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12 21 12 The Beginning or The End


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12 21 12  The Beginning or The End Empty 12 21 12 The Beginning or The End

Post  Neo2012 on Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:54 pm

Many people predicated an end to the world.
The human race is destined for total annihilation.
As a species we are flawed and terminal.
Many expected a literal end and since we are still here...
Well a great shift occurred in historical proportions. lol
Many beings transcended to the world of enlightenment.

Or did they?

Maybe humanity has barriers .

Maybe the more they denny the existance of God...
The stupider we get! And, less able to reach full potential.
However, we are far from total extinction.

Humans possess capacity but
We dont even utilize 1/3 of our brain. Why?

We are too busy thinking we are 3D.

Oh I want to reach 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D...really?

Why are we here? What's the purpose?

If you can't do right here...
what makes people think that they'll do right elsewhere?

Is there something we need to acknowledge?

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