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    Crazy Stuff ....... What Could It Mean?!?!


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    Crazy Stuff   .......   What Could It Mean?!?! Empty Crazy Stuff ....... What Could It Mean?!?!

    Post  Inanna on Sun May 23, 2010 3:42 pm

    Hey ya'll--

    I just came across this article this morning and thought it was pretty interesting .... that all of the sudden we're starting to discover SO many new species So fast. then again, maybe i just have the wrong impression somehow. maybe it's just "business as usual." what do ya'll think???


    Litoria sp. nov., aka long-nosed tree frog

    Litoria sp. nov., aka long-nosed tree frog
    Unknown Species Debut, A Dinosaur Gets Demoted, A Mystery Deepens: Buzz Week in Review
    by Vera H-C Chan

    41 hours ago
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    One epoch, you're king of the ancient world, the next epoch some runt of a human takes you down an evolutionary notch. News from the modern-day animal kingdom was less of a downer, but just as exciting, with previously unknown species introducing themselves to the world, and a mystery find reviving ancient (well, maybe vintage) tales of strange monsters from...Canada? Check out the latest pecking order with the Buzz Week in Review.

    Species found in lost world
    No lie—Conservation International researchers on the scout for unusual creatures were lunching at their Indonesian campsite when a frog perched on a bag of rice inside their tent. A quick-handed herpetologist snagged the visitor for a look-see and some photo ops. The so-called "Pinocchio frog," whose irresistible schnozz inflates and deflates, is just one of many discoveries announced this week. Scientists also found a wee wallaby, "gargoyle-faced" gecko, blossom bat, as well as less alliterative animals, birds, and insects. Besides plenty of eye-popping online galleries, they will get a spread in the June issue of National Geographic, which co-sponsored the 2008 trip with the Smithsonian.

    Dino downgrade
    One day, you're a dinosaur, the next day you're just another primordial lizard. As though being extinct wasn't enough of a bummer, the Azendohsaurus madagaskarensis lost its dominant dino status after paleontologists took a close look at a skull dug up in the 1990s (as opposed to some teeth and jaws found in the 1970s). The upside: A. madagaskarensis still gets to stay in the archosauromorph family, of which dinos are a subset. Plus, one paleontologist claims "Azendohsauraus ends up being a much more fantastic animal" by encouraging new thinking on convergent evolution. You're just saying that to make us feel better... but thanks anyway.

    Monster mystery
    Chupacabra and Montauk Monster, meet your mythological Canadian cousin... Omajinaakoos, aka The Ugly One. At least, elders theorized that a dead critter found in Canadian waters could be the mythological animal that "feeds on beavers," although others found its creepy mug similar to the Ogopogo. However, party poopers are guessing a bear cub, river otter or some run-of-the-mill creature, rendered uncute by decomposition. Time for Animal Planet to get its own "CSI" show.

    Also buzzing, waddling, and booty-shaking this week...

    * Case solved: Argonaut — an octopus — uses its shell for buoyancy on purpose...
    * Is that a rat or a mole in the Rose Garden?
    * Okay, backing off... there's just too much fearsome butt-waggling with these red-eye treefrogs here...

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    Crazy Stuff   .......   What Could It Mean?!?! Empty Anubis to Denver Airport!

    Post  SuiGeneris on Wed Jun 16, 2010 3:40 am

    Anubis to Denver Airport!!!