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    Annoying ads Empty Annoying ads

    Post  Admin on Fri Mar 11, 2011 1:46 pm

    Have you ever been "somewhere" on the internet....the vast waters of cyberspace...found something u find interesting...even liked it perhaps and wanted to put in your bookmarks...yet...there was this annoying banner right in the middle of the page or "cleverly concealed" Google ads inside the text?

    Fear no more!

    First you have to stop using IE (Internet Explorer)

    Second you need to get yourself on Firefox. Click HERE to download it.

    Third...you need an extension for the Firefox called Adblock Plus. You get it HERE .

    After installation you will be given an option of "filters" for Adblock. Use the ones suggested (you can always add or remove filters later). Once done...simply make sure Adblock is enabled and reload the site.

    You can disable Adblock at any time to continue your ad full web surfing.

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