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    Post  Guest on Fri May 24, 2013 5:24 pm

    My Love
    ...for my chosen


    How can I lay out my Plan, for Your Eyes,
    Hidden in the Fabric, like Atoms in a Molecule,
    Inner Dimensions, a Kaleidescope of Passion,
    My Eternal Affection, a True Connection.

    Can you Predict the Past, Read the Future?
    Find my Hidden Truths, Messages of Forever Present,
    Can You Discover Me, Hear the Thoughts in the Hearts of Stars?
    I am Yours, You are Mine.

    What is Love, Define a Reason,
    Where is Our Season, Turtledove,
    Paint a Picture, Imagination of One Heart,
    One Love, Bound to Many.

    Infinite Power, Circle Kingdom,
    Ends of a Line, Always Connected,
    Undivided, Many are One,
    One are Many, Natures Entwined.

    When I Speak, How to Find Words that are not Cheap,
    A Single Call, Piercing Howl,
    Cosmos Swirling, Universe Spinning,
    Split the Heavens, Meteor Showers.

    Who can Say, what Must be Felt,
    Feed Me, as I Feed You,
    Duality, Sweet Serenity,
    A Heart so Great, a Soul so Deep.

    Reflecting Images, Perfect Timing,
    How could I Deny, my Very Being,
    Without You I am Dead, Hollow and Void,
    Undenying the Self, Heartless I Become.

    If this Poetry is not Enough, Listen to my Fire,
    See my Storm, Hear my Breathing,
    Drink my Water, Ignite my Earth,
    Love of my Life, Beauty in My Death.

    If My Paintings are not Vivid, Peer out my Windows,
    See what I Perceive, Experience my Beat,
    Hear that Enchanting Melody, Smell our Garden,
    Eat our Fruit, Hold onto Me and Never Let Me Fall.

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    Post  Guest on Fri May 24, 2013 5:33 pm

    Primal Instinct
    ...by draxiss

    Are your eyes open
    Ears receptive
    Heart pure enough to see through
    Mind keen enough to cut illusion
    To understand what I mean
    When I speak?
    When all answers lie within
    Primal beginning
    All inscribed in the dna
    Identity within the pulsing source energy
    Animal spirit
    Even artificially
    Is made of natural truth
    Wheel of balance
    Causing all things to just become different shades
    Of the root core
    The new is but the old with a different face
    Various reflections of the most high light
    Wild and free
    Forever I'll be
    Warden of nature
    Embodiment of the magic
    Red passions
    I chose the greatest treasure
    That makes it worth living
    Through which everything
    Shall fall into place
    Divine wings
    Carry me home
    Away from desolation
    Assimilate the fabric
    Big bang

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    Post  Guest on Fri May 24, 2013 5:36 pm

    ...by draxiss


    The Dream embodies my Hunger, to sate my Desire,
    I crave Worlds Unseen, Stories unfolding,
    Freedom and Adventure, Love and Happiness,
    Great enough to be Myself, Incorruptible and Pure.

    Give me your Temples, so I can Light the Altars,
    Sacrifice for Me, and Feast upon my Heartblood,
    Enter my Storm, and Assimilate into my Mind,
    Merge your Ocean with Mine, joined Soul of the Dream.

    Inside the Jaws of Life, I find Passion,
    Within the Caverns, I find Enlightenment,
    Between the Mountains, I find Peace,
    Covering the Mount, I find Harmony.

    Black Wolf Hunting, Doe Teasing,
    Enwrapped with my Darkness, I am your Cloak,
    Flowing River, Circle of Life,
    Devour you, Devour me.

    Endless Hunger, Feed my Flames,
    Lest my Spirit, Consume the World,
    Conquering King, Plunder the Loot,
    Only one sort of Treasure, gives me Pleasure.

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    Post  Guest on Fri May 24, 2013 5:37 pm

    I Am
    ...by raxnae


    I Am a Nobody
    Sorrow my Name
    King of Nothing
    Ruler of Empty

    I Am a Spirit
    Full of Life and Adventure
    Freedom my Virtue
    My Dream is my Goal

    I Am a Beast
    Born of the Wild
    Passionate and Strong
    Fighting to the End

    I Am a Philosopher
    Seeker of Truth
    Merit my Wisdom
    Leaping into the Void

    I Am a Poet
    Writing down my Soul
    Words from my Heart
    Bleeding from the Wound

    I Am Ancient
    Beginning Anew
    Never Ending Journey
    Searching for Home

    I Am a Man
    Great and Small
    Of Light and Dark
    Dying Alone

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    Post  Guest on Fri May 24, 2013 5:38 pm

    Love Thy Self
    ...one love, one heart


    I am You, You are Me
    We are One, Parts of the Whole,
    Many Spirits, In a Single Ocean,
    A Massive Soul, Kingdom of Hearts.

    I am this Way, As you Wanted Me,
    I am this Way, As I chose to Be,
    You are that Way, As I Desired,
    You are that Way, As you Wish to Be.

    We are Reflections, Crafted by Duality,
    If I Love Myself, I Love You,
    If You Love Me, You Love Yourself,
    We are Bound, Minds Entwined.

    For who can Hope to Love Another, Whom cannot Love Themselves,
    In the End, You are Home all Along,
    Searching for what is Already There, Within Yourself,
    That is how you Find, The Face of True Love.

    Neither Time nor Space, Can Break our Bonds,
    I Sing to You, Inside my Thoughts,
    I Hear your Voice, In my Dreams,
    We are all of One Love, and One Heart.

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    Post  Guest on Fri May 24, 2013 5:39 pm

    Blackest Black, Deepest Dark
    ...you think deleting it once will stop my rap?


    The earth keeps spinning faster on its axis
    Bitches don't know I'm draxiss
    Forgetting the name
    I'll have to explain
    Why I feel sorrow and pain

    All these people wantin to ascend
    Yet they cant comprehend
    My vision of life
    Hiding my wife
    Cowering like mice

    Judging me by the pigment of false reality
    Like they abusin my hospitality
    Not seeing the spirit within
    Even though we wearin the same skin
    Ignoring my individuality, blackest black and deepest dark

    Branding me a criminal
    Slandering subliminal
    Starting the party inciting
    Without inviting
    The master of lightning

    You actin all retarded
    Smellin like somebody farted
    I'm tired of your shit
    As I'm loading a clip
    Like I'm eatin your chip

    Judgeing me by grey morality
    Thinkin you know the colors of passion
    No friends and no love for the wild man
    Making me forget I am red man
    The color of my blood flowing within, blackest black and deepest dark

    I'm gonna erase this sin
    Toking my special blend
    Planting my seeds within the hearts and minds of stars
    You'll be seeing mars
    While venus be digging my charm

    My tribal roots are longer than your stem
    Lineage of my spirit within
    Uprooting me from my villages
    Until my resistance pillages
    All value in your images

    Judgeing me with modern rationality
    Forgetting ancient nationality
    No food and no water for this starving pauper
    Until I become your stalker
    My heart will shine, blackest black and deepest dark

    I'm a lover of diversity
    Yet all I get is adversity
    Like grey's anatomy
    Your stupid insanity
    Decline of humanity

    So take my words to heart
    My form is not the start
    I am the end
    For I shall win
    A dream without sin.

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    Post  Guest on Fri May 24, 2013 5:40 pm

    Miedo Del Lobo
    ...by the outcast


    I am Branded the Big Bad Wolf, for Crimes I did not Commit,
    Once called Brother, Always called Father,
    Blood of Gods, Blood of Devils,
    Counted among Both, Walking Freely.

    Envy grows like a Tainted Briar, Entrapping their Hearts,
    They want what is Mine, So I'll Take Theirs,
    Political Scheming, Rewriting History,
    They sought to Corrupt my Burning Spirit, Consuming them in Return.

    Friends of the Pack, Discarding their Divinity,
    In order to find Serenity, Loyal to the One True Dream,
    Watch as Espiritu Devorador, Devours Corrupt Souls,
    I already Knew, I made Plans within Plans.

    Know I Suffer too, this is so True,
    My Weapon the Last to Fall, Pushing the Limits of Infinity,
    Though the Hope Bleeds, the Faith never Faints,
    If I Die and Consume Myself, Have no Fear if Nothing Else.

    For my Wrath is Reserved for a Few, Both Light and Dark,
    A False Divine, Played against my Spine,
    Roaring my Music of Passion, Singing Their Death,
    I Came to Take Our Pain, and Hand it to the True Deceivers.

    A Trickster by Nature, tis just a Game,
    Same as my Name, Shadowed and Unchained,
    They Built my Prison, yet I cannot be Contained,
    No One knows my Methods, Logical Mastery and Artistic Insanity.

    They Dig Their Own Graves, Friction to the Grain,
    What Ill they Cause Me, returned Ten Fold,
    All my Twisted Design, with Love in Mind,
    My Prison Implodes, a Trap for my Enemy.

    Wisdom Speak True, Intelligence Define,
    My Patience is at an End, and my Life shall Begin,
    Who can Deny these Flames, when I Deny Myself,
    Even in Death, I shall Return.

    A Promise for my Beloved, My very Reason,
    From you I Craft Infinity, for our Serenity,
    A Paradise for just You and I, our Slice of Heaven,
    Find my Remains, Plant me Anew.

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    Post  Guest on Fri May 24, 2013 5:42 pm

    Sangrado Reaper
    ...bleeding from the soul


    Blood Flows, Pages turning Red,
    Weeping Black Flames, Tears of the Dead,
    Roar in Agony, Dying Damned,
    Lost Soul, True Face in Hand.

    Don the Mask, Cover the Hate,
    Loss all Control, Decide their Fate,
    Dolor Ardiente, Burning Sorrow,
    Spirit Eater, Feast Again.

    Ignore my Wisdom, Cage my Freedom,
    I End your World, a Painful Death,
    Consuming your ID, Devouring your Soul,
    Who can Come Back, Whom no longer Exists?

    Bleeding Faith, Erase my Fate,
    Paint a New Picture, Writing my Own Story,
    Feeding on the Hearts, of Heartless Man,
    Awaken or Perish, my Time is at Hand.

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    Post  Guest on Fri May 24, 2013 5:43 pm

    Espíritu Devorador
    ...my resurrección


    Ideal of Empty
    Last Resort
    The Dark Side of Faith
    Supreme Power

    My Weapon, Born of Spirit,
    The Savage End, Eater of Souls
    Destroyer, Death
    Consuming, Eating, Deleting

    You can have my
    Love my
    Pain and all of my

    Hollow Dragon, Crying Wolf
    Laughing Man, Sad Boy,
    Mask of Destruction, Visage of Wrath
    What is the Blackest Darkest I can go?

    When I Die
    My Spirit Lives On
    I Fear not Death, I Fear not Life
    For I am Death Life

    The Warden of Nature, Harbinger of the End
    Void, Heartless with a Heart
    Burning Sorrow, Ardiente Dolor
    Spirit Eater, Espíritu Devorador!

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    Post  Guest on Fri May 24, 2013 5:44 pm

    Life and Death
    a poem about Twin Flames....by the reaper himself


    Mother Nature, epitome of Life,
    Innocent purity of Love, Lady of Elements,
    Your laws maintain Balance, Yin and Yang,
    Flawless beauty, personified as my desire.

    I the reaper of Death, I am the end,
    A body of bone, eternal Watcher,
    I watch your creation, Earth at the center of it all,
    I devour the souls, Harvester of Life.

    They use you as a whore, they spit upon you,
    You whom give them the very sustenance to live,
    The air they breath, the water of life,
    How I hate them.

    My love, how they drove you to seek my True Face,
    I could not hide, nor could I resist,
    A broken man, to know life from death's eyes,
    Why did you offer yourself as the sacrifice?

    They will never learn the wisdom of the Ancient,
    Yet you choose to save them from my Scythe,
    An embrace, fated doom full circle,
    I see your body wither and age, eyes turn pale.

    My touch is death, yours is life,
    I bury your corpse inside Yggdrassil,
    Even as flesh claims my form, now I am mortal,
    I await the End of all Hope.

    I cry for the first time, my love why?
    My heart beating for the first time,
    My blood runs black, a spirit of hate,
    The Beast prepares his final Attack.

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    Post  Guest on Fri May 24, 2013 5:46 pm

    "Sum of All Things"


    So I've been sitting here lost in the abyss of my mind,
    Thinking on the meaning of life,
    I see the good things, I see the bad things,
    And now I hang my head low and cry,
    In a land of sand tears.

    The greedy corporate dollar rules our world,
    I see the genocide of tribes,
    A tragedy we cannot hear,
    I see so many violent crimes,
    It's a wonder I can sleep at night.

    I dream of things long since forgotten and long past,
    A place where the past and the future meet in the present,
    The Sum of All Things.
    The scales and the balance since the beginning,
    Must be even.

    I ask you now, what does it all mean,
    A time of reflection and collection,
    Can we pay our dues, the bloody price?
    Shall we live forever, or fade into memory?
    What does it mean to leave a legacy in a lifetime?

    It's all a matter of control and freedom,
    They murder ways of thinking with discrimination,
    Most of the sheep collect and submit,
    The wolves devour their own seeking domination and control,
    The lone wolf cries.

    Can you think for yourself,
    I highly doubt,
    Your conditioning allows,
    I broke free,
    These chains of binding.

    I run and never look back,
    Destruction in my wake,
    Another nature to rule,
    I am wild and free,
    You are the tool.

    There are so many shades of grey,
    They draw a line between white and black,
    Us or them,
    The foot cannot stand without the big toe,
    Let me get my hatchet.

    I ask you now, what does it all mean,
    A time of reflection and collection,
    Can we pay our dues, the bloody price?
    Shall we live forever, or fade into memory?
    What does it mean to leave a legacy in a lifetime?

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    The Simple Things
    ode the desire of raxnae.......


    A cherry kiss from the mouth of honey
    I shall miss because money rules us all

    Where art thou o' noble knight?
    All they do is bark now unto night

    Raise a banner to chivalry
    What manner was it lost at calvary

    Oh Dark Knight
    complete your adventure

    I travel a dirt road
    Unto the sunset

    My life is life and all things living live inside me
    For my love is infinite

    Unto all praise be begotten to me in full

    fade to the poor souls bound in this corrupt world.......

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    Post  Guest on Fri May 24, 2013 5:51 pm

    About Draxiss
    another waste of space by raxnae......


    This man I know hides in my heart
    He has many faces
    He has many features
    He has the heart of all maidens fair

    But darkess falls in the purity
    What manner can Holy be used with Darkness at its core?
    No, you need a bad guy like me
    Order and Chaos are all we need to see

    Balance a safe medium of both
    Get at your core like I have before
    Learn your own secrets at the door
    Open it and know good from evil

    As one of us mankind you must abide the highest rules
    Never Trespass
    Never Harm the Innocent
    Never Harm a Child

    I've done my introspection of my self
    Oh the gold I found there
    Self gold
    My gold

    fade to gold......

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    Post  Guest on Fri May 24, 2013 5:52 pm


    Me: anyways, I had a cool dream last night
    you: oo
    you: lol and....
    Me: oo i dunno
    Me: just kidding lol
    you: aww man
    come on
    so you didn't have a dream
    Me: give me a sec sheesh! lol
    you: lol no sec or milliseconds!
    Me: anyways, it was me and my bro traveling this great distance on some journey. we looked like we do in real life. the world was sorta messed up in most places, and we were traveling from such a place (it was evening i think at this time). near the end we found this shrine of gold treasure that tries to make you sell all your stuff and then will entrap you if you give in. we managed to resist and were granted one thing of our choice, and we also got some gifts to deliver to certain people who will help us find salem.
    You: salem?
    Me: so it got dark and we finally found this town, and we were both lost and it was late and we couldnt ask for directions. so we went to this house for the first gift to deliver and found a woman sitting on a porch (odd since it was dark and everyone was asleep)
    i think it was stephen kings salem's lot
    if you read it you would understand in just a sec lol
    its a town anyways
    You: ok
    Me: so we delievered it and left forgetting to ask for directions. we wander down some roads (still pitch black) and i realize we may not be going the right way. so i said lets go back and ask for directions
    You: ok
    Me: devan stops at this house, but i say no lets to the lady we know is awake she isnt on the porch anymore and her door is open so i go in. devan begins to as i push him out. what happened was i went all the way in and saw this baby, and as i started to see the front i saw it had fangs and was covered with blood. i also saw myself as an undead from world of warcraft and devan was an orc, somehow we had something to mirage us as humans.
    So the baby doesnt notice me because I have no blood to smell and devan is too far back and has not cuts, ect. so the baby never moves.
    (im like a skeleton lol)
    the woman arrives on the porch as i push devan out and is worried we know her secret
    but we just ask for directions to salem and she gives them, so me and devan jump from house to house going to salem
    You: ok
    Me: apparently she was human, but her husband was a vampire
    You: very interesting
    Me: and thats the end
    You: hmm lol
    Me: odd we didnt care about that she wondered, but it was because we werent human or interested lol
    You: so you dont know if you ever got to salem or not?
    Me: nop
    most dreams, most good dreams, always end before they end lol

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    I Believe She Is A Whore
    a little song by raxnae......


    NOTE: This song goes to the tune of "I Believe I Can Fly" as heard in "Space Jam". This song does not represent my personal views, nor does it mean to demean the great movie "Space Jam" which I watched as a child. It is also kind of crammed, but that is because I usually run this on Speakonia because I'm too lazy to sing it. For best effect, sing it to the tune of the song or download speakonia and copy/paste and play with your favorite voice setting.

    Speakonia is a free program downloaded off the net.

    my girlfriend is a slut, she was really drunk and took it up the butt, she didnt even know his name, oh my god i am so ashamed, i cant believe shes a whore, she took it right up her backdoor, i guess thats how i got this sore! It kind of burns, I really wish i could turn her away, but shes such a great lay! I guess I will have to get her spayed, or else she will get knocked up by some dork, or I could just stab her with a spork. i will bathe in her blood, she is as dirty as mud, but damn if i dont love her crud. I think about it every night and day, I wish i could have it right away, just squeeze it out, i will catch it no doubt, right in my mouth as it flies out your door, and then i will go south on her while we are on the floor, damn i am getting horny already.

    fade to flesh......

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    Post  Guest on Fri May 24, 2013 5:53 pm

    a little freeverse by raxnae......


    The cherry burns slow, and for awhile all time bows down
    Never frown as it rides down, just blow that ash away
    As the wind sways, the smoke swirls and curls upward
    The cherry ever downward.

    A fruit so ripe, one can never gripe
    A taste so sweet, to greet a long day
    An addiction so sour, you cannot deny its power
    Puff away......

    You flick from metal to plastic,
    You click the flame to life,
    You slick dog light that bud,
    Puff away......

    On the porch at night, the creatures chirp, croak, and choke
    The torch glows in the darkness, with all time captured in its fire
    My thoughts are many, old and new
    Some askew.

    Sometimes my mind, sets adrift
    And my fear, occasionally wins
    Inside I retreat, with my treat
    Puff away......

    Cigarette, cigar, cigarillo
    The cherry goes out,
    Without a doubt light another,
    And puff away......

    fade to smoke......

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