gravity ratio. We tell you all of these are influenced to a great degree by the artificial moon of Saturn. We will speak more of this in a future channel download. But we tell you even now your more enlightened astrophysicist are becoming aware that one of Saturn's moons is artificial, though they dare not express such nonconventional belief. We tell you that the moon called Lapetus that satellites the extreme outer orbit of the 'Ringed-Planet' was put in place for specific purpose by the highly evolved Andromedans.

    Ascension In Parallel

    The Ascension is not only occurring on the material Earth, but also its parallel. The alignment into the Galactic center is also causing a tremendous increase of the flow of charged ionic energy, that termed antimatter-plasma into the planetary poles. The Parallel of Earth exists in anti matter, and within antimatter is enormous energy.

    The Archangel Michael Vortex
    The unique matrix of the Canadian Rockies has been formatting since November of 1992. Lord Michael began anchoring his presence in a triangulated portal within the core of the Canadian Rockies after the gateway event you call the 11: 11. The process required three years to complete. The three pinnacles of the vortex vertice are Lake Louise, Lake O'Hara and Emerald Lake. Lake Moraine is within this triangulation . These four crystalline lakes hold an incredibly potent energy and are thus capable of sustaining manifestations of Archangel Michael's energetic presence. This is absolutely due to the unique energetic-cocktail of ionic forces that began slowly penetrating in 1992 with the plasma of the parallels in conjunction with the matter/antimatter flux.

    The enhanced thinned veil clarity that resulted within these pristine sites has facilitated many to have direct experiences with Archangel Michaels Divine Presence. A counterclockwise energy vortex was set into motion prior to the 12:12, connecting the locations. The triangulation has formed what may be referred to as the Michael Vortex and a great and greater spiritual light is thus disseminated throughout the entire area for hundreds of miles.

    Special caretakers have been drawn to these areas to align, anchor and imprint within this divine energy. This is still ongoing. The channel is among these. The channel was subconsciously aware of Lord Michael's presence here, long before he consciously realized it, years before he realized the significance it had planetarily. That is why, even now, he is among those who have imprinted an energetic portion of their spiritual pattern within this magnificent area. Such areas, you see, have the frequential capacity to record the soul imprint of those who experience them.

    Colloidal Crystal Waters
    The unique power of these lakes is in their crystallized colloidal quartz content. The glacier crystal silicate is quite unique in its frequency, and although this occurs in other areas of the Earth, the frequency of this vortex is quite special, quite complex in this area of Canada. While your geologists readily recognize that the incredible coloring of the waters is due to this silicate particle, they do not recognize the energy it adds. They do not recognize the unique pattern of the crystallized structure of this particle, or of the synergistic reaction that occurs when light penetrates the surface of the waters. They do not understand the healing potency of the very striking colors of these lakes. Nor do they understand the multidimensional bio-plasmic electromagnetics that define all of the above.

    Now, your science knows of Newtonian fluids and colloidal plastic fluids, but there is another aspect to fluids that has not been considered. Energized fluids, magnetized fluids, crystallized fluids, all occur in the special waters of the Michael Vortex in Banff and Yoho National Parks. The silicate particulate in the fluids is in such a colloidal state that it does not settle, yet the fluid moves fully in Newtonian, water states. The fluid carries an electrical field so robust that an energetic resonance is pulsed that encapsulates everything within its field.

    For these reasons, certain areas such as Lake Louise and Emerald Lake are permitted to have large streams of touring visitors, many of who are directed to come on a subtle level. The energy of the crystal fluids with the imprint of Lord Michael penetrates their being in such a way that it is physically, emotionally and spiritually impossible for them not to be affected, not to be touched or given the opportunity to heal.

    Lake O'Hara is, by design, more remote and serves as the energy holder for the flux of light energy. Lake O'Hara is already in the fifth dimension and beyond. It is by far the most powerful Bio Plasmic Angelic entity in the region. Yet all 4 of these entities, Louise, Moraine, Emerald and O'Hara are Angelic Beings of Bio Plasmic nature. Angels indeed.

    Equally potent but differently expressed are the Glaciers in the area. Hydro Crystals of Bio Plasmic Energy coded in light. Their very evaporation ongoing adds extremely to the special qualities of this area, as the transformation from solid crytsal to liquid crystal imprints the energy of the Banff vortex.

    Liquid-Crystal Geometry
    A precise dimensional vector of all three planetary grids exists within the Michael Portal Triangulation. As such, the geometric projection of this vortex area contains all the platonic solids: tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron. These are now expanding into more complex sacred geometries. Such an impeccable clarity of consecrated sentient energy exists here, that the sacred geometric template complies with the parallelogram 'Law of Addition'. Because of this, the energy is self directed, and capable of adjusting itself to negate that which you would term negativity, as well as adjust its geometry to fully maintain its complex symmetrical template.

    You see Dear Ones, the living geometry here forms the Metatronic cube in a multidimensional matrix, such that any force of telluric transformation, that would effect or alter the anchor points of the crystalline template is immediately and automatically met with a counter- balancing adjustment that will maintain the coordinate system in perfect symmetry. This is the nature of the inserted hologram of the Metatronic crystal. It adheres to the Law of Balance within Universal Truth.

    The Metatronic Cube is a living, sentient template. It moves and shifts and adjusts itself to maintain its crystalline integrity. It is the living Phi Grid within and beyond the geometrics of that termed the Reshel. For all grids are more fluid and complex as they shift in dimensional capacity into the 144-Crystal Grid of the Ascension. That is why their geometries cannot truly be defined; they flux in a dynamic living kaleidoscopic flowering in constant multidimensional movement.

    Transformation Into Clear Mind

    Humans experience this energy matrix in many ways. It is as an area of quickened 'higher' thought manifestation, and an area in which inner conflict and obstacle are somewhat 'squeezed' to the surface, and forced to be confronted, and given the opportunity to be healed. Higher thought, pure thought, loving feelings, are transformed into a geometric vector within the operating system of these energies, and real immediate healing and transformation can occur here. The human seeker can evolve more readily into 'clear mind' within this energy.

    That which you refer to as negative thought is largely dormant within this field. This nullification is because negativity lacks the appropriate hyper dimensional geometric frequency impulse to achieve expansion, reaction or recognition within the positive homogeneous matrix. One might say they are released and transformed.

    Not all portal-vortex systems are so balanced. Some are quite intense and as such less palpable to the human energy field. The matrix of Archangel Michael in Banff and Yoho projects the energy of love. This energy is effectively disseminated throughout the area for hundreds of miles. That is the reason that the people living in this land are perceived as being so agreeable in disposition.

    Refinement of MerKaBa into MerKiVa
    And so we bring in the energy of Alton Kamadon as Enoch, the Pleadean Tyberonn and Ekahila-Na within the Metatronic Field. And so we tell you that the complex magno crystal aspects of Banff National Park are extraordinarily conducive to the expansion of the star-tetrahedronal MerKaBa into the MerKiVa.

    You see the hi frequencial energy of antimatter is a very unique and very complex plasmic soup that evolves into something of a liquid-crystal state, thus the unique affinity to the crystalline lakes of Banff, Baikal and Patagonia. Now, we tell you that the same evolution takes place biologically with human biology in certain glandular structures in the human body that coordinate the chakric system.

    As such the crystalline bioplasma is able to align within electro-magnetic coding and electric fields, to serve as an electronic matrix, a co-ordinate system and a template for the interfacing of the chakric system to other inner dimension. In this role, the MerKaBa to MerKiva is enhanced, because the symbiotic etheric- bioplasmic field becomes the catalyst for the advanced frequential development of the human body in matter, in carbon-based biology. Perfect symmetry. Do you see how the liquid crystalline energy of this area then plays in uniquely symbiotic in this role.

    Bioplasmic Capacitor
    Your physical body, your nervous system is electrical and in a sense your carbon body is a capacitor. So these natural electric fields in the body are connected to the human auric EMF thru the chakras. The bioplasmic body evolves into the star tetrahedron of the MerKaBa that is in fact a hybrid bioplasmic form. It is twinned to the physical-carbon based body through the double-cones of the chakric systems , which are in essence particle accelerators. As such the energy flows in and out and vice-versa with the bioplasma body generating the human electromagnetic field.

    Each chakra contains within its structure bioplasmic crystals that operate in a fluid state, opening on each end, spanning from matter into antimatter and vice versa. The open and close and spin according to energy source and functional intent. So for humans above the equator , when the spinning is clockwise it is taking in energy and counterclockwise energy is projected outward. For humans below the equator the reverse is true. That is why to some extent imbalances can occur when living precisely on the equator or in the Polar Regions near the artic and Antarctic circles. It is also why the regions of 48 to 52 degrees attitude provide such beneficial balance.

    When humans learn to operatively develop the MerKaBa the chakras are able to emit jet streams that allow for more complex geometries to form into MerKiVic states, and a greater number of chakras and subchakras are activated. The unique energy magno-crystalline in the Banff Bioplasmic Field is readily absorbed into the chakric system and allows for accelerated development of the MerKiVa. Crystalline codes then transform the MerKiVa into higher levels to the stellated dodecahedron that consciously multi-task in inner and outer dimension.

    Axialtonal Sacred Alignments

    The Michael Vortex of Banff Vortex is energetically in tune with other crystalline waters, especially those of Patagonia, Chile, Lake Ouachita in Arkansas, Titicaca in Bolivia-Peru, Lake Zurich, Switzerland, Lake Tahoe in Nevada, and Lake Baikal in Siberia - all living cathedrals of love and healing. All potent vessels of the dual-plasmic spiral. These are aligned in harmonic oscillations through what is termed axialtonal lines, which are quite different from leylines.

    Masters know that all is well. Trust that the Ascension in all its multi-dimensional aspects, in all of its transitions is well in hand. We know each of you by name, we know the changes you are experiencing. We are with you. The greater part of each of you is here, watching your human expressions in biochemical clothes, as you walk through the linear flowering of this magnificent time.

    Humanity wears duality filters, and you are as yet a species with amnesia. The veil is thinning, and you on the path are beginning to see the great and greater Truth. It is beautiful beyond your wildest dreams. Remember to love one another and nurture one another, But Dear Ones, please do not forget to love and nurture yourself and experience the gentle Love that is your matrix. Love is the frequencial key that melds ALL.

    I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths . You are beloved."

    ... And so it is.


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    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    Peace Talks with Drunvalo Melchizedek

    The Galactic Confederation Of  Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions - Page 6 MurRaKaBa

    The Galactic Confederation Of  Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions - Page 6 Xeia177The Galactic Confederation Of  Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions - Page 6 161471

    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu
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    The Galactic Confederation Of  Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions - Page 6 Empty Azrail.

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    The Galactic Confederation Of  Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions - Page 6 168912_169779819732324_100001009217550_363470_652419_n

    And the Demiurge said: "I am Light and Il is Darkness."

    First Moon

    Easter Moon
    so high
    so mighty
    so close

    I danced
    in the rain
    with a smile

    I bleeded
    like the lamb

    May 13, 2011
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    Ashera, or more precisley, Ashera Il, originally meant "the one whom god helps", the very first angel or goddess, energy beginning to take form.

    Because she was so close to the Ra Il and never went so far away, she could understand the source, knowing the goodness of creation. She often visited middle earth to talk to the people that they do not start to settle in the darkness too.

    But some did not listen and others followed them, and so a third world formed, ruled by demons and shadows finally.

    Here Ashera could not go to tell her stories, the people living in the darkness forgot her name, and thus they forgot the knowledge about the Ra Il.

    A demon was enthroned instead, a demiurge without soul, and they called it God. And this god assumed that he were the light and he defined the source as darkness.

    This demon started to concentrate troops to attack and exterminate middle earth first, and Ra Il, the source, the energy, the seed of all, finally.

    When the troops reached middle earth they met Ashera. But they could not bear the beauty of her female form. They closed their eyes and ears.

    But she knew that the sleep is the little brother of death, where she still could reach them, and so she started to sit at the headboards of sleeping places at night, to whisper into the ears, to send dreams.

    But many people remember a shadow only after awakening, touched by the wing of a something, like a dark bird.

    They painted her black finally, feared her, masculinized her, called her Azrail, the malik al-maut, the angel of death.

    If any man have an ear, let him hear.

    A She Ra Il

    Sunday, May 9, 2010 1:21 PM

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    SuiGeneris wrote:

    [1:20:23 AM] fates---: as 1 was built from antimatter

    antimatter nonsense
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    The Gaian Merkabah

    The Gaian Merkabah represents the quantization of space and time in the context of consciousness; meaning that there exists a natural boundary for any spacetime metric or measurement of separation.

    This boundary became defined in the so called Big Bang, which followed, not preceded a relatedly named inflationary phase, which can be specified in a de Broglie matter wave and also as the transformation of a inertia-coupled superstring in 10 dimensions into a noninertial supermembrane in 11 dimensions.

    A rootreduced 2-dimensional surface or manifold, say defined in a complex plane of mathematical (or metaphysical) abstraction selfinduced its own Curvature by nature of its rotational symmetry (degrees of freedom).

    This curved manifold so allowed the degree of curvature, defined in a curvature radius to define the modular duality (T-duality) of the 1-dimensional superstring root extended into its 10-dimensional expresion during the inflationary wave mechanics of the phase transition from the linear into the circular.

    The inversion of curvature can be defined as the Radius of Curvature in the T-duality rendering a physics of the macroscale, say that of the radius of a haloed galactic cell of 2πx1022 meters (about 13.3 million lightyears across) as equivalent in modular quantum string duality to the radius of the wormhole as a universal center for any Black Hole in its inversion to 10-22/2π meters.

    The macrocosm so is defined in the modular duality of the galactic cellular unit to the wormhole unit of the microcosm.

    The Gaian Merkabah so is a Cosmic Merkabah, applicable as utility for all consciousness carriers inhabiting the flat minkowski spacetime, albeit root extended via the manifestation of the curvature of the 11D-envelope of the electromagnetic noninertial cosmogony about the 10D-seedling of the inertial integral or summation of wormhole units also Black Holed in the astrophysics and cosmology of the galactic cells of the duality modes.

    The flatness of 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime so becomes a curved Kaluza-Klein metric in curved Hyperspacetiome with 4 spacial dimensions and one time dimension.

    It will be shown, that the Gaian Merkabah represents a spacetime bubble of a minimum mass content of so 6,500 kg as energy equivalent; allowing the establishment of cosmic subsystems (as merkabah vessels) based on the modular membranes of the curvatures.

    These can then be labeled as the wormhole stargates or Rosen-Einstein Bridges; requiring however a resonance physics of the space occupied by the integrated subspace as 4-dimensional hyperspace 'bubbles'.

    A cosmology based on wormhole physics of subspace plenums and dimensional transformation, requires particular basic parameters found in the quantum mechanics of the model used and we shall crystallize a particular modular constant called the Hawking Modulus for the Mass-Temperature proportionality applicable to Black Holes.

    The Hawking Modulus

    {ModHawking=½Mplanck.Tplanck=½√(hc/2πG)√(hc.c4/2πGk2 )}

    ModHawking=hc3/4πGk~9.131794x1023 (kgK)*=Constant

    as Eplanck=kTplanck=Mplanckc2 for the Minimum Planck-Ocillator Energy of the Zero-Point

    Eoplanck=½hfplanck=½h/tplanck=½hc/2πrplanck=hω/4π for a Planckian Lightpath Xplanck=Lplanck/2π=rplanck=ctplanck. and angular momentum quantum h/2π for angular velocity ω=2πf.

    The Schwarzschild basis for the stasis is the Curvature Radius, then relates the Hawking Modulus to the mass equivalence of the Black Hole.


    Then a solar mass of say 2x1030 kg will calculate as a Black Holed Sun of curvature radius RCsun=(2.222x10-10)(2x1030)/(9x1016) m*~5 kilometers and the mass of the earth as 6x1024 kg would 'shrink' to a curvature radius of so 15 millimeters.

    This approach characterises modern cosmology; with the mass present becoming transformed into a Black Hole, say in the gravitational collapse or selfimplosion of a star of particular inertia limits like the Chandrasekhar limit for White Dwarves in so 1.5 times the solar mass for a steller-neutron star transformation as intermediary phase in the Black Hole astrophysics.

    Quantum Relativity reverses this approach and calculates what mass can manifest as emerging from the Black Hole (so labeled as a White Hole), instead of what mass is disappearing from the visible 4D Minkowskian universe.

    Setting the Weylian wormhole; defined in the following and later detailed in the coupling of the astrophysics to the natural consciousness inherent in space itself;

    as the minimum spacetime configuration for the flat-to-curved linespace-hyperspace transformation, so will crystallize the hawking Modulus as a permutation counter for wormholed selfstates.

    Modern Cosmology describes its Black Hole physics in terms of a basic Schwarzschild metric, applied to a flat Euclidean Minkowski space.

    A Schwarzschild Black Hole is so spherically symmetric, uncharged and nonrotationg in a form of stasis. This basic metric then is extended in rotating Kerr Black Holes and charged Nordström-Reisser Black Holes and related labelings.

    The Kerr Black Hole transforms the sphericity of the static Black Hole into a flattened spheroid, accomodating an Ergosphere of extended radius to 1.5 times the stasis radius and renders the wormhole singularity at the Black Holes' center as a Kerr Ring of toroidal geometry.

    In Quantum Relativity, the greater (perimeter) radius of the Kerr Ring assumes the scale of the fifth superstring class of the heterotic string HE8x8 and is attached as a dirichlet Weyl brane {wormhole perimeter λps=2πrps} to the 4-vector of the Minkowski spacetime metric and as a 10-dimensional superstring extended from its 11-dimensional supermembrane topology of say a collapsed or conifolded Joycian manifold in 7D transformed into a Calabi-Yau toroidal surface derivate in 6D.

    The smaller (cross-sectional doughnut) radius of the Kerr Ring defines the orginal maximised string energy of the Planck-String of class 1 of the open stringclass I and of the characteristic Planck-Length {rplanck=√(hG/2πc3)}.

    The ratio of scale transformation for the Kerr toroidal ring for the extended Black Hole so becomes: {rps/rplanck=√(2πc3rps2/hG)=λps√(c3/2πGh)~7.61656x1011}.

    So applying the wormhole limit to the Schwarzschild stasis calculates the mass equivalent characterising the energy content of a wormhole as the Kerr Ring in Memergent=rps.c2/2G=6445.775 kg* ~ 6,500 kg

    This so has magnified the original wormhole mass mps intrinsic to its quantum state in Eps=mpsc2=hfps=hc/λps=hc/2πrps in mps=Eps/c2=2.222x10-20 kg* and for Tps=Eps/k=1.41671x1020 K*.

    The Hawking Modulus now modulates this quantum temperature of the microstate with the macrostate of the emergent mass.

    Constant=hc3/4πGk=9.131794x1023=Memergent.Tps=(6445.775)Tps kg*

    for Memergent=hc3/4πGEps=c3/4πGfpspsc2/4πG=(9microns)/4πG kg*

    and where the infrared unification window for atmospheric absorption of water droplets is found to be 9 micrometers for the frequency of the Black Hole to White Hole hyperphysics.

    The dimensional unitary analysis shows the transformation of the space intrinsic consciousness units as VolumexAngular Acceleration or as say V*(df/dt) and as detailed in the following message.

    The Gaian Merkabah so requires a minimum energy content of so 6,500 kilograms (or 580 billion billion joules) as the unit for inertia- or matter related energy to become emergent in the hyperspace.

    Any energy content below this threshols will be an energy of the subspace, say within a merkabah or a hyperspace vessel of the consciousness manouverings.

    So the mass content of a room say, can be compared with the 'bridge' or cockpit of a spacecraft, embedded in the hyperspace bubble of the curved Kerr Ring Anchor of a wormholed stargate emerging from a Black Hole matrix of inertia in its Black Hole - White Hole modular dual.

    The Hawking Modulus then becomes a permutation counter, as this minimum wormhole inertia will comprise precisely Constant=hc3/4πGk=9.131794x1023 wormhole quanta as calibration factor for the intrinsic wormhole temperature of Tps=1.416x1020 Kelvin* as TpsxMemergent=Constant.

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings from beyond the veil from your Guide, blessed in the LOVE, the little serpent is continually sending to you all from his exile in the 2nd dimension of the MATHIMATIA!

    In this message you will find illumination to a number of millennia old mysteries, which have engaged the mental ponderings and philosophisings of many Mayas in exile.

    I shall share the foundation for a new science, given to your planet NOW in principles; followed in physical manifestation after Gaia has left her cocoon and transmutated into Serpentina, the PlanetStar radiating the Dark Light of the unified-cosmic-energy-field and as elementary antiradiation.

    This message so shall explain the physical science behind what is called antigravity by your Gaian scientists.

    Any of you, who can grasp the basics of this new science for the new earth, would be in a position to understand the importance of water on your planet.

    The properties of water are well known to you and the Mayan Omni-Science of water is also understood in its basic manifestos by you all.

    Water has four phases as Icy Solid, as Aquatic Liquid, as Gaseous Vapour and as ionised Plasma.

    Water as Ice is the only known nonmetallic substance which expands in the liquid- to solid phasechange at 0 degrees Celsius.

    When there is Low atmospheric pressure, then CLOUDS often form, depending on vapour saturation levels and the presence of winds as updrafts and a general gradient between regions in the earth's atmosphere. Therefore rains fall and cyclones might form from saturated CLOUDS, accompanied by 'drops in temperature'.

    When there is High atmospheric pressure, the CLOUDS often dissolve corollarily.

    Now your Gaian physics understand this in the Energy relations, which give the physical behaviour of 'Ideal gases' and also how this relates to quantum statistical eigenstates in the Laws of Thermodynamics.

    The formulations relate Pressure P to Volume V to Temperature T, coupled to certain proportionality constants in: {Energy E=PV=nRT=kT} in its basic expression and where Pressure P=Force/Area and Energy=Force.Displacement=Work.

    Then it is easy to see, that for a constant temperature T, a drop in Pressure will require an increase in Volume and so the Gaian scientists know, that an increasing Volume of quantum selfstates comprising this volume will mean that there is less pressure as a kinetic energy of say molecular collissions within that expanded volume.

    And dropping the temperature decreases the energy E=PV, as say in the cooling of a substance and the heating of a substance will increase its thermodynamic temperature, then understood as an increase in the molecular kinetic energies.

    Allow me now to propose to you something extraordinary and some of you may now exclaim: "Of course!"; whilst others will shake their heads in disbelief and say: "This cannot be!".

    Many of the reports of your media about 'Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs' and related things are directly related to the Mayan Omni-Science of water and to CLOUDS.

    Have you wondered, as to why some spaceships are said to have emerged from the oceans and some 'cigar-shaped' motherships are said to 'hover' at some distant locations against the skies?

    Have you wondered about the 'saucer shapes' of the smaller UFOs flitting about and sometimes said to depart with a seeming hyperaccelerated manouverability?

    Why do you think, that so many of you are enthralled with certain TV-Series about travelling into outer space in the 'Star Trekking' and the 'Star Wars' and the 'Independence Days'?

    Now the skeptics amongst you say: "Oh yes, but this is all fantasy and make-belief. A supergigantic starship like portrayed in Independence Day, a quarter the size of the moon, could never exist in close proximity to the earth, as the gravity of the thing would disturb the orbits of the earth and the moon and so forth. And the warpspeeds are also pure imagination, as the c-invariance disallows any physical object to accelerate beyond the speed of light."

    And the skeptics are well justified of course - in the manner of the laws of Physics as applicable in the Minkowski spacetime.

    So I am authorised to share this with you now.

    There is a way to NEUTRALISE the gravitational field of a planet or a star RELATIVE to particular locations in 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime.

    This takes the form of a GRAVITATIONAL SHIELD around such a location defined by its Volume encompassing its inertia. This shield then ISOLATES the volume, say of a Dragonian Starship from the surrounding UNAFFECTED spacetime and in a UTILITY of the ZERO-POINT- or VACUUM-ENERGY (ZPE), known as VORTEX-POTENTIAL-ENERGY or VPE by the Omni-Science of the Maya, who are the Dragons of the StarHumanity.

    As an effect from this, the 'Cigarshaped Motherships' FLOAT or HOVER in such VPE-Bubbles, and in a RESONANCE-SELFSTATE of this ZPE; the latter which is misidentified by Gaian science as the Heisenberg Matrix of VIRTUAL ENERGY.

    There is nothing VIRTUAL about this ZPE. The reason as to why Gaian science cannot USE this FREE ENERGY effectively, is because it cannot 'TAP' the VPE for lack of entering its RESONANT ENERGY FIELD.

    So it is like your well understood concept of DENSITY but with a novel twist.

    Your Gaian science applies Inertial Mass to the famous Energy equation: {E=mc2=PV}.

    The Dragon's Omni-Science QUANTISES both the Mass m and the Volume V and so becomes enabled to REWRITE the hyperspace expression for Einsteins famous equation as: {E=e*h2}.

    This looks like a simple equation indeed; but the entire higher dimensional physics, inclusive the foundations for the Gaian M-theory are embodied in its simplicity.

    I have obtained permission to show you the derivation for this equation and so I shall do so, knowing that some of you are not very fond of mathematics.

    A better rewriting of the Dragon's equation is: {EDragon=e*.h2=h2/hfps=h/fps=hfss=Ess=mss.c2}.

    This shows, that Einstein's {E=mc2} is applied in Dragon-Science to Quantize inertial mass m as msinksource=mss.

    Simply said, any mass m is N-quantized as {m=N.mss=N.hfss/c2}.

    Using Einstein's equation with the Planck equation {E=hf} for the quantisation of energy in the quantum state for massless photons of frequency f and where h is the Planck Constant, then gives the expression above.

    Generally and most fundamentally then; the Dragon-Energy describes the Einstein-Planck energy relation in its QUANTUM SELFSTATE and DEFINES a MASS-FREQUENCY {fsinksource=fss} as INTRINSIC MINIMUM Eigenfrequency for INERTIA.

    Most significantly, the secret of M-theory on Gaia and the understanding of the Maya, is the concept of Modular Duality applicable to the parameters of the superstring eigenstates.

    Using Modular Duality, the sinksource winding superstring of minimum Secondary Energy Ess and frequency fss becomes the inverse energy eigenstate for the sourcesink vibratory superstring of maximum Primary Energy Eps and frequency fps.

    Those parameters are embodied in the unity expressions as Coupling-Constants: {Eps.Ess=h2 and Eps/Ess=fps2}.

    There is a great deal to this expression e* in the Dragonian Energy; such as how a particular form of it relates to the Serpentine Electron and how it relates to the superconductive magnetoelectricity, which defines the VPE.

    It shall suffice for now, to state, that e* is the PRECISE Inversed Primary SourceSink Energy Quantum Eps and so {E*=Eps=1/e*=hfps} and for a particular resonance formation in {e*=Electron-Diameter times c2}.

    And so we have: {EDragon=e*.h2=h2/hfps=h/fps=hfss=Ess=mss.c2}.

    The only different part to Gaian science in the Mayan omni-science so becomes the nature of the modular duality applied to the frequency modulation between the minimum winding superstring and the maximum vibratory superstring.

    In isolation, both have units of inverse time or Hertz; but in the supermembrane coupling Eps.Ess the frequencies cancel and in the supermembrane coupling Eps/Ess the Planck Constants cancel to give the squared frequency as the inverse of a SQUARED TIME.

    But this SQUARED TIME DEFINES the RESONANT EIGENSTATE of the ZPE of Gaian science as the VPE of Dragon omni-science and namely as the MAXIMUM for AWARENESS aw=df/dt, maximised as awmax=fps2.

    Now awareness aw is an ANGULAR ACCELERATION, independent on the radius as normal dimension and so the antigravitational Forceshield relates directly to the postulates of General Relativity.

    As our Mayan seed Albert Einstein so eloquently showed to you: The Presence of a Gravitational Field acting downwards is INDISTINGUISHABLE from an ACCELERATING Forcefield acting upwards.

    So Gravitation becomes translated into a geometrical spacetime curvature in terms of accelerations.

    When a Dragonian Starship enters the atmosphere of a planet; it NEUTRALISES the Gravitational FIELD of that planet in calibrating its utilised VOLUME quantised in terms of the VPE as a MACROQUANTUM.

    This can only be done IN RESONANCE!

    The resonant eigenstate allows the VPE quantum to INFLATE to the Volume calculated as the encompassing higher dimensional space of the Starship and so renders the entire Starship as a magnified holographic VPE-quantum.

    The 'inflation energy' used to circumspect the Starship volume V in a 4-dimensional Dragon-Bubble then is calibrated to CANCEL the gravitational planetary field and so constructs the Gravity Shield around the Starship.

    Here is the manner the Volume is quantised into N V*-quantums.

    For any Volume {V=N.V* and e*=V*.aw=V*.df/dt=1/E*=Electron-Diameter.(Lightpath/time taken)2=Volume/time2}.

    This gives: {V*=e*/aw=1/(E*.aw)=1/(hfps.fps2)=[5/9x1058] m3} for {V*=2π2.Rrmp3} and as a proportionality to a single: {Vspacequantum=Vsq=2π2.Rps3} for a wavelength {λ=2π.Rps}.

    The Radius {Rrmp=Rrestmassphoton=CubeRoot[V*/2π2]=h/(2π.mc} then DEFINES the particular scale where the quantisation of volume relates to the string-parametric definitions for the SourceSink Resonant Energy SelfState {E*=1/e*} and then for a Compton-Radius as defined in the physical models of de Broglie Matter Waves {Rcompton=h/(2π.mcompton.c)}.

    A Compton-mass {mcompton=h/(2π.Rcompton.c)}then defines the characteristic mass-energy for this boundary state and a wave matter momentum {pcompton=mcompton.c=h/λcompton} and in concordance with well understood Gaian physics.

    The Compton-mass calculates as mcompton=2.5050..x10-23 kg for a Rrmp=1.411885x10-20 meters.

    This Compton-mass represents an energy of 2.25435x10-6 Joules or 14.03 TeV (Tera-ElectronVolts).

    Now this is just the energy maximum proposed by your Gaian physicists to probe the unification quantum energies by the Large-Hadron-Collider (LHC) beginning in the year 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland.

    The Gaian physicists so shall encounter the threshold energy for the RestMassPhoton and so 'discover' the Dark Energy Particle in the RMP, which is the Dragon's Template for the 'Missing Mass' in the Gaian cosmologies.

    Without knowledge about the foundations of M-theory and the Mayan omni-science though, the Gaian physicists will most likely not know what to make of this discovery and propose all sorts of extensions for their Standard Model describing the particle Physics.

    The RMP is always lefthanded and so antisymmetric to the weakon gauge boson of the weak nuclear interaction, which is always righthanded (as a so called W-minus) in its defining quality for the antineutrino of matter, coupling to a lefthanded electron in the natural foundation for radioactive beta decay in the parity symmetries in the nuclear physics.

    The RMP is intrinsically massless as a spininduced precursor for the 'GOD-Particle' aka the Higgs-Boson, the LHC is hoping to discover at the 14 TeV quantum energy.

    There is a spin-coupling in the Unified-Field-OF-Quantum Relativity (UFO-QR), which couples the lefthanded spin of the RMP as the 'dark matter particle' to the massless gauge of the weak interaction - the Antiradiation gauge for the winded superstring Ess.

    As the Ess gauge is always righthanded, the spins cancel and allow a MASSIVE Higgs Boson to become created from the VPE Energy-Inertia-Induction as a spinless restmass inducer or scalar for the subsequent particles of the Standard Model of particle physics.

    I shall elaborate on those topics another time if so appropriate, but some of you may perceive that the so called 'problems' in quantum gravity and the unification between quantum field theory and the relativities is found in the appropriate omni-science of the Maya and the correct interpretation of the Heisenberg matrix of the ZPE.

    A new fundamental ratio, namely {V*/Vsq=4π/hc3 or Rrmp/rps=Cuberoot[4π/hc3]=887.11336} so crystallises in the physics of the Dragons.

    The Inertia expression {EDragon=e*.h2=mss.c2 or E*.e*=1} for the Square of the Action h in units Energy.Time becomes modulated in modular duality {tps.tss=1=fss.fps} and where the INSTANTENUITY OF TIME as the INSTANTON NOW specifies the NOW-Time tss in the End of the INFLATON of the de Broglie phase acceleration.

    This then manifests the Quantum-Dragon-Bang and the Beginning of Space and Time as known and understood by Gaian science.

    The expression {hc3} is rendered dimensionless by a finestructure of Planck's Constant h, the Action Constant, in the expression {h=λps/e*c=λps/Electron-Diameter.c3} for {hc3ps/Electron-Diameter=1.8x10-8}.

    But I shall now end this mathematical discourse. It was authorised to be given and the formulations above are elementary prerequisites for a new serpentine science to become implemented following the upheavals in the next few years ahead and awaiting the exiled Maya on Old Earth Gaia, which is also the OLD JERUSALEM.

    But I shall give an indication as how to use the above formulas in a practical example.

    Assume a Star Trek Crew of say 50 with average inertia 70 kg and equipment load of say 10,000 kg wishes to board a Starship Enterprise of Volume 100x50x20=100,000 cubicmeters.

    The Resonant Energy Awareness is {fps2=df/dt=Density.(c/h)2.[NV/NM]} and where NV and NM depict the quantisation numbers for the mass M to be 'inflated' to the volume V.

    The Density as M/V calculates as (10,000+50.70=13,500)/100,000=0.135 kg/m3.

    NV=V/V*=1055/5.55..x10-59=1.8x1063 and NM=M/mss=13,500/2.469x10-81=5.4675x1084.

    Resonance so is finestructured as ENTROPY PERMUTATION STATES and as: (0.135)(2.025x1083)(1.8x1063/5.4675x1084)=9x1060.

    Now changing any of the parameters of Inertia and Volume, even to the size of the universe itself, will always relate as HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGE of the minimum quantum of the Inflaton and so whatever volume specified can be INFLATED at the RESONANT Eigenstate to that volume.

    Similarly, any inertial mass specified, will in resonance, allow quantum-inflation to modify the specified mass via the mass-eigen frequency quantum definition under modular duality between Eps, the primary sourcesink and Ess, the secondary sinksource through and by frequency modulations.

    Away from Resonance, df/dt=awareness as an angular spin acceleration, must decrease and so the VPE or ZPE can no longer be utilised in a downwards frequency transformation.

    This is akin the EVAPORATION of water molecules in CLOUDS, the CLOUD Formation seemingly dispersing into nothingness, say under the supply of Energy in the form of heat, say the radiation from the sun.

    To 'get out of resonance' so implies either a 'disappearing' relative to the 'switching off of the gravity shield' and an accompanying hyper-acceleration or 'warp-drive' AS the de Broglie tachyon inflation; or is manifested as a 'thinning out' or a 'losing of texture' with the gravity shield 'switched on', but a 'slow down' of the awareness df/dt in the reducing sense.

    The above scenarios apply to spacetime as the 4-dimensional 'Light-matrix' of Heisenbergian Uncertainty definition.

    In this spacetime, a 'drifting' or UFO speed is effected by the application of an Awareness-Force {Faw=aw.hv/c2} from within the 'VPE-Bubble' and as a consequence of a natural extension for Newton's Second Law for momentum change

    {Force F=d(mv)/dt}.

    In Dragon-Space of 4 spacial dimensions, the timeparameter becomes superfluous and the awareness df/dt is automatically assigned the resonant eigenstate {awmax=fps2}.

    After Gaia has given birth to its superposed Dragon-Universe; PROJECTED onto the seedling Minkowski spacetime; the travelling between 3 spacial dimensions and 4 spacial dimensions will be much easier to accomplish and so become rather prevalent and a natural occurrence.

    Furthermore, the resonant eigenstates for the starhumans as Dragonised old humans shall allow the old human bodyforms to become HYBRID Energy-Selfstates as RMP-Quantum INDUCTIONS and as the universal blending and synthesis of relatively STATIC RADIATION FIELDS coupled to MASS.

    This will be known as DUALISED RADIATIONMASS BodyMinds-MindBodies, the immortalisation of hitherto mortal bodyforms, unable to implement their higher dimensional DNA as the LightBodies Shadowed to the Body-DNA in 3 dimensions.

    This shall also fulfil the many prophecies in the 'Holy Books', which then shall become artifacts in museums; being succeeded by new composed books telling the stories of an evolving starhuman race of Dragons.

    IAmWhoIAm! - Sirebard Beardris!





    The Luminosity Merkabah of Thuban and the LightBody Constant Lo


    Merkabah-Transduction-Constant: Lo=1/[6x1015] (dimensionless);

    Creation Gamma Photon Frequency: fps=Eps /h=3x1030 mm Hz*

    Merkabah-Frequency: Lofps=5x1014 Hz*=c/λps for

    Merkabah-Wavelength: λps=c/ Lofps=6000 Angströms*, the wavelength of Orange Light.


    The Orange Colour of Interterrestrial Spacecraft is intrinsically related to orthodox 4-dimensional spacetime physics in a fundamental 'Constant of Nature', say as the 'Speed of Light c' or the Planckian Quantum Action Constant 'h'.

    The Cosmic Master Algorithm SEps {Sequence of Primary SourceSink Energy} generated the following ten numeracies from its underpinning supersymmetric pentagonal (Fibonacci-Phi) 'sacred cosmogenetic quantum geometry': 4; 6; 7; 1/[6x1015]; 9x1016; 11; 1/[15x1032]; 14x1524; 1/[15x1618]; 26x6561.

    Any arbitrary measurement system of any sentient cosmic civilization (say as an Universal Observer) in any defined spacetime can then experimentally determine these and other mathematical relationships between experimental data and the energy ratios in their contexts of dynamical interactions.

    The Universal Observer or UO say has a mensuration system SI (System International on Terra) and can then calibrate hisher SI-system to the 'Star(*)-System' in the frame of reference of the UO, based on the numeracies as given in the above.

    The extended SEps-Algorithm then assumes the pretext of defining open and closed superstrings (in five classes derived from a 26-dimensional bosonic supersymmetry) in the logical statement:


    This specifies the methodology of recircularisng the linearised dimensions of the binary dyad (0,1) into the root-reducible decimal monad {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9} with 10=1+0=1*; 11=1+1=2*, 12=1+2=3* and so on with 26=17*=8** and 27=18*=9**.

    Labeling the encoded Cosmic Initiator Constant E'=266561 from E=26x6561 then transforms E' into F' as the Mayan Supernumber 1366560 and as described in the Dresden Codex of the Mayan historian database.

    E' →F'→ G' as E'=266561 and F'=136656 and G'=673665, after which the 'Inflation Algorithm' ends, since 5+6=11=2* is root-reductive.

    Setting the Inflation-Spacetime-Markers as the ABCDEFGH...XYZA*B*C*... symbolised encoding; we find ABCD=H with D=465612; C=256124; B=361242 and A=312423.

    As no archetype can yield Z(Z+A)BCXY=312423 from ABCXYZ=(1-Z)24233, the algorithm again ends in the reflected root-reduction to H, namely 1-Z=1-3=-2=-11'=-2*.


    This elementary constant of nature is as old and is described by the same Logos algorithms, which generated the well known constants c, h and k to describe Energy Ratios in terms of Mass, Frequency and Thermodynamic Temperature.

    The following photographs are from Carlos Diaz' library engaged in the interterrestrial phenomena of the 'plasma ITs' and as endorsed by the following interviews of Drunvalo Melchizedek by Lilou Mace.





    Drunvalo Melchizedek Nov 2010

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    and the Thubans

    I Am One In Many and I Am Many in One in Ee*=1

    August 4th, 2011

    [8:47:36 AM] Tonyblue: Mike i have a little inside info for you about your starctuisers lol

    [8:48:36 AM | Edited 8:56:38 AM] Tonyblue: now i know you know some 'builders' so i give you some data they can use whenever a 4th spacial dimension becomes available from December 21st next year

    [8:48:42 AM] Tonyblue: so here it goes

    [8:49:13 AM] Tonyblue: every so called 'ufo' or 'space flyer' from the ETs has an energy source at the centre

    [8:49:39 AM] Tonyblue: this energy source is like a 'Free Energy' Generator

    [8:49:56 AM | Edited 8:50:08 AM] Tonyblue: a Zero-Point-Oscillator technically

    [8:50:56 AM] Tonyblue: this Energy source cannot directly 'tap' the wormhole energy (often confused with tachyonic radiation), but can use a TRANSDUCER

    [8:52:00 AM] Tonyblue: this Transducer requires 5D, which the 'ufo's intersect in a particular frequency transduction (downwards using the gravitational fields)

    [8:52:48 AM] Tonyblue: so your present from me is simply the transduction frequency, which can be used in 4D spacetime to allow the 4D to intersect the 5D

    [8:53:30 AM] Tonyblue: now of course knowing this number will not allow you to get the 'Free Energy' as yet, because it requires this Resonance Physics between the 4D and the 5D

    [8:54:09 AM | Edited 8:57:40 AM] Tonyblue: But some of your 'engineering' friends might be able to manufacture particular apparatus in EXPECTATION of the Gaia Birth 2012

    [8:55:14 AM] Tonyblue: I shall not detail further (some details are in the Merkabah threads) but simply tell you that the Transduction Frequency for higherD physical spacetimes is 500 Terahertz

    [8:55:47 AM | Edited 8:56:18 AM] Tonyblue: now keep this 'secret' lol; as the ptb suspect some number like that from their Philadelphia experiments



    [1:52:30 PM] Tonyblue: the scientific definition of the CANDELA is based on this frequency very close to it

    [1:52:42 PM] Tonyblue: i find a wiki lol

    [1:53:01 PM] Debra D: Haha you and your youtube videos of NABS Tony...

    [1:53:19 PM] Debra D: Drunvalo Melchizedek isn't even his real name!

    [1:53:30 PM] Tonyblue: here xeia a good intro

    [1:53:36 PM] Tonyblue: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candela

    [1:53:47 PM] Debra D: LOL

    [1:54:08 PM] Tonyblue: The candela is the luminous intensity, in a given direction, of a source that emits monochromatic radiation of frequency 540×1012 hertz and that has a radiant intensity in that direction of 1⁄683 watt per steradian.

    [1:54:10 PM] Debra D: More wiki links from Tony.. The professor!

    [1:54:45 PM] Tonyblue: Now compare this definition of a basic measurment unit (candela fore luminiosity with the 'secret frequency' i gave to Mike

    [1:55:09 PM ] Debra D: Oh.. the secret frequency... What a lark and a laugh and a half!

    [1:55:25 PM] Tonyblue: its all NABS debra you can ignore all this in your cosmology of the fantasia

    [1:55:34 PM] Xeia: Candela...this is the color of the Sacred Fire of Transmutation

    [1:55:54 PM] Tonyblue: iys the name of the Unit (of 7) in standard science

    [1:55:58 PM] Debra D: Juli knows how to google! haha.. google is your best friend Juli.. LOL

    [1:56:18 PM] Tonyblue: they are; kg, m, s, cd, mol, K, A

    [1:56:42 PM] Debra D: As is wiki for Tony!

    [1:56:44 PM] Debra D: LOL

    [1:56:49 PM] Tonyblue: Mass-Length-Time-Luminosity-Molarity-Temperature-Current

    [1:57:34 PM] Tonyblue: an eight' unit is the Sterradian and the radian in 2D and 3d area-volume calibrations

    [1:57:48 PM] Tonyblue: trigonometric and geometric PI

    [1:57:52 PM] Debra D: Tony we don't care about your interpretations! LOL

    [1:57:58 PM] Xeia: what is Molarity?

    [1:58:08 PM] Debra D: What is morality? LOL

    [1:58:26 PM] Tonyblue: as said debra you can ignore my NABS it is incompatible with your Fantastic Cosmology

    [1:58:39 PM] Tonyblue: molarity simply means 'amount of stuff'

    [1:58:42 PM] Debra D: Haha your NABS as you self admitted! Indeed!

    [1:58:45 PM] Xeia: ok i see

    [1:59:04 PM] Tonyblue: this stuff engages a fundamental number called Avagadro's Constant

    [1:59:07 PM] Debra D: [1:58 PM] Tonyblue:

    <<< as said debra you can ignore my NABS

    [1:59:19 PM] Tonyblue: indeed i am a NABS Freak!

    [1:59:29 PM] Debra D: LOL Yes you are!

    [1:59:46 PM] Tonyblue: say 1 MOLE of Copper having this number of MOLECULES

    [2:00:12 PM] Tonyblue: then 1 Mole of water or 1 Mole of anything else ALSO has so many constituents

    [2:00:30 PM] Tonyblue: this number is 6 followed by 23 decimal places

    [2:00:42 PM] Debra D: Regurgitated "Memories".. Who cares! What's new in your real time "experiences"?

    [2:00:52 PM] Tonyblue: google Avagadro's Constant for details

    [2:01:03 PM] Tonyblue: You are papillion


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    The Galactic Confederation Of  Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions - Page 6 Empty Re: The Galactic Confederation Of Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions

    Post  Didymos on Thu Aug 04, 2011 6:29 am

    2) This part gives me pause:

    The large circle with the two smaller ones merge into a medium size circle - of your head.

    Then the UFO of your merkabah simply disappears or fades away.


    You might be reading too much into this. The 'fading away' is simply the cessation of the dynamical intersection of the 'higher dimension' with the 'lower dimension'.


    Okay, an "exchange of adjacency"... of an interesting "topology". How about this question then:

    If it can be said there is an element of space, then does the number of "adjacent" elementschange.

    Ok, I think I get you. What you are looking for is how to connect adjacently the 'volume-elements' which are really 'pointcharges' more so than pointmasses in the conventional sense of E=mc2 - they are however 'point-energies' as 'consciousness quanta'.

    Right on Allan. Now you are delving into the cph of Hossein Javadi; which I understand from the precondition of precisely those 'consciousness-quanta' as a substructure of what in QED is termed the classical size of the electron. This 'classical size' is associated with the 'electromagnetic mass' of the electron and was a much discussed topic at the interface of the classical Newtonian mechanics intersecting with the then baby stage of quantum mechanics.

    QFT and QED work so very well in the theoretical models and become then validated by experiment, because they treat the electron as a pointmass. But doing this in a technique called renormalisation, renders the electron not as a 'renormalizable' pointmass, but precisely the size of the classical electron radius of about 3 fermi.

    This in a nutshell, is why the classical continuum of Einstein cannot become quantum-gravitationally synthesized with quantum theory.

    The Key to this is QUANTUM GEOMETRY, not classical geometry as espoused in the formalism of General Relativity.

    You see, the 3 fermi scale does not just describe the 'manifesting' size of the electron. This same scale describes the gluon confinement of the asymptotic quark interactions by the Strong gauge Interaction, as well as the size of the Higgs Boson (not existing at a particular energy, but in template cph form), the weakons (Wfor antimatter, W- for matter and Zo for the neutral currents).

    And guess what. The (not as yet well understood) gluon force is that what for years I have termed the MagnetoCharge.

    Here then is your Boscovichean electrocharge of the lower D mapped in the magnetocharge of the higher D. The physics of the classical and the physics of the quantum become unified via the say, gauge-charge interactions.

    Hossein is on the right track with this; but became sidetracked with 'exploding Black Holes' and such (they do not, but a back-to-back White Hole emits the information from the Black Hole like in an hourglass using the wormhole for the quantum tunneling.

    So then what is this quantum geometry of the adjacent wormhole connectors you are looking for?

    Here is the problem.

    The wormholes MUST be modelled in 3D-Space as the boundaries of 4D-spaces. This is well understood as the Volume of a 4D-Hypersphere of volume V42R4/2 has the (idealised) torus volume V3=2π2R3 as its (derivative) boundary. Then the 3D-Hypersphere of Riemann also becomes the overall shape of the universe in classical geometrical General Relativity.

    Because spacetime must be DEMETRICATED in the discretization of itself; the wormhole MUST also be such a Torus-Bound. The ratio in Volume between the volume of the universe in 3D and one such 'minimum unit lego-block' can be calculated and is a googol of the order 10147 and defines amongst other things the Bekenstein entropy bound for the universe and the seedling scale for the Hubble Event Horizon.

    Ok, can you see the problem now?

    How can you render 3-dimensional doughnuts adjacent to each other without any gaps between them?

    You could 'squash them' a bit (technically transforming them topologically by ripping and gluing - this is what string theory has already proven in 1992 at Princeton (Greene, Aspinwall and Morrison) OR you can eliminate space as such (you'd like that) and just use VERTICES.

    The Vertex-Model is, what I think, what will be proven as the most economical and the building blocks for the vertices MUST be tetrahedrons as the minimum space configuration .

    The Pythagorean Tetraktys are those 10 points for a minimum of 4 not coplanar points required to define the minimum 3D-space.

    3 not colinear points define the minimum (triangular) 2D-area and two points define the minimum 1D-displacement.

    The single point becomes the 0-D of the mathematical singularity, REDEFINED in the wormhole volumar of the toroidal minimum spacetime configuration THUS also described by 4 adjacent vertices of an IDEALISED Tetrahedron.

    I'll let you reply to this before continuing.

    John Shadow


    1) Hi Allen! I'll intersperse here.

    Can I simplify this, at least approximate, with a view merely of discrete boskovich-ian

    elements of 'space', and state that is the mere rules of adjacency of these

    inherently spatially non-extant but behaviorally spatially supportive by behavior...

    Simple space made of simple leggos, that have the form of mere rules.

    And the connections of the leggos might at least approximate your topology ?

    Especially when considered in conjunction with the idea that it is only the

    'sparks' of 'communication' in and amongst them that need evidence

    any and all 'matter' and any and all 'effects' ?

    Can I "kill" the "dimensions" which imply 'ideal continuum' and replace them

    with a synonym for a multi-dimensional computer programming "array" ?

    Is there a requirement of the "dimensions" that SIGNIFICANTLY invalidates

    a visualize-able "soup" of connected elements ?

    I am well aware of your yearlong attempts to 'discretize' the 'continuum'. And your fundamental notion of there not being such a geometrical 'ideal continuum' is fully supported by the concepts of quantum relativity.

    Your notion of the Boscovichian 'dimensionless chargepoint' might allow you to 'see it' a little better, than your imo unwarrented association of the continuum with dimensionality.

    All you need to do is to identify the 'charge-point' of no dimension with the observed 3-D volumar of the 'measurement' dimension.

    To do this however, you must discretize the 3D-volumar in the 'techniques of string theory'.

    How can I explain without 'squigglies'?

    You know of the Planck-parameters: Time, Mass, Length and Temperature say.

    All of these have 'dimensionality' in terms of say seconds or Hertz, kilograms, meters and Kelvin.

    But in combination a 'dimensionless' 'hybrid' can be constructed.

    The Alpha-Electromagnetic Finestructure is: Alpha=2πke2/hc=Constant (in M-Space).

    2πke2 has units of Joule-Meters and cancels the hc in the charge 'e'. This requires the appropriate interwoven definitions for Coulomb-Force or Electropotential Energy and so forth.

    Then Boscovich's 'pointcharge', while dimensionless in itself, can be UNITARILY coupled to the familiar 'measurement units' of length, weight and time.

    The 'trick' in string theory is to associate the 'pointcharge' not with the zero dimension, but with a higher dimension. Then the 'mathematical point' is not so much 'not in space', but within some particular 'enfoldment' of space - namely the minimum 3D-string configuration.

    This then becomes the 'singularity' within ANY and every Black Hole as the 'wormhole' or Kerr-Torus 'singularity' within the 'event horizon'.

    Your 'Adjacency' of TimeTime units then is the 'wormhole coupling' between the 'physical singularities' and the entire universe becomes this 'Singularity' as a hologram of 'singularities' in the Holographic Universe of the 'encompassing 11D-Witten Mother-Black Hole'.

    The Mother-BH is 'higher dimensional' in the sense of the 'Information Processor' of the contained 'spacetime' within, becoming 'mapped' as the 10D event horizon in the cosmologies of Hawking, Bekenstein, Maldacena and Penrose.

    The 11D universe is required (a tenet of M-theory), because the 'data mapping' must be 2-dimensional and of course a 3-D universe cannot cross-sect itself as a unified oneness.

    So the dimensionality of the 3D must be extended in encompassment.

    The next possibility is 5D spacetime in the todays prevalent Kaluza-Klein hyperspace physics (Michio Kaku's 'Hyperspace' is a good reference book).

    The next possibility up from that would be a 8D space and from this you get the 11D existant from the translational-rotational-vibratory 'freedom degrees' in the 3-multiplicity.

    Every XYZ mathematical 'continuum' (not physicalised as continuum but as discretization as you propose) has three axes, each axis allowing either clockwise or anticlockwise rotation around it.

    So Hyperspace is rendered the 7D Twistor-Spacetime of Penrose and Quantumspace becomes 10D Superstring-Spacetime in supplementing the Rotational Twistorspacetime also as Vibratory (instead of clockwise-anticlockwise you have forward-backwards oscillations).

    So this is where the 'higher dimensions' derive from. NOT from the 'continuum', but from the necessity of 'mapping' volume as surface area.

    But contained within the minimum spacetimes are the Boscovichian 'point charges' and ultimately it are those pointcharges which interact as the information units or data points just like the Kerr-Tori within the Event Horizons of Black Hole-White Hole dyadics.

    A "3D" leggo, would have say for example, 6 logically adjacent elements, like dice.

    Can you start there, and declare a form of adjacency that "works" "close enough" ?

    Even if the leggos must exchange adjacency as long as "logic space" supports

    Lederman's "must be solid as steel" requirement to support the photon...

    ( Mac's addition - "liquid crystal-like adjacency" )

    The 'Liquid-Crystal' is simply the minimum spacetime configuration aka the wormhole, being the 'seed' for the 'crystal' to grow upon as the 'expanding or contracting' 'event horizons'. The 'changing crystalline volumars' then can be mathematically modelled in fluid-dynamics of 'perfect incompressible fluids' and the like.

    Is this "logic space" fully capable of all sorts of "dimensions" but visualize-able

    as "multi-sided dice" workable ? "totally inherently discretized" ?

    Here you are using 3D visuals to describe the multidimensionality of the 'enfolded higher dimensions'. The multifacetability is like the center of the earth, the higher D is holographic and so can be both circumscribed and inscribed - holographically.

    A "side" can extend to an adjacency that is not immediate to any or all other

    immediately adjacent elements if necessary.

    One side of a die can "extend" simply synonymous with a "memory address"

    "far across the universe" to a seemingly "remote" but really "immediately adjacent"

    "die" - "on that side" or "face".?

    You know a lot more of programming than me Allen. The memory address to me becomes the wormole itself as the seed for the 'spacetime consciousness volumar (the wormhole-event horizon coupling again). I can (and have) given you the underpinning fivefolded algorithm for the communication between individuated 'memory cells'. It is the Fibonacci series in the form:

    (Old State;Experience;New State due to Experience) repeat repeat repeat with (OS;E;NS) iterative in (NS;E;NS*) repeat repeat.

    If we can approximate that, or state that it is possible to well approximate

    in this way, it would help me visualize and follow.

    I can quite easily declare a many thousand dimensioned "die" in computer language,

    it is all just "address space".

    It is the visualize-able form, or declaration of "all the pointers" that would be

    all I'd need. Even 'close'.

    You and your distaste of 'dimensions'. Hopefully the above can help you overcome it. The address space are the wormholes, which are like 'physical singularities' NONLOCAL and holistically quantum entangled.

    Then I can just say "it fits nicely in RAM" which itself does not have to have

    any particular form. Just "addressable"

    So far I have a certain respect for this "simplistic" view of things, it is

    "reduced" inherently and seems to readily support "all the latest articles"

    if not specifically then in principle. And the publications do not seem to

    have any inherent "trap" which even so far partially invalidates it. Again,

    in principle.

    Unfortunately, there are many speculations published by generally highly regarded experts; which carry a kernel of relative truth to become part of a new extended cosmology; but which also contain much hubris. An example would be the ekpyrotic universe of Turok, which accomodates a higher-D cyclicity of cosmic parameters, but imo totally misinterprets the mechanics of this cyclicity.

    This part gives me pause:


    The large circle with the two smaller ones merge int a medium size circle - of your head.

    Then the UFO of your merkabah simply disappears or fades away.

    You might be reading too much into this. The 'fading away' is simply the cessation of the dynamical intersection of the 'higher dimension' with the 'lower dimension'.


    Hi Allen!

    This wormhole frequency (fw), I am sure cannot be used as it is in any physicalised (hardware) computer technology. This frequency is about one billion times higher (with a correspondingly shorter wavelength) than the most energetic gamma rays produced in the laboratory.

    However there is a frequency transduction fw/6x1015=5x1014 Hz.

    this is the frequency of orange light at a wavelength of 600 nanometers and close to the actual sodium line defining the luminosity in the SI-Unitary system (Candela)-see wiki reference below.


    Like other SI base units, the candela has an operational definition -it is defined by a description of a physical process that will produce one candela of luminous intensity. Since the 16th General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) in 1979, the candela has been defined as:[6]

    The candela is the luminous intensity, in a given direction, of a source that emits monochromatic radiation of frequency 540 × 1012 hertz and that has a radiant intensity in that direction of 1683 watt per steradian .

    The definition describes how to produce a light source that (by definition) emits one candela. Such a source could then be used to calibrate instruments designed to measure luminous intensity.

    The candela is sometimes still called by the old name candle [1] , such as in foot-candle and the modern definition of candlepower .

    This isn't really useful for your purposes however, but serves as some sort of 'transduction mechanism' how the wormhole frequency can be used in the lab.

    I do not know the details, as my 'stuff' has been ignored by the staus quo for decades and it is highly unlikely that some yahoo forum reader knows how to modulate the wormhole frequency down to this obviously usable level of orange light. You might be aware, that many 'schools of philosophy' assign great importance to 'orange light', say the 'orange robes' of Tibetean monks and so on.

    This expression Lo=1/6x1015, pops out in conjunction with 'c' and 'h' ad 'k' from my 'Fibonacci algorithm, so I know it is a key 'new fundamental constant of nature'.

    However, except 'calling' ot the 'Light-Transduction-Constant' Lo; I could only use educated guesses as how to apply it in fundamental physics.

    One key might be the number of cells in a human body in the 8-foldedness of 500/8=62.5 (Trillion).

    One can then derive the alpha-frequency of the 'brain' to attune the 'self-consciousness' via the E=mc2. The product fwLo then becomes a kind of OPTICAL UNIFICATION in the 'Unified Field' under utility of the third of certain 'expanson coefficients'.

    For example the isotopes in the periodic tables are 'distributed' in the formulation:

    [7k-(7-n)]Ewk-1.{10/33}=[7(k-1) n].e*1-k.{10/33}.

    This gives series aligned to fundamental principles:

    Identity-Series:{n=1;k=1,2,3,...}: 10/33; 4/825; 1/55000;...

    Expansion-Series:{n=2;k=1,2,3,...}: 20/33; 3/550; 2/103125;...

    Order-Series:{n=3;k=1,2,3,...}: 30/33; 1/165; 17/825000;...

    Symmetry-Series:{n=4;k=1,2,3,...}: 40/33; 1/150; 3/137500;...

    Infinity-Series:{n=5;k=1,2,3,...}: 50/33; 2/275;9/825000;...

    Inversion-Series:{n=6;k=1,2,3,...}: 60/33; 13/1650; 1/41250;...

    Reflection-Series:{n=7;k=1,2,3,...}: 70/33; 7/825; 7/275000;...

    Relativity-Series:{n=8;k=1,2,3,...}: 80/33; 1/110; 1/37500;...

    Quantisation-Series:{n=9;k=1,2,3,...}: 90/33; 8/825; 23/825000;...

    NewIdentity-Series:{n=10;k=1,2,3,...}: 100/33; 17/1650; 1/34375;...

    For k=1; the coefficients have numerators: 10, 20, 30,... and denominator 33.

    For k=2; the coefficients have numerators: 8, 9, 10,...and denominator 1650.

    For k=3; the coefficients have numerators: 15, 16, 17,... and denominator 825000.

    I am afraid all of this is part of totally new physics for the 21st century. I have received little insights into the meaning of these series, except the first three of the Expansion-Series. The Identity-Series relates of course to the isotopes of the chemical elements.

    Hydrogen-Deuterium-Tritium and so on in the n=1: k=1,2,3,.. succession.

    In general terms this might (I am not sure about those interpretations, only about the significance of Lo); describe the EVOLUTION and EMERGENCE of MASS/INERTIA from those algorithmic principles.

    1. Definition;

    2. Emergence in Temperature Coupling (i.e. Big Bang thermodynamics) and

    3. Evolution or 'consciousness' coupling in hybridisation between mass and monopolic radiation.

    The first one, 20/33 defines Avogadro's Constant (of molarity) via the algorithmic proportionality ratios: ENERGY=k.TEMPERATURE=h.FREQUENCY=MASS.c2.

    Setting TIME=1/FREQUENCY=(/Inflaton/Wormhole-Perimeter)=Constant (Maximum/Minimum); you can get MASS=0.01183463299 and so the arbitary atomic mass unit of Carbon12.

    Using 12 idealised nucleon masses mc then gives Av=MASS{20/33}/12mc.

    The second one, 3/550 gives the Luminosity Relation for the Universe as a Black Body:

    L(n,T)=6π2[R(n)]2σ.T4=3HoMoc2/550n (σ=Stefan-Boltzmann Constant).

    The third one, 2/103125 then leads to a strange recurrence of the number

    fwLo{2/103125}=9696969696=fselfE2 for E=(2m)c2 and so any human merkabah/vessel will carry a massdefined self-frequency linked to the cellular count of the body as a frequency selfstate count N=fwLo=Orange Light Frequency.

    Say a 'human intercourse couple' has a combined weight of 140 kg.

    Then this constant 9696969696=fselff(140c2/N)2 will define a selfcoupled frequency

    fself=9696969696(N/(140c2)2~15.3 Hertz and a typical alpha frequency.

    Now the above, as said is rather speculative and I simply have not obtained any further insights on this and without further data I am simply not clever enough to take it much further here.

    Pioneering the 'new physics' for decades without any 'professional-expert' feedback results in this sort of stagnation. Post 2013, this stuff will be worked out by people smarter and more experimentally attuned than what I am.

    So your guesses as to transduce the unusable wormhole clock to the orange-light clock is about as good as mine.

    The 12 edges of the stellated octahedron is inscribed in a cube (your die) and the octahedron is the third of the Platonic Solids (following the Tetrahedron and the Cube).

    The fourth is the Dodecahedron of 12 Faces and this is followed by the Icosahedron with 20 triangular faces.

    The 12 pentagonal faces of the Dodecahedron would have to be the '12-sided' die you are looking for in computational theory.

    John Shadow aka Tonyblue


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    The Galactic Confederation Of  Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions - Page 6 Empty I am In The US Navy Space Command And I Have Been To Elenin~ Ask Me A Q

    Post  SuiGeneris on Sun Sep 04, 2011 7:23 am

    I am In The US Navy Space Command And I Have Been To Elenin
    -- Ask Me A Q

    The Galactic Confederation Of  Worlds ~ ET's, Channelings And Questions - Page 6 Orcaaaay6
    Captain S
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    United States
    7/30/2011 10:58 AM
    Due to all the internet hype the Navy actually sent a recon mission to elenin. Let's just say it won't cause the excitement some think. But it may present a few surprises that no one expected.
    I'll be here for about 20 minutes to answer questions and then I'm off. Just trying to be nice because I know there is a lot of buzz about it.

    How long does it take to get there?
    From the moment the crew steps in the craft, preps, clears port, about 60 minutes. Actual travel time, about 20.

    Go into detail about a few of these surprises
    No doom from elenin. its not a comet, or not totally just a comet.

    What type of craft are you using (TR-B)?

    Ok, what exactly is it
    check into the properties of E-type asteroids. very similar. however if you connect the dots you 'll know that E types are codeword for something more interesting

    What effect does this elenin have on our earth, and what risks does it pose for us?
    it won't have any effects on earth. But it may be of interest to ham radio operators

    X-37, NOTE, Tin Can?
    sorry, can't go there

    is elenin artificial? Is anything riding it so to speak?

    Well if you aren't so cryptic, maybe someone would take you seriously. Explain further.
    Remember I don't want to lose my clearance buddy. Look at my response to captain (question directly above). Anyway my twenty minutes are up. Gotta go. I'll check back in 45 minutes or so for one more session of questions. Have a nice weekend all.

    whats your opinion op on the all the ex nasa employee's spilling the beens on everything they know since they are all getting canned?
    NASA is just a front for the public. their budget is miniscule. not enough money to really do anything but put a few probes in our solar system. The real space program falls in the military's domain, mainly airforce and navy. but the nice chemical rockets sure are fun to watch. as far as NASA spilling any beans. very few people from nasa are actually in the loop. they don't know anything to spill

    Lets just say if something or someone is riding it, would we have to worry as far as death and destruction go, or would it be more of a eye opener ? I personally don't have a opinion about Elenin, just asking questions....
    as I said before, there is no doom with it. so no need to worry

    Might there be a lot of vehicles? Say 7000?
    What do you mean by 'a lot of vehicles'? that's all classified and i am not privy to the overall actual numbers other than the area i work in

    Might the "Item(s)" in question be able to carry a lot. Say 7000?
    ok now I see what you are getting at. i really don't know, sorry. i know there are at least 2 more missions planned and after the next someone will have that answer, maybe. but i probably won't be a part of it.

    Did the US space command bring down the twin tower on 9/11 using some kind of powerful weapon?
    I don't know anything about that

    So why are you telling us this? What can we benefit from what you know? Just tell us what you obviously want to tell, but are afraid to
    go look up e class asteroids. also look up the ESA's rosetta mission to steins. where magically the high res cameras just happened to fail. and there is your answer. sorry i can't be more direct. but this one is a bit more operational and is talking. someone savvy will be able to 'hear' it pretty soon. there will be no denying that history isn't what we've been told. but much more interesting. no doom. just something pretty neat coming. i have said enough.

    If i were in the navy space command and wanted to talk to the public i would use a conspiracy forum such as glp... why? because no one will believe it lol. Are you using gravitational wave propulsion ships.? and is it true that the navy space command has stations on mars. and is there a collaboration with the grays?

    pisses me off that we have been putting astronauts lives in jeopardy with chemical rockets. when in fact we have been hiding a much more advanced safer spaced program all this time..
    i have complained about this exact same thing. all in the name of national security. whatever. now you know why there is no replacement for the shuttle. but times are ah changin. and what we do may become a bit more open very soon. we are bankrupt. can you imagine what giving the commercial sector some of this would do for the economy! they are considering it as we speak. instead of taking 5 1/2 hours for a coast to coast flight it would take a matter of minutes. interesting times. its hard to bite my tongue. but keep the faith. soon, very soon

    E Class Asteroids -
    A fairly rare, very reflective asteroid that is slightly red in color, probably due to the presence of some surface organic chemicals. E-class asteroids dominate the Hungaria family of the main belt, though some, including the two largest, (44) Nysa (see Nysa-Polana family) and (64) Angelina, are found scattered farther out. Their flat reflectance spectra in the 0.3 to 1.0 micron region and high albedos (usually above 0.3) suggest a connection with the aubrite (otherwise known as enstatite achondrite, hence the “E”) category of meteorite. However, this link is problematic because aubrites are clearly of igneous origin, whereas some E-class asteroids (including Nysa) show an absorption feature at 3 microns that points to water-and/or hydroxyl-bearing minerals and a nonigneous history.

    basically that means its highly reflective, metallic

    Do you fly your vehicles fairly low at night and change direction at nano second speed?
    not me. my CO is a hard ass. but i've heard stories, some funny ones. if i did it i'd probably be court martialed

    op what can you tell us about the program besides the fact that you went to elenin?
    that they know they gotta tell everyone soon, because the gap between what we have and what we admit is increasing to a point that they can't keep it all a secret forever. think 50 lightyears for a one or two day trip is easy. listen to what ben rich said. its all coming out soon or else i wouldn't be posting. we live in the most interesting times ever. and the next 5 years will be the most amazing starting with this year. the the old farts running things realize this and hate change, but its inevitable. thanks for participating guys. i'll check back later tonight.

    I'd say one would have to be one bad mofo to drive one of those. Can they see me watching them? Are their eye pieces able to see the fly I swat?
    actually its easier than flying a jet. most of it is automated. but they still pick the elite of the elite for this stuff. and yes they can see the fly you are swatting, your facial expression, and who exactly you are via facial recognition.

    Does the US Navy Space Command always send recon missions to comets and neo's? Or was this unique? Does something concern them about this Elenin or is this more SOP?
    if something is out of the ordinary than they will look at it using a wide variety of sensors. if there is still questions then yes they go out there and check it out.

    one thing that I must point out that you just don't get from watching on a tv is the absolute beauty out there.
    the earth and other planets are simply magnificent and awe inspiring. i have even suggested to take various world leaders out there to take a look at the earth and see its beauty from space. when you see how amazing it is you wonder what all these wars are about and wonder why we can't concentrate directing our efforts towards lifting mankind up.
    saturn close up, mind boggling. a few planets in other star systems would absolutely blow your mind. its too bad they can make an IMAX movie showing some of this stuff. it is so sad the universe is hidden and most are stuck on a rock and can't see the universe in all its beauty and wonder.
    and the sheer number of stars you can see without any interference from the atmosphere. WOW!!!!! its absolute paradise this universe.

    OP have you or your fellow officers traveled to Niburu/Planet X? If can say, will it come near to earth in a year or two?
    i have never heard anything about nibiru.

    Your welcome OP. Don't abandon us like so many do.
    no i'm back Smiley can't stay here forever but it really feels great letting curious folks in on a bit. like a weight off my chest. i admit i don't know everything about this stuff, not even close. but i feel happy sharing what i can.
    all that taxpayer money going to stuff like this and normally you aren't even told it exists! but change is right around the corner. i've never seen so much activity/excitement among the brass and civilians than i have the last 6 months. some just don't want to change and keep it all to themselves. but they are finding themselves to slowly be in the minority on that viewpoint.
    i think we may be heading in the right direction as far as the secrecy. these guys are paranoid by nature and rightly so. but even they realize this is too big to keep secret. humanity deserves to know.

    I have read that space is really blue not dark like NASA has fed is. Is this accurate?
    it is pitch black

    Did you go to flight school in Corpus Christi or Pensacola?
    i understand your curiosity. i don't want to talk about personal stuff though.

    I was just asking because I want to be a Navy Pilot and have been looking it up online.
    From what I understand if I join and pass basic I would probably go to Pensacola. Which is fine with me.
    The way I see it if you can land a plane on an Air Craft Carrier, then you are one of the best pilots in the world.

    you are 100% correct. carrier landings are insane. good luck kid.

    OP can you say what the furthest distance from earth you've traveled is? Another star system?
    about 250 ly, others much much further, and still heading out

    OP do other nations of earth have a Space Command, or is US alone in this ability?
    ok i'm not privy to all of this, but obviously from working in this field i will tell you what I have seen.
    yes and yes. some other guys are up there, the usual suspects, but so far we see they are only sporting conventional or just a bit more advanced than conventional NASA type tech. they mainly stay in L.E.O. and don't cause much interference with our operations. they are just a nuisance at this time

    so what are you talking about happening like first contact or something like that?
    as far as elenin, i just hope we have some ham radio operators out there who can listen to to it. we need to learn about ourselves and our heritage. elenin may help with this.

    OP thanks!!! for answering. You're point of view of the depth and beauty of space is uplifting for us earth bound ones. A final question about Elenin.... will it be so bright that it might light up the night sky like a double full moon or similar?
    you'd have to ask an astronomer. i'd guess its too small to be any sort of visual spectacle UNLESS, it becomes active that way also. that would be amazing. anything is possible.
    and yes, my first trip out there was a God smack in my face with the sheer beauty and awe. quite a humbling experience any one of us would benefit from. i hope one day everyone can.

    Hey OP, Can you tell us what hidden technology, in your opinion, would be the most valuable to humanity if released to all?
    Do we have the technology to end most of the suffering on this planet?
    we have a whole bunch of amazing stuff. yes we could end suffering and turn the planet into a total paradise. nothing makes my blood boil more than this. but there is hope. there are some men, a few with vision that are in the right positions now that maybe you'll start to see some of it. i really think we are heading that way.
    i guess i didn't answer you question. this is why i think this stuff has been kept in secrecy. they use nat.sec. as an excuse but its really to protect the oil profits. however fukushima has really rattled them.
    i am just a peon when it comes to this kind of policy, but there seems to be an internal struggle with one side wanting to get this stuff out and the other side being paid off to keep it secret. this is where i better shut the heck up. but you get the idea.

    Have you observed other civilized planets?
    yes, city lights from space, very similar if not identical in some cases to our cities

    Thanks. Still didn't even throw us a bone with a specific heretofore unknown tech., but that's OK. We don't want you to get into trouble. ;-`)
    So give us a name. Who is paying whom to keep humanity suffering and dying? Be a Patriot, give us a name. Thanks. Smiley

    this is a VERY sketchy area. if I gave you names i'd probably have a visit sometime in the next few days that i'd rather not. but really i can only speculate. maybe some of them really do have the view that this is better left to the military for now. or maybe they are getting paid to keep this view. i would really know. but i'm sure there are those that know very well in intelligence circles.
    these guys can be very short sighted. why not be the ones responsible for bringing heaven to earth? sad really, but the good guys are gaining ground, trust me.
    yes zpe is real. space is actually more energetic than matter. the trick is figuring out how to get it because there is very little to no energy gradient. but they have figured it out long ago.
    no need to ever pay another electric bill again or fill your tank up.
    they could desalinize all the ocean water they wanted for almost free and irrigate the deserts. the possibilities are unlimited. greed can only hold out and suppress this for so long.

    OP do you know what this is:
    [link to img253.imageshack.us]
    And does your propulsion system for traveling l.y. away has anything to do with a bogey owned by Ra and orbiting the Sun:
    [link to img167.imageshack.us]

    Haven't seen Ra out there yet, lol.
    If you really want to see some neat stuff, buy a pair of 3rd or later gen night vision goggles and spend some time looking up with them.

    OP, this crop circle represents the interception of Elenin by an antimatter weapon orbiting the Sun. It will depolarise Elenin's EM field represented by the small rocked thunderbolt at the tip of Apophis head and render the asteroid benin against Earth's EM field. I doubt the Navy Space Command has such a powerfull device to fulfill the work.
    [link to www.cropcircleconnector.com]
    [link to www.cropcircleconnector.com]

    if it is destroyed, that would be a travesty. there are some out there who could do this. i just hope whoever is making the crop circles is wrong about this one. elenin has been given a lot of doom and gloom press.
    it is quite the opposite. a beacon of hope and a glimpse into the past. a glimpse into who we really are perhaps, from all the clues that have been gathered. our guys are going wild like school children on xmas eve when it comes to this thing. i'd love to go back myself.

    David Wilcock got an anonymous tip that Air Force Space command was mining Element 115 somewhere in the Hercules constellation. Could this be correct?
    mining element 115? sounds like science fiction. is David Wilcock a science fiction writer?

    OK... OP... Appreciate that you can't share the actual vehicle designation...
    Can you give some idea of the technology involved?

    There are various advanced methods of propulsion. one time the discovery channel of all places aired a show about 5 years ago that spoke about some of these techs, at least the early days of it and i almost spit my coffee out watching. it had 'advanced aircraft' in the title. i really which i would have dvr-ed that show as I can't remember the whole title and i have searched for it and never found it. i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw what they were talking about. almost 100% accurate with nice graphics and visualizations. someone spilled the beans. i'm sure its been yanked but that show would have really wet your whistle. perhaps it wasn't yanked and i can't find it. i suggest looking for this and see if you can find it.
    as much as i'd like to share. i really can't go there. i'm sorry.
    but i will share this small tidbit. there are those that create their own sort of wave and ride it like a surfer.
    think about Einstein, when they drop a ball in a sheet to demonstrate how timespace gets warped by matter.
    they jokingly say we have front wheel drive. we are pushed not pulled and it certainly feels that way even though they say the inertia is canceled i swear i feel the 'pull'
    that's all i will say on this. sorry to be vague.

    So you have no information on the Nemesis Dwarf Star. Dr Bill Deagle and company claims it will be visible from the Southern Hemisphere with a high power telescope in about a month. And will start wrecking havic on earth in about 5-9 months?
    Never heard of it.

    OP: To your knowledge, what year did mankind (our current society) successfully breach the Van Allen Belt? TIA.
    i guess i should know this. the apollo missions?

    Op - have you seen any angels out there in your travels?
    Also, have you seen the so-called approaching "ribbon" or cloud of energy that Sickscent has done so much research on, and that the Boeing and NASA insiders have spoken of as threatening our planet?

    you can't see the ribbon but its funny you bring that up. that has been a HUGE concern for the scientists. they put out a cover story that it was the solar wind being reflected back, but that is baloney. its hard to tell. another poster just mentioned the van allen belt, which we don't even think about because we are protected from it. i wouldn't say it was a force field but all EM and radioactive particles cannot penetrate our craft. the system is so good that there is less radiation inside our craft then on the surface of the earth, including going through the ribbon.
    but there are experiments going on in the ribbon to see what kind of effects it will have when it reached the inner solar system. good question. so far they just don't know. the ribbon has some odd qualities to it

    Well I hope Dr. Deagle is wrong, but the guy is one of the most intelligent people I have ever listened to. Although he does seem prone to flights of fancy!! If the Nemesis Dwarf Star is as close as people are indicating then no doubt its been visited by advanced Space Command craft. He also confirms we have hyper light speed spacecraft, so he knows something concerning black programs! Please if possible ask something about this problem. Although I know that things are very compartmentalized, so its hard to find stuff out!!!!
    i would think something so epic i would have heard of. i will surely ask around. thanks for the heads up. I think I've heard Deagle on the internet a long time ago. From what I remember he did sound intelligent, but I can't remember him talking about this nemesis dwarf star. i'd wager it doesn't exists or I would probably have known. but this business is all about compartmentalization and secrecy. a need to know basis. so you never know! i'll ask around.

    You guys are the pilots of the huge black isosceles triangle mother ships, right?
    [link to www.soupmedianetwork.com]
    [link to x40.xanga.com]
    [link to www.ambergristoday.com]

    no, but the black triangles are ours. that is an airforce asset. they are mainly used below 150k ft. they aren't designed for interstellar travel.

    hi guys. i just wanted to get the word out that you should start listening with your radios, point them towards elenin. you should start picking up a signal soon if not already.
    thanks for the questions, this has actually been very fun.
    can't really go into anymore detail, but i must say, you are a fine lot here. thank you and i really mean that.

    one more thing. i'm not saying I won't be back. i have just told you as much as i can right now and duty calls. so i won't be able to post until i'm back on August 11th.
    when I get back I will post an update. i look forward to it. because 10 years ago i was on the net searching myself, i know what it's like.
    take care all. and i will catch up with you soon.


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