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    Post  Rok on Fri Mar 01, 2013 11:07 am

    Ego and Id

    Man (man as a human; as both genders) lives in the illusion of knowing itself. Reality is not real. Man is a slave of it's two masters, the "conscious self" and it's "unconscious self". The conscious self says "I am, I know, I think, Me, Mine..." Things the unconscious self says are abstract and have the form of symbols such as dreams. The two masters each do their own work. But the unconscious master is responsible for what conscious master wants. At the same time the conscious master is not aware about the actual source of the desire, neither it would understand it, since it is in a different language. The conscious master simply just wants to do it.

    Mans doing, desires, wishes, longing,...actions...are a product of what man itself does not know or understand. Would the man be able to handle the truth? Knowing how symbols translate into it's daily actions. Knowing too much? Can the conscious master survive the truth?



    A narcissist is made when parents (of which mother has the main role) abuse their children. The abuse is done by "embodiment" of the child within the parent.

    In practice this is seen when either parent says something like: "look what it is doing to me". That is when the child does something the parent dislikes. It is the narcissistic need of the parents that is left unsatisfied, when the child does not live up to expectations.

    The grades in school, the after school volleyball class, the piano lessons, the art club...etc The better the child does the better the reward, as parent's satisfy their own needs. Child can see that parents react with approval when grades are high and when medals and other awards are brought home. What develops inside the child is this - they will like me more, if i will be and do better. This is buying love and a narcissist is "born".

    So it is clear that in most cases the parents or one of them already was a narcissist, as it was filling it's own needs by abusing it's own child.

    Typically the narcissists live in a home full of mirrors, they can not but admire themselves. They also need them at their place of work. They act a lot, they play the role of themselves all the time. Each opportunity has a different mask, it depends on the impression they want to leave on their audience. They excel at bluffing and always want to be the center of attention. If not they feel bad so they make sure they are by talking out loud, telling jokes, talking over others and doing whatever it takes to raise their "social value". Their self esteem depends on it as they respect themselves only as much as their public respects and praises them. They pick people around them based on the value they can get from them. People as friends, people they date with and marry. There has to be something of value about those people. So they go and join clubs such as Lions or Rotary... Narcissist uses other people as a prop and as a prop they can discard them if need be. Narcissist will not care for it's extended family unless it will see a use in them - if it needs them. There is a need for constant praise, fan clubs, people applauding, autobiographies, doing extreme sports with a lot of media attention...etc

    For if there is no such thing the narcissist will not feel loved which will lead to depression. Narcissistic people are in truth very lonely. A sad narcissist will tell others how all this "bad things" happen to it all the time and how unfair that is.

    Narcissistic people are mostly found in entertainment industry and politics. The more competent ones also take leading positions in companies, as they will do everything to succeed - it raises their social value. The down side is that, they care for their own benefit and their own success and have their own interests at heart.

    Today's society is very narcissistic. This is shown through "main stream culture" and alike. Today's society also demands from a person to be narcissistic - at least in part. The "always confident" and other traits of the narcissist are needed in order to survive.


    A "natural" narcissism is found in women who successfully transcend the epiphany of not having a dick.

    When children first see each other naked they notice not everything is as similar as they thought. To a girl, there is something missing on her body. This is then substituted by her using her nature given gifts - making herself beautiful and thus being told how cute she is, desired, admired... This is why all women no matter age or martial status wish to be admired, told they are beautiful, like to take long hours making themselves pretty...etc This is all good unless it evolves into pathological narcissism.

    Girls that do not overcome the knowing of the difference in sexual organs become to resent men for having a penis. They want that penis too, yet they can not have it, so they become to hate it. They also want to be just as men who have it, so they start acting like men, they start to compete with men. This also means that the father did not do his role due to his absence or was a doormat husband. Thus you have feminists or female men haters, women who reject men, reject oral sex...etc - dominant,phallic, emotionally cold mothers.

    It can also be said that girls who feel this constant need to compete with men did not solve the Oedipus complex. In case of man unsuccessful solution of the complex (unable to detach the sexual bond with the mother) this manifests in "pussy men" and spoiled men who are morally irresponsible. Oedipus successfully solved results in men being competitive with each other and women developing narcissism. When men win (like in sports and such) they are happy since on the subconscious level they defeat their own father who was "steeling their mother from them" and they get admiration from a woman (what used to be their mother). This is why men like competition.

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    Growing up and Physical punishment

    During growing up in a non abusive environment it is seen how the nature itself has made differences in genders. How girls are soft and tender and how boys want to go and demolish everything. An entire post could be made just about that but the prime importance here is that - u never hit a girl. If need be the parent (should be the father) can smack a boy on his face to pipe down the little rooster and show him that he can not just have his way any time he wants to. But girls are never to be touched in this way (with proper growing up there is no need, if there is a need the parent should smack itself) as it can ruin her process of getting over the Oedipus complex.

    Also...when feeding a small baby, be it via pacifier etc...only the mother does that!


    In the "old Greece" a hero asked Zeus to put him into the skin of a woman for a week. Zeus granted this wish, making that hero a woman for a week. After a week he is back to his old self and all his friends come to him, asking question and wanting to know: how does a woman feel enjoyment? And the hero replies: if Zeus gave mankind 10 enjoyments, then in sexuality the male has one and the female has the other nine.

    Men pick women based on the "image" of their mother.
    Women pick men based on the "image" of their father.
    Image - characteristics

    Men and Woman are not and can not be equal, but they can be equivalent. This does not make one better than the other. She can do just as good as men without being one herself.

    Men who had problems with feeling the motherly love (phallic mothers or absent mothers) in their infantile stage of development, tend to have difficulties in sexual relations with women, they are usually not satisfied with themselves.

    Pussy men are not attractive to women who get confused and call them mummy's boys. At the same time the "female equality" movement has produced generations of mummy's boys. Mothers having male roles in the family, competing with the husband does that.

    This then makes women frustrated, at the same time they want to compete with men and at the same time they call them mummy's boys. They want a "real man" while not realizing they themselves are not "real women".

    The more of a doormat the man is the more the man hating woman will step all over him. This then results in a dysfunctional family where children "take on" what they are shown...etc This is also why the same sex couples adopting children is highly questionable as the Oedipus complex can not be resolved with two fathers or two mothers.

    A feminine woman can handle the rooster in a feminine way. This does not mean stepping into a boxing match with him. Feminine women have a "nature given" gifts that work much more efficiently.

    On a subconscious level a man's penis is the epicenter of female's desires ever since she notices she does not have one.

    When she sees a man it is not the physical looks which attracts her, it is his "being" of what he is, what he knows, what he can do or has achieved and thus - how he is better than the rest of them and how he differs from the average. He competes with other males and he competes for her. She is beautiful, desires, admired, fantasized about and he wants to take her and have her...in all ways. He will do everything for her.

    She competes with other females in beauty.

    The physical importance for a women can be a strong male body, but that is not seen through the same eyes as a man sees a woman. The strong body makes a man more phallic, it is also the feeling of security and how he can "lift her in his strong arms" carry her around in his warm embrace making her feel safe.

    Muscular female body (only achievable by taking dietary supplements) is not attractive to a man. A fit female body is a healthy female. Muscular female is unnatural, so is the overweight female. This does not imply women are to be weak, this implies women are to be women.

    When men compete with each other they get privileges with women, unlike when women compete in lets say sports and win..they get no privileges from men. When a man wins something he gets a medal and two female models come and kiss him. When a woman wins a medal no men kisses her. But when a woman wins a beauty contest or dance contest she does get privileges with men. So in other words when women competes in phallic sports or is phallic herself, she does not unconsciously attract men.

    So again, men primarily fascinate with actions, women primarily fascinate with beauty.

    If a man chooses a female that is too much like their mother, they might suffer the impotency at home, while being very potent in some other bed. This is due to the unconscious knowing of forbidden incest relationship he had with his mother as a small child. The concept of "infidelity" is also related to this. Both genders, single or bonded, have hidden fantasies and desires.

    A source of this by the example: man as a small boy knows another girl and likes her, he knows/feels that "stealing a kiss" from that girl is very much different than stealing a kiss from his mommy, who he also has a relationship with, yet he still does it, he kisses the other girl and thus internalizes this want, this desire. Same goes for girls, the other way around. From this it can be assumed that people are not sexually loyal by nature.

    Sexual experience differs. Men and women experience it quite differently.

    In sexual act the woman is naturally submissive (masochistic concepts) while men penetrating (pushing, fucking, hard fucking...) her can be seen as sadistic. None of this implies it is malevolent.

    Malevolence in latent sadism is mostly seen in people joining the police force or the army...

    Pornography is acceptable as a spice, yet rarely needed in a healthy sexual relationship. It also helps men who have phallic women at home to not fall into alcoholism. To a child the pornography can equal a sexual abuse, so a child should not see that until the genital stage is firmly established (15 years of age - on average).

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    Ethics - Altruism

    Upon seeing a homeless person or a beggar the observant feels the discomfort and suffering. By giving a gift to the beggar, the observant itself stops suffering, it busy the comfort.

    "I did something nice, I gave the beggar some money, I can move on now and feel better about what I did"

    It is not the pain and suffering of the beggar that gets the observant to give the beggar some money, it is it's own. So giving money to the beggar is a selfish act.

    To "take pity" on someone/something is a selfish act.

    A narcissist however would not be influenced by the beggar in any way and would dismiss it without a second thought, unless, there is a group of people (an audience) in vicinity that can see the narcissist performing this selfish "act of goodness", as this would give the narcissist what it needs - an approval, a social value, external validation...etc

    Giving gifts

    Giving a gift is a process of establishing a debt relationship. It is "self understood", that when a gift is given, it is expected to be returned in one way or the other, even when the one giving the gift says otherwise.

    The strongest one or the one in the position of power can give the biggest gifts, and thus maintaining it's status over others. Due to this debt relationship there is an unwritten rule by which an extremely pricy/expensive gifts are allowed to be refused, other than that refusing a gift is a no no, accepting the gift is a must, an extreme must. The other extreme is scrooge or miser.

    This is seen in business gifts - "I am giving u a nice gift and later u will sing that contract".

    In a human to human relations, the debt relationship is for example established when a man asks a woman for her hand - "I am offering you a diamond ring in exchange for your love and sexual devotion".

    Gifts carry a symbolic value. When accepting the gift a person's unconscious master will get "an impression" of what it could mean. For example...a man giving the bottle of wine to a woman as a gift can make her uncomfortable on unconscious level since wine can make her "easy" and being easy is not socially acceptable = her mother and neighbors would not approve.

    Decoration - Embellishment

    On a subconscious level the excessive decoration of one self or the house for new years or...etc means that something is trying to be hidden. Something not so "pretty". So it is made pretty on the outside while on the inside it is not. Making it kitschy and such serves to that end.

    Vulnerability is covered by the facade.

    After the September 11th, when the Americans felt vulnerable, the sales of cosmetics substantially increased.

    Company in trouble will enhance it's surroundings and such to appear better looking, parties are made for employees...keeping up the facade.

    Woman putting on makeup is part of her narcissism, yet it primarily serves to hide her fears about herself of not being liked as she is.

    When people are low on cash they have a tendency to go and buy things...to cover their situation of not having enough.

    Learning to go potty for a 2nd time

    The first time in infants life when it can do and decide for itself is when it is time to go potty. The infant decides when and how much and also why not. Parents can not force the situation or prevent it. Unlike the before stage of it's development, infant also learns that satisfying his needs can be "circumstantial" and not immediate as before in the oral phase period. Going potty or refusing to go also relates to later nature of giving and taking...stubborn and complacent....etc

    Time to go potty again...

    All of the above, as controversial as it might be to some, is valid. The arguments such as "hunter gatherer society ended thousands of years ago, time to move on" and alike all fail when it comes to the traditional roles. There roles have been and are heavily distorted by the introduction of ignorance. The ignorance is seen in forms such as Church Corporation, abuse of the feminine, feminist movement, Ritalin ...etc

    People in large majority are robots. They experience emotion not knowing why. They want something not knowing why. They do things....not....knowing....WHY. And...above all....they feel and think it is all ok.

    Dare to dispute that, they attack you.

    If you tell a football hooligan (fan clubs..etc) he is there and like that since he has problems with his father...he will not care much for it, neither will he like it.

    If you tell a female fan on a football game she feels wet because the ball is actually a penis and the goal is the pussy and all the males competing down there (with one or two prominent ones, the best ones, the ones that SCORE) and how this is why she is so wet...she will not care much for it, more than that - how dare u imply something so improper...like her being wet "just like that"...might even show she is being "promiscuous" in her mind.

    If you tell a football, basketball, handball,..ball, ball, ball....player he does not actually consciously know what is he doing or why and that is has to be like that, for him to be able to do it good, while a painter or sculptor actually do and need to be aware of their "performance", at least to a point....to bring out the "art" from the subconscious...neither of them will care much for that.

    If you tell a screaming teenage girl, dying for her idol, that she is like that because she does not yet experience sexual pleasure...she will not care much for that...she will rather hug her "co-suffering" female and they will both cry and feel the love for Justin Bieber till the point where Justin points to one and says "come here on stage with me" this is when the co-suffering would turn into a blood bath as in fact they are all death jealous of each other.

    And so on and so on....

    So the point is that any such work in extremely ungrateful. People do not care and eve more than that...they do not want to know. Knowing too much might lead the in plugging out their eyes as in - if the eyes did not show me the the right way in my life i do not need them.

    There are seven billion people on this planet. About a thousand of them own more than a billion dollars. The ratio for people who can be brutally honest with themselves is most likely about the same. With some hopes is it better...but...do go and look around.

    People speak of ascension to a new humanity, thuban speaks of HeShe, SheHe concepts. Drunvalos and such speak of divine feminine as the new driving force. Even thuban cosmology tells of females taking charge....what everyone probably actually want to say is that - the feminine women are coming back from obscurity.

    Yet just how will a feminine women come back from obscurity in this sick state of society we have all over the planet in many different forms. And what exactly is she suppose to lead?

    The SheHe and HeShe speaks of waking up the inner male in women and inner female in men. This sounds very appealing to most since it is new age like, does not hint of sex and overall sounds proper. So men start crying like little bitches and females drink beer and piss while standing at the same time...and they both think how this is it. When it is not.

    Man knows not himself. Woman knows not herself. Or what and why they both do. How can any of them incorporate or feel the other inside then?

    What each woman can asks herself is - am I a woman? This question has a very long answer, part of which was covered before in this post. This here right now is also a funny and futile attempt as 99% of the women will say - yes i am, there is nothing wrong with me. Same goes for men.

    A SheHe and HeShe is not a man with a pussy nor a female with a dick.

    When either is aware of it's Id only then the incorporation of the other can be talked about. Being aware of the Id means being aware of what you do and why. This way you can "transcend" your action by being conscious of it.

    The intention changes or you stop doing it or you do it more or you do it differently. This way sayings things such as "i felt it right" or "it is logical to be done in this manner" can be dismissed as bull shit. You know what you are doing, feeling, thinking and why. You do not bullshit others with how you feel or resonate with something or how something makes sense to you...instead you tell them your knowing, you tell them why you are doing or did something, why you like this and dislike that .....and we are not talking about the ice cream taste preferences here.

    Also be prepared that when you are so very much honest it will "hurt" others. "Honesty that hurts"...even when u are just simply being honest about yourself. People in majority are not ready for you to be honest with them...especially when it is about them. They will block you out and avoid any contact if need be.

    Man feeling a woman inside...can self tame his "rooster instinct", can bring himself out of the phallic charger mentality and is as such less animalistic, can become aware of his influence over the tender flowers of the Earth and not abuse them, becomes more aware of his sexuality, can perceive more with feeling...

    Woman feeling a man inside...can understand her own need for admiration and keep her narcissist in check - thus being less fragile or prone to hysteria, can assert herself better with men without becoming one herself, can handle her emotion and not let it control her...

    But none of this can be done without being aware of it first.

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    Post  Rok on Mon Aug 26, 2013 6:15 pm

    I do not control i oversee. The control is done on personal, individual level. The individuals are merely seen, observed.

    The transfer from virtual to actual should never be personal. Neither should it be understood as such.

    Transfer is person to person.

    "Role" of one in relation to the other.

    For example: a male professor and a student (be it of either gender) - the transfer occurs when the student on subconscious level sees in the professor a role of the father. Female student might and often does evolve an emotional relationship. Such students learn and do better. What should be avoided in such a case is a contra transfer, there should never be any from the professor point of view. Overall you have a "daddy" image there or someone being perceived as such, yet not knowingly to most.

    This can ofc also be applied in personal relationships where the transfer is two way. There are many subtle ways as to how this works out. But knowing female is a narcissist, having her feet swept away in the wind of romantic bliss entails much more and anything but what her mother told her or what she has seen in popular media or what she might be thinking with her logical mind. The mind in such cases is bothered by the expectations of others. Submissive by nature they like it and take it while also shown proper respect and while of a sound mind.

    Sound mind in such cases depends on the individuals relation to (males) his mother and (females) her father. The first transfer ever is child-parent. If that transfer is wrong or has at one point gone wrong, then no later transfer can ever work out without the proper intellectual awareness of the problem.

    Thus there are situations that can go to extremes. Serial killers of women for example had a drastically bad transfer with their mothers, so when they were murdering those poor women they, on the subconscious level, were hurting their mothers. Women have similar yet less violent problems that often manifest in the lack of capability to show trust or to "surrender" herself in all her beauty to him.

    There might also be a great need of dependance and fear of loss which in practice means some women can never be alone and will pick just about any scum of the Earth to be with someone while not understanding why and what is even going on, not to mention, the entire relationship is difficult enough without all of that even is he has little or no problems (which today is also a rare thing).

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    Post  Rok on Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:57 pm

    To add to my previous two posts...few words on  Jealousy

    Jealousy (also closely tied with emotional violence/extortion)  in all levels and ways, results from a failed parenthood. More specifically - from the ending of the oral stage with the father absent. Oral stage itself is of prime importance - in short: it teaches the new born a meaning of love.

    Besides jealousy the above can also manifest into the feelings of xenophobia (in connection with poorly managed oral phase) which then results in varieties of nationalism, racism...etc It all has to do with the child not processing the required emotion at the appropriate stage in it's life, while also having no authority, thus not manifesting the required ethical restrains.  

    Father is of little importance to a new born and simply helps the mother by all means of support. His role comes into play later when it is time for the child to break the bond with it's mother. Failing to do this, men grow up into mommy's boys (mothers are "married" with their own sons) and women become feminists.

    Father has to take the mother "back" to him. This also means mother, once again, puts the father 1st. Meaning she always sleeps with the father at night in a separate room. Also (be it at night or day) it is no longer just (only) the child that has a physical touch with the mother. This is especially evident once the oral stage is complete.

    The child has to "get over it" in a manner that is most safe and healthy to be able to control the feeling of something being unpleasant.

    Going post Genital 9175698_orig

    Boys will "compete" with the father, who should be there to serve the boy as a model to identify with. Child will experience the emotion of lose, competitiveness and also jealousy, but it will grow out of it, it will learn, experience and become a more responsible adult who will not beat (or murder - when also the oral phase was a failure) women or her children (also his) in a jealous rage.
    The father is there to take all that "shit" (so it is not a resent towards the mother) and to "impose" authority, "induce" respect and at the same time to help provide the safety and the feeling of love.
    The boy will have all the time to "internalize" and process the feelings, thoughts (much of it becomes "forgotten" aka goes into subconscious) and experience them as intensively as needed, while at the same time being cared, loved and provided for by both of his parents, with father taking the role of authority. Healthy grown up man will not even be capable to hit a woman.

    Girls perceive all of this much differently and in some ways quite more complex. They are not phallic (unless the parents fail her). Having no phallus makes the impact of the father very much different. While the boy can be symbolically "castrated" this can not be done in the case of girls. She also feels and knows there is something "missing" and this is then internalized in a way where she feels "pity for self" and thus can develop (from emotional point of view) a much more profound sense for empathy and alike, but it also means girls have less control over their emotional states and thus also jealousy is much harder to manage.
    Yet also in this case the mother is "taken away" by a figure that, unlike the girl, has a penis and is doing something with that penis. A figure - the father, which at the same time shows all the love and care for the girl, yet comes from the stand point of authority, BUT NEVER EVER hits the girl or uses any kind of "physical restrains"on her. She wants to have and to receive what becomes the object of her unconscious desire - penis, but "compensates" for it with her beauty and tenderness.
    Like with boys, girls too can go and do very wrong if their parents fail her. Besides hating men and resenting them their penis, girls can express jealousy just as violent as men (yet it is less common). More common is a form of emotional abuse or to say, uncontrolled emotional anger.

    The physical futures of girls - especially the face - but also the rest of the body, are a "drug" for men. It is tightly connected with oral phase where men look at their mothers face as a sort of a "mirror" for later in life. While the girls wish to be beautiful and admired, putting ornaments on themselves, spending hours in front of a mirror. Yes some of such behavior can be abused by commercialism aka environment but it can not induce it as this has been present for centuries.

    "Curing" jealousy is close to mission impossible. Even in the perfect situation of perfect parenthood the grown up children WILL experience jealousy. It is in their system. The only difference is how they will go about it. Jealousy itself can not be avoided as oral phase can not be avoided if you want a healthy individual. Avoiding oral phase (such as fathers being on maternity leave instead of mothers and other such nonsense) or mothers neglecting their children, "produces" psychopaths.

    So getting over jealousy is something like getting over being a human.

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    Post  Rok on Tue Sep 10, 2013 11:11 am

    Since much has been said about boys/men...here is a little bit about women.

    More specifically HORNY WOMEN and also not so horny women.

    Going post Genital U34732-90384_one-woman-many-men-picture_show

    Girls develop their libido in phallic phase (from 3 to about 6-8 years old). Once the mother is "taken away" by the father. The sexual drive formation is based on the thoughts of her father's genitalia. It can also be a genitalia of example one of her peers (a boy she saw at the pool resort etc...) This is heavily internalized and later "forgotten" - moves into subconscious. The actual desire for sex does not manifest until puberty or to say - when the body becomes physically ready for it.
    To not get confused here - while still in the phallic phase, the girl should not be intentionally over exposed to nakedness or any such doings and she should NOT see an erect penis. It is perfectly normal to see someone naked but there is no need to "parade" or "show off". In fact, too much of the naked penis imagery can turn her libido into either overdrive (non stop constant need for sex) or it can make it numb (frigid women) who reject penis and feel disgust for it and for the sperm in it.

    If the father is absent and the grandfather "takes over" (which is always a poor substitute) then the girl might be interested into older men later in life. It can also happen if the father itself is older when he has the child.      
    Mostly, in her adult life, the woman will be turned on by  men that will have "phallic qualities" of her father. No matter the "goodness of the heart" the man has, if it lacks the same "strength" her father had nothing will budge = let's just be friends. This is why the various "social dynamics" (PUA community stuff) tends to work on girls. This is also why some women can be either so "fucking stupid" to always end up with a guy that hurts her or can simply never be alone = single, as it makes them "uncomfortable", yet neither of them ever realizes what is actually going on.

    A specific example: if the girl has an abusive father who beat her but was also capable to be tender to her and to provide for her...such girl has a potential to grow up and be greatly aroused by sado-masochism where she herself is the masochists.

    So the girls early childhood and how she internalizes the image and knowing of not having a penis is determinant to how she gets to feel sexual arousal later in life. Her sexual fantasies are connected with her thoughts about her father and other men she came in contact with (and approved of) as a child.

    Female desire and even affinity to have sex with same gender, so female-female, can be understood based on the oral phase she had with her mother. Boys do not experience such contact with their fathers while girls do with their mothers.

    Overall female sexuality is more complex in comparison to males. Just the perception and feeling of it can not be compared in any way.  

    Going post Genital 60870895.297

    A side note here about men and HORNY women. Very horny (aka strong libido) women scare men. Men will never be scared by strong independent, self sufficient, successful...etc women. This is not what men get scared of, that is only what the feminists want everyone to think.
    Men get scared by being unable to satisfy or properly satisfy a woman. It can quickly go so far that a husband will rather wank off than have sex with his horny spouse. This is also why so many women FAKE IT and never tell their pricks how unsatisfied they feel.
    Then there is also the "quick shooter" problem aka men who cum very fast. All of this is of course a MALE problem. Other reactions to this is that men (in their fear) label such women as whores. Same labeling comes from other girls since they are unable to compete (women are in constant competition with each other, as are men but not nearly as much)

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