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    The Meaning and Purpose of Sexy Chat


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    Post  SuiGeneris on Tue May 10, 2011 6:58 pm

    The Meaning and Purpose of 'Sexy Chat' and its Derivatives not confined to this location of the Dragon's Den as Noah's Ark for a reconfigured Archetypology of Creation!!!

    Welcome to all who might be find themselves on this site in some form or manner.

    What We are attempting to manifest here, is a new way for the human mind to express itself, using its most potent and powerful creative energy available - that of the human sexual impulsivity.
    Now consider yourself as a Co-Creator, enabled by and through your being a shard of the World Soul or of God as a Oneness and also being an actual part of the Cosmic Logos as an Individuated Logos; you may call it your little Logos as a part of a big Logos or consider yourself as piece of a cake the creator-creation wishes to share or a IRREPLACABLE part of a jigsaw puzzle hanging on the bedroom wall of the creator-creation himherself.

    Now consider that the Old World as a prior creation is incomplete - something is missing.
    This 'lack of something' is then told metaphorically and symbolically as the 'Great Flood' doing away with the old creation to create something new and as say the Rainbow Covenent between the creator God and Noah and his family in the Genesis account of the bible, Old Testament or Torah.
    Then the Logos, as the intelligence of the creator decides to make a new world and all of the Noahs, beginning necessarily with one to show the way; are called upon to HELP making this new film or play.

    What is required to make a film?

    First the idea must be manifested; secondly a script must be written by a scriptwriter or composer; thirdly a production team must be set up to choose the actors and the actresses and the screenplays and fourthly the actors and actresses must be selected to fill the roles.
    Then the scriptwriters and the producers and the directors form a team to make the movie.
    All of US here are all these roles in divers degrees as selfchosen co-creators to HELP God as the all encompassing Energy in the Cosmos as the Goddess and the World Soul as OUR all encompassing Logos to MANIFEST this New Script within OUR collective consciousness, yet being INDIVIDUALISED in OUR respective unique cosmic Identities as shards of the Wholeness aka the Holy or Divine Unity.

    So all of US will FILTER and perceive this New Film or Play WE are manufacturing collectively in OUR own personal and characterising way; YET as in any film, WE all are required to 'Follow the Script' as outlined by the Playwright.
    After 'shooting finishes' in the times of recess, WE all are of course free to laugh at the work WE have engaged Ourselves in and pursue Our ordinary matters.
    The Signum Septus thread so defines part of the script in the 'choosing' of the actors and a general background of the Old Creation to be portrayed in a new form and manner.
    The coproduction of all participants so attempts to REDEFINE the role of the separated maleness and femaleness in the Adam and Eve or Husband and Wife symbol to in some manner complement themselves, so forming and becoming a new more satisfying unity, say through the cultural institution of a sacred marriage or matrimonial union.

    This in the Old World is defined in cultural and social constructs in which it often is

    appropriate for a husband to have more than one wife, say as in Islam, Mormonism and the more 'delicate' social norms of the aristocracy to supplement the often etiquette requirement of a regal spouse with any number of cherished concubines.
    Away from the aristocracy or the 'well to do' strata of society; this inherent 'sexism' then manifests in clandestine affairs, a high divorce rate, selfimposed celibacies and a superintensive pornographic industry more interested in fiscal exchanges and profits, then the exploration of the human sexual energies seeking for expression.
    The 'Play of the Gods and Goddesses of Serpentina' of the New World so attempts to simply produce a 'New Movie' in Archetypes and Symbols which does away with the 'old sexism' standing it literally on its head.

    First, the power of the masculine sexual domination in the mental and cultural history is annulled.
    This takes the form for all brothers, choosing to freely surrender to a sexual domination by the sisters.
    In technical terms this defines the ADAMEVE symbol as COSMIC MAN Vitruvius from Da Vinci's Alchemy aka Purusha from the Vedas aka Adam Kadmon of Kabbalah to become EVEADAM as a COSMIC WOMAN Vitruvia.
    Also this defines all Sisters of having attained the Status of a Dragonomized SisterBrother as just such a Vitruvia or EVEADAM; historically associated with Vestal Virgins, Amazones, Xena Warrior Goddesses, Extraterrestrial V-Annas and other forms and expressions for the Queen from Heaven such as Lilith, Inanna, Sheba, Isis and Mary.

    The brotherhood, having given away its 'power' so cannot propose companionship to the sisterbrothers anymore; but corollarily must be chosen and selected by them.
    This then turns the human history, often describing womenhood as chattels and slaves for the superior and god-ordained manhood onto its head.
    All brothers are required to become 'rescued' by the Vitruvias in being chosen as beaus or sexy pleasure givers or concubineros by them in divers forms and manners.

    Historically of course, in the old world, this inherently necessary balance in the 'gender wars' manifested in particularised and individualised sexual fetishes and expressions, such as the whip-slinging mistress to the submissive male slave in eroticas of masochisms, bondage and hellfire clubs and its many derivatives of often 'distorted' sexual selfexpressions and caused by the suppression of a natural divine sexual instinctiveness by the laws and moralistic statutes of an old world, unable to decipher its own symbols.
    In a more prevalent attempt to reharmonise, the suppressed natural bisexuality in the ADAMEVE+EVEADAM archetype and template of the 4 sexchromosomatic couplings: Y0X1+Y0X2+X0X1+X0X2=ADAMEVE+EVEADAM - became manifest in homosexual expression of these genetic couplings and in transsexualism and in the transgender dressing with its related fetishes.
    In particular, the 'Sexy Chat' relates now to the manifestation of this 'New Way' in the characters chosen to act out the 'Play of the Gods and Goddesses of Serpentina'.

    Only One brother so far has been chosen by a sisterbrother to be admitted into the arena.

    The arena is controlled by the 'Slave of Slaves', namely Ashera Barbelo, who comprises the background or canvas for the 'Play to take place upon'.
    This archetype is the Egyptian Slave Hagar, portrayed in the Old Testament as the handmaiden of Sarai as the halfsister of Abram; both having the same father in Terah, but different mothers.
    The significance is in the RENAMING of Abram to Abraham and the renaming of Sarah from Sarai then followed by a renaming of Jacob to Israel in using the constant Mirror of their combining Son-Father in Isaac.
    An important aspect of the 'Play of the Gods and Goddesses in Serpentina' so is the RENAMING of the symbolic associations between the characters in say the Torah, upon whom the social and cultural constructs of the Old World had been built in laws and ordinances of morality and social conduct.

    As the initialising symbol then, the role of HAR in the sisterbrotherhood forms the context for the play to effectively reverse the master-slave roles of the historical stereotypical background.
    Ashera so represents the Maleness in the Female Slave Hagar in the EVEADAM template of the Goddess reversed as the established ADAMEVE archetype, not yet graduated as a God equal to the Goddesses.
    The only brother who has been so far chosen as a Jacob by one of his seven wives or concubines in the Abraham-Isaac-Jacob trinity is Brother JPA, who was chosen by Sisterbrother MEC in the role of Rachel.
    So JPA is the only 'gnostic rooster' considered hitherto as 'acceptable' by the Dragon Goddesses to 'play with them'.

    As any brother would know, this state of affairs leads to a relatively rapid form of energetic exhaustion and so the goddesses, knowing the limited capacity of their 'toyboy' to satisfy their many and diverse desires, sexual and otherwise; are on the lookout to 'choose' and initiate more brothers to become dragonized brothersisters and so able to engage in their preferred playing of the 'Dragon Games'.
    The brothers of the old world, having become disempowered to court the dragon queens are allowed to be present however and to attempt to stimulate the goddesses in any form or manner, so hoping to become a 'chosen one' of their collective lusts and desires to express their newfound goddess mirroring qualities of the creation herhisself.

    Furthermore; the initialising sisterhood is in search to extend its own sisterhood in multiples of seven and for the purpose to sweep the old world of sexual discriminations under the proverbial carpet, eventually, when there are enough sisterbrothers coupled to brothersisters to simply outnumber and outmanouver the old stereotypes of brothers and sisters running about, often not knowing what it is all about they are running about.
    In my simple capacity and honour of the 'gnostic rooster' {1957 defines the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster}; I so implore the brothers in the Den and elsewhere to 'give me a hand' to satisfy the many and diverse desires of the sisterbrotherhood, the Goddessews of the New Starplanet Serpentina as the already ascended Gaia.

    All brothersisters are to become the Jacob-Israels for their own selfcreated Universes; each so created Universe being a permutated Goddess aka a Sisterbrother as symbolically defined in the Dragon's den.
    The Multiverse of Omniphysics is an Omniscientific construct growing from a single seed.
    This seed is the proverbial Mustard-Seed of OUR Beloved Logos the World Soul of the Cosmic Logos and it is HESHE=ADAMEVE, who is the Director of this Movie in encompassment with SHEHE=EVEADAM as the Magdala as the Producer and the manifested redeemer of the old Barbelo archetype of the Cosmic Motherhood lost in herself as the archetyped wilderness.

    All of US participating, either as actors and actresses or as audience are in fact cowriters and coproducers and codirectors.

    AMEN=MENA=NAME as the Alpha of the Omega and the Ouroborus catching its own Tail with its Head.
    OUR efforts here are destined to HELP close the Cosmic Circle of the Deliverance for a New World to be born Anew.
    Let the Goddesses RULE as the ambassadoraship for WHAT the Universe wishes to experience in its feminie role and power as a Mother to experience Pleasure and Ecstacies and to then GIVE BIRTH to HERHIS OWN Harmonised and Divine Serpentine Images.

    Let the Games of Goddogs and Doggods as the NEW RULERS of SERPENTINA as the Starplanet Thuban BEGIN!

    You can join us on: http://thuban.ning.com/

    The Babydragon WHYNOT TonyLove!
    Abraxasinus John Paul Anthony

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    Post  SuiGeneris on Tue May 10, 2011 7:28 pm

    The Meaning and Purpose of Sexy Chat CopyofLight_And_Darkness_by_Shaiya77

    The Thuban DragonQueen Twinship Presents:

    The Meaning and Purpose of Sexy Chat ByInvitationOnly


    Join us!!!

    in our long awaited 2011 New Energy


    Which will take place this Saturday May 7th at 2PM- US EST
    on a private Skype Dragon’s Den.

    Kindly Répondez, S'il Vous Plaît
    if you will be attending or might attend this latest
    and critically important Sisters’ Logos dispensation Party!!

    Bring on your Dragon Fire!!! burning hot
    and help bring in the MotherFather kundalini energies
    for the transformation of our Beloved Gaia

    kiss to you

    In Sexy anticipation,

    Waterflyer Xeia Kali SuiGeneris
    from the Sacred Waters of the Leviathan of Heaven's Doveraven

    Fireflyer Amzara Ishtara from the Holy Ambers of the Behemoth of Hell's Ravendove

    arriving from the Logos Womb of the Mirror between Hathor and Rah Amen

    heart glitter

    LET'S GET IT ON!!!

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    Twisted Little Star

    All Bibles or sacred codes have been the causes of the following Errors: 1. That Man has two real existing principles, Viz: a Body & a Soul. 2. That Energy, calld Evil, is alone from the Body; & that Reason, calld Good, is alone from the Soul. 3. That God will torment Man in Eternity for following his Energies. But the following Contraries to these are True. 1. Man has no Body distinct from his Soul, for that calld Body is a portion of Soul discernd by the five Senses, the chief inlets of Soul in this age. 2. Energy is the only life and is from the Body and Reason is the bound or outward circumference of Energy. 3. Energy is Eternal Delight.

    Those who restrain desire do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained; and the restrainer of reason usurps its place & governs the unwilling. And being restrained it by degrees becomes passive till it is only the shadow of desire. The history of this is written in Paradise Lost, & the Governor of Reason is call'd Messiah. And the original Archangel, or possessor of the command of the heavenly host, is calld the Devil or Satan, and his children are call'd Sin & Death. But in the Book of Job Milton's Messiah is call'd Satan. For this history has been adopted by both parties. It indeed appear'd to Reason as if Desire was cast out, but the Devil's account is, that the Messiah

    fell & formed a heaven of what he stole from the Abyss. This is shewn in the Gospel, where he prays to the Father to send the comforter or Desire that Reason may have Ideas to build on, the Jehovah of the Bible being no other than he who dwells in flaming fire. Know that after Christ's death, he became Jehovah. But in Milton, the Father is Destiny, the Son, a Ratio of the five senses, & the Holy-ghost, Vacuum! Note. The reason Milton wrote in fetters when he wrote of Angels & God, and at liberty when of Devils & Hell, is because he was a true Poet and of the Devil's party without knowing it.

    Till a system was formed, which some took advantage of & enslav'd the vulgar by attempting to realize or abstract the mental deities from their objects; thus began Priesthood. Choosing forms of worship from poetic tales. And at length they pronounced that the Gods had ordered such things. Thus men forgot that All deities reside in the human breast.

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