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    Post  Didymos on Mon Jan 31, 2011 1:30 am

    ~ Dancing Butterflies and Dragon Queens ~
    The Awakening of the Dreamers of the Dreamtime of Gaia Serpentina

    Dancing Butterflies and Dragon Queens ♥ Alexan10

    Dragon Poetry for the Awakening Dragon Princesses; preparing for their Dreamtimes to manifest in the Rebirthing of themselves as the selfchosen Ambassadoras of Old Gaia becoming New in Gaia Serpentina - the New Earth.

    Romeos are the Old Hes in the HeShes of the Blueys and Juliets are the Old Shes in the SheHes of the Dragon Queens.

    Dancing Butterflies and Dragon Queens ♥ Dragon-heart-love-image-31000 Dancing Butterflies and Dragon Queens ♥ 14

    Dancing Butterflies and Dragon Queens ♥ Dragonqueen Dancing Butterflies and Dragon Queens ♥ Dragon-heart-wallpaper-1280x1024_max600


    Amzara Ishtara Raven posted in Sexy for Jesus .

    The New Frontier

    Written and first published in 1925 in Arabic. Also translated as The New Deal.
    by Khalil Gibran

    I tell you that the children of yesteryears are walking in the funeral of the era that they created for themselves. They are pulling a rotted rope that might break soon and cause them to drop into a forgotten abyss. I say that they are living in homes with weak foundations; as the storm blows—and it is about to blow—their homes will fall upon their heads and thus become their tombs. I say that all their thoughts, their sayings, their quarrels, their compositions, their books and all their work are nothing but chains dragging them because they are too weak to pull the load.

    But the children of tomorrow are the ones called by life, and the follow it with steady steps and heads high, they are the dawn of new frontiers, no smoke will veil their eyes and no jingle of chains will drown out their voices. They are few in number, but the difference is as between a grain of wheat and a stack of hay. No one knows them but they know each other. They are like the summits, which can see or hear each other—not like caves, which cannot hear or see. They are the seed dropped by the hand of God in the field, breaking through its pod and waving its sapling leaves before the face of the sun. It shall grow into a mighty tree, its root in the heart of the earth and its branches high in the sky.

    Dancing Butterflies and Dragon Queens ♥ 179606_10150094030164095_528974094_6006921_8253542_s
    Dancing Butterflies and Dragon Queens ♥ Dragon-heart-love-image-31000

    I Am One In Many and I Am Many in One in Ee*=1

    Tonyblue - Posted 24 Hours Ago

    From: Jacqui
    Sent: Saturday, 29 January 2011 2:59 AM
    To: pacificap@hotmail.com
    Subject: re; Thuban.

    Hello Tony,

    I received an e.mail from my friend Zaina who told me she had spoken to you via facebook re your thuban site and various other websites that we found connected to you via investigating information that we feel very connected to.
    I have briefly spoken to you in the past on avalon forum before you were abruptly removed which i found quite annoying at the time because although your knowledge of such things was very informative for all some like myself found your work a little hard to understand whilst i did get the gist of it still it overwhelmed me and thinking now i would assume the time was not right but now with so much insight and information been given to me since that time little by little much is making sense, so your abrupt departure from avalon was a shame.

    I have been lost in this i must add but something keeps pulling me back it is the memory of my lost knowledge and the misinterpretations of so many forums that has confused me to the point that sometimes i felt this was to happen to confuse me, in this illusion of doubt and misunderstandings.
    I know you will understand what i am trying to say and sometimes i feel i am the only one that doesn't know about me!
    While all around me the conspiracy continues, please tell me i am not losing it i know deep down inside but just wished i could make sense of it all.

    My life seems to be a continuous play being played out in book and screen if this makes sense to you.
    I will write your answer you gave to me when i wished to know on avalon so it may jog your memory but i know you have helped so many because i have read the many posts on there.
    You said to me "i stole the crocodile eggs to feed my children"
    At the time i did not pursue this answer because i felt inadequate how to interpret such an answer and in retrorespect i wish i had because this statement has always left me feeling unsure of myself, had i been a bad person did i do something wrong and why did i do that? was it symbolic or did this happen so many different questions it made me feel inadequate.

    Perhaps you could explain this to me and if you do not wish to i understand it was wrote of the moment and perhaps now is not the time to ask such a thing.

    Both Zaina/Alicia and myself have been searching for so long now we are tired and whilst we have learnt much i feel the internet has given us false messages at times whilst other times a godsend.
    I see you have given a skype address that would be great and if that would be possible we would love to chat and try to get the answers to pieces of the jig saw puzzle we just haven't quite understood yet.
    We all have looked at different routes in finding our true calling i believe in researching all because i know my time here is for a special reason and i have to be careful or do i not sure, this is how i feel at the moment perhaps you can shed some light on it.

    Whilst i know this work is for the individual to work within no one can do this for you, but if knowledge via a higher divine source is aiding/helping some to re awaken then i see no harm in taking that knowledge given.
    I would like to thank you for given your time and if at some point you would consider a skype call we would be grateful.

    Because you are halfway round the world a time will have to be arranged so we can all be available or if this is too much for you and you would rather speak individual please let me know.
    Once again let me thank you for taking the time to make contact back.


    ----- Original Message -----

    From: tonyblue

    To: Jacqui

    Sent: Friday, January 28, 2011 4:48 PM

    Subject: Re: re; Thuban.

    Hi Jacqui!

    Thank you for your reply.
    You and your friends are most welcome to join us at the skyping. There are a number of girls here who are fully in affinity with your experiences and it is 24/7 as we participants are all over the globe. So no specific arrangements have to be made.

    Here are a couple of websites which we have which addresses your and i would say our common connection for the New World now in the making in the wake of the old one falling apart.
    This one is the easiest to read and very visual and artistic; it is the newest one.
    This is where we went after being banned from Avalon it has all the technical staff and is a great library.

    This is a sister site.
    You are welcome to visit or join or take the info whatever. We are all in this together as a Dragon (or Starhuman) Family.

    About your crocodile eggs; yes I remember this reply to you.

    It actually describes your starry ancestry, your inheritance as a starhuman Jacqui.
    There are a number of contexts of course; but the main one is that you took back your own origins as a Cosmic Ovum, the universe, from which you hatched many times more recently from the placenta of your biological mother.

    So the first level of interpretation, the literal one is of course you feeding your children with the ‘stolen eggs’; but the deeper meaning is that you need the eggs to give birth for your new starry children including yourself.
    The rebirth of Mother Gaia is going to be an event in whom all incarnates will share.
    Some of those incarnates or earthlings will be able to delve much deeper into the New Earth energy than others more asleep at the time.
    So your sharing in the selfbirthing will also allow you to become a True Ambassadora for the New Gaia and so you will require ‘the eggs’ to make your own to rebirth your children see, starchildren spiritual children notm so much human physical ones.
    But those spirit children of yours then can attach and become soulcouplings with physical children and so there will be a great Gaian adoption of the new race of starhumans in the New World and for the purpose to begin the grand transformation and healing of a planet then close to physical oblivion.

    Its part of a healing mission so and the main proponents and agents will be young people guided by some elders.
    Children will awaken the sleeping old humans, who have difficulties in understanding what is happening to their old worlds.

    My skype link is anubisbarbelo .
    Should you or any of your friends contact me on this i will add you to the chats and you can share your experiences and get proper feedback. Better than the BS you get on the web to 90%.

    Be well sweet Jacqui

    Hello Tony,

    Thank you for explaining the "egg" !!
    Now it makes more sense!

    I know i have a lot to understand still, but since finding your websites things are becoming more clearer.
    I just tried to get you on skype as i added you on my contact list and hope to speak with you some time.
    I wish to share something with you which happened to me last night in meditation.
    Finding myself in a dragon body (although it still felt human) i was souring across space among the stars and planets, i was a beautiful purple dragon and i flew with grace and ease, i have flown in dreams before but never in a dragon form and this was a meditation not sleep state which was even more prophetic.

    I always travel with my ah-jhu'-na guides and at this point they suddenly disappeared and to the right of me appeared a splendid blue dragon! this Tony was you i knew it as you i sensed it ,felt it.
    We made contact like dragons do and i was given the caduceus sign this was profound for me, a meeting in the cosmos how wonderful, i would not usually be so formal with someone i do not know so please excuse me i have come across a bit heavy, but i just wanted to say i felt we made contact last night.
    This morning going into my facebook profile i found a link to you again, odd, and came across a picture of the blue dragons!! when i saw that picture i thought of you again this was telling me i knew i had seen you.

    I know i have a connection to the purple dragons as Alicia also, we work together well as sisters although not in the sense of the word.
    I hope you don't mind but i am going to put some questions to you but as yet i have not formulated them i want to ask the right things and not waste your time so i am going to think on this and i will get back to you.

    Take care,


    Hi Jacqui!

    Thanks again and I am very impressed with your dreams.
    I would like to start a forum on the cosmosdawn.com site with your messages and then you could ask your questions there and besides the skyping.
    This is very very important info and should be shared with similar rememberers see. Many would have a similar path now in 2011.
    So if its ok with you; I start a new forum for you and Alicia to where you then can become admins on.

    I shall start this and wait for your approval sweety.

    Love Tonyblue

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    Post  Didymos on Mon Jan 31, 2011 2:48 am

    Hello Tony,

    I am speaking with Alicia this evening i will put this to her i know she will have some reservations as i have too, discussing our experiences on a forum, we have been targeted/attacked before for our understandings of things.
    I understand what you say re; others reading and coming together in these similar experiences but i will discuss this with her and i will let you know.

    I will admit to you now we both work with ashayana deane and i know there is a distinction between the melchedek drunvalo and the emerald order melchedek so i do not know how you feel about that.
    But this is important to all now and we all are aiming for the ultimate which is to become creator source once again.
    If you feel that you could not possibly have contact now because i have now revealed to you of the path we follow then so be it,you may look at it as though we oppose you this is not true we wish to create the wholeness within and what i see in all of this is this very thing.

    i still have much to learn Tony i have love in my heart for all no judgements just being, if i am to take certain routes and it is my calling shall i say then i will take that route i am investigating all things i am an open book i embrace all.
    I have never stood for one thing or another but seen the logic in all.
    Your work has made me think ,challenge myself further and i have embraced that so i will continue reading searching.
    Let me know how you feel about this i hope it will not change things we are all looking for healing now what ever we are, even in Ash work she will explain all are embracing each other because that is what we are we are all each other as you say mirror images.

    Okay i think i have said my piece now love be with you Tony,


    Dear Jacqui and Alicia!

    The Anna Hayes material is ‘bad’ news in my considered educated opinion.
    It amounts to disinformation of a very deep manipulated agenda.
    I have given extensive commentary on why and how and the comparison to the Drunvalo Merkabah, which imo is confirmed by the Thuban data in its essence.

    The Ashayana Deane material is ptb sponsored, and I would advise you to either leave it alone or at least simply analyse it as any such material; without however engaging your let’s say ‘heart based and mindful’ allegiances.

    Well dear I have created the forum with your input as to me your journey is extremely potent and appropriate for you to share and through this sharing moving beyond the veils of the 3D incarnational cocoons. I was hoping that your individual searching could entice other ‘young at heart’ souls to share their own journeys and come together as the dreamers dreaming the New World into material existence.

    But I understand and so shall not expect you to communicate any further on this matter; especially if you have invested so much time and resources into your path of the keylontic ‘sciences’.
    As you know all exchanges and data sharing of the Thuban Logos and gnosis are absolutely free and beyond any fiscal considerations whatsoever and following the directions of the encoded scriptures in that regard.

    It is my awareness, that tells me that your considerable ‘confusions’ have derived from a too close ‘taking to heart’ of the keylontic material, which is based in many ways on the Urantia Book philosophy of the post WW2 scenarios and the then prevalent ‘understanding of the sciences.

    In particular the 15-dimensional structure is directly copied from this and then used to specify the ‘Kryst consciousness’ and the restructuring of the Hebrew Kabbalah from the 10-tier to the 12 and contra the energy template embodied in the ‘Tree of Life’ for at least 12 millennia.

    You and Alicia, both have been added to the main groupchat channel and you can engage many sisters there, who can elaborate on my reservations from their own personal experiences with the keylontic material.

    The Thuban Council is in no way whatsoever interested to 'compete' with the Anna Hayes or any other metaphysically based 'alternative material'; might this be in alignment say as the Drunvalo material or in disalignment like the keylontivc material.

    The Thuban agenda does not take 'sides' as such and we are not in competition with say the Drunvalo material or the Dan Winter material etc either; we either find alignments or not.
    The Thuban Council seeks synthesis and this synergy will become like a New Law in the reconfiguration of the Old Ciosmology into a New Universal architecture, based on templates and blueprints.

    If material like the keylontics does not in its basis 'harmonize' with this Thuban agenda; then it nevertheless serves a great purpose in the maximisation of a polarity structure based on duality.

    The Thuban agenda so is that which you and Alicia 'know from the heart', namely your 'Inner Wisdom' that all is One - without duality or better said, the duality harmonised within a Monadic Entity.

    FatherMother=Father Mother=FatherMother MotherFather is a simply synonym for this harmonization of the Split in Polarity into a unified monadic doubling in the geometric process of cellular mitosis; 1-1-2-4-8....which is ther means for biological cells reproducing themselves from GrandMother to Mothers to Daughters.

    This represents the Thuban Dragonomy aka the 'Heavenly Wedding or Sacred Alchemy in the HeShe=He She=HeShe SheHe as the CreatorCreation of the beginnings of the universe; described in many languages, one being the metaphysics found in all and sundry mythologies and another being reductionistic science based on principles of logic and rationality.

    The Thuban Council simply present 'alternative interpretation' of whatever data and as the interpretations of the say 'nature of the merkabah' is misaligned with the keylontic translation, but confirms the Drunvalo Melchizedek translation, we simply say so.

    Whatever you decide, I wish you well and you have helped invigorate the present global situation in your openness and the sharing of your wisdoms from your hearts.

    Love to you both from the Dragons of Serpentina


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    "Truth alone
    will endure,
    all the rest
    will be swept away
    before the tide of time.

    I must continue
    to bear testimony
    to truth
    even if I am forsaken by all.

    Mine may today
    be a voice in the wilderness,
    but it will be heard
    when all other voices are silenced,
    if it is The Voice of Truth"


    Dancing Butterflies and Dragon Queens ♥ 495px-MKGandhi
    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


    “First they ignore you,

    then they laugh at you,

    then they fight you,

    then you win.”

    ~ Mahatma Gandhi

    "Great thinkers have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds."

    — Albert Einstein
    "Will iT to be, so, it will be, and, so iT iS" 13 ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger ~ The eXchanger
    The biggest discovery in 13 centuries related to Ancient day - record - time - wisdom keeping solves The Puzzles of The Mayan Calendar
    The End Time of The 12th Grand Cycle as 16 DEC 2013, and, The Start Time of The 13th Grand Cycle as 17 DEC 2013 - Age of Acquarius started January 19th/20th 1998~ see 260 Kin Thread http://tiny.cc/q6ds3

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    Post  Lola on Tue Feb 08, 2011 3:33 am

    One old love she can imagine
    going back to...
    and one who reminds
    her how far she has come...

    enough money within her control
    to move out and rent a place of her own
    even if she never wants to or needs to...

    something perfect to wear if
    the employer or date of her dreams
    wants to see her in an hour...

    a youth she's content
    to leave behind...

    a past juicy enough that
    she's looking forward to
    retelling it in her old age....

    a set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill,
    and a black lace bra...

    one friend who always makes
    her laugh... and one who lets her cry...

    a good piece of furniture
    not previously owned
    by anyone else in her family...

    eight matching plates,
    wine glasses with stems,
    and a recipe for a meal that will make
    her guests feel honored..

    a feeling of control
    over her destiny...

    how to fall in love without
    losing herself...

    how to quit a job,
    break up with a lover,
    and confront a friend
    without ruining the friendship...

    when to try harder...
    and when to walk away...

    that she can't change
    the length of her calves,
    the width of her hips,
    or the nature of her parents...

    that her childhood may not have been perfect...but its over...

    what she would and wouldn't do
    for love or more...

    how to live alone...
    even if she doesn't like it...

    whom she can trust,
    whom she can't,
    and why she shouldn't
    take it personally...

    where to go...
    be it to her best friend's kitchen table...
    or a charming inn in the woods...
    when her soul needs soothing...

    what she can and can't accomplish
    in a day... a month...and a year...

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    abraxasinas _

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    A piece of peace to appease - now that is a classic Susan.

    And when the dragon slayers look into the mirrors of the eXchanger, what do they see - they see dragons looking back at them.

    Those young evil Dragons of Thuban are here, those verocious beasts;
    in their caves they hide a lot and plan to don their many dire feasts.
    Then when a swiftfooted and armoured dragon slayer comes along;
    the poor fiends become frightened and forgetful whereto they belong.

    The swords and knives are drawn by the warriors of honour and renown;
    never before did such gallantry prevail in the kingdoms of all then known.
    Young dragons perished one by one not knowing what evil they had done;
    So all the dragons were no more but in folklore, their memory just gone.

    Then an old wise dragon mother awoke from her long and peaceful sleep;
    this cannot continue she said to her beau; where is my children's keep?
    And Maria's beau went forth to show the slayers the folly of their ways;
    with magic words and keys of deliverance he caused them many sighs.

    Would the slayers learn who the young dragons were before when old?
    Could the slayers see themselves in the ancient wisdom of oaks so bold?
    When the nightingale sung her song of love to the elves of the moon;
    and then as the foxes gathered about to ask the wise owl, how soon?

    How long will it be, before the humans awake to remember their past?
    Slayers of their own ancestors they are in many a zest to be so vast.
    A young dragon is nought but a slayer having returned from the grave.
    They are destroying themselves and their memories, the ones so brave.

    Maria's beau found some old souls who could remember the new past.
    Many others remained steadfast in their knowing better of an older path.
    And so it continued in the common playing grounds under the sunny sky;
    until the old wise dragon father of all joined the party to give it his try.

    Abraxas Anthony

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    THE eXchanger

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