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    Post  Didymos on Fri Mar 04, 2011 2:10 am

    Hi comrades; feedback, both positive and negative, is welcome because we all know some of the Truth and sharing is essential, for success, in this, all-important, all-or nothing, quest for collective and personal enlightenment-salvation and the better, anarcho-democratic, type of world that is now, exponentially-unstoppably, on its way. There is no other “worthy cause” to serve apart from this. ([email=dogilvie@alphernet.com.au)dogilvie@alphernet.com.au)[/size[/email]]

    (http://www.alphernet.com.au/dogilvie )

    as told to and by auld Dr Doug Ogilvie, whose alma maters, for tertiary education-training, included the a.t.c., u.n.e., and u.of qld;
    and who, since ‘75, has been a barefooted baba in bilambil in the wollumbin caldera of the big scrub, red soil, blue basalt country of north-eastern n.s.w.
    (22 /2/11)

    THE POINT. This is a minority-nonconformist point of view with which, apart from bits, few people will agree. Its hypothesis-thesis is that the best preparation we can make for the imminent-immanent apocalypse-catastrophe is to be open to the possibility that we and others have been, radically, wrong in the way we think, including value, and behave. This means being, spiritually, humble-meek like Jesus instead of self-righteously hypocritical like those who crucified or idolised him as a criminal or a hero. Without this change in consciousness a new world (reich, realm, raj or regime) of illumination, democracy, peace and sustainability is an impossibility and its marketers are double agents; self-righteous fascists who fiddle with the Truth that alone can, and will, set we sinners free, from the consequences-wages of sin-stupidity, such as is normal sickness, accident, suffering and death.
    The, last, deadline is now. The bell of john donne tolls for everyone, wherever and whatever we may be. The classical window of opportunity is opening for no more than a year or two. The, prophetically predicted, Change, to an altered state of human consciousness, or self-and-else awareness, by “opening the doors of perception”, without aid or abstinence from substances, such as psychedelics, or activities, such as fasting, from carnal pleasures such as those of sex, meat or alcohol, and an exodus-entry to a new and better type of world (aka “Nirvana”, “the Garden” and “Zion”, albeit normally misunderstood) is not only nigh but is, violently-bloodily, like a childbirth cursed by birthing pains, already underway. The earth’s evolution and her associated pregnancy, whereby She is developing embryonic-foetal man to his adult-imago state, are ending by coming to sustainable fruition-climax in one quickening-surge and with one spine-chilling scream. “Liberation! Freedom! Emancipation! My, meek, people must be made free, of their bondage to pharaohs, fuhrers, generals, governors, priests and other brutes and bullies, either elected or unelected, in high hats, high chairs and bossy boots!”
    As a change of life event the ecological-ideological changes underway, which will affect us all collectively, are similar to but different from the biological ones of menstruation-puberty and menopause-senility, which affect us individually, in similar and different ways. “Know thyself if you want to know God, metaphorically-allegorically”, as the delphic oracle, and pythagoras, by the blue aegean, said, and the time for massive insightful-lifestyle change, to mankind’s adult, imago state, is now. Normality equates with the simpsons’ cartoon world, or walt’s disneyland, with its evil, including foolish-comical, characters, that is now about to end, in an emotional-material paroxysm of poetic justice, including, for different groups of us, laughter or disaster.

    Corporatism, i.e. managerialism-competition, or mammon-babylon, which began, after hunting and gathering with sedentary tribalism, has been a win-lose, zero-sum, contestation type of game that’s been played, as civilisation, even by uncle toms, for millennia but now is due to end. This will be for the better for some, following catastrophe, as Nirvana, which will then be played as a long-time, win-win, zero-plus game, and for the worse, for others, as their catastrophic doomsday, which will be a dreadful-fatal, abortion-like, purge of the unrepentant sinners who, like placenta-afterbirth and brain-dead farts, are damned beyond redemption. Their, imminent, damnation-doom is because of, unintentional, hypocrisy, wickedness and/or sin; which are synonyms for breaking the logical law, or Logos, of the universal God, i.e. the universal Pattern for classifying particular details-data-specifics, as either good or evil, universally-correctly. This, two-sided, happening will be traumatic and/or ecstatic, depending on the subject’s good or evil character or nature, but suddenly and globally for everyone. The rest, apart from this radical paradigm-change to a period of gnostic anarchy which, with the worship of Sophia-Wisdom, began as socratic-type philosophy in, greek-speaking, byzantium at the ending of taurene and beginning of piscean seasons-eras-days, is, spiritually impotent, trivia. Paleo-fascists such as plato and aristotle, who, like confucius and the brahmans, conned the people into needing guardians and protectors, got some partial understandings right but broke the anarchic-socratic mould into smithereens.
    Without consensual agreement, including agreements to be, non-violently different in detail, there can be no common role in context, no “demos” of direction, no paranormal power for apparent miracles and no paradise on earth but with this, good type of, relationship the world becomes our species’ precious pearl-enclosing, communally-shared, oyster, and we hit the spot and strike it rich beyond belief. Without consensual man, as her coordinated-knowing organ, however, his god can’t be conscious-aware of her, sacred-heavenly, divinity and act intentionally-intelligently accordingly and the world in which he lives, without this awareness and assistance, is a shit house, purgatory or hell.
    Gnosis releases Wealth and Power to all persons in the know, equates with enlightenment by God, Heaven and/or the Truth, which are three aspects-faces of our one multi-faceted Context, and means awareness of being a consensual part of a self-conscious organ, or neocortex, i.e. the human race, of the earth in her role as god head for the solar system who is our local, virginal, god or elohim. This, as one of God’s beloved lovers, is the best possible role there is, in all ways, for anyone to learn to understand and play, partly because of the paranormal power, for self-protection, from such threats as those of cancers, cataracts, leprosy and bullies, such as athenian sophists, roman governors and jewish priests, and their snobbish mobs, and for doing good for others as one’s, anarchistic, friends, inherited by the enlightened-insightful-faithful from the omnipotent God of constituent gods, including ours, who, as a family-motherly obligation, helps protect those whom she enlightens from the nasties; great and small. Anything else is small-time trivia; titillation for small, pre-pubescent or geriatric, minds that otherwise would, with no good reason to live, have tended to suicide before the earth’s evolution to maturity could end, in sufficient numbers, successfully, as it is now about to do. We are all equally-currently at fault; guilty of being sinners whose actions are inconsequential, in terms of human destiny, and must change this now if we can, or die, redundantly, as brain-dead supernumeries who have passed our use-by, shelf-life, date and, like large dinosaurs, are fit for nothing but fodder for feeding worms, maggots or bacteria, while heading for extinction or the classical wipe-out.

    Most people, being mental addicts-idiots who feel compelled, neurotically, to control or be controlled, believe they are at home here in this, established, world of hell or man-made mammon-meritocracy; with its societal establishments, high-tech. wars, war-profiteering firms, prizes, tribes, jails and incorporated nation-states. They perceive problems, such as the economic and criminal ones, but are blind to their, single, cause which reveals their, single, solution, which will be by means of love that’s universal-unconditional or platonic, and eventually erotic, rather than love of the sexually romantic-reproductive type that animals, birds, film stars, monica and the clintons illustrate, as lusting-copulating mates. Others of us know we’re out of place and, passing by as strangers, don’t belong. Contrary to the fallacy of composition, there are, and have always been, two incompatible-irreconcilable species, with radically different types of character and destiny, to the genus hominoid on earth. What is this, seminal-archetypal, difference? It is not a normal one, like those used by hypocrites for their normal, them-versus-us, stereotyping, such as appearance, colour, religion, birth location, money-earning occupation, sexual orientation, diet, dress, i.q. score, criminal record, family name or nationality, but is the difference in, intangible, character that separates spiritual meekness which is good, from self-righteousness, vanity or pride, which is not, and tends to curse the famous and credentialed before they, permanently-terminally, fall. Most people still don’t know-believe this fundamental fact. Instead they accept, self-righteously, the legitimacy of social engineering, by knowledgeable guardians, including political government by violence, taxation, exemption, reward and penalty, as opposed to, orderly, anarchy, which includes true love, spirituality, democracy, diversity and equality. Thereby hangs the Tale; of contest, mystery and spiritual libido, which fluctuates cyclically, on earth and is now going, like a rocket, through the roof. There is no justice, as distinct from privilege-and-disadvantage, to any non-consensual social system and mammon benefits, unjustly-unfairly, the social engineers, both male and female, religious and irreligious, and black, brown, white and brindle, while testing the, spiritual, fitness of both them and the rest of us. The mental effort, or creative imagination, needed for survival, of the earth’s last judgment day event, is beyond the capacity of those hominoids who, like the neanderthals, have small, lazy, crazy, narrow, inflexible and unimaginative minds; and confuse democracy, which is consensual, with the tyranny of a majority, which is not but instead is, without a “demos”, mechanistically hierarchical and, eventually, non-sustainable.

    Without a new, anarchic, type of, society, informed by a new, anarchic, type of, ideology, the human race is now so buggered-up that it will self-destruct, and become extinct, because of violence, lovelessness (i.e. ruthlessness), bad laws and chaos, within a year or two. The signs of decadence are everywhere; for those with eyes to see and minds to perceive what’s really going on, especially in secrecy, and special relationships like that of bush, curveball and blair, in, self-righteous, conspiracies, in back rooms, inner sanctums and upper rooms, behind the public scenes. The good-bad, optimistic-pessimistic, news is that a liberating apocalypse for some is due, hand in hand with their terminating doomsday for the others so that the genus bifurcates along the great flexible-good-meek (who will live, anarchically-helpfully) and the unchangeable-proud-evil (who will die, chaotically-selfishly) dividing, grain-for-cutting or fault line; like, in the geographical-geological world, the one lake toba and mount krakatoa sit astride. Unrelated interests, such as golf, grog, parentalism, racism, patriotism, sums, drugs, cyclones and institutionalised charity, including that of the welfare-granny state, with its meritocracies, including mechanistic bureaucracies, plutocracies and hierarchies, and their reporting as news or commentary, are trivial temptations-pursuits; even if they feel good to those they tempt-seduce and entail secretive conspiracies, governmental contracts, corruption and subsidies, massive material profits, like b.h.p. billiton makes for its managers and shareholders, and/or ad hominem praise and penalty.

    Life, including sacred sex and colourful language, is, potentially, much more wonderful-beautiful than most people think it is; as the survivors soon will realise, when the, force-five, apocalyptic revelation strikes like a unprecedented hurricane, the mental cobwebs blow away, the sleep is cleansed from our benighted eyes, fascism ends its millennia-long supremacy-conspiracy, peace without justice, but with consequential violence, ends and the new-world order, of consensual diversity-democracy (aka “cooperative anarchy”) begins. We are hypothesising-predicting a major change of a type that, in recorded time, has only occurred in minor ways before. When this, classical, big bang happens we’re in for a major, unprecedented and generic, change rather than more minor, shake-up and patch-up, modifications which enable the past to perpetuate-regurgitate itself by repeating new versions of what has gone, apparently ad infinitum and ad nauseum, before. But we can’t rely on anybody else, such as heroes, messiahs, gurus, angels, final prophets, investigative journalists, entrepreneurs or nobel peace-prize laureates, to do what we, as radical revolutionaries rather than as social-political planners, critics and reformers, must, in combination, do ourselves; as/where we are at present in our normal way of thinking, living and dying. This personal-societal choice and change we’ll enact, not violently but, by becoming, in our daily lives, much better (more caring, sharing, helping, giving, forgiving, tolerating, pleasing, loving and accepting) friends with many more others than we are friendly with today, and who are, equally, willing to work, wholeheartedly, experimentally, gratuitously and idiosyncratically, by offers, requests and appreciative acceptances, at becoming better in the role of friend, in terms of both quality and quantity, including equality and numeracy; by making this their main ambition, mission, passion, purpose, aim, occupation, role, goal, employment and enjoyment in the, autobiographical, life-stories (aka “spirits”) that they, like we, self-responsibly and autonomously, lead. The obligation to ask for charity, from neighbours and/or strangers, for the right, altruistic, reason, is just as vital-valuable, in this true-love relationship, and its development, as is the need to offer, share, pass on and give what the, autonomous, other feels they need; two, inseparable, faces-facets of one priceless talent-coin. This friendliness is even more important, to give and get or share, than is the, if-then conditional tense, logic used for justifying-rationalising it. The Truth is found by logical analysis and synthesis, and risk-taking experiment, not by believing somebody’s-anybody’s holy writ.

    The principal purpose of, human, life is the consequence(s) associated with acts of friendship, which, when perfected, means a multi-partner partnership among many, individually imperfect-needy, friends, among whom God only is the favourite; that, as the love economy, makes monogamy, nationality, banks, both private and public, exchange contracts, including acts of, calculative, lets and barter, obsolete. This friendship-love relationship, which is a multi-partnered one, once sealed, with a kiss, a cuddle or a wink, can’t be measured but must be treasured; not wasted or neglected, as the greatest wealth-gift of all in anybody’s life. The normal quests for money, status, sex, domination, possessions, reputation, comfort, control, children, grandchildren, safety, entertainment, prizes, badges, influence, physical fitness; palatial mansion and security are generally attractive but are dead-ended diversions, for dunce-capped, mad-hatted, fools, from this all-important pilgrimage or quest; which is for the sang real and/or holy grail of Wisdom mythology which, being holistic, more than merely dualistic, has elements of art, craft, science, superstition and religion to its integrated text; as typified, imperfectly, by new-age ideologies such as deep ecology, fractile science and the rudolf steiner stuff. The relevant, mundane, knowledge-information, including academic and professional ideas, is massive, and overloads this sick society, throughout its media such as schools, libraries, books, quiz shows and blog sites, but, apart from its, metaphorical, relevance to Wisdom, which, as preludes, all cultural-historical-geographical-occupational lexicons provide, with equal validity, is totally ignorable. What a wonderful relief is feeling free to ignore most of mankind’s, accumulated, knowledge, from doctorates to documentaries and that of social network-dating sites, and the various versions of knowledge-garbage merchant who, for exclusive profit, market it in its pseudo-scientific, superstitious, pragmatic or religious types!

    Normality breeds more normality, including entropy, both sociological and biological “Is this all there, boringly, is!” Salvation demands belief in a new set of, theoretical, assumptions. If we are unfit to break out of our old, childhood, cages-cocoons then we are not ready for enlightened living in the forthcoming-returning paradise that lies beyond their, inhibitory-protective, boundaries. Human beings are organic-symbiotic, not mechanical-mechanistic, parts of our natural context, like brains in bodies, not like wheels in machines or water in buckets that can’t change themselves, apart from being frozen, boiled, broken, busted or rusted. Our local context, of whom we are organic parts, is a living phenomenon-cum-nounenon and/or narration-in-location-situation; an elohim or female god who, as our local solar system, who is a limited, cloned and representative member of the everlasting-limitless All, lives, cyclically, as a person like we do but longer and slower and is coming alive-awake like a teenage witch-bitch on periodic heat in partnership with the, spiritually, meek species of generic man. The All, as a context, consists of rather than just includes her constituents, as the cloned members She has created of herself, being limited by their membranes, do. We, as constituents of both She and one of them, can change our minds, and accommodate-participate in, this lifestyle transformation-paroxysm, as family members in friendly partnership, or oppose-deny it and die, like hamlet, ophelia, horatio, yorick (who belonged to the rotten, man-made, state of denmark), shakespeare and our, unenlightened, predecessors, such as the dalai lamas, lao tzu and ragneesh-osho, all have done.
    We, as self-conscious humankind, are designed-destined to be coordinated knowing parts, with figure, head and face roles of our god’s body parts, and to live in perfect, dynamic, harmony, happiness and perpetuity, with-in her and with one another; immediately-soon. This is not easy to do which is why it has not been done many years ago. We’ll be figures-heads or representatives-agents of a more numerous agency for our common elohim and/or god, as our employing-guiding principal, at this lower-deeper level of her, seven, states of self-as-god consciousness. What a lucky, unearned, draw-break this is in the celestial-genetic stakes whereby, contrary to what albert einstein said, God, as Lady Luck, plays dice, blind-mindedly, with men; none of whom has reason to be ashamed or proud of what we have been dealt by the, blind-folded, Dealer from her honestly shuffled, tarot, pack. The numbers are right now for the earth to clean up her relationships, with our help, by getting rid of the self-righteous hypocrites who, whatever “ism”, bias or spin they market for their, or their family’s financial or social income-profit-gain, cannot change their evil-wicked ways, voluntarily, and, as dominating bullies or censoring unfriendlies, who think they know best, like parents do with children, what others’ need, and act, parentalistically, as if they are, righteously, in charge-command, accordingly, ruin Life for themselves and the rest of us, including God, the universal One or Queen of Heaven. Which is why She is so bitchy and itching to be so different, nowadays and about to make her move; checkmate the devil(s) and remove him/them from, and so change, the Game.

    ZION. The time has come to cash our chips and cross the finish line. Our enlightenment will be the trigger for our god’s. Like a thief in the night the, predicted, day of apocalyptic revelation-revolution, for the earth and, including judgment-bifurcation, for mankind, has finally arrived. This epistle is a, minor, part of that much bigger moving-picture, change of, scene and narrative. At a minute to midnight (or “at the start of picaninny daylight” might be a better metaphor-descriptor for some fair-dinkum aussies, who share this author’s cultural background-bias, to use for understanding-explaining what is happening) it is time to light our little candles and find out how the living Story (aka “spirit”, “composition” and “autobiography”) with-in which we are all living, as participant observers, ends and how the maze-like mystery of Life is, at last, to be solved, by those who are seeking, self-responsibly, as free-independent thinkers, above all else, to learn, and share, the necessary-relevant Wisdom or the riddle-solving and life-changing-saving Truth; which may mean half of us who know that knowledge is power and that knowledge of, eclectic, Wisdom is the best. The rest have other interests called, feel-good, “temptations-titillations” in our Wisdom lexicon; and most must die as they have lived which means creeping-crawling about like caterpillars-grubs, or embryonic pupas in cocoons, without ever breaking loose and flying high, wide and fancy free like copulating beetles, moths or butterflies. Such is Life’s evolving, two-part nature; as game ned kelly, shackled on the pentridge prison scaffold, may have thought and said before he dropped down, as an iconic-aussie outlaw, like the jolly swaggie who waltzed matilda, dead. The colonial aussie culture, of the wild colonial boys and gold-hearted bush-urban larrikins, may be dead and gone but some of us were born in and remember it.
    The more and bigger are the, tolerable-compatible, differences between us, the better life will be for everybody in our, informal-universal, family of, anarchic-democratic, friends, including battlers as game as the kelly gang of highwaymen-bushrangers-blacksmiths, and itinerant-striking shearers like the jolly swaggie, were. The galactic season and earthly evolution are now both ready, in two-part combination, a bit like the winning combo that les darcy, the conscientious objector from the hunter-valley coalfields, mastered in the ring, for our transformation from, primitive, mankind to either, mature, humankind or doomsday-death and knowing nothing, as we did before conception, if we go the wrong-other, animal-like as distinct from god-like, way.

    The changes underway today, globally, including nationally and locally, entailing suffering and charity, as the, materially, rich, typified by pitt street farmers, howard hughes and bill gates, get financially richer and the poor, typified by the widow kelly’s family on their selection in the melbourne club’s colony of victorian victoria, and dad and dave on theirs in queensland, stay poor, will end up, in a year or two, being massively-much bigger than most people, because of believing bad advice (eg. concerning gods and governance) and disbelieving this and other versions of the good news, gospel, truth, expect. In fact, following chaos, the changes will end up all together in total revolution-rearrangement, both socially and ideologically; as mankind graduates-emerges from a immature, childish, nature-character, of inequality-ruthlessness-foolishness, down-under here in heaven’s underland-purgatory and ascends into his mature, imago, state, of equality-affection-truthfulness, in heaven-paradise, which will be also be found to be located here, all round the, living, planet earth. By a species metamorphosis and a cleansing-purging bifurcation, the human race will be divided, by the sharp sword of excalibur that, spiritual, seers who were fighting-fit, like Jesus, took from the rock and flashed, like a razor-sharp phallus-penis, divisibly-impressively; into the good guys, who’ll come up trumps and be spiritually born again to resume eternal life, in our former roles as angelic-men, and the evil ones, including the protectors of the old regime(s), both secular and religious, who will all get, as just desserts, the, assassination, chop and drop down, permanently, dead. As captains, and their lieutenants, and n.c.o.’s of industries, militaries, churches, charities, bureaus, bureaucracies, penitentiaries, squattocracies, academies, republics, kingdoms and publishing houses those tall poppies, if unrepentant, will go down, with the other rats, unlamented, with their sinking, metaphorical, mechanistic ships. Good riddance to rotten rubbish, the rest of us will, being bad-mannered in the, puerile, terms they use, as we hit the first-class lifeboats, look back to where we’ve been and say.
    Because of better education, lost idealism, increasing cynicism, excessive greed and speed, natural disasters, greenhouse-gas emission growth, extreme weather and climatic change, societal-governmental corruption, hypnotised assassins, hegemonised mind-control, unjust wars, including those they wage against selected drugs, addictions, secessionists, street marchers and victimless crimes, drug abuse, both legal and illegal, costly-wasteful pollution, including d.n.a. pollution by g.m crops and animals, greenie activism, uneconomical taxation such as carbon taxes and compulsory levies for bailing out the uninsured, animal liberation, win-lose competitions, restrictive trade practices, family disintegration, juvenile delinquency, unrepayable debts, money created, by sleight of mind, as bank credit, out of nothing, and fear of terrorism-insurgency, both foreign and domestic, the bad ones of which are manifestations of, unprincipled, hypocrisy, capitalism, like the “unsinkable” titanic, is now non-sustainable and sinking, while the band plays and the chairs are changed, increasingly fast.
    Evolution is intentional, near completion and compatible with God; contrary to the expectations-protestations of most theists, agnostics, moralists and atheists who are badly advised by their authorities, such as oliver cromwell, the puritan, the stuarts, who were papists and the tudors who, like queen victoria, were high-church anglicans, were, and most of whom, like those silly cows, while they live, will never change their minds, radically as distinct from marginally, and so understand the Truth, correctly, as gnosis-seekers, helter skelter, are now getting ready-set to go, where we are, and do. This we’ll do by changing our minds so that, unlike theirs, which are parochial, ours replicate, mentally-intellectually, the pattern of the accommodating-universal All; historically, over time, geographically, over space, and ideologically, from religions of fear and sacrifice to one of kinship-friendliness. “Think universal and act personal” is a motto of our clan.

    Aided by a brand-new insight or brilliant-bright idea, that enlightens both, meek-minded, humankind and our accommodating god, who lives eternally and comes alive-awake periodically, by revealing the, true, difference between good and evil qualities, that, like a secret key or bank-safe combination, that has been lost-forgotten and remembered-found, opens up the seventh seal of the book of Life and so changes human consciousness, or nature, to its, awakened-enlightened, adult-imago state of self-as-god consciousness, this imminent apocalypse will end the earth’s emergent evolution and begin the next, post-modern, period of heaven, planetary anarchy and/or consensual diversity-democracy on earth for those who can change our ways appropriately-successfully, by loving universally-erotically, rather than romantically-reproductively; as wise fools say, and all have said, we should. We’ll change in this, transformative, way from being conscious of dying as a adamic man to consciousness of evolving as an embryonic head-phallus organ, of one sex or the other, of a god; coordinating and communicating information on her behalf for her, and as a consequence our own, health, wealth and happiness. It is impossible to play both types of role, mundane and celestial, at once except by using them for cultivating, unconditional, friendship-friendliness or love. Our good luck means that we, the meek, won’t kark itwith the rest who, having drawn a short straw, and a short fuse, in the drawing of, genetic, lots on their sexual-conception day, or night, cannot change, except by dying, the fault-prone and fallacious way in which they have been born, while they live, to be. They and we are all at fault but no one is to blame and deserves to be punished for their, inborn-innate, faults which are out of their control and ability to remedy; although the self-righteous, if unrepentant, must eventually-soon, as bad apples ruining a barrel, be eliminated-aborted, redundant, as a logical imperative more than as a punishment, for the welfare of the universal All, including us.
    The change in self-consciousness that we gnosis, and truth, seeking sinners imagine-foresee as imminent is from belonging to, and serving, reified-deified, and unreal, abstractions, or invented-legalised fictions of the, man-made, corporate world, such as israel, the vatican, whitehall, wisconson, the queen and allah, which have mechanistic hierarchies and arbitrary rules to be enforced and obeyed, to belonging to, and serving, and communicating with, a living corporeality, of the, natural, corporeal world, such as the local solar system or sacred elohim, who gives us life, including light, liberty, sight and energy, and who’s coordinated knowing organ, having been her womb, is now the corporeal earth, and who’s single law (which sinners, by definition, violate) is the golden rule of Wisdom, and/or cooperative anarchy, whereby giving, freely-generously, and getting, affectionately-appreciatively, are supreme, equal-value, roles for the perfect partnership; which entails both gods and men. Other roles like king, queen, pensioner and taxpayer belong, with their personified role-players, such as farouk, murbarak (whose military got billions, to control the people, from the yankee governments, both republican and democrat) and the muslem brotherhood, in the normal dunnyland, kindergarten and/or netherworld that currently prevails. This, liberal-liberating, philosophy endorses pro-choice, personal freedom and human rights, such as entitlement to free assembly and reporting, to the max. and ends the dominant-mammonite role of master-judge or censor of non-violent human nonconformists and our unconventional activities, as distinct from professor-master of special expertise-talents-skills, like boxing, fencing, freemasonry and teaching maths, and personal needs, i.e. all forms of government-dominance-management-administration, from households, tertiary schools, lodges and corner shops to inter-nation states. We survivors will be friendly, including helpful, unconditionally, with our own, equally friendly, kind, which includes the, living, solar system, galaxy and cosmos, which form one organic, symbiotic, hierarchy, of younger spheres within older spheres, with the minor replicating the logical nature of the major, and contractually with the other, unenlightened, kind(s) of corporeal-corpuscular Life; all of which are parts of more enlightened forms, which culminate as God, or El, the universal One. As the mother women’s libber She is entitled to do with, and allow to be done to, her own body what She wills. Our inter-activity, within her, will be intentional in order to maximise the pleasure and minimise the suffering felt on planet earth, whereon we are all effected, especially by means of our immunisation-regeneration system, and its aura-chrism, by the vibes caused by each other’s suffering and happiness; the head-cum-vulva of our re-awakening, superhuman but not supernatural, god. We are practising this new, altruistic-alternative, lifestyle now, beforehand, wholeheartedly as one, equal-status, family, as distinct from merely tokenly-occasionally as members of a mechanistic hierarchy, hypocritical brotherhood or unruly mob, like those who fought for quisling.
    Self-righteousness is evil, hypocrisy is a sin, spiritual meekness is good and our natural context is a, superhuman, god, whom, as Mother Nature, we are designed to represent on earth and whose single law, as a logical imperative, is the golden rule of universal love, of which negentropy is a, logical, if-then, implication-consequence and the four rules of the buddhas are derivatives. Without us as knowing eyes Big She is as blind, to her nature and appearance, as a batch of belfry bats. The rest we need to know is implication, explication, extrapolation and/or consequence of these, few, fundamental facts, which form a integrated set; when they are truthfully defined and understood, i.e. visualised-conceptualised, and honestly believed, by believers whose tongues-mouths match the rest of our bodies in the way we think-talk-walk-communicate. For living well we must think-reason-rationalise holistically, as representative parts of one whole-holy happening of connected-interacting parts, but also dualistically, using an evil-good typology that is logically correct; and then interact sensibly, non-hypocritically, as good guys, including gals, of consistent principle, logically-accordingly, peacefully, mutually helpfully and blissfully, for an eternity.
    In spite of being blessed, including helped, in my old age, by a few valued-appreciated friends, who care, kindly, for me in various ways, I know, and know of, nobody else who thinks like me, “and so is on the same page or in the same movie script” as me: like this. However if my cosmology is logical, as distinct from merely fanciful, then others of my, meek-minded, kind or spiritual siblinghood must be out there somewhere and our, imminent, encounter, possibly by wireless, will begin the ultimate chapter of human history on earth. High technology indicates the potentiality of high-season ecology. Agape will characterise our common nature-character and result from a commonly perceived logic, the Logos, as distinct from parental-child affiliations, the end of the mayan calendar, parochial-patriotic family ties or, animal, sex appeal; and is the way the earth and we earthlings must combine and go; immediately, or die, permanently. Carnal-erotic sexual intimacy may, or may not, eventuate, in this affair, but the sense of family kinship which begins the interaction is logical-rational rather than hormonal-biological.

    c) FAMILY. The family may come first, and fairness for families may be a great, marketable, idea, for political animals to buy and sell, but the pertinent question for potential graduates is; what type, class, sort or kind of group, family, species, sect, clan, cartel, casa, mafia, syndicate, reich, mob or conglomeration are we talking of when we say, ambiguously, such things; and who decides, for whom, what’s what. We gnostics say that dictionaries, such as oxford english, like scripture books, such as the king james bible, can be useful references but are not dictatorial authorities, and that, being autonomous, we are each responsible for the set of meanings that, as a language lexicon, we choose to use, for understanding and communicating.
    Jesus (the bush lawyer and country bumpkin from galilee, who was disowned, because of being considered mad, by one of his families when he preached enlightenment in the jewish synagogue) and maybe others, found mankind’s, irreconcilable-antithetical, family difference to be in, logical, quality between self-righteousness, which makes enlightenment-gnosis impossible, and meek-mindedness which, by the elimination of hypocrisy (aka “sin”) makes it, along with universal love, paranormal power and everlasting life, a logical consequence. That man, on his two-year mission, after nearly drowning in the jordan, nearly attaining gnosis-enlightenment, as a solitary experience in the wilderness, and extracting excalibur from its, safety-from-fools, sheath, after years of hard, mental, labour, searching in faulty towers and the hellenised field of the eastern mediterranean, demonstrated-explicated the paranormal-superhuman power(s) that derive(s) from spiritual re-birth into enacting a better type of role-in-narrative, which enables living, in a multi-partner partnership, self-governing by the golden rule of agape, i.e. true, universal-unconditional, love. However both his, orthodox, disciples and adversaries, foolishly and self-righteously,misunderstood what he then said and did and they falsified, deliberately or unintentionally, the record that has been passed on down, by scribes, priests and laities, to us. As g.k. chesterton said, ''It’s not that jesus’ teaching has been tried and found wanting, but that it has been tried and found too hard,'' both to understand and do. The truth of the good-versus-evil dichotomy, knowledge of which enables enlightenment-salvation, which enables water to be walked upon, hands on healing to take place and mountains to be, from a distance, moved, as a logical consequence, but which is not part of any ideological praxis yet, not even christianity’s or any of the other lord-gods’ holy-book religions or mankind’s atheistic-scientific ideologies, must now be revealed, publically-globally, for everyone to see and, if they can, to understand, obey and enact; or if they can’t, reject. Then the Truth can be believed or disbelieved, deliberately and self-responsibly, by everybody; for the bad-old age of pain, ignorance, sin and suffering to end and the good-new golden age with its better-perfected-new world-order of consensual diversity-democracy, including voluntary mutual-aid, healthiness, randiness, handiness and joviality, to begin for we who make the grade. We’ll each be forced to stand up and be counted for our chosen, contestation, side and then be spiritually born or physically die accordingly-consequently, in an unprecedented, but not supernatural, event, that has been predicted as mankind’s judgment day; doomsday for the, closed-minded, failures, who cannot change, in the necessary way, to live, convivially-eternally-consensually, like gods, and ascension for the fortunate, flexi-minded, family who, being holy-helpful, beloved lovers, in our attitude to others and the Other, can.

    Enlightenment, as distinct from its preliminary preparations, is a family matter rather than an individual experience to be achieved-enjoyed on one’s, isolated, own, as most gurus-shamans, endorsed in that, superordinate, role by, simple-minded, devotees-disciples, claim, self-righteously but fallaciously, they have; on some isolated mountain top or in some secluded-monastic cell, wilderness or cave. With its consequences, enlightenment, gnosis, illumination, spiritual birth, buddhahood and/or self-realisation, which is, like the bard’s sweet-smelling rose, the same by any name, is the sole reason for and purpose of life on earth, and means knowing the natural relationship(s) of the heavenly regime so as to live, consciously-conscientiously, accordingly, relating-communicating mentally with one’s whole context and audio-visually-bodily with one’s particular, co-textual, peers; who also recognise they are constituent parts of universal, everliving, She. Enlightened understanding means that the man-on-earth is, enjoyably-blissfully, aware of being used for her knowing and/or doing by a more inclusive being and/or accommodating god; as his, enlightened, earthly, partner(s) also know she is/they are. I am a man on earth but it is also true to say that, all together, we are a god in Heaven, making ourselves self-consciously incarnate in head-body partnership, on earth although a lot of non-believers, don’t, at least yet, know what this proposition-hypothesis, which is both unprovable and undisprovable, scientifically-objectively, as distinct from subjectively-experientially, means; in terms of personal power and obligation to do good, for fun, for free and for the common, family, good; enjoyably and gratuitously.
    Our self-and-else context is our, complementary, opposite, or reflected image, in all ways such as part-whole, junior-senior, faster-slower, active-passive, inner-outer, extroverted-introverted, yang-yin, self-system, subjective-objective and male-female. She is the, potentially compatible, Other, the Different, the Opposite and/or the Fairy Godmother. With her we are meant to link ourselves, symbiotically, so as to get the best, along with her, of both her inside and her outside worlds, by, true, love and understanding; as the kali yuga ends as it is now ending, in violence, intimidation, chaos and confusion, for the new age to arise, like a phoenix from the ashes, and She will interact autonomously as distinct from automatically with us as, like-minded but uniquely embodied, peers. Kerash-Zoom!
    As history, She repeats herself until we, as a species, learn the lesson needed for knowing how to move on to higher ground, and the time and place for this, final-archetypal, graduation, is at last here and now. Good-willed anarchy, which entails voluntary obedience to God’s golden rule of universal love, is beyond the mental-physical capacity of self-righteous hypocrites, who must now, as a logical imperative, be turfed-booted out, in the classical act of ethnic cleansing and expulsion, as harmful failures from the graduation class.



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    The Apocalyptic Family Empty As always a deep and thought provoking masterpiece

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    I will have to read this for awhile to fully digest it, and seperate the art from the info, and enjoy them both.

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    The Apocalyptic Family Empty Re: The Apocalyptic Family

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    Postout re. gnosis by auld doug ogilvie. 16/8/11


    Namatse, comrades-cobbers-citizens. The world is changing radically-exponentially, not just incrementally-cosmetically. As civilised society runs off its rails, the old ways have gone stale. We have two options for the coming year; change our ways, fundamentally, or die, on a global judgment-justice day, having passed, like stale cheese, our use-by, shelf-life, date.

    The end is not just near; the end is here. For the gnosis-seeking siblinghood, including those martyred in the past, it’s time for all of us to fight our way, collectively and non-violently, back home, where we belong, for a family-reunion celebration that will blow-glow our brains with pleasure and make the pain and suffering of the present and the past acceptable, forgettable, logical, reasonable and worthwhile.

    However, although this new age-world is, logically, inevitable, soon, it is only findable, enjoyably, by seekers who get up off our bums, prayer mats and bended knees, and look-work for it, more than for anything else; even money, marriage, children, land, power, sex, prestige, privilege and popularity.

    The holy, nonconformist, family of disciplined earthlings, who share the realm of Heaven as our alpha-omega home from whence we come and to which we will return, is the panentheistic one (vide matthew fox, the creation spiritualist) composed of God, the gods, angels and gnosis-seekers and philo-sophers who can be traced back past, and include, open-minded seekers for the Truth, including intimate knowledge of God (i.e. gnosis) such as jesus, socrates and solomon. Our golden rule of, pay-back, karma (vide Luke,6,31, and elsewhere in our wisdom literature) has been simple to say but impossible for us to understand and do till now. “We harvest what we sow” is a universal-logical imperative, not just a platitude, so let us, if we can, stop being-doing evil and, instead, be-do good, not just occasionally-selectively, as in the past, but everlastingly-universally, as our normal way of life, despite the opposition of our, self-righteous, foes, including the indifferents who, being self-righteously apathetic-pessimistic, are not with us, but act against or otherwise don’t support us, on this mission; home to Heaven-Paradise, which will be, this time, here, in season, on garden-planet earth.

    All pride, including pride in family, race, skills, intelligence, nation, colour or occupation, and all shame, for misdeeds done, is a, foolish, sin that signifies one’s silliness. It’s all in the, biological, genes and their, intellectual, memes which are an individual’s unpredictable-inescapable inheritance; and we all do our, imperfect, best with what, at no credit or debit to ourselves, we’ve got, as our god’s will.

    To the barricades, with the black, anarchic, flag raised rampant, all you spiritual siblings of the true God’s siblinghood. The final, global, fight for peace, love, justice, truth and freedom by we, les miserables, in the common role of new-age paraclete, is hereby, as elsewhere, declared and communally begun against the hypocrites, who as selfish bludgers, hate mongers and/or social engineers, self-righteously and selfishly, violate the golden rule of mother nature and/or god in which we, contrariwise, believe. In our, informed-shared, opinion the pyramidal-competitive paradigm that currently is, and has historically been, dominant, must be ended, now, along with the parasites and pirates who believe in, and enact-enforce, it, and the apathetics, with other interests, who will be losers with them, by default, when its social, including political-judicial-moral-economic, system’s dead-ending comes, as it will come next year, helter skelter, with trauma, chaos and a great big-bloody, catastrophic, bang; entailing both its capital equipment and natural environment.

    Without being willing to be martyred for expressing one’s, compassionate, family-faith, as the mahdi-army muslems are, one is unpassionately unworthy of the precious prize of everlasting life, with its priceless treasure-trove, and might as well be playing cards, croquet, commerce, crosswords, skittles or lawn bowls, for golden cups or silver coins or brass razoos, or a puerile buzz or ego-boost, instead.

    We libertarians, including those who were formerly liberal-democrats as were john stuart mill, rousseau, the encyclopaedists and voltaire, around the north atlantic, at the end of feudalism, and the beginning of nationalism-capitalism and mass-production industrialism, need, to win this prize, and the associated good-versus-evil war, not bigger-better, guns, bombs, missiles, battleplanes and other high technology and clever machineries, but a better-new, or resurrected, idea of “god”; our Lady, Sophia or Madonna, of perpetual agape, unconditional chivalry and/or universal love, and to work-fight, playfully-sincerely, to finality, in harmony with one another and with She, against the governments of rex mundi and their propagandists, protagonists, spies, judiciaries and militaries, for whom “power over others is an aphrodisiac”, who oppose her and her rule of consensual democracy-diversity-equality. For this change-of-life-and-consciousness success we need to think in a different from normal way; holistically-honestly, for hopefully the coming year, partly because a lot of us, as seekers and rethinkers, feel that, by changing our minds and our behaviours, we are nearly there, rather than dualistically-hypocritically, as has been normal in the past and still is for most of generic man, in these latter, evolutionary, days, of the quickening quickening, today.

    However addiction to ideology is harder to shift than is the hard-shit of constipation or is addiction to any substance or activity, and generally requires a near-death, life-changing, damascus road experience as, signs signify, is coming, as a teaching, testing and world-shattering event, to all of mankind soon.

    Before that happens, here, however, as a, gratuitous, gift, is a nonconformist-iconoclastic proposition for your consideration, and choice of adoption, modification or rejection; a plan or map to be discarded as faulty or to help guide us in our travels, as new-age pilgrims, to the treasure of salvation, aka the “sang real” or “holy grail”, here on this wild-garden planet earth that circles, like an internal satellite, with a north-south polar axis and a electro-magnetic sphere that change unpredictably, with sun-radiation storms, every 25,000 years or so, the black-holed, spiral, galaxy we call the milky way. The self-righteous hypocrites, including the conventional-conservative buddhas, wise men, saints, scientists, prophets, professors, pharisees, messiahs, academics, scholars, sophists, commentators, experts, pundits, authorities, knowledge-merchants, high-browed elites and light-workers, and their disciples-reporters-interpreters-scribes, who think they know it all or all that anybody can or needs to know, have misguided us for centuries with misinformation, half-truths, false premises, reified, and deified, abstractions (with their virtual realities), faulty definitions, prejudicial stereotypes, false dichotomies and untrue ideologies. So it is time, if we want the Truth instead of more of yesterday’s-today’s half-baked part truths and associated platitudes-stupidities, to make a fresh-clean break and start from scratch, by going back to the basics of karma-gnosis; the courtship, seduction and marriage of man and his, accommodating, god, or super-personal presence, whether we think of her as our contextual situation, sun disc, living galaxy or cosmic universe; or all of these in one.

    The common thread of gnosticism, which is holistic rather than dualistic in its lingo, which is Wisdom, and can be traced back beyond the religions of sacrificial, including blood, offerings, of virgins, birds and scape-goats and includes the mystery religions-schools of post-paganism, including the, secretive-speculative, brotherhoods of philosophy, alchemy, sufism, tantric yoga and freemasonry, is the expectation, as a logical imperative, of an apocalyptic revelation, emerging from within our still-evolving brains. This insightful revelation will be of the universal Truth, including the truth concerning humankind’s innate divinity, that jesus exemplified on his two-year mission after experiencing near-enlightenment in the river and the wilderness and before the authorities and their mobs murdered him for his nonconformity, and which makes logical-inevitable a new age of consensual democracy-diversity characterised by tolerant altruism and enthused by the heavenly emotion(s) of amanda, moksha, rapture and/or ecstatic bliss. Consensus implies individual self-sovereignty, or personal autonomy, and means that decisions are unobjectionable for anyone who feels effected by their, practical, consequences (i.e. their logical, if-then, implications, explications and extrapolations). Nobody serves, or is served by, others as a dominant male, elder, matron, patrone or master as distinct from as a beloved lover, in the anarchy; of which there is only ever one to which all anarchists, at the time, before and later on, belong.

    There is no granny state, magistrate, graven idol or interventionist-dictatorial god to be adored-served-obeyed, subserviently in an anarchy. Real estate is available, to corporeal persons, for theirprivate homes and gardens but not to them or corporations, i.e. invented super-persons or reified abstractions, to use as private property for making capital profits-gains; in which sense private property, on which capitalism is built, as a holy-sacred cow along with usury, or money-lending for profit, is a deadly-greedy-loveless sin. Our, human, destination is perpetual motion-and-emotion which will be a enjoyable miracle because, unlike today, which must bore-annoy any god worthy of the, divine, name to rage or tears, She will be intentionally-consensually-selfconsciously involved as a, senior, partner in a common, divine, enterprise.

    Socialisation-training-indoctrination-domestication is the process of learning to conform to, established-sinful, normalcy with its institutionalised, authorities, such as those of church, state, language and academy. By education, instead, we educe, if we can, our, divine, talent for illumination-agape and anarcho-communistic living as tenants in common of the planet which we treat as a communal kibbutz or multiple occupancy; which is the legitimate, tertiary-education, role of philosophers in universities-academies, following-using the pedagogy taught by pedants to the infants in their lower-status schools.

    Until then the earth is overpopulated-overcrowded except that she has reached the optimum size for the human species’ bifurcation into its good-meek-anarchical and evil-selfrighteous-hierarchical halves, which is now an imminent, divisive, event that will rip the human race apart. Although self-responsible (e.g. for the language definitions of our personal lexicon or dictionary-encyclopedia of meaningful ideas, even if we decide to use those authored-authorised by some alleged authority) as adults we are, and have been led by, harmful fools, or judas goats; but they have had their day and the global situation is now ready-set to change, in a fundamental way. If our bible contains contradictory propositions, as the jewish-christian bible does, then we are responsible for deciding, subjectively, which, if either, is the best one to believe. To believe an authority rather than to believe what makes logical sense to the believer is to be a, infantile, idiot.

    Parents are responsible for their underaged children which means that pregnancy-parenthood is, in these troubled latter-days of unemployment, rough sex, violence, paedophilia, delinquency, drug abuse, crime, body image, family planning and birth control today, a full-time role for silly-clucky chooks who, instead of breeding-multiplying like rabbits, would be better off to play, less harmlessly, with pets, balls, toys, corn-cob dolls and pretend games like red rover, masturbation and monopoly. The same general rule applies to management of others by biological adults like admirals, c.e.o.’s, pharaohs, directors, samurai, magi, cardinals and generals. It’s time to understand and make the fundamental-transformative Change, or die instead, as brain-dead, brain-washed, garbage, if we can’t. We radical-change agents-artists may be a minority but we are too many and too cunning, and it would be too costly, time-consuming and socially-disruptive, for the conservative thinkers in control to accuse, arrest and jail, or try to assassinate, us all, now that we’re coming together as one, communistic, family of earthlings who freely share with and plagiarise from one another as a family of good friends who have no, superior, authorities apart from, superhuman, god(s) and their knowing (sensually, including sexually, emotionally, logically and intellectually) organic-autonomous members, aka “harbingers”, “messengers”, “representatives”, “agents” or “angels”.

    As a war-weary codger, with prostrate cancer and a rising psa, of 82 I’m ready to die this year if I can’t help, and be helped, to bring about a, lifesaving-worldchanging, miracle that would make it all worthwhile. We gnosis-seekers believe that paranormal-magical miracles, such as hands-on healings, reading minds and prophesy, among consenting adults, become logically possible when, for her, we perpetually do “the will of God”, as She, the Other of all others, defines, in her Wisdom lexicon, the meaning of the abstract words-symbols-term(s) that, truthfully, describe this holy-helpful-healthy-happy-hospitable way of life. Until, as the end of hypocrisy and its consequential tyrannies, which means also the end of mankind’s cerebral evolution to his enlightenment and the beginning of the agape relationship, universally, we learn to do this as our normal way of life, consensually with her, the supreme being, in friendship-partnership, we are a love-starved species living far below our species’ potential for universal love, mutual-aid, apparent miracles and/or helpful-individualism. That means living below the poverty line for love of the universal-nonjudgmental type and its logical consequences, such as sacred sex, paranormal power, compassion in action and everlasting life. This means that all of us, even those claiming to be born-again christians, orthodox-conformist, jews, mahdi-army muslems or illuminated hindu-sages, are loveless sinners and/or, fatally, at-fault reasoners and that we live and die, unenlightened, in a version of evil-hell-babel, or the animal-funny farm, instead of universal love or good cobbership, on earth.

    My, cyclically, living context, who is organised as an organic hierarchy, or pleroma, of younger gods within older gods, is my supreme being, heaven, family and/or universal god. We form a multi-partner, multi-level, partnership governed by the karmic code of, pay-back poetic justice and/or the golden rule of agape, or true-platonic love, as distinct from multiple dictations-commandments such as hammurabi’s, moses’, the talmud’s, john smith’s, all caesars’ muhammed’s many, including the anti-usury, i.e. anti-capitalism, instructions of islamic-sharia law, the magna-carta barons’ and all martial law. With my spiritual siblings, who have no overlord to hail, bow down to or kow-tow before, like the, personality-cult, christians and other, lord-god, theologians do, we constitute the gnostic anarchy, which has one law only, determined, for her survival-benefit, by the senior partner, i.e. supreme god, who also, being sensible, not stupid, must obey-enforce this single rule of universal-unconditional-nonjudgmental love whereby, as a perfect partnership of imperfect-needy partners, each can help each other compensate for what each other partner lacks and so feels in need of getting. Self-righteous sinners, being unenlightened by the Truth, and hence, like dumb animals and vegetables, incapable of imagining, i.e. comprehending-visualising, what this perfect type of interaction means, disbelieve and violate its law of, consistent-principled, logic and, if unrepentant beforehand, die accordingly, involuntarily-ignorantly-prematurely; as a redundant waste of space, energy and opportunity. Meanwhile, instead of themselves, they blame us, and our dialect, for their lack of understanding. If anybody can live in this egalitarian-altruistic way godlessly, without a faith-belief in god, then we god-worshippers will be happy to be proved by their actions to be wrong in what we have assumed-guessed-intuited, from personal experience-insight, to be right.

    Foolishness, both ours and theirs, has been natural for millennia but is now due to cease because an unprecedented metamorphosis-graduation is underway as the earth’s solar system and mankind exit, in the classical-archetypical, Exodus, from their adolescent age of love-starved wankery and emerge, conjointly, to their adult-golden age of true love, fun and understanding wherein we will live as beloved lovers and junior partners, with paranormal powers, of the universal One. As indicated by signs like climate change, economic depression-inflation, riots against unjust authorities, terrorism, freedom fighting by versions of the, idealistic, p.l.o., as in ulster, chechnya, palestine and tibet and the 70 countries where the yankee-n.a.t.o.-u.n. war-machine intervenes against them in some, self-righteous, way, and world-wide wars, there is the, chaotic, end of one world underway and the emergence, like a phoenix from its ashes, of the new. This is the Great Awakening, Uprising, Induction, Circumcision, Revelation, Apocalypse or Lifting of the Veil that, as the great attraction, has been foreseen-predicted by wise fools although, being born before the time of which they spoke, like bob dylan and the hippies in the pill-popping, rock-and-rolling, simple-living, sixties and the organisation-development and sensitivity-training change agents of the same time, also were, most got the details, albeit not the inevitability, of the, world-changing, event and consequential new-age wrong. However once we learn the Logos, or the means-end logic of the All, graduation becomes a, effortless-enjoyable, breeze and their resurrection and our salvation are assured. Unrelated matters are inconsequential and, safely, ignorable; although they still attract the attention of damned fools, including bell wethers, who think they, for a profit, can patch up and so perpetuate the dying-deadly past or global slaughter-house that is the, hellish, home where they and their followers, but not we, nonconforming, gnostic anarchists, belong.

    Our human job-task-role is to learn to imagine, better even than yoko and john lennon, a situation that a god or gods, of love, would find believable-attractive, or to kark it, and make room for others, who can if we can’t.

    The author, following a long life of broad-varied experience, of success, pleasures, misunderstandings and mistakes, critical reflection and risk-taking experimentation, including lifestyle changes, is an anarchistic gnostic, and so is committed to the peaceful overthrow of those governments that govern him, and others, non-consensually and/or hierarchically, as fabians, pauline christians, machiavellians, bible bashers, neo-nazis, bolsheviks, zionists, puritans and other types of, fascist, bully do. The borgias and romanovs were just extreme examples of a common global curse. Left-wing and right-wing social engineers, both elected and unelected, of either sex, of church, state, economy, ideology, ecology, media, mafia, military, security and academy, i.e. political animals, social darwinists, platonic guardians, boss cockies and taxing-tithing-fining governmentalists of all versions, descriptions, persuasions and degree, both conservative and progressive, are, in his considered-informed opinion and associated lexicon, fascists, i.e. fork-tongued and double-standard fools and/or self-righteous hypocrites who are guilty of the capital crime(s) of hypocrisy-evil-and-corruption. The world they divide and rule, politically, by violence, fear, force, deceit, dirty tricks, secrecy, dishonesty, bribery, precedence and intimidation, i.e. the violation of citizen self-sovereignty and self-responsibility, is hell, hades, purgatory and/or the scarlet whore of babylon, whereas, like a, black-douglas, foreigner in scotland, or a, chivalrous, white-knight from camelot, he belongs to-in Heaven, as his extended-family home, with its golden rule of agape, or true-platonic, which, unlike eros, means anarchic-democratic, love, wherein sex is optional for adults who decide to volunteer, among a universal set of equal-status, but uniquely-different, mutual-aiding, peers. Because of this confidence in the justice of the, parental, god-and-heaven to whom he belongs and whom he serves, by all he says and does, he feels no need for privacy, fear or secrecy as distinct from openness, bravery, charity, clarity and honesty; and so hackers like assagne, the falcon and the snowman, and mudjahadeen like young david hicks and the abu graib and other gulag detainees of various regimes cause no fear for and pose no threat to him or his. Unlike him and his, mankind’s ruling-devils, such as josef stalin, david de rothschild, professor tim flannery, the lapsed muslems of dubai, putkin’s moscow mafia and the lapsed maoists of beijing, fear the loss of face that will accompany the loss of their privileges, possessions, high incomes, social status and control and think, parentalistically, that they are entitled to make decisions for other people to enforce-obey-enact, e.g. by legalising theologies, restrictive trade practices, like monopoly professions which are “conspiracies against their laities”, public indebtedness, collective punishments, excommunicatons, tabus such as those against abortion, prostitution for money of some, god-given, talents but not others and eating non-kosher meat, progressive-or-regressive taxation, reverse-or-positive discrimination, collective punishments, and the violence of their “just” wars, inquisitions, witch-hunts, rebellions, persecutions, crusades or jihads. However no good, only more and worse of past mistakes, can come from that and them, until their, hierarchical-competitive, regime collapses in a heap of junk, bankrupted morally and financially, as is happening to it now, as, helped by cynics and sceptics in the role of whistle-blower, as with watergate and the pentagon papers, loss of consumer-client-citizen-elector confidence spreads like wildfire through their, wicked-evil, world of man-made mammon and/or babylon and, along with toxic waste and poisonous chemicals in, and the erosion of good stuff from, the soil, air, water, drink and food supply, are helping cause it to collapse. Like fuzzy-minded drunks on turps, like crackling rosie and loonie weed, they and their dependents are badly-biased, self-obsessed and expendable i.e. sinful, and, a bit like humpty dumpty, are due, within a year, for a final-fatal fall, along with their whole, bad-egg sort of, social order, on God’s great banana skin. The, judgment day, Change, whereby they hit the skids and we emerge unscathed, is coming, uncontrollably, exponentially as distinct from disjointed-incrementally, and not even king canute could stop or slow-down what’s unfolding globally, including locally, as a natural-and-divine, assessment, tide in the affairs of monsters, gods and men.

    History, including its generalised reports in wisdom literature-mythology, such as shakespeare’s plays, hebrew proverbs, children’s nursery rhymes, aesop’s fables and brere rabbit’s fairy tales, repeats her lessons, automatically, although the names, numbers, appearances and locations change, until we learn to understand and obey them, which, following a lot of trial, error and critical, including self-critical, reflection and experimental lifestyle changes, a critical mass of us has, almost, done at last today. Whether called krupps, j.p.morgan-chase or halliburton inc., for example, war-profiteering firms, and the war criminals who own and manage, and work for, them, of capitalism’s military-industrial-financial complex, have all operated in much the same, damned-rotten, way for centuries. Partly because of this fundamental-experiential learning, by the curious, compassionate and caring, concerning universal types and their typology, which are invisible, to sight, but imaginable, by perception, which has been difficult but not impossible, with time, to learn to do, a transformative change for half of humankind, and our whole natural-artificial location-situation, is now underway. The mystery is being solved; the conspiracy exposed. Victory is imminent. Evolution is ending, in violent contestation, confrontation and catastrophe, but with a good result for its good fruits; a critical number of gnosis-seeking peers who are prepared to, radically-rationally, change our ways, in order to live convivially-consensually like gods, which includes agreeing to be tolerably different, e.g. in diet, colour, definitions, dress, undress and other personal preferences such as preferred type of sex, such as being, with consenting adults, promiscuous, kinky, straight or chaste, albeit not in nature-character which, among the virtuous, is uniformly meek. This means not fearful-weak but tolerant of the differences that characterise the, high-status, situation of, non-violent, diversity and/or peaceful, mutual-aiding, anarchy, aka “the peerage of heaven and the gods”.

    The new, climactic, age, for those human beings who are capable of being spiritually meek-humble in their relationships and so fit for long-term survival in, and contribution to, a better type of world than what we have today, i.e. as members of a caring-sharing, rather than a competing-warfaring species-race-community of self-righteous pricks, both cocks and clits, has been begun, albeit not yet reported in the news by professionals like rupert, the papal knight, sylvio, the dirty dago, and their, like-minded, news-reporting crews, including the badly-biased progressives, or investigative reporters, such as millionaire michael more, of the trendy-alternative, including public, media, who see others’ faults but, because of motes in their mind’s eyes, cannot perceive their own. Those who fail to become enlightened-educated, because of being unrepentant, must all die, as a logical imperative-necessity rather than as a capital punishment, but can not be killed by we, the meek, for whom all, non-consensual violence (sports like boxing and other versions of refereed thuggery, unlike gladiator fights and slave revolts, like that led by spartacus against the paleo-fascists of rome, are generally voluntary-consensual) including capital punishment, assassination, compulsory taxation, enforced abstinence, presidential pardons, executive immunity, compulsory service in the military draft and collateral damage, against self-conscious persons is tabu, i.e. reserved for a self-protective god. She is responsible for making the last judgment between the, metaphorical, sheep-tares, to be purged and/or exterminated, for her welfare, and the goats-wheat, for salvation and/or redemption, for her welfare too. This she will do before it is too late, as examiner-inspector-judge-executioner, because, like bad apples in a barrel, one untrustworthy lover is, like a necktie tourniquet, enough to stop the flow of universal love from going, freely, round the traps; as it is meant, in the new, aquarian and round-table, age, to go for everybody’s, equal-status, benefit. This includes the Whole’s, Heaven’s and/or God’s (which are synonyms, along with autobiographical Story and superhuman Spirit, for one universal entity of multiple facets, such as location, logic, appearance, constituent material and perceived personality, in the, pagan, Wisdom lexicon with its tolerance of mixed metaphors and multiple names, e.g. camelot for both heaven and god, the superhuman One) in whom we are located-situated, consubstantially as, self-and-god conscious, constituents. Religion, art, fiction, commerce, politics, sex, breeding, gambling, housekeeping, comedy, playing-tarot cards and sport can be used as-in wisdom-learning situations but are more commonly used as opiates, or escapist therapies, by bad apples in our barrel, to escape reality and occupy their time and talents, temporarily instead, with entertaining fictions-fantasies. The news, including that in private blogs and social-media, and dating, sites on the anarchic world-wide web, is full of information concerning the entertainers who market them, as dealers of addictions, in the money-market place. John laws, lady gaga, financial advisors and unesco sociologists typify the persuasive-influential, self-indulgent and cloud-cuckoo, breed, who, being illiterate in Wisdom, don’t know what “god”, “good”, “self-righteousness”, “anarchy”, “communism” (which they commonly confuse with militant bolshevism or a proletarian dictatorship) or any other symbol for a, critical, abstract entity and/or intangible quality in its typology-ideology really-truly, as distinct from in the man-made hegemony, means.

    Whereas they say it is better to give than to receive we know that the act of true love, which god likes to feel, requires both roles, the needy and the generous-altruistic, equally importantly; and that we all, even gods and self-made men, have needs for others to help identify and satisfy, voluntarily-altruistically. Moreover, unlike barter-type trade, exchange and commerce, no calculative contract, not even one sealed by a handshake, wedding-ring, signature-cross or kiss, is involved in, particular, acts of universal love, as distinct from animal-type sex copulation-reproduction. We, being fatalists, accept moreover that, no matter what we say, everybody will do, with minor modifications, as they are born, genetically, to do, e.g. as the european nazis led by adolf hitler did; so that persuasive rhetoric (i.e. propaganda or persuasive, rather than factual-informative, advertising) is a, self-opinionated, waste of god-given talent, time and energy by self-righteous social, including moral and linguistic, engineers, who, in that, dominating governmental, role, use rewards, awards, promises, compulsions, threats, tortures and penalties, rather than relying-trusting on-in the goodness of godliness and the logic of their personal example.

    If you can’t see the relevance of this, apocalyptic revelation, of Wisdom, the Logos or the Truth, to you and yours today, then you might file this memo-doco for a solar year, which is the time that you have left, with your last will and testament, and insurance policies, or until you get your head on straight and so can understand it truthfully before deciding to agree, and change, or disagree and stay much the same until you die, which will be soon, unenlightened and unexpectedly, by possibly a year or two, as a mental luddite-cripple-midget; stuck-drowned-choked to death in yesterday’s dead-ended muck. That mixed metaphor means that you will continue to sin against the, single-universal, Law and/or Logos, or logic, of Heaven and/or God, and pay the, logical, consequences of your, self-righteous, inflexibility, arbitrary-unprincipled favouritisms-exclusions and intolerance-unappreciation of, non-violent, diversity-democracy. Those penalties include everlasting death caused by illness, accident or murder, as an act of god, natural selection and/or global quality-control, inflicted, automatically, because of your acts of, unrepentant, criminality; which is justice at its, pay-back, poetic best. The perfection of abstract roles, characters and relationships is what Life’s all about; and beloved lover, of others and the Other, universally, not just parochially, parentally, childishly, sectionally, occasionally or sexually, is difficult, to imagine, understand and do, but best for all of us who try our best to conceptualise-visualise what it means and to actually do it as well as, imperfectly, even as martyrs for our cause, we can.

    The pertinent point proposed in this thesis-hypothesis is that language, not saint peter’s, is the key to human freedom-happiness and servility-suffering, i.e. our quality of life. Economic growth, g.d.p. and g.n.p., as quantified by economic scientists-rationalists including accountants (who tend to believe the damned lies told by the selective use of statistics but ignore the, hidden, personal, social and ecological costs of the increasing use of, and reliance on, money, i.o.u.’s, share scripts, government bonds, diamonds or king-midas gold instead of free acts of unconditional love, generosity or charity), and religious rituals, such as those of sabbath, lent and ramadan, prayers and sacrifices, as performed by monks, nuns, shamans, lamas and mullahs and their dependent copy-cats and laities, who believe a false idea of god, and obey the rules and regulations of the fascists, such as papists and other imperialists, of all ranks and meritocracies such as bureaucracies and plutocracies are largely irrelevant to human happiness and our contradictory pain and suffering. This, despite massive, mundane, growth, encouraged by ratbag rulers as if bigger or more must also be progressive and better, in the credit-debt, infrastructure, mining, jailing, manufacturing, consumption, corruption, information, communication, legislation, taxation, population, warfare, welfare, travel, divorce, usury, transportation, reproduction and acquisition industries. Contrary to the persuasive propaganda of the great conspiracy that is masterminded by the theistic and atheistic moguls-mongrels, fat cats or tai-pans, of church, lodge, university and other information-media against the ideal of gnostic anarchy, which includes the obligation of universal, as distinct from sexual-romantic and patriotic-parochial, love and the right-and-obligation to personal-adult independence, self-sovereignty and free, informed, choice, even to believe in god or smoke a toke or not, this has remained at zero for six or so millennia. True love, charity or chivalry, is true chastity, i.e. non-reproductive but possibly passionate-erotic sexuality.

    The same, zero-sum outcome, applies to the long-term consequences of our personal actions and decisions not to act; whether, while being unenlightened sinners, we are also classed, or class ourselves, as heroes, saints, outlaws, black sheep or dirty-rotten scoundrels. We have been running ever-faster, using up increasing energy but going nowhere of importance, on the spot. Our gains on the swings equal our losses on the roundabouts, as we rob peter to pay paul. This means we have been, and are still, idiots of high, the third or thirty third, degree, including the rich, famous and powerful who profit most from the false pretences that, as entrepreneurs and guardians they con poorer-bigger-sillier suckers with; and need ever-costlier public and private security (remember the strike-breaking thugs employed by pinkertons and the brutal cossacks of the russian czar?) to save them from their fears. Managers make 350 times what their workers make, while, despite the efforts of malcolm x and his black muslems, white americans own 20 times the wealth of black americans, which are evidence of colossal, unjust, scams that make managed and competitive political-economies, with their, so-called, trickle-down effect, corrupt and eventually non-sustainable!

    But Life’s a two-way street. Power over others corrupts, further, the minds, bodies and behaviours of those who, often posing as do-good authorities or privately-informed favourites of an epiphany by an angel, apparition, talking dove or god, fall, self-righteously, for the temptation to be rulers of mankind’s, pyramidal, roosts, such as those of the charity-hospitality institutions, such as the knights templar were and the red cross is, who get donations to their treasuries from the suckers whom they con; and who think their, institutionalised, palliative care can save, from termination, a system that is terminally sick. In a sense we harm ourselves. We are hurt or helped by our own, as well as by others’, felt-expressed vibes, which can be positive. eg. of love, fondness and affection, which is good medicine, or negative, eg. of pride, dislike, jealousy, worry, anxiety or fear, which are poison-toxic for both givers and receivers, so that our, natural, immunisation and regeneration systems have been under-developed for millennia and have permitted us to die prematurely, unenlightened-idiotically; like green and sour, belly-aching, grapes.

    The best, or most efficient-effective, way to control a people, without spilling too much blood and guts on the ground, in concentration camps, in cop shops or on the streets, and so stopping them from multiplying-breeding, to be work slaves, cannon fodder or compulsive buyers-consumers for one’s society-system’s material growth and benefit, is to control, hegemonically, the lexicon of meanings that they use, so that they live and die, like domesticated sheep, talking parrots and dairy cows, in voluntary servitude, with a mass consciousness or herd mentality; which is what most people, being sheeple, do, as in the past, today. Thus the controllers, i.e. the illuminati, of the, competitive-managed, capitalist including socialist, political-economies, most of whom are, while sneaking a bit of snide sex on the side, monogamously, married and family protective like their subjects also are, censor-disguise-ignore the fact that monogamy, either heterosexual or homosexual and de jure or de facto, and agape, or universal-love, as advocated-enacted by visionaries like jesus and his iconoclastic crew of jewish gnostic-anarchists (whose language development, or cerebral evolution, was still primitive-unevolved and whose subtle meanings were easily misunderstandable, although they had the right, no-man-is-entitled to be a-master-over-others-or-another, or can be isolated as an island, idea(s) in their spine-top, two-sphered, craniums, which replicate the, subject-object pattern of the outside context-universe and translate an inner-outer relationship into one that appears to be full frontal, face-to-face) are contradictory-incompatible ideas. So are consensual-democracy and hierarchical-tyranny and honest-truth and false-hypocrisy, but not evolution-science and speculation-religion which are reconcilable by everybody of, potentially, good, as distinct from evil, nature, character, mind and will; like true gnosis-seekers, such as the jesuit scientist teilhard de chardin, the relevant pope’s bête-noire, was, are or potentially can be.

    Atheists respond to, established, religions’ many evils by censoring the notions of god and religion per se from their lexicons and craniums instead of identifying and eliminating just the demonstrably false particulars-assumptions-stereotypes of its erroneous sects and sectarians all of whom, even monks, hermits and nuns, act as self-righteous social engineers, and in that, evil, role cause most of man’s inhumanity to man, even if idolised by some ignoramuses as secular or spiritual authorities. They claim to have a hot line to god whom we know broadcasts randomly to everyone but, while we are unenlightened, has no exclusive-private-elitist line for anyone, not even via a personal, birthday, horoscope although the pattern of her cosmic almanac is logical-predictable, even though falsely interpreted by false prophets such as nostradamus et al.

    Gnostics relate personally-intimately with god, rather than with her through elitist intermediaries such as shamans, christs, psychics, lamas, popes and lesser types of priest. We love our god monogamously which makes us spouses-brides-husbands-lovers of Big She and She of we. The rest, such as our love of our spiritual-siblings who represent her, like the rest of mother nature does, but none of whom is an overlord like their liege-lord christ is for the christians, although he did not claim himself to be, and declined the lordship-kingship-big daddy-brother role (vide george orwell and aldous huxley) of prince of the king-david dynasty-line when it was offered by submissives, who in that way upset herod like the babylonian magi also had, is, logically, consequential.

    Gnosticism began, as a democratic form of pranic paganism, in the mystery religions-schools of the hellenised mediterranean, from athens to alexandria, at the end of the taurine, and beginning of the piscean, period about 500 b.c. and probably at the same time further east with seers like lao tzu, who was bung confucius’ bête noire, and gotama who tried to reform-democratise the hinduism-brahmanism of the, elitist, verdict-scripture priests. Yoga, mantras and meditation can serve the quest for rebirth-enlightenment, and the new world that this change of mind and scene reveals, but are normally misused, as security blankets, otherwise. Good logic, more than zen-buddhist mindlessness, is the wise means to use for achieving the one good end.

    Divine guidance-inspiration is acceptable for personal guidance among gnosis-seekers but not for social engineering or dictatorial instruction; which, even if allegedly justified by top-drawer dogs like archangel gabriel, mother kali, hare krisna or some divine deva from down lower in the pack, is the devils’, dirty, work. Jesus was a gnostic which means that his immaculate conception and physical resurrection are fictions, made up and marketed by con merchants, for the foolish to believe and them to profit from. The message of his, oral, gospel was figurative-universal-spiritual, dealing with abstract types, more-rather than factual-specific-material, dealing with tangible particulars, including specific persons and places, such as armageddon, the mount in jerusalem and mecca, of his limited life-story’s time and place. He identified with his, type of, evolving role-in-story and/or spirit, rather than with his body, or persona, which is why he said, in the role of joker-riddler, that he preceded abraham. His messianic, truth-seeking, role, which philosophers like socrates, pythagoras, merlin and diogenese had personified, more imperfectly, before him, will be successfully resurrected, as he foresaw-predicted that it would, as a multi-person role next year, at the apocalypse-revelation time, by-among a lot of us; both unkilled and resurrected martyrs from the dead. The bell already tolls for everyone and we ignore, arrogantly, its alarm-message at our personal and collective peril. A gnostic’s life-story role is his species’, because his role began with its beginning and with its ending ends by coming, sustainably, to completion, rather than merely a personal-parochial one such as that of a carpenter or housewife situated in some version of suburbia or the sovereign of some formal situation like mother russia, the third reich or the united kingdom of the queen.

    The gnosis-seeking role of attempted christ-buddha-messiah (i.e. a person anointed-enlightened by, and agent for, the universal god) is resurrected regularly, albeit still imperfectly, in human history and will soon be rebirthed and performed successfully by a, anarchic, plurality of consensual peers as a democratic regency, who will aid one another and the nefilim in non-violent resistance to and destruction of the, violent, forces of the anti-god cabal and begin the new world order of peaceful anarchy. This week’s violence, against injustice, in syria and tottenham, where the evil fight among themselves, illustrate the people versus government violence of the unwise that will intervene and test the meekness of our faith beforehand. Any other occupation-ambition, apart from this tip-top role as gnosis-seeking and god-serving seer, is a, childish, ego-trip for spiritual delinquents, dills or queers who, like j.f.k. and his wife and his assassin, and his, can only end up dead.

    A truth that neurotic, ill-willed, bullies and their normalised submissives (as symbolised, metaphorically, by high-horsed officers, of both competing sides of any evil war, like all civil wars, colonial wars, cold wars, drug wars, religious wars and world wars are, and their foot-slogging soldiers, fellow travellers and camp followers who tramp along behind them in the dust and baggage train) either don’t know or deny is the fact that our solar system, sun disc or organic star, is an elohim; i.e. a cyclically-living god of whom, as a holon-whole, we human beings are a organic-consubstantial part, created-meant-designed, on reaching her and our maturity, i.e. evolutionary imago-age, to serve her, and her compatriots, as autonomous tools, above all else, such as our official-fuhrer, old-glory flag, extended-or-nuclear family, even if they are basques, gypsies, tories, queens or poofs, nation-state, money-economy, lord-god religion, local-government locality or egotistical self. Gnostics believe in the reality, liveliness and virtue of God, the limitless El, i.e. the all-inclusive context or universal whole, of physical material and spiritual narrative, of whom we are a, role-enacting, part. We assume that She is our, spiritual, parent, mother lode, higher self or alter-ego, while our family is a universal siblinghood of humankind plus nefilim, anunnaki, devas or enlightened angels, who are offspring-travellers from, and representative members of, other, older-enlightened, elohim, such as nibiru, who make up the ever-living universe of younger gods, or junior heavens, within older gods, or higher heavens, whom they can replicate in inter-stellar bliss. She is a hologram, or organic hierarchy, of structured things, objects, beings and self-conscious happenings that is eternally living and becomes cyclically, autonomously, alive on periodic heat; when She honeymoons in playful-loving partnership with enlightened constituents and compatriots, as one integrated-whole person and/or universal family of frolicking-fucking friends.

    The, multi-functional, earth has been her womb and is now, in her maturity, to be her yoni cum god-head with mankind in the combined phallic-member cum neo-cortext role and in the same number as her, participating, inter-spatial peers. L ron hubbard’s scientologists, rael’s raelians, the gaians, or deep ecologists, and other science fictionalists are close but not yet correct in their mission for, true, understanding of our ever-living, cyclically-living, universe wherein a near-miss, as by zecharia sichin in sumeria, is no better than is missing by a mile. There’s not just life elsewhere in the universe; the universe is living, unconsciously, and is potentially alive, self-consciously, and her cyclical evolution from automatic happening to autonomous being has an intelligent-divine design that ends, at the end of the long, dark, tunnel through which we are progressing now, in loving anarchy-equality; the kingdom of heaven and the gods, wherein we help one another but not to be capitalists.

    This philosophical proposition expresses optimism-confidence, in the, negontropical, future of both one’s natural self and system, which are assumed to be not supernatural, unnatural or ununderstandable although they are sacred and divine. Self-praise, however, or being praised by others, in fan clubs, on national days or in mutual-admiration and mutual-masturbation groups, like the conventions of t.v. evangelists, presidential candidates, returned soldiers and pop-art stars like elvis in las vegas, signifies one’s faulty language-reasoning, silly-season sense of self-in-system and imminent, unenlightened, death, if unrepentant, as a redundant fool and supernumery in the final revolution that will end, successfully, all human evolution. This, like an embryonic pregnancy in a pregnant mother’s womb, is intentional-exponential as distinct from disjointed-incremental, and is reaching the optimum size, in the appropriate time, for the total population’s good-evil division-bifurcation into birthed baby and redundant placenta-afterbirth by bringing our context to sustainable, arse-over-teat, conclusion-completion as a hyper-person or a super-family of, friendly, peers who have been last but are designed to end up being tops. So we gnostic anarchists, blessed with a meek streak and a mean streak, as well as a humourous, non-violent streak, would like to stir up the excrement that half-fills the heads of our, unfriendly, foes, including the slack-minded indifferents, as we can-will now do with you if you are one of them and so have your head up your own anus admiring the aroma and the view. Otherwise let’s press the flesh and cooperate as friends of one another and our shared family-divinity, as we search for knowledge-understanding of the universal Truth, in the perfect, agape-type, relationship as both means used and end, or main ambition, to be aimed for, achieved and sustainably enjoyed; no matter how wicked we have, as sinners, been till now when we recant-repent and change, fundamentally, and are forgiven for past sins which were caused by our species’, and hence our own, unevolved-undeveloped, immaturity and the selfishness-silliness that comes and goes with that.

    We are combatants in a war of ideas and associated words-worlds-realities in which sticks, stones, american seals, land mines, killer drones and cluster bombs can be used to break our bones but, among adults (children need special, parental, guidance-treatment while they are underaged) names, signals, signs and gestures, even full mooning, slang sledging, throwing shoes and double digit insolence, hurt nothing but a proud person’s, self-righteous, vanity; which is fair game, like hunting grouse in season, for anyone to audience and enact.

    As pollution, such as excessive carbon-gas emission, war waste, juvenile graffiti, gendarme-judicial corruption and unrepayable credit-debit for compulsive-addictive consumption and capital-gains investment, all of which are costly-wasteful-uneconomical, increase exponentially-uncontrollably, civilisation, which is finally in the throes of corporate-global capitalism, including neo-fascist norms of political correctness, with megalomaniacs and millionaires like bill gates and mrs gates in charge of its misnamed democracies, which are really tyrannies governed by majorities or minorities, is doomed to self-destruct inside a year or two, despite the attempted n.w.o. of the, fascist, illuminati such as the jews and christians of zionism, including william buffet and the bush-family dynasty. Beginning arguably with the harnessing of fire at the end of the stone and beginning of the metal ages, and/or on our becoming role-in-story telling apes, who began fornicating full-frontal, rather than in dog-fashion as dumb animals do, there have been revolutions in the past from age to age, such as from feudalism to mercantilism-capitalism, but this will be the biggest, most divisive and the best. Let’s strike a light as roy rene, alias mo, might say to stiffy at the tiv, and see what this, enlightenment from the dark ages of pandemic ignorance, reveals.

    For starters let us assume that the, pagan-gnostic, delphic oracles were right and that our, catholic, context is a living person, like we also are, in whose complementary image we are made, albeit different in size, age, sexual sequence and other detail; who is now becoming self-consciously and autonomously aroused-alive-awake on periodic heat as we end our, puerile-selfish, sense of separate self and begin our imago, anarcho-communistic, age. She and we are complementary opposites, of a bipolar unity, characterised by compatible qualities like great-small, female-male, familial-personal and introverted-extroverted. By learning to know ourselves, physically and spiritually, we can learn to know her too, even if we never read a book, go to church, earn a doctorate or listen to shamans, school-masters or gurus. During her-our sustainable climactic time we will value the consequences of autonomous friendship, i.e. universal love or helpful individualism, including full-frontal communion-sex with our accommodating god, above all else, even rewards acquired otherwise like money, muscles, exclusive-possessive marriage, prime real-estate, gregarious popularity and national citizenship, like the ancient romans, in the gory days of pax romana and the coliseum, did.

    We feel her body, emotionally, by our own and sense her thoughts, intellectually, with our brains, and vice versa, and so are, and act together as, two persons linked, as one entity composed of agent and his principle, so that as above, in heaven, is, metaphorically, as below, on earth and the world can be as one, coherent-sensate, entity-unity; our oyster to be opened, explored, shared, consumed and mutually-perpetually enjoyed. We serve her by understanding her, correctly, and believing in her, faithfully, or, as sinners, we ignore her, and go our own way, or in a way we have been told, by elitists-governmentalists like plato, aristotle, moses, saint paul (the roman citizen who never met with jesus in the flesh, as distinct from, allegedly, in a private-exclusive epiphany, after falling head-first off his horse on the hard damascas road, and, more than most, apart from maybe constantine and calvin, gave christianity its bad name and patronising-misogynistic, anti-gnostic, streak), and mohammed, who did much the same with islam, otherwise, to go. The rest is logical-consequential in terms of the “if-then-so-or-hence” conditional-tense logic of which language narratives, including the big, all-inclusive, one, are composed and understandable. The crucial difference, which is subtle but significant, is between spiritual meekness, which makes the relationship of universal love, as distinct from animal sex, violence and dominance by the fittest, such as charles manson with his women was, i.e. social darwinism, logical and possible, and self-righteousness, whereby it’s not; so it is time to work out what this, true dichotomy, means and live our lives, meekly and agapely, everlastingly, accordingly; which nobody does, or has done, just yet, not even as an enlightened buddha, brahman, genius, avatar, messiah, branch davidian or lord-christ. We are all, unenlightened-unworthy, sinners who still break the golden rule, and have twelve months left to learn to change, and turn the page, for the better; as illustrated by the gnostic poem of the prodigal son and the priceless-precious pearl.

    The rest may be debatable but the radical dichotomy, and its implications-explications-consequences, for personal relationships, when logically defined and understood, is inescapable and the meek-love option, including its tolerant-accepting-forgiving attitude, defines the sole means for humankind’s, inevitable, salvation-emancipation-redemption from our errors and/or sins. What kind of, role-enacting, being, because of your, intentional, relationships, are you; dear, darling-loving, friend or deadly, apathetic, distant and back-turning foe? Where, and with whom, do you stand in the final contest, or showdown, of the good versus evil jihad and/or holy war whereby mankind’s evolution and civilisation both end for heaven, i.e. the promised-holy land of honey, milk and happy days to begin, again as the, climactic, realm of gnostic anarchy-democracy-diversity-and-charity, i.e. universal love?

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