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Dragons of Thuban To Ban The Falseness

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Post  SuiGeneris on Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:57 pm

Some Explanations for easier Understanding

What is Thuban?

Thuban, which as a physical Northern Polar Star of the 3rd dimension of 10,808 BC is imaged as a metaphysical 'Southern Polar Star' into the 12th dimension of what you may understand as the 'Shadow Universe' to the materialised inertial one you and all the extraterrestrial intelligences reside in.
What is Logos?

Logos are the words and the will of God or call it Source. At one time Logos manifested in a person we all know as Jesus aka Yeshua aka Yeshuah.
Why the emphasis on the Gospel of Thomas

The Gospel of Thomas is the most uncorrupted teaching of Jesus. It is considered highly dangerous to the present human mind as its encodings (the actual message of the gospel) shake all of societies current foundations and beliefs. It is the basic manual for Thuban.
What is this THUBAN = 66 = ...

This is the usage of gematria where each number of the English alphabet is assigned with a number. A=1, B=2...Z=26. So THUBAN = 20 + 8 +21 +2 +1 +14 = 66 The selected word can than be equaled with all others having the same total or same root. Gematria extends to 66 = 6+6 = 12 = 21 =1+2 = 3

This is also part of the decoding process. The alphanumeric encodings can be used in many (albeit neccessarily selfconsistent) arbitrary ways and divers manners to DECODE the language characteristic...Alchemy.
What is with this decodings? Where do they come from? How?

Decoding process is a super conscious connection to the source, it happens in a way of "information download" or as those that experience it would say - you just know it but not only that, you also feel it. In decodings there is also application of gematria and science applied by a more logical types with their mind-body while those that are naturally more intuitive prefer to feel things via their own body-mind.
What is NABS

NABS is an abbreviation for New Age Bullshit. It is used to describe or label something as such. Something that has little or no basis of any kind or is simply just a missinterpretation or fear and prejudice driven belief.
What is the Thuban timeline

The Timeline is tied in with revelations and prophecy in the Bible as well as encompassing all other timelines such as the Mayan and and other mythologies which talk about this time period such as Hopi. One can define this timeline as a data transmission from the super conscious (full/partial remembrance of self) collective group mind of all humanity.
What is with all this Roman Catholic stuff

The labels such as God, Devil, Satan, Noah, Adam, Eve...etc are used since they are familiar to most people and there already is a certein understanding of them. But more important than that...they present a certein archetyps. An archetype is an original model of a person, personality, or behavior, ideal example, or a prototype upon which others are copied, patterned, or emulated; a symbol universally recognized by all.

Now if u are bothered by the label such as for example Devil, Satan...you can replace that with example Nibaldo or John...just as long as you associate it with a correct archetype.

So unlike with the one we know as Jesus, the bible stories and its characters were never a real person. They are metaphysical concepts such as for example Adam, Eve, Noah, his Ark, wife, the sons, the flood...etc

Bible is not to be taken literary as it can be dangerous to do so. Also when reading the bible use KJ version. Other newer ones are corrupted and "adjusted". But it is not only the bible that is used, it is also the Torah, Scrolls of Qumran and Nag Hammadi.

At this point it is also worth mentioning that all the devils and demons are man made. They reside in the dominion of instant thought aka Astral dimension aka Noospehre and this is part of the gathered data....the collective mind of Earth aka Gaia.
I do not get any of this, how about an example

Noah and his wife Amzara are simply metaphysical labellings for the Darkness emerging from the Light and the other way around as the primal manifestation of the Creator-Creation Duality from its prior Void=Eternity quasi-oneness.

Genesis 1:
In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth.
Meaning the 'Oneness' of God emerging from an undefinable Duality as a Void=Eternity, which necessitates its 'splitting apart' or bifurcation to allow definition of this selfsame Duality. God so becomes a Creator=WaveMind=Yang=Light=White=Male Principle=Heavenly Kingdom of Spirit=Love=Father as one half of this duality, the other half being the Goddess as the Creation=ParticularBody=Yin=Darkness=Black=Female Principle=Earthly Kingdom of Matter=Mother.

Genesis 2:
And the Earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the Waters.
Meaning that the Goddess was 'mindless' as the Creation and 'lost' in her own forgetfulness as the 'other half' of the Creator. But SHE mirrored the original VOID=Deep, both HER and HE had emerged from - SHE became the 'Missing Body' of the Creator and HE became the 'Lost Mind' of HER. So the 'wave of the cosmic energy of Love' pervaded the Deep Unconsciousness of the Creation as the metaphysically defined Earth and as Gaia=Mother of all Matter to allow her in evolutionary time to remember herself and where she had come from.

Please check "Who is You" for a visual depiction of this.
Are you running some sort of a chruch here?


We do not support organized religion. The Church Corporation distorted and manipulated all data. You are loved by the Source and you will not be sent to hell. Hell is a man made concept. You now need to merge the good & evil inside of yourself, or to say it differently, you need to stop bullshitting yourself.

No amount of prayer or meditation will do that for you..you can bent your back to your God as many times as you want or make sure you are in your local church each Sunday...it will not change a thing. It is you and the insides of you that matter.
How is all of this connected to the ET(extra terrestrials)?

The data gathered on this planet is being used to be presented to them, to the entire Universe. The ET themselves are already present on this planet in the form of all flora and fauna.
Why the Dragon association ??

The ultimate identification of a Dragon is the Electromagnetic Sinusoidal Waveform or Sine Wave.This comes from the Omni science.

Also the reptilian brain stem is more ancient than our new mammalian mid brain, it is the ancient forerunner in the first intelligent land dwelling creatures. The "ancient monkey" was than hybridized. This hybridization were mutations that mostly occurred from the quantum space. Call it a higher dimensional intelligence fields (ET), like how in 3D you cast a dark shadow, these higher dimensional intelligence fields cast 'light' shadows, you cannot see them because Earth is in 3D.

So these 'light' shadows intermingled with Earth's creatures and affected their DNA through morphogenetic resonance fields. We are in fact 3D shadows of higher dimensional intelligence, our body is only a partial representation of the true higher D reality.

The Dragon symbol is that of a Serpent as depicted in many ways and forms - it is a root memory.
You expect me to read all that?? Tell me: Who am I? Why am I here?

You are a data collector. You are the voyager probe from the 1st movie of Star Trek, you are here to experience and to bring that experience back to the Source, the Creator Energy. You were sent here by the Creator so that it can experience itself. You are part of the Creator...like a little Creator.

You are most unique and so is your existence and this planet you live on.
What about the planet?

You live in a "quarantine" which extends over the planet and its surroundings (encompassing the Moon). It is a huge information gathering and storage "facility". The data is being gathered. Data of all sorts and diversities...as diverse as life itself on this 3D world. Coming December 21, 2012 there will be a birth. The planet will be "reborn" and all the data will be released into the Universe.
WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR!!!???!! You crazed puppet!!

No one.
If any of us is a puppet than we are Logos' puppets. But so are you and everything/everyone else.
How can i donate?

You can not. We do not accept donations. We do not charge for information. There will be no adds on this site to make any money from. There are no books for sale or anything like that.

"Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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Post  SuiGeneris on Fri Aug 17, 2012 3:01 pm


An inspiring story or just a Blue Pocahontas?

Besides all the visual stimulus orgasms that "cutting edge technology" gave the populous watching the movie, what else have we seen?


A run down planet Earth..a cliche used so many times before. Here we go again...the human animal is destroying it's mother...Gaia. Concept used many times before in many other different movies...that then mostly lead to a plot where some would be hero goes on HIS (it is rarely a woman) quest for glory to find Earth 2 or something... Yet not in this one...(we do have a hero). People wearing masks and stuff but no one is escaping or at least that is not evident or perhaps...there is no escape. Can't remember seeing the use of face masks in the future cyberpunk city (also all dark, gloomy, no sunlight, animal life extinct) as shown in the Blade Runner , but that might be since at that time (1982) the Sars and Flying Pig Flue did not exist or it could be just that the environmental "awareness" was not as high...yet there are clearly seen invitations to the off world colonies throughout the entire Blade Runner movie. We see little of Earth in Avatar, but we see enough to know it is just as bad or even worse than now.

Jake is a butcher for hire...a kill as ordered sociopath or in short - a soldier. Yet Jake is out of luck...he is paraplegic. His "prime time" is over. He went to kill (Venezuela is mentioned as the target and later also Nigeria...both countries oil rich) and it would seems that one of his adventures permanently put him on the chair. Being just a plain cannon food he is abandoned by the marines and is now just being a government or call it a corporate expense. His future on Earth is not promising. Yet..was it ever? Well...we do not know that...but given his profession we can safely guess it never was. Despite his mind being a victim of the method seen in the movie "Full Metal Jacket ", he surprisingly still has some common sense in his heart or perhaps it is only his dick awareness...meaning he liked what he saw...he goes and helps the Barby Girl Blonde, as she is hit by her boy friend, since she "deserved it". The paraplegic bravely defends what he himself later calls a "candy ass bitch" (due to her defending her boyfriend)...a candy-ass bitch or something most would understand better under the label of a - whore...but i guess that candy ass bitch was closer to a PG-13 rating.

*side note: given the urban dictionary candy-ass means a "male softy" - wuss, wimp, sissy. Dictionary does not have a definition for candy-ass-bitch, so certain amount of "liberty" is taken in the above statements.

He gets thrown out of the bar to be met by two men telling him his brother was murdered...Jake later stating the reason for it was "the paper in his wallet". This is also the moment the movie begins for those that have not seen the extended version. But what matters here is that the money was referred to as paper...telling what it actually is and taking the NABS belief that "money is power" off of it. Paper with pictures and numbers on it.

Jake (living such a rich life on Earth) accepts the "lucrative" offer for a "fresh start" after also being told that the "pay is good, very good" so he seems to forget all about the paper and off he goes...to the place in his flying dreams to Pandora (the first female aka Eve who released all the "evils", gave Adam the apple etc the story of the original ignorance of self)...so we can gather Pandora will be a start of something new...a place where change happens. One could say Jake "followed his dream" of flying, briefly mentioned at the very beginning of the movie...he felt a "calling" and answered it, the "fate" brought him there.

Pandora is said to be located in the Alpha Centauri system (in NABS this is the so called reptilian home...or something). After several nice computer generated images Jake lands at the...Hell's Gate Tower...where the base is located from which RDA, a private corporation, is directing it's mining operations (corporate imperialism). The corporation has it's own security force that is in fact a private army. The symbol on the army uniform is the one of a pentagon. So we have quite a "rich" well known symbolism a the very start of the movie depicting the human presence on Pandora. The movie itself was heavily marketed showing images on which there was only half of the either Na'Vi or human face with only one eye in plain site. Half man...half...something else.


What follows is a presentation of the old world fear mentality with the ground rule of shoot first and ask questions later....hearing that...Jake's sociopathic mind is put at ease...it hears what it was programmed to hear. Later he meets the other extreme of the same thing - the "know it all" and "i know it better than you" egocentric and self absorbed "science majors". His frog dissecting skills fail to amaze the leading bitch with so much brain power that she just can not go on without a regular good smoke. Her being a xenobotanist surely makes each smoke count, as awareness of the damage it does likely heightens the feeling. After this we meet an actor representing a typical corporate stooge with only one thing on his mind - paper, or to be more exact..share holders satisfaction. The sickening display of selfish capitalist interest is superb and reaches a tipping point when the scientist's mouth is shut by the fact that her entire Avatar program depends on the stooge and the paper corporation makes from selling the - unobtainable or as called in the movie Unobtanium (super conductor)....hinting it is something very rare and very desired or needed...as it is "common" with energy resources and other "rare" metals.

What might be of interest here is that without RDA doing it's mining and being abusive to the natives and without Jake's brother dying, Jake himself would have never come to Pandora. Him being on Pandora, and all of his activities, his Avatar body all of it...bought and payed for by the RDA. So here one could think of "cosmic justice" or just a bad joke. But given his dreams of flying and him actually later doing it, we might even go and speculate about "destiny" and say that all the shit that has happened had to happen for him to achieve what he was meant to achieve (so in this case the certain amount of entropy is a must) OR we can simply say that one event lead to another and he was "called" to go and be a catalyst that will put and end to it all and also ignite future changes. Also...what is worth mentioning is that much of today's official science research is backed by corporate funding...and corporate funding is not there to anyone's benefit but it's own.

Next day the shit gets real as Jake is put behind the wheel. He is there to "remote control" the artificially grown body called Avatar - the embodiment of a soul. Jake goes into some sort of a machine and then we see a "tunnel of bright lights" and bum...when he wakes up...he...his...soul...his...consciousness is transferred into the body that looks the same as the Na'Vi (with the exception of the number of fingers on the feet i think)...showing how in fact the soul and the body are two different things (like in male orgasm for example, orgasm and ejaculation are two different things and one can happen without the other) - yes this comparison is intentional to stir all the puritans and wankers alike.

Jake, being a paraplegic, gets overwhelmed by feeling his legs again and being able to use them and yes for the time he is in the Avatar the legs of the Avatar are his legs, as he is the one occupying and using the "3D body". His "essence" was simply "moved" into another container..he was no longer a small, fragile and crippled human but he was still him, yet in a different container. This different container enabled him to be more in tune with Pandora's environment and to do more or to say...it enabled him to express himself more. Given his "extensive training" he is assigned to the science team as a security escort...yet i prefer the other term also used in the movie - "a moron with the gun"...

Off we go to see the Pandora....lush jungle/forests...water...maglev floating mountains, full of life... So much life that the "dominant land predator" gives Jake a bit of a chase that results in a highly predictable romance story. Saved by the "Indian Princess" from the hungry "wolves" and other such animals...Jake is safely escorted to the home village of the princess known as Neytiri. After first wanting to kill him she is given/shown a sign by what we later find out is called Eywa (word we could use in human case is Gaia). She is later given another sign and she agrees to take the Jarhead Trojan Horse into her village. Signs are supposed to show that Jake has a pure/strong heart....but does he? Or does he only have the potential?

Once a soldier always a soldier. Closed and narrow minded...selfish and competitive...sociopathic and human...Jake agrees to provide the intel for the main Butcher at the base...intel to hit the blue monkey (Na'Vi) hard if they refuse to "cooperate" (do as they are told)..all of this for the promise of getting his legs back. To Jake coming to Pandora is coming to just another "hell hole". Using this words the story shows he does not give a fuck about anything. To him it is just another job. The Butcher is highly similar to the one in District 9 saying "I can not believe i am getting payed to do this shit" where shit = being abusive to the alien population. So Jake agrees to gain the trust of the Na'Vi to then betray them...all that for his benefit. So what about the signs via the seeds of the Sacred Tree? I guess we are talking about the potential as when he makes that deal...his heart is anything but pure...might be strong though.

He meets the parents, is "coincidentally" assigned to the chiefs daughter to teach him "their ways" and ends up in the sack...next to her...just a step before ending up in the sack with her. His look and hers tells it all as she shows him her back while closing the sack.


"Waking Up"...back in his human paraplegic body he tells everyone his story and provides all the information needed for the army assault.

As the plot goes on Jake more and more gets the feeling that "waking up" to the human paraplegic body is more like going to sleep and that the true world, the real world is in the Avatar world. Here a scene from the Inception comes to mind where one can question the same...what is true and what not...can a dream become ones reality? What is "real" anyway?

By this point of the story it is more than evident that Pandora is used and treated the same as the so called 3rd world countries on Earth. It is being exploited for natural resources, the indigenous population is being shoot at, profits go into private pockets, there is no concern for environmental impact and those benefiting from the resources (1st world) do not give a fuck about what is going on "down there". All that people care about is the price of gas at the station and smooth shopping experiences buying kitsch and such.

Jake gets into the tribal way of life and becomes attached (oh really haven't seen that coming) to the tribal princess...Hollywood romance...which he later also (by mutual consent) fucks...but to use a less vulgar and more loving and "meaningful" expression...he bonds with her (for life as she says) as they join their hair "thingies" together. Neytiri chooses him despite of her being promised to another (future tribal chief) given her role in the tribe.

The bonding specifics are not exact...nothing is said about the ways of it...what it means. Yet it is later hinted in the movie by the reaction of her before chosen mate, that this bonding is permanent and exclusive. One of the things he also learns is how to fly the "big birds"...thus fulfilling the dreams of flying he had. Flying here can also be understood as being "free" or a means to freedom. Yet later in the movie flying is mostly used as a means to kill and defend...so in a way also to "liberate". Jake's integration or call it initiation into the tribe is also his "metamorphosis". It is a process in which he moves away from being a sociopath and begins to feel compassion for the Na'Vi and recognizes the aggression of the "Sky People". He no longer wants to eat something that is to be food but does not look like it...or tastes like it...and the rest of the shit human has brought with him across the "great space waters".


But every good movie has a drama (or not) and also here now begins the drama. Jake's treachery is found out...and despite his claims of him "seeing the light" he is deserted by the tribe and by Neytiri. The tribal village obliterated, their majestic home tree destroyed..many die...including the tribal chief thus making a vacancy for "someone" else to take over.

Just before the attack a female pilot (driving around "science sorties") says "I did not sign up for this shit" and breaks formation...flys away. Now it is unclear as to how this went unnoticed by all the numerous military personnel around her...but...anyway...that moment is important as it shows a soldier growing a consciousness and refusing to slaughter as ordered. Something that every sociopath...soldier...should go and think about.

Jake, now also running from the Butcher, decides to go Rambo. It is after all the only thing he can do. This is also when the movie degrades into mindless action. He goes and...miraculously (as it is not shown) submits the Big Bird to his will....and thus becomes the man with the plan, the alpha and omega , the legend, the hero, the ooohhhh....the Toruk Makto. By doing this he opens his way back into the tribe and into Neytiri's panties.

An interesting fact was brought to my attention about Jake being the 6th person to become a Toruk Makto, there were five before him. In the movie Matrix - Reloaded, Neo is the 6th occurrence of an "anomaly", there were five before him.

At this point one can ask a question: is Neytiri also a candy ass bitch? She falls for a man that first had to do all things right to properly impress her and also he was different and more mysterious and interesting than the rest average ones she knew all her life (since they all lived in the same tribe). So instead for paper she fell for status....and since paper can also give status...status in society... She than later does denounce him as she finds out he betrayed her and the entire tribe, but i guess that even Na'Vi pussy gets wet beholding the Toruk Makto OR it could be part of Jake's destiny (as mentioned before) or his calling that the two are a "Cosmic Couple" breaching the human - Na'Vi (ET) gap...one could speculate they open the Pandora's box/ eat the apple for the second time, just that this time it goes into different direction - a new beginning of "atoned and wakened" human consciousness coupled with ET consciousness.

What is also of interest at this point is how, while at the Tree of Souls, they sit together holding each other...moving in circles. A way of "energy transfer". In the Universe everything is "spinning".

After this they do some sort of combat using bows and arrows and mostly animal life (with the help of Eywa) against helicopters with machine guns and land mehcwarrior like robot suits...Eywa's physical part turns out to be a natural biological Internet via which she can command the animal life. We see some combat and a lot of dying...but no worries the heroes stay alive. One to conveniently die is also a preselected future tribal chief. So with him dead and chief dead...let us all guess who the tribal chief will be. He is already bonded with chiefs daughter, he is "special" and he is a Toruk Makto....hmm...ow yea...its Jake.

One thing that was strange to me in the movie is how and why he kept his human name.


Predictable yet pleasant to see - Pandora's botany and so called bio luminescence, Polyphemus (cyclops) gas giant, hexapodal lie forms,...etc Avatar is more than just a Blue Pocahontas . Made easy to understand plot for the brainwashed populous it strikes into the heart (if one has a heart) of everyone watching it...thus producing the so called "sad effect" many reported about after seeing the movie. The Na'Vi are living in harmony with their habitat and are literary interconnected with it. In their case the "plug and play" gets a whole new meaning as it is the way they communicate with the animals and the planetary consciousness they call Eywa. The depression resulting inside of people is their deep "memory" or call it "knowing" of how things could be but are not. Most of them probably did not even realize why they feelt like that. The movie...being full of signs (some of them highlighted in the text)...mostly shows how very fucked up this world we live in actually is (in all possibly ways) and how mostly no one cares to change anything without having a selfish reason for it.

Most of them too busy every day with the Matrix...their jobs, their hobbies, paying off loans, buying new stuff they do not need, celebrity gossip....no time to stop, quiet the mind and think about what matters. Yet the movie spoke to them...it told them "I see you"...i see into you...i see you for who you are.

Oel ngati kameie

"Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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Post  SuiGeneris on Fri Aug 17, 2012 3:15 pm

The Bible Timeline

1.Noah's Timeline of 370 + 7 Days

March 28th 2011 to April 1st, 2012

The encoding in Genesis describes the days in the release of the twinship of the Raven and the Dove through the Window of Noah's Ark, being the central window in the merkabah for the Temple of Solomon as a template for the multifractaled hologram for the New Jerusalem.

March 28th, 2011-Noah's Rainbow Covenant (+0) = April 1st, 2012
May 23rd, 2011 = Removal of the Covering (+56) = February 5th, 2012
June 27th, 2011 = Dove of Peace (+36) = December 31st, 2011
July 4th, 2011 = Raven Searches (+7) = December 24th, 2011
July 11th, 2011 = Land Appears (+7) = December 17th, 2011
August 20th, 2011 = Waters Sink (+40) = November 7th, 2011
November 2nd, 2011 = Mount Ararat (+74) = August 25th, 2011
February 20th, 2012 = End of Rising Flood (+110) = May 7th, 2011
March 31st, 2012 = Flood Begins (+40) = March 28th, 2011

Counting the 370 days from March 28th, 2011 downwards on the left and then upwards on the right. The days in brackets are the number of days in between.

2.Ezekiel's Timeline

September 9th, 2010 to November 19th, 2011

Ezekiel's timeline defines the ARCHETYPE for Egyptian Captivity of 430 Years as 430 Days 7 DayYears. This timeline defines the 'turning around' from left to right (Hebrew writing is from right to left).

Archetype = Witnessing Prophet = Moses(with Aaron as Levitical Twin) Moses = Ezekiel = Daniel = Noah= ...= Adam = Noah = Abram = Abraham = Isaac = Jacob = Israel =....

The Egyptian captivity of the Nation Israel represents an archetyped and symbolic captivity of all and sundry Israelites and where all personages ever existing are RENAMED 'Israel' from Jacob (or Abraham from Abram with Sarah from Sarai).

All human identities ARE ISRAEL from the common archetypical template scripturally and spiritually - energetically defined.

The Assyrian and Babylonian captivities ARE historically factual, but again, many named characters are not actual historical personages, but represent an archetype.

3.Daniel's Timeline of the 2 x 1335 = 2670 Days

July 22nd, 2010 (Mary Magdalene day) to November 23rd, 2011

Daniel's timeline encompasses Noah's Timeline and Ezekiel's Timeline. It begins in Matthew.24.15,27-28 superposing the New Testament (NT) onto the Old Testament (OT) in Danieland ends with Noah's Rainbow Covenant (NRC) in Genesis.8.14-22;9.9-15.

4.John's Timeline of the Revelation

Summmer Solstice 2008 to Blood Moon December 10th, 2011

John's timeline encompasses the other timelines, but allows extension of the warptime loop following the preparation for the 'final confrontation' at Megiddo. It so 'passes' the 'insemination' of the 'Old Earth' in the NRC and includes the 'labour pains' and 'birth pains' of the 'New Earth'.

If you wish to see a more detailed description please go HERE and HERE

The period from April 1st, 2012 to December 21st, 2012 is representing a gestation. This pregnancy is shadowed or 'doubled' in an 'Antibirth period' from Sunday, July 10th, 2011 to Sunday, April 1st, 2012.

July 10th, 2011 - April 1st, 2012 - December 21st, 2012 as Anti pregnancy - Mirror Date - Pregnancy

The anti pregnancy period is the metaphysical absorption of the FAKE creation that becomes reflected in the real creation. It represents the "hour of the beast" in 15 principles (15days) - 7 heavens, mirror of relativity, 7 hells. The 15 days are also the 150 days of the flood of Noah and the plague of 5 months.

April 1st, 2012 = Impregnation for the 'New Jerusalem' = The End of the the 8th cycle
December 21st, 2012 = Birthday for the StarHumanity as the New Jerusalem
December 16th, 2013 = Maturing of the New Jerusalem
January 1st, 2014 = New Year Day for StarHuman Civilization

If you wish to see a more detailed description please go HERE

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"Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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Post  SuiGeneris on Fri Aug 17, 2012 3:25 pm

The Greatest Story Ever Told

The texts gathered together in the book known as "The Bible" were written by scribes (wisdom keepers) who got the information from The Cosmic Logos. The Gospel of Thomas was also written by a scribe and narrated by Jesus.

Jesus aka Yeshua aka Yeshuah was able to decipher the oldest archetypes available to the human mind, first as a student of the Essenes at Qumran and then via his extensive sojourns into Egypt and Alexandria, where he studied and debated with the philosophers and the record keepers. In about 22 years, from about 6AD to 28 AD, Jesus decoded the master scroll of Isaiah in connection with the prophetic timelines in Genesis, Ezekiel and Daniel and so REMEMBERED the 'Big Story' the 'Story of God'.
Jesus therefore assumed the 'Office of Melchizedek' (or the Plumed Serpent) and became the LOGOS of CREATION.

The scriptures are a way of presenting the data but most of this data is encoded with wordings suitable for the time the data was written....meaning if the texts would have been written today the wording, the stories, characters..etc would suit the times and understanding of today...but the meaning behind it and the archetypes would be the same.

The knowledge was later confiscated by the Church Corporation that also added their "personal note" to the data - corrupting it. Instead of You-Source they put themselves in between as intermediaries...creating a hierarchical form of absolute governance...a foundation of which was based on the exploitation of human ignorance. This created great resentment towards the Sacred Scriptures since as a result they became associated with the Church Corporation.

Church Corporations are many. We now (and mostly on this site) speak of the Christian Church Corporation. Another example would be the Muslim Church/Mosque Corporation and the Jewish Church/Synagogue Corporation...etc.

The scriptures are not to be taken literally and have to be seen with the "thinking heart". Some would say that the application of Gnosis is a must when it comes to it. Doing this is anything but simple as the distortions of the data are numerous and human ignorance of self is rampant. The fear abounds and the temptation to judge based on fear...is never ending.

"Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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Ascended Nothing

Ascended Masters is an idea from the Akashic Records aka Noospehere... It is a man made idea gathered and or taken from the Astral plane. There were such alchemists as Leonardo Da Vinci or the one called Saint Germain. None of them transcended beyond the Astral or 4D. The only transcended one is Jesus Christ.

Now, what people do is energize the idea or the "thought form". The more the merrier. They make it real enough so they can channel them form the Astral. The so called Ascended Masters exist as that...as thought form (as everything in the Astral).

The more power people give it, the more powerful the thought form becomes. This is also the hidden secret of "true power" here on 3D Earth...as PTB might say ...it is what you think (they confiscate the human group mind).

"Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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Post  SuiGeneris on Fri Aug 17, 2012 3:31 pm

About the so called Possessions

All devils and demons are man made. Can a person become possessed? Yes and no? How come?

An individual can self induce himself/herself to be possessed. If you believe it you will make it happen. You are that powerful (or call it dangerous) depends on how you look at it.

Some in the old world of duality called this white and black magic. That is no longer doable though. The time for that has passed. Your waking consciouses might want to use it but your Christ consciousness is overruling it. Step out of the duality.

So no there are no demons in scary dark places or under your bed or hanging around old abandoned houses...you will not find any ghost or devils or whatever in any such places. They all reside in YOUR MIND and are as real as you make them. You should be scared of how much you can scare yourself.

You do it to yourself, yet it can be said that you are also being "helped" in this. By "help" we mean to say that you are being brought into a what most like to label as a "state of fear" and then "kept there". Once you are afraid "they" incept you with some idea (reptilians rule the planet Earth) and your mind does the rest. If enough people do it (contribute to it) it becomes a meme .

"Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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Post  SuiGeneris on Fri Aug 17, 2012 3:38 pm

The birth of Gaia

The changes themselves are already under way for quite some time. They are energetic changes, not so much on a physical 3D level. The Hunab Ku wave signal, on its way to Earth aka Gaia, will open a Stargate. The wavefront will get here by the end of 2012.

In physical terms Hunab Ku (Hunab Ku aka Perseus aka Ouroboros, the Milky Way Serpent who swallows its own tail) is a quasar radio source, also known as Sagittarius A, 'weighting' about 4 million suns and so 40 million kilometers (or 2 light minutes) across and about 25,627 lightyears distant from the core of the Earth.

The changes will result via energy Matrix changing not the planet itself. Gaia's ascension is interdimensional , not physical.

Changing the rotation and inertia of Earth (geographic pole shifts,..etc) could easily destroy the planet. The higher dimensional envelope is changing (subtly seen in environmental changes).

Energy shift is slowly displacing the old Matrix - this is the ascension. By 2013 it will complete the reconfiguration. Old humanity will be "forced" to either adapt or go crazy. The less "dense" reconfiguration will enable the ET (extra terrestrial ) contact by then. Until that time, ET will only be seen as plasma (white light, orbs..shadows of 4D).

There will be a pole shift....but at the center of the Earth. Its a dimensional 'Opening' or Rupture of spacetime itself as a 'SelfIntersection', of geometry. The wave signal will than bounce back and begin transmitting all the gathered data from Noospehre aka Akashic Records aka... to the entire universe.

"Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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Do You feel Me?

What it is

Emotionality is a very delicate subject. It is one of the areas where everyone is right, that is, until they take a step back and look at them selves (if one is capable to do that). Everyone is right, since in the hype of the emotion, the person believes he or she is entitled to behave or act like it does.

It is only after the emotional "moment", when individual can go and re-think the emotional experience. Mostly this is never done. Mostly people just "feel it" and then "go on" with whatever they do. Robots. Yes, just as pure logic can be seen as "robotic", so can be impulsive/reactionary emotionality.

A theoretically "perfect" combination is to have logical thinking and intuitive perception. This is the "balance" formula. In this case the word balance is not meant the same as NABS balance of "negativity&positivity". Intuitive side here is meant as emotional side.

Emotions are a universal language. No matter where you go, if you cry, laugh, scream, blush...etc you will be understood. But wait! Are this emotions or are this physical effects of the emotions? So to say it more precise...it is universally understood what emotions can make you do/react/behave. So very universal yet also very often misunderstood, abused and manipulated...or perhaps it is like that due to it being universal?

There are no positive and negative emotions. Separating them like that is just simply wrong. You laugh as you perceive and understand something to be be what is called funny and amusing...you are afraid since you perceive and understand something as a danger to you...you cry when you sense and feel pain and as you cry you make a loud noise and give away visual signals with tears, all of it a message to others that something is "wrong" and that you are in a need of a help and attention...etc

Feel the Pain

Pain can be felt in different ways. One is physical pain - injury. The other is emotional pain. What is emotional pain? Emotional pain is the MotherFather and FatherMother of most problems. Emotional pain happens when people "get hurt".


Before we go to "getting hurt" part...It is perfectly fine to have, experience and express emotions. If you are afraid the fear should be expressed. Do not pretend you can be fearless. Do not delude yourself, thinking fear is some dark side of you, wanting to take over and should be avoided at all cost. Fear or anything else.

What can be talked about here is the health of ones emotional state. Fear can be expressed by either calm words or writing, presenting ones point of view, doubts, hesitations, relevant points...etc Fear can also be uncontrolled rage, screaming, kicking... In fact that is no longer just fear it is an emotional cocktail.

Speaking of healthy emotionality does not mean one has to suppress or prohibit/avoid any of the emotions. Much also depends on the situation, which always has to be taken into the account. There must not be too much of a generalization!

A person in a state of fear can easily go "frozen stiff", unable to move and speak, to later faint or even experience a heart attack. The experienced fear can then also have long or short term consequences or what is called trauma. All of this can result due to "understanding" that made the person believe he or she is being stuck in a situation beyond help. This does not make that person unhealthy or ill or abnormal. It does however show that the person lacked in logical part as it was experiencing the emotion.

The example of an unhealthy fear can be a person going into regular states of panic when there are no logical reasons to do so. This can happen as an individual simply has a thought about something. So the person is reacting or in some other cases the person is being impulsive. This thought about "something" can be anything. It can be a memory or it can be the inability to cope with the future.

The memory can start with a familiar smell or sound (including hearing specific words) that brings out a "troublesome" unresolved remembrance. The "future problem" is mostly seen when people are faced with not yet experienced situation or a situation they do not know how to handle. Without applying logic/reason/rationality, to the situation, a state of panic can occur.

What can also be seen as unhealthy expression of emotionality is what most people know under the names of the energy vampire and attention whore (this goes for both genders). Both of this "stereotypes" have same or similar causality as before mentioned states of panic.


Logical mind is what can stop the chain reaction leading into panic state. Especially in the cases such as fear of darkness or monsters under ones bed and so on. It can of course also server as a "remedy" in a more "serious" situations. Serious in case of fear is relative as some people take the "little innocent thing" such as darkness extremely seriously and can go numb, unable to move, if they find themselves alone in it.

The logical part can also be seen as emotion - as courage. In some other cases logic can also be called a - reality check. It can bring you to a realization that there are no monsters in the dark corner of your bedroom. It can also be of great help when a memory is triggered. Logic is used to rationalize the inner experience and to bring it into the current moment,helping you to understand that what you feel is not happening to your right now, so you can stop it before it escalates to then understand what it is, why it is and heal it.

Logic however will not have the same effect when you..for example...see a tree falling towards you. You can not sit down and take your time to rationalize the situation. You also can not make yourself understand that "there is no tree since reality is virtual" and that you being splashed by it is just a most predictable outcome, that others will see, if you just stay there and not move away. BUT it will help you to move your legs. RUN, MOVE, JUMP. Fear can easily paralyze you. Logic, rationality is there to prevent that. YET at the same time, it is actually logic telling you to be afraid. With no fear, you would just stand there and watch it go towards you. With no logic, with no reason, you would be unable to foresee yourself being scraped off the ground.

There is a bond between logic and emotion. It is not two different and opposing worlds, which means that the balance idea between them is not some NABS wanna be. Logic is not the enemy of emotion, it is not even counter emotion and the other way around. They need each other!


So what is the cause and what is the effect? There have been some "great minds" trying to decipher this question. There is a dedicated science branch dealing with what is called a "human psyche" and they too talk about "unhealthy" states of mind and there is an entire industry of pharmaceutical companies based on this "unhealthy" ideas. That is all very wrong!
Never take a pill, expecting it to solve your problems for you!

People that hold back and do not express their emotions have emotional problems. People that over express their emotions have emotional problems. The problem of their problem is emotional and that is a problem. Yes it can be complicated. It happens when people "get hurt".

Human emotionality can be as complicated as one makes it. If you go and "translate" all the psyche lingo used by "professionals"...what comes out is something very similar to your horoscopes or what you can hear by calling a psychic hotline. The problem is self denial. People could be their own psychotherapist if they would have the capacity to first look at themselves truthfully and see with the rational mind what is going on. People do look at themselves but instead of taking the impartial position they go and put the emphasis on how much "hurt" they are.

Who or what gets hurt? Some will tell you it is what is called Ego that gets hurt and how you need to go beyond your Ego. Very often the very same people will later fall into their own "Ego trap"...meaning they will "get hurt" aka offended, telling you how your Ego is "hurting" them. Hurting what? Their Ego? But how if they are so much in "light" they have no Ego? Has to be their wide open hear chakra...

"Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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