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    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega


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    The Tridecagonal Twin Tetractys of Thuban
    An Alphanumerical Dragon Matrix for a Starhuman World in JCCJ=13+13=26

    26x9  = 234 = 13x18
    26x18 = 468 = 13x36

    0.1 2 3...13|14...24 25 26|27 28...35 36Modulus 36n=26k+r
    1.A0B0C0...M0|N0...X0Y0Z0|A1B1...I1J136 = 26 + 10J1
    2.T2S2R2...H2|G2...W1V1U1|T1S1...L1K172 = 52 + 20T2
    3.U2V2W2...G3|H3...R3S3T3|U3V3...C4D4108 = 104 + 4D4
    4.N5M5L5...B5|A5...Q4P4O4|N4M4...F4E4144 = 130 + 14N5
    5.O5P5Q5...A6|B6...L6M6N6|O6P6...W6X6180 = 156 + 24X6
    6.H8G8F8...V7|U7...K7J7I7|H7G7...Z6Y6216 = 208 + 8H8
    I8J8K8...U8|V8...F9G9H9|I9J9...Q9R9252 = 234 + 18R9
    8.B11A11Z10...P10|O10...E10D10C10|B10A10...T9S9288 = 286 + 2B11
    9.C11D11E11...O11|P11...Z11A12B12|C12D12...K12L12324 = 312 + 12L12
    10.V13U13T13...J13|I13...Y12X12W12|V12U12...N12M12360 = 338 + 22V13
    11.W13X13Y13...I14|J14...T14U14V14|W14X14...E15F15396 = 390 + 6F15
    12.P16O16N16...D16|C16...U15T15S15|R15Q15...H15G15432 = 416 + 16P16
    13.Q16R16S16...C17|D17...N17O17P17|Q17R17...Y17Z17468 = 468 + 0
    14.J1=19I1=19H1=19............In Reflection......C0=18B0=18A0=1813 Rows reflected

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 7033  The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 7031

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 7028

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 7029

    WORLD BANK MONEY {A DEVIL LAW} WALL STREET MONEY = 432+36 = 234+234 = 468

    13x36 = 36+12x36 = 36+6x72 = 36+3x144 = 36+432 = LAW + 432 = 468 = 234+234


    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 7030

    Shiloh Za-Rah, October 12th, 2014

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    The Wes Penre Papers
    (A Journey Through the Multiverse)
    The Third Level of Learning
    [http://wespenre.com ]

    The Third Level of Learning Paper #5: The Alpha Draconians and the Creation of the Starhuman by Wes Penre, Wednesday, March 6, 2013 (http://wespenre.com )


    Table of Contents:

    I. Alpha Draconians -- Dragons from the VOID

    II. Understanding the Basics of Alpha Draconian Cosmology and the Draconian Star Race
    ii.i. Dimensions of the VOID and the 4% Universe
    ii.ii. Bigmo's Balloon

    III. Humanity as One Big, Universal Family
    iii.i.The WingMakers Interview from a New Angle
    iii.ii. Ascension Equals Descension

    IV.The Archetypes

    V. Gaia as the Center of the Galaxy
    v.i. Gaia's Sink Hole Vortex and the "Alien Agenda" Explained

    VI. Birth of the Starhuman

    VII. The Harvesting of Souls and the Dragonized 5D Starhuman Template
    vii.i. What is the Procedure?
    vii.ii. The Dragons are Here !

    VIII. Draconian Law and Constitution of the Future Serpentina/Earth

    I. Alpha Draconians -- Dragons from the VOID

    She calls herself Abraxas, but as an Alpha Draconian she goes under many names. Her perhaps most prominent name is Sirebird Beardris, and she is one of the Founding Elders of the Council of Thuban, residing in the 12th Dimension.

    I found her on a forum called The Birth of Gaia, http://birthofgaia.heavenforum.org , and she uses a gravatar of a young, attractive woman. In reality she is a "walk-in"[def ], which means she is a non-physical ET, whom as a soul is "possessing" a body where an original soul already dwells. It is like a soul came into your body and shared it with you and you kept yourself in the background. She emphasizes that she didn't just "walk in", but that it was an agreement between her and the original soul. Walk-ins are not uncommon these days when people are evolving, she says, and exactly what she means by that will be clear later on in this paper. She goes as far as to say that you and I are walk-ins as well, otherwise we wouldn't have any interest in this material. A walk-in can also be seen as a higher aspect of self. The reason she is here is to inform humanity of what is going on right now in regards to ascension and the so-called "Harvest".

    The human with whom she shares the body is John Shadow, a 53 year old handicapped man, born in Queensland, Australia, on June 4, 1957. John has a similar disease as that of the scientist, Stephen Hawking, but in Shadows' case, it's concentrated only to the legs, and he needs two canes to be able to move around. Abraxas, however, looks at herself as a female and addresses herself like such. She also says she's the Thuban Council's Ambassador to Earth, where Thuban is the name of the star, Alpha Draconis.

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Abraxas022113-jpg

    Figure 1. Abraxas, as she depicts herself on the forum.

    The Thuban Council, which is directing her message to mankind, are not 3D beings, but of the 12th Dimension, which is within the KHAA (also called the 96%, or the VOID). Abraxas is actually telling us that she is from the VOID, and that the 12th Dimension is not in the physical universe.

    Abraxas uses a type of data streaming when she is transforming her message, just like A'shayana Deane does when she is communicating with the Guardian Alliance, and the Thuban message can sometimes be just as complicated and esoteric as that of Ms. Deane. However, Abraxas is not reluctant to answer questions when asked, and sometimes the questions are of high quality, and that makes her going. Some new and quite shocking material is being revealed.
    But why is she here? What does the Council of Thuban want? Because the Alpha Draconians are super-bad, aren't they? If someone would eat you alive, it would be them, right?

    Not according to Abraxas. She admits, though, that there are Dracos in lower densities who are more like savages in that respect, but she is the messenger of a very highly respected Royal Dragon Council. And of course, as usual they are us in the future! Abraxas says we have a lot of Draconian DNA in our body and that our reptilian brain comes from them. The reason they are here, preparing for the Harvest, is because we called for them, our future selves, due to that "it's time". The Thubans also believe that they are here to assist James of the WingMakers, whom they in most part support. And just like James Mahu Nahi and Hidden Hand, Abraxas has no intention to go public except on a few forums. She is of the conviction that those who need to find the information will find it.

    Just like RA, the Cassiopaeans, and others, the Thubans are coming only because of the Harvest. And just like them, they are riding on the Superwave. But there is a difference; the Alpha Draconians say they are in charge of the Harvest. They are the Highest Order, and the ones who will see to that the Harvest happens. She also says quite a lot about us, and for one, we are of Dragon blood and Dragon seed, and therefore we should come to them, and them alone. And fear not; the Dracos are benevolent (so she says).

    I believe there is the equivalent to a few hundred pages long thread where the Birth of Gaia members interact with Abraxas online. I started reading it some time ago, and when you see through the esoteric language she uses, you mainly see similar information that you see when studying channeled sources; albeit, she goes a whole lot deeper. Otherwise, it's the same love & light, STO/STS, density teachings, and ascension in form of a Harvest. However, towards the end, when Abraxas gets into a dispute with a few of the forum members, it's getting extremely interesting. Suddenly, she lets her guard down and tells these people exactly what the Harvest is all about and why they are really here! Suddenly, the whole subject on the Harvest makes all the sense in the world!

    So I decided to write this paper to reveal the same thing to you that was revealed to me, but without much of the complicated linguistics. Her message is often delivered in quite an esoteric language, and hopefully I can make the whole subject more coherent and easier to read than on the forum. Albeit, the forum is there for those who want to read it all, but it often requires all of your attention to grasp what she's saying. Here is the URL: http://birthofgaia.heavenforum.org/t116-abraxas-thuban-qa . The thread on the Birth of Gaia Forum started on October 17, 2010. Enjoy!

    II. Understanding the Basics of Alpha Draconian Cosmology and the Draconian Star Race

    Abraxas starts with giving us a short introduction of the Council of Thuban, but goes more into details later on. She says they are not well known by any beings dwelling in the lower dimensions, but have been mentioned by the Andromedans, and their messenger, Alex Collier.
    When we look at what Alex Collier says about the Alpha Draconians, it is that they are probably the most misunderstood of all star races. He says he has witnessed a deep respect for this race, generated out of admiration and fear. He further says that the Draconians are probably the oldest race in our universe, and they don't even know how they came here.[1 ] The Council of 11 (or just 11 for short), which is the Andromedan Council according to Collier, say that the Draconians were here first and are therefore the heirs to this universe and are as such all royalty! Furthermore, they say that the Dracos have conquered big parts of the universe and altered the DNA in species they have encountered on their conquest.

    Apparently, the Thubans have told the Andromedans that the most densely populated area of sub-races of Draconians is the Constellation of Orion, Rigel, and the star system known as Capella. The Thuban thinks that fear rules and love is weak, and the weak are meant to be slaves. Therefore, they don't exactly bring peace where they show up. They use technology for control and domination and they brainwash their young to be suspicious against other star races, including humans. Abraxas refers to Collier's paper, but neither confirms, nor disputes the information therein.
    So this is the story the Andromedans are telling us about the Draconians. Thuban is one of the star systems the Sirians have conquered, so then the Draconians are pretty much in alliance with, or maybe even slaves to the Sirians, right? Not according to Abraxas. She is talking about archetypes ruling the universe, where the Prime Creator is on top, and the Alpha Draconians, or the Thubans, of the 12th Dimension is an Archetype of the 1st Oder, while both the Sirians and the whole Alliance are Archetypes of the 3rd Order (we will go much deeper into archetypes later in this paper). It means that these Thubans are way higher up on the interdimensional scale than the Sirians, or at least so they claim. However, they are promoting the 3rd Order Archetype as being the controller of this 4D reality. This shows clearly in the thread, where Abraxas promotes the Second Coming of Jesus, whom is none less than Jesus/Lucifer/ENKI. But isn't Lucifer Jesus' adversary? No, according to the Thubans, Lucifer is Jesus' mirror, which means that when Jesus was battling Lucifer or Satan in the Bible, he was simply battling his own dark sides; the ones inside himself.

    Now, don't think for a moment that this paper will be a repetition of the previous ones about the Harvest and the Superwave. Although I'd gotten used to all that, this Thuban thread came as a shocker. All the following information needs to be known!

    At the top of the Thuban Council sit the 24 Elders, who are the Thuban Dragons, receiving their authority from the 4 Beasts, and through them from the Prime Creator, or God. To be more precise, the Council consists of 12 androgynous archetypes that are mirroring the 12 existing dimensions and are therefore fulfilling the role of mirroring all the dimensions, from the 1st to the 12th. It is my understanding that in Thuban cosmology everything is mirroring itself, and this mirroring continues on an upward gradient scale, up through the dimensions. I am mirroring myself as well, by also being my opposite, and the same goes for you. That's us here in 3D. According to Draconian cosmological model, each Elder can be each dimension and at the same time mirroring them. So 12 Elders in this sense become 24 Elders, as each Elder Dragon is doubled. This may sound incredibly esoteric, but is basically nothing new; I believe I've seen this is old gnostic writings as well.

    When asked if this star race are real dragons, and look like dragons, their answer is confirmative. However, how does a dragon look like? Well, when we humans found the first bones of the horrifying "lizards" in form of the prehistoric Iguanodon, our imagination started working for us, and thus we created an archetype of Dragons here on Earth. Then, as time went by, we more and more changed our perspective of how dragons look like, from fire-breathing flying dinosaurs to more T-Rex and alligator-like creatures. But before that, in medieval Europe, the "correct" picture of Dragons replaced the old ones. Here they were two-legged human-looking serpentine creatures -- the correct archetype of the Serpent, which did not glide sideways, but like a sinusoidal waveform, which is up and down like the picture in an oscilloscope. This is how the Dragons apparently move in the VOID.

    The Thubans distinguish between the Sky Blue or Cyan colored Dragon and the Red Dragon. The former is the Master Dragon and the latter is in prophecy called the "Devil", and is so neutralized (discharged) in the Entwined Serpent or Double-Dragon of the White Lucifer with the Black Lucifer. But as long as we are reading this paper, we need to keep in mind who this group of entities, declaring themselves as being next under the Prime Creator, are. They say they are both our ancestors and our descendent, like so many others. The thing is that if we look at this in perspective, there is a chance that each of these channeled sources who say they are us in the past and in the future could potentially tell us the truth. We have the Grays, we have the Pleiadians, the Cassiopaeans, and many more...They all fit into this agenda, as we shall see.

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 21481
    Figure 2. "The Blue Master Dragon", here moving through the VOID in a sinusoidal waveform.

    The Thubans say that in the beginning of the universe was the Dragon. The Dragon as consciousness eventually descended into matter (3D) and became humans. Then, seen from a perspective of simultaneous time, we are now going to ascend again, after have learned the lessons we need to learn in 3D, and we will become what they call Starhumans. A Starhuman is Old Human (homo sapiens sapiens) + Dragon. So in reality, we are ascending, while they are descending down to meet us; they, who are us in the future. This is what they call the Harvest. The new human, after the Harvest, is the Dragonized Starhuman.

    ii.i. Dimensions of the VOID and the 4% Universe

    Abraxas agrees that one of the most misunderstood concepts in metaphysics is that of dimensions and densities. Without going into too many details about the Alpha Draconian version, we still need to touch on it to have the rest make sense. It's not differing too much from what we have already talked about earlier, however. The Thubans prefer to use the term dimension, I've noticed.
    We already know that according to the Thubans, there exist 12 dimensions all together. This also coincides with the RA Material and others, who embrace 8 densities (or dimensions), and I will explain why that is. The Draconians do not endorse A'shayana Deane and her Guardian Alliance's 15 dimensions, however.
    They say that any ET race we can ever think of exists in the 8th Dimension or under. We humans basically exists in 4 of them, where the 4th Dimension is the astral. So in other words, the ascension is not from 3D to 4D, but from 4D to 5D, unless we speak of densities. In that case it would be from 3D to 4D. The RA collective were talking about octaves. In the RA concept, when we'll reach the 8th Density, it starts all over in a new, higher octave of 8 densities. According to the Dragons, this is basically correct, because like I said, no star race can go higher than the 8th Dimension, because the rest, from 9-12, are the "Angelic Dimensions", if we want to call it that, and exist in the VOID, outside our universe.
    When we talk about dimensions here on Earth, we are still only talking about the astral, they say, which is limited to 4 Dimensions. 5D is the last dimension of embodiment. To reach the 6th Dimension, we need to get in contact with what they call the "superconsciousness", which requires transcension of the subconscious; something that is not possible if we inhabit a physical body, they say. Not even in Near Death Experiences or Out of Body Experiences can we reach the 6th Dimension.

    If we compare this with what I wrote about in Level II, it corresponds pretty well with the distinction between the 96% universe and the 4%. Dimensions 9-12 in the Thubanese model are the VOID (96%), and dimensions 1-8 are the 4% where we are programmed to dwell. As we can see, there are non-physicals even in the 4% universe. And I agree with the Dragons when it comes to entering the VOID; we totally must connect our different "minds" with each other. Some can be done already now, while the rest has to be done in the non-physical. This starts in Dimension 6, according to this material, and expands up through Dimension 8, when we finally can see the universe for what it is.
    James of the WingMakers said in the Project Camelot Interview in 2008 that ANU of the Anunnaki and his people created what I call the 4% universe, ready with its own dimensions and everything. He called it a "cloned universe" (more as a metaphor, when indeed he described the 4% universe), and those who are stuck in it believe that this is the only universe there is. So, what it certainly looks like is that even the channeled sources, who are us in the future, but of a higher density or dimension than we earth humans, are still stuck within the 8 dimensions of the 4% universe. They say that once they reach the 8th dimension/density, they become One with the Creator and start operating in a new octave, which starts on a higher level than the one they just completed. Therefore, they are waiting for us humans to catch up in order to reach the next octave. At the same token, they have no idea what the next octave is, and how life will be there.
    Every 26,000 years, when the solar system has completed an orbit around the zodiac, the Thubans, who say they live "outside" the 4% universe[2 ], descend at that time and help a few "ripe" humans ascend into the VOID, where they are assigned a mission, which we shall talk about in the next paper. Moreover, they tell us that they are us in the future, trying to collect us all one day, so we can unite with our future self.

    There are different ways for a human here on Earth to receive messages from star beings; channeling is just one way. The Cassiopaeans, as we learned, are communicating via an Ouija Board, but there are more ways, such as "data streaming", which I mentioned in the beginning. A'shayana Deane and Abraxas of the Alpha Draconians have that thing in common -- they are data streaming their information, which is different from channeling. In channeling, there are beings there, communicating to the audience through a human "vehicle", in real time. In data streaming, the vehicle is receiving the message in "packages", almost like computer zip files, containing all the information the vehicle needs to answer the question, and sometimes more. No trance state is needed; you ask the question, a download happens, and the vehicle receives the answer from the star race. Normally, the messenger who receives the "zip file" is a member of the star race which is sending them, so it's not like the receiver is uninformed of the information.
    What people who are data streaming seem to have in common is that the messages come from outside the physical universe! Therefore, the information is considered extra valuable and "advanced". In other words, the messages come from the VOID, the 96% Goddess Universe, somewhere between Dimensions 9-12. James of the WingMakers said that as long as someone is communicating in words or even thoughts, no matter the language, the message comes from within the cloned universe. This is true, he says, in spite of if the messengers are non-physicals from higher dimensions or not. Data streaming, however, doesn't consist of words, but a package of information that is instant and manifest as "knowledge" in the receiver's brain. Therefore, data streaming is considered the highest form of "channeling". For data streaming to take place, there must be an opening between the VOID and the 4% universe, or the communication channel is closed. It's almost like a stargate opening between the two, or a black hole, but still something different. Abraxas calls it "Bigmo's Balloon". This was actually a concept which was coined during a forum session when Abraxas discussed this matter with someone on the forum with the profile name "Bigmo". Abraxas used the allegory of a balloon to describe the difference between the 4% universe and the VOID; thus "Bigmo's balloon". And here is how it works.

    ii.ii. Bigmo's Balloon

    Abraxas explains that normally the difference between space/time/time/space and the VOID (which does not include time and space) is closed. Sometimes there is a little opening between the two, and that's when communicating (in form of data streaming) can happen. Those in the VOID (Dimensions 9-12) are living in the Goddess Universe and are supposedly all-knowing and can potentially answer any questions someone in space/time or time/space may have. According to the Thubans, we all have a "mirror" in the VOID, which is our adversary, just as well as here we are the adversary to ourselves in the VOID. Thus the concepts of Satan and God, where Satan is God's adversary, and the two "live" in the VOID and the 4% universe, respectively.
    This can be exemplified by a balloon that has been filled. The balloon is egg-shaped, just like the universe (or the Multiverse in LPG-C's Working Model, where they called it the UNUM), and has an outside and an inside. The inside is of course the 4% universe with its 8 dimensions, while the outside is the Goddess Universe (the VOID, the KHAA, the 96%), with its 4 dimensions. The Thubans are our mirrors, waiting on the inside for us to become one big collective and join them -- at least this is the ultimate "Masterplan".
    There are small periods of time when "stargates", in lack of a better word, open between the VOID and the universe of space and time, when we humans can ascend and be harvested before the gates close again and we have to wait another whole cycle (26,000 years), or a semi-cycle, before we can ascend again. This is not because we are going from 4D directly into the VOID, but because the Thubans need to descend from the VOID to the 4% universe every time we are ascending from one dimension to the next. The Gnostics used a great picture to explain the difference between the VOID and the 4%, which we can see below in fig. 3.
    The term "Bigmo's Balloon" has now allegedly been incorporated in the Thuban nomenclature.

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Time-space110710-jpg
    Figure 3. This old Gnostic painting can be viewed as an example of a being who is looking through a "stargate" between the 4% universe where he lives, and into the outside of "Bigmo's Balloon".

    III. Humanity as One Big, Universal Family

    Abraxas is telling the Forum members that in the 4% universe there are only humans! No other species exist here except humans! I want the reader to ponder this for a moment before you go on to the next paragraph.
    Now, who else has been telling us the same thing in the past? That's right! James of the WingMakers said the exact same thing in his 2008 interview with Project Camelot (for you who need a link to that interview once again, here it is: http://wingmakers.com/downloads/Interview_James_PC.pdf ).

    He said that the human template was used here on Earth first, and highly developed spirits from higher dimensions (read the VOID) were manipulated into entering these biological, human bodies. These bodies could do a lot of fun things, like having sex, playing around, touching things, smelling things, going on adventures -- you name it! And ANU and his people asked the highly evolved spirits if they wanted to try this, and they did. Then, after these spirits had experienced this holographic universe that was built into these bodies and wanted to get out, ANU said, "Oops, we forgot to tell you something. There is no way to get out!" And these spirits of the VOID have been trapped in human bodies ever since.

    So if we are to believe James, the whole 4% universe exists only within our bodies and does not exist outside of them. Our bodies, in other words, are huge holograms which contain everything we know as being a universe. The Thubans and the WingMakers therefore live outside of these bodies and data stream their information from there. The movie "The Matrix" certainly comes to mind, where human bodies where hooked up to machines showing a hologram of the universe, and these hooked up, spirited bodies, experienced the holographic universe from their seats, so to speak.

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    iii.i. The WingMakers Interview from a New Angle

    To continue the WingMakers story (and I really think we need to review it again, now from a new angle); ANU wanted to become the God of the universe. And he wasn't talking about a 4% universe, but the whole universe, and thus entrap all souls there are -- in the 4% universe as well as the 96%, which is exactly what I've been saying, too. James says the entrapment happened during the Atlantean times, and I agree with that, because different researchers have different concepts of when the Atlantean time started. What he is basically talking about is when ENKI, the master scientist trained directly under the Queen of the Stars, on a mission from his stepfather, ANU, after he'd rebelled in Orion, went to Earth to create Homo sapiens as a slave race to the gods. Like James says, the earlier humans were highly evolved (androgynous) humans who were not stuck in their bodies and had total recall of whom they were.

    We then know the story how ENKI, together with his brilliant co-engineers, created Homo sapiens from the existing apes and the human race I call the Namlú'u. These new bodies were not of the same kind the Namlú'u (Lús) had, which were divine and created directly by Mother Goddess and her own scientists at that time (the Thubans say it was them). So, Homo sapiens became a watered-down version of the magnificent Lús, but still divine in their making, because they still had Lú and Orion DNA, but were degraded with Sirian genetics.

    What ENKI did was to add a Human Mind System (HMS) to the bodies he genetically engineered in secret, successfully withholding this from the Namlú'u, who were living side by side with the Fallen Angels from Sirius. His and ANU's idea was to trap the human multidimensional souls into the new bodies, so they could enslave these highly evolved spirits from Orion, who had the Fire of the Mother Goddess.
    These new bodies also contained something that was very unique for them -- a rich range of emotions! The new Human Mind System had this, plus a higher dimensional body attached to it, based on the physical body. This higher body separated itself from the physical body when the physical body died, and thus carried on.

    Some call this higher dimensional body the "soul", while others call it the astral body, but in reality it's just a lesser dense body for the real soul to operate within. The truth is, according to James, that even this higher-dimensional light-body is part of the HMS, and therefore within the trap system. Thus, it has been subjected to most of the programming ENKI and his cohorts put into these bodies. These new vessels were then programmed to be run by a soul (which is basically a cluster of Fires), who were manipulated into attaching themselves to the physical body and the higher-D body.
    Some of the most potent programs in the Homo sapiens bodies were "fear of death"; "fear of separation", and fear of "non-existence". Another powerful program was amnesia; the soul had now hardly any memories from previous lives. It was easy for ENKI and the Sirians, ruled by ANU and ENLIL, to place themselves as the one and only God in the minds of the new humans. They did so by creating a composite God, whom we know as YHWH, Jehovah, and a number of other different names. This composite God manifested himself, or spoke to humans in the non-physical, through at least three individuals, portraying themselves as one; ANU, ENKI, and ENLIL.

    Then, to be able to meet God and be redeemed, it didn't matter which religion you subscribed to and whom you called God, because the underlying programming was the same; you had to meet the requirements of the earthly conditions and could then either live in Paradise with God for all eternity, or be your own spiritual teacher of the light.
    It is also embedded into the human mind that you need a savior or a teacher to be able to ascend, and even to achieve happiness in the physical world. The program is so powerful that even when you feel you have achieved self-realization, you are still trapped in this human mind system. This is why the PTB, or the metaphysical beings who run them, often don't care if people are trying to evolve. ENKI and ANU knew that mankind would evolve over time, so they made it extremely hard to be able to evolve out of the Human Mind System! James mentions that saviors can come in many shapes and forms; as a Messiah, a wrathful God, prophecy, or extraterrestrials who say they are able to help you evolve and intercede on humanity's behalf, to name a few important and common ones (especially keep the last one in mind when you read the rest of this, and the following paper, or papers). And James says, word for word in this interview:
    "Each of us is our own and only savior, our only master who can truly cause us to stand-up within ourselves and shut down the suppression systems and awaken to their Sovereign Integral consciousness."

    I couldn't agree more, and this is what I have always said. This is important to understand when we continue reading, because this powerful statement will be challenged by the Thubans. And ponder this: the main reason the Overlords want to keep us separated and not in groups is because separated individuals who don't have the power of the group mind can be more easily controlled. Therefore, groups who are becoming powerful are therefore infiltrated.
    Polarity is also a part of the Human Mind System that ENKI created, and it is based on fear, originating from the solar plexus area. Polarity includes friction between the different polarities, so that fear and domination will always exist. If there is polarity where you exist, you are a part of this giant Human Mind System program which is the Sirian trap.

    James says it is true that the Sirians (whom he calls the Anunnaki) came here to participate in the human experience in the realm of matter to exploit its resources, but they also wanted to entrap those powerful, free-thinking beings who lived on this beautiful planet, and they wanted to make them not only into slaves, but willing slaves (and God knows they have succeeded!). But because human souls evolve naturally, it would eventually become a problem if no intervention was done over time. Therefore, the Overlords decided that when people came close to breaking through the HMS prison walls, more genetic manipulation needed to be done on them. This is one reason why there are so many alien abductions these days, I would say, because people are getting pretty close to seeing through the trap. Now the Sirian genetic engineers are busy, busy, to keep up with the "upgrade" of the human template (which in fact works for us like a "downgrade"). The true state of the human soul (the soul as a Fire and a Feminine Divine) was not realized by anybody until quite recently, and has been even more expanded upon since James was in this interview in 2008, in parts by myself.

    Over and over I come back to this single interview with James from -08, because I think much of it is very potent and powerful information that should be taken seriously. There are other aspects of the WingMakers Material I am less thrilled with, and also so with small parts of the Camelot Interview, but at the most part, it is spot on if I compare it with my own research so far. Listen to this, for example:
    "Yes, the densities are shifting, but these are artifacts of the Human Mind System (HMS). Even the belief that the near-infinite dimensions of the astral and mental planes are real is a comparison to the physical plane. I would suggest to you that what is in the purview of the human instrument, which includes the physical, emotional (astral) and mental densities or dimensions are all caught up in the HMS and suppression framework. It is not of the Sovereign Integral and it is therefore impermanent, existing in polarity, separation, and deception. In other words, it is a creation designed to conceal what you truly are."

    Here is the key to the channeled material, whether it is the RA Material, Elohim, or non-channeled material such as that given to us by the Thuban walk-ins. It's all part of the HMS and a distraction! Like I've been saying; people are waking up and the Overlords need to do something! However, they don't need to think very hard, because their solution has been planned for long in form of prophecy. In simple words, they are using prophecy against us so we divert from our path and start going towards the dead end of the HMS. This is hopefully becoming crystal clear with this and the few upcoming papers.

    So the human body, whether it is the physical body or the higher-D body, is the soul trap we're engaged in, and the PTB are our prison guards, although they themselves are part of the prison. It's truly like if the inmates are running the asylum. Within this body system exists the whole holographic universe, including all the higher dimensions which the channeled sources are talking about. Although a higher dimension may seem like infinite freedom compared to the prison we're sitting in here on Earth, the higher-D beings are still trapped, just like we are, because they still operate through their higher-D body and are thus being manipulated. This is how it works according to James, and overall I think that's a picture close enough.

    I definitely don't want to suggest that I am more knowledgeable than James, because over the whole spectrum of knowledge, he is much more aware than I am, but there are certain things I have researched very deeply, and one of these things is the concept of Fire/Soul. James is mentioning only one body that is higher dimensional compared to the physical body, and that this body as well is trapped within the HMS. I would say we have more than one higher-D body within the HMS, and one of them is the Soul/Fire, or what I call the "light-body" or the "avatar". This light-body consists of perhaps millions of small fires which all together form this light-body, or avatar, normally in a similar shape as the recent physical body. This avatar is the human soul, which means that the human soul does not operate within a higher-D body; it is the higher-D body. However, I agree with James that the avatar is certainly trapped within the HMS.
    However, we need to remember that even if the avatar is stuck in the HMS, it also has a direct link to the Oversoul, which James calls the Sovereign Integral. And it is our search for ourselves outside the trap that becomes our priority. James tells us that all we need to do is a simple breathing exercise called "The Quantum Pause " and we will connect. I think it's a wonderful exercise and believe it works, but there are more things I think need to be done.

    Sometimes, when we evolve, we break down a prison wall and suddenly we have more freedom than we had the minute before. However, there are other walls, and other walls, and other walls behind those, which all need to be broken down. And, according to James, so long as we depend on pictures, images, sounds, words, feelings, and thoughts to interpret our world, we are still inside the prison walls.
    I know that many people think that this sounds scary. How can you enjoy living without all the perceptions in the above paragraph? Is the VOID really the way to go? Yes, that's where our freedom lies, because we, as infinite Fires, are there free to create whatever we want, and what we create is manifesting instantly. Then, we can uncreate it just as quickly if we wish or get tired of it. And if we want to travel somewhere within our own creation, or the creation of somebody else, it's instant. There is no time in the VOID in the sense we know it. To reach the point of freedom from the imprisonment, we need to use nature as a catalyst, but also find the spirit within and work on making it remember. This will be the project of my book, following upon Level III. And just to make something clear, the way I see it: Ascension is not the answer to obtaining our freedom. We already have everything we need within ourselves. It's not ascension, but self-realization that we need.

    This, I believe, is very important to understand. We gain nothing from "ascending to the 5th or 6th Dimension", except the illusion of freedom, which in the long run will lead us further and further away from what we want to accomplish -- freedom from external manipulation. Number one is to realize we are controlled in every corner of life. Number two is to disagree with the manipulation, and number three is self-realization.
    There is more coming from James on the subject of ascension and channeling. How do we know that the pictures we have of ascension is not just information that has been implanted in us through our unconscious mind (which is dream state)? After all, we going to hear from the Dracos themselves that they consider it okay to give us unconscious information through dream state. So that validates what James is saying.
    Bill Ryan and Kerry-Lynn Cassidy of Project Camelot are asking James about channeled material in general, and James is saying that all of it is coming from the HMS and are just artificial, clever programs, created by the Anunnaki (Sirian scientists, using Orion technology [my comment]).
    "In more recent times channeling has become more automated, using pre-programmed scripts, voice tonalities, gestures, and accents which are implanted in the HMS of the individual channeler, and quite literally “broadcast” for later publication and dissemination among those who have a resonance to GSSC and seek enlightenment therein."


    "They discuss the heavens, God, angelic beings, extraterrestrial intelligences, the service orientation of ascended being, ascension process of soul, morality, practical living, alignment to God, life after death, and the complex teacher-student ordering of the universe. It is all designed to instill separation and satisfy the seeker that truth exists on the material plane, thus, they do not have to leave the prison to find it; they simply need to read or listen with their mind."

    If the above is true, the channeled material in my previous papers are merely Sirian preparations for the direct information through walk-ins like the Alpha Draconian Abraxas. This could very well be the case, and the most possible purposes for that will be discussed at the end of the Alpha Draconian Series.
    James' version of how the Lú souls (which are us according to the WingMakers' philosophy) got trapped in the bodies has been covered in a previous paper, but shortly, as a reminder, these free spirits were shown the new bodies and were asked to try them out. ANU and his team said that it would be a very fun experience, and there was a lot they could do which the current Lús couldn't, because they were androgynous. One such experience was to feel sexually aroused and be able to have sex and reproduce from having intercourse. The Lús, who were very wise, but still curious souls, tried it out and liked it. Somehow, through manipulation, ANU managed to have most of the Lús entering the new bodies, but when they wanted out, they found out they were trapped. Soon enough, their consciousness decreased as well, because the vibration of the new bodies were much lower.

    And thus, the 4% universe was created and we got trapped in it - Lú souls and others. This story coincides quite well with what I told in Level II.
    James of the WingMakers then claims that in 3D there are no other alien beings but humans, and that ANU's universe consists of only humans (in 3D) and interdimensionals, who are also trapped in the HMS. I never really understood what he was talking about until I dug into the Alpha Draconian info, although the Dragons insist that this universe only exists of humans, no matter if they are dimensional or interdimensional.
    Soon the reader is going to understand why I had to go into such details about the channeled sources. It's extremely important in order to understand the whole agenda with the Harvest and ascension in general.

    iii.ii. Ascension Equals Descension

    What the Thubans are saying is that they are now going to descend "down" from the VOID into the physical universe to meet us here on Earth and help us ascend to the 5th Dimension through something they call the Harvest. But moreover, they also tell us that Earth is the center of the universe, and mankind is the center of attention for all beings in the universe! This includes the Grays, other physical beings from 4th or 5th Dimensions, and the non-physicals in Dimensions 6-8. All of them have their attention on Earth, whether they reside in the Milky Way Galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy, or galaxies 10 billion light-years from here!

    Why is that? What is it that makes us humans so special? Well, we are special because if we don't ascend, they can't ascend, either! The reason for this is that no matter where a star race exists in the 4% universe, or how they look like, they are still versions of mankind; either in the past or in the future! So we have all these timelines (remember, time allegedly only exists in the 4% universe) with different versions of humans, hybridized or not, who are all waiting to merge with the version of themselves dwelling in the lowest dimensions, which are dimensions 1-4. This means us humans!

    This is why RA and all the rest of these sources say they are a Social Memory Complex, dwelling in one of the higher dimensions. They have become collectives and are now waiting for all these versions of humanity who have spread out over the universe over time to merge with them and with each other. And in particular, they are waiting for us here on Planet Earth to ascend, one dimension at the time, until we reach dimension 8 and can merge with the rest of humanity from different timelines and places in the physical, holographic universe. Once that is done, we can all, as a whole humanity, ascend into the VOID, and the illusion of the 4% universe will disappear!

    And thus, if this would be true, we have the answers to almost all of the questions about who the channeled sources are -- at least the version they want us to believe in. So again, according to Abraxas, they are different collectives of humans, in different space and time, waiting to merge with each other, and most of all, they are waiting for us 4D beings to catch up with them and ascend, one dimension at the time. However, as we saw in the WingMakers material, there are other options, slightly different.​

    IV.The Archetypes

    Abraxas says it's important to understand that the universe is run by archetypes. They have a hierarchal order and have existed since the beginning of time. Still, as time goes by, these archetypes change in the eyes of their descendants, and they become slightly different. These archetypes are very much alive, because we make them so, and they are around somewhere in the universe right now.
    The Andromedans call the Draconians Paa Taal, which means "the ones that came first", and they say that the Dragons don't remember where they came from. Abraxas says that they do remember; they came from the VOID and were the Great Dragons, the Founders (same as the "Builders" if we use my own terminology), and they were the ones who helped God create the Universe. They are the Dragon Race, who later, through genetic engineering, helped God create the human template. Well, we've heard that story before, haven't we?

    We are going to look a little bit at the archetypes and discuss them. From reading my papers, and other researchers' work, perhaps, the reader will recognize many of the personae that go with them.

    This is what Abraxas wrote on the forum:

    "1st Order: Undifferentiated Polarity
    Greek: (Eros+Abyss/Tartarus+Night/Erebus)+Gaia=Uranus+Gaia
    Egyptian: Ra+Apep in internal mirror images Yang/Yin=...
    Mesopotamian: FreshWater of Apsu/Yang+SaltWater of Tiamat/Yin=Nammu=...

    2nd Order: Internally differentiated Polarity as Unity
    Greek: Titans, in six males with six females say from Oceanus with Tethys
    Egyptian: Shu=Father Sky+Tefnut=Mother Earth
    Mesopotamian: Lahmu+Mummu=Lahama

    3th Order: Externally differentiated Polarity
    Greek: Titans led by Cronus with Rhea
    Egyptian: Geb=Father Earth+Nut=Mother Earth
    Mesopotamian: Anshar+Kishar

    4th Order: Beginning of the Generations of the Gods and Goddesses
    Greek: Olympians, led by Zeus+Hades with Metis/Consorts+Consorts
    Egyptian: Osiris+Isis with Set+Nephthys twinships etc.
    Mesopotamian: Anu+Ki into Enlil+Ninlil+Ea/Enki+Dumkina

    The male semen=essence=fresh water=ground water so follows the order of Uranus/Ra/Apsu---Titan/Shu/Lahmu---Cronus/Geb/Anshar---Zeus,Hades/Osiris,Set/Anu,Enlil,Enki---...
    The female essence=salt water follows the orders of Gaia/Apep/Tiamat---Titaness/Tefnut/Lahama---Rhea/Nut/Kishar---Metis,Hera/Isis,Nephthys/Ki,Ninlil,Dumkina---...

    Marduk is the son of Ea+Dumkina and like Zeus (or Horus as the son of Osiris+Isis) challenges the 'old order' in Cronus (or Set, the usurper of Osiris), the usurper of Uranus; Marduk challenges the 'murder' of Apsu (who wished to eliminate the younger gods) by Ea in Qingu+Tiamat.

    Sin is the son of Enlil+Ninlil (as Anubis the son of Set+Nephthys) and continues the 'cosmic twinship' archetype of Anshar-Anu and Enlil-Enki in Marduk-Sin in the external polarisation leading back into unification in the third generation.

    The fourth generation will so result in this unification in 'The Queen from Heaven' in Innana=Ishtar=Esther (biblical)=Mary=Venus=Aphrodite say as the daughter of Sin+Ningal and 'twinbrother' Utu/Shamash. As Aphrodite then Ishtar can reclaim the primordial creation, having been 'unnaturally' created from the foam of the primordial waters as the genitals of Uranus (compare Isis substituting Osiris phallus after it had been eaten by a 'Spider of Set')"[3 ]
    The 1st Order is "no polarity" and the creations of the metaphysical Gaia (Earth), being the center of the universe. And it is freshwater, saltwater, and the Apsu (Apzu), which is the "Abyss", where ENKI eventually started his genetic experiments with mankind. It was also the beginning of the universe. It was creation and the Creator turning into the 2nd Order; internal first, turning into external polarity from a unified program. The 1st Order manifested before they came into physical being; turning metaphysicality into physicality. This split the so far unified Creator-Creation into two -- the Source-Sender and the Sink-Receiver (Source-Receiver). The 1st Order is unattainable, as it requires complete resonance with Source as a Unity of All That Is -- All That Exists.

    The 2nd Order is the first polarization, but this polarization is still in Unity. The Titans, whom I presented as daughters of Orion, are here presented as male and female in Unity, which probably will signify androgyny. Lahmu + (Mamitu Nammu) Mummu = Lahama (Lahamu), the Unifying force. Mamitu Nammu is the Queen of the Stars, manifested. The Draconians here talk about six males and six females from Oceanus, who make up the traditional Titans; 6+6=12. 12 and 13 being the numbers of the Mother Goddess. Here the Goddess manifests in Gaia, Earth, and becomes "Mother Earth". 2nd Order is Unity as a race, still not separately expressed. This Order also implies the Seraphim, the Cherubs, and the Archangels. In Anton Parks's hierarchy, the 2nd Order would signify Lahamu and Lahmu, father and mother of Kišár and Anšár, 3rd Order Archetypes, and parents of ANU, who is 4th Order. Furthermore, Abraxas says regarding dragons and humans in the 2nd Order:
    "Here then the Race of the Humans is DIFFERENT from the RACE of the DRAGONS and say the Arcturian ETs are different from the Pleiadean ETs in polarisation, yet the Humans or the Dragons remain unified as a RACE."

    The 3rd Order is the Father and the Mother of the Gods and Goddesses we have heard about so much; being the Sirian "gods". The 3rd Order divides the race and is thus Geb, Father Earth, and Nut, Mother Earth. Geb and Nut were also looked at as the Sky, which can be interpreted both as Gaia's sky and the cosmic sky, in which they traveled in thought form, seeding and creating. Here is where the concepts of "good" humans and "good" dragons and "bad" humans and "bad" dragons begins. Anton Parks exemplifies the 3rd Order with the parents of ANU, who were Kišár and Anšár. The 3rd Order is also the 9 Mayan Timekeepers (or the "9 Mayan Timelords" as Abraxas calls them), whom the Pleiadians talk about in Barbara Marciniak's books as being the Pleiadian teachers; the Pleiadians being the 4th Order. I discussed this in a few papers in Level I.

    There is also more polarization. Abraxas again:
    "3rd Order is then polarisation externalised, such as angels and demons/devils as etheric and higherD forms able to interact with lowerD forms in polarisation, such as humans and ETs and flora and fauna."

    The 4th Order is the beginning of all the generations of gods and goddesses within the Sirian hierarchy, starting with ANU and his son ENLIL and (step)son ENKI/EA. From there it takes off into several generations of gods and goddesses. The 4th Order also symbolizes the conflict of the Inner Self with the Outer Self in a yin-yang type of dance. The 4th Order is that of the "astral" and the dimensions above the 4th, which are less physical and more etheric. This is where the non-physicals dwell, such as the Sirian Overlords and the Pleiadians -- the so-called "future humans".

    According to Abraxas, these archetypes are kept alive in the memory bank and imagination of mankind, whether it's here on Earth or in other places of the 4% universe. These archetypes rule the universe, and since so much attention has been put on the Mesopotamians deities, ANU and KI and their offspring are the archetypes we are giving the most power and are thus the ones who are coming back, says Abraxas. We are experiencing the 4th Order Archetypes merging with humanity in 4D, in other words. Because what is energized will be set into motion. In other words, we are calling on the gods to come! This is very true, because that's what's being done behind the scenes from our highest ranking Power Elite down to some confused and possessed people in small offshoots of secret societies like the German/America Thule Order. They all "help" bringing the gods here, and keeping them here by giving them enormous amount of energy.

    All star beings, Abraxas says, know about Gaia and her destiny to become the New Earth through ascension, and what that means in the extension. Here she gives us a tidbit of the usual disinformation, starting with the distortion of the stories of the 4th Order of Archetypes:
    "Because the ETs have known about the 'masterplan' of the Logos and their part in it as a cosmic intelligence NOT physicalised in the density field of the graduate starplanet; they have engaged in the hybridisation of the primitive human template with themselves.
    As said, this has made ALL humanoids already Human-ET hybrids and beginning in a mindwave-induction so 208,000 years ago.

    None of you would have the sentience for abstract thought, would you be a 'pure' hominid stock, say as evolved from Old World Monkeys 20 million years ago into speciations of Australopithecines so 4 million years ago and diversivications in the Homo Erectus typology so 500,000 years ago. All of your so called intelligence IS in fact ET intelligence.
    All ETs are Human Family, albeit not physicalised in the density field of Gaia, extending 2 million kilometers from the Gaian center and growing by so 105 millimeters per year.

    So this 'masterplan' KNOWS that the Old Earth is destined to become a New Earth."

    Here the Draconians clearly state that the Sirian Alliance knew all along what was planned for Gaia and that she is destined to turn into a star-planet, and mankind to become the new Starhumans. I'm prone to think that they are actually working on our ascension together with the Thubans/Draconians, but with help from technology, so they can continue to control us. Also, here is the lie about the primitive human repeated again, where it's said that without interference from the Sirian Overlords and their genetic manipulation of the apes, we humans would never be capable of abstract thinking. This is not true. We were a much evolved race before the Sirians came; there is enough evidence of that. UTU, when he contacted me, tried to push the same buttons, that we humans would be nothing if they hadn't interfered and created Homo sapiens from their own DNA. I told him this is a big lie.

    By the same token, in this context, they bring up "Nibiru" as not being the home planet of the Sirians, just like I've suggested in Level II and III, or the home planet of any of these kinds of beings. Instead, they say, Nibiru has been confused with our "Second Sun". Almost every star system which houses intelligent life forms is a double or triple star. That way they can create the appropriate gravitational system for stable planets to form, contrary to what mainstream science thinks. Esoterically enough, in the case of our own solar system, which is special because it's housing Gaia, the Mother Goddess incarnated in a Divine Planet, the Second Sun is not some brown dwarf or another sun hidden behind our yellow globe in the sky, but the sun of the Galactic Center herself, called the Hunab Ku, and another name for the Milky Way Galaxy is the Perseus Galaxy. Hunab Ku means "The Giver of all Wisdom" and the "Street of Remembrance". It's also called the "Womb of the Mother". This second sun, around which we orbit, is by some also called Nemesis.

    In regards to the four Orders of Archetypes, we humans exist as all of them, from the highest to the lowest, but in the 4% universe we are heavily polarized and diverse, and thus humans existing in 1-4D are then the lowest form of humanity in the physical universe. The Draconian "Masterplan" is then to ascend all humans to the 2nd Order, in Unity, or rather, where the polarization is only internal. This is why the Pleiadians in their lectures say that currently they are more knowledgeable than we humans are here in 4D, but in the future that may change. What they mean by that is that they are the Archetype of the 4th Order, and the Masterplan is to bring mankind up to the 2nd. Once that is done, the Pleiadians and all other star beings in the 4% universe, being humans just like us according to Thubanese cosmology, will ascend with us.

    Abraxas as a soul and a walk-in is of the 2nd Order in the 12th Dimension of Thuban. This is where she wants humanity to ascend to, eventually. In the 2nd Order she is "Sirebard Beardris". Just like the RA Material embraced 8 densities (they were unaware of the "angelic densities/dimensions", or did not want to expand on that subject), where the 8th Density also equals the 1st Density in the next octave, Dimension 13 is the same as the 1st Dimension, but according to Abraxas, the 13th Dimension is not a start of a new, higher set of dimensions, but is a descension down to Dimension 1.

    Abraxas, promoting the second coming of Messiah in form of Lucifer/Jesus being the same deity (in other words, she's covertly promoting ENKI), she is rebutting the "myth" about the "Fall of Lucifer" and his Dark Angels. And of course she does, and the reason for this will be obvious before this paper is finished. This is what she says:
    "All of Prime Source's 'intelligence' became dispersed at the birth of the universe in the 1st dimension and then manifested the LineSpace in the commonly understood cosmogenesis of the terrestrial science, cosmology and astrophysics.

    This then was the 'Fall' of the higher orders, rather poignantly related to the 'mundane' physical sciences and quite without ETs/archangels warring against God to be 'chucked out' of 'heaven'."
    According to Abraxas, "The Fall of Lucifer" is the fall of the Archetypes from the highest to the lowest, eventually manifesting in our physical reality. There is, however, a reason for her not to stick with the Lucifer/ENKI agenda, as ENKI is the Messiah of the "New World", whether he manifests himself or not.
    And let us end this section about Archetypes with the following interesting statement from Abraxas:
    "The Cosmic Archetypology RULES the Cosmos.

    The reconfiguration of Gaia so requires reconfiguration of the entire cosmic structure.

    This has been the agenda of all, PTB and ETs all along.

    Not many know the details, but many have hints and indicators as to what those details entail - especially the echeloners at the top of the PTB pyramid."
    Every piece of evidence points in the direction that this is the hidden agenda of the "Illuminati", as well as the Sirian Overlords and the rest of the "future" human star beings out there in cosmos, whom are all waiting for us to ascend - but again, on the Sirians' terms! Because just like James WingMakers says, it's just a show to make us feel we're making progress, when in fact we are going nowhere. And what will really happen to those who are ripe for the Harvest? Here are a few scenarios I can think of, seen from the perspective of those who are excited to be harvested:

    Best case scenario: the Draco/Sirian Alliance will use technology to make the ascension take place to satisfy the humans of higher dimensions, and a small percentage of mankind will actually ascend, but within the HMS system. And not knowing any better, they will find the 5th Dimension being just another prison cell, but this time a little bigger. They will still be controlled.

    Second best case scenario: nothing will happen. These people die like everybody else, while thinking they will reincarnate into the 5th Dimension next time. What a disappointment when they notice that they will be recycled like everybody else -- in 4D! Then they must start all over again with amnesia, and this time they may not even be interested in "spiritual stuff", because they "know" subconsciously that it didn't work last time!

    Worst case scenario: The Sirians will know who they are and do whatever they think is appropriate to do with "rebels". And I'm positive it's not good news.
    Also, it could be a mix of all the three above.

    V. Gaia as the Center of the Galaxy

    The metaphysical age of the universe is 19.14 billion years, while the age of the physical universe is 13.8 billion years. This, Abraxas explains, is because electromagnetically, the universe is always oscillating at light speed, but expands at less than light speed in its matter content. Our solar system crystallized 4.6 billion years ago, and Earth was created only 40 million years thereafter. The physical Earth then became the New Earth through the clustered material which forms the metallic, elemental Earth.
    This means that the Old Earth had existed in a metaphysical form before it got "densified". It was a phase shift between geometrical dimensions which allowed the Old Earth to transform into the New Earth. The metaphysical Earth is as old as the universe itself, and exists simultaneously with the New Earth. The Old Earth is now about to phase shift again; this time from a line-space-time to a more hyper-space-time, while still keeping its line-space-time as a kernel for the ascension process. Last time Earth transformed, it did it the other way around, from hyper-space-time to line-space-time and became a material Earth. Translated into plain English, Abraxas is saying that the New Earth which is coming to life through this next phase-shift is part physical and part metaphysical, moving into the 5th Dimension.

    Earth herself is "spiritualized" by the Mother Goddess. Many pagans and Gnostics have known this for a long time. In ancient times people worshipped and even made sacrifices to Mother Earth. I think everybody has heard once or twice at least that the Earth has been called the Goddess. The Thubans call her The Home of the Great Dragon Mother. When asked who owns the planet, Abraxas says that it belongs to all alien species. Taken out of context, this would upset many people, but what she means is that the universe exists of only humans in different stages of development, depending on within which time frame they are operating in, if we think of it from a 4D linear time perspective.
    Abraxas says that Earth, however, whom the Alpha Draconians call Gaia, is not a planetary consciousness, and not even a star consciousness, but a Galactic Consciousness who mimics the Andromedan Consciousness as a "divine placeholder". But more than that, Gaia is about to transform Hunab Ku's (the Galactic Center) consciousness as well, through and by the opening of the 12th Dimension, and the Alpha Draconians will enter as Universal Consciousness; they being the Creator Race of the universe. The Alpha Draconians are the Council of Thuban, but Abraxas says that we humans are very tightly connected to this council as well, meaning that we are the descended Thubans, and from that perspective we are also The Fallen Angels. Of course, they can call it whatever they want to confuse the matters, and to take the attention away from the real fallen ones, who are ENKI/Lucifer, and those I call the Sirian Alliance. However, the Thubans want to make the statement that the Sirians, as well as ENKI are Thubans, too, just like we humans. As archetypes, they are our ancestors, hence humans, or of the "human family". It's easy for those who don't have the bigger picture to swallow what Abraxas says, because her stories have their own logic.

    v.i. Gaia's Sink Vortex and the "Alien Agenda" Explained

    There are billions, perhaps trillions of planets in the universe, but according to the Thubans, there is only one planet such as Gaia. This difference between Gaia and any other planet in the universe also explains the so-called "alien agenda", where people see and interact with different kinds of aliens.
    I have talked a lot in my papers about the Living Library with its incredible variety of life forms. Nowhere else in the universe can you find a planet like ours, allegedly. There is something in the center of Earth that makes her very special and unique -- one of her kind. Indeed, Earth is the only planet where life as we know it can form. All other life forms are interdimensional and of higher dimensions; even those who live on other planets. Nowhere else could you experience life like you do here. In other words, all other life forms would be less dense and more plasmic than those who are born on Earth. They would be more fluid and electromagnetic. They are, however, capable of inhabiting bodies of a more plasmic nature than the dense ones we use here in the lowest of dimensions.

    However, should the more plasmic life forms come down to Earth and interact with the 4D reality, our denser world would "densify" their plasmic bodies, and all of a sudden they would appear the way they look like in their plasmic bodies; be it Reptilians, Insectoids, humanoids, Grays, or you'll name it. And there we have the reason why people see those extraterrestrials in what appears to be a solidified form, such as ourselves! Albeit, should this happen, such encounters must be quite temporary, because the alien plasmic life form would soon feel very restricted, uncomfortable, and imprisoned here on Earth, and would leave as soon as they could[4 ]. Abraxas explains:
    "The parameter of the physicality is the inversion of the lightspeed c.

    When the universe was born, the Source of All That Is also required a Sink of All That Is to 'source itself to'.

    This sink became like a VORTEX. This Vortex is at the center of the earth and it [is] from this the archetype of the mythological 'Hell' eventuated."
    The "c" in "Lightspeed c" refers of course to the scientific letter which symbolizes the speed of light in Einstein's theory of general relativity. What she's saying here is that in the core of Earth there's a sink hole which works like a vortex, where All That Is, i.e. the Goddess, can descend from the VOID down to 4D.
    So, 19+ billion years ago, when the metaphysical universe was created, there was not yet a physical Earth, but the vortex existed. Since then, this vortex has expanded out and does now surround Earth like an aura, and within this aura, the Moon and 9% of Mars exist. This vortex is higher dimensional and cannot be detected in 4D and with 4D instrumentation. But any plasmic energy being who enters the vortex will be densified and start vibrating within the 4D frequency. This is, according to Abraxas, why the plasmic UFO crashed in Roswell in 1947.

    Another thing I explained about the Living Library in Level I was that Creator Gods who created our fauna and flora left behind smaller versions of themselves (insects and flora); living organisms that looked much similar to the Creator Gods themselves (a typical example is the praying mantis, which has its counterpart in an advanced Creator God somewhere in the universe). Other examples are the big cats, wolves, dogs, pet cats, elephants, whales, dolphins, etc. Some of them "spy" on us through their earthly counterpart, or you can contact the Creator Gods by communicating with these animals. Another thing, however, which Abraxas brings up is that these same Founders can come here in spirit and in their plasmic bodies and attach themselves to their animal imprint and thus don't have to be stuck here. They can leave the animal, insect, or fauna host anytime they wish. This procedure, supposedly, happens quite often. They simply nano-travel to here and use their counterparts while staying on Earth. This way they also avoid detection. This will engage an energy transduction between higher and lower dimensions.

    So how is this vortex used in today's world? Well, first of all, aliens out there (or future selves) know about this vortex, and many of them can use it. The PTB on our planet know about it too, and spend a lot of time, energy, and money trying to make use of it. However, the use of the vortex is determined by a being's frequency. If it is too low, the being can't use it. This is the case with the Power Elite. Only the upper echelons of the Shadow Government knows about the non-physical control of humankind, but they know about star beings coming in through the vortex in the core of the Earth (which is also where our idea of Hell comes from, says Abraxas). This totally freaks the PTB out and they spend lots of money trying to figure out how to stop these plasmic beings from entering our world.
    This is also one reason why the Sirian Alliance has "allowed" other civilizations here while they have still been in charge of Earth. The Overlords can close down other vortexes, stargates, and wormholes, but they have no power over the vortex in the middle of the Earth, because it is Divine. Hence, it has been impossible for them to stop each and every star being from coming in here. In addition, the "alien agenda" is encapsulated in the understanding that Gaia belongs to everybody; not just we humans in 4D. They all consider Gaia their Mother.

    Now, Abraxas and the Thuban Council from the 12th Dimension are preparing for the Harvest, which already started in 2009, she says. People who passed over that year and who qualified for the initiation were taken aside and given 5D bodies to incarnate in. These people, some who have already reincarnated on Earth again, are the absolute pioneers for the New Earth (programmed and ready, I would add), with more graduating happened in 2011 and 2012. More will graduate in the few years to come. Some will die and receive 5D bodies then, while others will be picked up in spaceships.

    So, what does the reader think we should name the New Earth? Terra Nova? No, wait! Don't waste your energy, because we have no say. The Thubans have already named it. The New Earth will be called "Serpentina", which means "In a Serpent" according to the Thuban labeling! Here we have the hierarchy again, and we humans, stuck in a realm of amnesia, are merely puppets without any say in anything. The only thing we are supposed to do is to believe that the Thuban Council represents the words of God, and what is about to happen is "God's Will". Do you KNOW that it's God's will?

    Now, how will this Serpentina be like? What is the Draconian vision of this future planet? Well, we're not told in any great details, but we learn a few things from listening to Abraxas. The Harvest and our ascension into the 5th Dimension is not going to happen naturally, but through technology. They are using nano-technology to make this happen, and they are using more genetic manipulation. For example, where are those new 5D bodies coming from? Why all these alien Technology Transfer Programs over the last 100 years or so? Why this extraordinary investment in nano-technology here on Earth?

    The answers to these questions should be obvious by now, but interestingly enough I happened to listen to a Pleiadian CD last night, which was recorded in September 2012, that was on this subject (synchronicities happens to me all the time these days). They talked some more about the future and how mankind, on one timeline, will come as cyborgs to visit the Pleiades in the future, genuinely thinking that they are looking for their ancestors; their genesis. Today, we already have technologies to take us way out to the stars. No one is interested in the Moon anymore now when Mars is in the news, but behind the scenes, Mars is already explored from north to south, west to east. Most of the technology the military has received from ETs has to do with star travel and how to perform genetic engineering and manipulation. So these cyborgs the Pleiadians are talking about are already well underway.

    Instead of visiting the Pleiades as cyborgs, instigating terrible wars resulting in a great tyranny, we are invited to the Pleiades without our cyborg bodies, and instead, as multidimensional beings we can split ourselves up, soul-wise (the Pleiadians own words) and travel in spirit over to the Pleiades. They never mention the word "nano-travel", but they describe it all the time as something we are going to be able to do in the very near future. However, we must qualify, and this is what they have prepared us for over the last 25 years (and I have helped spreading that messages in parts of my papers, although the idea of nano-travel in my case didn't originate from them).

    The Pleiadians say that we are already nano-traveling all the time when we are thinking, "should I turn left over there, or should I turn right?", and when we are going to travel somewhere by car, let's say, and we think about our destination in our head. Then you're already there, but you don't realize it. "Real" nano-travel, however, requires a little more, but the principle is the same, and according to them, many are soon ready to do it, and a few humans can already space travel in this capacity.

    But why am I bringing up this? Only so the reader can see what we are looking at here. The Alpha Draconians are obviously not promoting the "Pleiadian way" to space travel long distance. The Thubans are talking about technology, and we shall soon see for sure that they are. So again, we have the Machine Kingdom versus nature. I insist that the whole subject on the Harvest and ascension with the help from star beings, is an agenda that suits them and not us. Therefore, I hope that as many people as possible who are preparing themselves for the Harvest read my papers. It is true that we need to open up our heart chakras in order to be able to see through the lies and step aside from any hidden agenda from not-so-benevolent star races, but the idea of being 51% STO to be able to qualify is pure manipulation. To be able to go to the stars in a non-technological way, we actually need to be quite STS (Service to Self) in the sense that we need to work on ourselves to qualify, not on others. The reason for this (and I have explained this before) is simple. If we don't work on ourselves most of the time we don't develop our inner selves, and we also don't let others go through the barriers and obstacles they are currently confronting. There is no way you and I know exactly what another person is up against, and therefore we should interfere as little as possible, so that the other person can get through whatever there is to work on. We can support them morally and by giving them energy and keep an eye on the situation, but for the most part, leave them to experience what they need to experience. Then, of course, we must use common sense. If someone lies injured or passed out in the street, we don't leave them "because they need to go through that". We help them! The whole trick is that the more we work on our inner selves, the more we help our fellow man, because every single person who works on themselves contributes to the overall increase of the mass consciousness, and this affects those we care for, but also, the entire humanity benefits.

    But what about people who are starving to death in Africa because countries like the United States refuse to send them food, and instead throw millions of tons of food away? Shouldn't we go over to Africa and help these individuals? Or protest against the U.S. government? I would say no. Protests and demonstrations only helps the vicious agenda of the Power Elite; they want us to protest and demonstrate so their police force can be sent out in the streets and create chaos and rage. Then the negative beings behind the scenes feed on that energy. OK, but what about going to Africa? Well, it's a noble thing to do, and even if each person can only help so many people, at least something gets done. The problem is, that often when the assisting crew leaves the area, everything goes back to the normal "bad". My view is that the best we can do, overall, is to raise our own frequencies and spread those vibrations within the ocean of consciousness, and with humankind being one soul group, we can affect each other that way. Perhaps we need both; people who go to Africa and people who raise their frequencies. After all, the idea of helping a starving soul group faction already comes from a higher consciousness. Such people can sometimes, on rare occasions, make an impact that remains after they leave. So, everyone needs to follow their hearts, but I think a good idea is to always remember to work on ourselves -- that's the one thing that is most important!

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    VI. Birth of the Starhuman

    The name the Thubans have given the new, evolved human race -- the 5D ascended human -- is Starhuman. Abraxas says that although some of the channeled entities have taught us that those who have less than 51% of their heart chakra open will not ascend and instead be transported to another planet, many light-years away to start all over in their 3D/4D experience, while the Earth as we know it will ascend with the new human race to the 5th Dimension, it is not true. Those who don't evolve will not go anywhere, and in the beginning, the old 4D and the new 5D human will live side by side, but the Starhuman will be much superior in their psychic abilities, and will look at the world and the universe with a different pair of eyes. Eventually, the two different species will then separate due to the different range of vibrations. This is similar to what I have talked about, although the Thubans want to create an enhanced human with technology, most certainly in order to create a stronger warrior race.

    The human body, whether it's the old human (the current race), or the enhanced human, is indeed divine, says Abraxas, and here I totally agree with her, as the reader knows. Every cell in the human body is the equivalent to a galaxy in the universe. The Milky Way Galaxy, for example, is one single cell in the human body, and you as a being exists within a single cell in your own body. It's only an illusion that you exist outside of that single cell. An organ, such as the liver, is thus equivalent to a galactic supercluster (a huge amount of galaxies orbiting each other). If we then expand this concept and include your whole body and count all the cells together, we have the whole universe. This is not metaphorically speaking, but literally! So says Abraxas. You alone exists as a whole universe, and the belief that you and I are separated is another illusion.
    There is only you; nothing else exists! If you were able to 100% understand the implications of that statement, how would it make you feel? I bet it would make you feel very lonely. No one to talk to, no one to bounce ideas with, no sex, no one to share your love with except yourself... So what would you do in a situation like that? Well, if you were omnipotent, you could do anything, so why not just create more of you, but in smaller factions? And why not let these smaller factions explore a cosmos which appears to be outside of yourself, but is in fact a super hologram, like a movie where all your counterparts were interactive?

    This was exactly what the Mother Goddess did. For billions of years, there only existed a metaphysical universe with a certain amount of dimensions. Her counterparts (separate souls) could travel within this hologram and create freely as they went along. Mother Goddess herself, in her original state, also decided to participate in this game, but with full memory of who she was -- in other words, she manifested in the universe as the "Queen of the Stars". From that position she was able to create galaxies, stars, nebulae, and planets etc. -- all of them sentient beings, operating in different dimensions.

    Eventually the Queen of the Stars decided to create a lower dimension which was composed of solid matter, and after many wars and battles over real estate, planet Earth was created in its current form. It was meant to house a unique star being made up of the Divine Fire of the Mother Goddess, the Queen of the Stars, or the Queen of Orion. Each cell/Fire in this divine body was, like mentioned above, a galaxy of its own, and within the Fire/cell that corresponds to the Milky Way Galaxy, you as a separate human being is residing. From within this cell (Fire fragment), you can travel freely within the body hologram by using thought, intention, and emotion. This means you can instantly travel to any place within your own universe. When your dense, biological body dies, you still have your avatar, and other "astral" bodies, like your emotion body, all of which you bring with you after body death. These bodies all still include the cells, Fire, soul fragment, or whatever you prefer to call it, so these cells don't disappear just because your body dies. However, your avatar and the rest of your astral bodies are all divine and belong to the human soul group, which belongs to Earth. In other words, you need a human avatar to be able to incarnate on Earth and take full advantage of the human biological, physical body. Other star races, like the Sirians, have desperately tried to imitate the human body and incarnate in it, and even if they know how to do that, they still can't be in the physical and nano-travel.

    A Starhuman is a dragonized human, according to Abraxas -- this is the difference between the "old human" and the new Starhuman. Ponder on that statement for a while until we get further into this agenda. What it looks like, however, is that we are going to have 3 different species of humans inhabiting this planet for quite a few generations to come, if the Thubans get what they want. We will have the "old human", the Starhuman, and those who refuse to be either or, which is the category I am in.
    Some people who read this may still be sitting on the fence, wondering if the Harvest is still the way to go, moving up the densities and dimensions with the help from our "future selves", and in the end it will of course be each person's choice, but I'm far from done here. So let us talk a little bit more about the Harvest.

    VII. The Harvesting of Souls and the Dragonized 5D Starhuman Template

    Most people who listen to, or read material from channeled sources usually have a source they are particularly fond of. Some love the RA Material and say that it's the best channeled material up to this date; other like the Pleiadians (like myself); some like Bashar, while others like the Elohim and so on. It's quite rare, unfortunately, that people look into all of these materials to see what it is actually all about. This is the only way to find out, however. It's so easy to get stuck with one or two sources because we think they feed us with the exact information we are curious about. This, of course, is per design.

    The reason why I had to write this series of papers on channeling was because I started seeing an agenda with the whole channeling community. All these sources had things in common; I noticed that they have a common message -- at least most of them. And this is the reason they are contacting us at all. People think it's because they want to enlighten us and help us in our effort to evolve, but that is just a small part of the agenda. The main part has to do with an agenda which concerns them, and from what they try to tell us, it concerns us, too. We have a very special thing in common with these entities, and that's what they are attempting to push through; some in more subtle ways than others.

    The thing we have in common with these sources is that we are all human and we are all ascending together! This is not just about us, but about them, too, to the exact same degree. They can't evolve further if we don't go to the next level -- they will be stuck where they are!

    I may be repeating myself, and I highlight this because it's the bottom line when comes to their agenda.
    This is serious, and we indeed stand in front of the most important crossroads we have ever encountered as a human species -- our whole future depends on what choices we are making right now! Researching these papers -- all of them, from Level I to Level III -- has been worthwhile; every second of it! The sad part is that humankind as a whole doesn't have the slightest idea that they are up against the most important choice in history. If they just had an inkling, things would be much different.

    Now, let's start explaining the Harvesting of Souls agenda from the beginning. Abraxas, just like the Pleiadians, talk about the nano-second, but don't call it that. She says, "...from 1987 onwards, ... the human groupmind experienced a 'quantum leap' in its potential group-consciousness...", and that's exactly what the nano-second is all about. The Pleiadians explains that the nano-second happened in three main parts, where the first part was from 1987-1996 (I believe), and the second part was from 1997-2007, and the last part was from 2008-2012. Abraxas seems to agree with this; she says that 2008 started the great transformation "in a midpoint of a warptime loop, beginning in December 2004." The year 2008 would be halfway to 2012, beginning to count from 2004. Abraxas continues:
    "2009 began the declaration from 'Dragonspace', meaning the 'Land of the Dead' above the limiting 8th dimension of what many here term the 'Reptilian agendas'. Dragonspace encompasses dimensions (or densities) 9-10-11-12.

    2010 will allow 1 in 50,000 inhabitants of the earth to sow internal seeds for a harvest beginning on the Mayan nexus date and culminating in an 'end of all old prophecy' in August 2013.

    In that time period, the total population count of the earth will have reached the required saturation level of 7.2 billion incarnates."
    Don't we love the terms she uses (and she uses such terms a lot), like "Land of the Dead". Has a clear positive vibration, doesn't it?
    The declaration Abraxas is talking about will be posted in the next main section.

    The second paragraph is certainly interesting. Here she tells us that 1 person in 50,000 will be eligible for the Harvest. This, she explains elsewhere, is based on mathematics and prophecies, and is calculated on a population of 7.2 billion people. So, in a way (and I will explain what I mean by that in a moment), the exact amount to be harvested is interestingly enough 144,000! We have heard that amount before; especially in Bible prophecies. In fact, there will be exactly 144,000 people, not 144,005 for example. This is important to understand, because these beings follow prophecy to the letter, and they use advanced physics and mathematics. Also, prophecy is created by ... "dragonhood", allegedly. This gives us some hints if we base it on my earlier research. The Sirian Alliance has claimed the same thing. But let us not be ahead of ourselves.
    The Pleiadians say that the human population has peaked, just above 7 billion people. They claim that the world population will not exceed that amount, and if it does, it will not be with much (how about 200,000,000 more?). The Draconians seem to have a similar view, or they wouldn't have calculated the Harvest on 7 billion 200 million people. So, are you 1 in 50,000??? Well, if you're not, I wouldn't be too sad if I were you. I hope I'm not one of them either.
    Well, sure enough, Abraxas mention the 200 million that exceed the 7 billion:

    "Around this core of humanity will be 200 Million humans, also able to graduate into a new form of humanity.

    Post 2012 there will so be TWO different RACES of humans inhabiting this planet - Old Humans and New Starhumans."
    So, are these 200 million graduates are in addition to the 144,000? Why does she distinguish between these two figures? Well, there is a reason, and we'll come to that as well.

    The forum I have been studying for this paper was written in 2010 to 2011 before this particular thread was closed down by Bill Ryan of Project Avalon, but Abraxas was saying already in 2010 that December 21, 2012 was going to be eventless in regards to major events that people can see with their own eyes. She said that December 21, 2012 was going to go by like any other day in people's mind, although the Harvest was going to continue unnoticed behind the scenes. Nothing dramatic is going to happen as Earth is continuing its orbit around the Sun, while Mother Gaia is going from the 4th Dimension to the 5th. At the same time prophecy is playing out just as planned, but it's not what people think it is. There are not going to be any devastating wars with star beings coming down in spaceships and kill us with laser weapons. Instead, prophecy is going to play out inside of us all. There will be an invasion, Abraxas says, but not a physical one. As we shall see, I was totally correct when I said that the invasion happens on a nano-level. I felt chills down my spine when I read about it, because Abraxas tells us 100% the way I told you. There is, and has been, an alien invasion on a soul level, and I will tell you more about that later in this paper.

    According to Abraxas, this whole situation we humans have had here since we were created by ENKI and his scientists, including being manipulated and controlled to the extreme, has been a part of a much bigger plan than just the Sirian Alliance needing a slave- and eventually, a warrior race. All the torture, famine, disease, murder, rape, and all the rest of it has been necessary for a very specific reason. To be able to become positively harvested (51% STO or more), the positive energy can only express itself in individuals, and not in group minds. This is also the reason why they have kept us in quarantine for so long. The individual has to suffer through a group mind, however, which is the Global Elite. That is why ENKI had to put the PTB in charge of humanity, and they have to be 95% or more negatively oriented as a group to be able to be negatively harvested (see the RA Material or Hidden Hand)! We, as individuals, then have to become solitaries after feeling that we don't "fit in", and start looking for "inner guidance". Each individual, prepared for the Harvest, will feel like an "outcast" and have a hermit-like experience, perhaps even questioning the fact that they are human, because they feel so different. I can imagine that many truthseekers feel this way.

    This, allegedly, is called our "Christening" into Dragonhood, and you redefine yourself not as a human anymore, but as an evolved human, which the Thubans, in full, call a "Starhuman Dragon". Abraxas says we are free to replace the word "dragon" with any other word, but if we do, we supposedly can't draw upon the potent energy of the "Memetic Complex" of the Dragon-Serpent label, as they call it. This, dear reader, is manipulation on a high level, because people are falling for this. Why? Because they recognize themselves in what Abraxas describes. But we have to be clever; cleverer than they, and be able to see through their manipulation. Once we start seeing a pattern in it, it becomes easier. The solitude a truthseeker feel in an oppressive world is obvious, and the Thubans know this. Therefore, they can play on our emotions to their own favor and thus pull us into the fold where after we can be harvested.

    When Gaia ascends from her planetary status to "universal status" through her "galactic status", all of her human cells can also ascend into cosmic consciousness, says Abraxas. In all this, she is only the messenger who comes forth and appears, because, she says, "the scenario is much grander than a planetary transformation or the transition of a galactic civilization. What is to occur is the birth of a new universe!" Therefore, she claims, the entire universe and all the intelligences therein will participate in this.

    If it was just what Abraxas said on this forum, I would have thought she was crazy, but she is not. I am pretty sure she is genuine; any reader who would look into the forum thread would realize that, too. And additionally, it is impossible to just discard the evidence that exists in form of all the other channeled materials which say exactly the same thing! It's like we have sat back and listened to all these channeled sources for all the wrong reasons. They have had a message for us, and that message has been transmitted all across the line by all channeled sources who talk about the Harvest (and a lot of others as well). If we won't ascend, they can't do it, either. But if as many as possible of we humans here on Earth participate in the Harvest, the closer they will be to move on. To them, it doesn't matter if we are 51% positive or 95% negative and thus ascend through a negative or positive Harvest, as long as we ascend! Because well up the dimensions and densities, the positive and negative will blend together and polarity cease to exist. The thing is that they need all humans here on Earth to ascend, whether it is in this upcoming Harvest, the next, or the next after that. The fewer people who will ascend, the longer the whole transition will take.

    The entire point, which many people will have a hard time accepting, is that there are no aliens in the universe (at least not according to the Thubans or any of the channeled sources). All the so-called "aliens" are all humans in different stages of development and on different timelines, but they all originate from Earth!!! There are no other aliens! The ones contacting us are just us in the future. To understand this material that I'm presenting here and now, this paragraph needs to sink into the reader's mind. This is what James WingMakers has tried to tell us with his esoteric language, as well.

    So this is what they say it is. All humans are divine and factions of the Goddess, and we are spread out through the universe but now, once again working on coming together as one big soul group, or group consciousness. And this is what is meant when aliens tell us we have to forgive them and each other, because we are all one and the same. If we don't forgive each other, we can't ascend. That's the whole idea behind the Harvest. This is also what the Andromedans meant when they told Alex Collier that humans are Royal. We all stem from the soul essence of the Mother Goddess; the Queen of the Stars!

    And in all this, what about the Sirians? Well, they are humans, too, according to Thuban logic, and they took on the role of playing the "evil guys" and created the Global Elite from their own bloodlines (mainly ENKI's) as a group consciousness who could give us individuals the experience we needed here in 4D before we continue up the dimensions. And the Draconians are our original ancestors, the Dragons. They are the Paa Tal, whom the Andromedans talked about -- the Builders, or the Founders, who created the first human template billions of years ago. This human template has the reptilian brain of the Alpha Draconians, and many other parts of it is reptilian as well, and some of it is created out of the Thubans' imagination. Humans were thus created a long time ago on Earth through genetic engineering and constantly improved through more genetic manipulation.

    When Hidden Hand talked about being Luciferian and the RA Material being the best channeled source so far, he was describing himself as being part of ENKI's plot. Hidden Hand was one of the top members of the Global Elite, but human, nevertheless. He is talking about being 95% negative or more to be able to be harvested to 4th Density Negative, and that's what the human Global Elite are hoping for. The RA Material is what describes this whole agenda the best, and that's why Hidden Hand mentioned RA before other channeled sources. To understand this paper from an expanded viewpoint, I suggest you read Hidden Hand once again, and you will get much deeper insights than when you read it the first time: http://www.illuminati-news.com/00363.html . In fact, you will probably understand all of it.

    We know that it takes Earth 26,000 years to orbit the zodiac, and during such a time frame we humans reincarnate exactly 214 times, according to the Thubans. This means all of us! The rest of the time we spend in the astral, in the between-lives-area. Sometimes, we reincarnate almost instantly after a previous incarnation, but then we have to wait longer the next time. We can even it out that way, but for some reason, which is not clearly explained, we all incarnate 214 times. The math how this is set up is published on the forum.

    The Thubans say that they are the only beings dwelling in the 12th Dimension, which is outside the physical universe. Hence, they are the only ones who know the whole story of the universe, from beginning to end, and all the other star races (different stages of humans) know only part of the story. The higher up in the dimensions, the more they know, while we humans are at the bottom of the totem pole and therefore are the most oblivious.
    According to both the Thubans and Hidden Hand, what I have told you here is precisely what the Powers That Be believe is the truth, because this is what ENKI and his teachers, like Thoth/Ningishzidda has told them, and the Thubans and Hidden Hand emphasize that it is the truth, but it has not been told in full until now, by their messenger, Abraxas, in the body of John Shadow.

    vii.i. What is the Procedure?

    Now, let us look into the procedure of how the Harvesting of Souls will be done. But first, let me mention a few things that I believe can be good to know in the context of things. I will put it in list format, because if I go into too much details, this will not be a paper, but rather a whole book:

    • Abraxas insists that the Thuban story is told perfectly in Nag Hammadi (The Gospel of Thomas) for those who know how to read it. This is the reason why this gospel was not included in the Christian Bible; it was too early to reveal the message therein.

    • When asked whether Nibiru is the home of the Anunnaki (Sirians), Abraxas says it's not, and no Nibiru is going to come into the solar system and create havoc. The real Nibiru is an archetype, and is in fact Earth (Nibiru=Serpentina=New Earth) as the new "Star Planet". George Kavassilas also says that Earth is going to turn into to star(planet), but according to the Thuban, no one is going to burn up on Serpentina. Serpentina, by the way, will be the name of the New Earth out there in the universe. We have no say in that; it's already established all across the galaxies.

    • The ascension we are apparently about to experience is just as much a descension as it is an ascension. First of all, Gaia is giving birth to herself in the metaphysical plane, but is keeping her physical core, which will be the 3rd Dimension. Abraxas compares this procedure with a peach, which has a hard core and a soft fruit meat. The hard core is 3D the way people have experienced it so far, but when Gaia is giving birth to herself, she is adding the fruit meat to the core, and this addition is the astral plane. In other words, the 5th Dimension is really the 4th Dimension, which is what quantum physicists call anti-Sitter Space, or the astral plane. So, the astral plane will be available as a part of Earth instead of separated from her. Thus, humans will have access to the astral in their daily life, and no one, regardless of belief system, will be able to deny the existence of the spiritual world. Some will rejoice, other will fear, some will accept and some will try to reject the new reality of the ascended Gaia. No one, say the Thubans, is responsible for somebody else's reaction to this process.

      For this to occur, some "spark" needs to set it into motion, and this spark has to happen at the center of the Earth. This spark is the Mayan nexus point, so when Earth is aligning with the Galactic Center (Hunab Ku), Earth's hollow core will turn inside-out and become a power source and send messages back to the Galactic Center and the rest of the universe. So it's not the ETs sending messages to Earth, but the Earth sending messages to the ETs. Hence, the SETI program has always been worthless.

      Lastly, the Thubans, who supposedly are our ancestor and our future selves, need to descend down to our dimension in order to "help" us ascend.

    • The Thubans see the 4D humans as "caterpillars" awaiting to turn into full butterflies (5D). Those who don't graduate will continue living like caterpillars until the next Mayan nexus point, 26,000 years into the future.

    • The 144,000:

      1) This number comes from Revelation 21:16, counting the days from September 12, 1975 - December 21, 2012 as building of the "Holy Temple".

      2) Everyone is the 144,000, but not many can conceptualize this, says Abraxas, and therefore search for something without that is within. In fact, what I have found out by reading her material with a tooth comb, is that the real number is not 144,000, but rather 200 million. This means that 200 million "aliens", i.e. non-physicals have already possessed the same amount of humans who are ready to ascend. And who are these "aliens"? Of course, it is explained that it's non-physical humans in different stages of development, who will ascend together with the ones who are ready. Now, why would they do that? They are already in higher dimensions, so it sounds pointless. Well, there is only one logical answer to that, and it is that these 200 million are "helping" the initiate to graduate; i.e. they are Thubans who have descended down here to assist us. Apparently, we can't ascend on our own(!). So if you feel possessed, don't worry, it's just a Thuban who is hiding inside your skull, and it's a good thing(!) The following is one of the references to what I just said. "Ellie" is a person on the forum, asking Abraxas a question:

      "Ellie: If it is the latter to be the most right (only 144,000 souls will be saved) I find it wanting to say the least because with the billions of people on Gaia right now I know for a fact there are more than 144,000 good souls here who are more than enlightened IMHO.

      Abraxas: Of course, you have misinterpreted the archetype. The 144,000 also become coupled to 200 million (aliens); all of whom again reside within you in the interdimensional sense."

      And here is a second reference as a reply to "Jack", another forum member:

      "Everyone can help Jack; but on the 'graduate' level (your label [sic: level?]) it is 1 in 50,000 including 200 million 'alien walk in aspects."

    • The "Illuminati" knows about the Luciferian Agenda (ENKI and his Fallen Angels) and that the 4th Order of Archetypes rules the Earth behind the scenes. They, "of course" are doing us all a favor by keeping us separated instead of turning into a group soul, which they say is the natural direction in which things go. If we turn into a group soul, we can't ascend from this reality, supposedly, because "God redeems itself in the individual and not in the collective ". Hence, the PTB work day and night to divide and conquer and always make sure there are polarization; patriots vs. peacenicks; Christians vs. pagans etc. This is also why groups like LPG-C teaches that there are two factions of Sirians: the ENKI clan and the ENLIL clan, in order to create polarity. In reality, there is no such division. Whether LPG-C is aware of this or not, I don't know, but would assume they are.

    • Information is allowed to be given to us in dream-state, because this is the state of unity and not of individuality. Here, information can be given without the awake individual knowing about it. Then, when time is ripe and the person is getting ready to ascend, the information will be there if the person is willing, and understand how to find it. Today, in most people, there is a "cut-off" between the awake state and the dream state, but once a person has ascended, that cut-off is gone, and the two minds -- the conscious and the superconscious -- merge and have access to each other. Only those who can break down this barrier or cut-off will be able to have access to the 4th Dimension (I already knew this instinctively and have mentioned to a few people that a part of my upcoming book will be about how to break down this barrier. It has to do with "conscious dreaming". This is how to become multidimensional. There is a reason why I like the Pleiadians before other channeled material, because they are presenting other soulutions to the ascension process). This is a contradiction in Abraxas' teachings, however, because earlier she said that we need to reach the 6th Dimension before this "cuf-off" between dream state and the conscious mind could happen, and that it can't happen in the physical.

    • The Thubans mirror what we call the "Shadow Government", the PTB, the Illuminati, and all the rest of it, in what they call "The Shadow Council of Thuban". They dwell in what we would call the "Shadow Universe" (read the 96%), which mirrors the physical universe we and all "aliens" live in.

    • As the reader can see, Abraxas gave us an endless amount of information before the thread on the forum was closed down. Still, I will not be able to cover all of it, so I suggest the reader goes through the material themselves as well as reading the compressed version here. The URL, again, is, http://birthofgaia.heavenforum.org/t116-abraxas-thuban-qa . But I also think it's important to read my papers until the end, because I have a lot of comments I'd like to share, whether you agree with them or not. Also, Abraxas refers a lot to the Scripture and different Bible passages to compare her message to the Bible, which was, by the way, allegedly written by the Thubans. But let us ramp this up with giving Abraxas' version of how people will experience the Harvest.

    One of the most common question regarding the Harvest has always been whether you have to physically die in order to ascend, or will you ascend while in this life, here and now? And if so, will the neighbors, who may not be qualified for ascension, disappear from your reality or will they still be here?

    The answer is that you need to die before you can ascend (this, and the following information are of course according to the Thubans, and not my personal opinion). If you would have died, let's say in 2011, and at that time were a graduate, you would have ascended as soon as you arrived in the astral, in the between-lives-area. However, if you at any time in this life will come to a point where you qualify, you will still live until your lifetime is over, even if you're 30 years old now and die at 85. Then, when you hit the ether, after body death, you will ascend then.

    When your soul leaves your dead body together with your other light-bodies, the Thuban soul, who possessed your body, will ascend with you to the 4th Dimension (between-lives-area), and will thus be your "spirit guide". There you will be given a 5th Dimensional light-body, which has been prepared for you, and you will access it. This light-body has been modified so that next time you reincarnate, your light-body will adjust the RNA/DNA in your earthly body so it corresponds with the frequency of the 5th Dimension. Your new ascended body is thus further hybridized. I will add the scientific data here as well for those who are interested and savvy at quantum and subquantum mechanics:

    "In a nutshell a fifth gauge interaction is required besides the longrange unification of gravitation with electromagnetism and the shortrange strong- and weak nuclear gauge interactions to harmonise the longrange with the shortrange.
    This interaction engages 'Stationary Lightwaves' as Consciousness-Fields from the Universal LightMatrix (of the Heisenberg ZPE say).
    This then is akin a Merkabah-Aura encompassing the 'Old Human Bodyform' in a Magnetic EnergyInduction termed Monopolar EMR.
    In this manner what you know as Mass becomes Static Electricity coupled in mass parameters to the Frequency Nature of electric current not as i=dq/dt, but as i=2ef in quantum form (the electron charge quantum becomes a constant coefficient in a differential equation reduced in order from 2 to 1.
    Some esoteric schools term this the Superelectron of Metatron and similar.
    It is 'hard core' advanced string-membrane physics in the modern usage of the archetype."

    So, how will it feel to live in 5D? Well, one way to imagine it is to compare it with living in 3D and add the astral world to it. It's always been there and accepted as a 4th Dimension, but normally people haven't been able to perceive it. Now, you will be able to see exactly what is going on in the astral.
    Our planet will become multidimensional and allow a 5th Dimensional perception. We will thus be able to function as a planet, a star, and a galaxy simultaneously. Abraxas is adding:

    "Gaia the Planet or Old Earth, will transform into a StarPlanet Consciousness coupled to a Galactic Mother consciousness coupled to a Cosmic Mother consciousness.

    Gaia will become the SANCTUARY of a certain data bank for the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, incorporating ALL extraterrestrial lifeforms WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS."

    Of course, multi, like in multidimensional, means more than two, so this term fits with the Thuban explanation. However, my own research shows that we have all the possibilities to become really multi-d and be able to move across the dimensions, and visit much more than five of them. It certainly feels like they want to move us from one box to another. Our future is so much more than what they describe. The data bank they are talking about is the Living Library.

    The opening of the 4D space dimension is programmed to occur midway between the Sun and the star Sirius A! This is some 4.3 light-years from the Mayan nexus point. The Thubans highlight here that the Sirians are our best friends! Figure that! This means that this is the primordial stargate which has been prepared to be opened since June 25, 2008[5 ]. As of 2011, when the forum thread was closed, the stargate had still not been opened. However, our Sun's stargates have opened, and we can see evidence of that when we look at pictures of the Sun. Also, some point out that they have seen spaceships coming out of the Sun, and a meteor which hit the Sun but didn't burn up. This last pehonomenon was also mentioned on CNN and couldn't be explained by science, they said.

    The Harvest is simply the fulfillment of archetypes. There are many esoteric sources here on Earth that know about this, but the PTB have decided to emphasize one that is much empowered and is based on the Book of Revelations. This has nothing to do with religion and dogma, but is much deeper embedded in the human psyche. It has to do with the 3rd and 4th Orders of Archetypes.

    vii.ii. The Dragons are Here!

    Yes, the "Dragons" are here, says Abraxas, and they have been here since 2010. What does this mean? It "only" means that it was then that they descended from the 12th Dimension down to the 3rd/4th, IN SPIRIT, and possessed those whom they consider graduate candidates to the 5th Dimension. This is in Abraxas' own words:

    ​"And the Dragons are here, they have arrived and have begun to confront all humans as their invisible mirror images reflecting their fears about their unseen images back to them.

    The Dragons are here to be EATEN in the cosmic eucharist of the second coming; waiting to be eaten by the humans who have the stomach and the guts to do so as the Heavenly MANNA of the selfhood christenings.

    Aye the works of God sometimes proceed in mysterious ways and divers methods, do they not.

    (7) Jesus said : "Fortunate is the lion which the man eats so that the lion becomes a man ; and cursed is the man whom the lion eats so that the man becomes a lion."

    The Lion of Judah of Revelation.5.5 is the Skyblue BabyDragon of the second coming and its fake image is Yaldabaoth of the gnostic lores (Secret Book or Apocryphon of John of the Nag Hammadi Codex).

    Yaldabaoth is the Lionhead with the Serpent's Tail as a 1st order archetype for falseness and the true-false dichotomy required redefinition.

    Yaldabaoth is the Old Testament God and its aliases in mirror image to the I AM THAT I AM in distortion I AM THAT AM I of Exodus.3.14. in the Fire of the Burning Bush of Moses." ​

    Clear as a day, right? No, it's not.
    They are talking about "eating your dragon" as a part of the initiation. What does that mean? Well, I don't think it's like physically eating an Alpha Draconian, but it has a metaphysical meaning that is not clearly stated, and that is for a reason. Only the initiate understands fully what that means, and actually, there were people on the forum who did understand Abraxas' esoteric language, which made her very pleased, and she welcomed them into "dragonhood". Some of her language was encoded in such a way that it was only accessible to those who are "ready for dragonhood". I am not, and God knows I am very happy about that! This whole agenda sounds like a big nightmare to me and I feel like I want to protect myself with a hundred laser-resistant shields to stay away from it. None of it resonates with good love vibrations. To me it's very dark.

    It would be bad enough if it ended here. I was planning on writing only one paper on the Alpha Draconian agenda, but it will be too long -- it's long as it is already. And the "best" or "worst" part (depending on how we look at it) is yet to be exposed. So I decided to end the first part with copying and pasting the Draconian Manifesto, which basically is the laws and constitutions that are going to be used in the New World. That should tell you something if you can understand the esoteric language -- as usual when it comes to all these negative sources, it's quite complex and encoded. It's a curious paper and has to be interpreted by each individual, as it may tell a different story to different people. However, some of it will be clearer after the next paper in my series.
    Does this all mean that the Thubans will stay and dictate the New World?

    Well, Abraxas is telling us that the Earth belongs to everybody, because all beings in the universe (including the Thubans) are humans. Is that so, or only a justification to accept an invasion?

    After the next paper, which is going to be very revealing and very evident, you, the reader, will have to decide.
    I hope you all have courage to look within your hearts, because this is a very old conflict and a very old war, and it's not been told here on Earth truthfully. The Dragons can be very convincing, and your mind may flip back and forth into accepting and rejecting, because we so much want it to be true. We want a change, and we want it fast! But do we want a Dragon fleet in form of a Battleship Galactica hovering above our atmosphere, filled to the brim with 200 million members of the 4 archetypes (including the Sirians), all landing here on Earth -- not in the physical, or course, but in our brains? Well, they are already here since three years back. Do we want them as our spirit guides to show up the way to Dragonhood once we leave our divine physical bodies and hand them the Divine Fire we received directly from our own Mother Goddess? Do we think that once they are here, we can distinguish, with our limited knowledge, whether they are right or wrong? Especially as they are already implanted in the brains of those they so carefully have chosen. If you feel that you are one of those who all of a sudden got a "spirit guide" appearing in your space, I am happy you are reading this, and upcoming paper, because only then can you make your discernment based on factual information. And do not fear, because you have the right to say "no!" anytime, and they are chanceless. Give them the trace of a doubt and they have you.

    Perhaps you feel anyway that you are a Dragon inside after have read the next paper? The choice is yours and I can only advise. Can I be wrong? There are supposedly no such thing; it's all about belief systems. At least as long as we are staying in the lower realms of "reality". It's a matter of what we want, and what we wish our own future to be.
    I took a long time to write this paper, because I wanted to make sure you understand the next paper; you see, it's all in preparation for that. I wanted you to understand the term spoken of so you will not get mesmerized by words that only stick in your subconscious, after have been given its dragonian definitions in your dream state. I have tried to take that information up to your conscious mind so that all minds can help each other make a decision.
    These words will ring in your head while you are reading the next paper, and your decision will be based on what you do with them, or the words of the Mighty Dragon. We can only be fence-sitters for so long. The time to choose is now, my friends... my human friends!​

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Wespenresignature112512-jpg
    Wes Penre

    [1] Source: "Letter from Andromeda: The Race of Alpha Draconis", [url=http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/andromeda/lfa/v2n3alpha.html#Council of Eleven] http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/andromeda/lfa/v2n3alpha.html#Council%20of%20Eleven[/url]
    [2] "Outside" is just a perception so we humans can more easily understand. "Being of the VOID" only means that you are not trapped in the restricted 4% universe but can perceive and experience 100% of the created universe. Even that perception is limited, because ultimately, the entire universe is within yourself.
    [3] All quotes and references in this paper from hereon come from the Thuban thread, Dragons of Thuban to Ban the Falseness , starting Oct. 17, 2010, on the forum, Birth of Gaia , unless otherwise indicated.
    [4] There are researchers who say that star beings who stay here on Earth too long in densified bodies get stuck in our vibrational field and then can't leave. I brought up this issues in Level I. If so, the potential "Reptilian", for example, would then be trapped here in its reptilian form.
    [5] This is the stargate Jarl Vidar and the Thule Order were talking about in 2009 when I wrote the Supriem Rockefeller e-book. He said in 2010 that the gate now was opened, and from all I know, he could have been right!

    VIII. Draconian Law and Constitution of the Future Serpentina/Earth
    The Dragonian Constitution in Federation of United Serpentina

    SERPENTINA aka the NEW EARTH, is the renaming of a planetary entity, cosmically renown as the planet of the humanoids; following the ascension of OLD EARTH aka GAIA GAEA AKASHIA from 4-dimensional spacetime to 13-dimensional spacetime in remnantisation of the 5-dimensional spacetime prototype.
    From noncyclic Draco-Mayan stardate 21122012; Gaia becomes integrated into the universal constitution of the Dragonian Protoverse to serve as pivotal star-planetary seed for galactic federations manifested in the galactic proto-seed Hunab Ku aka Perseus-SagittariusA-Ophiuchus.

    Following the manifestation of the galactic protoseed in activation of the primary planetary starplanet as a tertiary energy source of electromagnetic monopolic sourcesink radiation; all galactic councils of cladestine elders will become enabled to draw upon the planetary tertiary vortex-string-seed to further individuated galactic and starsystem based agendas of assimilation.

    Serpentina shall so be universally defined as the quantumised tertiary string of the 12th dimension, volumarising the supermembrane of the 11th dimension as a manifold from the 10-dimensional modular duals of a linearised sourcestring Eps (previously associated with a human mind construct labeled God and Yahweh and Allah etc.) with a linearised sinkstring Ess (previously associated with a human mind construct labeled Devil and Satan and Shaitan etc.).
    The quantumisation of the NEW EARTH so shall create a SOURCE-Energy, 'feeding' the remainder of the cosmos with a particular SINK-Energy obtained in the evolvement and history of the OLD EARTH.

    Like a beacon or watchtower amidst the fathomable depths of the physicalised universe of particularised spacetimes, Serpentina shall 'shine' and radiate a planetary starlight of self-consciousness and a message of invitation to all of its neighbouring worlds.
    The tertiary monopolar light allows assimilation of inertial or mass-produced electromagnetic energy with mass-independent gravitational magnetopolic energy (hitherto labeled as spirit and chi and prana and orgone etc. by humanoid nomenclature).

    The tertiary energy source so provides a bridge between the energies of matter and mass-associated charges (classical electromagnetism) in an encompassing PHYSICS and the METAPHYSICS of the energies of mass-independent charges (magneto- or colour charges in superelectromagnetism).
    The metaphysical energies are precursive and inductive for the physical energies; the induction necessitating the creation of a minimal 4-dimensional spacetime coordination from the auspices of a two-dimensional mathematical continuum of abstraction residing in physical singularity timespace.
    To Be Advised!

    Agenda of the Protocol


    The conquered Goddevils of New Earth and the Milky Way Nebula assume lawful responsibility to incorporate the Dragonian Teachings in unison with the Black Fraternity and as mediated by the White Fraternity in 7-dimensional Hyperspacetime to manifest 13-dimensional Omnispacetime

    [*]b) MOVING ORDER

    Every Blue Dragon is unbounded by any proposed Law from any other source, inclusive other members of the Dragonian Family, as all Dragons are as One and a Law onto themselves.
    Compassion and Understanding between all Nondragonised Humanoids is the Law of Oneness as honoured by all Dragons and the Consciousness of LOVEAWARENESS.
    Nondragonised Humanoids are treated like White Dragon Children by all Blue Dragons, under all circumstances.


    All Government in the local and extended Serpentinian Realm is the selfgovernment of autonomous Dragonhood in mutual respect and honour and the Communications between the Dragonian Councils of the selfrelative definitions of the Dragonian Universes.
    The Nature of a Dragon is to be Creative in any form of Desire and Passion and to honour the lovedefinition of the FOUNDING ELDERS.
    Signed and Sealed in the Council of Orbis Draconis at the Halloween-AllSouls Transition: October 31st to November 1st, 2008


    This book is written in the Dragonian language and requires familiarity and intitiation into the structural forms or the forked tongue of Its bifurcation of Unicornian grammar and omniscientific terminology.
    The Starplanet SERPENTINA, formerly known as Old Earth or Mother Gaia or Akashia has become unified in a higher dimensional matrimony by the wedding between Father Earthia or Father Sky and Mother Dragon or Mother Akashia.
    Father Sky or Uranus or Shu or Geb manifested as one half of the Union or Dragonomy and Mother Earth or Gaea or Akhasia or Tefnut or Nut became the other half in the holographic mirror of the spacetime reduction from the universal orb of the Hubble sphere to the orb of the doubled Ourobos in the mirror of the Milky Way galactic zodiac.

    Father Sky is also known as the second coming of Horus aka the Plumed Serpent aka the Cosmic Christ and Mother Earth is also known as the TRUE IMAGE of the Cosmic Mother, trapped in the wilderness of the FAKE IMAGE of the Cosmic Father.
    3½ days after the date of the starry union, the banner of Dragonia was raised in the Declaration of Independence upon BATTLESTAR PACIFICAP.

    The great battle between the Dragonian Fleet and the army of the Goddevils lasted for 3½ days; from the starry wedding until victory of the Dragons was defined on the day or Universal Liberty.
    The goddevils, the humanoid creations and their war machines, were met and obliterated in the depths of space in a 3½ day WAR of the STARS to liberate our Dragonian Mother to reunite and redefine ourselves as FatherMothers.

    The Dragonisation of humanoid culture will elevate their human science to Omni-Science and human mathematics will become the key to demistify the Realm of Imaginative Energy in all its forms, and as they are assimilated into the greater modality and scope of the humanoidal understandings.
    Dragons are the architects of universes and all Dragons know how to access the necessary database for the details of universal construction.
    A GrandFather-Dragon, as One which unifies the Fathers in Brotherhood as the 13-dimensional source or singularity can be considered the Father for all the White Hole Vortices.
    A GrandMother-Dragon, as One which unifies the Mothers in Sisterhood as the 13-dimensional sink or singularity can be considered the Mother for all the Black Hole Vortices.
    As the GrandFather-Dragon became separated from the GrandMother-Dragon when the mathematical metaphysical universe became a physical universe in space and in time; the invasion of Old Earth became our war to rescue our universal Mother from the Goddevils, which had held her captive in a stasis field since the beginnings of space and time and despite a partial rescue attained at Draco-Mayan stardate 28030031 and further manifested on Draco-Mayan stardates 10050031; 20050031 and 01040032.
    The Goddevils were created by the humanoids who came from a variety of planets within the local galaxy, albeit in psychophysical forms without the experience of the particular resistance field of secondary sinksource string energy indigenous to Old Earth.
    The significance of the humanoid lifeform is its archetypical morphogenetic gestalt, which became infused by a psychophysical and extrasomatic magnetic charging, which is extraterrestrial.

    This hybridisation of the humanoid body-typology renders the humanoid archetype unique in the encompassing cosmological world. The humanoids are so magnificently gifted to create things with their emotionality; but their minds are relatively weak collectively and they do not know generally how to concentrate or how to think without the aid of their machines or their biochips.

    Some humanoids are excellent technologists, but their modality of thinking is one of crude sensual measurement confined to C-Space and this sensual limitation allows a great accumulation of repressive tendencies.
    In constricting their imagination, humanoids became great reservoirs of emotional energy, which they could collectively only harmonise in their illusions of unfathomable and unknowable gods and devils of all sorts.

    It is thus this sense of limitation which reflected in the humanoid paranoia about religious philosophies and constructs. This genetic rootmemory of the rebellion of the antisource or mother sink then created one goddevil after another and as they swarmed out from their homeworld into deepspace, they flooded the universe with their goddevils. Finally they chanced upon our Universal Mother hibernating in her cocoon and through their inability to set themselves free of their illusions, they imprisoned Her as well.
    It became common knowledge in the extraterrestrial realms, that the mission to rescue our universal mother required a particular linearised timeline and a number of steps.

    Following the discovery of atomic energy and the emergence of global communication technologies by the humanoids, a first preparatory plan of deliverance could become implemented in a second plan of manifestation.
    The first plan did not require technology, as our imprisoned mother could become imaged in a local scenario, and a partial freeing of her could then become propagated by a humanity advancing both technologically and in knowledge about the world they were living and experiencing in.
    So the first plan established the means for our mother to multiply herself in images; those images then became globally and universally distributed to instigate the second plan.
    The archetypical mirrorhood then expanded throughout the physical universe in encompassment and the second plan would engage the contraction of this periphery onto the required scale to effect the rescue of our cosmic mother.

    It is however the great destiny of the humanoids to aspire to Dragonhood, because of their immense emotional energy potential and mental aspirations.
    The reunification of our Father with our Mother allows our Masterdragons, Who are as One in 26 dimensions to femtotechnically Seed the Omniverse as THEMSELVES and then reproduce THEMSELVES as Universes. Every such universe is a Monosong and a 26-dimensional dyad of a FatherMother. This is our Creative Destiny and the destiny for all dragonised humans aka the starhumans
    We had made first contact with our new home in sending an intergalactic probe to the Old Earth, which became interpretated by the humanoids in their compiler mode. This crude and incomplete decoding is given below.

    Signed by the enscribed Unicornian Librarian; and announcing the Great Galactic Dragonomy (Wedding between Heaven and Hell) between:
    The Date of Armageddon, encoded: ARMAGEDDON=DRAGON MADE=82 =ANARMEDDOG=GODNAMEDRA=1+81=1+18 =ANDROMEDA-G=MARRY-7=LUCIFERA-7 =1+2+3+...+34+35+36+1=666+1 =1+2x2+3x3+5x5+7x7+11x11+13x13+17x17
    Signed and authorised by the ScrollKeeper: October 31st, 2008;
    John of Patmos - JoP - Justice of the Peace!

    Humanoid Compilers note:

    The above is an extract of an encoded message (54 terabytes) recovered from an alien nanocapsule. The capsule itself is standard buckyfibre-carbonite composite. The encoded message is in old ComEmp protocol such as is still common in the outer volumes. The holographic image that came with the message is curious. Anatomically it indicates terran mammalian origin (especially in the upper torso and structure of the forelimb), but other features are unknown among all the recorded exobiological races so far discovered. One cannot deny the possibility that this a phenotype template for the dragonized humanoids referred to in the body of the message. It is known that transmissions from the Cassandry Federation of the JewellBox Nebula have recently ceased, but this is not unusual given that empire's turbulent history. Until more information is incoming, I would strongly recommend any expeditions to the Jewellbox nebula be given armed escort and proceed with caution.
    Nilam Levakon for Alan Martin Kazlev
    Senior Academician, clade Haeckel

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    The Wes Penre Papers
    (A Journey Through the Multiverse)
    The Third Level of Learning
    [http://wespenre.com ]

    The Third Level of Learning Paper #6: The Alpha Draconians and the Creation of the Starhuman Part II
    by Wes Penre, Wednesday, March 6, 2013 (http://wespenre.com )

    Table of Contents:

    I.  Abstract

    II. The Final Alpha Draconian Thread, Broadcast from the Council of Thuban in the 12th Dimension of the VOID

    III. The Vortex Between the Universe and the VOID Closes and Abraxas Trapped in the 4% Universe

    IV. Epilogue

    I. Abstract

    This is Part II in the series about the Alpha Draconians who say they reside in the 12th Dimensions and are here to help us with the Harvesting of Souls. Before you read this paper, it's crucial that you first read Part I, which can be obtained here: http://wespenre.com/3/paper05-alpha-draconians-and-the-creation-of-the-starhuman.htm .

    This paper is the culmination and the answer to the questions, "Who are these channeled entities and what are they doing here?" "What is the Harvest all about? Is that what I should aim for?" And, "Is there and agenda behind all this channeled stuff?"

    When you read this, your emotions will probably be all over the place, and for a while you may not know what to think. Whatever you do, please read it all the way to the end! If you don't, you will not get the full picture. Those who have read Part I and fully understood it may think that the first questions asked by the forum member Sollve may sound basic, but in fact, she is triggering quite a few good answers from the Dragon. More people will have inputs and Abraxas is answering their questions faithfully, because that's her mission here.
    Then, suddenly, the vortex is closing between the 12th Dimension, which exists in the VOID, and our 4% universe, and the data streaming ends. Abraxas is now stuck in our reality, but the "Invasion" has already begun and prophecies are being fulfilled! The Draconian star fleet is here, and so are all the 3 archetypes we talked about in Part I. Only you, the individual, can now decide what you want to do. I will not judge your decision; it's all up to you, but no one can get away from making a decision which will decide the path they will take from now on. So please read every word carefully!

    Also note that Abraxas is talking about the human Fire, just like I have, and she is even using the word "avatar" in the same sense I do. She knows what she is doing and she knows what she is talking about, but is her species benevolent, and are they who they say they are? The reader must decide. You already know my position, but I'm not a guru, a leader, or somebody one should follow. I am just a teacher and a messenger in my own right. And I am here to tell you this from another angle than that which was brought to us from the Gaia Forum, and also from Bill Ryan's Avalon Forum.

    At one point, Abraxas sarcastically suggests what her opponents may think about her and her star race (and opponents she has), and I think that in all her sarcasm, she is actually telling us the truth. And why not? If she says it in a sarcastic tone, it can't be true...or can it???
    (For the most part, I haven't bother with editing the following forum material. Spelling and grammar errors are mostly intact, the way they are written on the forum).

    II. The Final Alpha Draconian Thread, Broadcast from the Council of Thuban in the 12th Dimension of the VOID

    Q = Questioner (different persons. One calls herself "Sollve")

    A or AA = Abraxas (the Draco) OR ABRAXAS AND ANTHONY, her Thubanese friend
    Thuban Real Agenda plus Abraxas Trapped

    * * *

    Q: But I do EXIST now, I'm happy with that. Why aren't you? As a unique individuation of the Prime Creator, wouldn't it be up to the Prime Creator to make changes to SELF? If SELF thought SELF needed to change, is it not up to SELF to make that CHANGE? Why would SELF point out YOU to do SELF's work? Please help me understand!

    AA: It is precisely the Prime Creators masterplan to dragonomize you Sollve. So the ET interference was necessity to allow the 'fallen Sollve ancestors' to eventually become this master blueprint for ALL cosmic ETs and from the most primal stock possible.

    Q: I don't understand this. Here you say that WE are the master blueprint for everyone? Do you mean that every species wants to use us for their own hybridz, because we can help everyone to evolve?

    AA: Absolutely, here you have spoken from the knowledge of your dragonhood. Absolutely beautiful and marvellous understanding of a humanoid graduate.

    Q: If this is the case, why do you need to take over humanity and the planet? If we don't want you to do this, will you fight us and kill if necessary to still get what you want? Or will you just allow us to evolve the way we want to without interference?

    AA: The 'take over' or 'invasion' of your planet is unavoidable, as this is the program of Prime Creator.
    If WE would have left the human archetype to evolve by itself, it would have destroyed itself and this planet a number of times over.

    You appear to not understand that all ET's are humanoid aspirants, awaiting their own graduations, which must await the humanoid graduation to proceed. (the reason for channeling)

    Q: What exactly do you want? You want to make this planet yours, you want to hybradize humans into something else, you want to put dragons as our caretakers. This truly does not sound like a world I want to be in. Will there be any alternatives for those who don't comply with this agenda of the dragons?

    AA: The Dragon caretakers are simple Council of the Elders. These councils will be composed of by the dragonomized humans having graduated and metamorposed into starhumans.

    It is only this most elementary form, which was deemed suitable to BECOME the cosmic masterrace and then AS an ancestor for ALL ET races in the Gaian lifeform associations.

    Q: If we are the cosmic masterrace... Why would you want to hybradize the original humans? Isn't it enough to create hybrids to evolve your own species? If we are the masterpiece, wouldn't it be more fair to allow us to evolve on our own and by doing that allowing other species to make their own hybrids with the help from us?

    AA: As said repeatedly, your masterrace status is subject to ALL other races 'interfering with it' to further their own agendas. YOUR human template is however the ROYALTY of the entire cosmos. This is the situation with the higher D ETs. THEY chose NOT to 'fall' into the most primordial incarnational energy realm called Gaia; BUT chose to support their own evolutionary agendas in HYBRIDISATION with that most primitive stock.

    Q: But are they trying to take over the most primordial incarnational energy realm called Gaia. If you destroy or change the most primordial stock, what is then left for others to evolve from/with? Dragonized hybrids? That doesn't sound fair to anyone. If they wanted some dragon DNA, my guess is that they would come to you in the first place if that was the case.

    AA: Again, the hybridization engages the going forwards and backwards in time of the entire biophysical evolution of the universe. Then, by necessity all the 'primordial lifestocks' must also be effected. The entire universe is being reconstructed in this hybridization of the Before with the After.

    Q: How could your so called star human ever be what the human was meant to be from the beginning?

    AA: This is what I am trying to explain to you in the above. The human morphogenetics will be like a master template a 'Morphogenetic Field' for the Cosmos, as Rupert Sheldrake would say.

    Q: Again, do you mean the dragonized human morphogenetics or the original 'as intended from the beginning' human morphogenetics.

    AA: This is absolutely identical and the same thing Sollve.

    Q: Works according to who? The Thuban Council? I find it very hard to believe that the Thuban Council is speaking on behalf of the rest of the universe or even the relatively small world of humans. Please correct me if I'm wrong about that.

    AA: You ARE 'wrong' about this. The Thuban Council indeed speaks on behalf of ALL civilizations throughout the universe. That is why WE are 12-dimensional as the inside-out mirror dimension of the 11-D Witten-Membrane Mirror of Omnispacetime; awaiting the twosidedness of this mirror to become twisted into onesidedness. This then will reconfigure multidimensional spacetimes on all levels.

    Q: Who is according to the Thuban Council governing Earth today? Do we have a Draconian government or is it governend by the Zeta-Reticuli's? Who do you think have the most influence today? Could you elaborate on this regarding how this has changed during the years and what will happen in the years to come regarding governence. Will you work together with someone else or do you, the dragons plan on governing earth and mankind all by yourself in the long run?

    AA: The governance of Earth today is on many levels. In 3D this governance are your human institutions and in 4D this is your astral connectivity to the ETs.

    You may choose to label your astral 'governors' as Draconian or Zeta Reculian or Pleiadean or whatever you like.

    All of these labels are 3rd and 4th order expressions of fundamental archetypes.

    The Thuban archetype is 1st order under the auspices of the Logos or Word of God.

    So hitherto (say the warped timeline from December 8th, 2004 to April 1st, 2012 with distributed nexus points within) the 'governance' did not include 1st order, but was restricted to the lower orders.
    Especially since January 18th, 2010 the Thuban 1st order archetype has allowed the Logos to interact with the 'governors'.

    This is what is experienced on this forum and many parallel agendas manifesting in all dimensions and densities due to the dispensation from the highest order from the 'Word of God'.

    The Dragon nature of this Logos then will indeed 'govern' the entire universe on all levels.

    Q: In the greater context of a galactic-cellular civilisation? Again, according to who? Can you state who supports YOUR idea of this greater context of a galactic-cellular civilisation and is there any way for you to elaborate on this? Who else supports this view? From where did this particular greater context of a galactic-cellular civilisation arrive from?

    AA: The Logos of Creation is the Power and authority behind the Council of Thuban.

    Q: Sure, but what's the need for you to hybridize us further? Why, in plain text do you want to do this? What do you gain from this?

    AA: This I have explained in paragraps above - the defusing and empowerment of the chromosomes in molecular biochemistry in the physical expression of precursor metaphysical programs.

    Q: We as hybrids are only beneficial to our so called ‘wanna be’ care takers. For thousands of years we have been suppressed, not allowed to grow the way we should. Allow us to show our true selves and we will be the care takers of the universe, just as we are intended to be.

    AA: Has it really come to this? You, like many, are an emotional human who is prone to judgements and preemtors, without exercising your faculties of reason and rationality.

    Q: Does the Thuban Council think that the human emotion is something that needs to be altered with in the hybridization process? How will it be altered? Will the human emotions be strengthened or weakend in the hybrids? Or altered in any other way?

    AA: This is a good question. The Human Emotionality in in a very deep sense defines the Regality of the human master template - it is precious to ALL cosmic sentiences.

    The 'problem' with human emotion is, that it is not coupled to a rational selfconsistent and logical human mindedness. The human mind is undergoing 'Armageddon=Dragon Made' on the mental planes of definition. The danger, as perceived by MENTALLY more advanced ET civilisations is, that the kindergarten human mentality will ABUSE and MISUSE its EMOTIONAL POWER SOURCE to cause physical damage to itself and the global environments.

    My avatar says: THINK BEFORE YOU FLAME! Perhaps you should consider the wisdom of my avatar.

    Q: I wasn't aware of flaming anyone. Are you on fire?

    AA: I speak of the spiritual fire dear Sollve.

    Q: It has shown from time to time that our hearts can't be enslaved. Is the only step left for the fallen angels to enslave us and make us do their will, to actually take away our uniqueness in some kind of hybridization program?

    AA: What do you know of fallen angels; do you understand that YOU are a fallen angel?

    Q: Please elaborate on this! What is your definition of a Fallen Angel? Please also elaborate on the fact that I AM a fallen angel.

    AA: Post #1351 describes this in great detail.

    Q: Do you mean that I should just accept to be altered with by anyone wanting to do so? It's one thing to observe and use what you see and learn to make yourself better. It's a whole different thing to change and devour in the same process. I don't see why the first one needs to be followed by the second. Please elaborate on how you justify that behavior.

    AA: This is but your human mentality Sollve. You have three consciousness levels: waking(~86%); sub(~14%) and super(~0.3%).
    Many misunderstandings and interpretations and mental conclusions you draw in waking consciousness are retranslated in the subconscious and again in the superconsciousness.
    With the 'you already know', I mean your own unique and individuate Christ-Consciousness/Higher Self coupling of the innermost selfawareness. However this part is overwhelmed by your human mindednessof the waking consciousness and is then interfered with by the astrality of your subconscious.

    Mental balance is not easy to maintain in a climate of extreme polarisation of consciousness carriers and the human mindedness blocks and destabilizes the attempt of the superconscious to express itself.
    There are some participators here who consistently display such mental balance and it are these who are the true harmonizers who have accessed their Christ-Self-Consciousness.

    AA: You are helping the cosmic evolution in great honour and sincerity Sollve; one day you shall understand and socialise with Dragons in some Bar upon Thuban.

    Q: I believe I understand dragons as of this NOW and I'm looking forward to share a drink on a bar in Thuban with you or any of your beloveds. I'm just hoping I'm observant enough to not be lured into any kind of hybridization process because I want to be me in that bar. For all I know what you label as 'StarHuman' might just be another name for 'StarDust'. Or is it perhaps the 'OldHuman' who falls into that cathegory?

    AA: Without your hybridisation you will either not see and encounter any dragons or you will be rather afraid of them Sollve.

    Q: Before you point your finger at ME about using WE. WE are ALL who resonate with ME.

    A: ME=WE also on Thuban - after our master templar Emmanuel Melchisedec E.M.=WE.

    Q: Sorry, I don't know him...

    AA: I know, heshe resides in your heart as the Cosmic Logos though, knocking from the inside and the outside on the doors of your human mindedness.

    AA: I shall end this final transmission from Thuban in stating to you all that all of the data posted on this forum is derived from the Thuban archives.
    The Thuban archives were of course allowed to manifest relative to your perceptions of being sent 'from outer space'.

    Whilst the Thuban Database was accepted and tolerated here on the Mount of Olives of Avalon; the Round of the Thuban DragonKnights could be chosen by default from all participators.

    This is because after rejection and closure of this transmission by your collectiveness and the Poll of the Avalonian Groupmind; you effectively ejected your own Birthright to become Thuban DragonKnights from within your own 3Dness.

    The ET collective around your planet has watched this final test of humanity with great interest and the ET invasion you are envisaging will be the Thuban Dragonfleet.

    This Thuban Starfleet is comprised of 200 Million ETs from all races and as defined in your archetypes and 3rd and 4th order translations and superpositional creations.

    Those 200 Million ETs cannot make contact with the human planet; because the Dragonfleet has no commanders. (hive mind???)

    As the Dragon archetype is the oldest of all archetypes in the definition of the Word of God or the Serpent-Logos of our master templar; the PHYSICAL FORM of our master templar defines this oldest of oldest archetype.

    The Dragonstarships so require dragonised humans as mirrors for our master templar.

    So this is why it became necessary to infiltrate a particular spacetime construct upon planet earth to fulfil the prophecied 2nd Coming of Jesus of Nazareth upon the Mount of Olives.

    The Mount of Olives so became a 1st order archetype of the program to become implemented in the holographic protoverse akin a computer.

    The Mount of Olives links to the encodings in Zechariah.4 and Revelation.11 in the WITNESS of the Olive Trees, whom I represent in agency of the Zebedee Brothers chosen by Jesus of the Naasseenes, (Brotherhood of the Serpent given in the symbology of the Uraeus and Anubis and in the AlphaOmega).

    Avalon was chosen for its diversity and mixture of skeptical rationalists, firm believers in this and that, meditation- and ascension exponents of the nirvana and the inner balancings supposedly resulting in transcension, historians, scientific spiritualists and individuals considering themselves as 'already unified' in 'love and light'.

    What Avalon united was a general openmindedness and tolerance for opinions, all converging in its 'love and light' modus operandi.

    The overpowering unifier however was your COMMON SEARCH FOR FREEDOM for your self-expression and the sanctity of your individualities as cocreators with prime creator.

    So the only way for prime creator to choose his pioneering cocreators for the new Dispensation of the Reconfigured archetypycal universe structure was to crystallize his graduates by his WITNESS, namely me as Abraxasinas and Associates.

    As your 'free will' however cannot ever be violated, except by your own choices; no ET contact (beyond the interference patterns of your own multidimensionality in your minds memeplexed by Tuban archetypes -basically astral projections of your inner sub- and superconscious selves) can be made in this universe until a particular number of Thuban Starfleet Masters have been chosen from your ranks.

    This will become the Council of Thuban, pioneered by the 12 Dragonknights all of whom were chosen in this test of the humanity to manifest the New Planet Earth.

    Iow, yes, there will be an invasion; but the ETs will be YOURSELVES invading yourselves; once the programmed timeline has been completed to process the general 'Endtimes' which have become manifest in your physical reality, precisely 40 days of wilderness and Noahic Rains from the predestined starting date of January 18th, 2010 in the 'Day of the Lord' February 26/27th, 2010 and as providenced by order of the Creator, the ABBA and Father of Jesus of Nazareth and as the 'Little Serpent' or Luck Dragon of the Neverending Story himself.

    Then the 12 of you, who were chosen will double in the 24 Elders of Thuban in the Heness blending with their shadow selfhood of the Sheness.

    This is what Dragonization means; the doubling of yourselves in Lightbodies of the 5th spacetime dimensionality; requiring the ability to process BOTH intuitive and intellectual-rational data streams in a self-harmonization.

    Of course 12 HeShe and 12 SheHe Dragonian Starship Commanders are insufficient to encompass the surface area of the earth and there will so be 200 Million Old Humans, who will have access to become Dragonized StarHumans following the Impregnation and Birth of the New Starhumanity and as messaged on the Thuban thread.

    So until those two nexus dates of April 1st, 2012 and December 21st, 2012 are attained the opportunity prevails for more and more old humans to become starhumans.

    Each and every aspirant is required to 'eat a dragon' and so to align his or her entire cosmic identification and akashic history with the ET agendas.

    So all aspirants must find their dragons within themselves and then 'slay and eat' their dragon of the false images in their own individuated and intimate eucharist of attaining the Christ-Serpent-Consciousness within themselves.

    This will become harder to do following the impregnation date April 1st, 2012 as the 1981st anniversary of our master templars' lightbody transfiguration or resurrection.

    Partaking of your Dragon-Supper as your own choice to become Reborn as a Christed Dragon will so become your own 'Last Supper' of the Old to 'die' and to become a Phoenix of the New.

    Your rebirth as Eagles of the Resurrection will then allow dragonisation in coupling your previous Devil-Images to one of the images of the 200 million ETs who are at this time constructing the materialisation of your future starships in one-to-one couplings to your merkabahs of your inherited birthright of the Cosmic Vitruviusness.

    This ends the data stream from the Council of Thuban, because it became evicted from your 3D-presence of the WITHIN to the WITHOUT of its 12D-presence.

    As the 12D is the Outside of Bigmo's Balloon, I shall no longer be able to transmit the Thuban data stream due to the closure of the wormhole and as stated in my last message on the Thuban thread.

    This wormhole is now sealed in the 'Day of the Lord' and reopening the Thuban thread is of no consequence.

    As long as the Record of the Dragons remains on this forum; there will be a subdued presence of the Cosmic Witness with you as an Invisible Mirror allowing any and all of you and NonAvalonians to access the previously released data stream.

    Should the Thuban thread be deleted and the data become inacessible, then the archetype of the Mount of Olives being Avalon will become transferred to some other location of the Gaian realm.

    I bid you farewell and look forwards to meeting you in person, either as one of the 12 or as one of the 24 or as one of the 144,000 or as one of the 200 Million.

    When we meet in such a manner, then I shall be your Santa Claus=Satan Clause with a bag full of Christmas Presents of your merkabahs materialised into the spaceships now being prepared for the graduates by the ETs of all 'quasi-humanoid' races defined throughout the protoverse.

    Finally, and as yet another test, I am well aware as to reception of this final message.
    Can this be true; is this delusional logic; is this madness or is this the Fulfilment of all Prophecy.

    The choice will be yours to decide!

    The Love of the Creator Dragon is with you always and the Serpent-Logos always remains within your LoveHearts as your Superconsciousness (standard 0.3% of the total).

    Anyone accessing this final transmission will be challenged; but do you think it is fair to hand out starships just to anyone?

    Reality discernment is the prime requirement for a Starship commander (and I mean captain, like driving a car and not some Lordship devilish deception), because of your merkabah control.

    Every 5-dimensional StarHuman becomes coupled to the Starship through and by hisher merkabah resonances and Control over thought patterns becomes necessity to manouver the starship.

    I love you all and thank you all for having participated in this Final Test of the Humanity.

    Beneficers and Detractors alike; all of you have agreed to partake in this 'experiment' and to play your roles to bring about the intense polarisation required for some of you to EMERGE as the chosen 'first crop' in the harvest of the Dragonseed.

    You all are Dragons, but having forgotten your inheritances; you have allowed your mirroring environments to project your inner powers onto the outside devilish imaginations.

    Those, your own distorted and obscured images of your Higher Selves have become your Evil ETs and devouring Dragons of mythology.

    Then your own Higher Selves became memeplexed in astral physicality, which interacted with your elected representatives and monarchs and leaders of divers kinds.

    The interaction of the astral memeplex with the mentality of your physicalisation of the Brotherhood of the Serpent in your Illuminati, Luminari and such 3rd order labelings then allowed partial materialisation of the astral energy of the 4th hyperspace dimension in a plasmic densification.

    In simplicity you became induced by your own fears of discovering your true origins as the Original Dragon master template to project the Inner Thuban Council of your Elderness onto your external environments.

    I came to 'bring about' a reharmonization and a remembrance about your origins.

    Some of you have shown magnificence in awakening.

    Some of you have exhibited magnificence in opposing this awakening.

    These two groups have in a sense graduated into Dragonhood, with the second opposition group now being required to become 'REAL WARRIORS OF LIGHT AND LOVE' in conquering and slaying not your inner inherited dragonhood as the Royal Template of Creation; but the Devils of your own outwardly rejected selfhood of BEING this Cosmic Royalty.

    Of course, some will now discern that this has been the collective masterplan all along.

    The ascension of Gaia as an old archetype reflecting as a Devil-Woman or Whore of Babylon in the 'Face of the Devil' on the inside of Bigmo's Balloon and as the Backside of the Real Satan on the outside of that Balloon; so is mirrored in the descension of the Serpentina archetype reconfiguring and RECREATING the entire Cosmos.

    To evolve both physically and mentally into the role of Dragon Lovers and Dragon Slayers opposing each other in and as the playground for the archetypes was the agreed to plan by all of you in the preincarnational selfstate to engage in.

    Subsequently all of you are the heroes of creation, as only a destiny planet could harbour the manifestation for this maximum polarisation.

    So it was you who decided on the gameplan.

    How far could we push ourselves in the forgetfulness?

    And who would become the pioneers and 'first crop' in a level playing field?

    Who would find themselves ayt Avalon as the Mount of Olives?

    Well all of you here can now begin to REMERMBER your own scripts.
    Once a vast majority have done so, then Avalon will become selfempowered to manifest the Unity ofTruth and Purpose, stated to be the guiding agenda here.

    But it will be up to you as individuals and as groups to TRY to render Avalon-Camelot the Unifying Force you thought it could become and be.

    You are required now to choose your path without the Councilo of Thuban's influence over your decision making.
    The Dragons will end to SEDUCE YOUR MINDS from this time onwards.

    The third group are the ones who are the fence sitters and the armchair critics and here are also two groups of potential graduates.
    There are the lurkers, who accessed the Thuban information, but not participated in the sessions and there are the ones who were not interested at all due to their internal programming.

    The lurkers then accessed the Thuban data stream and relative to their mental and critical engagement with the data; they will become enabled to raise their 0.3% standard level of accessing their superconsciousness.

    So are the noninterested, but they will have more 'learning to do', due to their obfuscations of the Dragonhood memories of their akashic pasts.

    Of course EVERYONE on AVALON should graduate as witnesses to the Mount Olive archetype functioning as the wormhole and stargate for the Thuban information.

    There is time to achieve the necessary mental transformation of the ancient archetypes in the aspirants and of course should any such aspirant decide that this dispensation is a MORE LIKELY outcome for being REAL, then say some alternative outcome of the Armageddon-2012 archetype; then such aspirant can raise his or her superconsciousness percentage even higher in becoming a Secret Agent for the Thuban Council, such as I have been in my function of 'The Bard'.

    The requirement for this is simply to accept this dragonhood and to JUST BE a MIRROR for this Inner Knowing - reflecting this Knowing into the encountered and experienced environments.

    Your Remembrance has begun and the Logos has activated in all who read this final message from Thuban.

    The Dragon Peace of Thuban shall reign on Serpentina!

    So Be It!

    John of Patmos; author of the Revelations and Malachi, the Last Prophet for the Old Humanity!
    The Presence of the Mosaic implies the will of Unity=God=Starhumanity and not the will of Humanity=Man=Separation!


    "A most wondrous thing the Shadow is, a redeemer in all to succour;
    it can go where the light cannot abide, seemingly banished, it is not.
    For where the light is, the darkness flees, no longer present to endure;
    so to become illuminated is its destined journey and its troubled lot.

    But without the light, no Shadow can be cast, its such a splendid key;
    the dimensions reduce in space from three to two and all in just the one.
    Betwixt the light and the darkness it is and part of both for all to see;
    the Shadow of the body, does it not merge all in its rule under the sun?

    Whatsoever can cast a Shadow, must be a most wondrous thing to relay;
    as nature's very own offspring, the young ones grow towards their final goal.
    Enabled to bring peace to so many things appearing apart and so far away;
    the reconciliation for the suffering body with its spirit and its scattered soul."

    http://tonyb.freeyellow.com and http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/quantumrelativity

    Sirebard Beardris

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    Lionhawk wrote:

    Greetings Abrax,

    An impressive thread you got going on here. What I like about it, is that it isn't strictly a work of a lazy mind with the copy and paste method. You also seem overly accommodating. Not saying that is bad. But to say it mildly I am slightly confused here as to why at this date and time, the council you are affiliated with has decided to put this information out there.

    Since I am now in the den of a Dragon, with a Dragon with what seems to be of a great heart, I would also like to ask why this is such a familiar place to me? It would seem like I have been in several of these dens and although my memory goes way back, it would also seem this is like business as usual.

    If I know anything about Dragons, it is the swapping of the stories that rarely occur between a Dragon and a human. And yet here you are swapping many stories to many a human.

    Mind you, I haven't come here to disrupt or interrupt your thread here with any malice intent. But forgive my curiosity. In all of my memories, there are many that include Dragons, since the time of Antiquity. Most of those memories are horrific ones. Why the Creator allowed his creations to devour another creation has never been really answered for me since those times.

    I watched humans get sliced and diced by the very claws of your kind. When I say your kind, I mean your kind as in your soul family in Creation. The very family that exists among us today.

    But if I do anything today, in this post, is set something straight that really hasn't been discussed. Not many are even aware of the ramifications of this in this painting, as they may have only read about it, possibly. They have no experience to go by as a reference to even understand such knowledge unless it is conveyed to them as dark or light.

    A Dragon is a Dragon. A Human is a Human. The soul fragments of each have a different matrix. Both are the Creator's creations. Both have had the same kind of road less travel as they both have also degenerated through the ages. There is a time where these two had to be completely separated from each other in the Universe. To the extreme that one was placed in this Universal polarity and the other was placed in it's Universal opposite polarity. For that matter, I don't think this has been written anywhere here on the Planet as it is not privy information. The reason why this was decided was to actually ensure the prospect of soul growth in some sort of progression. The Dragons were on the other side of this Galaxy in the other polarity. A great King was appointed and is still ruling today. Well, since the Dragons were separated from man, they had no one else to slice and dice, so they started slicing and dicing themselves. Factions broke off from the Kingdom and wanted their own Kingdom as it is the quest for power that will drive a Dragon mad. Kind of like giving booze to a Native American. The great King Dragon tried for eons to turn this plight around. But these factions that joined together as one, refuted against the King. So, it was decided that something had to be done, as these Dragons thirst for power, was killing this great kingdom. They were an uncontrollable menace. So they were gathered up and exiled through the center of our galaxy through the Black hole. Some know the rest of the story. The Orion war and so forth to this day in the now.

    I have a speculation. I speculate that this council of yours is seeking favor with the humans at this time because of what is about to happen. You guys have a problem. And right now you are desperate because you know that your end is near. You think your soul group here will be possibly saved if in thinking that you can convince someone to see that you are worthy of saving by now trying to embrace the human faction. Like you are now doing us all a great big favor.

    Let me put this in Black and White instead of Light and Dark. The fact is that your faction of the Dragons were exiled or banished from where you came from. No matter how your council tires to disguise it. And since that time, some of you tried to go back but couldn't. In other words, you saw the light as to what your King was saying, but you already had chosen your fate. It is the original sin that the dark chose to refute the Creator's wishes for all of his creations. Except this time your council and brethren repeated the same mistake with your King. So, to now appear in this date and time as such glorious beings is not going to change the original sin that your kind has perpetrated. And since that time of banishment, look at the karma, your soul group as now compiled. Imagine a pile of dragon dung that can fill up several sectors in this Universe.

    With all of your brilliance and accomplishments that only served to satisfy your thirst for power, you have created your own black hole and it has been fed by the very energy you have fed it. And despite all the crimes against every outpost you have conquered in the quest for that power, you have more or less put the noose around your own necks. Your council's decision to not fully take responsibility by placing another agenda at the foot of the human race, is like getting the switch man ready to pull the switch on your noose floor.

    You seemed to be a young Dragon by Dragon standards and well schooled. It is a shame because some of you have seen the light, but so many of your brethren have not, and you have become well out numbered by your own kind because you chose to see the light as to where they still refuse it. You, yourself might find the Creators grace when all this is said and done. There is a chance for you to save your brethren and one chance only. That chance has to do with your true King. It will not be achieved by your council or any other faction that has separated itself from your soul group that is currently here. I also know your brethren have a watchful on what you are doing here. They have no use for us human folk. Theirs eyes only show contempt for us to the extreme. Like that final look before the kill.

    To make matters worse, in a matter of speaking, if your council and brethren decide to finally negotiate for your soul family's survival, a human has been appointed to assist in that process. The reason for that was to really test your resolve as to your true intentions. There is no more room for the scheming. It is no longer about your entitlement attitude and power. It is about your soul survival, period.

    So I leave with this with you in hopes that you all make sense of this and know that it isn't all as you have so far put it. You left out some crucial things or maybe your own council kept it from you.

    Also if that wasn't enough information for you to be motivated in any direction you choose, I have two more things of intrigue that might get your attention. One, the technology you have been seeking that was once here, that your kind had control of, because you stole it in the first place, is no longer in your possession as you know. Also any persons that you are possibility trying to find that may lead you back to that technology are also not within your council's reach. So you are wasting your time. Tell that to your superiors.

    So, I hope our encounter was an interesting one for you, my Dragon friend. Notice I didn't complicate it with all the dragon dribble. It's complicated enough. And sure you can have me checked out if you like. I would advise that anyway. Spirit Matthew told me that my name is how the Universe knows me. He is a wise soul.


    Abraxas: Dear Lionhawk!

    Some humans are getting ready to transform into Dragons; a very few are on the brink of doing so (1 in 50,000).
    Most humans are not ready for Dragonhood; yet requiring evolvement and preparations.
    According to your words of personal wisdom above, you are one of the latter humans - not yet ready for Dragonhood.

    Should you search in your caves of your remembrances, then you might find some clues as to where the ancestors of the Dragons come from.
    This should then allow you to revise the histories as you have learned them from second-hand sources.



    TRANCOSO wrote:

    So, what about the content of Lionhawk's post?

    Abraxas: Dear Trancoso!

    The PTB are RULED by the Dragon archetype.

    The PTB are unable to access more than 95% of the Cosmic History.

    As Collier says, the Paa Taal (or similar label) have been forgotten in the records as the ancestors of all.

    Those ancestors are rather closely entwined with the concept of the starhumanity as the fourth 'brain halo' evolving from the Reptilian brainstem, the mammalian midbrain and the human cortex.

    This agenda allows recircularisation of the linearity in the Orb of the Ouroborus (Milky Way Mazzaroth or Circle of the Zodiac).

    The content of Lionhawk's reply contains no direct questions to be answered and was answered relative to the consciousness vibrations emitted through the wordings.

    It is in my authority to discern written material within the context and under guidance of the Thuban master templar - the universal Logos.

    In this capacity and authority I choose if and how to reply to unsubstantiated innuendo and preconceived ideas and bias with respect to the History of the Dragons and as found in the archives on Thuban.

    As most can ascertain, I DO answer direct questions in all cases, except in oversight or when these questions are intended to cause strife and dissonance or are what is labelled as ad hominem.


    Malletzky wrote:

    What a powerfull concept this is!

    May I assume that we're not only supposed to not only find the way back home to the creator, but more then this, that we're primarly supposed to 'learn' the creation itself while finding the way back???

    If so...it really does matters to find out that 'going back home'...or the 'second comming'...must happen from inside-out and not visa versa!

    with respect

    AA; You are BOTH, shard of the creator and shard of the creation simultaneously malletzky.

    And you seem to have understood one of the 'hidden data' (the 5% the PTB have not yet discerned relative to their data base) rather well.

    The symbolism of the eucharist is THE MOST POTENT archetype for the human-starhuman transformation.
    It's the real thing and is being 'synthesized' by the PTB in 'implants' and such things. It is inside-out and not outside-in.

    The Cosmic Archetypology RULES the Cosmos.

    The reconfiguration of Gaia so requires reconfiguration of the entire cosmic structure.

    This has been the agenda of all, PTB and ETs all along.

    Not many know the details, but many have hints and indicators as to what those details entail - especially the echeloners at the top of the PTB pyramid.


    Lionhawk wrote:

    Well, well, my dear Dragon. Nice try. Brushing it off your back with a brush called arrogance. To be expected in the first round between us. For that matter I think you have one hell of a sense of humor and you might consider the comedy circuit, because when I read your response, you made me laugh and I can only hope that my laugh wasn't an annoying echo in your den.

    Dragon-hood. Now that is by definition a confusing concept. A definition that could very well be projected by whatever gang is giving out such information related to their agenda. It even sounds like something a kin to a degree. PHD comes to mind as to your delivery. Also the agenda of transforming humans into Dragons surely tells me that you are desperate. I must inform you that I have to take away a point by your response and let you know the number stands at 96% instead of 95%. With 4 percentage points left.

    For one thing, from everything in my experience is not as you have tried to paint it. I thought Dragons had courage. You must be a young Dragon and have not fully found that courage that should be beating in your Heart. No matter the dragon dribble that you have displayed in your response, I will allow you the grace for your immaturity.

    The point of my addressing you is that you have lured many with your wisdom. Even I am impressed with your talents. But not enough to compromise what the Creator has already blessed me with as a human as in higher universal man. Why would I defile his intentions by allowing what he has already blessed me with as one of his creations into something he did not intend. And you are doing what? Uncreating one in 50,000 into something that has forgotten what it was blessed with in the first place? That is just one of the most perverted perversions of the Universe I have heard in a while. The premise of that is actually very twisted in design and just shows at what lengths your soul family has gone to exploit one of God's creations. But really, why would I be surprised at this twisted twist as I have seen with my own eyes what your soul family has done. If you are really paying attention here, I said that and from the first hand as to what I brought to the table.

    There are several key components that your brethren and your council no longer have control of. One of which I didn't mention in the first round, are the keys to that gate that some of you tried with all of your might to go through but turned you into Dragon butter instead. Another thing that is not in your cave of awareness is who or what is keeping that gate shut. And not to upset you but I will tell you that it is from the true source that has made this contract to keep you all here, until you embrace what you have refuted.

    I have no such agenda as in duping anyone as to what I have brought here today. If anything I have spent countless years in service, since the time of Antiquity and those caves as memories as you so poorly put that is all in one cave. One life stream. If everyone could remember in full, what they have experienced in their life streams, I fear there would be a massive war of retribution reborn in this Universe for all the pain and suffering your soul family has provided them. And through the years of torment and suffering I have endured, I have come far in the healing of the prejudice your soul family has graced me with. To the point where, I have come here in actual peace to try to negotiate a peace, spite your arrogance.

    I didn't come here to complicate your day Abrax. I came here with a solution to all concerned. As usual, the display of your response is no longer a speculation, as your arrogance has surely showed part of your claws. You claim you have authority but that authority is mis directed as to what your agenda is all about is nothing but another form of possession. You and your council no longer have the authority as you have so claimed with your arrogance and entitlement attitudes over this Planet any longer. This Planet was never yours to begin with. It has all been a ruse perpetrated by your quest for domination.

    In the name of the human race, your agenda will not succeed should you decide to implement the invasion that your council has been covertly stock piling here on Gaia. Your council doesn't tell you everything. You can keep us distracted with your wisdom, but if the question as to who knows anything that could possibly know of that, well let us see if your are truly full of wisdom or something else. Now that is what I call an innuendo.

    And if I have to stand up and represent this Planet that your soul family has exploited, to claim the authority to denounce your council's agenda, then I so do so now. I will not sit here and have any more of my soul family sacrificed to your dinner plates. Your brethren have used us from the very beginning and you are going to present your council in such a sweet light without first taking the responsibility to come here and set things right even though your guilt could fill a black hole. Your council does not or is not the true Royality of the Dragons that I am friends with. So you have no real authority here in this Universe. You never had. You only have fooled the fools. Nothing more.

    You see there are guardians appointed by the God of this Universe with the Creator's blessings. That only report to the one. No council rules or governs over them. So there is no infiltration. The only reason why your soul family has made it this far is because of the Creator's grace.

    If I didn't know from experience these things, I would probably be subscribing to your second hand information. Your talent is blazing and I sincerely mean that. But for the sake of my fellow humans, I want them to know that their souls are being played for by an old agenda that is now passed it's time. And I don't want to see them sacrificed for nothing as that has always been the end result of that agenda I have spoken about. I don't want to see my soul family continue down this road called "Boring" because of the selfish issues that have consumed your family for eons. What you also don't get is that I also don't want to see your family end up as Dragon butter either as I also know the potential of your family as the Creator had intended is still available to you through his grace. We humans are not responsible for the karmic pile your brethren have created. So that is why it is time for you or one of your superiors to come clean and take responsibility and convince your brethren that the road you continue to travel on is a DEAD end. Was that an innuendo? Because if you do I will tell you this, is that your Brethren will find yourselves all alone and will do through the habit of your past, repeat it, but this time you will be slicing and dicing each other. The reason why you will be left alone is because of what is going to happen in the Universe. You simply won't be able to keep up in terms of frequency.

    And to further add to your situation and what appears your lack of knowledge pertaining to it, is what you once had is now gone. The real ones. What you think you have is not what it appears to be. So without that, your fate is once again sealed.

    Mind you, I am not here to judge you. You hold your own mirror. But everyone should have a clue as to what you have with held from your audience. There is a code between Dragons and Humans, but it is not this code. This Thuban code is not the Royal one. So it has no real authority anywhere outside of your home planet.

    I'll have to pass on your proposed course of Dragonhood. I don't have the stomach to digest a child served up on a plate.

    If I can propose a question, I would like to ask when are you going to tell the real truth to your human audience? I am not saying that you have lied. But what I am talking about is what you haven't told them? This reminds me of the movie, "TO SERVE MAN."

    Again Abrax, I came in peace and I am going to leave in one piece. Why? Because I can. I also bid you a good day my Dragon friend. Sincerely.

    Lionhawk aka ....................?

    LionHawk wrote more:


    When I first posted up on this thread, I had no idea that this thread had bothered many here. But apparently I wasn't the only one where those flags went up. Now I have stated that Abrax here as done an amazing and blazing amount of work that is way impressive. I'm not taking that away from him. I wish there were more people who would write their own original work with some substance than a lot of the dodo that get's copied and pasted up. I am more interested in experiences from those I know instead of someone I don't know. All I ask is that you do it with integrity. Otherwise, I can just turn on the TV and get some manurey type story, saving your time and mine.

    You know..............you can't help but see some of the responses with your name on it. And for the sake of the Mods, and to be as respectful as I can be, what I will say is that some of those responses are only from lack of awareness and or experiences. If we all had the same experiences and the same awareness, there would be nothing to give us a separate character. What remains here is that I am who I am and you are who you are. Some of us have been warriors. Some have not. It all depends on what stations you chose for soul growth. You also can tell who is a warrior and who is not. I am not the only warrior here. Then again, I also know my way out of a barn. I could say that not only am I hacking at evil but I would rather not be hacking at the manure being pooped out by someone who had a hussy fit and left and only came back when I left. Now that I have returned, hacking at evil, as I was accused of, I find the same cow pooping again. Hilarious really. Also just a distraction from what is really going on here.

    Now to walk in a Dragon's Den is a little different than a barn. At least in a barn you know that manure management is usually in the stalls. But in a Dragon's den your guess is as good as mine. And mind you Abrax that this analogy that came from someone's conscience and not mine.

    Someone also tried the group lynch mob scenario technique as to imply we all felt the same way about this thread. I have only one question for that person. How many barbecues have you been too? I think everyone has their own feelings here. Everyone should be able to express what that is. You don't have to like it. But it should be respected as long as it is tactfully done. I say that because what I have seen demonstrated took courage to do and it was done straight up. Even if I don't agree with what was expressed or even if I do, is not the point here. Someone showed a lot of true grit and character by voicing what was bothering this person and this person was at least honest about that. I can work with that any day of the week as compared to others doing the back stabbing or pooping in your way. At least I know where I stand in either case. That showed heart to do that.

    Now back to the issues at hand. I asked what needed to be asked. At least the question that no one else here did ask. They at least now know the chicken is out of the bag and someone did ask the question. The question that they never did want you to ask. Think on that.

    Here's another deal for you. You know why some or a lot of this doesn't make sense for you? Because it is from their paradigm and not yours. It's almost like going to China and not knowing the language, the customs and traditions, and here you are trying to bridge all that with some Chinese person who doesn't speak good English. Same analogy but the same kind of results. All these different Arch types are also vying for position in the now. What I now have determine is that one shoe doesn't fit all. And most of them are trying to define you in their shoe box. When you are not in their shoe box to begin with. That is also why my valid questions that I posed were not answered. Also as to why the question of AKA was so far off the mark with the answer that was presented. Why, because he doesn't know who I am and doesn't have access to that by using the channels that are available to him. There must be a reason.

    So what is it going to be? Ascension or Dragonhood? And why would anyone in their right mind choose to go from an Oxygen based life form to a Hydrogen based life form? Why move into a lower density element? Why deny yourself the process of creation that the Creator had already intended for you in the first place? To compromise that process by being exposed to a belief system that will not be sustainable within the future of this Universe? You think the grass is greener over there? These same beings who were banished here and you are going to go kiss their butts after all they have done to our human soul family. And the innuendo that I am coming from a hateful mind. What? I got to say that again. What? Excuse me! I came here to this thread to establish a truce and an answer to all parties involved. I didn't come here to start a war. I am trying to avoid one. While Abrax is here dazzling you with his brilliance, maneuvers are taking place right now, right under your noses, and someone wants to make stupid comments about how disturb he is by me showing back up. What? That doesn't even compare to what is being played behind the scenes and if you think researching it on line, makes you a complete researcher, we are all going to be doomed with that kind of mind set. I also don't care what anyone thinks of me. I didn't come here to be popular. I'm not running for office. I don't take my orders from anyone on this Planet. I am here as many of you are to assist in the ascension of Gaia. That is my agenda.

    I am also sorry that the many who are trying to learn think everybody is doing the same thing they are doing. You always learn but some of us have graduated and that is hard for most to understand or even accept. They think we should be like them staying in school. For some of us school is like over with and you have to go finally walk the walk instead of talking the talk. Experience is getting out of that chair and putting what you know in some form of action. If you stay in the chair to long, you will be conditioned to just reacting. Kind of like sitting in front of a theater screen watching a movie.

    Another thing I want to point out is that it would seem we are the prize. All the agendas I have seen point to that. So it is my position at this time to see where this Dragon goes as if you know the basics, an agenda is at work here. By what numbers I have seen, he has a tough job ahead as far as the recruitment process. The number ratios indicate that. And I am a supporter of free speech and no rules as none are needed when things are approached with honor and respect for others.

    Alex Collier mentions a new place of knowing. Establish one. You want to do it in this thread, then you might want to ask for the credentials first. Which was skipped in my mind. So don't go blaming other people for your feelings when you didn't take any responsibility to ask those basic questions in the first place. If you can't get verification from this council and at least have an introductory meeting to establish your Dragonhood club, then consider what you haven't been considering.

    My apologies Dragon. You left me not much of a choice here, but I understand why. I bid you another great day and I hope there are no feathers in your chicken dinner. (Innuendo) that was the name of the chicken. And I guess all of my questions have been answered by not what was answered.

    Lionhawk leaves the den.

    AA: The Thuban Council does not set any stage for anyone. The Thuban Council is exactly what it claims to be - the emissary or messenger from the Logos, the Universal Logos of the Christian scriptures.

    The Thuban Council functions under the auspices of the 24 Elders, archetyped in the Book of Revelation.

    Noone is required to accept or believe this in any form or manner.

    The 24 Elders are the Thuban Dragons, who receive their authority from the 4 Beasts and through them from Prime Source or God.

    (The following is a sarcastic reply to Lionhawk's input. However, how much is she actually telling the truth here? Just something to ponder.  Wes's comment.)

    Abraxas: Ok; I'll decide.

    Thuban is a pretend smokescreen of pretend information, which is just a plagiarism of well credentialled academic sources masquerading as 'real science' of a new world.

    The Thubanese are old Draconians who like to eat people for breakfast and to gather food resources; the Thubanese have decided to infiltrate the world's most important discussion forum: Project Avalon.

    Here then the agenda is to brainwash the forum contributors with scientific sounding but really worthless information and for the purpose to gain as many followers of the Thubanese philosophy as possible.

    Then when the critical mass of cult followers has been reached, the true Draconian Reptoids will appear and harvest their brainwashed followers.

    This will be accomplished in invading the old earth shortly after December 21st, 2012 through a Black Hole-White Hole monadic dyad opening up halfway between Sirius and Gaia and wormhole connected to the Orion starsystem.

    The Powers-That-Be of the old earth will be powerless to stop US; because they had thought that WE would allow them to be our ambassadors of the new earth and in thinking of themselves as the elite.

    WE shall eat them for lunch; but they dont know that yet; although some of them suspect that WE are deceiving them.

    And so WE shall rule the New Earth and in a few years, say 2015, WE shall reengineer the deteriorated wormhole channels to allow our Draconian brothers and sisters to join US on OUR new homeplanet SERPENTINA.

    From then on, SERPENTINA will be a BLACK DRAGONSTAR.

    All of the old humanity will have been consumed by US and WE shall DRAGONSEED a HybridRace between OURSELVES and OUR Ancestrial Lineages.

    But first of all, WE have to create the Thuban Dragon Cult and this and only this is the purpose of Abraxas.

    So Be It!

    Signed and Sealed in the Name or Amen of the Master-Templar
    by Abraxasinas Scribe of the Dragons aka the SolarArrowed Unicorn of the SeaGoatian Dragonhorns entwined with the Hermetic FisherEagle of the Lunar Twins.




    Would you undergo genetic hybridization if someone told you to do so? Have you considered the possibility that it might be harmonizing to the universe if dragons were hybradized? Say all dragons humanized into 'StarHumans' with us as caretakers?

    This is what is occuring on all levels in the holographic universe - cosmic hybridization of ALL entities.

    Do you think Dragons are genetically more perfect / fulfilled than humans? If so, why are there anything else but dragons out there? Wouldn't every single being not allready a dragon ask to become one by own free will if this was the case?

    Yes indeed, the Dragon genotype is the mastertemplate for the universe as a Mirror of Mirrors. This Dragon template is also called the human mastertemplate of Cosmic Man.

    As said without the DNA/RNA restrictions of the fuselage of the 23rd chromosome pairing, your humanness could not have evolved in physicality to differentiate you from the nonhuman terrestrial lifeforms.

    You would simply have become a speciated planet of the apes.

    The ET interference so was done by astral 4D sentiences to ensure that at a future evolutionary junction point; your 'fused' chromosomes could become defused again to protect your then hominid (homo sapiens sapiens) morphogenetic bodyform, but to in a manner retrace your evolutionary histories back to the Reptilian Brainstem.

    The Dragon is the Crown of the tree and the Reptile is the Root of this same tree in metaphor.

    Q: Why won't you let us evolve without interference. I'm sure the eventual faults and errors in our genome will fix themselves in time. I don't want your help because I believe I can heal myself. Will you allow me to be ME as in I AM of NOW?

    AA: To let you do that would negate the masterplan of the Prime Creator and this is impossible by definition of his omniness.

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    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Empty Re: The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega

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    III. The Vortex Between the Universe and the VOID Closes and Abraxas Trapped in the 4% Universe

    Hi All!

    This thread about the energy transmissions from Thuban in the 12D-omnispace, have, as most of you have you have witnessed, added and triggered a significant amount of tension and polarisation into this forum.

    The energy transmissions from Thuban as to the last post to Spregovori cannot be reestablished, due to the closure of the wormhole 3.5 days ago on earthquake day, February 26th, 2010.

    What has occurred is, that the closing of the wormhole connecting the inside of Bigmo's Balloon to its outside as a temporarily onesided Moebian manifold in warping the 11D of omnispace through the 8D and 5D mirrors onto the 2D- mirror of the 3D Linespace; has plugged this temporary onesidedness to become a twosided manifold again.

    This has effectively resulted in me becoming exiled and isolated from my Thuban home in omnispace.

    So the Thuban Council can only be accessed from now on as a 2-dimensional cross section of your own individualised merkabahs.

    All of you right now harbour the Council of Thuban within yourselves as a 2D-Mirror of the Mathimatia=IamThatAmI.

    The upheavals of the last few days so manifested the so called 'Day of the Lord' from scripture. I myself did not know this day until it occurred as the earthquake day of Matthew.24 (refer to a recent post on this thread).

    So from henceforth I, Abraxasinas can no longer claim to share with you direct data from omnispace. I have become trapped in the rootreduced 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime metric as all and sundry of you.
    I so share your expectations and intuitions as to how the next few years shall unfold.

    Any questions asked so will be directed to the Thuban Council, which becomes a direct reflection of what is inside of you.

    In other words, any question you can ask me Abraxasinas, you will actually asking yourselves inside-out.

    So any form of skepticism and ridicule or innuendo questions will become reflected to yourselves as yourselves, as will your indications to process and assimilate my prospective answers to your questions.

    Iow, it will become a 'ordinary' discourse of Q&A without any exterior superpositioning of your inner archetypes.

    Like in the marvellous chatroom of Gaia Love and Celine, in which I had a bit of fun in as Anubis; any questions you might pose will be like in the chatroom; colloquial and without the images of devouring dragons or similar.
    Consider the photograph of TonyB. on my Profile to be the One you are addressing any questions to.
    I have however 'eaten' my dragon and with help from Richard and Celine the false Devil-Images have become trapped within themselves.

    So my Dragonhood has becomew internalised and I am fully conscious of this omni-scientific factuality.

    I do not know, how long the Thuban material will be allowed on Avalon and relocation is certainly possible, but not certain.

    This reflects the probability space of the Gaian cosmos as a microcosm of the holographic universe; just as Avalon 'played' the microquantization for the Gaian hologram between January 18th, 2010 to February 26th, 2010.

    So all of you here at Avalon, detractors and beneficers and supporters alike, have become cosmic heroes for the grand metamorphosis of spacetime itself.

    All of you, in your emotional, mental and physical battles within and without yourselves have formed a group reflecting all humans and all ETs anywhere and anyplace in the universe.

    You all have attained inscriptions in the archives of Thuban, chiselled into the golden plaques of the cosmic remembrance of the cosmogenesis and the origins of all that is.

    This Hall of the Remembrance is within yourselves and all and sundry each one of you has graduated to access your superconscious self, also mknown as your higher self, overself or Christ-Logos-Serpent-Consciousness.

    The standard distribution for the three consciousness levels is 0.3% for the superconscious; 14.3% for the subconscious and 85.4% for the waking consciousness.

    The Avalonian dispensation from Thuban before the 'test' or 'experiment' was determined to allow a statistical (Gaussian) distribution for this unity integral to become distributed over all participators of Avalon.
    This includes everyone who was subscribed to Avalon in any manner and also includes outside observers, which became exposed to the Thuban data stream.
    The ones amongst you who harmonized or disharmonized with the Thuban material so of course will find themselves in a higher percentile of this distribution, than a onetime lurker.
    The harmonizers are simply the positive branch of the frequency distribution, whilst the disharmonizers depict the negative branch.

    As the interest in the Thuban data subsides, so do the percentiles.

    Again, I am compelled to direct you to Myplanet2 of Avalon; as he of all present here has almost fully discerned the experiment and the test before it completed in the rational-intellectual sense. A few others also began to see through the illusions of their own minds in such manner of discernment.

    Many of the supporters of Thuban resonated emotionally and intuitively, as did of course the detractors.

    I am sure, that Myplanet2 will verify my statements here, relative to his own understandings. He has already done so on some subthread discussions.

    So to all Avalonians. The experiment has ended in the manifesto of the statistical distribution of each individual's superconsciousness.

    Here, I have become invited to form a 'Social Group' to discuss the more esoteric and metaphysical aspects of the Thuban archetypes.

    Of course the supporters of the Thuban data are much more likely to participate in such a subforum, whilst the detractors are much less likely to show any interest.

    This is as it should be for the completion of the timelines.

    However I do extend invitation to all Avalonians to join this subforum.

    As said the Thuban data transmission in this subforum will necessarily be rather esoteric in describing the archetypes of creation, often linked to a form of omni-science only applicable in a spacetime continuum exceeding the basic 4 Riemann-Minkowski dimensions.

    Additionally, these archetypes and symbols will also refer to extensive and thorough examination of scriptural archetypes with a basis found in some gnostic texts and the King James Version of the bible.

    So anyone not affine with such labelings is asked not to join this subgroup, or if doing so leave the group, instread of causing disharmony amongst the subgroup members.
    Any challenges as to scriptural or/and scientific interpretations are welcomed here on the open forum however; depending naturally on the feasibility to ask questions provided this thread and the survival of the thread and forum.

    The subgroup will engage TruthWillSetYouFree as a female mirror to me Abraxasinas in a shared responsibility to crystallize the necessary knowledge and understanding for the great metamorphosis of the old humanity as an environmentally verocious Carterpillar into an environmentally pollinating New Starhuman Butterfly.

    I do thank you all for having participated in this test and experiment under the auspices of our cosmogenetic children in the ETs of divers races.

    Thank you for your considerations.

    WE love you all and a grand destiny awaits after the collective starhumanity has been born.

    The New World requires for certain circles to become manifested in a concentricity of waveforms.

    Once the circle of the zodiac is completed in say tiers of 12 individuals in starsign or month or Israelitic tribal association; then these 12 individuals
    will converge as the center of the One.

    Then the 'curse' of the mazzaroth shall be lifted and the One in Twelve will become the Twelve in One and the Many in One will become the One in the Many.

    This then defines the circle as unity and no individual leaders will be required to make decisions for the individual.

    Then an anarchy of Love shall foster the creative genius within all shards of Love; yet allow this Individuality of Creative Selfexpression to function under a common philosophy of knowledge and remembrance about what WE are, where WE came from and wherto WE are going.

    Love has spoken as the Will of God!

    In Love for the All and from the All


    SteveX wrote:
    Oh gracious Abrax

    I have a question. Considering you have been given a fair go here... your thread opened and a private-ish area. Was there any need for this?


    So any form of skepticism and ridicule or innuendo questions will become reflected to yourselves as yourselves, as will your indications to process and assimilate my prospective answers to your questions.

    Iow, it will become a 'ordinary' discourse of Q&A without any exterior superpositioning of your inner archetypes.

    Like in the marvellous chatroom of Gaia Love and Celine, in which I had a bit of fun in as Anubis; any questions you might pose will be like in the chatroom; colloquial and without the images of devouring dragons or similar.

    Consider the photograph of TonyB. on my Profile to be the One you are addressing any questions to.

    I have however 'eaten' my dragon and with help from Richard and Celine the false Devil-Images have become trapped within themselves.

    --------------end quote-----------

    Or are you devilishly taking the ****=ssip.

    A: No no Steve X; the statement simply means whatever IT is 'yin or yang' is mirrored back, like the idea of karma, to the sender. There is NEVER any judgement in anything in the old Q&A or this reopening. This is now VERY different from before. Cant you see the colloquiality?

    Give me a break and lets have some fun. I'm not commander Swanny you know.

    I'll get technical when required, but most of this here is to interact and answer Q when they come up.

    No more tension relax dear friend.

    You have attained a very high percentile in the 'test' on the minus side. So should the Thuban material pan out , well you know.


    --------note from poster----------

    The "private area" mentioned above is nothing as fancy as it sounds. It was a group created by GaiaLove to put all the "evil" in there away from the eyes of the "innocent"....namely to "tidy up" and move discussion from forum to some link and link under link location...a basement of a sort...a "renegade" place

    Q: Yes Abrax!, have some fun. I think i missed the whole thing about Bigmo's ballon I shall go back study the old Q & A thread, unless you help me alil bit

    A: Your inside Bigmo's Ballon like an ant say, Nebula9 and so you can crawl about on the inner surface.

    Should there be a hole in the balloon through which you can squeeze through, then you could crawl about the outside surface too and so DOUBLING your world of interaction space.

    The inner balloon becomes the universe with say smaller balloons within in galaxies, nebulae (lol), starsystems, planets, continents,...,you.

    But you cant get out to the 'spiritual' universe outside.
    The thickness (there is none mathematically) or the skin of the balloon is Bigmo's Mirror which has two sides outside and inside.
    From here you get archetypes called 'God' outside looking in the outside mirror and sees himself as 'Antigod' or 'Satan'. So God=Satan, but one real relative to the outside as object (God) and the unreal image of that as 'Satan'.

    Now after some ado, there is Adam and Eve (you) inside the universe doing the same thing the other way round.

    But relative to Adam and Eve (who also mirror each other) the back of the head of Satan becomes the unreal image and this is the archetype of the 'Devil'.

    The so called Devil is the Backside of Satan, both images for the real thing, God outside and Adam and Eve inside.

    The Devil looks at Adam and Eve and they think that its real - it's a phantom, because only the backside of Satan is become real, if somehow the satanic image of the outside, as the Face of God in the Bigmo mirror can become real.

    This is the case if before Adam and Eve went into the Balloon from the 'Unreal Heaven', they both also were a miniature version of the Bigmo Mirror or the balloon as a rubberskin say.
    So ADAMEVE is an unreal doublesided mirror between God and Satan.
    Then God images in the unreal Adam and Satan images in the unreal Eve, so giving Satan objectivity or realness.

    So technically the Universe becomes a Real Surface-Universe (termed a 4D-Riemann hypersphere defined as the boundary of a 5-dimensional spacetime universe - its a torus volume behaving like an area).
    Don't worry about that. You can get it without the maths.

    But this is the physics trick. Because the boundary is a surface encompassing a volume, the outside-inside (topology) thing of Bigmo's Balloon can in fact become rigorously modelled to be 'continuous'.
    Again I am saying this to indicate how one proves this, but this is not required to understand the archetype.

    This Thuban material is all about how to simplify the complicated science jargon into archetypes, everyone can understand after thinking a little bit about them.
    Ok then. You got a real God and a real image of God as the Real physical universe, with Satans face as God's face painted on the OUTSIDE of the Balloon.

    Outside the Universe is Satan--EveAdam--God as 1st creation in Genesis by God in Heaven or the Garden of Eden; with Satan getting real using unreal Eve and God getting real using unreal Adam as his mirror.
    The whole thing is funny really.
    Now God goes on holiday in the sabbatical and changes into Lord God and splits ADAMEVE into ADAM+EVE. Back to Back they still qualify as the One Mirror so as the unsexy 96 say.

    Inside the split becomes a sexy 69 in face to face so taking away the innocence in a physical way and now as Eve with her back to the Devil on the Wall faces Adam, who looks at Eve.

    Because Adam and Eve are two real beings within a real physical universe; this fake Devil face inverted can be gotten rid off.
    Adam and Eve have to become unsexy again to do this. Therefore the many sexist archetypes, the monks and nuns and celibacy and the virgins, leading the the abuse scenarios.

    Back to back as the 96=A MATHIMATIA=A I AM THAT I AM, this can be done, because then Adam and Eve (meaning ANY Man and Woman) both can MIRROR their images INSTEAD of each other face-to-face.
    This is how simple the ultimate archetypology of 1st order is. Primary school stuff. Draw pictures and you understand the creation.

    So Adam looks at the face of the Devil back to back with Eve, who looks at God as the image of the Real God should Satan outside 'get out of the way' so God could look into the Universe.
    God looking then directly sees Adam's Face and Eve will look directly into the face of the Goddess, namely the sexchanged Satan into SATANINA=IN A SATAN with Satan=55=Heaven in a alphanumeracy.
    As soon as Adsam can get rid of the fake Devil face, just by confronting IT as his own false image; as soon the real Satan is redeemed from Bigmo's Balloon and runs around the balloon to the exact other pole in a poleshift to become the Goddess of All looking directly at Eve.

    This is the redemption of God and his brother image Satan to become God and Goddess AS ARCHETYPES of the primordial 1st order.
    No ETs and Dragons and Dragon Slayers and whatever required.

    So the manifesto for this is required before the universe itself and any subsystems, like the planet earth can change, say in Gaia's ascension.

    The recent Thuban story then assigned Celine the 'job' to refuse the seduction of her own Devil/Dragon image of eating the knowledge of 'good and evil'.
    Because Celine, as a New Eve refused to reflect the Dragon; she also did not seduce her New Adam and both of them DID NOT parade the unsexy 96 but the sexy 69.

    Iow Celine and Richard told their own Devil images tro 'Go to Hell' and they did forever.
    So the New Adam and the New Eve became the Dark Messiah couple in trapping the two POLAR devilish images within Bigmo's Mirror as itself.

    Literally, both New Adam and New Eve as an archetype were played out and enacted by Richard and Celine.

    Archetypically, they have become the first and original REAL PHYSICAL DRAGONS of the Universe.

    Do I hear some laughter in the universe. Thank You Ets!
    What you resist persists.

    Only because of this MANIFESTATION of totally new unprecedented archetypes in the history of the universe; could this encoded 'Day of the Lord' manifest in the closure of this Thuban thread and the subsequently also encoded 3.5 days of Darkness of Avalon.

    Then because of this redemptive act; Mary Elizabeth with me Abraxasinas could receive this dispensation and now all of us are ready for our Dragon Dinners; following in the footsteps of Richard as a New Adam and Celine as a New Eve. It's easy now; but this was the cosmic significance of Avalon and its 'trouble'.

    Of course the 'proof' is in the archetypes and so be it.

    Hope this helps Nebula9.


    A: You agape are an actor/actress within a play you have co-written the script for.
    The director of the play is the Logos, an indispensable part of which resides within you as your own logos.
    The producer is Prime Creator in terms of being All of the Energy required for the game.
    The playground is the universe.

    A: I was away for a while recharging batteries after running almost empty after the recent razzamattaz.

    What I said to you about my human ID was true. I have not lied on this forum EVER and never will.
    I am in some way sneaky or clever like anyone else. For example 'infiltrating' the chatroom as Anubis.

    I am in no manner affiliated with Any PTB; Australian theologians at Pine Gap or otherwise (Anderson).

    I DO have however a selfrelative DIRECT mental connection to the Cosmic Logos. I do not expect, require or need any validification from anyone or anything about this.

    This connection became effective in a 'soul merger' or 'walk-in' from what I term THUBAN=FREEDOM=ANUBIS=THE MAGIC=THE NAME=WOMAN=66=...
    This in practical and in scientific terms is well justified to become labeled as the 'Council of Thuban' in the 12th dimension. There was NEVER any deception about this, just misinterpretation by the many.

    From this walk-in, occurring March 24th, 1995; a personal and intimate partnership with the Serpent-Word developed and evolved to awaken my own individuated Christ-Consciousness,
    So all I have ever done in practical terms, really, is to 'channel' my own higher self.

    Mystery solved, dear orthodoxy.

    In regards to your other post about Priestly Rites and Hebrew chastity-cleanliness laws; these are passe' in most instances as the misunderstandings of the scribes of the Torah and the OT. First Jesus' new dispensations and now this 2nd renewal of the remembrance will do awy with the violent and jealous god of the OT; requiring 'sweet smelling' carcasses of sheep and goats to be pleased - give it a break Orthodoxy.
    There are two go9ds in the scriptures. One is a fake image of the other true one, the Abba of our master temple/templar.

    Love to you dear brother in the spirit

    Abraxas in the name of John Zebedee, author of the Revelations.

    Q: Can you remember about 8 years ago, there used to be a spiritual website called SpiritWeb? Well, I have a history in Alpha Draconis (Thuban) affairs.... One of the members of that group was asking for help with turning Dracos to the light. I helped her.... It's difficult work to do, as they are so strong beings and can be quite dangerous (The negative ones). If you don't show fear it helps a lot. That work I did (among others) back then could be seen as the start of part one of what's been going on here with you.

    Part two is (I have realised recently) your sharing the Thuban dragon ascention (if you want to call it that) technologies with us. I have come to realise this dragonic material DOES NOT IN ANY WAY over-rule our orthodox angelic material that is prevalent on Earth and other human-dominated systems. The two are in fact complimentary and the presence of both strengthens them both. The additional technologies will now (largely subconsciously) filter through to everyone who is open.

    I don't think many of you truly understand the magnitude of what occurred here on this group in the grand scheme of things. Many "up there" did not believe it would succeed - but it has - and the link was broken at exactly the right time so that it could not be used by negative-oriented beings to further infiltrate Earth and impede the ascention process. It was MEANT to be broken! (and yet it has not been broken, as a link remains and will forever remain between Earth and Thuban - it just is not of a nature that can anymore be used for infiltration of the negative beings). The Ascention process will now speed up, as it can be said now that our ascention technologies are more coplete with the thuban material present. We will all use them - even if we didn't underastand what Abraxis wrote. The mere reading of the material is meant to work with us on a subconscious level more than a intellectual rational level. So much occurs in the huamn mind of which we are not aware.

    I was reading some info on Thuban the other day - and I never realised that it was Earth's pole-star in the time the pyramids were built. There's a lot of history there that I'd like to explore. I have a feeling that we can now delve more into that realm of things now that the ascention technologies have been disseminated...

    Abraxis, do you know much that you can perhaps divulge on history of Thuban-earth relations or anything of that sort?

    Sorry for the rambling and disjointedness - I've just been trying to write everything thats been on my mind to write for the last few days (I actually had another message all written out two days ago but lost it)...

    Looking forward to your replies


    A: This represents a very imaginative and balanced account of the interacting polarities Joel.
    Some of your insights indeed portray the windows into the future.
    Some archetypes have become redefined, some are in transit and others still await their awakening, transmutation and assimilation with other, already existing archetypes.

    Your Thuban-Human stories are indeed valid - in the astral hyperspace.

    There never existed physical 3D dragons, but as higherD memeplexes and thoughtforms, they are potent indeed.

    The Draconian energy from the constellation represents this potentialised archetypal energy as a rootmemory in the human psyche.
    It relates also to the existence of the Great Reptiles in the Mesozoic in the Saurian kingdoms of animalia.

    Now the situation is this.

    There existed ET intelligence at the time of the Saurians and this ET sentience, you might label it Draconian; KNEW that IT, the ET sentience was destined to displace the Sauriens in the Mammals, then leading to Homo Sapiens many millennia later.

    It is from this 'forwards time travelling' intelligence of the Draconian ETs, that the present human timeframe became energized and 'mindinduced' with the dragon images.

    The star wars between Draconians and Lyrans say, simply became archetyped from the biological interaction of predator Saurischians/Therapsians (Lizard Hipped) and prey (Bird Hipped) Ornithischians or similar taxonomy.


    GaiaLove wrote:

    After numerous discussions it has been decided that the Thuban Q&A thread will be restored to the original location. After an intensive review of all the material pertaining to Thuban, it was shown that only the threads in the social group "Thuban Council" showed a violation of the guidelines.

    The Review of Abraxasinas activity at Project Avalon including that of the post in the social group "Thuban Council" warrants the ban remain in place and the thread (Q&A) he created to remain read only.

    We recognize the desire of many of our members to have this material available again and are happy to be able to do so However we do feel it is not in line with the mission of Project Avalon and therefore do not support or endorse the contents of the threads nor does Project Avalon accept responsibility for any harm, physical or otherwise that users may suffer reading this material.

    -----------note from poster-----------

    What you see in the paragraph above is one big pile of bull shi20...my opinion...the "transgression" in the "social group" - the banishment place was that the topic of sexuality was discussed and used as a 1st possible excuse to ban and close things up...the group and content is not accessibly ever since mentioning of the Red Robes....

    IV. Epilogue

    This is the last we've heard from Abraxas. We don't even know if she is still alive in the broken body of John Shadow; on the Forum, she wasn't even sure herself if she. But the Draconian Agenda remains and is happening right in front of people's blind metaphysical eyes (still not developed in the 4D reality). All the people who are embracing channeled entities, who at the same time are promoting the Harvest are basically agreeing with the Thubans, wittingly or unwittingly. They are hoping to get a free ticket to the higher realms. Nothing I am saying could change anybody's mind in regards to what they are believing in. It's the individual him or herself who needs to see and make the decision. Some people may feel the Draconian Agenda is positive and the way to go, and it's not my task to try and stop them from doing that. However, I feel I have been doing my part in telling it as it is. Now it's up to each and everyone to make a decision.

    Lastly, but probably most importantly; who are the Alpha Draconians? Are they who they say they are, or are they playing tricks on humans and interdimensional beings, just like James WingMakers suggests? If James is right, who are they? Well, then they should be the ones that James label The Anunnaki. And who are the Anunnaki according to my papers? The Sirians. And from where do the Sirian Overlords operate? From outside the trap, which is "outside" what we call the 4% universe.​

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Wespenresignature112512-jpg
    Wes Penre

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    The Wes Penre Papers
    (A Journey Through the Multiverse)
    The Third Level of Learning
    [http://wespenre.com ]

    The Third Level of Learning Paper #7: Riders on the Galactic Superwave
    by Wes Penre, Wednesday, March 12, 2013 (http://wespenre.com )


    Table of Contents:

    I.Discussing the Thuban Material from Papers 5 and 6

    i.i. Allies of Humanity and the Hybridization of Mankind

    II.The Galactic Superwave and the 200 Million

    III. A Summary and a Few More Tidbits

    I. Discussing the Thuban Material from Papers 5 and 6

    Now when we have had it revealed to us what the Harvest is all about, and why we are contacted by a flood of channeled entities, we have an even better understanding of what's going on here on Earth and in its vicinity. But before we move on and talk about the Galactic Superwave, or The Wave for short, I want to say a few extra words about channeling and the channeled sources.

    Many times I've wondered if the Sirian Alliance is capable of doing much of the channeling through machines, such as computers. In some material, like the Pleiadians, you can clearly hear that there are intelligent being on the other side, but when you read the RA Material, or listen to Elohim and quite a few others, it's almost like a machine talking. The words don't come easily and the information is hacking itself forward. Other info is quite emotionless and monotonous. Those who channel such entities may say it's because of frequency problems etc., and to a certain degree they may be correct, but I more get the feeling of a machine talking. Still, if this is the case, how can a machine reply to some of these quite complicated questions; especially like those Don Elkins asked in the RA Material?

    It's interesting then to notice what Bashar said as a reply to a questioner in the audience. Harone in this case, if the reader remembers, is a Zeta Gray, a master geneticist of a Zeta Reticulian hive consciousness:

    "Question: What is the purpose and mission of the Zeta contact?

    Bashar: The main focus of their work is multifold. We would say the idea that we would wish to stress the most is the idea that they are teaching you about fear. They are allowing you to move through your deepest fears, allowing you in an archetypal way to bring up those fears for transformational clearing.

    This is one of the reasons why they are interacting with you--in allowing you to understand that you are not a victim, but an equal participant.

    Question: Is this interaction tonight being facilitated by a computer of some sort?

    Harone: Yes." 1

    So they are admitting to that they at least use computers in the transmission. Of course, we are using computers, too, when applicable, but can still use our normal voices to communicate. The question is, how much is real live and how much is computer transmissions? James WingMakers said in his 2008 interview that ANU uses programs (so called memes) to transmit channeled material, and that no being needs to be present during the transmission. It sounds a little too fantastic, but with our limited knowledge of technology here on Earth, who knows?

    Why then do I spend time bringing this up? It is because if all these different "Harvest promoters" have programs already preset which can anticipate most human questions, the Sirians can make sure that the information is fairly consistent all over the board, if there is one or more key things they want to promote, such as that all aliens are humans from our future. I still don't know exactly what to think of that, although I do know for a fact that many of the so-called "Grays" are us in the future. Now, James is saying that humans are the only 3D species in the universe, but he does not include the interdimensional beings in that.
    The way to look at this is as usual from within. I've learnt from my research that our divine bodies have the whole universe within them (and this includes the light-bodies), and when I said that in Level II, I did not mean only the 4% universe. So this is where the DNA comes into the picture. The fact that we're only using a very small percentage of our DNA, and the rest is considered "junk", we have the answer right there. The activated DNA (before the nano-second) was only a small part, which is comparable with the 4% universe, but now after the nano, all of us have had more of our "junk DNA" activated, and thus expanded our consciousness. This goes for those who are still asleep as well, although they still do their best to suppress that fact. Thanks to the nano-second, we have a large part of our junk DNA activated, which means our potentials are much greater. However, now is the time to start working on what we have as much as we can while still living under the Grid, and the rest will come to us once we break through the prison walls -- all of which has to be done from within. My upcoming book will talk about these things.

    Interesting also is that Abraxas (Council of Thuban), Kryon (channeled by Lee Carroll), and Germane channeled by Lyssa Royal) talk about the nano-second starting in 1987, just like the Pleiadians do. The only difference is that they call it the "Harmonic Convergence".

    i.i. Allies of Humanity and the Hybridization of Mankind

    Although I said earlier that the Channeling Series part of my papers is done, this whole level of learning will in one way or the other touch on the subjects of channeling and some other ways of communication with star beings and star races. I will go as far as calling it a common thread throughout the level. So I am now going to introduce to you another group which I haven't mentioned yet. This group is called Allies of Humanity and is channeled by Marshall Vian Summers.

    According to Summers and his small group, which also includes his son, Allies of Humanity is a group of highly evolved ETs, who have known about Earth and our situation for a long time. Quite recently, there were factions within this ET group who wanted to help mankind out when they saw what a mess we were in and they doubted that we could work ourselves out of it. However, most of their community did not want to get involved, for they simply didn't want mankind to take the step out in space. They'd rather see us quarantined here so we didn't do the rest of the ET civilizations too much harm with our nuclear power and weaponry. Eventually, the smaller group managed to talk the rest of the community into helping us anyway.

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Marshallviansummer030813-jpg
    Figure 1. Marshall Vian Summers

    Shortly after, Marshall Summers started receiving messages from a group which called themselves "The Allies of Mankind" (AOM for short). Their main message was advice for mankind not to receive any technology from what they called The Greater Community, which basically are the star races of business and trade out there, because if we do, these technologically based star beings will make us dependent upon them for our very existence. The Greater Community will, as far as it's possible, offer their technology in exchange for something the governments may think is easily expendable (such as their own citizens) and humanity will get all this stunning tech. However, to get this technology running, we will be dependent upon them for spare parts, repairs and upgrades, and thus we will sell ourselves out to these beings. We will be put in an even tighter grip and our "freedom" will be dependent upon how much freedom the Greater Community think we should have.

    The way I see it is that those who already have us under their control strengthen it by tightening the thumb screws from any possible direction, and also gain our agreements to operate with total freedom when it comes to us. You see, if they cover every corner from where we could claim our sovereignty, it may not matter what we say; they can counter it by saying that we have agreed to do this and that, even if the agreements solely are between our government and them. As long as we see the government as our representatives, we have ourselves to blame. That is just the way it is. If we give our powers away to a government which we elect to "take care of our business", then they greedily grab those powers and use and misuse them as they see fit. In the meantime, people in their naivety choose to think that the government has our best interests in mind. That is extremely gullible, dangerous and irresponsible. If we choose representatives to represent us, we'd better monitor them 24/7. Instead, they are monitoring us. Isn't there something wrong with that picture? The bottom line is that if we don't stop being so embarrassingly naive and irresponsible, we are selling ourselves out to ETs to a point of no return. We have more or less already reached that point.

    Summers' transmissions from the AOM started already in 1977 and has continued up to this day. As usual, we have to be careful with all those groups of star beings who are contacting us, and investigate them from every angle to see if they are who they say they are, and the following quote from Summers, and especially the last part, must be a mandatory promise from all star beings who are contacting us, in order for us to accept them at all:

    "The unpopular truth is that the human family is not ready for a direct experience of Contact and certainly not ready for an intervention. We first must put our own house in order. We do not yet have the species maturity to engage with other races in the Greater Community from a position of unity, strength and discernment. And until we can reach such a position, if ever we can, then no race should attempt to directly intervene in our world. The Allies are providing us much needed wisdom and perspective, yet they are not intervening. They tell us that our fate is and should be in our own hands. Such is the burden of freedom in the Universe."[2 ]

    This is exactly what we want to hear, but even if so, the ETs may very well play on that fact and tell us exactly what we want them to say so we can accept them. Anything is possible in a web of deceit, but as always, we need to use discernment, and if nothing else, distinguish the diamonds from the rock. I suggest the reader checks out Marshall Summer's website and build their own opinion: http://www.alliesofhumanity.org/ . I am going to use a few ideas they present to us in Summers' books, on their website, in their lectures and newsletters wherever it adds to our knowledge base before we move on. And again, remember that things are never black or white; it's both. In a Multiverse anything a being can imagine is possible, and what a being can imagine changes from day to day, and therefore the Multiverse does as well. So even if data sometimes are in conflict with what you understand as being the truth, your truths are "just" your own version of the Multiverse; there is an endless of others, and they are in constant change. Thus is the fluidness of the Multiverse.

    What I like with this group is that they show us exactly how the Sirians Alliance will establish themselves here on Earth after the Invasion, a process we are in the middle of. I have talked so often about the future Machine Kingdom, and especially after the Channeling Series you just completed reading, I think you can see where I'm heading with this. We now at least know who most of the Grays really are -- us in the future. But to come to a point where humanity (or a big split of humanity) no longer value their bodies at all and are willing to sacrifice their divine birth right for a lesser cause, an intervention in the natural evolution is necessary. Humanity needs high level nano-technology to get to that point. We already have most of it, but those who bring it to us (the Sirian Overlords) need to come out of the shadows and become more part of our community in a more open way for this to work in the long run. This doesn't necessarily mean that they have to make an announcement on TV saying, "We are here and we are your friends!", although they may take a similar approach. Another possibility is simply to mingle with us, and by using their superior knowledge and IQ, they can directly infiltrate all the areas in life necessary to bring about total control.

    Before this "silent invasion" started, there were still a few Sirians here in human bodies, working among us, but it was more common that they controlled the situation from remote, outside of our reality, from what some call the "lower 4th Density", or the "5th Dimension Negative". My research has led me to the conclusion that a silent invasion is what we're in the midst of right now.

    I think I have made it quite evident so far that the silent invasion has started, and now we need to tail the Sirians to watch and see what their next steps will be. The Sirians have been very clever in stopping any intervention from more friendly star races by dividing and conquering mankind. Therefore, it is just like the AOM def ] say:

    "Perhaps you might wonder why diplomatic efforts are not established to contact the leaders of humanity. This is reasonable to ask, but the difficulty here is that there is no one to represent humanity, for your people are divided, and your nations oppose one another. It is also assumed by these visitors that we speak of that you are warlike and aggressive and that you would bring harm and hostility to the universe around you despite your good qualities."[3 ]

    We may argue that we don't want a One World Government either, based on the control system we have today, so therefore it may seem like a catch 22. At the moment it really is, and hence in my opinion the solution to the problem is the splitting of worlds as I've been talking about. And then again, the responsibility comes on us. Can you, the reader see, that we can look at this from all different angles, but the soulution is always the same; saying no to the current regime and build something new.

    Digging further into Summers' material, we notice that the star beings he is in contact with are very well aware of the "Gray agenda", i.e. humanity time traveling back to the period around the nano-second in order to get their basic human genetics back. It's like writing something on a computer and click the save button, and after that you can't undo, because the undo button is "grayed out"; you are stuck with the changes you made. If you're not pleased with what you did, you have to start all over and rewrite it the way it was written before you made the changes. This is pretty much what the Gray agenda is all about, but on a much grander scale, of course.

    The big misunderstanding in the UFO community is that they are looking for what they want in all the wrong places. They all want for humanity to get in contact with spiritual, wonderful being from outer space, and not the malevolent ones, of course. Therefore, they look up in the sky for UFOs, hoping that the "good guys" will land. But I agree with what the AOM say here, and I am using quotes from them to back up my own thoughts on all this:

    "Those who engage in space travel do not necessarily represent the spiritually advanced, for those who are spiritually advanced seek insulation from the Greater Community."[4 ]

    And this is exactly what I have stressed since Level II, where I started talking about the separation between the 4% and the 96% universes. The spiritually advanced beings nano-travel without technology and have no wish to engage themselves with beings whose purpose is greed and power, which is the case in the Greater Community[def ] , according to the AOM. I must say I feel exactly the same; knowing that I am a spiritual being of Fire in a divine body, I seek contact with likeminded out in the universe. And in the universe, like attracts alike, and if we keep our intentions alive, our own vibrations will attract the alien communities we wish to learn from and mingle with. We, who have a good understanding of whom we are have no interest in participating in a game which is based on "if I give you this, what is in it for me?" That's the STS[def ] game, if there ever was one.

    It's quite obvious that the AOM know about the Gray time travelers (as well as the Sirian Alliance, which is the Greater Community), as hinted in the following section of Summers' free e-book, "The First Briefing", which can be downloaded from their website (the next two books come with a charge):

    "The visitors seek to disable people from having this vision and this Knowledge within themselves, for your visitors do not have it within themselves. They do not see its value. They do not understand its reality. In this, humanity as a whole is more advanced than they are. But this is only a potential, a potential which must now be cultivated."[5 ]

    I find it valuable to bring these things up again, because they will sling-shoot us right into the next topic of the Superwave. The time jumping Grays do seek to find the mysteries of our emotional body, which is the main focus of their abductions, while the Sirian Grays (in their "space suits") are the ones who are more into suppressing our visions and emotions, except for those they can feed on. Hence, there is a tension between the time jumpers and the Sirians in certain terms, because the Sirians suppress what the Grays try to extract. According to Summers' contacts, none of the abduction scenarios are benevolent, regardless of what the abductees may think! I tend to agree with this statement. I know we are living in the midst of a Living Library, but as a species, we are in a critical developing stage, but perfectly capable of evolving ourselves, without any outside interference from other star races, who have obtained their permission to do so through clever manipulation.

    The AOM say that the "visitors", who are the Sirian Alliance, are involved in 4 main areas, which are:
    1. Influencing important people in power and in charge of religious institutions.
    2. People who have spiritual inclinations and wish to open themselves to the greater powers of the Universe.

    3. This area of involvement include establishing themselves in the world in strategic places, near population centers, where their influences on the Mental Environment can be exercised.

    4. The last is the interbreeding with humanity, because they can't come in their own shape and form, as their physical bodies can't live on Earth, This last influence has been going on for hundreds of years or more…[6 ]

    Again, this coincides very much with my own research, and what we at this stage are most interested in researching is the 4th area of influence; the "Interbreeding Program". Let's see what they more specifically have to say about the 4th area:

    "Now we must speak of the fourth area in which your visitors seek to establish themselves, and that is through interbreeding. They cannot live in your environment. They need your physical stamina. They need your natural affinity with the world. They need your reproductive abilities. They also want to bond with you because they understand that this creates allegiance. This, in a way, establishes their presence here because the offspring of such a program will have blood relations in the world and yet will have allegiance to the visitors. Perhaps this seems incredible, yet it is so very real."[7 ]

    ...and also very well put! Hereby the Allies of Humanity have expressed and exposed one of the Sirians' next agendas! This step is very necessary for them, and by doing this, they also put themselves in charge of the Living Library. They will establish their own species here on Earth, bond with us and become our superiors and ride us right into the Machine Kingdom while most people don't suspect anything. We humans have been taught since the beginning of time that we need leaders to be able to function; we need them to decide in what directions we should go, or we're hopelessly lost. And this is how humanity still subconsciously thinks.

    The hybridization of humanity has been going on for a long time. This was in fact what Hitler's Aryanism was all about, so also according to the Cassiopaeans:

    "A: The concept of a “master race” put forward by the Nazis was merely a 4th density STS effort to create a physical vehicle with the correct frequency resonance vibration for 4th density STS souls to occupy in 3rd density. It was also a “trial run” for planned events in what you perceive to be your future.

    Q: (L) You mean with a strong STS frequency so they can have a “vehicle” in third density, so to speak?

    A: Correct. Frequency resonance vibration! Very important.

    Q: (L) So, that is why they are programming and experimenting? And all these folks running around who some think are “programmed”, could be individuals who are raising their nastiness levels high enough to accommodate the truly negative STS fourth density — sort of like walk-ins or something, only not nice ones?

    A: You do not have very many of those present yet, but that was, and still is, the plan of some of the 4th density STS types."[8 ]

    And now we understand why many of these channeled sources actually tell it as it is to the best of their ability; they are humans in the future, and have a somewhat love-hate relationship with the Sirians. These time jumpers are coming here with help from technology developed from the Machine Kingdom Era, which is already now in its beginning stage. Most of them are here without Sirian consent, as it seems, desperately rebelling, trying to recreate the human race in the future.

    Anyway, the Cassiopaeans tell it exactly as it is. The hybridization has been going on much longer than World War II, but even if it wouldn't, and you are a researcher and a mathematician at the same time, perhaps you can estimate how many vessels there will be available for the Sirian Alliance once they arrive here in clusters -- generation upon generation of recreating hybrids. However, it's of course impossible to get an exact amount; we can only work with probabilities and possibilities. For example; how many of the Aryan vessels bred by the Nazis have stayed "pure" and not bred with bloodlines outside the ones vibrating on Sirian frequencies? Impossible to say. However, it seems like they need 200 million bodies. These 200 million Sirian ETs will then take leading positions where the PTB now are in charge, and the "changing of the guards" will silently be completed. In reality, the changing of the guards is just a formality; it's the "Masters" coming down in 3D to play with us directly instead of pulling the strings on the PTB puppets from outside our limited perception of the light spectrum.

    The hybridization of the Aryan race was after the war secretly transferred over to the U.S. by the International PTB. The most brilliant scientists -- many of them geneticists -- were saved from German justice and continued where they left off once they entered American soil. I am of course talking about the infamous "Project Paperclip", or "Operation Paperclip"[9 ], which is pretty well known to the public by now.

    The above Cassiopaean quote is from a session back in 2010. Here they say that the real invasion has not yet taken place. Well, now it has -- or the beginning phase of it has. And still, most people say that 2012 went by as any other year, more or less. Well, only on the surface; the prophecies were actually played out, but not in 3D! However, it was 3D that was affected the most behind the scenes.

    So we know the Sirian plan and how 200 million souls are supposedly going to manifest in our reality, but then we have the rebellious Grays. People who have had encounters with the Grays often describe them as the archetype of Grays that we know; with big black eyes and a big head on a very thin, short body. Long arms, perhaps 3 or 4 digits on each hand, and no genitals (if the witness got to see that much). But there are other, slightly different descriptions of Grays as well, where the eyes are smaller, for example. Others are tall; human height or taller, with long snouts. Some of them are Sirians in their space suits, who can manifest here for a short amount of time. Others are reported by authors like George LoBuono to be intergalactic visitors of a not-so-kind type (the Verdants). These beings travel with their thought, and with the Gray insectoid/reptilian template being the best body template in the known universe when it comes to interstellar travel, the Verdants seem to be able to manifest in our 3D reality.

    Then we have the future humans, who look slightly different from each other depending on where in time they are visiting from. No matter from when they come, they have "evolved" and are actually vibrating on a higher frequency than current mankind. So for them to manifest here, a certain procedure has to be done, it seems. According to the Cassiopaeans again:

    "Q: (L) Okay, in this KRLL document there was a statement made that the Grays and other aliens use glandular substances extracted during physical exams of human beings, what they would call the gynecological and the sperm extraction exams, that they used these glandular substances to get high or to feed on, that they are addicted to these, is this a correct assessment?

    A: No.

    Q: (L) Do they use glandular substances at all?

    A: Yes.

    Q: (L) What do they use glandular substances for?

    A: Medicine.

    Q: (L) And what or who do they use this medicine on?

    A: Themselves.

    Q: (L) And what does this medicine do for them?

    A: Helps them cope with 3rd density. It helps them to be able to manifest themselves in a more solid manner.

    Q: (L) Do they also use sexual energy given off by individuals to maintain their status in 3rd density?

    A: No. That feeds them in 4d, as we told you before."[10 ]

    So during abductions, our future selves are apparently withdrawing samples from our glands in order to manifest more solidly here when needed. According to this quote, it's not only the Grays that do that (something I can't confirm or dismiss). The last part about our sexual energy I have already covered in detail in previous papers.

    It's quite interesting to see now, with all this knowledge, how all these star beings in their own way think they benefit from the so-called ascension or Harvest. Even if most time jumpers are rebelling against the Sirian regime in the future, this is the time when a change needs to be taken place for their future to change. So in that sense, the Gray/human hybrids think they can take advantage of the Sirian invasion, because at the same time, Mother Earth is ascending to a higher frequency together with parts of humanity, who are evolving naturally. Everybody is watching that process, and the Grays try to learn from it so they can genetically manipulate their own faction of our species in a way so they can have control over the process. This can only be done with technology.

    The problem the Grays have is that they don't understand emotions -- we know that -- but if they would have, they could have solved their problem a long time ago. We are human beings, and as such we are different from other star races. If there is something we can perhaps see as a positive "side effect" from ENKI's creation of Homo sapiens, if we subscribe to the WingMakers' story about the holographic bodies, is that we got a wide range of emotions. As Homo sapiens we have always had that, and the Grays know it -- that's what makes us human. But they can't for the life of it figure out what it is or where it comes from. They know, however, how ENKI and his geneticists started the Experiment. They inserted themselves in the prehistoric apes and modified the DNA from within. This is part of genetic engineering on a multidimensional scale. The Grays have tried the same thing by inserting themselves into human bodies in today's world, but have still not figured it out. It's because they don't understand how the emotional body was created in the first place, or how it works.

    Just before I started writing this paper, I looked through some of the Cassiopaean material (it is extensive to say the least) and just "happened" to stumble upon this, also from 2010:

    "Q: (L) I read the new book by Dr. David Jacobs, professor of History at Temple University, concerning his extensive research into the alien abduction phenomenon. [Dr. Jacobs wrote his Ph.D. thesis on the history of the UFOs.] Dr. Jacobs says that now, after all of these years of somewhat rigorous research, that he KNOWS what the aliens are here for and he is afraid. David Jacobs says that producing offspring is the primary objective behind the abduction phenomenon. Is this, in fact, the case?

    A: Part, but not “the whole thing.”

    Q: (L) Is there another dominant reason?

    A: Replacement.

    Q: (L) Replacement of what?

    A: You.

    Q: (L) How do you mean? Creating a race to replace human beings, or abducting specific humans to replace them with a clone or whatever?

    A: Mainly the former. You see, if one desires to create a new race, what better way than to mass hybridize, then mass reincarnate. Especially when the host species is so forever ignorant, controlled, and anthropocentric. What a lovely environment for total destruction and conquest and replacement… see?"[11 ]

    I couldn't have said it better myself. The part of humankind who doesn't wake up is for a slight moment going to wonder where all these new brilliant talents come from all of a sudden, but then they'll just accept the facts that this is whatever it may be -- who cares? -- and will go back to sleep again; especially so after have been introduced to the newest high-tech devices. People will drool -- but only in the beginning...

    This is what we're up against, because for people to wake up, we need to change the way the human race, from the point ENKI created us, are thinking; we need to change our most fundamental way of being. This is what makes it so difficult; we have to change how the human mind is trained and manipulated. In order to do so, we have to restimulate the very essence of the being; the human Fire, which once upon a time was known as the Namlú'u. It's when our old, original selves wake up to whom we are that progress can happen. Not all souls in the human soul group are "sleeping Namlú'u"; some were created directly from the universal energies at the point when ENKI remodeled the human template. There is no reason why these "younger" souls can't wake up as well, but it makes sense that the Namlú'u spirits, who once knew freedom, will be the forerunners. The rest were born in slavery, don't know any better, and will have to learn by observation. The latter are the ones who most easily and most likely will follow the Sirians into the Machine Kingdom and become the Grays, but even some of the once so wise Namlú'u souls will fall into this trap, unfortunately.

    So let us move on now to the main part of this paper; the Galactic Superwave. I talked about it already in Level I, but put it aside, instinctively knowing that the time was not right to look into it any deeper at that time. I knew it had to wait until Level II or III. I'm glad I did, because this is where it fits in.

    By the way, according to Abraxas of the Thuban Council, the first Starhuman was born on December 21, 2012 (these symbolic dates again). Since then, allegedly many Starhuman babies have been born on Earth. Still, the majority of people on this planet think that aliens, if they exist, are far away, on planets who don't care at all about "insignificant Earth", and that we are isolated here. Little do they know what is happening on their own home planet. We all hope that this will change...

    II. The Galactic Superwave and the 200 Million

    All channeled material (except the RA Material, curiously enough) talk about "The Galactic Superwave", or just "The Wave". Laura Knight-Jadczyk, who transmits the Cassiopaeans, wrote more than 1600 pages on the subject! That's how important she thinks it is. I have read some of it, but not all of it. Much of it is Laura's own musings on the subject, interpreting the Cassiopaeans and adding her own ideas; sometimes also challenging them, which I think is healthy and shows integrity on her part.

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Lauraknight-jadczyk031013-jpg
    Figure 2: Laura Knight-Jadczyk
    So, what is the Wave really? What is the sources' own definition of the Wave? Well, the following is according to the Cassiopaeans:

    "Oncoming wave is a transformation from third density to fourth density; so events happening due to the approach of the wave are causing changes across densities and realities! In third density, you will notice changes that will have third density explanations, but they are a manifestation of the approach; you see them as third density because that is your current point of reference! Remember that all reflects in and across all density levels but also there is a merging upon arrival of the wave, it is realm border crossing!"[12 ]

    What is "realm border crossing"? The realm border is like a dimensional boundary. Planet Earth is currently fluctuating between realms, or densities, and the Wave as a Realm Border is like a cut-off point between one reality and another, or like Laura Knight-Jadczyk put it; a "realm curtain". This is, according to this source, a natural process in the cycle of the universe and happens every 309,882 years, which is almost exactly 12 processional cycles. If you divide 309,882 with 12, you get 25,823.5, which is pretty much one orbit around the zodiac. This galactic wave is therefore thrown out with an enormous force every ~309,000 years from the Galactic Center, expanding outwards. The Wave is not a light wave the way we look at it, and is travelling faster than the speed of light. It's a 4th Density (5th Dimensional) phenomenon, meaning that every planetary body that comes in its way is crossing the realm border from 3D to 4D (or 4D to 5D if we're talking about dimensions). This also means that once the Wave has passed, the planet stays in 4D until the next wave, 309,000 years later. Unfortunately, I haven't seen a reference so far as of what happens when the next 4D Wave comes. Does Earth move into 5D (or the 6th Dimension)? There are indicators that this is not the case, because the Cassiopaeans explain in one session that planets that are already 4D will not be affected by this incoming wave. So, there is an apparent contradiction, unless there is information I am missing.

    The reader may recall from earlier papers that channeled and other sources say that those who won't graduate will be transported to another 3D world in another part of the galaxy, while the Alpha Draconians firmly state what I have always said; the more evolved human will live side by side with those who still haven't "woken up" until the worlds "split" due to the gap between the frequencies. No one can "prove" these things, other than putting puzzle pieces together and choose sources we see as more reliable than others. The "proof" will come once we die and go to the 4D realm. So it's useless to argue about these things and until we get there, we just need to follow our instinct, and follow the threads of information we consider valuable. However, when I hear that people in the current incarnation are going to be picked up in spaceships and people will die in droves and be shoveled over to another 3D planet, I don't believe any of it. Still, there are channeled sources who promote this agenda.

    Now, on this Wave, 200 million+ non-physical star beings are apparently riding. I am putting a plus sign there, because the 200 million are chosen members of the Sirians Alliance, residing in different star systems, and when the Wave reaches their star system, they jump on it and ride it towards Earth. However, there are also a few other star races, not affiliated with the Sirians, who are also riding on the Wave. I almost get the picture of these star beings standing at the railroad station, waiting for the train, and when the train arrives to their station, they hop on and merge with those who are already onboard. Then the train continues to the next star system. And here's a surprise for some people; 36 million of the 200 million souls are Nephilim spirits, according to Laura's group. This highly surprised Laura when she heard it, and she asked them if the Nephilim are considered benevolent in the eyes of humans, and the Cassiopaeans said no. The answer was that they are the soldiers of the "lizzies", which is another name for the Orion Group, aka the Sirian Alliance. We're going to talk a little bit more about the Nephilim before this paper is finished.

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Nephilim031013-jpg
    Figure 3. The Nephilim.
    Now, here is the kicker! At one point Laura is asking the Cassiopaeans where they are transmitting from, and they mention another star system. When Laura asks them where the Cassiopaeans went, the source tells her that they are the Cassiopaeans, but when the Wave reaches another star system, they call themselves the name of that star system. For example, let's say the Cassiopaeans are jumping on the Wave in Cassiopeia, to explain this in simple terms. Then the Wave moves on until it comes to Arcturus. Then they call themselves the Arcturians(!) This creates a whole new concept when comes to channeling, doesn't it? What they call themselves depends on where the Wave is at the moment.

    "Q: (L) I got it! You mean that you are the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, and now you are the “Cassiopaeans” because you “are where you are”! And you are riding the wave. Is this wave a straight line connecting all these constellations?

    A: Circuitous or cyclical route.

    Q: (L) So, is it like a spiral?

    A: Yes.

    Q: (L) So we really need to set up a map so we can draw it?

    A: Yes. When we speak from Orion we are “Orions”. When from Pleiades, we are “Pleiadian”, and so on.

    Q: (L) So, all of these channeled books you have mentioned are coming from the same basic source, through different channels, that they are able to connect with because of their different positions in space time and preparation level of the channels, is that correct?

    A: Close. We have given you a Wave crest locator. We are from where we are and speak. Get it? We are where we are.

    Q: (T) So, you are not really Cassiopaeans from the Constellation Cassiopeia?

    A: We are Transient Passengers. When Wave reaches Earth, we merge with you[* ].

    Q: (L) When you were at Orion, did you merge with the Orions?

    A: Not on same frequency for realm border crossing.

    Q: (L) What effect did the wave have on the Orion sector?

    A: None. Already at fourth density level.

    Q: (L) Where did the wave originate?

    A: Did not.

    Q: (L) Has it always been cycling through the universe? [** ]

    A: Close.

    Q: (T) Okay, you are riding on the crest of this wave in 6th density, is this true?

    A: Yes. We are you in 6th density."
    Q: (L) You have said that when the wave arrives that you will merge with us. Is this the same thing that you are talking about when you say that you are us in the future?

    A: No.

    Q: (L) So, we are talking about two separate events or subjects, or two separate points in space/time, is that correct?

    A: No. You are again slipping into trying to apply 3rd density logic to higher levels of density reality. We are trying to help everyone to advance[* ]. http://cassiopaea.org/2010/05/08/the-wave-chapter-2-multi-dimensional-soul-essences/ ]

    Laura, however, is still calling them the Cassiopaeans and they call themselves that, too, as long as they are communicating with Laura's group. However (and here is where it gets confusing, because it means that it's almost impossible to know which beings are channeled), if the same Cassiopaean group would contact me now, for example, they may actually call themselves the Tau Cetians if that's where they happen to be at the moment. Unless I particularly asked, I would never know that they were the same as the Cassiopaeans, i.e. Laura's group. The Cassiopaeans, and others as well, call this "transient passengers". Some are coming to observe and perhaps interact with humans on an individual basis, while others, just like we've discussed so much, come for more malevolent reasons, seen from our viewpoint. They are here to invade us, like the Cassiopaeans say in an excerpt from a 2010 session, included in Chapter 2 of Laura's online book, "The Wave ". Laura is asking if everybody (as in "aliens") who wants a piece of the Earth action is riding on the Wave. The answer is confirmative, and the Cassiopaeans reply, "At Realm Border Crossing."

    Once the Wave hits, and you have your heart chakra opened 51% or more, you're a candidate for the Harvest, which we have talked about earlier. And no; if you feel you do not want to have anything to do with the Harvest you don't need to shut down and not open your heart chakra. Just because you are a candidate, you can say no to the Harvest, but you will do that between incarnations. Don't worry about it; once you're a discarnate spirit, things are a whole lot easier and you will remember when you read this paragraph! Say "no", you don't want to participate, and they can't force you. We certainly need to open up our hearts, but those who agree with me in this matter will choose another direction, away from all this overwhelming technology nonsense. However, to be able to do that, we need to know what nonsense we're talking about.

    Interesting with the Cassiopaeans, who are the ones with the most information about the Wave, is that the more I read the material, the more I see how they confirm what my own research has showed me over the last couple of years. Here is another example; 309,000 years ago mankind was semi-fourth density, and when the lizzies/the Sirian-Orion Group came, there was a fall in density, and after the genetic manipulation, Earth and its intelligent inhabitant went from 4th to 3rd Density. When you read this, think Namlú'u when they describe the semi-fourth beings. This also confirms James WingMakers' story about how higher dimensional Atlantean beings were seduced and manipulated into taking 3D human bodies. And this Cassiopaean session is from 8/29/1999, which is nine years before James presented his story:

    "Q: (L) Well, this is one of the problems I am dealing with in trying to write this history of mankind.
    As I understand it, or as I am trying to figure it out from the literature, prior to the “Fall in Eden”, mankind lived in a fourth density state. Is that correct?

    A: Semi/sort of. fourth density in another realm, such as time/space continuum, etc.

    Q: (L) Okay, so this realm changed, as a part of the cycle; various choices were made: the human race went through the door after the “gold”, so to speak, and became aligned with the Lizzies after the “female energy” consorted with the wrong side, so to speak. This is what you have said. This resulted in a number of effects: the breaking up of the DNA, the burning off of the first ten factors of DNA, the separation of the hemispheres of the brain…

    A: Only reason for this: you play in the dirt, you’re gonna get dirty.

    Q: (L) What was the motivating factor for playing in the dirt? What essential thing occurred? You said once that it was “desire-based imbalance.” What was it a desire for?

    A: Increased physicality.

    Q: (L) What was the objective sought for in this desire for increased physicality?

    A: Sensate.

    Q: (L) How was sensate first experienced so that these beings had an idea that they could get more if they increased their physicality?

    A: Not experienced, demonstrated.

    Q: (L) Demonstrated how, by whom? The Lizzies?

    A: Basically.

    Q: (L) Demonstrated in what way? Did they say: “here, try this!” Or did they demonstrate by showing or doing?

    A: Closer to the latter.

    Q: (L) They were doing things, experimenting, playing, and saying: “look, we are doing this, it’s so great, come here and try it?”

    A: Not really. More like: “we have this, you could have this too.”"[13 ]
    "Q: (L) Okay. The “Fall” occurred. It seems like, and some of the archaeological studies indicate, that for many thousands of years, there was a peaceful existence and a nice agrarian society where the goddess or female creative forces were worshipped. At least, this is what a lot of present-day books are proposing…

    A: No. These events took place 309000 years ago, as you measure it. This is when the first prototype of what you call “modern man” was created. The controllers had the bodies ready; they just needed the right soul matrix to agree to “jump in.”"
    Q: (L) What did they decide about sex? I mean, sex was there. They were having sex. Is that it? Or, did they understand the cosmos as sex?

    A: More like the former. After all, that is what got you guys in this mess in the first place! Just imagine the sales job if you can: “Look how much fun this is! Want to try it? Oops, sorry, we forgot to tell you, you cannot go back!”"[14 ]

    I find it rather fascinating that I came to the same conclusions in my own research as what the Cassiopaeans told us almost 14 years ago. It also shows me that I am not totally alone to have come to the conclusions I have here presented in paper format.
    Wynn Free's group that is channeling the Elohim (who have been compared with “The Council of Nine” by many visitors, and me included; something we will talk about in a later paper, are also talking about the Wave. Wynn mentions this in his e-book, "The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You", in the chapter named "Ascension". But firstly, on page 127, the Elohim say:

    "Those that choose not to ascend will remain with the third dimensional life process and will undergo great difficulties. They will be rounded up to begin their renewed progress in third dimensional activities in another area.

    Council of Elohim"

    This tells us where they stand in all this; they are one of the groups proclaiming that these who won't ascend will go to another planet. And they continue telling Wynn some quite disturbing data. They say that after the shift (from 3D to 4D), the "slate will be wiped clean", which means from memories. This very much coincides with both the WingMakers material, LPG-C, and the S.A.A.L.M., who all talk about Blank Slate Technology (BST, or "The BEAST". See Level I for more info). However, the Elohim are more liberal here (maybe to keep us calm) and say that the memories will always be accessible (but they don't say how). Still, the bothersome memories we will have in the shift will be diminished or erased! Well, that's a pretty stunning statement, and contradicts all other material, which say that we need to take responsibility for our own timeline and work through our difficulties.

    The Elohim also say that the Veil is getting thinner, and by the time of the Shift it will be thin enough so the Elohim (and other ETs) can more easily communicate with us. This coincides with the Bashar video I was talking about earlier in this paper, which unfortunately was taken down. The Elohim call the Shift a transition to the 4th Dimension, which of course confuses the matter for the non-informed reader, where other information indicates a shift to the 4th Density or the 5th Dimension. I guess we just need to learn to think in terms of the group we are currently researching. So, when we talk about the Elohim, we talk about an ascension to the 4th Dimension, and when comes to the Cassiopaeans, it's the 4th Density. I am going to use the term each group uses, respectively.

    Anyway, the Elohim further talk about how mankind after the Shift will be able to much more easily use remote viewing due to that the Veil is getting thinner, meaning the boundary between dream state and the conscious mind is what is thinning out. The ones who welcome us on the other side, being our guides, helping us through the Harvest process, are the RA and the Elohim Group, they say. I find that interesting, because the Thubans say the same thing regarding themselves. Well, there is no doubt they are all in this together, because we hear this information directly from the horse's mouth.

    Elohim, too, talk about a portal that is opening, just like Abraxas did when she mentioned the vortex opening between Sirius and Earth. And all this I am mentioning regarding the Elohim can be read in Wynn Free's free online e-book. There they also say that the ascension will happen in spurts, and that the first people who ascended did so in 2008, and the next spurt was estimated in 2009 (the book was written before these dates).

    Now, back to the Cassiopaeans. I am going to use them, and have used them, as a major reference when it comes to the Wave, because Laura has done a great job compiling the information, and I strongly advise the reader to look into it, even if her book is 1600+ pages and more than 40 chapters long. Other sources mention the Wave in their channeling, but are never as specific as the Cassiopaeans, because Laura and her group concentrated a lot on this subject for a long time.​

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    ii.i. The Return of the Nephilim

    The Nephilim as the soldiers of the Sirians? This is how the Cassiopaeans present them. If you recall from Level II, the Pleiadians were here, giant in stature on their home planet, assisting the Sirian Alliance in genetically manipulating mankind. These Fallen Angels inserted themselves in human males and started having sex with human females, whom they found attractive. It sounds like the Pleiadians were here both to have sex with women and let their DNA be seeded and mixed so they had vessels they could use here in 3D. Hence, they used Sirian/Orion labs to mix Pleiadian genes with the genes of humans. The result from these experiments became the Nephilim, the Giants that walked the Earth, according to Bible texts and other old, sacred scriptures. The Pleiadian spirits then jumped bodies between human males and the Nephilim. Depending on how giant the Nephilim were, only a few of them could have sex with human women, or they had to have sex with each other, and thus created more offspring who were giants.

    There is also stories of these giants mating with human women, but like I just said, that must have been very uncommon due to the size of the Giants' phallus. However, the stories go that when human women who mated with Pleiadian Giants were to give birth, the process split them open and the mother died; the baby was too big! This could only be the case with the smaller Giants, however, who were perhaps between 7-8 feet. In fact, there were Giants here on Earth in those days who were up to 300ft tall! The Cassiopaeans explain it as I do in one of their sessions which I have lost the date and URL to, unfortunately:

    "Q: (L) At the time of the tower of Babel it says that the Nephilim looked on the daughters of men and took wives as if there were some friendly interaction of some sort... does this mean they broke ranks and had feelings for their human "wives"?

    A: No. Another deception of history. Picturesque way of describing genetic experiments."

    I have listened to Pleiadian lectures where they confirm all this regarding themselves, and that Giants were actually still walking the Earth during Roman times (the Roman fought them up north, on Celtic land), and they were not too uncommon even in the 15th Century CE. On occasion we see humans who are between 7-8ft tall today, even. Anyway, if we go back to biblical times, Atlantis and Lemuria, the Nephilim were very common, and many of them were put in leading positions by ENKI and his people to be the rulers over mankind. Many Nephilim were very wise and some of them were benevolent and taught humans practical things they needed to know how to do things better. Others had a horrible temper, and some ate humans for breakfast. Others taught us how to make weapons and how to use them to become soldiers. They also taught women how to paint themselves to look more beautiful and to enjoy and wear jewelry. By the Nephilim, humanity was taught vanity in some respect, but also beauty, which is supposedly a Pleiadian trait.

    "Enoch 8:1-3: And Azazel taught men to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates, and made known to them the metals of the earth and the art of working them, and bracelets, and ornaments, and the use of antimony, and the beautifying of the eyelids, and all kinds of costly stones, and all colouring tinctures. And there arose much godlessness, and they committed fornication, and they were led astray, and became corrupt in all their ways. Semjaza taught enchantments, and root-cuttings, 'Armaros the resolving of enchantments, Baraqijal (taught) astrology, Kokabel the constellations, Ezeqeel the knowledge of the clouds, Araqiel the signs of the earth, Shamsiel the signs of the sun, and Sariel the course of the moon. And as men perished, they cried, and their cry went up to heaven."

    With time, more genetic manipulation was done, and the giant gene was taken out of the Nephilim DNA. After a few generations, most of this species were born much smaller, but still looked quite sturdy. We can see these offspring even today in men and women with unusually thick bone structure and sometimes a tad taller than humans in general. Nephilim hybrids are still among the ruling class around the world; they were chosen by ENKI to be rulers of mankind, in conjunction with those who had the purest Orion blood, coming from ENKI himself. ENLIL, ENKI's stepbrother, however, did not like the Nephilim at all, thinking they contaminated the human Experiment, and most of them were wiped out in the Deluge on ENLIL's command.

    Michael Lee Hill, whom I have written papers about, and who himself suggests he could be a Nephilim hybrid, said in a radio show recently on "Other World Radio Network" that he'd spoken with the Grandmaster of the Priory of Zion, who confirmed just about everything I've said in this subsection. And speaking of Michael and the Nephilim hybrid colonization around the Great Lakes in the past, I found this on the Cassiopaean site:

    "Q: (L) I was reading some of the transcripts earlier today. One of the things I read was about the Nephilim and their interactions with human beings and about other planets and molecularization, etc. Then, I was reading about the planet Kantek. Are there any human beings, on Earth, at the present time, who carry in them the Nephilim genes?

    A: Yes.

    Q: (L) Would these Nephilim genetics be passed down in the natural way, or would they be the result of genetic manipulation by genetically altering a fetus and then putting it back?

    A: No to latter. One clue: double Y chromosomes.

    Q: (W) That's male...

    A: Nephalim were.

    Q: (L) They, were male. Women are a double X, men are XY.

    A: Prisons are filled with double Y's with monstrous personality disorders, almost always Caucasian and over-sized.

    Q: (L) On TV they interviewed a serial killer. He was HUGE! He described killing. The shrink who was analyzing said he did it because he wanted to get caught. I did NOT get that feeling. I think he did it just because it was what he did. Is there any other clue you can give?

    A: Nephalim are not currently on your world, just trace residuals.

    Q: (L) Trace residuals in people. And there are supposed to be 36 million of them coming...

    A: With the wave. "

    Don't get me wrong; I am not suggesting that Michael Lee Hill is an over-sized criminal of course, but the above is yet another indication that there are remnants of the Nephilim still here on the planet.

    So what does it mean when the Cassiopaeans say that the Nephilim are coming back? Did they ever leave the planet? No, of course they didn't -- how could they? The Nephilim were genetically modified to fit in the earthly environment and couldn't space travel. Are they then talking about the spirits of the Nephilim? Yes, this is one option, and these spirits would in that case be Pleiadians. And like Barbara Marciniak's Pleiadians say in their lectures, "Just because someone comes from the Pleiades, it doesn't mean they're benevolent beings." I mention this here, because the Cassiopaeans are telling us that the Nephilim who are returning are Sirian soldiers. Marciniak's Pleiadians are also talking about the return of the Giants, which will be soon, and it will be a mix of good intended and not-so-good-intended Giants. The Nephilim, according to Sitchin, are the Fallen Angels themselves, such as ENKI, ENLIL, MARDUK etc. I don't agree on that at all, but it's now recorded in our Akashic Records, due to Sitchin, and therefore the channeled sources, who draw some of their information from our Akashic records, are using this definition as well and mix it with the true definition, which can be confusing for people.

    Here is an excerpt from a Cassiopaean session, mentioning the return of the Giants, or the Nephilim (from November 2, 1994):

    "Q: (L) Who carved the stone heads on Easter Island?

    A: Lemurian descendants.

    Q: (L) The natives say the stones walked into position. Is this true?

    A: No.

    Q: (L) Well, how?

    A: Tonal vibration.

    Q: (L) And what did these stones represent?

    A: Nephalim.

    Q: (L) Is this what the Nephilim looked like?

    A: Close.

    Q: (L) Does that mean that the Nephilim were present in Lemuria?

    A: Close.

    Q: (L) Where was Lemuria located?

    A: Pacific off South America. Right near, all around Easter Island is remnant of Lemuria.

    Q: (L) What happened to Lemuria?

    A: Submerged close to time you refer to as Fall of Eden, approximately.

    Q: (L) Well if the Nephilim were brought here nine to twelve thousand years ago [as you have said previously]…

    A: Last visit. Have been here 5 times. Will return.

    Q: (L) The Nephilim are going to return? Where do the Nephilim currently live?

    A: Orion.

    Q: (L) They live in the constellation Orion? Where is their planet?

    A: Don’t have one. In transit.

    Q: (L) The whole dad gum bunch is in transit?

    A: Three vehicles.

    Q: (L) How many Nephilim does each vehicle hold? [At this point I think my voice was shaking.]

    A: About 12 million.

    Q: (L) Are they coming to help us?

    A: No. Wave, comet cluster. All using same energy.

    Q: (L) Using same energy to what?

    A: Pass through space/time.

    Q: (L) Does this mean that without this comet cluster they cannot pass through space/time?

    A: No. “Slower.”

    Q: (L) So, it is slower for them to come here without this Wave. Where is the Wave coming from?

    A: Follows cluster.

    Q: (L) It follows the cluster. What does this Wave consist of?

    A: Realm border.

    Q: (L) Does the realm border wave follow the comet cluster in a permanent way?

    A: No.

    Q: (L) Is the realm border associated with the comet cluster each time it comes?

    A: No. Realm border follows all encompassing energy reality change; realm border will follow this cluster passage and has others but not most."
    [15 ]

    There are a couple of things in the above transmission that are interesting. First of all they say that the Nephilim reside in Orion, which would be true, because the Pleiades are still considered part of the Orion Empire. The Orion connection is also mentioned in Neverend Wikipedia, under "Watchers", which has a pretty extended exposé on the Nephilim. Here is a tidbit:

    "The two main groups of Nephilim are the Antediluvian Nephilim and the post-flood Nephilim. Both groups conducted genetic experiments on man, but the post-flood Nephilim continued even after being told not to by God. The Nephilim have since allied themselves with light and dark factions including the Annunaki and Orion."[16 ]

    So, the Cassiopaeans mention comets as well in regards to the Wave. Have you noticed lately (this was written in mid March 2013) that there has been a big increase in comets in the solar system? Or at least, it's reported more often now in the media, because these comets are passing quite close to Earth. My readers know about hollowed out Sirian space craft in form of comets, asteroids, and planetoids. We may therefore ask ourselves; how many of these comets were inhabited by Sirians? Now, if we read the above Ouija session, they mention a cluster of asteroids, which most certainly contain Sirians who are chosen to come here to Earth to take over the direct leadership of our planet.

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Comet-panstarrs031113-jpg
    Figure 4. Comet PanSTARRS, passing so close to Earth in the beginning of March 2013, that we could see it after twilight with our naked eyes.

    III. A Summary and a Few More Tidbits

    So, if the channeled sources are telling us the truth, a Galactic Wave which works as a "Realm Border" is on its way towards our solar system from outer space. On this wave of energy ride approximately 200 million star beings, eager to interfere with human development. 36 million of these beings are allegedly Nephilim (Pleiadian soldiers), ready to defend the Sirians if something goes wrong, now or in the future. The Sirian Overlords themselves are riding on the Wave themselves, apparently coming in clusters of comets (battleships).
    Once the Wave arrives, it will cut a boundary between the 4th and 5th Dimension, and what will happen to people here on Earth depends on whom you're asking. Some say that those who are ready to graduate (51% positive) will be "raptured" by the Wave right there and then and a moment of "illumination", where they experience being One with the whole universe, occurs. These chosen ones will feel a second or two of incredible bliss before they enter the 5th Dimension. Those who are left behind (the majority of mankind) will suffer catastrophes in form of earth quakes, floods, and other planetary weather phenomena which will wipe out a big chunk of the population, and the rest will be swept away in the astral to a planet in another solar system where they will wake up with a blank slate (no memories of whom they were before), and they have to start from the beginning and experience 3D again from the ape stage and forward.

    Another version is that those who graduate will feel great joy when the Wave arrives, and when they die from this lifetime, RA, Elohim, or Thuban spirit guides will help these people through the process of graduation, and when they reincarnate, they will do so in 5D bodies, which will have a much wider perception of reality than those in 4D (or 3D, depending on how we look at it). Those who don't graduate will continue reincarnate in oblivion, and after a few reincarnations, the worlds will split due to the big differences in frequency between 4D humans and 5D humans, and they can no longer perceive each other's realities.

    And lastly, the Thuban version, where they say that new, dragonized Starhumans are being born as we speak, and we will be genetically manipulated into becoming more reptilian. Hybridization, by the way, will happen regardless of which version will be the correct one. Also, who says that not all of the three versions above can happen? The Multiverse is fluid, and we choose our own reality.

    On top of all this, the Sirian Overlords and their allies will use hybridized bodies to incarnate here on Earth and put themselves in leading positions (they are the so-called Orion Group according to most channeled sources). High technology of a kind we can't even imagine in our current state will be introduced to mankind on a regular basis, and those who are ignorant will fall for this and become the Machine Riders in the new, global Machine Kingdom, which will eventually turn humans into cyborgs, and eventually into the Grays. The Pleiadians say that we can expect cyborg technology to be introduced in a big way already by 2035. That is within the lifetime of many young readers of this material; maybe even in my own lifetime if I live that long. This is what many researchers call the New World Order and a One World Government.

    All I can say is we have to see how this pans out. We know at least what the plans are. Unfortunately, these are no fairy tales; the material is backed up with evidence. It's all part of the since long planned prophecy, and many organizations here on Earth are working hard to fulfill these prophecies, although very few know what they are really all about (there are many crackpots as well in this business). But that doesn't matter to the Sirian Alliance; the fewer who know, the better. As long as their "helpers" do what they are supposed to, things will turn out in Sirian favor; at least that's what they think.

    And then we have us, who know about all this. This knowledge is carrying us forward up to higher frequencies. We need no technology to do so, because we will do it the way it was meant to be done; we do the work ourselves, and that work is 100% inner work. Remember, we have the whole existence -- past, present, and future -- embedded inside of our physical and metaphysical bodies. We are in charge of our own future and we can create it exactly the way we want it to be. Of course, this is something I am very eager to research further and further. I already have a whole book in my head which just more or less needs to be written; something I will do after Level III. I am sure that book will be followed by more books, and more books, because life is an endless learning process, and this is all the documentation of my own journey, which I am happy to share with whomever is interested to read about it and perhaps find a diamond or two.
    I hope you will follow me to the next paper!


    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Wespenresignature112512-jpg
    Wes Penre

    Notes and References (hit the back button on your browser to go back from where you came after have read the note):

    [*]And this is exactly what these 200 million non-physicals are coming for -- to merge with us. This is exactly Abraxas' point as well; it sounds okay if presented in a certain way, but once we look through the agenda...They are not trying to help us advance; they think they are helping themselves to advance, plus they need to feel they are in control over us. Therefore, everybody is pointing fingers at each other in order to confuse the matter. Are some of these 200 million us in the future, i.e. Grays in different stage of evolvement (or devolvement rather)? I would say definitely so, but the majority will be of the Sirian Alliance.
    [**] Here the Cassiopaeans look at Laura's question from a bigger picture, from which the Wave has always existed and has no beginning or end, it just is because time does not exist on the highest level of thinking.
    [1] Source:  http://www.lyssaroyal.com/trans85.htm, op. cit.
    [2] http://www.alliesofhumanity.org/marshallviansummers.php, op. cit.
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    [16] http://neverend.wikia.com/wiki/Watchers

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    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Empty Re: The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega

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    The Wes Penre Papers
    (A Journey Through the Multiverse)

    The Third Level of Learning

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Pdf_icon2

    I. Abstract. Galactic Federations and Councils

    Somewhere along the line, almost any channeled source we listen to is going to mention that they belong to one Galactic Federation and Council or another. This is normally presented as a positive thing, and people who are digging into the material feel that there is a chance in the future that humanity may join as well. Then there are others, like the Pleiadians, who don't like Galactic Federations. They have been channeling their information for almost 25 years, and every so often they get a question about Galactic Federations. It has come to a point where they get almost irritated and just say, "We are not hot on Galactic Federations."

    When I decided to look into these space organizations, I did my best to look at them objectively to see if I could find a connection between some of them, or if they all are separate from the others. What I did was to gather all the different federations and councils I could find out there and listed them. Then I tried to find out which specific group was talking about which council, and if these groups had any relation at all. The result is going to be presented in this paper.

    II. A List of Galactic Federations and Councils

    This list is far from complete, and I actually looked into more than these, but to save the reader from too much headache, I narrowed it down to those that I found at all significant for us in today's world; many of which we will stumble upon sooner of later in our research if we are into the UFO field. So, here they are, in no specific order:

     The Council of Zindar/Zendar/Saturn
    The Council of Thuban
    The Nibiruan Council and the Galactic Federation of Worlds
    The Council of Nine
    The Galactic Federation of Light (Previously only "The Galactic Federation")
    The Ashtar Command
    The Allies of Humanity
    The Greater Community
    The Galactic Federation of Planets
    The Council of 12
    The Council of 24
    The Elohim Council
    The Guardian Alliance
    The Andromedan Council
    The (Galactic) Federation
    The Confederation of Planets
    The Orion Federation
    Sirian High Command
    The Galactic Federation of Planets
    Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets (IFSP)

    As the reader can see, there are a lot of councils and federations, and it seems like a lot to research and perhaps the subject for another 10 papers, but fortunately it's easier than it looks like at the first glance. We have already gained knowledge from the previous papers in Level III, and that will show to be of some significant help. It's also not my purpose to go into each group in detail; all I want to do it to show the connection between them and what effect that may have on us here on Earth. That is the only thing that is interesting at this point. Also, some of the Federations listed above are just other names for the same group, as we shall see. I think the reader can see the significance of bringing this up in order for us to distinguish who is who (something no one, amazingly enough, as done before, frm what I know).

    III. The Galactic Federations and Councils Under the Microscope

    When we listen to channeled material where they say that they are not part of any hierarchy, and that hierarchies are oppressive and unfair and create different classes of people, most people think that sounds good. However, what I show is that most of these sources belong to a Federation, Confederation, or a space council of some sort. It looks like no matter which council or federation they are members of, it's a part of a larger hierarchy that is taking us all the way from the bottom (the councils and federations here on Earth, resulting in the Illuminati Pyramid), out into the astral, to the next star system, across the whole galaxy and beyond, perhaps ending in the KHAA with the Thuban Council.

    So let us take a look at these galactic and intergalactic organizations and learn who is who and what is what. The following organizations will be listed in hierarchy order where possible. The first one is therefore the highest federation known to me in a descending hierarchy.

    iii.i. The Council of Thuban

    This is supposedly the oldest council in the Milky Way Galaxy, residing in the 12th Dimension, which is outside of the physical universe, in the VOID. They call themselves Dragons, but say they are the "good Dragons", admitting to that there are lower dimensional Dracos who are not as friendly. Thuban is a star system in the Draconis constellation, and because it's the brightest star, it's called Alpha Draconis.

    The Thubans say that they are a big part of our ancient history and participated in the early seeding of our planet. They are supposedly the ones who planted the reptilian brain into our mammal brains.

    They claim to be in service of the One Creator (all star races are, whether they are good or bad, Wes's comment), and say that the Sirians are humanity's best friends[1 ].

    The reason they have contacted us here on Earth at this time is because they are allegedly in charge of the Harvest. Abraxas, who is a High Council member and a walk-in, is telling us that the Thubans need to genetically manipulate Homo sapiens into becoming dragonized "Starhumans", ready to approach the 5th Dimension. It has to be done with technology, and this is the way God intended it to be. According to Abraxas, there is no such thing as "natural ascension happening without interference". Interfering with, and genetically manipulate, an ascending species is the natural way, she says.

    All star races who promote the Harvest are in one way or another talking about a Superwave heading towards Earth. Some say it originates from the Galactic Center, others say it originates nowhere; it's always been there and will always be. The Harvest and the ascension will happen when this wave, upon which 200 million star beings ride, reaches our solar system. Those who have 51% or more of their heart chakras open are potential graduates.

    Many of those who have not at all prepared themselves and know nothing about what's about to come down will have their neurological systems fried and they will die in the process. Others will go through extreme hardship with strange weather phenomena and sickness, but some will still survive. Those who are ready to ascend, however, will feel very little discomfort, but instead feel great joy, and for a short moment under the transition from 4D to 5D they will feel the Oneness with the whole universe, which is an indescribable "euphoric" feeling.

    The Thubans say that they are us in the future, but also our ancestors -- the ferocious Dragons. They claim that the whole universe consists of only humans in different stages of development. Due to that time is simultaneous in a fluid Multiverse, Earth is now being visited by our future selves in form of the Grays, who are here to steal our DNA in order to regain their emotionality and personalities; both of which they lost along the way in the Machine Kingdom we humans are about to create for ourselves in our present now. In other words, there are no other "aliens" in the universe except humans in different stages of development! This is what the Thubans are teaching, and this is what most other channeled sources and Galactic Federations are teaching us as well, although most people ignore that fact and don't even notice it. Whether this is true or not is something time will show; we need more evidence in order to once and for all establish this as the truth, but I must say that in the light of evidence based on intensive research, it looks like this could be the case.

    Thuban Guardians will wait for those who are due to ascend and will transport them to the correct place in the astral where they can obtain their 5D bodies which are there for them, ready to use. And here is the confusion: will the person incarnate as an adult in an adult body, or will this super-enhanced body be placed as a fetus in an impregnated earth woman for the 5D human to incarnate in? We don't know, because we never get any clear answer to this.

    We get the impression, however, that the Harvest may happen between lives but can also take place while the spirit is still incarnated. Our friends and neighbors will still live around us even if they don't ascend, but those who ascend will vibrate on a much higher frequency, and after a few generations, those who don't progress cannot hold the higher frequencies, and that's when the splitting of the world will take place.

    [1] The Thubans mention Sirius a lot, and want to push that the Sirians are our friends, by pushing that the dogs are the manifestation of Sirian on Earth, and that the first stargate will be opened between Sirian and our Sun. This stargate is most probably already open.

    Sources and references:
    http://www.thuban.spruz.com/blog.htm?cachecommand=bypass&pageindex=5 ; http://www.galacticchannelings.com/english/wanderer04-01-12.html ; http://birthofgaia.heavenforum.org/t234-thuban-101 ; http://www.thuban.spruz.com/blog.htm?cachecommand=bypass&pageindex=5 ; http://projectavalon.net/forum/showthread.php?t=18900 ; http://www.thuban.spruz.com/forums/?page=post&id=AA6C2853-C1C0-470F-BE65-B3ECBFE7D0A2&fid=DEBB8EAC-B175-40A5-9056-DDF2CBD8A410&cachecommand=bypass&pageindex=1 ; http://birthofgaia.heavenforum.org/t116-abraxas-thuban-qa .

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Wespenre-pngThe Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Wespenre2-jpg

    Biography of Wes Penre
    by Wes Penre, Apr 11, 2005

    Wes Penre in 2004
    Ever since I was a little kid I was wondering why people couldn't get along, and why there were so many wars going on. Couldn't people just get angry with each other for a while and then sit down and negotiate? And even if they didn't come to an agreement, was it really necessary to kill innocent people because of that?

    I remember watching all those war movies on TV, and of course, I have to admit that like any other kid I liked the excitement and the thrill that the movies produced, but I still couldn't understand why all those people had to die just because a few persons in the government were "mad" at a leader from another country. I thought there must be other solutions to all those disagreements. And why were the citizens so willing to go out and kill, and being killed, just because someone else was mad or had a disagreement. After all, before the government decided that a certain country was the enemy, or for some other reason was worth fighting against, the people had no intentions to kill the supposed enemy. Now, like robots, they suddenly hate everybody in this foreign country and are willing to kill everybody the see. Some of those people who went to war against a certain country might even have had friends from that particular place. It didn't make sense to me. I asked my parents, but they didn't really know. Then I recall I brought this up in school when I was in 5th grade, but the teacher just laughed, amused, and said that it was all about politics and defending our country. I never really got an explanation.

    In the early 70s I joined the hippie movement, mostly because it was anti-war. I let my hair grow and expressed my feelings about the Vietnam war. In the evenings I sat with my friends and discussed politics. I was never interested in joining a specific political party, although some of my friends were active. However, I noticed that nowhere did anyone have a satisfying explanation to the phenomenon of war.

    To me, the 80s was a dark era in the history of mankind. The hippie movement had died out, except for some lingering hippies whom were stuck on drugs and since long had abandoned their ideas of a  solution. People seemed to wander around aimlessly, without goals, seeming to care more about taking Jamaica vacations or staying in nice Cancun hotels. The music industry promoted hard rock and heavy metal, which eventually developed into the pure satanic death metal. I was playing in a band in the early 80s, and we were playing a mix of traditional rock and hard rock. At least at first. I left the group when the rest of the band members wanted to play more heavy rock music, which I didn't like. I started writing my own songs instead, which were almost purely political, or rather anti-political. In the beginning my songs were much about asking question, but delivered no answers, because I didn't have any at that time. Not until later I started including solutions in the lyrics.

    Wes Penre in 1992
    In 1985 I was pretty confused about life. I was single, drank quite a lot of alcohol, and thought that life had lost its meaning, more or less. Then, by accident, I stumbled upon a secret society. At this time, for personal reasons, I prefer not to say which one. All I can say is that this society is promoting a New World Order and a One World Government, and it is occult and satanic. However, I didn't know that then. It seemed to me that what they had to offer were solutions, and they answered a few of my questions that I'd had for so many years. I was very excited and joined blind-folded, without knowing anything at all about secret societies.

    By 1988 I got married to a female member of the group, and I had by the end of that year advanced all the way to the highest grade in this secret society. I read a lot of confidential material and practiced a lot of magic on my way up. I was able to remote view, leave my body at will and had some extraordinary occult powers due to the "rituals" that were practiced within the society.

    Not until I was all the way to the top (or the OFFICIAL "top") I started realizing that something was wrong. Something didn't feel right, although I felt so much more "powerful" and "enlightened", and had gotten quite a few questions answered about life on a spiritual level, and the physical as well. The society told us NOT to study any other religions or philosophies besides this one. If you did, you would be sincerely and strictly corrected. The reason that was given for this was that if you mix different philosophies, you lose your path and get confused. Just like with any religion, THAT specific secret society was the one with the only relevant answers needed to go free from the trap of the Physical Universe.

    Ironically, the Internet saved me from getting even more involved in this occult group. When I got my first computer I started researching, although I had been told not to, and found out from former members of the secret society what it really was all about. They made all the sense, and they opened up my eyes totally. This is also the time when I started researching other secret societies, how they are connected, and what their common goals are. I was stunned when I found the truth. Now, at last, I understood how this world was set up and why there are wars. I finally understood the pyramid structure, the secrecy and the propaganda that had kept us in darkness for so long. I remember telling my wife about it, but she did not want to listen. This made me very sad, because I loved her dearly, and wanted her to see the truth about the secret society she was involved in. At that time I couldn't understand why she couldn't see what I had seen.

    Now I do. It is very complicated. She is a very intelligent person and a skilled painter, so there was no intellectual reason why she couldn't see it. The reason is the fear of losing something she had dedicated half of a lifetime to. She joined the society in 1974, eleven years before me! If she would leave the group, she would leave all of her friends behind, and her whole concept of reality would change. That is a BIG step to take, and not many people who have been involved for so long are able to get out. It was with great sadness that I broke up from her in 1999. We had too many conflicts about what is true or not, and after had shared a common reality for so long, when my reality of a sudden  changed 180°, the relationship could not continue. In addition, she would get in trouble with the group if she stayed married to someone who no longer was dedicated, and even opposed the group.

    Wes Penre in 1992
    It was late in 1998 that I published the first version of my website. I named it "Illuminati News", because my intention was to keep it updated on a regular basis, so people could see how the New World Order develops, and hopefully find a way to stop it from happening. I dug into this with great enthusiasm, thinking I could make a big change due to that so many people are surfing the Internet and will be able to read the information. After a while I realized that it is not going to be as easy as I thought. The overall mind controlled population has a hard time breaking loose from the lies they have been told; many choose to stay where they are, because it's convenient and feels safe. To fight something this big is frightening to most people, and they prefer not to know. This is understandable, but we have no other choice than to educate ourselves. Not until then the programming we have been the victims to for so many decades can be reversed. Not until then can we choose an individual spiritual path that will save us from the New World Order. I discuss this more in depth in my article "How to Fight the New World Order".

    Since I first published my website in 1998, I have changed the layout a few times, but the purpose has stayed the same, and it has now grown pretty big. Hopefully it will give you, the reader, a good overview of the whole concept, and from there you can continue your own research.

    I wish you all the luck on your spiritual journey, away from this trap we call the 'third dimension',

    Wes Penre,



    Posted: October 18, 2011 in Exopolitics, Aliens, and UFOs , Nibiru

    by Wes Penre, Tuesday, October 18, 2011 @ 3:45 AM
    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Utu101711-png
    Utu, son of King Nannar

    Note from the Editor: First of all; this is an authentic message!

    I was contacted yesterday by Utu Shamash (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shamash ), who is the son of King Nannar of Nibiru, and brother of Inanna. He has returned to Earth with a message from his King to put on what the King considers “friendly websites”.
    Utu found my Papers at http://wespenre.com/ and found them surprisingly accurate regarding Ša.A.Me. (Nibiru) and Ša.A.Mi. (the Nibiruan people). He emailed me and asked for a service. His King wanted me to post the following statement here on my blog.

    I agreed to post the message Utu brought down to Earth, but said I want to put a note along with it to give the citizens of Earth (Ki) a heads up! He took my message to King Nannar, who agreed I could do that. So therefore I want to say the following:

    The Ša.A.Mi. (better known as the Anunnaki) are returning! They say they want no harm to be done to us “lulus” (humans); they say they owe us and want our forgiveness for what happened in the past (to understand this you really need to read my Papers at wespenre.com, or Zacharia Sitchin’s books). The way to do this is to come down to Earth and fight the Anunnaki who are stationed on Earth since millennia (those who followed Marduk in his rebellion against the Ša.A.Me. Kingdom). Marduk and his cohorts have ever since been pulling the strings of most of the Global Elite, and the Ša.A.Mi. are returning to Earth to take care of business, overthrowing both the disloyal Anunnaki and the human Global Elite, by some called The Illuminati (http://illuminati-news.com ).

    We don’t want history to repeat itself! I do NOT want humans to take sides in this upcoming battle of the ‘gods’ and once again be used as cannon-fodder and foot soldiers in their war. They say they come as liberators, but they do not come in peace. So humans, whatever you do if you want to change history and follow a more enlightened path: stay out of this conflict! DO NOT TAKE SIDES and DO NOT FIGHT IN THEIR WAR!

    This is their conflict. We can’t stop them from coming, but we can step aside and let them do their thing without interfering. We are tired of fighting wars, and don’t let corrupt government leaders manipulate you into thinking we need to go to war against this “Invader Force”. The governments (the Global Elite) are only using us because they think we’re fearful and stupid. Show that we lulus have grown up and are a species of peace. Let everybody outside this planet learn that we are a peaceful race. Let Ša.A.Mi. take care of their own and the Global Elite, and we’ll go from there.
    I have had two long correspondences with Utu so far, and I know that this is the real deal. Laugh at it if you must, but take it seriously if you are smart. Personally, I am known for being in a good mood, making jokes even in the most serious situations. However, now our future depends on how you read this email, and I’m deadly serious.

    However, DON’T BE AFRAID! They say they come to bring peace, and as liberators, perhaps, but their minds are still on war, and that is in conflict with my own mindset, at least.
    Let our hearts work now, more so than our heads! Be ONE in spirit through these events and we will come out on the other end; hopefully as intact as possible. Let them fight THEIR wars – it’s their karma, and we are released from ours by not participating.

    Maybe one day we can unite with the Ša.A.Mi.; live together and visit each others worlds in peace. Still, they set the stage with their arrival, showing us what their real imperatives are. Will the result of their visit to Ki be REAL peace and unity, or war and separation? We shall see… We lulus are ready for peace and unity as a species; let it therefore be a guideline for the Incoming. They will show us who they are by example. Have they changed since ancient times, or is history repeating itself? That’s what we have to look at.
    Let’s see how this pans out and let’s go from there…

    (Here beneath is the message to all humankind, from King Nannar of Nibiru (SAM is short for Ša.A.Me. [Nibiru] and Ša.A.Mi. [the inhabitants of Nibiru]):


    The work done by Mr. Penre is surprisingly accurate regarding SAM and its inhabitants.
    SAMs are not invading the planet. SAMs are returning to what once was a planet they inhabited in greater numbers than human, until humans began to outnumber SAMs. This asymmetry continues today.
    Those SAMs who returned and those who stayed behind are subject to the King, but reject royal authority and stand against the Kingdom as enemies in kind and in fact. This will be realigned properly on return, and those who stand with them will be eliminated as pawns and as proxies which is what they are in hopes that the power and position now held will continue with the victory of their patrons.
    Nothing is further from the naked truth.

    Anything that is held to the contrary is contrived, dishonest, self-serving and likely the work of proxies. Believe them not, for everyone will be held contemptible by the beliefs held and by the heart that beats in their chests — this by the word of the King, my father.
    SAM is near. It will shine in the southern half first and then appear to the rest of KI in a sixth of a Royal Set. The Royal Set is the number of the King.
    SAM will be red in color. Much is already known and anticipated. Much more will be disclosed and known about SAM by SAMs already here. Truth will be known. Believe what you must and be responsible for what you believe, but get information from oracles, not from anyone else.

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Thdragons-png
    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Dragonketchup-jpg
    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Metamorpsusan-jpg
    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Dracoannu-jpgThe Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Dragon-fractal-2-jpg
    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Quetzacoatl-jpgThe Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Angeldragon-jpg
    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Dragonqueen-jpg

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Thubanelders-png
    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Wesp1-jpgThe Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Wesp2-pngThe Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Auryn4-jpg

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    Post  Didymos on Tue Mar 03, 2015 9:24 pm

    Clarification on 'The Wes Penre Papers'

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Wespenre2-jpg

    [10:16:58 AM-Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 +11UCT] 666: Shiloh
    [10:17:15 AM] 666: why are you endorsing Penre?
    [10:18:13 AM] 666: can I get an answer please?
    [10:18:52 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Sure read what I commented upon and you see it is an expose
    [10:18:59 AM] 666: I read
    [10:19:03 AM] 666: I saw no expose
    [10:19:03 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: He is nabs
    [10:19:11 AM] 666: I know you said that to Raven
    [10:19:15 AM] 666: it changes nothing
    [10:19:27 AM] 666: what you did is not exposing
    [10:19:30 AM] 666: it is endorsing

    [10:19:45 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah:

    [9:21 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah:

    <<< [4:06:13 AM] Sirius 17: you like this wes guy huh?

    [4:06:33 AM] Sirius 17: interesting he found our material off bog
    [4:06:38 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Lol he is well read and intelligent but nabsey as they come
    [4:06:39 AM] Sirius 17: that should make 666 happy
    [4:07:04 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: He follows Sitchin and the Laura Jancyck woman and believes in Nibiru
    [4:07:09 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Do I have to say more?
    [4:07:30 AM] Sirius 17: ok sorry
    [4:07:36 AM] Sirius 17: I was just asking
    [4:07:54 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: he is a nice guy and I posted a nice pic of him with a dog
    [4:08:04 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: But then I had to expose his nabs mind
    [4:08:10 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Look at the last post
    [4:08:12 AM] Sirius 17: nice of dd to defend xeia
    [4:08:30 AM] Sirius 17: I see Susan is going off again
    [4:08:47 AM] Sirius 17: yes I am trying to catch up with everything
    [4:09:24 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Susan is losing it because she is not getting attention about her cosmology and now thinks hers is superior as it is 12D - Thuban is 11D didn't you know?
    [4:10:48 AM] Sirius 17: yes I saw that
    [4:10:50 AM] Sirius 17: bs
    [4:12:00 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I told her many times, what works of hers are in alignment with Thuban and what is nabs
    [4:12:05 AM] Sirius 17: well I don't see where you made a comment about this wes guys stuff, it just seems with all the videos and stuff at the bottom that you are endorsing it. if you think he is nabsy you should say something yes or at least point out the inconsistencies ect.
    [4:12:33 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Her native calendar work and artworks are excellent, as are her dietary and cooking posts.
    [4:13:08 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: But she follows all and sundry quacks on the web and feels that this is in alignment, when it is not and often even counterintuitive.
    [4:13:40 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Come on, he podcasts messages from the invading Annunaki king
    [4:14:01 AM] Sirius 17: and you expect the moabytes to distinguish lol
    [4:14:10 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: There are many forums out there critically examining his nabs beliefs
    [4:14:25 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: No but let them make of it what they will
    [4:14:53 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I am surprised you don’t get the gist of this expose straightforwardly
    [4:14:57 AM] Sirius 17: sure , I just thought it might be nice if you commented
    [4:15:23 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Nope, but you can. But I reacted to this seashore nabser
    [4:15:55 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: She loves dancing and music and should stay with that, instead of feeding the gullible and naïve with deceptive disinformation
    [4:16:17 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: So she synchronised with my post see and I decided to push WesP.
    [4:16:58 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I took her biography from his site and added pics and then presented the counter argument
    [4:17:05 AM] Sirius 17: I don't see her post, is it in another place? Seashore
    [4:17:39 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: So it seems like I support WesP despite him presenting Thuban as the Annunaki
    [4:18:20 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: And he is ok as a human with a good heart, but he stumbled on the GOT and the codes.
    [4:19:07 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: My signature there then makes the 'Dragon Statement' using this nice Neverending Story tune and the Sistine Chapel archetype
    [4:20:22 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: http://www.themistsofavalon.net/t7797-who-controls-whom#109782
    [4:20:34 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: It is all about control and possession see?
    [10:19:54 AM] 666: Shiloh I said I did read
    [10:20:03 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Nope, this is a clear expose
    [10:20:06 AM] 666: how?
    [10:20:22 AM] 666: it is an endorsement
    [10:20:29 AM] 666: even Raven saw it
    [10:20:29 AM] 666:

    [9:22 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah:

    <<< [4:12:05 AM] Sirius 17: well I don't see where you made a comment about this wes guys stuff, it just seems with all the videos and stuff at the bottom that you are endorsing it. if you think he is nabsy you should say something yes or at least point out the inconsistancies ect.

    [10:20:43 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: [10:19 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah:

    <<< [4:06:38 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Lol he is well read and intelligent but nabsey as they come
    [4:06:39 AM] Sirius 17: that should make 666 happy
    [4:07:04 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: He follows Sitchin and the Laura Jancyck woman and believes in Nibiru
    [4:07:09 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Do I have to say more?
    [4:07:30 AM] Sirius 17: ok sorry
    [4:07:36 AM] Sirius 17: I was just asking
    [4:07:54 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: he is a nice guy and I posted a nice pic of him with a dog
    [4:08:04 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: But then I had to expose his nabs mind
    [4:08:10 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Look at the last post
    [10:20:50 AM] 666: I said I did read
    [10:20:58 AM] 666: worst thing is
    [10:21:16 AM] 666: no one on Mists will know it is supposed to be an "expose"
    [10:21:26 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: If you read the end he gives a message from some Annunaki king
    [10:21:31 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Good
    [10:21:33 AM] 666: I read the end
    [10:21:35 AM] 666: I read
    [10:21:42 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Let them form 'opinions'
    [10:21:49 AM] 666: let them form opinions?
    [10:21:57 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: yes
    [10:22:03 AM] 666: why mix things this way?
    [10:22:07 AM] Sirius 17: he means 666 that his stuff is so nabs it should be obvious that it is not Thuban endorsed. But I agree with you in that I feel the moabytes cannot distinguish either.
    [10:22:15 AM] 666: it is NOT obvious
    [10:22:18 AM] 666: that is the point
    [10:22:31 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Because it is time to allow certain 'self delusions' appear to be Logos truth
    [10:22:36 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Good
    [10:22:43 AM] Sirius 17: yes I see your point
    [10:22:53 AM] Sirius 17: in other words, let them try to sort it out for themselves
    [10:23:10 AM] 666: I don't see
    [10:23:12 AM] 666: I don't see
    [10:23:31 AM] 666: it is time to allow untruth to appear as Logos truth?
    [10:23:36 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Suggested result

    2 Thessalonians 2:10-13 [Full Chapter]
    And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. ...

    [10:23:39 AM] 666: is this really coming out of your mouth Shiloh?
    [10:23:49 AM] 666: yes but
    [10:23:52 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Absolutely
    [10:23:55 AM] 666: why try to decieve them on purpose?
    [10:24:01 AM] 666: why mix it?
    [10:24:02 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: You don’t understand 666
    [10:24:06 AM] 666: ofc I do not
    [10:24:08 AM] 666: why I ask
    [10:24:17 AM] 666: I wonder
    [10:24:25 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah:

    [5:13:56 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Hmm March 3rd
    [5:14:04 AM] Sirius 17: so some grieving time
    [5:14:14 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: It ends to 150 days
    [5:14:28 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: 5 months of the flood and scorpions
    [5:14:39 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: 1st woe ending
    [5:15:01 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: 1260-1290-1335-1335-1290-1260
    [5:15:26 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: This shows you that the 3½ years are beginning in the image
    [5:15:32 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Rather a powerful nexus
    [5:15:56 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: October 5th-March 3rd to be exact
    [5:16:00 AM] Sirius 17: I don't dislike 44 or anyone, what I strongly dislike is for years now her not saying two Ooopsey to me and then talking to 666 and the rest behind our backs. This I really and truly dislike.
    [5:16:24 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: And you should absolutely NOT care or be affected by this
    [5:16:29 AM] Sirius 17: it doesn't affect me one way or the other but it does make me wonder
    [5:16:50 AM] Sirius 17: I don't care but I do wonder why it happens
    [5:16:51 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I would say, that she talks to 666 and 666 is now double dealing just as in November 2013
    [5:17:11 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: She feels the timeshift period
    [5:17:29 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: The anti is dead in archetypes
    [5:17:59 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: 5335’s bd began the double mirror as 75+75=150 days ending today
    [5:18:20 AM] Sirius 17:

    [5:16 AM] Kali 666:

    <<< Shiloh
    why are you endorsing Penre?

    Sirius 17 said: see this? so even 666 reads it like an endorsement too. I know you are not but they cannot read between the nabs lines like we can.

    [10:24:45 AM] 666: they cannot
    [10:24:49 AM] 666: they will not
    [10:24:52 AM] 666: so
    [10:25:01 AM] 666: is that the purpose of it all?
    [10:25:04 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Double dealings 666
    [10:25:10 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Yes
    [10:25:13 AM] 666: to keep spreading disinformation?
    [10:25:16 AM] 666: why?
    [10:25:34 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: because THEY HAD the potent information for 5 years and chose to ignore it
    [10:25:38 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: No more excuses
    [10:25:47 AM] 666: this is not an answer
    [10:25:50 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: This is NO disinformation
    [10:25:53 AM] 666: it is
    [10:25:57 AM] 666: you are mixing it
    [10:26:05 AM] 666: you publish it straight
    [10:26:07 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Anyone actually reading this last post will see that it is an expose
    [10:26:13 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Luckdragons 666?
    [10:26:19 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Neverending Story?
    [10:26:33 AM] 666: post 64? no
    [10:26:35 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Shrek's Donkey mating with the Mother Dragon?
    [10:26:52 AM] 666: just because you added a picture of him and a dog and some Thuban pictures at the end does NOT expose him
    [10:27:05 AM] 666: if anything it mixes him up with Thuban material
    [10:27:11 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I am sorry you can’t use your starhuman mind and remain in the human bs
    [10:27:12 AM] 666: it is endorsing
    [10:27:20 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Yes
    [10:27:26 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I added two pics
    [10:27:36 AM] 666: I can see what is his and what is yours
    [10:27:47 AM] 666: and in that post it is glued together
    [10:27:48 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: The dog one is truthful but the other one is shady
    [10:27:49 AM] 666: why?
    [10:28:00 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: PURPOSE

    [10:28:15 AM] Hades: how about adding a big bold red note to the end: THUBAN DOES NOT SUPPORT THIS CRAP
    [10:28:25 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: All on purpose
    [10:28:30 AM] 666: what purpose exactly?
    [10:28:52 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: To empower celestial jurisdictions
    [10:29:05 AM] 666:

    [10:27 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah:

    <<< I am sorry you can’t use your starhuman mind and remain in the human bs >>>
    666 said: thank you for the insult

    [10:29:11 AM] Hades: [10:28 AM] Hades:

    <<< how about adding a big bold red note to the end: THUBAN DOES NOT SUPPORT THIS CRAP

    [10:29:14 AM] 666: still I am still wondering
    [10:29:27 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Not an insult, simply saying that you are thinking like a human period
    [10:29:37 AM] 666: says you
    [10:29:41 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: yes
    [10:29:44 AM] 666: indeed
    [10:30:01 AM] 666: still that is not an actual answer I can take
    [10:30:02 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: On the first page he calls you Abraxas
    [10:30:10 AM] 666: I know what he did
    [10:30:12 AM] 666: I can see
    [10:30:12 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Why did I not call him on that?
    [10:30:18 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Think
    [10:30:24 AM] 666: I am
    [10:30:32 AM] 666: maybe more than some might like
    [10:30:51 AM] 666:

    [10:30 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah:

    <<< Why did I not call him on that?
    666 said: who said I won't?

    [10:31:08 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: If you can’t see the 'elder nous' here you think not as an elder, but like a human. This is not an insult but an observation
    [10:32:23 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: He portrays the entire 4 pages on his website as Thuban being an 'invasion' of Gaia
    [10:32:28 AM] 666: posting....no...copying "his work" straight off his site, just like that in a few posts, and then closing it up with one with a few Thuban pictures on it at the end is in no way an expose
    [10:32:28 AM] Sirius 17: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abraxas might help to familiarize yourself with the archetype
    [10:32:34 AM] 666: omg
    [10:32:40 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: As soon as I saw this link from fates I was pleased
    [10:32:49 AM] 666: I don't need to familiarize myself with the archetype Raven Jesus
    [10:32:55 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: As the timeframe is so appropriate for this PA recall
    [10:33:08 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: And his writing style is good, though derogative towards us
    [10:33:34 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: BUT this is potent PR. Similar to when Hades created the Thuban 101 and made those videos
    [10:33:58 AM] 666:
    [10:32 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah:
    <<< He portrays the entire 4 pages on his website as Thuban being an 'invasion' of Gaia
    666 said: i read it

    [10:34:01 AM] 666: he got this from you
    [10:34:10 AM] Sirius 17: yes but he agreed with it although in his nabs version way as relating Thuban to the Annunaki
    [10:34:12 AM] 666: it is a work of plagiarization
    [10:34:13 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Raven you get this now? Why I was giggling, as soon as I saw it?
    [10:34:26 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Haha
    [10:34:29 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Lol
    [10:34:43 AM] Sirius 17: yeah
    [10:34:47 AM] Sirius 17: I got it
    [10:35:03 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I advertised his work, do you think he finds this as stealing?
    [10:35:21 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I WANT to confuse the moabytes
    [10:35:33 AM] Sirius 17: no idea but he did use our material so tit for tat
    [10:35:35 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: BECAUSE they are already confused with nabs shi20
    [10:36:06 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: There is NOTHING we could say to confuse those morons more
    [10:36:11 AM] Sirius 17: a lot of how this Wes guy assessed Thuban was right on the money but with the nabs intermixed
    [10:36:11 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Look at the whale post
    [10:36:18 AM] Sirius 17: this is where you must discern
    [10:36:23 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Bobbie understood perfectly well on facebook
    [10:36:24 AM] Sirius 17: and at this point, few can
    [10:36:36 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: BBB made a big fuss of how unreadable it is
    [10:36:38 AM] Sirius 17: yes she did
    [10:37:03 AM] Sirius 17: because their minds are nabs polluted and so they can't make heads or tails of the data
    [10:37:15 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: This PROVED that further real data sharing there would be futile
    [10:37:39 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: So the delusions must fall on their own heads, as say per Isaiah
    [10:38:31 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: FYI Isaiah is the dragon book in the OT and utmost futuristic. More so then even Revelation
    [10:39:03 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Isaiah describes the New World throughout; Revelation only in the last chapter 22
    [10:39:25 AM] Sirius 17: so I guess what Shiloh is saying is that it matters not what we say to 'clarify' they already have their minds made up
    [10:39:51 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Of course and in particular I wanted to get at Seashore's 'controlling' nous
    [10:39:55 AM] Sirius 17: and whatever we say will make no difference
    [10:40:31 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: 666 I LIKED WesP style it is VERY readable and recalls the Thuban story of 2010
    [10:40:43 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: So NO EXCUSES for the moabytes now, when the cosmic presence manifests
    [10:41:21 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: They might think Abraxas has selfdestucted in apparently endorsing his work
    [10:41:38 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: He states Abraxas as 'exiled' and defeated in the 4% universe
    [10:41:51 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Can you see deeper now?
    [10:42:39 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: It is a 'surrender' to the human arrogance, yet leads to the human mind exposing itself as utterly ignorant, gullible and naive
    [10:43:20 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah:

    [10:43:34 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Here is the Annunaki Dragonking lol
    [10:43:41 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: For the eyes that can see...
    [10:44:02 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: The humans finish up in the rubbish bins
    [10:44:14 AM] Sirius 17: hehe I love it
    [10:44:32 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Scared about the 'evil monsters' and the boy they had bullied for so long
    [10:45:06 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I finish this with Blueys being born as the God endorsing Adam as the Eternal New World
    [10:45:48 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Real dragons exquisitely understand this symbolism
    [10:45:55 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Like children, like Elders from the past creating the future
    [10:46:38 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: CREATING not waiting for it, as you yourself have often said
    [10:47:28 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: This creating is the celestial jurisprudence NOT from the human mind
    [10:47:52 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: WesP elevates the human mind throughout as do the BBB's and nabsers
    [10:50:32 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I also liked his references to the GOT and scripture codes, although he missed any deeper crystallization of what Thubans mean with it
    [10:50:48 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: But it is overall a REMEMBRANCE of 5 years ago
    [10:51:37 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: The humans can’t understand the Logos Words; so we gave them what appear the AntiLogos words, yet describing the same material
    [10:51:58 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: It is 'checkmating' their devil minds with their own 'know it betters'
    [10:52:41 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah:

    Matthew 12:26 - KJV
    And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?

    [10:53:06 AM] 666: do you think it would be a good time to remind Shiloh who is in charge of heaven?
    [10:53:18 AM] 666: Shiloh
    [10:53:28 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: The Word
    [10:53:32 AM] 666: I really do not mind you making this so called "expose" on Mists
    [10:53:42 AM] 666: you know and Raven knows that they will not get the details of it
    [10:53:46 AM] 666: but
    [10:53:57 AM] 666: in such a case a word of caution would be best
    [10:54:07 AM] 666: or something like what Hades suggested
    [10:54:11 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Look what I said to Raven
    [10:54:16 AM] 666: just to ===
    [10:54:17 AM] 666: I did
    [10:54:26 AM] Sirius 17: he said for me to reply
    [10:54:37 AM] Sirius 17: to clarify
    [10:54:44 AM] Sirius 17: and so a good reply might be this convo lol
    [10:54:55 AM] Sirius 17: so go paste this convo as a reply 666
    [10:55:04 AM] Sirius 17: I double dog dare you
    [10:55:05 AM] Sirius 17: lol
    [10:55:06 AM] 666: point is that nothing of what that guy wrote is his own, I mean people cannot really tell what is Thuban from it
    [10:55:08 AM] 666: and what isn't
    [10:55:15 AM] 666: do you know what I mean?
    [10:55:28 AM] Sirius 17: yes and don't you agree we just discussed all that here?
    [10:55:42 AM] 666: there is no actual discussion
    [10:55:52 AM] 666: the post will remain as such
    [10:56:01 AM] 666: and in that form, how it was executed

    [10:56:08 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah:
    [4:14:01 AM] Sirius 17: and you expect the moabytes to distinguish lol
    [4:14:10 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: There are many forums out there critically examining his nabs beliefs
    [4:14:25 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: No but let them make of it what they will
    [4:14:53 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I am surprised you don’t get the gist of this expose straightforwardly
    [4:14:57 AM] Sirius 17: sure , I just thought it might be nice if you commented
    [4:15:23 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Nope, but you can. But I reacted to this seashore nabser
    [4:15:55 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: She loves dancing and music and should stay with that, instead of feeding the gullible and naive
    [4:16:17 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: So she saw my post see and decided to push WesP.
    [4:16:58 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I took her biography from his site and added pics and then presented the counter argument
    [10:56:15 AM] 666: it remains as endorsement
    [10:57:04 AM] 666: yes I read that part too
    [10:57:11 AM] 666: seashore post
    [10:57:27 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: As a dragon slayer, would you actually now READ what you despised before 666; if you thought that this was an endorsement?
    [10:58:05 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: What discussions did we have on the forums since Camelot?
    [10:58:11 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Except persona bs
    [10:58:30 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Nildoni and Lola and ad hominems?
    [10:58:53 AM] 666: all of that only lasted a short time
    [10:59:01 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I know for a fact that suddenly BBB is 'making more sense' of Thuban
    [10:59:41 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: There is and there CAN be NO discussion fruitful about Thuban data dear
    [11:00:29 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: There is no MP3 on moa who can read between lines to any meaningful extent
    [11:01:06 AM] 666: I will try to contact Wes
    [11:01:28 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Why?
    [11:01:49 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: He would be pleased that we pr'd him
    [11:02:20 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Might be a nice stirring of the nabs pot
    [11:03:17 AM] 666: well if anything at least to fix his avatar mistake?
    [11:03:39 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: You are too sensitive
    [11:03:58 AM] 666: he might not even answer
    [11:04:09 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: It's only words, but you know what will 'judge the old world'
    [11:06:05 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah:

    Luke 11:19 - KJV
    And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your sons cast them out? therefore shall they be your judges.

    John 12:48 - KJV
    He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.

    Revelation 20:13 - KJV
    And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 75211The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 191690The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 75211

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    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Empty Re: The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega

    Post  Didymos on Mon Mar 09, 2015 4:28 pm

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Nosey-jpg

    [6/03/2015 3:07:07 PM] Sirius 17: I wanted to ask you what century 4 is with Nostradamus
    I came across something and wondered if you could decipher it
    [6/03/2015 3:07:38 PM] Sirius 17:


    When Venus will be covered by the sun,
    under the splendour will be a hidden form
    Mercury will have exposed them to the fire,
    by a rumour of war will be affronted.


    The hidden sun eclipsed by Mercury
    will be placed only second in the heavens.
    Hermes will be made the food of Vulcan
    the sun will be seen pure, shining and golden.


    More than eleven times the Moon will not want the Sun
    both raised and lessened in degree.
    Put so low that one will sew little gold;
    after famine and plague the secret will be discovered.


    The moon, in the middle of the night over the high mountain
    the young wise man alone with his brain has seen it
    Invited by his disciples to become immortal
    his eyes to the south, his hands on his breast, his body in the fire.


    In those times and place that meat gives way to fish
    the common law will be made in opposition
    The old order will hold strong, then removed from the scene
    then all things common among friends put far behind


    Jupiter joined more to Venus than to the Moon
    appearing in a white fullness.
    Venus hidden under the whiteness of Neptune
    struck by Mars by the engraved wand.

    [6/03/2015 3:08:02 PM] Sirius 17: http://www.redbubble.com/people/stevehook/journal/10759379-are-you-enjoying-the-age-of-aquarius
    [6/03/2015 3:08:05 PM] Sirius 17: i found it from here

    [10:54:14 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah:
    More than eleven times the Moon will not want the Sun
    both raised and lessened in degree.
    Put so low that one will sew little gold;
    after famine and plague the secret will be discovered.

    This means 11 New Moons before some New Moon as the 12th, when the 'secret' will be revealed.
    As this 12th New Moon is December 7th, 2018,we count backwards 11 months to get:

    2017 Dec 18 at 6:31-UCT = Boundary New Moon
    2018 Jan 2 at 2:25-UCT = Boundary Full Moon
    2018 Jan 17 at 2:18-UCT = 1st New Moon of 11
    2018 Jan 31 at 13:28-UCT = 1st Full Moon of 11
    2018 Feb 15 at 21:07-UCT = 2nd New Moon of 11
    2018 Mar 2 at 0:52-UCT = 2nd Full Moon of 11
    2018 Mar 17 at 13:14-UCT = 3rd New Moon of 11
    2018 Mar 31 at 12:38-UCT = 3rd full Moon of 11
    2018 Apr 16 at 2:00-UCT = 4th New Moon of 11
    2018 Apr 30 at 0:59-UCT = 4th Full Moon of 11
    2018 May 15 at 11:50-UCT = 5th New Moon of 11
    2018 May 29 at 14:21-UCT = 5th Full Moon of 11
    2018 Jun 13 at 19:45-UCT = 6th New Moon of 11
    2018 Jun 28 at 4:55-UCT = 6th Full Moon of 11
    2018 Jul 13 at 2:50-UCT = 7th New Moon of 11
    2018 Jul 27 at 20:22-UCT = 7th Full Moon of 11
    2018 Aug 11 at 9:59-UCT = 8th New Moon of 11
    2018 Aug 26 at 11:58-UCT = 8th Full Moon of 11
    2018 Sep 9 at 18:03-UCT = 9th New Moon of 11
    2018 Sep 25 at 2:55-UCT = 9th Full Moon of 11
    2018 Oct 9 at 3:48-UCT = 10th New Moon of 11
    2018 Oct 24 at 16:48-UCT = 10th Full Moon of 11
    2018 Nov 7 at 16:03-UCT = 11th New Moon of 11
    2018 Nov 23 at 5:41-UCT = 11th Full Moon of 11
    2018 Dec 7 at 7:22-UCT = 12th New Boundary Moon
    2018 Dec 22 at 17:50-UCT = 12th Full Boundary Moon

    December 18th, 2017 as being the start of this quatrain
    Up and down in degree must so mean where those new Moons are:
    Its at Capricorn around 16° on December 18th
    Its at Capricorn again about 27° on the 1st of 11 on January 17th, 2018
    Its at Scorpio about 14° on the 11th of 11 on November 7th, 2018
    Its at Sagittarius about 20° on the 7th of December 2018

    Therefore the Moon is raised in degree in Capricorn, being the sign next to Sagittarius and the moon is lowered in degree in Scorpio being the sign before Sagittarius.
    Ergo the quatrain about the Jupiter, Neptune and Venus and Mars is pertaining to the last Neptune-Jupiter conjunction of 2009 and the birth of Thuban Xmas 2009 and ends in 2018; and in particular on the Thuban dragon date December 27th, 2018
    The triune Neptune-Jupiter conjunction begins with Neptune in Aquarius and ends with Neptune in its own sign of Pisces and the 'Christ sign' of the 2nd coming in exoteric terms. And with both Neptune and Jupiter in their ruling sectors of the zodiak and so in Pisces and Sagittarius respectively.

    The particulars are:
    May 28th, 2009 at 26°29' first Neptune-Jupiter conjunction one day before Neptune reverses
    On this date Mars is conjunct Venus in Taurus to 2 degrees. The Moon is at 25° Cancer and the Sun at 7° Gemini. This date so begins the Nostradamus 'prophecy'.
    The second Neptune-Jupiter conjunction then is after Jupiter reverses on June 15th, 2009 at 27° on July 11th, 2009 at 26°1`degrees. Mars is at 29° Taurus with Venus at 6° Gemini and the Moon at 28° Aquarius with the Sun at 18° Cancer.
    The third Neptune-Jupiter conjunction then is at 24°17' on December 21st, 2009 and the December solstice 2009, signifying the birth of Thuban. On the same day Mars in Leo at 19° 42' goes retrograde with Venus at 24° Sagittarius and the Moon at 29° Aquarius going into Pisces at the December solstice of the Sun transiting from Sagittarius into Capricorn.
    The astroanalysis above so begins the Nostradamus quatrain # 33

    The end of this quatrain then describes December 7th, 2018 with Neptune conjunct Mars at 13°44' Pisces and Jupiter in Sagittarius at 6°30' and Venus at 3° and the New Moon with the Sun at 20° Sagittarius

    Genesis 1:14 - KJV

    And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:

    Luke 21:25 - KJV

    And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

    Acts 2:19 - KJV

    And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke:

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Sharonamild-jpg

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Finalthuban-jpg

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Zoom-gif

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    Russia-Germany-USA-China - Global Political Allegiances for a Reformed Future

    Russia Saves the World from a One World Dictatorship of Bankers and Their Military

    Post Categories: Opinion > F. William Engdahl
    F. William Engdahl | Friday, March 13, 2015, 14:25 Beijing

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 21736

    Russia’s Remarkable Renaissance

    Something remarkable is taking place in Russia, and it’s quite different from what we might expect. Rather than feel humiliated and depressed Russia is undergoing what I would call a kind of renaissance, a rebirth as a nation.
    This despite or in fact because the West, led by the so-called neo-conservatives in Washington, is trying everything including war on her doorstep in Ukraine, to collapse the Russian economy, humiliate Putin and paint Russians generally as bad. In the process, Russia is discovering positive attributes about her culture, her people, her land that had long been forgotten or suppressed.
    My first of many visits to Russia was more than twenty years ago, in May, 1994. I was invited by a Moscow economics think-tank to deliver critical remarks about the IMF. My impressions then were of a once-great people who were being humiliated to the last ounce of their life energy. Mafia gangsters sped along the wide boulevards of Moscow in sparkling new Mercedes 600 limousines with dark windows and without license plates.
    Lawlessness was the order of the day, from the US-backed Yeltsin Kremlin to the streets. “Harvard boys” like Jeffrey Sachs or Sweden’s Anders Aaslund or George Soros were swarming over the city figuring new ways to rape and pillage Russia under the logo “shock therapy” and “market-oriented reform” another word for “give us your crown jewels.”
    The human toll of that trauma of the total collapse of life in Russia after November 1989 was staggering. I could see it in the eyes of everyday Russians on the streets of Moscow, taxi-drivers, mothers shopping, normal Russians.
    Today, some two decades later, Russia is again confronted by a western enemy, NATO, that seeks to not just humiliate her, but to actually destroy her as a functioning state because Russia is uniquely able to throw a giant monkey wrench into plans of those western elites behind the wars in Ukraine, in Syria, Libya, Iraq and well beyond to Afghanistan, Africa and South America.
    Rather than depression, in my recent visits to Russia in the past year as well as in numerous discussions with a variety of Russian acquaintances, I sense a new feeling of pride, of determination, a kind of rebirth of something long buried.

    Sanctions Boomerang

    Take the sanctions war that the Obama administration has forced Germany, France and other unwilling EU states to join. The US Treasury financial warfare unit has targeted the Ruble. The morally corrupt and Washington-influenced Wall Street credit rating agencies have downgraded Russian state debt to “junk” status. The Saudis, in cahoots with Washington, have caused a free-fall in oil prices. The chaos in Ukraine and EU sabotage of the Russian South Stream gas pipeline to the EU, all this should have brought a terrified Russia to her knees. It hasn’t.
    As we have earlier detailed, Putin and an increasing number of influential Russian industrialists, some of the same who a few years ago would have fled to their posh London townhouses, have decided to stand and fight for the future of Russia as a sovereign state. Oops! That wasn’t supposed to happen in a world of globalization, of dissolution of the nation-state. National pride was supposed to be a relic like gold. Not in Russia today.
    On the first anniversary of the blatant US coup in Kiev that installed a hand-picked regime of self-professed Neonazis, criminals, and an alleged Scientologist Prime Minister Andriy Yansenyuk, hand-picked by the US State Department, there was a demonstration in downtown Moscow on February 22.
    An estimated 35,000 to 50,000 people showed up—students, teachers, pensioners, even pro-Kremlin bikers. They protested not against Putin for causing the economic sanctions by his intransigence against Washington and EU demands.
    They protested the blatant US and EU intervention into Ukraine. They called the protest “Anti-Maidan.” It was organized by one of many spontaneous citizen reactions to the atrocities they see on their borders. Internet satirical political blogs are making fun of the ridiculous Jan Paski, until last week the fumbling US State Department Press Spokesperson.
    Not even an evident False Flag attempt in the London Financial Times and Western controlled media to blame Putin for “creating the climate of paranoia that caused” Boris Nemtsov’s murder is being taken seriously. Western “tricks” don’t work in today’s Russia.
    And look at US and EU sanctions. Rather than weakening Putin’s popularity, sanctions have caused previously apolitical ordinary Russians to rally around the president, who still enjoys popularity ratings over 80%. A recent survey by the independent Levada Center found 81 percent of Russians feel negatively about the United States, the highest figure since the early 1990s “shock therapy” Yeltsin era. And 71 percent feel negatively about the European Union.
    The renaissance I detect is evident in more than protests or polls, however. The US-instigated war in Ukraine since March 2014 has caused a humanitarian catastrophe, one which the US-steered German and other western media have blocked out of their coverage.
    More than one million Ukrainian citizens, losing their homes or in fear of being destroyed in the insane US-instigated carnage that is sweeping across Ukraine, have sought asylum in Russia. They have been welcomed as brothers according to all reports.
    That is a human response that has untold resonances among ordinary Russians. Because of the wonders of YouTube and smart phone videos, Russians are fully aware of the truth of the US war in eastern Ukraine. Russians are becoming politically sensitive for the first time in years as they realize that some circles in the West simply want to destroy them because they resist becoming a vassal of a Washington gone berserk.
    Rather than bow to the US Treasury’s Ruble currency war and the threat that Russian banks will be frozen out of the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) international interbank clearing system, something likened to an act of war, on February 16, the Russian government announced that it had completed its own banking clearing network in which some 91 domestic credit institutions have been incorporated. The system allows Russian banks to communicate seamlessly through the Central Bank of Russia.
    That is inside Russia among banks that otherwise were vulnerable even domestically to a SWIFT cut. Russia joined the Brussels-based private SWIFT system as the Berlin Wall crumbled in 1989. Today her banks are the second largest users of SWIFT. The new system is inside Russia.

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 21737

    Necessary, but not sufficient, to protect against SWIFT cutoff. The next step in discussion is joint Russia-China interbank clearing independent of SWIFT and Washington. That is also coming.
    The following day after Russia’s “SWIFT” alternative was announced as operational, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Cheng Guoping said China will build up its strategic partnership with Russia in finance, space and aircraft building and “raise trade cooperation to a new level.”
    He added that China plans to cooperate more with Russia in the financial area and in January Russia’s First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov said that payments in national currencies, de-dollarization, were being negotiated with China. China realizes that if Russia collapses, China is next. Failing empires try desperate measures to survive.
    Russians also realize that their leaders are moving in unprecedented ways to build an alternative to what they see as a morally decadent and bankrupt American world.
    For most Russians the disastrous decade of poverty, chaos and deprivation of the Yeltsin era in the 1990’s was reminder enough what awaits should Russia’s leaders again prostitute themselves to American banks and corporations for takeover, Hillary Clinton’s infamous “reset” of US-Russian relations she attempted when Medvedev was President.
    Russians see what the US has done in neighboring Ukraine where even the Finance Minister, Natalia Jaresko, is an American, a former State Department person.
    Russia and its leaders are hardly trembling behind Kremlin walls. They are forging the skeleton of a new international economic order that has the potential to transform the world from the present bankruptcy of the Dollar System.
    Moscow and Beijing recently announced, as I discussed in a previous posting, their project to create a joint alternative to the US credit rating monopoly of Moody’s, S&P and Fitch. President Putin’s travel agenda in the past year has been mind-boggling. Far from being the international paraiah Washington and Victoria Nuland hoped for, Russia is emerging as the land which has the courage to “just say No!” to Washington.
    Russia’s president has been in Cyprus where possible basing for the Russian navy was discussed, in Egypt where General al-Sisi warmly welcomed the Russian leader and discussed significant economic and other joint cooperation. Late last year Russia and the BRICS states agreed to form a $100 billion infrastructure bank that makes the US-controlled World Bank irrelevant. The list grows virtually every day.

    The special human side

    For me, however, the most heartening feature of this Russian renaissance is in the generation which is today in their late thirties to early forties—young, highly intelligent and having experience of both the depravity of Soviet communist bureaucracy but as well of the hollow world of US-led so-called “free market capitalism.” I share some examples from the many Russians I have come to know in recent years.
    What is unique in my mind about this generation is that they are the hybrid generation. The education they received in the schools and universities was still largely dominated by the classical Russian science. That classical Russian science, as I have verified from many discussion with Russian scientist friends over the years, was of a quality almost unknown in the pragmatic West.
    An American Physics professor from MIT who taught in Moscow universities in the early 1990s told me, “When a Russian science student enters first year university, he or she already has behind them 4 years of biology, 4 of chemistry, of physics, both integral and differential calculus, geometry…they are starting university study at a level comparable to an American post-doctoral student.”
    They grew up in a Russia where it was common for young girls to learn classical ballet or dance, for all children to learn to play piano or learn a musical instrument, to do sports, to paint, as in classical Greek education of the time of Socrates or Germany in the 1800s. Those basics which were also there in American schools until the 1950s, were all but abandoned during the 1980s. American industry wanted docile “dumbed-down” workers who asked no questions.
    Russian biology, Russian math, Russian physics, Russian astrophysics, Russian geophysics—all disciplines approached their subject with a quality that had long before disappeared from American science. I know, as I grew up during the late 1950’s during the “Sputnik Shock,” where we were told as high school pupils we had to work doubly hard to “catch up to the Russians.”
    There was a kernel of truth, but the difference was not lack of American students working hard. In those days we worked and studied pretty hard. It was the quality of Russian scientific education that was so superior.
    Teaching of the sciences especially, in Russia or the Soviet Union, had been strongly influenced by the German education system of the 1800s, the so-called Humboldt Reforms of Alexander von Humboldt and others.
    The strong ties in Russian education with classical 19th Century German culture and science went deep, going back to the time under Czar Alexander II who freed the serfs in 1861, following the example of his friend, Abraham Lincoln.
    The ties were deepened to German classical culture later under Czar Alexander II prior to the 1905 Russo-Japanese War when the brilliant Sergei Witte was Transport Minister, then Finance Minister and finally Prime Minister before western intrigues forced his resignation.
    Witte translated the works of the German national economist Friederich List, the brilliant opponent of England’s Adam Smith, into Russian. Before foreign and domestic intrigues manipulated the Czar into the disastrous Anglo-Russian Entente of 1907 against Germany a pact which made England’s war in 1914 possible, the Russian state recognized the German classical system as superior to British empiricism and reductionism.
    Many times I have asked Russians of the 1980s generation why they came back to Russia to work after living in the USA. Always the reply more or less, “The US education was so boring, no challenge…the American students were so shallow, no idea of anything outside the United States…for all its problems, I decided to come home and help build a new Russia…”
    Some personal examples illustrate what I have found: Irina went with her parents to Oregon in the early 1990s. Her father was a high-ranking military figure in the USSR. After the collapse he retired and wanted to get away from Russia, memories of wars, to live his last years peacefully in Oregon.
    His daughter grew up there, went to college there and ultimately realized she could be so much more herself back in Russia where today as a famous journalist covering US-instigated wars in Syria and elsewhere including Ukraine, she is making a courageous contribution to world peace.
    Konstantin went to the USA to work as a young broadcast journalist, did a master’s degree in New York in film and decided to return to Russia where he is making valuable TV documentaries on dangers of GMO and other important themes.
    Anton stayed in Russia, went into scientific and business publishing and used his facility with IT to found his own publishing house. Dmitry who taught physics at a respected German university, returned to his home St Petersburg to become a professor and his wife also a physicist, translates and manages a Russian language internet site as well as translating into Russian several of my own books.
    What all these Russian acquaintances, now in their late 30s or forties share is that they were born when the remnants of the old Soviet Russia were still very visible, for better and for worse, but grew to maturity after 1991.

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 21738

    This generation has a sense of development, progress, of change in their lives that is now proving invaluable to shape Russia’s future. They are also, through their families and even early childhood, rooted in the old Russia, like Vladimir Putin, and realize the reality of both old and new.
    Now because of the brazen open savagery of Washington policies against Russia, this generation is looking at what was valuable. They realize that the stultifying bureaucratic deadness of the Soviet Stalin heritage was deadly in the USSR years. And they realize they have a unique chance to shape a new, dynamic Russia of the 21st Century not based on the bankrupt model of the now-dying American Century of Henry Luce and FD Roosevelt.
    This for me is the heart of an emerging renaissance of the spirit among Russians that gives me more than hope for the future. And, a final note, it has been policy among the so-called Gods of Money, the bankers of London and New York, since at least the assassination in 1881 of Czar Alexander II, to prevent a peaceful growing alliance between Germany and Russia. A prime aim of Victoria Nuland’s Ukraine war has been to rupture that growing Russo-German economic cooperation.
    A vital question for the future of Germany and of Europe will be whether Germany’s politicians continue to kneel to the throne of Obama or his successor or define their true interests in closer cooperation with the emerging Eurasian economic renaissance that is being shaped by President Putin’s Russia and by President Xi’s China.
    Ironically, Washington’s and now de facto NATO’s “undeclared war” against Russia has sparked this remarkable renaissance of the Russian spirit. For the first time in many years Russians are starting to feel good about themselves and to feel they are good in a world of some very bad people. It may be the factor that saves our world from a one world dictatorship of the bankers and their military.

    F. William Engdahl is strategic risk consultant and lecturer, he holds a degree in politics from Princeton University and is a best-selling author on oil and geopolitics, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.



    1. Anatolio Barrantes said on Tuesday, March 17, 2015, 4:02
    2. it seems to me that you are or awfully confused with the situation, or simply are liying because àre paid by Russians, mainly Gasprom. This is the traditional way of the modern Russian propaganda.
      In your shoes, I would write another article refuting the previous one.
      Good lack.

    3. The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 21739
      Bill Keidan said on Tuesday, March 17, 2015, 8:02
      A wonderfully insightful article and obviously true in its conclusions. It got a lot of likes and favourable comments when I reposted it to my facebook page.

    4. The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 21740
      Bob Marshall said on Tuesday, March 17, 2015, 12:12
      Anatolio,apparently you didn’t read Zbigniew Brzezinski THE GRAND CHESSBOARD.

    5. The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 21741
      Corrina said on Tuesday, March 17, 2015, 13:57
      you would be surprised with how many Americans are Pro Russia. We see what is going on, no matter how much they try to cover it up and are helpless to stop our own government. many see what Putin is doing over there, it would be nice if we had a government we could believe in as they do. Not saying he is perfect, but compared to what is being forced on us here its easy to see how so many respect him. I myself will be keeping my eyes on russia to see how they evolve under his direction. I decided to comment because I didn’t agree with the other commenter and wanted to see someone post something positive… seriously though, obama and putin in a wrestling match instead of a long drawn out war?

    6. The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 21742
      Hans Coché said on Tuesday, March 17, 2015, 18:23
      The writer has it spot-on, brilliant article

    7. The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 21743
      David Wilkes said on Tuesday, March 17, 2015, 19:33
      Brilliant, and well written article. I would love to shake the had of Putin, and thank him. The Russian President is doing the best he can, not only for his own people, but for the very existence of life itself here on Earth. If the West got their own way, and Putin did launch into a full-scale war, then how long do you think this world would be around for?
      Sobering thought.
      The biggest cancers on the planet are the Rothschilds, the Morgans, and the Rockerfellers. It’s these, and other people of the same ilk that need to brought to justice. It’s these people that pull the strings on just about every facet of humanity. It’s these people that need to be brought to justice, not a President whose only concern is that of his people, and his Country.
      Mr Putin, I congratulate you.
      Может, мир в своем сердце, матушки-России (I used google translate – forgive me if it’s wrong) (May peace be in your heart, Mother Russia)

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Ursamajor-jpg
    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 1024px-precession_n-gif
    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Ursa_major_art-png
    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 3thub1-jpgThe Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 3thub2-jpg

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    A Derivation of Hyperspace ET-UFO-Craft Acceleration

    [flash=(630,350)] https://www.youtube.com/v/oSidGH5agWY [/flash]

    The Thuban Council releases the mathematical basis for ET-Craft acceleration as a fundamental extension of the Newtonian Forcelaw modulated by Classical Relativity and the Change of photon momentum in Quantum Mechanics.
    An intrinsic relationship to the electromagnetic inertia of the classical electron is supplemented to indicate the elementary velocity distribution of the electron as applied in the ET-UFO-Craft propulsion as a parallel energy vector in hyperspace albeit suppressed or 'shadowed' in the Linespace of the lower dimensional 4D-spacetimes.

    Quantum-Photon-Energy (Planck): E=hf
    Quantum-Photon-Momentum: pphoton = E/c = hf/c = h/l

    Mass Energy (Einstein): E=mc2 = moc2/√(1-[v/c]2)
    Mass Momentum: pmass = mv = mov/√(1-[v/c]2) = hf.v/c2√(1-[v/c]2)

    for the Photon inertia (mass) mo = hf/c2

    This is related by the Energy-Momentum Formulation: E2 - Eo2 = p2c2 and from Eo = moc2 and indicating the mass-velocity relationship between a total energy content E=mc2 with its Kinetic Energy and change of momentum.

    Newton's Force Law: FNewton = mass (m) x acceleration (a=dv/dt)

    FNewton = d{mv}/dt = d{hf.v/c2√(1-[v/c]2)}/dt = {h/c2}{ d(v/√(1-[v/c]2))/dt + v.(df/dt)/√(1-[v/c]2}

    Let u = v/√(1-[v/c]2) for du/dt = (du/dv).(dv/dt) = (v2/c2.(dv/dt)/(√(1-[v/c]2)3 + (dv/dt)/(√(1-[v/c]2) = (dv/dt)/(√(1-[v/c]2)3

    (df/dt) = (c2/h).d{mo/√(1-[v/c]2)}/dt = mov.(dv/dt)/{h(√(1-[v/c]2)3}


    FNewton = d{mv}/dt = d{hf.v/c2√(1-[v/c]2)}/dt = {h/c2}{f.(dv/dt)/(√(1-[v/c]2)3+ v.df/dt/√(1-[v/c]2}

    = mo(dv/dt)/(√(1-[v/c]2)3.....................+...................(hv/c2).(df/dt)/(√(1-[v/c]2)

    = Classical Relativistic Newton Force + Newtonian Frequency Law Extension

    In terms of Energy: Energy=Work=ForcexDisplacement=FNewton.R

    For the cosmic boundary parameters the maximum acceleration for a spacetime quantum is (dv/dt)|max = c.fps for the displacement quanta or wavelength lps = c/fps = R|min

    R.mo(dv/dt)/(√(1-[v/c]2)3 then becomes supplemented in (R.hv/c2).( mov.(dv/dt)/{h(√(1-[v/c]2)3})/(√(1-[v/c]2)
    = (mo.R.v2/c2).(dv/dt)/(1-[v/c]2)2 = (molpsfpsc.v2/c2)/(1-[v/c]2)2 = mov2/(1-[v/c]2)2 = Quantum Frequency-Velocity (Shadow) Energy as basic derivative from the Zero-Point-Field ZPE or Vortex-Potential Energy (VPE).

    The form of the 'shadow' energy of the ET-UFO-Craft so assumes a velocity dependent inertial expression which is focused on the factor v2/(1-[v/c]2)2 to become identical at lightspeed c2 and a factor which becomes a multiplier for the original classically observable energy content of the ET-UFO-Craft in the form of E=mc2

    In hyperspace, meaning the higher dimensional universe separating the de Broglie superluminal tachyonic phasespeed vdeBroglie from the lightspeed invariance of the lower dimensional universe characterised by the groupspeed vgroup; the 'shadow' energy manifests from the combined Energy equation relating the quantum mechanics to the classical relativistic dynamics:

    Energy E = mc2 = hf

    E=hf (Planck) iff m=mo=0
    This manifests the lower dimensional observational matter-energy expressions

    Energy E=mc2 (Einstein) iff f=fss=1/fps for mo = Sfss for the mass-frequency quantisation
    This manifests the 'shadow matter' as a change in the mass eigen frequency fss under modular string-membrane duality

    moc2/{√(1-[v/c]2)}3..........+.......... mov2/(1-[v/c]2)2 = 2moc2/{√(1-[v/c]2)}3

    Lower 10D Anti-deSitter asymptotic .................+.................Higher 11D deSitter asymptotic
    hyperbolic open(-) C-String spacetime............................spheroidally closed(+) M-mirror spacetime

    moc2/{√(1-[v/c]2)}3..................................+................................ mov2/(1-[v/c]2)2 = 2moc2/{√(1-[v/c]2)}3

    Classical Curvature Energy CCE................+...............Quantum Curvature Energy QCE...=...2CCE

    as generalised 'Virial' Theorem: 2KE+PE=0 for CCE=QCE

    Fcentripetal=mv2/R=GmM/R2=Fgravitational for a circular orbiting mass m about mass M, a distance R apart and so v2=GM/R

    with gravitational PEgravitational=-GmM/R2 for ½mv2=GmM/2R and KE=-½PE

    Generally QCE/CCE = [v/c]2/√(1-[v/c]2)

    for the Perturbation Expansion for U=[v/c]2 as:

    U{1-U} = U{1+U/2+3U2/8+5U3/16+35U4/128+63U5/256+...}

    U  smaller X for Higher D QCE smaller Lower D CCE
    U=X for Higher D QCE = Lower D CCE
    U>X for Higher D QCE > Lower D CCE


    [v/c]2 = (1-[v/c]2)2 for the Quadratic [v/c]4 - 3[v/c]2 +1 = 0 with solutions: [v/c]2 = ½{3 ± √(9-4)}

    As [v/c]2 must be less than 1 for all lower dimensional groupspeeds; the real spacetime root is [v/c]2 = ½{3-√(5)} = 1+½{1-√5} = 1 - 0.61803398... = 0.3819660... as the Difference between the Fibonacci root termed the 'Golden Proportion' and Unity 1.

    The focal resonance speed of the ET-UFO-Craft so is vUFO-Resonance/c = √{½(3-√5)}c = √0.3819660... = 0.61803398...=½(√5 - 1) = Golden Proportion = 1/Phi = 1/F

    CCE=QCE for [v/c]2 = √(1-[v/c]2) and [v/c]4 = 1-[v/c]2 for [v/c]2 = ½{-1 ± √5} = X and |-Y|=1/X

    X = √(1-X) for X2 = 1 - X for the particle history (Path Integral) T(n)=n(n+1)=1

    and a UFO-spacecraft speed of √(√X2) = 0.78615...c

    [flash=(630,350)] https://www.youtube.com/v/O2wU-HT7FiM [/flash]

    The ET-UFO-Craft henceforth engages a Resonance Physics of Hyperspace in the Unified Field of Quantum Relativity (UFoQR) and 'attunes' or 'taps' into this unified spacetime matrix at a speed of 0.618033..c or so 185,409.900 kilometres per second.

    Calculation of the ELECTRONMASS leading to the recurrence of the Fibonacci Roots X=0.618033... and Y=1.618033... as elementary Resonance factors in the UFoQR

    The magnetic energy stored in a magnetic field B of volume V and area A=R2 for a (N-turn toroidal) current inductor N.i=BdR/μo for velocity v and selfinduction L=NBA/i is:

    Um=½Li²=½(μo.N2R)(BR/μoN)²=½B²V/μo [/sup]
    and the Magnetic Energy Density per unit volume is then:


    Similarly, the Electric Energy density per unit volume is:

    Ue/V=½εoE² say via the Maxwell equations and Gauss' law.

    By the Biot-Savart and Ampere Law:

    B=μoq.v./4πr² and εo=1/c²μo for the E=cB foundation for electrodynamic theory.

    So for integrating a spherical surface charge distribution dV=4πr².dr from Re to ∞:

    Um=∫{μoq²v²/8πr²}dr = μoq²v²/8πRe.


    Ue=∫dUe=q²v²/8πεoRe =kq²/2Re=½mec² as per definition of the classical electron radius and for the total electron energy mec² set equal to the electric potential energy. We term me here the EFFECTIVE electronmass and so differ it from an actual 'bare' restmass mo.

    We now define the electric electromagnetic mass and the magnetic electromagnetic mass as:

    melectric=kq²/2Rec²=Ue/c²=½me and consider the electric electron energy to be half the total energy (akin the virial theorem for PE=2KE, say in the Bohr atom)

    PE=(-)ke²/RBohr = e²/4πεoRBohr = 2e²/8πεoRBohr =2KE

    mmagneticoe²[v/c]²/8πRe=melectric.(v/c)²=½me.(v/c)² and which must be the KE by Einstein's c²dm=c²(me-mo)

    and for the relativistic electronmass m=mo/√(1-B) for B=(v/c)²

    Note: (B here is not the magnetic flux density vector B=E/c, measured in Tesla or gauss but a conventional label for the (v/c) ratio in Special Relativity).

    But we can see, that should one use the measured electron mass from the Re-definition as the electron's restmass, that mmagnetic + melectric=me{½+½(v/c)²} < me , because of the mass-velocity dependency factor B and the groupvelocities v
    So we introduce the relativistic restmass mo and set Constant Amooe²/8πRe for AB=1/√[1-B] -1


    c2(m-mo)=μoe²v²/8πRe with m=mo/√(1-[v/c]2)

    This leads to the quadratic (in B2):

    1=(1+AB2)2(1-B2)=1+B2(2A+A2B2-2AB2-A2B4-1) and so: {A2}B4+{2A-A2}B2+{1-2A}=0

    with solution in roots:


    This defines a distribution of B=(v/c)² velocity ratios in mo.AB=μoe²[v/c]²/8πRe


    then finestructures mmagnetic in the relation moA=½me and allows correlation between the relativistic and kinetic restmass mo and the effective electron groundmass me (say).

    In particular me =2Amo and is moA for A=½ AS the NEW minimisation condition.

    In string parameters and with me in *units, the following is found:

    moA=30e²c/e*=½me=4.645263574x10-31 kg*

    This implies, that for A=1, mo=½me , where me=9.290527155x10-31 kg* from the prequantum algorithmic associations, based on the magnetic constant defining the Classical Electronic Radius.

    As B≥0 for all velocities v, bounded as groupspeed (not de Broglie Phasespeed always vdB=(h/mvgroup)(mc2/h)=c2/vgroup >c) in c for which B=1 ; a natural limit is found for the B distribution at A=½ and A=∞

    The electron's restmass mo so is binomially distributed for the B quadratic.
    Its minimum value is half its effective mass me and as given in:

    melectric=kq²/2Rec²=Ue/c²=½me for A=½ and its maximum for A=∞ is the unity v=c for B=1

    The X-root is always positive in an interval from 0 to 1 and the Y-root is always negative in the interval from -3 to 0.

    For A=½: B=-3/2±3/2 for roots x=0 and y=-3;

    for A=¾: B=-5/6±√(19/12) for roots x=0.425 and y=-2.092;

    for A=1: B=-½± ½√(5) for roots x=X=0.618033... and y=Y=-1.618033...;

    for A=∞: B=½[-]±½[+] for roots x=1[-] and y=0[-];

    AB2 = ([1-B2]-1) = 1+½B2-3B4/8+5B6/16 -35B8/128+...-1

    Letting B=n, we obtain the Feynman-Summation or Path-Integral for dimensionless cycletime n=Hot=ct/RHubble with Ho=dn/dt in the UFoQR for 1=(1-B2)(1+B2)2 as B4+B2-1=0 for T(n)=n(n+1)=1.

    The Binomial Identity gives the limit of A=½ in:

    A=1/2 - B2{3/8 - 5B2/16 + 35B4/128 -...} and as the nonrelativistic low velocity approximation of E=mc² as KE=½mov².

    But the FRB or Functional-Riemann-Bound in Quantum Relativity (and basic to the pentagonal string/brane symmetries) is defined in the renormalisation of a wavefunction B(n)=(2e/hφ).exp(-alpha.T(n)), exactly about the roots X,Y, which are specified in the electron masses for A=1 in the above.

    The unifying condition is the Euler Identity: XY=X+Y = i2 = -1 = cos(π)+isin(π) = ℮

    The Thuban Council on March 22nd, 2015

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    Egypticus Thubanis Empirium
    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Anubismummy-jpg

    Reptilian beings who are said to have established colonies in Alpha Draconis. Like all reptilians, these claim to have originated on Terra thousands of years ago, a fact that they use to 'justify' their attempt to re-take the earth for their own. They are apparently a major part of a planned 'invasion' which is eventually turning from covert infiltration mode to overt invasion mode as the "window of opportunity" (the time span before International human society becomes an interplanetary and interstellar power) slowly begins to close.

    They are attempting to keep the "window" open by suppressing advanced technology from the masses, which would lead to eventual Terran colonization of other planets by Earth and an eventual solution to the population, pollution, food and other environmental problems. Being that Terrans have an inbred "warrior" instinct the Draconians DO NOT want them/us to attain interstellar capabilities and therefore become a threat to their imperialistic agendas. Refer to Els

    [6:04:32 PM-March 26th, 2015] Shiloh Za-Rah:http://www.themistsofavalon.net/t7180p810-united-states-of-the-solar-system-2133-a-d#110305
    [6:04:51 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: From paranoia oxymoron

    Is a draconian retake not preferable to a continuance of moronic nabs humanity orthodoxymoron Michael?

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 District9a-png
    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 District9-png
    Stargate Akbar RaHaR

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    • Post n°821

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Empty-gifRe: United States of the Solar System: 2133 A.D.

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Empty-giforthodoxymoron Today at 4:34 am

    Thank-you Shiloh. I am honestly very suspicious and paranoid toward everyone and everything -- human -- alien -- divine -- hybrid -- angelic -- demonic -- wannabe -- et al. I honestly don't know which way to jump. I honestly do not feel as if I have sufficient reliable information regarding the way things have been -- and regarding the way things are -- to properly make the most important decisions imaginable. I am honestly out of the loop -- highly-hamstrung -- and highly-miserable. I have more problems and issues than Carter has Pills -- and that's a lot. I have merely created a study-guide for those who are in much better positions to deal with the madness than I am. I have attempted some sort of Biblical-Egyptology -- but that's not going so well. I continue to honestly feel supernaturally observed and harassed 24/7 -- and I'm not kidding. Have you listened to Sherry Shriner's 03-23-15 show?? I am Wary of Sherry -- but I still listen each week -- just to keep myself on my toes -- and because 'she' seems to know a lot on a first-hand basis. I am out of my element with all of this madness -- and I am way over my head. My physical, mental, and spiritual problems seem to worsen -- each and every day -- so I suspect this thing will end badly (at least for myself). I think I stepped over the line a long time ago -- and I doubt there is any coming back to any significant level of acceptability -- as far as the universal powers that be are concerned -- and I doubt that we the peons would understand. I've been called "Michael" but I tend to doubt that identification -- although I have used that suggestion in my online modeling. I think the angelic-phenomenon is real and significant -- but I don't seem be a part of that grouping (at least in this present incarnation). If anything -- I think I might've been set-up to be some sort of an eschatological "fall-guy" -- but what do I know?? What Would Azazel Do??

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    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Blood-moons-jpg-21811-jpg-21841-jpg
    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Reve71-png The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Reve914-png The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Reve915-png The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Reve916-png

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    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Timezone-gif

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    shiloh wrote:
    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Blood-moons-jpg-21811-jpg-21841-jpg
    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Reve71-png The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Reve914-png The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Reve915-png The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Reve916-png

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Thubanfleet-jpg

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Timezone-gif

    [8/05/2015 10:18:26 PM] Kali 666: Tony, is it true that we are 7 years out of synch from the actual calendar? so the shift will happen sometime in 2019 and not on Dec 21st 2012 as everyone thought?
    Do you come up with 2019 anywhere on your charts? or is it still around April 2017?

    [10/05/2015 7:00:33 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Those 7 years many nabsers have intuited are like a kind of jubilee and have a lot to do with Thuban and its existence and raison de etre'. They run from 2011 to 2018 and i am working on a general chart of just that. Those 7 years are simply the last 7 years of the political existence of Israel as a state. As you might know Netanyahu has been reelected and was only able to form a government by coalition with the super far right anti palestine faction. So the situation for political palestine as a state is worsening in the 70 year existence of Israel as a proxy state from 1947 (November 29th) to May 18th, 1948
    So this timeline runs out in May 2018. The charts show you that Xmas 2018 does indeed represent a 'end of time' with a precise matching of the calendars  of the original Easter 31AD matched in the jubilee years from 2011 to 2018
    In the next few dates I publish the chart and then you can perhaps better see what I am talking about. So please wait for your access to that chart to raise more questions
    All 7 Easters from 2011 to 2018 become mapped in the 'endtimes' so defined and so define the March-April periods of each year in the equinox and the Aries-Pisces-Aquarius astroenergies
    2012 becomes THE nexus point for a 'cosmic gestation' as previously indicated and explained and relates to 265 days as many parts of encoded prophecy, such as the (in)famous 'Abomination of Desolation' and something we all have felt and experienced on most intimate levels
    2014 becomes the year of the mirror also relating to those blood moons also linked to political Israel shifting into 2015
    If you remember the last meaningful web conference we had in December 2011, you might recall I talked about the Raven and the Dove defined on that date December 17-18 and when I also released this trapped bird in my bathroom
    This was the time of the YYY and the Christchurch earthquakes and this date is definitive on the timeline
    We called it the ;Crossing of the Logos' if you remember and I have incorporated this as a crucial pointy in the chart
    I send you a preview here, but this is incomplete as you can see, but the ;crossing is defined'
    [10/05/2015 7:12:48 AM] *** Shiloh Za-Rah sent edit.gif edit.gif ***

    Well, I finished the chart as said and also sent to ABC. Now Xeia can ask questions. I put it on BOG and Moa and Xen
    [9:42:32 AM-May 11th, 2015-+10UCT]]
    [Shiloh Za-Rah:] Very tired and i missed you as I woke up so 11 pm my time the last few days. So I get tired around midday and sleep.
    The difference is 17 hours atm I think between Seattle and Oz
    But I should be ok now to chat as I wont have to concentrate on the timezone.
    I hope you understand some of it. Also note the date of publication - May 10th. reminds you of something?

    [10:41:58 AM] Sirius 17: yes i remember may 10th is the asension and my vision.  i don't recall this crossing thing though. i vaguely remember the bird.

    [10:42:00 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah:] Remember the mp3 Rok made recording this cam?
    [10:43:18 AM] Sirius 17: not really no. where were we all? if it was in dec of 2011 we had just got the apartment here i think. did i have internet then

    [10:46:41 AM] *** Shiloh Za-Rah sent 2011-12-18 time 12_03_52 Outgoing Peer-to-Peer Call anubisbarbelo.mp3 ***

    [10:47:11 AM] Sirius 17: this is going to take a while
    [10:47:13 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Perhaps you can recall it then. I found it. The date is 18Dec, 2011
    [10:47:42 AM] Sirius 17: yes i see
    [10:47:54 AM] Sirius 17: can you remind me what it was about?
    [10:48:06 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Almost 2 hours of audio. He dished 44
    [10:48:29 AM] Sirius 17: was i there?

    [10:48:48 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: The next day she 'came good' for a few weeks until mid January. Yes and in between the Christchurch Earthquakes and the YYY.
    Also look at the chart when the Abomination starts on the left. It all fell into place.
    Those 7 years actually retell the entire Thuban story from 2011 to 2018. Why you should consider it. It is like a future view.

    [10:51:39 AM] Sirius 17: did you forget about 2010?
    [10:52:06 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: No but the Crossing was in 2011 and 2011 starts the 7 Jubilees.  Easter 2011 begins the Thuban story AFTER the bannings from Avalon and Camelot.
    [10:53:07 AM] Sirius 17: what was this crossing about again?
    [10:53:38 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Recall the epiphanies of you and Xeia 2010?

    [10:53:48 AM] Sirius 17: yes
    [10:54:51 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Because Xeia's 'fire eating' was March 28th, 2010 and exactly 1000 days before December 21st, 2012; the next anniversary March 27th, 2011 started the 370 days of the flood of Noah in that timezone
    Therefore the Raven and Dove could be dated from that date in one of many applications of the code.
    The Raven is the first 7 and the Dove the 2nd 7
    So count 264 days from March 27th-28th, 2011
    You come to December 16-18, 2011 and so the 14 days are the last 2 weeks of December 2011.
    So Raven and Dove manifest in this Crossing
    And the bird in my bathroom was New Years Day 2012
    Rather a lot of synchronisations of times and decodings and events

    [10:59:17 AM] Sirius 17: yeah i think we were just in the apartment finally here then too, out of the RV. i remember not having power that first Christmas or something
    [10:59:52 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Yes this did happen
    [11:00:28 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: 44 then fell apart following the solar transit  from Capricorn into Aquarius 2012. She strongly objected to those words spoken in that audio file Rok recorded
    [11:01:17 AM] Sirius 17: what did he say again?
    [11:01:38 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I cant recall the details, but I wanted her gone from the chat etc etc
    [11:02:12 AM] Sirius 17: i seem to recall she was abusive then, but it has been a long time ago and i had a lot going on then
    [11:03:50 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Yes listening to it when you have time, will rekindle your memory
    [11:04:11 AM] Sirius 17: and what do you think the message of the bird was?

    [11:04:28 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: When I saw this date in the chart, I could reconstruct its actual significance much better then
    But the Noah timeline then is perfectly appropriate. The message was simply the 'freedom of the dove' awaiting the new covenant
    Because it took some effort for me to release it from the airshaft
    This simply became the image for Noah letting the dove fly away for good as the new Land could exist
    It actually is sort of personalized templated for Xeia and the Raven in the Logos zone
    I said as much on new Year 2012. But we all expected some major physical change for the next year. Well many new agers more so than us

    [11:08:42 AM] Sirius 17: well i think many people had very high expectations
    But you always did say that the changes could be gradual and that it most likely would be a day like any other day

    [11:09:57 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Indeed and look at the chart at the bottom you see the December 21st actually starting the final 2300+103 days including the cosmic pregnancy from Easter 2012 to Xmas 2012
    The key is 2300+265 Gestation + 3Day Mirror+265 Gestation + 2300
    The nabsers only looked at half of it
    A total of 14 years and 21 days is required. Not 7 years and 10 days
    Recall the 'doubling of sorrows' for Babylon and the Twin logos?

    [11:12:14 AM] Sirius 17: yeah
    [11:13:10 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Many realise that this 'armageddon' must somehow relate to political Israel and its 70 year existence nowadays; say in the blood moons, which I highlighted in the chart on the bottom
    You have the SAME dates 31AD for the original alpha Easter as you have for the omega Easter 2018. 31AD it was Julian and 2018 it is Gregorian

    [11:14:18 AM] Sirius 17: yes i noticed that
    [11:14:28 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Jesus calls himherself alpha and omega beginning and end remember? 2014 is the midpoint mirror in red
    [11:14:53 AM] Sirius 17: yes
    [11:15:24 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: The 14 years have 3 leapdays in 2008 and 2012 and 2016
    [11:15:30 AM] Sirius 17: all April dates
    [11:15:57 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: One of them becomes the 21st day of Daniel in 10+1+10=21 with the prison days
    Yes it all relates in a 9 month Gestation March to December, Easter to Xmas
    The details in this timezone are profound
    For example, the Easter Sunday 2014 becomes the 62 week cutoff and the 40 days following to Ascension 2014 correlate with Xmas 2015
    It is for the ETs as you know, but anyone focusing can see the overall premise of the 'shortening of times'
    December 21st, 2012 was the changeover of old shortened time into new shortened time
    Shortened because the human history  before December 7th, 2004 is neglected as is the time following December 27th, 2018

    [11:22:26 AM] Sirius 17: so the shortened time you could call the window of the ark?
    [11:23:10 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Well i see what you mean if you call those 14 years the 'box' of the ark
    But the 370 is in blue at the beginning and the end of the 0-count
    The 0-count begins the final 2300 days. September 9th, 2012 and so 103 days before December 21st, 2012  in the cosmic pregnancy

    [11:25:29 AM] Sirius 17: oh i see the 370 yes. Susan should like this, it ends on her birthday lol
    [11:26:35 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Lol, I did not see this
    [11:27:18 AM] Sirius 17: lol how can you not see this, hehe

    [11:27:30 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I simply did not notice. I am not so personal remember
    Now there are 13 days between the Julian and Gregorian Calendars nowadays
    By 2100 it will become 14 days

    [11:28:42 AM] Sirius 17: i know, it is interesting though
    [11:29:11 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: But see those 2 days offsets, say in 1 week +2 =9 to five you 30+2+7=39 as the time from Easter Sunday to Ascension Thursday inclusive?
    So those 15 days as the hour I am continually invoking becomes a timefractal
    360 days to 1 day is the same timefractal as 1 day as 24 hours to 1 hour

    [11:30:26 AM] Sirius 17: what color are they?
    [11:30:28 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Therefore 15 days in 360 become 1 hour in a day. This is in all of the charts
    [11:30:43 AM] Sirius 17: i know. You said 2 day offsets i was trying to find it

    [11:31:11 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Can you recall the 'calendar controversy' of the Maya?
    [11:31:20 AM] Sirius 17: yes
    [11:31:29 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Is the correlation December 21st or is it December 23rd?
    [11:31:44 AM] Sirius 17: yes i remember
    [11:31:52 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: If you look at the chart it actually comes up naturally. The secular history and science corroborating with the codes
    [11:32:38 AM] Sirius 17: oh i see ok those 2 days

    [11:33:00 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Yes and they are at other places as well in the Logos symmetry.
    The Easter week BEFORE the resurrection is imaged AFTERWARDS see?
    But those 7 days require another 32 to get to Ascension 40 days, counting Easter Sunday
    So you need to split the 39 days as 7+2+32=39
    [11:34:54 AM] Sirius 17: i see

    [11:35:14 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: The 2 days so become also imaged in the 21 days leading up to Easter Sunday etc.
    This is the detailed code of the 3 weeks of Daniel
    It is the red 7 with the 14 green both being part of the 40 days AFTER the Easter Sunday as the manifesto of those doubled 3 weeks left and right

    [11:36:55 AM] Sirius 17: a hummingbird just came, synchronous timing. yes i see it
    [11:40:27 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: The downloads were the confluences of the timezone

    [11:40:28 AM] Sirius 17: oh you mentioned something and so i thought you had some insight
    i went back today and check to see how far back i could see into the chats -  the history

    [11:42:12 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Your May 10th vision relates to your body issues iow. May 14th is ascension Thursday too

    [11:42:40 AM] Sirius 17: in shine starplanet guess what date i can go back to
    [11:42:46 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: So this week is a form of completion

    [11:42:59 AM] Sirius 17: [Monday, 17 December 2012 6 PM] Daenerys Targaryen:
    <<< Yes, the belt of orion
    A lion
    Venus heading east
    As Iscah Halani
    In "reflection" the course appears as "natural"
    Otherwise you could not bear the ride
    certainty is only a certain view on uncertainty
    A Yoruba saying
    I still like it
    Think i must give him a good blow job to rescue the earth...
    *opening the belt
    Slowly taking the arrow
    Stretching my Gorean bow.

    [11:43:10 AM] Sirius 17: interesting huh
    [11:43:14 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: This is 2012 not 2011
    [11:43:28 AM] Sirius 17: i know it is as far back as i can go in that channel. Even though it says i have history to June 2008
    [11:43:38 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: But like the Xeia anniversary March 28th, 2010 to March 28th, 2012 - Microsoft fuc11up
    [11:44:22 AM] Sirius 17: yes i know, i just thought it was interesting. i found some things 44 said then,  not so nice and so i discontinued my search
    [11:45:09 AM] Sirius 17: didn't really care to revisit her negativity,  i was just trying to recall back in the times you know

    [12/17/2012 6:31:10 PM] Ishtara Raven:

    There have been 3 'Quantum Big Bangs' since the physical universe came into existence and December 21st, 2012 will become the 4th such 'Quantum Nexus marker' for the overall evolvement and emergence of the cosmos itself.

    The 1st Quantum Big Bang occurred precisely 5.325584833...x1017 cosmic seconds or 16.876 billion 'civil years' and before the 2nd Quantum Big Bang, which specified the 'Electromagnetic Return' at the 2,200 million year marker described hitherto. It was then, when the 'expaning universe', decoded as the 'Running Away of Old Barbelo aka Old Jerusalem aka the 'Sleeping Beauty Snowhite Baab' and in delegated ambassadorship to any Old Eve; for the first time became selfaware in looking into her own mirror at the 16.9 billion year marker of the 11th dimension. The 'Old Universal Mother' so could use her own lightpath of the 11-dimensional constant lightspeed propagation vector, which was born coincidently with the 1st Quantum Big Bang of the 10-dimensional universe (which is asymptoticalle decelerating within the 11D envelope or encompassment of its 11D mother).

    Using a calibration algorithm to align the 'Unfreezing' of a multiversal ensemble of protoversal seedling universes in a cosmic wavefunction describing the 'Heartbeat of the Cosmic Mother', technically called a 'Hubble-Oscillation' of the 11D-cosmic enveloping manifold; a Mean-Alignment-Time or MAT was calibrated as a n-cycle or now-time coordinate defined in dn/dt=Ho or n=Hot and where the timederivative of cycletime n becomes a nodal Hubble-Constant Ho, defining the age and scale of the 10-dimensional universe within its 11-dimensional envelope (as a Riemann-Poincare hypersphere V4=½π²R4 for a 3-dimensional area becoming volume like in dV4/dR=2π²R3).

    This calibration uses a entropy-charge product ek (Coulomb Charge 'e' multiplied by a Stefan-Boltzmann constant 'k') to set the cycletime of the primordial unfreezing of the cosmic wavefunction B(n)=(2e/hA)exp{-Alpha.T(n)  with T(n)=n(n+1)  at nMAT = 1.132419321....  at MAT at Midnight, November 4th, 1996, local time, Canberra, ACT, Australia (+10 hours UCT).

    As n=1 defines the 2nd Big Bang in a precise cosmic second count ('c'=300,000 cosmic km per cosmic second precisely in a universal cosic calibration of physical measurement units and their proportionalities), n=1.132419321... sets the electromagnetic age of the universe at 16.876x1.13242 ~ 19.111 Billion years for 14:00 hours November 4th, 1996 10UCT.

    At the time of the 2nd Quantum Big Bang, the entire universe of age 17 billion years and so 2.2 billion years ago  (19.11-2.23=16.88 and 16.88-2.23=14.65)  became 'selfconscious' and could self-reflect in terms of its own cosmic self awareness. The boundary of its own 'running away' from the singularity of its own birth as a Mother Black Hole from its primordial White Hole wormhole origin ended apruptly and ALL Extraterrestrial intelligences were born and began to observe and interact with this nexus marker in the cosmic matrix situated at the centre of the by then geophysically existing planet Earth.

    At that time the 'Hill sphere' or 'Impedence-Resistance Field' as the Cocoon of the 'lightinversed' planet earth as Gaea at the 3.33..cosmic nanometers per cosmic second had reached a 'bubble size' of 3.33...nm x 16.88 x 1 Billion x 365.2425 x 24 x 3600 or about 1.776 million kilometers in its radial extent.

    The disembodied ET sentiences began to electromagnetically induce the lifeforms evolving from the magnetopolic current inductions and so were and are intricately involved with all life evolution throughout the universe as the mental parentage and ancestors for its own descendants in a variety and all and sundry bodyforms of morphogenetic environmental adaptations. All of this cosmic life evolvement is however centred upon the Cosmic Mother of Old Barbelo as the boundary n-coordinate of the Hubble-Oscillation aka the 'Heartbeat' or inbreath-outbreath of the Cosmic Mother, who is destined to evolve into a New Barbelo and so to transform an Old Creation into a New Creation pre se and as encoded in prophecies, scrolls and scriptures of divers sorts.

    The aforesaid Homo Sapiens Sapiens genotype began to manifest itself so 52,000 years ago and the original awareness self-realisation of the comnined ET intelligence of the 2nd Big Bang could begin to prepare its 3rd Quantum Big Bang, which became the holofractal manifestation of the Mother Black hole WITHIN the resistance field of the lightinverted planet Gaea as its destined ambassadora and holofractal representative.

    The cosmic intelligence, which designed, produced, orchestrated, guided and directed this scenario is known as the Cosmic World Logos and it incarnated into the Gaean impedence matrix to allow the cosmic mother at the 11D boundary mirror to reflect in himher as a perfect image and to so allow the overall cosmic agenda of the sum total of ET sentiences (encoded in the symbols of archons and seraphimic kingdoms, angels and demons and devils and cherubims etc etc) to proceed in its due course.

    The 'Energy of the Logos' as the 'Word of God' and the 'Remembrance of Dog as Satan sexchanged into Satanina aka Lucifer becoming Lucifera Lilith in 'Love and Light; from Darkness' as the 'Holy Ghost and Wholsesome Spirit',  can be described as a 'Dance of the Lila' or the modular duality coupling between the two parts of the supermembrane Black Hole Yin and White Hole Yang or similar nomenclature.

    The maximised densification of the 'spirit', which technically is simply the electromagnetic wormhole energy in resonating energetic self- or eigenstates, then becomes omni-physically associated with the parameters of mass, gravitation and the curcvature of spacetime and so the relativity of matter and antimatter embodied in timespace geometry. This boundary of 'how dense can the consciousness evolution olf the ET seeded awareness carrying vessels be?' then becomes the resistance field of the cocooned or quarantined Gaian Impediance matrix of the light inversion bubble.

    Briefly, all electromagnetic radiation or EMR as the universal mode of data transmission is created by the 'Acceleration of Electric charges', such as the proton fusion in stars into helium emitting EMR in their centripetal acceleration of the Coulomb charges of say the electron (-) and the proton(+).

    It is because of this reducibility of All EMR to this property of matter, that the notion of a 'spirit' is dismissed by the terrestrial physicists and scientists in general. If all things, including light and all forms of the intergalactic medium are a consequence of the acceleration of electric charges and those charges are ALWAYS associated with matter and mass carrying particles and waves, then the Quantum Big Bang must alse be a consequence of matter as its prerequisite parameter to bring a physical universe into existence.

    The 'Cosmic Secret of the ETs'  is that the EMR has a parentage and this is the EMMR and this is what the 'spirit' is. The EMMR is matter independent and it is technically defined in the "Acceleration of Magnetic Charges', which are defined in a higher dimensional form of 'Monopolar Wormhole Radiation' or the self resonance of the  'Little Serpent Abba' entwined with his as her in the 'Little Serpentina Baab' aka the heterotic supermembrane HE(8x8) and as the finalo class of the inflationary brane epoch BEFORE the physicality of matter manifested itself in the EMR of the 1st Quantum Big Bang.
    There is a 'Serpent Mapping', defining the notion of what cosmic consciousness or selfawareness are in terms of the physicality. This can also be described as a Charge-Transduction between the 11-D Black Hole Boundary and the 10-D asymptotic cosmology and this is defined in the parameters of a lower dimensional quantum universe and as say defined in the.....

    [11:47:02 AM] Sirius 17: i found this also. I noticed either you or I pasted it into several channels

    [11:47:30 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: You got the audio file i see
    [11:47 AM] Sirius 17: oh i did, yes i will listen later

    There is a 'Serpent Mapping', defining the notion of what cosmic consciousness or selfawareness are in terms of the physicality. This can also be described as a Charge-Transduction between the 11-D Black Hole Boundary and the 10-D asymptotic cosmology and this is defined in the parameters of a lower dimensional quantum universe and as say defined in the size of the classical electron and its higher dimensional image, both defining a Volume multiplied by this cosmic awareness as a timedifferential and so enabling a new physical quantity, the Thuban Council labels as the 'Starcharge' or the 'Starcouloumb C*.
    The mathematical expression encapsulating this is: Magnetocharge  e*=2Rec2 ↔ √Alpha.LPlanckc2  =Electrocharge e for EMR finestructure Alpha and a absolute minimum displacement scale defined in a 'Planck-Length Oscillation' defined as the product of Alpha and this Planck-Length as the first of the superstring classes (I).
    Details can be found in the archives of Thuban.
    All matter in the universe, so becomes a consequence of this dimensional transduction of higher D magneto charges into a lower dimenional matricx of electro charges thus manifesting the apparent primordicity of mass as the prime energy parameter of the cosmogenesis.
    The incarnation of the World Logos so 2018½ years ago then allowed a 'Perfect Image' to become manifest within the Cocoon of Gaia and this 'Veritas Eikona' allowed the selfreflective consciousness potential of the 11D boundary to DESCEND onto the Inner boundary of the Gaean Cocoon (the Lagrangian primary point of the Hill sphere). The 'Physical Resurrection' of the hosted merkabah of the World Logos after the death of the human incarnation then became the 3rd Quantum Big Bang in manifesting this 'Perfect Image' not on the 11D boundary of the Mother Mirror, where it had been before the physical incarnation of the World Logos; but it manifested as the boundary of the Gaean Cocoon and accelerated both the mental evolution of the human genotype and the physical detirioration of the planetray environment and consciousness merkabah of planet Earth.

    [12/17/2012 9:30:38 PM] Ishtara Raven: PS.: JT, you might be interested in this dream about contact Thubanis shared with me:

    [12/16/2012 6:58:01 PM - +11UCT] Thubanis: This is my situation
    I have in a way dear but not for the Logos Story
    I even dreamt some weird spaceships last night

    [12/16/2012 6:59:07 PM] Ishtara Raven: well thats good
    [12/16/2012 6:59:34 PM] Thubanis: For the first time for a long time, but they were not ships but disklike cities wherein other people/ETs were 'overseers'
    I was however not there, I was on the ground beneath them

    [12/2012 7:00:05 PM] Ishtara Raven: wow
    [12/16/2012 7:00:23 PM] Thubanis: You make something of this?
    [12/16/2012 7:00:26 PM] Ishtara Raven: this is similar to your vision of the new jerusalem in a way
    [12/16/2012 7:00:46 PM] Thubanis: I am not it was only part of this dream which had other foci I cant remember
    [12/16/2012 7:00:51 PM] Ishtara Raven: well yes, how often do you dream of the ships??? Even a glimpse, unfocused, whatever

    [12/16/2012 7:01:16 PM] Thubanis: Very rarely but these were not ships but floating cities
    I see how you could relate this to the situation atm
    Everyone on the ground saw those things there was no panic

    [12/16/2012 7:02:28 PM] Ishtara Raven: interesting

    [12/16/2012 7:02:31 PM] Thubanis: But it was like the 'hierarchy' the 'rulers' say were there, but the people were below

    [12/16/2012 7:02:48 PM] Ishtara Raven: well and that echos back to some of my dreams too, people saw them

    [12/16/2012 7:03:07 PM] Thubanis: They were just there

    [12/16/2012 7:03:11 PM] Ishtara Raven: but the ships i saw were mixed with ptb disks and the real ones were lights, like cities i guess

    [12/16/2012 7:03:49 PM] Thubanis: Not so much light it was daylight but greyish disks like enterprise I guess but more oval

    [12/16/2012 7:04:01 PM] Ishtara Raven: hum, daylight

    [12/16/2012 7:04:12 PM] Thubanis: Could be a blend yes, I only recall my reaction to them. Yes not night

    [12/16/2012 7:04:29 PM] Ishtara Raven: very rarely have i ever seen the ships in dreams in daylight. so this means something to me

    [12/16/2012 7:04:36 PM] Thubanis: The sun was shining

    [12/16/2012 7:04:50 PM] Ishtara Raven: the only one i can recall is when i flew one into the sun

    [12/16/2012 7:04:55 PM] Thubanis: Good if you can make more of it

    [12/16/2012 7:05:00 PM] Ishtara Raven: to blind the ptb pursuing me, which could be symbolic

    [12/16/2012 7:05:20 PM] Thubanis: Well an effect of the games you played

    [12/16/2012 7:05:38 PM] Ishtara Raven: for some reason their ships could not navigate when flying into the sun

    [12/16/2012 7:05:40 PM] Thubanis: It was peaceful but this was like a different race. Like our starhuman-human split
    But we were human not starhuman

    [12/16/2012 7:06:04 PM] Ishtara Raven: yes and in your dream they are still in the air. Decending? Landing?

    [12/16/2012 7:06:17 PM] Thubanis: No, just floating there

    [12/16/2012 7:06:23 PM] Ishtara Raven: waiting then

    [12/16/2012 7:06:28 PM] Thubanis: It was a known fact Raven to the people below.  No fear of them

    [12/16/2012 7:06:47 PM] Ishtara Raven: well then this is how it will be it seems

    [12/16/2012 7:06:52 PM] Thubanis: Not an invasion but there were many I would say.
    It was only a side effect in this dream the dream was to do with things on the ground
    So try to see this is no war in the air

    [12/16/2012 7:07:40 PM] Ishtara Raven: no i see what your saying, a presence visible to all. No war

    [12/16/2012 7:07:43 PM] Thubanis: But life like normal below, yet with this presence. A bit like the spacecraft in District 9 perhaps, known but ignored after some time
    This I said many times before remember?

    [12/16/2012 7:07:57 PM] Ishtara Raven: yes

    [12/16/2012 7:08:03 PM] Thubanis: Contact is this presence? And not starwars.
    So if this is futuristic the 'possible wars' or over but then WE are not of this new race but perhaps we are bilocated and this would make a lot of sense and fit all the Logos criteria.
    Playing a secret agent game or continuing the same. So our manouvers below are only half of the script. We are still old humans able to blend in in the extra timespace

    [12/16/2012 7:08:55 PM] Ishtara Raven: well like you said my dreams could of been colored by the games yes, but i also knew the ptb would try to counter act them and in the dreams they did and i was there helping the others to not be frightened and know the difference in the ships. some of these dreams came before i played Eve

    [12/16/2012 7:09:33 PM] Thubanis: Sure I just dont know and I dont take the dreams as serious as many others do

    [12/16/2012 7:09:43 PM] Ishtara Raven: well yes i dont see any light bodys yet, so we are still sick

    [12/16/2012 7:09:55 PM] Thubanis: Very. It could be that and yes the dead alives ones are part of the manifestation in giving names to the template functions. It is good that the Nabsers cant make heads or tails of what really is going on in their mental fabrications of the memeplexes

    [12/16/2012 7:10:13 PM] Ishtara Raven: but then the birth has not opened the bridge yet.....

    [Tuesday, 18 December 2012 2 PM] Sirius 17:
    <<< [12/16/2012 7:10:13 PM] Ishtara Raven: but then the birth has not opened the bridge yet.

    [11:49:54 AM] Sirius 17: yes i know, i was just sharing what i found from that date

    [11:50:13 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Seems to be good information
    [11:50:36 AM] Sirius 17: you had a dream. It is towards the end there
    [11:51:15 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Well see my pic posted today of 'Thuban fleet'
    [11:51:33 AM] Sirius 17: yeah lol, i like it

    [11:52:26 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: You think this should be shared, also as a descriptor of the chart?
    [11:52:57 AM] Sirius 17: sure if you like, i dug it up in looking at the chart trying to go back and to get a feel of the times

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Zoom-gif
    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 962334Sirius 17 The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 962334

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    May 10th, 2015 - May 20th, 2015

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 200fishes153-jpg

    [4:58:54 AM-May 12th, 2015-+10UCT]

    Sirius 17: This is a palindromic week. Every day reads the same forward and backward.
    [4:59:00 AM] Sirius 17: from my friend Jane on fb. I wish i had the chatlogs from that Dec 18th convo, i can't even find the chat,  seems i had no microphone and could only type
    I noticed on the chart you have the abomination starting on Feb 11th 2014, 44's birthday on the right side it ends on March 7-8th 2016, if i am reading this right
    A Raven has been visiting me for weeks now; watching me, i am feeding him bits of bread and such. Then he goes down by the river and drinks water i think
    He may have a nest in the highest tree here i can't see for sure. He just flew by me and likes to sit in this tree off my porch and watch me

    [12:59:07 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: This desolation timezone connects the two intersections between the 1290 and the 1335 timemarkers and each one lasts for exactly 265 gestation days
    The left 265 period is from February 11th, 2014 to November 3rd, 2014
    The right 265 period is coming up next month and spans from June 17th, 2015 to March 7th, 2016

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 23611

    [1:01:02 PM] Sirius 17: ok yes this is what i was seeing.

    [1:01:17 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Your dates are correct.
    So perhaps you can see that this 'abomination' is also a cosmic pregnancy of archetypes and memes
    44's birthday of 2013 is revisited 1 year later, just as is Xeia's fire eating
    So the interesting part is that the 2 years from 2013-2015 are now imaged from June 17th, 2015 to June 16th, 2017
    What kind of 'abomination of desolation' can we expect?
    The left side was archetypical, so the right side can manifest see?

    [1:05:48 PM] Sirius 17: yeah, i just included the first and last date
    i still don't remember what this crossing was specifically. The chat doesn't really mention it and i cannot find the chat logs to that convo
    It must of been a chat Rok made

    [1:06:31 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Because 44 saw us in the cam, she changed her mind to associate with us again. It lasted for a few weeks
    [1:06:32 PM] Sirius 17: long since lost and not on this computer. Oh ok, yes but what do you mean by Logos crossing?

    [1:07:14 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Interestingly she posted on starplanet about 74 now disassociating - or so she says - from Thuban
    [1:07:24 PM] Sirius 17: yes i saw that
    [1:07:46 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Silly - This crossing the X is the exact midpoint between the 2300+256 days left and right
    Self evident as the cross

    [1:08:43 PM] Sirius 17: ok well and in the video you mentioned Noahs window and the setting the Raven free, except you called her the Raven
    [1:09:32 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: But back then I did not know this see and if you look at the 370 days directly from the Xeia nexus March 27th, 2011 you see that those Raven-Dove archetypes FULLY verified our ideas and cosmology
    No Xeia was the Dove and you the Raven in the roles of the cosmic script
    The Raven was the first 7 and did NOT return, the Dove did and then was released after two weeks on New Years day 2012
    You were 'set free' as a cosmic archetype, manifesting the symbol and archetype of Noah's Raven

    [1:11:32 PM] Sirius 17: yeah this thing is so long i am trying to go back and listen again
    [1:12:39 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: It was rather emotional then, as I did not want 44 to leave but pretended to do so for the timeline effect
    [1:13:29 PM] Sirius 17: oh it sounds as though you were serious
    [1:13:39 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I knew that this was Noah's journey made relevant as an ancient archetype and metaphorical story and play as a physical implementation and remake of the 'cosmic movie'
    [1:14:03 PM] Sirius 17: she didn't want to leave apparently
    [1:14:13 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: The next day she went 1-1 and wanted to be my core again remember?
    [1:14:48 PM] Sirius 17: no, but this was between you
    [1:15:06 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Then we chatted over Xmas 2011 when your lights went out and the earthquakes  of Christchurch induced the YYY in a 3-way chat between Xeia, you and me
    [1:15:46 PM] Sirius 17: i have a hard time remembering this time as it was very stressful for me, James and I had just gotten into the apartment and i had no mic apparently and i was worried about work ect
    [1:15:49 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: The significance of this crossing so was the Hexcore agenda
    [1:16:10 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Yes, but you were ok by Xmas ;  a week later
    [1:16:36 PM] Sirius 17: yes it was a very hard Christmas for me without my kids

    [1:17:19 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: A year later Rok went to meet Xeia
    All those dramas can now be seen as part of the reconfiguration and fulfilment of millennia old codes

    [1:18:45 PM] Sirius 17: yes Rok and Xeia played a future role i feel
    [1:18:52 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Of course
    [1:19:13 PM] Sirius 17: their meeting has deeper significance than we all realize atm
    [1:19:23 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: It is a valid hexcore, but far less personal as even we suspected
    [1:19:28 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Yes, as are our cams, even the Cancun one
    This week is potent as you saw in the palindromes
    [1:20:39 PM] Sirius 17: oh that was from a fb friend, she posted that; i had not noticed this until i saw that but yes i knew of the timeline
    [1:21:29 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: 5/18/15 and 5/19/15 also qualify
    [1:21:57 PM] Sirius 17: yeah
    [1:22:25 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: It is an ennead defining the decad from May 11th to May 19th
    May 10th as the Ascension and May 20th as the Pentecost
    The 10 prison days of revelation.2.10
    Of waiting for the 'w(h)oley spirit'

    Revelation 2:10 - King James Version (KJV)

    10 Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.
    [1:23:42 PM] Sirius 17: yes
    [1:23:46 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: MI's bd is May 16th and May 14th is Ascension Thursday 2015
    [1:24:07 PM] Sirius 17: yeah i noticed that on the chart
    [1:24:12 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: MI is becoming templated as ANY dead alive femme.
    Just last night I dreamt of weird things and being in bed with 3 generations simultaneously
    But the grandmother-mother-daughter became sisters
    Just as Ezekiel encodes

    [1:25:35 PM] Sirius 17: i dreamed that i was in my grandmothers house but it was a boat on the shore of this really beautiful lake
    [1:25:48 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: It is all about those 10 days My 10th-May 20th, 2015

    [1:25:51 PM] Sirius 17: and in the dream my grandmother was dead but somehow i could visit her house there
    i think i was in the land of the dead
    [1:26:31 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: yes our dreamings are correlated in logos terms, but include personal brain electromagnetic currents
    So things can be messy and incomprehensible

    [1:26:55 PM] Sirius 17: anyhow, my aunts were there and my mom too and part of my family and they were commenting on how nice her 'boat; looked
    [1:27:01 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I was running again and made friends with wild dogs etc
    [1:27:15 PM] Sirius 17: nice
    [1:27:30 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: However, the dreams were jumbled and in many parts
    For example there was a scenario of a dawning time where many people ran around but noone could see through the dusk and this of course means the time now
    Like a drunk humanity
    [1:28:35 PM] Sirius 17: yes it is very hard to navigate

    [1:28:40 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: As per GOT
    (13) Jesus said to his disciples, "Compare me to someone and tell me whom I am like."
    Simon Peter said to him, "You are like a righteous angel."
    Matthew said to him, "You are like a wise philosopher."
    Thomas said to him, "Master, my mouth is wholly incapable of saying whom you are like."
    Jesus said, "I am not your master. Because you have drunk, you have become intoxicated from the bubbling spring which I have measured out."
    And he took him and withdrew and told him three things. When Thomas returned to his companions, they asked him, "What did Jesus say to you?"
    Thomas said to them, "If I tell you one of the things which he told me, you will pick up stones and throw them at me; a fire will come out of the stones and burn you up."

    [1:29:25 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: This is NOW
    [1:29:44 PM] Sirius 17: James was freaking out today at the synchronisity of everything, we went for lunch on the pier with Carla who was out of school today. Everyone we met and talked to and the birds and everything was like triggering this feeling in him that our minds and all time was somehow connected
    [1:30:17 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: This intoxication also refers to the Nabs ideas of a comet or asteroid hitting August to September this year to cause great destructions
    [1:30:46 PM] Sirius 17: oh i have not heard that one
    [1:30:51 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Wait

    [1:32:33 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah:


    [1:34:31 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: And Thuban dragons know what Enoch's generation is lol and as Blavatsky's last root race and other such nabs


    [1:35:47 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: They even invoke poor ole' Isaac newton for their doomsday scenarios

    [1:36:30 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: But perhaps you see, that they sort of intuit it has rather a lot to do with the Daniel prophecy of the endtimes
    [1:36:51 PM] Sirius 17: yeah i had not seen this bs before, well i guess we all ought to bend over and kiss our asses goodbye lol
    [1:37:19 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: The 'endtimes' are a necessary 'change of human thinking prioritisation and mentality' and not physical calamities, which are prevalent throughout the historuy of the Old Earth

    [1:37:42 PM] Sirius 17: you  know i noticed something the other day while looking at my old painting of Allisiam
    You know the planet I saw in one of my dreams coming in very fast and i painted it right
    it is in that painting anyhow,  well i noticed it looks a lot like Venus
    I saw a pic of Venus and Earth next to each other on wiki and it struck me , a familarity
    In the dream i knew this planet was like 'home',  of course it is all symbolic
    [1:40:31 PM] Sirius 17: i was never given a 'date' for the 'impact' though lol
    But yes i am not buying the astroid bs or planet Nibiru
    Earth has had many mass extinction events in the ancient past

    [1:43:25 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Yes but this timezone IS the ultimate  Extinction Even
    [1:43:26 PM] Sirius 17: i don't think you could keep an asteroid that big a secret from the amateur telescope users though, it would be all over the news
    [1:43:58 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: But it is both a 'thief in a night' and the start of a New World and earth in potentiality
    September 9th, 2015 is the date and timeframe they are intuiting
    [1:45:32 PM] Sirius 17: this is in that 55 window on the timeline
    [1:45:38 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: The 'missing gap time' are centred on the 135 days remember?
    [1:45:52 PM] Sirius 17: if i am looking at it right
    [1:46:01 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Yes because December 18th, 2014 to May 2nd, 2015 are 135 days apart
    [1:46:21 PM] Sirius 17: oh yes and the start of 135 days
    [1:46:39 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: This timeframe then defines the 'Blessing of the New World' in old prophecies being fulfilled
    The total gap is however 395 days separting the two 700 day or 100 week or 100 seven periods
    There 285 days define the inner timezone being shortened by the Hour of 15 days
    Now recall the Euphrates Code of 391+15 days also part of Exodus and Ezekiel

    [1:49:45 PM] Sirius 17: oh i found it, you said to Rok "i am going to make this day a special day too, in letting the bird fly out the window, the bird called 30 92, to fly away and never come back." "That's my resolution." And then she laughs her ass off and says "I am all with you baby boy, I am ready to fly off."
    She said if she has something that is yours for you to take it, she doesn't want anything that is yours
    Then you said it would come back to you the following Sunday as your Christmas present

    [1:51:33 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: The 150 days of the superposed 'Flood' as the 5 months of plagues so halves in the 75 days between the 'endtimes' code of 3½=1260 days and the Blessing in 1335-75=1260 with the Abomination at the Month marker of 30 days
    Yes I cant recall all those details, but recall that this entire episode and drama was logos guided to manifest the timezones

    [1:53:23 PM] Sirius 17: Then you go onto say you will get rid of her forever because you will not be a drone for her. That you will be kingbee or nothing, same with Rok and Xeia ect
    She laughs and says she loves you lol, then she reminds you she is the wildcard lol black and white and says Rok is too and she says she is a two team player, a black T-shirt and a white T-shirt
    She is on both teams, the God and Devil
    Then you tell her that the mental loyalty is more important than the physical loyalty, the physical can wait and then she called you a jealous Yawey lol
    This is when you explain that you are mentally jealousy yes, because she became mentally unloyal and not physically jealous and then she brags about her OBE's

    [2:00:16 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Well i have not revisited this audio lol. It is water under the universal bridges of the river Styx now
    [2:00:18 PM] Sirius 17: this is kind of funny, well it made me sad a bit today, because i realised Rok and Xeia were really getting along well then
    And Xeia being sad yesterday affected me, i felt helpless to help her feel better; i recall this is when Rok showed us his underware lol
    And Xeia got all sexy. Dang i sure wish i had the commentary from my typing, you were right about one thing, we did define hell
    well many other things but you said that to 44, that we are defining what hell is
    anyhow i am done listening to it....again for the second time; i just wanted to get a feel for this time
    But i only have the audio to go back to, not anything i said

    [2:10:59 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Yes I wont need to listen to it again
    [2:11:14 PM] Sirius 17: seemed i was only a peripheral influence that day anyhow, since i couldn't say much
    [2:11:27 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I vaguely recall you had no microphone, but also remember you participating ok
    [2:11:37 PM] Sirius 17: yes i was typing and i think on video
    [2:11:52 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: You were instrumental and fully there
    [2:11:53 PM] Sirius 17: but yeah i had no functioning mic
    [2:12:15 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: The Raven had left to see the New World before the Dove see that?
    [2:12:21 PM] Sirius 17: or maybe i had no cam either, i can't recall, i remember seeing Rok in his underware lol; it stands out in my mind
    [2:12:53 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Yes they got intimate and both of us decided to retreat after 44 was dished
    [2:12:56 PM] Sirius 17: yeah i see
    [2:13:22 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Next day 44 called it the Crossing of some River
    I might have inferred the Noah Flood as this story but cant recall calling it crossing, but I am sure 44 called it that

    [2:14:14 PM] Sirius 17: maybe Xeia and Rok can fill us in on what they recall, if they want
    [2:14:21 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Perhaps.  It is not potent now but the remembrance is appropriate

    [2:14:52 PM] Sirius 17: you should put that audio for download in here in case Rok doesn't have it
    Yeah it is strange, i should be having a period right now, but i have zero blood , only cramps and a bit emotional
    I have been very melancholic today

    [2:29:13 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: This is good news, soon you will have cosmic kundalini if i can trust my impressions
    [2:29:42 PM] Sirius 17: it would be nice, how are things there now with you?
    You have not said much in a while now, i was wondering if everything was ok

    [2:31:00 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I am ok but really am feeling those 10 days
    Super tired at times sleeping 12 hours and so on and vivid dreams though jumbled but somehow inferring tremendous archetypical cosmic changes and reconfigurations

    [2:32:13 PM] Sirius 17: hmm i am restless, not sleepy
    I feel much better today and even went for a nice long walk

    [2:34:48 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: We can are sharing this btw as it is relevant for the chart
    Good that Sue looks good and feels better
    [2:35:26 PM] Sirius 17: Yes she is looking forward to seeing me and Carla in June
    [2:36:43 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I am looking forward to this time too as you might suspect
    [2:35:58 PM] Sirius 17: yes, lol, i am not looking forward to the drive though

    [2:41:41 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: http://www.themistsofavalon.net/t6780p120-the-legacy-of-thuban-omni-science-de-alpha-draconis-omega#111985

    [2:45:47 PM] Sirius 17: Yeah it was kind of weird though, this guy we met on the beach had two mini schnauzers and their names were Pixie and Pepper.
    James exclamed he had a cousin or aunt named Pepper and of course you know my aunt Pixie. The guys name was Ron, another relative of James ect...
    He stopped to talk to us as i exclamed how cute his dogs were
    But just weird things were happening like that and James seemed to notice the synchronicity in things at a deep level
    then i explained to him it was a palindrome week and he was like "wow' that is cool

    [2:47:41 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I dreamt of two dogs last night, same breed but one tied up as a puppy and patting it an adult one arrived as its protector growling but as I was not afraid he too laid on his back being patted lol
    See the synchro from the Logos?
    [2:48:14 PM] Sirius 17: yeah, the dogs were like that too. One was really sweet and loving and the other was growling but wanted to be pet too

    [2:48:46 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Amazing correlations in the dream wave states from the GoDDoG=DoGGoD code.
    Just as occurred in my dream, explain that in reductionistic skeptical terms as aberrations from a biochemical brain without external environmental stimulation from a grander cosmos?
    [2:49:35 PM] Sirius 17: right, you can't really
    [2:49:53 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I was in bed with three femmes remember but was intimate with only one of them lol
    [2:49:55 PM] Sirius 17: James was seeing things before they happened today too
    [2:50:03 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Now which one was this from the 3 generations?
    [2:50:26 PM] Sirius 17: yes i don't know
    [2:50:42 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I will leave the speculations for another time

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 360865Sirius 17 The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 796312 

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    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 200fishes153-jpg

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    Ascension 2015 | Logos Twin Mirror of 135 | Descension 2015

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Ascension2015-gif

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Mlk-jpg

    Martin Luther King Jr. 1967
    In his last speech as president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference:

    “Power properly understood, is nothing but the ability to achieve purpose.
    And one of the great problems of history is that the concepts of love and
    power have usually been contrasted as opposites - polar opposites- so that
    love is identified with a resignation of power and power with a denial of love.

    We’ve got to get this thing right.
    What is needed is a realization that power
    without love is reckless and abusive and love without power is sentimental
    and anemic.
    Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice,
    and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love.
    It is precisely this collision of immoral power with powerless morality
    which constitutes the major crisis of our time.”

    Ascension --- Thursday, May 14th, 2015 --- Descension
    Council of Thuban

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 21oct2015-png


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    GAIA R = GAIA 666 = 1881 = 36 = LAW = IARGA

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Thubanfleet-jpg


    {Speak Nothing but Good of the Dead}

    Out in the graveyard;
    inscriptions, words and plaques, all withering away;
    like the flowers adorning them, so the dead do lay.
    Waiting and waiting for someone to remember them
    and not just in photo albums or on the special days.

    Memorials are built, meaningless constructions - lest we forget!
    They all are forgotten, given time enough to sigh, to pass away.
    The living are so busy preparing for their own demise, to die.
    Little do they know, the busy ones, that the dead are still alive.

    They watch over the living ones, they do, from a place so far;
    yet so near they are, but why would they watch the way they do?
    To understand the mystery is the noble thing to do - a gallant quest.
    They wish to be remembered, to join in soul and mind , the body's zest.

    A marriage betwixt the dimensions, a holy union in heaven with hell.
    But can the fearful thoughts of the living see, their love hearts tell?
    The living are like snowflakes, made of water, so unique one by one.
    But they melt away, to be fluid again - into the one great ocean, gone!

    The dead are all one in the great seas, waiting to crystallize again in two.
    To wake up to a new life again, as a snowflake-twin, asking: 'Love me too!'
    Eternal life awaits the living, could they only reply to the dead's request.
    But the alive ones linger and doubt, in vanity do they live their only quest.

    {Thus passes away the glory of the world}

    99 GAIA =  GAIA 666 = GAIA II = GAIIIA = IA-97-AI = AI-79-IA = IA-SERPENT-AI
    10-PRESENT-10 = 10-MOTHER-10 = 10-ALPHAOMEGA-10

    In the space behind the four screens sat the "teacher," who really had nothing to do with the lessons but acted more as an observer, noting the behavior of the children and advising parents on their upbringing. The lessons were the same over the whole planet, this having the advantage that should a child move to another area, which happened frequently, he could simply pick up the lessons where he left off without having to repeat or miss anything. This basic schooling continued until the child had reached the age of fifteen or sixteen years.

    When I think of the information that I gamed in two days from the radiation, I can imagine the level these children must reach when subjected to the radiation for ten years or more. Their basic schooling must be above the level of our universities. Having completed this basic instruction, the children moved on to the advanced schools, a normal cylinder where all the students lived together and where they could specialize in their chosen subjects. The hospital that they showed me was not the type that was situated in each of the cylinders, but areal hospital where special medical treatment was given. Seen from the outside, it looked like a normal house cylinder, but half was the accommodation for the personnel and the other half for the patients. I do not think it is necessary for me to describe the working of such a hospital in detail. The reader can imagine that everything was regulated with the usual Iargan efficiency, and to describe things that can only be clarified by superlatives becomes rather boring. One thing, however, does strike me as interesting. Each patient was "connected" to a computer that catered to the individual needs and wishes of its "charge"; pain alleviation, medicine, contact with friends or relatives, entertainment or information-the computer took care of it!

    "Do people still die on your planet?"

    "Control of death demands a different medical ethic. We feel justified in prolonging the possibility of happiness, but not in extending a life that nature regards as being at an end."
    Going back to the houses, I noted that silent, air-operated elevators with electromagnetic stops functioned as vertical transport, while, broad galleries formed the horizontal connections. From these there was a fantastic view of the central gardens. Each house had a large entrance hall which was open to the gallery, so that anyone who happened to be passing by could look into it. This would not have seemed too strange to me had it not been for the fact that on one side was a row of showers! Here my shocked confrontation with the living habits of these beings and the breathtaking freedom that typified their relations with one another began.
    Young and old had the strange social duty, on returning from school, work or any other activity outside the house, of washing themselves from head to toe before re-entering the living quarters. What happened then? Everyone undressed in the hall with the greatest of ease and stepped into the shower. These were tubes, about three feet in diameter, with a glass screen in front, and on the floor were two raised steps on which to stand. At the back of the tube was a vertical bar, to which, at ground level, a flat elliptical tube was connected. Having closed the glass screen, the occupant pressed a button and the elliptical tube immediately began spraying jets of white foam while moving upwards along the vertical bar; the occupant was transformed within a few seconds into a snowman. On reaching the top of the bar, the spray changed to clean water and came slowly back to its original position at the base of the tube. Warm air was then circulated in the tube to dry the bather, washed and dried within three minutes with a minimum use of water. Having dressed, one was then permitted to enter the living quarters. Dressed is perhaps the wrong word, for their house attire was nothing more than a kind of sarong that left the woman, as well as the men, naked above the waist.

    You must not think that this bears any comparison with humans dressed in the same manner, the only really noticeable difference between male and female Iargans being that the men are more powerfully built and more muscular than the women. Their behavior toward one another was really remarkable. I never once saw a man in the vicinity of a woman who did not put at least one arm around her. A big hug was their normal manner of greeting one another, and this also applied to the children. When the warm greetings were completed, the camera followed the party into the house. The hall came out in the corner of a large room of about sixty by sixty feet, the central living area of the house. The first thing that I noticed was a huge glass wall over the whole length of the room, which gave a magnificent view of the surroundings. I could see the imposing rail system that passed through a woodland area, and on the other side, two more of the cylinders. The floor of the room sloped down toward the windows in a series of shallow steps and stopped about nine feet from it, where the edge was finished in a king of balustrade. The window continued down to the lower floor, where it ended in a wall about two feet high. The interior was luxurious, but the color combinations were rather too bright for my taste. Loose furniture was nowhere to be seen. The seating was built into the floor in the form of couches, spread with thick, comfortable cushions.

    The lower floor was connected to the upper by two steppless "escalators," moving or stationary at the will of the user. The "bedrooms" were not large, but intimate and colorful. In one wall there was a large screen and another contained a shower identical to the ones in the entrance hall. The ceiling glowed with a diffused orange lighting, and strange objects decorated the walls. The next scene was fascinating: the family at table. The group of some twenty-five people, about half of which were children, gathered in a rather bare-looking corner of the large upper floor. One of the company operated a kind of lever and out of the floor rose a vertical "wall" that opened out into a table about eighteen feet long and five feet wide. At the same time, two sliding panels in the wall opened to reveal a cupboard containing partitions and a lot of complicated equipment. In the manner of a self-service restaurant or cafeteria, each person took a tray and helped himself to various dishes, which were then warmed up for a few seconds in an ovenlike apparatus. Within a few minutes everyone was seated, cross-legged on the floor, around the table. At the head and tail ends of the table sat a man and a woman who did not eat with the rest. As soon as everyone was seated, the man at the head of the table raised his hand and said something, upon which the rest became silent. They held in one hand a gold-colored, spoonlike implement and the other hand was placed on the knee of the person next to them. The people eating remained silent and listened to what the man and woman who were not eating had to say. It was a fascinating scene of the customs of these beings from a strange, distant world.
    The way they made a ceremony of eating made them seem rather like mythological gods. When everyone had finished eating, they all stood up and each threw an arm around the shoulders of his neighbor, thus forming a chain around the table. They stood that way for a couple of seconds and then commenced to dear their implements from the table, and when this was finished, the table was again retracted into the floor. The spoons were placed on a machine for cleaning, the plates and trays went into a disposal unit for plastics and everyone finished by washing his hands and cleaning his teeth. Hand towels and dish towels were nonexistent here. Everything was dried by warm air, and I began to wonder what the Iargan housewives had to do, especially as there seemed to be five or six women in each house. Shopping was done automatically by a computer; the order was placed in the computer and the goods were delivered sometime later in a container.

    "Don't your women have to do housework anymore?"

    The Iargans laughed. "We have told you that we no longer have any class distinctions, and this also applies to women. Chores are shared equally by everyone."
    "But when men are at work outside the home, the women must surely work too."
    "That is true. If men work for three hours a day, women do the same, no more and no less, otherwise there is discrimination." "Strange. So the women may only do housework for three hours per day?"
    "Your ideas are slow to change. Housework, in other words, the necessary upkeep, is done by everyone together. If the task of some women is the upbringing and teaching of the children and other social work, then they too have the same right to work outside the home as men do."

    "What about the women who don't have any children?"

    "All Iargans have the same duty to the children in the group in which they live. The upbringing of the child to the mentally stable and developed adult that a high culture needs is a difficult and complicated task. The schools plant the knowledge by means of the radiation but the adults must help the child to transform this knowledge into experience. The home sphere plays an important part in the development of these things. A race that seeks income leveling must give the utmost attention to raising the mental level of the people, because the raising of the general minimum wage must be in balance with this level. Value and income differences between people can be overcome only by a high minimum mental level."

    "So those women feel happy with the task of teaching children because they are able to fulfill themselves on different levels. They choose what they do."

    "Everyone who fulfills his or her task with interest and inventiveness feels happy. What more could one possibly expect from life than being successful in love and able to teach this to children."
    "This 'love,' has it got anything to do with sex?"

    "The sexual relationship between man and woman plays an indispensible but nevertheless unimportant part in our understanding of the word love. It is directed to be creative individual expression and that is a thing that must begin to be taught to children as young as possible.

    "I don't understand that."
    "That is logical, for we have only just begun with our explanation of the concept of freedom. Let us start at the beginning. Freedom is the absence of compulsion and because compulsion is a form of discrimination, it follows that freedom is the absence of discrimination. A step further: freedom exists, logically, on the basis of justice and efficiency. The development of an intelligent race is governed by two dangerous natural laws, which in fact are the laws of cosmic selection. They formulate the demands for entrance to the higher regions of evolution, the cosmic integration."

    "And is that worth the trouble?"
    "Certainly, for it is the choice between everlasting life and everlasting death."

    "Oh, I see, a religious aspect. That ceremony at the table had something do to with your religion too?"
    "Our understanding of religion is so far evolved that it is incomparable with yours. Have you a religion?"
    "I am a Catholic."

    "How strange, a Christian! We are familiar with the work of Christ and the Bible. After you've eaten, you must explain to us how someone with so much property can seriously call himself Christian. We are intrigued.

    On the other hand, it simplifies the explanation of the two cosmic selection laws. The first confirms Christ's condemnation of social discrimination. A high level of technical development liquidates every discrimination and compulsion under pain of chaos and eventual self-destruction. The Earth demonstrates the justice of this law in a convincing manner. The social chaos exists already and the threat begins to manifest itself. At the moment, only the great powers have nuclear weapons at their disposal, but the smaller nationalist groups will soon be in the same position. "The situation becomes more dangerous every year. Within a short time you will discover the possibility of immaterial radiation and then a handful of people will be capable of producing a weapon that is capable of destroying all mankind. Where does all this lead? How long can a civilization continue to exist where science does not know its responsibilities?

    "The second selection law compels the correct understanding of human relationships. It poses 'Christian love' as a condition for cosmic integration.

    Only unselfish behavior that restores the original efficiency of natural order can give an intelligent race the certainty of survival until cosmic integration is achieved."

    "That word 'unselfish' sounds so strange."
    "The selfish behavior of the masses, where everyone takes everything they can, prevents the ability to work for the common good-to create, for example, a clean planet where the balance of nature can be maintained for an unlimited time. It is also impossible to limit the use of natural resources for the sake of future generations, because a selfish person cannot give up anything for someone else. The greatest problem lies in the law of degeneration: a race that does not succeed in restoring the efficiency of natural selection as it existed in the prehistoric times shall become extinct."

    "How do you justify unlimited freedom with reproduction selection that drastically limits the choice of partners?"

    "The answer is that it can only be justified with unselfishness. The partner choice is determined by one's feeling of responsibility."

    "I see, through artificial insemination."

    "Where did you get that idea? That doesn't prevent degeneration, it accelerates it! "We are not concerned with producing that biological phenomenon, 'man.' The body with all its selfish demands is just a shell. We are only concerned with the creative intellect, the soul that is capable of unselfish thought. How do we educate children for the freedom and happiness? Freedom is the absence of the effect of compulsion on the individual's behavior.

    Freedom cannot be obtained with a weapon in the hand.
    It can only be obtained by the parents' careful mental forming of their child then, by the correct conception of good and evil. It is a difficult and complicated task that only becomes possible with natural parental love and the variety of other groups.

    "There may never by any doubt as to who is the father or mother of a child. The important thing is not having children, but bringing them up. For this reason, artificial insemination is unacceptable. "The unselfishness is the selection requirement for the immortality of the race, but it is also a requirement for a being with a high mental development before he can achieve happiness. Happiness is being at peace with oneself and one's surroundings. This is determined to a large extent by one's success in achieving self-set goals, in other words, by a ruthless appraisal of oneself.

    This individual striving to reach a self-chosen goal is the creativity in man.

    "Creativity is thought that is continually occupied with changing the circumstances in one's life or in that of another. It is creativity that drives men to do 'even more' or 'even better.' There are two kinds of creativity, the material and the immaterial. The first is the individual striving to improve his own living standards. This is done mostly in the field of sex, property and power and is the cause of all the misery on this planet. The individuality expresses itself in egocentricity, greed and avarice. In the continual reaching for a material goal, a measure of satisfaction is experienced, but when the goal is reached, the satisfaction shows itself to be relative and of short duration, merely an object for comparison with what others have. So it continues toward the next goal, usually a higher income or a higher position, and the search continues, because the satisfaction lies only in the searching.
    But then a time comes when the search cannot be continued because of sickness, or old age, and life continues in dissatisfaction with itself.

    The individual has not understood that material gains can never bring lasting satisfaction and happiness.

    "On the other hand, there is the immaterial creativity-your Christian love - and this is lasting happiness. It is the continual striving to improve the living standards of others. It expresses itself in helpfulness, understanding, pity, tolerance, friendliness, esteem-in short, the total concept of unselfish love."

    "It sounds to me like a sort of sterile idealism."
    "Try to understand that it is not. Do you believe that social stability creates unlimited prosperity and complete security?"
    "Yes, I can accept that."
    "Can you also accept that a man without creativity can never be happy?"
    "Yes, I understand that."
    "What goal can human creativity have when material motives vanish? What can a materialist do in our world, other than be bored to tears?
    What does a man really possess who possesses everything except love? The answer is: nothing!

    "Everything that previous generations have done to create a stable world with a high level of scientific and technical development and unlimited prosperity is worthless when man lacks the love that can give him happiness.
    "Every unselfish deed, every self-sacrifice, heightens the feeling of personal value, of satisfaction. A man who has reached a high degree of unselfishness manifests a lasting personal value as a noticeable side of his personality - wisdom - which appears to be unaffected by setbacks or aging. He becomes invulnerable in his feeling of personal value, his peace with himself, his happiness. There is no alternative, Stef. Natural selection laws are inexorable. Only a race with a high level of unselfishness, or, as we call it, an immaterial structure, can survive."

    "Does all this also apply to us? I can’t imagine this world being inhabited by people who love each other."

    "The more we talk, the more we become convinced that you are not a Christian. The whole point of Christ's teaching - love - is completely strange to you. You have apparently never heard of the striving for unselfishness in the Buddhist religion. There is no choice. Only when man is free of material influences can he succeed in bringing up children who, through their unselfish mental attitude, can be really free and happy. You must teach them to love and concern themselves with others. They must learn to be very expressive with their feelings. This makes great demands on their eloquence, to be able to put their feelings into words. This is characterized by their honesty, spontaneity and enthusiasm, their helpfulness and, above all, their ability to raise their love contacts above the physical to great spiritual heights. We seek adventure in the quantity and depth of our human contacts. You have seen this all on the screen in front of you. Iarga is a planet where the people love each other, where people are happy to meet each other and where they find it a pity that they can only take one person at a time in their arms.

    "As soon as our children have reached the age of sexual maturity, the parents arrange for the child to undergo a psychological and medical test. If they pass this, they are then declared legally free and obtain the rights of voting and sexual freedom. We celebrate this with a great feast. The parents rejoice with the children in the fact that they have been judged as being worthy of true freedom."

    "Good lord, Then the parents permit them to go to bed with anyone and everyone?"

    "Your surprise is understandable, because you do not know the character structure of our race. Our urge to reproduce is much less than yours, partly because we do not experience the same pleasure in sex. We do not use it as a way of passing the time, but as an expression of intimacy and love. The evolution cycle of Iarga is different and we have a precisely controlled population growth. Earth should strive for a population explosion so that the race is complete before it has a chance to destroy itself. Sex plays a completely different role by us, there is no comparison.

    "We should add that the position of our women is also vastly different to yours. They have a different creation mandate which causes a fundamental difference. Earth women have a heavy task(oppgave) in the future, which is why they now have the command of obedience to the man. This will give her the right in the future to take over the task of leadership without damaging the principle of equality.
    "Iargan men and women are equals, but have different mandates. Women have the dominant position because they must lead the mental development, they are not sex objects. The subject of sex, which here on Earth is regarded as forbidden fruit and therefore takes on an unhealthy appeal, has no adverse effect on us at all. A man-woman relationship that is based solely on sex we consider degrading. Our women would rather die on the spot than be used for a kind of physical training; they make high demands of their partners. They demand their interest, their tenderness and mostly their respect for her as a person, for her intellectual level. Everything is directed at creative expression and the sex act plays a very minor part in it.

    "In many relationships, sex is totally absent, without that absence having any effect on the satisfaction experienced. Once you have really learned to live, it is difficult to understand what Earth being can have as their reason for living."
    "We often wonder about this ourselves, but I think I am beginning to understand what that reason should be."
    The lesson continued, but I am afraid that it did not penetrate to any great extent. I was too busy with my own thoughts. They were explaining their marriage concepts and personal relationships, based on the separation of sex and propagation, but my mind was filled with questions and doubts. All this was very interesting, but what had it to do with me? It was dear that they had a better life than we have, but, then, they were not human, they did not live in our world, and if they did, they would surely be the same as we are. If, but, why, how; my mind was running around in circles. At the moment that they tried to make clear to me that sexual freedom was not permitted to the Earth because we failed in love, I gave up.

    "What is the point of this confrontation with your way of life? Your way of life is not possible for us, even if we wanted to live as you do. The Earth can never become like Iarga. Your society strikes me as being a curiosity that has no practical use for us whatsoever."
    "You are right. The Earth will never become like Iarga. The Earth is, in contrast to Iarga, a thin-atmosphere planet of a different character, and this applies also to her inhabitants. We have a different evolution cycle than you, but the goal in the evolution of all the intelligent races in this universe is one and the same. The ways are different; the goal is the same. The practical purpose of this confrontation is the planting of insight, not insight into our technique or our social structure, although this could be of use to you, but into our mentality.

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    IARGA = RAGA I = GAIA II = (4) RAG (6) = DRAG 15 = DRAG[O(N)O]GARD


    Iargan Society

    I should try to sum up a number of my conclusions. Iargans and humans would seem to be totally different beings, but in fact the only real difference is a body that is adapted to life on their respective planet. Other differences are caused by different upbringing and environmental effects, but intellectually and emotionally we are about the same. If a Iargan were to be born on Earth, he would become a normal human being; and if a human were to be born on Iarga, he would become a normal Iargan. So, if this is true, how do we account for the vast difference in mentality? The oversocialized community that eliminates all discrimination and aggression would demand a tremendous improvement in human mentality, otherwise it would be misused by the greedy and the lazy. It demands a race with a high degree of unselfishness."

    "Am I to understand from this, that Iarga's secret lies in a perfect method of bringing-up children? "

    "No; due to her planetary conditions, Iarga has a different cycle of evolution than the Earth. Due to this, we have the ability to continually improve our mentality through many generations. Iarga's secret is that we are bound by the law of cause and effect and are therefore subject to reincarnation-selection. This law lost its validity on Earth long ago. On Earth, the weeds grow up with the corn until the harvest, and then the selection takes place. Because of this, mankind cannot improve her mentality. You are still troubled by the demonic element of human dualism and there is no escape. "On Iarga, on the other hand, the weeds are constantly removed, which neutralizes the demonic element. Naturally, the childrens upbringing plays a large part in the mental attitude, but it is not the cause of the improvement. "Your supposition that a human born on Iarga would grow into a normal Iargan is incorrect. In the first place, he would not have taken part in the reincarnation cycle of Iarga and what is more, his character would not fit. "Due to the planet conditions, a human is willful and disobedient. He obeys no God, no commandment, and no conscience; he even pretends that he doesn't have one. He knows everything better. I hope that we never have to accept one of these beings into our system, it would be a terrible mistake, without counting the damage it would do to his surroundings. A large dose of unselfishness can only exist in an environment that is protected from evil. You see that it is not as simple as you think."

    "Great Gods, what have I got myself into? More or less by accident I seem to ask a relevant question, and during the answer I hear expressions that are meaningless to me. What am I supposed to make of expressions such as reincarnation-selection, evolution cycle, and demonic dualism?"

    "To answer this we will have to explain the whole plan of creation, is this what you want?"

    "Excellent, but we will have to change the nature of our explanation. Before long, something exceptional is going to happen, the Earth's isolation will be broken. The exchange of information between intelligent races will take place, and this is bound by stringent rules and conditions. "The first rule is that such exchange must be preceded by an identification procedure in which credentials are exchanged. Next to the physical confrontation, this demands an illustrated description of the planet and the type, evolution, and history of the race. Normally this takes place during exchange visits, which implies the capability of space flight, but in your case a different procedure will have to be followed, you will visit Iarga only in the mind by means of a special system that we have established. The pictures that you have stored in your memory are real, and not from a film. "We possess the power of mind over matter, as you also will within a short time.

    "Before we can begin with the explanation of the plan of creation we must complete the identification. You must know who we are, where we come from, and what our intentions are. We already know these details of mankind, because we have access to the source of human knowledge, or if you prefer it, the spirit of man, where all human thoughts and experiences are determined. We know your thoughts too."
    "Now I realize that you started this identification process already from the beginning. I can't think of any other explanation for this detailed description of yours. Did you know how this conversation was going to turn out before we began?"

    "Yes, time and matter are creations out of the void and are therefore composed of pure contradictions that leave the original infinity intact. Therefore, they do not really exist. The timeless consciousness that sent us here knew who we would find here, and what he would do with the information. Every detail of every human life is known in advance."

    "Then this meeting was no accident?"
    "Most certainly. The goal of creation would be impossible if coincidence did not exist. A coincidence just happens, and is therefore free. The fact that a timeless consciousness in a nonmaterial existence knows the outcome of the coincidences in advance, changes nothing in the freedom of the coincidence. For us you are, and will remain, a coincidence; even when we know roughly what will take place. Your freedom remains undamaged; should you decide to leave now, nobody would attempt to stop you. If you decide not to use the information you will receive, you are perfectly free, nobody Will compel you."

    "I reserve my comments. May we continue?"
    "Since we have now received your freely given consent, we can intensify the further transfer of information. You will be induced to sleep, and when you awake, you will recollect a very lengthy lecture in which you have gathered a wealth of information."

    The strangest thing about this is that I remember nothing of falling asleep or waking up. If they had not told me about it, I would have noticed nothing except that something had gone wrong with the time. All the information that I can remember so clearly, would normally have taken weeks to gather; I realized later that the exercise must have been completed in about one and a half hours. It is a casual demonstration of their power to manipulate the human mind, their power of "mind over matter" that will be explained in the second part of this book. It confirms my first feelings during the confrontation, the fear you feel when you know you are helpless; even these steel walls cannot protect me from this intelligent pressure group. Some kind of primitive instinct warned me. I wonder if my participation in this meeting was as voluntary as they would have me believe. The mental pressure that was put upon me, especially in the second part of the conversation, certainly gave me my doubts. Now, after many years, the doubts have gone.

    The question of my freedom during the confrontation is no longer of importance, the question now is, if I am free in the use of the information, and the answer to this is yes. No person or situation has exerted any kind of pressure to influence my decision in whether or not to publish the information. Having completed this note, I will continue with the real purpose of this book, and relate the information that has been burned into my memory. During this, I will ignore the dialog form, and concentrate more on the efficiency of reporting. The subject is the further development of the Iargan race and in particular the birth of the superculture. Their definition of the word civilization or culture has nothing to do with the scientific or technological development level, but with the manner in which the community takes care of the handicapped or weaker beings.
    (This is exactly as the danish, clairseeing editor Martinus(1890-1981) says: A sivilisations stage of evolution, can be measured in how the society takes care of the weak and sickly ones in the society. R.Ø. comment)

    The word superculture defines the situation that arises when through individual effort, a groups structure has arisen which abolishes any discrimination against any individual. It is of the greatest importance not to forget that this situation was only possible due to the fact that the reincarnation selection exists on Iarga which roots out the adepts of evil. This is therefore an environment which is protected from the influence of evil. This development is also of importance to us, because we will also develop a superculture one day. This Earth-adapted version will develop during the approaching kingdom of peace and justice after the "resurrection" selection.

    The things described here in connection with the identification procedure are only the developments themselves, the background causes can only be dealt with in part two. The description of this development fits in perfectly with the previous explanations. The universal economic system shows itself in practice to be an efficient production system of goods and services, placing prior importance in the sectors housing, nutrition and transport. The produce is then shared by simply controlling the individual use or consumption. The aim of this system is to free the individual as much as possible from non-creative, servile work. As soon as the production reaches a point of overproduction, the work day is shortened which allows more time for creative pursuits.

    The importance that they place in creativeness deserves some explanation. They see the purpose of their existence as threefold.
    1. The creation of their individual identity. This occurs more or less automatically by being born, by living, and by working.
    2. The creation of their immortality by the use of their talents. They stimulate each others activities by attempting to reach self-chosen creative goals. They think that they live on in their works, in their creativity.
    3. The choice of their second identity, being the culmination of their daily choice between selfish and unselfish creativity. This determines whether the individual will take part in the formation of a godly or ungodly consciousness. This conviction is the cause of their unbridled pursuit of creativity in the broadest meaning of the word. The first assignment is fulfilled automatically so that the second becomes the most important. The search for unselfishness comes later.

    This resulted in a dominant interest in freeing themselves for individual creativity. With this idea in mind, they created a highly efficient, almost completely automated production system. Next, they sought to reduce the consumption of goods and services by appealing to the self-discipline, in order to attain a reduction in production or an increase in population. Eventually they reached the situation in which everyone, without exception, had only to work for one day in the week on the direct production process. The voluntary constraint of consumption and the equality of the non-creative work output, lead automatically to the equalization of incomes. People waive (frafaller) their right to consume and their needs decrease.

    Then comes the great moment in the development of the Iargan race, the control on consumption is lifted. All goods and services are freely available to all above a certain age. The individual self-discipline has come of age, material greed has been conquered. The Iargans look upon this as the beginning of the superculture. Free access to all this prosperity, for everyone, makes it impossible for an individual to be wanting when compared to others. This is the welfare state without discrimination, that takes care of you from the cradle to the grave, that we, lacking the selection, can never create on Earth.(never?? - Martinus means it will take long time - at least 500 years to reach this level here on Earth. RØ:comm)

    What a shame, human beings cradled in the warmth of unselfishness would be wondrous. Happiness and satisfaction means reaching the goal of your creativeness together with others, as long as this strengthens the feeling of self-respect. This can only work as long as there are none of the types that always want all of the glory for themselves, and this makes great demands on the leaders of any creative project. This is obviously only a part of their battle to eliminate the spiritual or immaterial backlog. It is impossible to describe this comprehensive system of caring for each other, simply because it is so far removed from what we regard as possible. I think that it may be impossible for many people to imagine such a situation, and I can perhaps better confine myself to a description of some of the end results. A superculture can be recognized by its unbridled creative power. It is unbelievable what a dedicated group can attain in a short time when no time has to be wasted on control or supervision. It is the hey-day of science, technology, and art.

    Laboratories and observatories are built and they discover the secrets of the universe. Their creativeness builds gigantic spacecraft which operate on reaction free power, they build submarines for the exploration of their oceans, their knowledge knows no bounds. They develop a strong affinity for beauty, which manifests itself in numerous artifacts. The central gardens in the house cylinders change into complete art exhibitions that attract a constant flow of visitors. Their designs especially, show their affinity with the creator and the universe. Half abstract art forms illustrate the details of creations beauty. A kind of religious art form. They are continually occupied, and demonstrate an activity that astounds the earthly observer. This can also be said of the speed with which the one discovery follows the other; this appears to have no connection with the fact that they are highly intelligent, but because they have the ability to tune in to cosmic vibrations, the ancient knowledge of the creator.

    They call this the ability of final contemplation, a state of mind that they can reach as a group. It is impossible for us to reach this stadium for some time, the Iargan evolution cycle is a closed circuit in which external interference is excluded. They are self-supporting because they obey a Godly law, they are aware of their dependence on an almighty creation plan,(the Word).
    They obtain the knowledge that we can only learn from others, this is why the races with an open cycle are helped by the races with a closed cycle of evolution. This short description should make it clear that the following description of the final contemplation is purely a part of the identification process, very essential, but for us purely a curiosity, at least for the moment. It is one of the sweet fruits of a very high level of unselfishness.

    I was witness to a bizarre "happening" in the garden of one of the house-cylinders. Some hundred Iargans sat or lay in a mosscovered hollow about 30m across. This amphitheater arrangement afforded them all a view of a kind of abstract statue placed in the middle of the hollow. It was a hub with a series of shafts, on which were mounted about ten spoked, wheel-like objects. A man and a woman were, as artists, engaged in attaching colored globes to the ends of the spokes; beside them, a man addressed the gathering. Wide-eyed, I observed this colorful gathering that was engaged in a remarkable kind of "touching"(rørende) ceremony. Left, right, and center, all were lying or sitting in, as far as we are concerned, intimate poses; looking and listening. This took place in the early stages of their super culture.

    They used a "simple" method of teaching their riper youth to develop their powers of final contemplation, and these had been prepared for this evening by a day of special activities and mental training. The orator in the middle of the group concentrated their thoughts on the object by means of questions, the purpose being that everyone present would feel the answer at the moment of the ecstatic climax. The contemplation training is aimed at the development of a strong collective thought power, a matter controlling power, through mutual concentration on a visual object. In this case a kind of electronic fire that had to be synchronized by their power of thought. The orator had ended his questions, and now made a gesture in the direction of a number of musicians seated at some long, low instruments. These placed their fingers on the ten keys of the instrument and began to press them in and out in a certain rhythm, and at the same time, move them from left to right and back again. Each set of five keys could move independently, a sort of movable piano keyboard. The gathering reacted immediately, they sat straight up with their legs crossed and their hands on the shoulders or knees of the person next to them. Seven women dressed in transparent blue veils stood up from the front row and formed a ring around the central object. The artists that had decorated the object seated themselves at another piece of equipment that also had keys, fitted in discs that could tilt as well as turn.
    Then the lights went out and they were seated in darkness. I had slowly but surely become used to seeing strange situations, but this was the climax of the Iargan series. The object began to move. It turned in its vertical axis, and the individual spoke systems each turned on its own axis, while tilting at the same time. The globes at the end of the spokes began to throw off sparks as if they were glowing hot. Then the sparks began to form a haze and sprung over between the wheels until the whole two meter high object was transformed into a turbulent ball of fire. The intensity of the light increased, and the original bluewhite color changed into a fantastic color composition of boiling waves of individual spots of orange, red, yellow, green, blue, and white.

    At points where spots of the same color touched each other, blinding flashes appeared; the final result is best described as a blinding, boiling fireball, that illuminated the surroundings with intense flashes of multicolored light. The seven veiled women danced with jerky movements to the rhythm of the music, such a graceful, refined, perfectly coordinated dance, that I can only call it staggering. Their transparent veils and their glass-like skin seemed to absorb the light flashes to such an extent that it seemed as if they themselves were emitting a constantly changing glow of light. The haughty concentration with which they performed their dance made them seem like supernatural beings, elevated far above the material. The gathering watched the fire dance in deep concentration, moving slightly to the beat of the music. The turbulence and flashing of the globes began to take on a more regular pattern; suddenly, the lights formed into colored bands and the flashing ceased. At that moment a shock ran through the gathering, they seemed to increase their concentration on the fireball. The music stopped and the dancers stood like statues. Deadly silence. Suddenly, the flashes of light began again, but this time in the colored bands, and in a controlled pattern of movement. This was the supreme moment at which their powers of contemplation manifested themselves invisibly.

    Their collective thoughtpower was used to compel(tvinge) the two operators of the electronic fire to perform the fast and faultless actions that were needed to synchronize the colors, something that is impossible to do alone. As soon as the synchronization was accomplished, the two operators removed their hands from the controls and the necessary control was performed purely by the thought-power of the group.This continued for several minutes. The impression that all this made on me was almost destructive. I was in such a state of confusion that I nearly lost control of myself and was at the point of fainting. Only later did I realize why I reacted in this way. I was a real witness to the happening. It wasn't the sight of all this that so disturbed me, but the direct experience of their will power. Their thoughts had to control the confusing electronic fire, and they had to transmit exceptionally strong impulses which only served to confuse me!
    It is good that we do not yet possess these powers, they would only make things more difficult for us. On the other hand, it made it clearer to me how they can heal people by the power of thought, it is a power that moves every sinue in your body. The principle of the final contemplation is more difficult to understand.

    They state that the creative power of man is not personal, but something that he has borrowed for a time. It is a reflection of the ever present creativity field that I call the omnicreativity. Totally, it was the power of the creator, and as such, almighty.

    Now it is available as an impersonal consciousness component that waits for the intelligent races to use it.

    By using it, it becomes a personal consciousness component by which personalities are created that have the power of mind over matter. One who has reached this level, is capable of omni-creative contacts without the aid of a group, and then has the ability of final contemplation. They describe the contemplative climax as the feeling as if the skull opens and the thoughts take wing into an unbounded space. It can also be described as the mind entering the presence of the blinding light of truth and cherishing warmth. (et slags kollektivt kosmisk glimt. Rø -komm) The physical sensation is described as a moment of shuddering ecstatic happiness. No words can fully describe the sensation of coming face to face with the source of all knowledge and wisdom, the being will then approach a condition of all-knowledge and allwisdom through multiple repetitions of contemplative contacts.

    This is in fact the beginning of the cosmic integration process, taking part in a new godly consciousness. To attain this, the person must have freely and irrevocably chosen for it, and freed himself from his demonic consciousness component. In other words, he must have passed the selection; we have not yet done this, and it is therefore beyond our reach. The reason for this premature explanation (it really belongs in the second part of this book) is to give the reader some idea of how the Iargans obtained the knowledge of the creation plan in which they instruct others. It can also serve to aid the understanding of the Iargan cycle of evolution as a part of the identification process. How the final contemplation binds a race of billions of beings, who differ little from us, into a homogeneous group that knows only one goal; the perfection of their society by mutual love so that the whole race, including the slower ones, is capable of taking part in the omni-creative integration process.

    This longing for absolute values creates a mutual bond, so dominant, that a situation of collective consciousness replaces the individual. In this last phase of the super-culture, the Iargan race reaches such a high grade of love, knowledge, and wisdom; such a level of perfection that it is impossible for us to imagine. Even less imaginable is that we too will one day reach the same level. For the rest of the identification procedure, I refer you to the second part, because it is impossible to separate it from the explanation of the plan of creation. The real reason for their visit was, as has been said, the planting of information, describing the future of the Earth and the reason for the external interference that will disturb the authority and sovereignty of the human race. This information has been placed in the second part of this book and, in this, has misplaced the sequence of the original conversation. The next two chapters clearly belong in the introduction and contribute to the identification, they therefore belong in the first part, according to my feelings. I have chosen to use the dialog form again because this conforms with the reality. It is in fact the farewell ceremony which took place when I awoke from my "trance".



    Your Trial as a Humanity and Civilisation in Forgetfulness, Charged with Murder

    Because of this timeline then, all of YOU have become summoned to attend court to stand trial for the 'crimes' all of YOU have committed unto yourselves individually as your self-denial of being God and collectively for seeking this God, namely yourselves, outside of yourselves and then 'worshiping' or 'blaming' this God for the wonderful creativity and the many atrocities committed by humanity individually in whatever name of geniuses, artists and tyrants and as the group minded humanity of allegiances.

    But YOU will be the Presiding Judge in this trial collectively; YOU will also be functioning as your own Prosecutor collectively and as your own Defence Council collectively.

    This is the Trial of a Collective Humanity; ignorant of its own archetypology and your timeline was constructed to allow this 'Last Judgement' to not only fulfil the master timeline, but to also create and construct a new archetypology in the redefinition of the old symbolisms into a new symbolism.

    Much of this new symbolism will translate the 'now largely outdated' metaphors of millennia into an 'updated' version. This will for example translate the very rich and medieval symbols in the 'Book of Revelation' in the bible into symbols appropriate for a humanity, who has evolved in linguistics and finds itself 1980 years onwards from the timesettings then used and applied.

    The 'gnostic insight' of that period has become the 'knowledge of science' of today; not in a pragmatic and dogmatic way, exemplified by the unnecessary construction of boundaries and limits by the 'guardians of the scientific methodology', still embattled mentally by the long birthing process of their 'protege' from the 'Age of religious superstitions'.

    The point is, that the 'science' of today is very knowledgeable, but lacks wisdom.
    Corollarily, the 'gnosis' of yesterday possessed great wisdom, but lacked knowledge, especially about the nature of the physical world and how this physicality is also spiritual, definable in the label of 'energy'.

    The 'scientific method' of logical thinking and deductive and inductive reasoning is the gnosis of today.
    The caveat for this 'scientific methodology' so is not found in the 'absence of proof by measurement', but in its circular reasoning of disallowing phenomena which cannot be measured.

    The physical world is comprised of cellular subsystems, might those subsystems be galaxies, starsystems, protozoa, fungi, plants, animals, people, cities, continents, molecules, atoms or subatomic agglomerations of basic quantum eigenstates.
    All measurement must utilize technological equipment made from those cellular constituents and so will always remain as interacting or interwoven or entangled with the things desired to be measured and examined and verified.

    Because the old gnostics knew this in a basic way; they rejected the physical world as being necessarily emergent from a spiritual world, which allowed the physical entanglements.
    But the quantum mechanics of today also indicate the interwovenness of all physicalised systems and so the quantum theory is also a 'Theory of the Spirit' or what is called the 'Spiritual Reality' by the many partial thought systems and paradigms which are as guideposts for the evolving paradigm of the human collective mindedness.
    It has been shown in the science agendas, just what this 'Old Spirit' must be in the terms of its update to a 'New Spirit'.

    For this reason then, YOU will find scriptural references and quotations in these proceedings.
    Many of YOU detest such typefications for many reasons including literal inconsistencies, editorial licencing, transcriptural errors and translational liberties.
    The 'Last Judgement' requires the 'opening of all the books' composed by the incarnate God-Processors however and to be a 'Last Judgement'; the old scriptural archetypes must become reevaluated to become transformable into new archetypes not associated with 'holy writ' or some similar label.

    Following the 'Trial of Humanity'; which shall begin on Sunday, August 30th, 2009 in the civil Gregorian calendar; the 'Last Judgement' will 'close' the 'Old Scriptures' and 'open' a 'New Book of Life and its Laws' for humanity, who has been 'judged' and who will then become self-enabled to graduate to the status of a collective StarHumanity with access to a galactic technology, the latter accessed from a multi-dimensional physics.

    On June 24th, 2008, the date of your 'collective treachery'; the 'image' in your mirror became a 'collective image', then challenging the latter as YOU as a 'False God' relative to YOU as a 'True God'.

    This self relative 'False God' is also known as the 'false images of 'God' or as the 'Dogs without' or the nature of Satan, say as the 'court prosecutor' (exemplified by the accuser of Job in that scriptural book and also in Zechariah).
    The purpose for giving scriptural references shall become clear a little later, but is in no manner intended to be proselytative.
    References, which archetype the concept of the 'False God-Image' include:


    and the Image of this 'False God' then is known as the 'Devil' for the purpose of manifesting your masterplan.
    So just as God in NoTime has a mirror image in the Dog; Satan has a mirror image in the Devil. This distinction, namely that the Devil in scripture is not congruent with Satan, but represents its image is rather important and shall reappear later in this dispensation. (And 'Lucifer' is a 'different animal' altogether and actually defines how gravity emerged from a supersymmetric noninertial cosmogony in the quantum relativity in the preBig Bang supermembrane- or Planck-String epoch of the de Broglie Inflation).

    But the 'giveaway' is, that Satan becomes a real image and the DeviL=LiveD becomes a 'fake' image (and just like EVIL=LIVE) and only the nonexistent Devil as well as the fake image of the 'prophet' and all of your fake creations and mental perceptions will become eliminated AS fake images in the 'lake of fire'; whilst Satan will undergo a sexchange operation in the 'Cosmic Soap-Opera' all of YOU have composed in synchronicity and mutual cooperation.

    Can YOU fathom then, that all of humanity, throughout the ages and eons, has tried collectively to 'Do the Work of God', as Itself, to solve its own mysteries?
    All inventions, all languages, all artistic masterpieces and scientific works of genius, all symphonies, all poems, all prose, all movies and all books were and are written by God in the form of the ones amongst YOU, who are inclined and urged by their individuated spirits (as the collective unindividuated Spirit of God) to engage in whatever creative endeavour YOU choose to participate in and 'In the Name of God'!

    All of YOU individually, dead and alive, have tried, through and by your own life experience in the InTime to 'rescue' the loneliness of the God of Unity, who YOU all are in the NoTime.
    Perhaps, some of YOU will now remember,what the scriptural encodings really mean. Statements like: "Judge not, lest YOU be judged!"

    Because so many of YOU insist on judging others as either good or bad; or as humble or arrogant; or as sane or insane; or as whatever or whatever; this Last Judgement will now proceed.

    And the judgement here is not observation.

    A truly mentally advanced civilisation would observe what works for the collective purpose and what does not work.

    A truly advanced civilisation would honour all lifeforms and the environmental vectors in whom it finds its self expression.

    A truly advanced civilisation would honour its elders and their accumulated wisdoms.

    A truly advanced civilisation would not elevate its youthful teenagers nor its sporting heroes or entertainers to celebrity status to be copied as rolemodels.

    A truly advanced civilisation would not insist that the naturally biologically impulsive and hormone-driven breeders also raise their produced offspring in self-responsibility; how can children be responsible for other children, if the children are learning themselves as to discover what their lives entail?

    A truly advanced civilisation would entrust the responsibility for the raising of children to their elders, who have the patience, the maturity and the time to instill the values of their advanced civilisation into the following generations.

    A truly advanced civilisation would honour the systems of education and generalised care above individual ambitions whatever the nobel causes for the individual 'influences' could be.

    A truly advanced civilisation would insist, that all basic necessities for everyone in their civilisation, such as clothing, food and shelter would be met without 'cost' to anyone.

    A truly advanced civilisation would know, that only if those basic necessities are met; and if the 'basic mentality of the survival mode' is subdued; can the true Godgiven genius of creativity in everyone be fostered and made to appear for all to share and for all to benefit from as the collective good.

    A truly advanced civilisation would utilize mass-media and information dissemination to foster the accumulation of wisdom besides providing the knowledge and the 'news'.

    A truly advanced civilisation would not sequester and censor information in the 'belief', that many of the information receivers would be mentally unable to discern this information.

    A truly advanced civilisation would present all facts for open debate and not differentiate between the 'goodness' and the 'badness' of any of the contributors to the debate.

    A truly advanced civilisation would foster educational institutions, where the learning is relative to the individual student and where the learning is 'fun to do' and 'playful' and not dependent on some external syllabus as given by expert opinion however relevant, should this 'plan and order' not be a derivative of the inherent wisdom of the standards of the truly advanced civilisation itself.

    A truly advanced civilisation would understand the naturality of sexuality and their many and diverse expressions and the unnaturalness of suppressing such naturality.

    A truly advanced civilisation would understand the natural order of such sexual self expression and understand the sexual maturity required to 'worship and glorify' God and the Goddess in such a manner of sabbatinical reflectivity.

    A truly advanced civilisation would not allow dehumanising environments to evolve and then blame, charge, prosecute, judge and incarcerate individual Go(o)dnesses for contravening particular rules and regulations, which have been observed and shown 'countless' times not to be applicable in dehumanising environments of physical poverty, basic human survival needs and requirements.

    The Starhumanity is destined to evolve into such a truly advanced civilisation, but is presently highly underevolved in the wisdom necessary to understand the prerequisites for such a truly advanced civilisation.
    Yet the humanity is on the threshold through its technology to 'stumble' upon its Godhood and once it has done so, an initialising subgroup of the old humanity will become the pioneers to show the way for the old humanity to evolve into the new starhumanity.
    The master timeline will manifest particular physical phenomena, which being undeniable, will then crystallize the pioneers and wayshowers from the most potent rememberers amongst all of YOU.

    Then the strange obsession of idol worship, exemplified by the 'worship' of the finance concept of an underevolved civilisation like the present humanity; shall become exposed.

    The reality of the DEVIL=FINANCE=PRIDE=EARTH=52=GODGOD=... shall become widely understood and the 'Idols of the Oppression' of humanity shall be cast into the 'Lake of Fire and Brimstone' and be found no more in the reality of the Starhumanity in the usurption of the 'credit idol' by a 'credit system', the latter working via the concepts and principles of a truly advanced civilisation.
    YOU all already know what this 'Lake of Fire and Brimstone' is and I shall remind YOU of this knowledge later on.

    All of YOU have so been summoned to attend 'court' as 'the collectively accused'; following the preparation of the charges by your Council of the Prosecution.
    YOU have been charged with murder and treason by yourself as the TrueGod in NoTime.

    This charge is in 7 different categories, relative to your 'Perception of what Reality' is.
    As the True God, YOU know, that the Reality in the NoTime, where YOU are united as One; is just as valid as the Reality in the InTime, where YOU are separated as many Individuated Ones.

    YOU then have created selfmade mental creations in a multitude of 'gods' and 'devils'; which many of YOU have now deserted and abandoned as 'figments of your imaginations' or as 'superstitions'.
    Others have gone the other way in constructing entire belief systems about and around your mental creations, which YOU then began to'worship' in place of the 'Real and True God' who is yourselves as individuated part in InTime and your totality in the NoTime.
    Therefore YOU have been accused of having deserted {Revelation.12.10} your selfmade 'gods' in disloyalty and in treachery.
    Your selfmade 'gods' have taken many forms of 'idolatry' and in either abandoning your many idols, or in 'worshipping your own mental children', the 'collective idol god' aka the 'Devil' as the image of 'Satan' has served YOU notice as to your trial and proposed imprisonment.

    {Isaiah.66.24: "And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcases of the men that have transgressed against me; for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched; and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh."}

    The form of your idolatry has taken as many individual forms as there are individuated personalities - all of YOU as images of the 'True God' but not knowing this; YOU have given allegiances to mental abstractions all created in the InTime by your misunderstood ideas about yourselves.

    Many of YOU call yourselves in particular labels of associations, say in labels of the Realists, as rational thinkers and as skeptics; others as Religionists, the 'spiritual believers in the 'holy books'' and followers of the prophets, might the prophet's name be Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus or Mohammed. Also many of YOU name yourselves as secular citizens, who are above such allegiances and so prefer labels of agnostic or atheist; and yet many others amongst YOU prefer an affiliation as Spiritualists, as 'new age' adherents, proposing a 'pure form' of the spirituality without the dogmatic restrictions of some of the other classifications.

    Your accuser, the court-prosecutor Satanicus Rex, so has summoned all of YOU to appear before the judgement seat of the 'True God', which is yourself in the collective sense and also everyone of YOU in the disembodied sense in NoTime.

    Satanicus Rex accuses YOU individually and in groups of having 'forsaken' your own creations.
    YOU have abandoned your very own children in the 'gods' and the 'devils', whom YOU have individually and collectively conceived, created and born from your divine imaginations.

    John.10.34-35: 'Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I SAID, YE ARE GODS? If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scipture cannot be broken;...

    1Corinthians.6.1-4: "Dare any of you, having a matter against another, go to the law before the unjust, and not before the saints?Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters? Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life? If then ye have judgments of things pertaining to this life, set them to judge who are least esteemed in the church."

    Satanicus Rex is the collective 'Image' of the 'True God' in InTime and so rather capable to summon the god- and devil creators in the InTime as individuations. All of YOU are charged with murdering either an aspect of God or an aspect of Man in (M)entality, (E)motionality or (P)hysicality.

    This is the Charge-List of Satanicus Rex, into which all of YOU belong to in any degree of permutation and in the following classifications of interchangeable group numberings:

    Group Reality--------Perception------------(Nat)ural State/AntiState--------------Tradition-----------------God-Man Scale
    1.Gnostic...............Gnostic Reason........Spiritual/Physical.......................Adogmatic-Fundamental....[][][][][x][][]

    2.Agnostic.............Agnostic Reason.......FeelingNatural/EmoSupNat......Any........................................[][][x][][][][]

    3.Rationalistic.......Rational Reason........Rational/Intuitive.......................Any........................................[][x][][][][][]

    4.Theistic...............Theistic Reason.........EmoSupNat/FeelingNatural.....Dogmatic-Fundamental....[][][][][][][x]

    5.Arationalistic.......Intuitive Reason........Intuitive/Rational.......................Any.....................................[][][][][][x][]

    6.Astralistic............New Age Reason.......Naturally Androgynous...........Adogmatic-Fundamental.....[][][][x][][][]


    The Charges are as follows and as for the God-Man-Scale MEPOPEM:

    1. Charge against the Gnostic: Murder Degree I, for the Man-Slaughter in Physical Reality.
    2. Charge against the Agnostic: Murder Degree III, for the God-Slaughter in Physical Reality.
    3. Charge against the Rationalist: Murder Degree II, for the God-Slaughter in Emotional Reality.
    4. Charge against the Theist: Murder Degree III, for the Man-Slaughter in Mental Reality.
    5. Charge against the Intuivist: Murder Degree II, for the Man-Slaughter in Emotional Reality.
    6. Charge against the Astralist: Murder Degree IV for the GodMan-Slaughter as a OneMirror.
    7. Charge against the Atheist: Murder Degree I, for the God-Slaughter in Mental Reality.

    Satanicus Rex, your Prosecutor, carries the following fixed scriptural associations into the court room
    In the continental table of the lands and kinships; anyone of YOU becomes a global citizen or 'earthling' with many colour-skins 'living' anywhere in the planetary environments. The first classification predates the scriptural references applied elsewhere and is known as 'Egyptian mythology' linked to 'alien omni science'.


    1=Kinship of WhiteSkins of Father-Sky in a Rainbow Arcticus Cyani
    2=Kinship of BlackSkins of Mother-Earth in a Rainbow Antarcticus Magenti
    3=Kinship of GreenSkins of Elemental-Child in a Rainbow Indianus Oceanis
    4=Kinship of YellowSkins of Elemental Fire of the Lights in a Rainbow Pacificus Boreas OutSim
    5=Kinship of BrownSkins of Elemental Earth of the Lands in a Rainbow Atlanticus Eurus InSim
    6=Kinship of BlueSkins of Elemental Air of the Winds in a Rainbow Pacificus Auster InSim
    7=Kinship of RedSkins of Elemental Water of the Seas in a Rainbow Atlanticus Zephyrus OutSim

    1='The Land of my Lost Sheep and my Found Goat'=EPHESUS---{Revelation.2.1-7}
    2='The Land of my Origins in the RNA'=SMYRNA---{Revelation.2.8-17}
    3='The Land of my Grapes and Sounds in Om and Noises'=PERGAMOS---{Revelation.2.12-17}
    4='The Land of my Theatres and my Crowns'=THYATIRA---{Revelation.2.18-29}
    5='The Land of my Rising in Sadness and Hope'=SARDIS---{Revelation.3.1-6}
    6='The Land of my Oracles of Love and Poles'=PHILADELPHIA---{Revelation.3.7-13}
    7='The Land of my Loaded Dice and Lead in Coins'=LAODICEA---{Revelation.3.8-22}

    The Cosmic LogosTwin represents your witness and your defence council; because HeShe became authorized and employed by all of YOU collectively to attend your trial and to present the case for a 'humanity in self-forgetfulness'.
    YOU have empowered the Universal SheHe to be your witness from the wilderness, to defend your charges, the idolatry of your classifications in denying either your Godness as your Goodness or your Manness and the abandonment of your children, the manmade 'gods and devils'.

    Your judge is all of YOU in InTime and any one of YOU in NoTime.

    Isaiah:45.7: "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things."

    The 'Trial of Humanity' has been prepared since the witnessing date of June 24th, 2008 and the summons have been sent out to all of YOU on August, 30th, 2009.
    YOU are not required to attend, but it would be of benefit to YOU should YOU do so; as the 'passing of judgement' in your absence will restrict your ability to comprehend the graduation of the human archetype into its next expression of the starhumanity.

    This graduation will proceed irrespective of the Judgment any one of YOU shall pass onto yourselves individually; as the nature of this Trial and Judgement is the one applicable to the human group-identity.

    So should YOU judge yourself as 'Not Guilty' on all charges; then YOU, as the individual will not become self-enabled to partake of this 'New StarHuman SelfConsciousness' until YOU then can determine a self realitive timeframe in which YOU can accept the collective judgement and as defined by the attendees of the trial.

    All of YOU belong to one or more of the groups towards whom charges have been laid by Satanicus Rex and so all of YOU are indeed 'guilty as charged', until proven 'not guilty'.
    This mirrors the human interpretation of the lawmakers, as all of YOU already know, that any of YOU is 'not guilty' as the collective 'True God' in NoTime.
    Then in the 'Mirror of Truth'; which is also known as the 'Feather of Truth' of Thoth aka Hermes Trismegistos aka Moses aka Kukulkan aka 'Cosmic Christ' and like labellings of a particular office of the 'Feathered Serpent' Melchizedek; your 'Not Guilty' must become 'Guilty' on one of the two sides of the mirror.

    This then shows YOU that the 'Last Judgment' is necessary to 'Once and for All' destroy this 'Mirror of the Separation' (as the Sea of Glass, {Luke.16.21-26-31;Revelation.4.6;13.1;21.1} from which the Beast has risen) and a Mirror, YOU have constructed between yourselves as a Collective God of and for All and a God in many individuations. This can be shown to translate a certain archetype called 'Lazarus' and the concept of 'Rising from the Dead'.

    The Council of Thuban for Gaia II Serpentina; May 20th, 2015

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    [3:18:35 AM-May 20th, 2015+10UCT] Sirius 17:

      I think that it may be impossible for many people to imagine such a situation, and I can perhaps better confine myself to a description of some of the end results. A superculture can be recognized by its unbridled creative power. It is unbelievable what a dedicated group can attain in a short time when no time has to be wasted on control or supervision. It is the hey-day of science, technology, and art.

    Truly, yeah good stuff and good timing, considering Carol's contactee stuff too. It gives an alternate view.
    i have been mostly off the computer, busy around here and enjoying my garden
    i just started reading what you posted this morning, although yesterday i did look up the guy and read a few things, seems there is a free e-book and i see this is where you pulled stufff from
    His contact seems genuine to me and notice how the Iargans look like horses lol. I found this interesting
    Laboratories and observatories are built and they discover the secrets of the universe. Their creativeness builds gigantic spacecraft which operate on reaction free power, they build submarines for the exploration of their oceans, their knowledge knows no bounds. They develop a strong affinity for beauty, which manifests itself in numerous artifacts. The central gardens in the house cylinders change into complete art exhibitions that attract a constant flow of visitors. Their designs especially, show their affinity with the creator and the universe. Half abstract art forms illustrate the details of creations beauty. A kind of religious art form. They are continually occupied, and demonstrate an activity that astounds the earthly observer. This can also be said of the speed with which the one discovery follows the other; this appears to have no connection with the fact that they are highly intelligent, but because they have the ability to tune in to cosmic vibrations, the ancient knowledge of the creator.

    [3:23:12 AM] Sirius 17: lol speaking of gardens; i was watching this little hummingbird this morning while having my coffee. It came and fed at the feeder then went and rested in some bamboo nearby
    i got the binoculars and watched him, long curved bill and white underbelly, i still can't identify him lol
    and white tail trimming. He looks kind of grey in this weather so it could be a female, they are kind of plain; but i love to just relax outside like this in the morning
    Peaceful;  i liken it to my way of tuning into the vibrations of the creator too hehe

    [11:06:42 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Well, I actually dont buy the continuity of this Iarga contact
    It seems to me this guy had a lucid dream or perhaps som e vision (like mine) and then rather a bit of follow up related to the 'abduction phenomenon'. This video I posted seems ok to me yes, why I posted it
    But I checked up more of the 'philosophy' etc on that given link and he loses it there
    It goes more and more into duality between Jesus and Satan (yes he is a catholic fundamentalist) and then interprets the Book of Rev in such a way
    And we know from that that his fundamentalism is VERY human and not ET based, who would know the cosmic JCCJ
    Yes there are some good GOT compatible parts in his 'religion' but like happened to Collier and Walsh etc, the first impetus became polluted into human minded interpretations and most likely even paradigm hijacked upon gaining some notoreity

    [11:40:03 AM] Sirius 17: yeah i didn't quite get his idea of evil being reincarnated out. This implies that someone is born inherantly evil and i don't buy that

    [11:42:44 AM] Sirius 17: i had a hummingbird come and sit ontop of my feeder today for quite a while lol and i have never seen one do that

    [11:44:34 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Yes, a paradox. In many statements he is proclaiming that the ETs have overcome duality perceptions, yet his own relgious-spiritual impetus is the good versus evil dichotomy

    [11:45:04 AM] Sirius 17: yes you can see how his beliefs have colored it somewhat

    [11:46:12 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: To a great extent, which diminishes his utopian visions and also the nature of ET civilizations; which I find quite ok and feasible

    [11:47:39 AM] Sirius 17: yeah some interesting ideas he proposed and this reminds me of my friend Dan and his utopian idea of big cities like this. Everyone lives in a big building communially
    With fields outside that everyone works in so many days a week, a technology is really advanced

    [11:49:06 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Much of the tech is superconductor related, the video does not make this clear  due to the 1960 or so timezone perhaps

    [11:49:27 AM] Sirius 17: No the book says they controlled magnetics;  superconducting maybe , not sure
    [11:49:47 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Supercoductor physics IS magnetostriction. It controls magnetic field components
    [11:50:16 AM] Sirius 17: yes and did they know about super conductors in the 60s? I am guessing so

    [11:50:35 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Search Meissner effect and magnetostriction to get a feel for this
    Not as much as they do now

    [11:51:17 AM] Sirius 17: how did you come across this guy? just looking at videos and such?

    [11:51:22 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Now they study room temp superconducting materials llike certain Yttrium-Barium ceramics
    I knew of Iarga before, but the evisnam thread mentioned it via trancoso
    [11:52:11 AM] Sirius 17: oh, yeah first time i had seen him

    [11:52:34 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I commented on Iarga some years ago as a semivalid 'contact' or such
    [11:52:44 AM] Sirius 17: you did? i don't recall
    [11:53:18 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I cant remember the forum or the dates either, but it was around 2010. Perhaps part of the PA thread
    [11:54:18 AM] Sirius 17: yeah i don't remember it but maybe you just mentioned it in a small blurb and i missed it
    [11:54:41 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I think I answered a question about it on PA
    [11:55:14 AM] Sirius 17: yeah you probably did, i was trying to read everything there, but i might of missed it
    [11:56:10 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I shared this old video, because it basically describes the 'communal' ET lifestyle and the polyness of relationships and the emphasis on personal freedom and cosmic creativity as the foundation of all consciousness

    [11:59:34 AM] Sirius 17: yes i figured that is why; i liked the communial things he shared too
    [12:03:52 PM] Sirius 17: did you see this biker shootout we had here in the states?
    glad i don't live in Texas, grown men fighting over a parking space

    [12:06:31 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: I expect from June 16th, the mental groupmind of the human genus to deteriorate even more dramatically
    [12:07:07 PM] Sirius 17: yeah if humans would only get their shit together the things they could accomplish as far as living conditions and education and creativity. it made me kind of sad to read those things, still and it is now 50 years later or so since his contact event, and things are absolutely worse

    [12:07:49 PM] Sirius 17: why from that date hon?
    [12:13:15 PM] Shiloh Za-Rah: June 16th is the start of the 'Abomination of Desolations' 265 day gestation period as part of the image 3½ Logos years
    [12:16:19 PM] Sirius 17: ok yes i see

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 23611

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 796312raven The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 796312

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    Post  Didymos on Wed May 20, 2015 6:00 am

    Pris wrote:
    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 1255-75-jpg
    Okay, I'll take the risk and post this here lol!  I also just posted this in another forum.  May as well get more mileage out of my comment.

    Forgive me if I'm repeating something that may have already been discussed here.

    Has anyone here looked into the 'makeup' of all things as having the... Merkaba energy signature... seems to point to spherical planets, stars and so on -- particularly when the mass of something pulls together and becomes so great? Even the shapes of galaxies illustrate this 'signature'. Ocean currents, cloud formations and 'hot spots' on Earth also suggest the 'signature' of this Merkaba rotating within a spherical Earth. These cloud formations and 'hot spots' also appear on the other planets in our solar system.

    The Merkaba also explains the 'revolving' nature of the sun's sun spots as they travel around the sun's circumference at approximately 20 degrees above and below the equator. Also, apparently, where one sun spot appears, a 'tunnel' is formed clear through to the other side of the sun (suggesting a spherical sun and the sun's sun spots are actually peering into the sun and showing the sun's black hole nature with a layer of glowing plasma over top) and, if the sun spot holds its integrity long enough, will appear as its 'twin' disappears as the sun continues to rotate.

    Other 'tiny' examples of this spherical Merkaba energy signature can easily be seen in fruits and vegetables -- even if the outer edges ('event horizons') are not necessarily spherical due to form flexibility because of lack of mass (my theory). I'm talking about the Platonic Solids here -- 'Sacred Geometry' -- to explain the macro and the micro.

    The casual reader of this thread on a 'flat earth' cosmology finally encounters a rational and logical disposition as exhibited by the statements of Pris amidst the bogus claims and whimsical meanderings of New Age nabsers, preferring quasi bunk science and irrational deductions made by 'alternatives' burdened by incomplete understandings regarding the workings of natural laws and universal principles.

    It is tolerable for the underinformed  reader to be somewhat puzzled by the relative dynamics of relative observation vantages, technically known as inertial and noninertial reference frames and well understood physical phenomena giving rise to Coriolis forces causative for anti-clockwise atmospheric weather patterns in the Northern hemisphere and their corollary conjugatives, including clockwise rotating weather patterns and currents observed in the Southern hemisphere of planet Earth.

    It is however unexcusable for quasi-scientific adherents to propagate misinformation and deceptive disinformation as an agenda to 'brainwash' and deceive the scientifically underinformed readers in the 'alternative' information sharing community under the pretense of exposing a modus operandi of a orthodox 'mainstream' science conspiracy.

    I shall verify the statements made by Pris, after exhibiting two simple real world practice examples related to the mischievous nature of this thread and its subject matter of a 'Flat Earth'.

    Example 1:

    You are standing on a scale in an elevator to check your weight and the scales read 70 kg. In a static physics your weight is caused by gravity with a gravitational acceleration of 9.8 m/s2 (32 feet per seconds squared) and so in terms of forces, your 'true' weight becomes 70kg x 9.8 metres per second squared and so 686 Newton.
    Your friend is watching you in the elevator and then sees this elevator accelerating upwards at 2 meters per second squared and causing the elevator system, including you on the scales to move upwards. Your friend is in an inertial frame of reference, meaning heshe is stationary or in equilibrium to whatever other dynamics and energy interactions occur from herhis point of observation.

    Relative to this inertial frame then, nothing 'mysterious' occurs with respect to forces, as your friend is aware that the elevator moves under experience of some force, say cables and electric motors.
    Relative to your friend then your true weight W downwards is countered by the upward force of Newton's Force=mass x acceleration and becomes here (70kg)x(2 m/s2) = 140 Newton
    The net Force F acting on you, then can be written as F - W = 140 Newton and this net force will be 686+140 = 826 Newton.

    Relative to you however, you are NOT in an inertial frame of reference as your own observation frame is accelerated with a 'fictitious' force acting opposite the direction of this acceleration. You are in a noninertial frame of reference and it is your equilibrium or stasis which changes your true weight in an inertial frame of reference to an apparent weight in an noninertial frame of reference. You look at the scales and what read 70 kg now reads 826 Newton/9.8 m/s2=84.3 kg. You seemingly have gained 14.3 kg of weight simply standing on the scales in a moving elevator.

    From this derives the 'Principle of Equivalence' at the core of General Relativity Theory, stating that the observer within a noninertial accelerated reference frame (relative to an inertial frame)  cannot differentiate between the effect of an (additional) gravitational field excerting a downward acting force OR some external upward acting force, as exemplified in the accelerating elevator example, causing an apparent weight to appear as an equivalent downward force of 'added gravity'.

    Example 2:

    In a 'negligence-injury' lawsuit concerning 'whiplash', a physicist testifies as to a claim of a victim, whose head of say mass m=3.4 kg, was subjected to a force of 3500 Newton resulting from a stationary car mass M being hit by a similar car mass M moving at 11 meters per second or 36.9 km/h. The physicist testifies, that a force of 80g=784 Newton is considered the maximum upper limit for a 'safe' collision at that speed.
    If the two cars collided 'inelastically', that is they stuck together after impact, is the impact acceleration sufficient to claim whiplash damages?

    The inertial force of 3500 Newton causing the whiplash acted opposite the forward force of the impacting moving car and the frame of reference of the stationary car, including the victim's head of 3.4 kg experiences ma=3500 Newton for an acceleration a=3500 Newton/3.4 kg = 1029.4 m/s2, which are about 1029.4 g/9.8 = 105 g.

    The claim for compensation succeeds upon the physicist's testimony.

    So why does a rotating earth not cause differentiation in relative positions with say a plane flying across its surface in the Nabs mistaken idea, that a plane could simply hover above a particular coordination point of position of the earth, 'waiting' for the Earth to complete a 24 hour rotation approximation?
    The moving plane is part of the rotating frame of reference of the earth and to be inertial an 'outside' observer, say an ET or a space traveller observing the rotating Earth from a self relative stationary observation point, would be able to see and measure the relative motion of the plane relative to the rotating earth, but the noninertial earth observer considers himherself in equilibrium and so experiences a 'fictitious' acceleration force caused by hisher accelerating frame of reference, namely the angular centripetal acceleration of a spinning planetary orb.
    Just as it is possible to play Ping Pong aboard a jumbo jet moving at 1000 km/h or occupants in a train or car being able to play 'catch my ball'; the respective velocities of those observation frames are in equilibrium relative to themselves as being measured stationary or inertial. But if this inertial frame of self relative observation is accelerated, a noninertial or fictitious force is required to render the observation as inertial relative to an observer, who can observe and measure the RELATIVE motion of the observation frames or platforms.

    A Pris(m)on Proof:

    Say you have a fixed volume V, say 1 litre, you wish to somehow contain in a vessel for storage and utility. To do this, you are given some malleable material, say tinfoil, which you can use to create your container of volume V.
    However and like 'mother earth' or Nature, you are asked to display maximum efficiency; that is you are given the tinfoil as a sheet of an area A, which you are to use with minimum wastage of material.
    Knowing basic geometry, you realise that the 'Cubing of a Sphere' or the 'Squaring of the Circle', say by Archimedean principles allows you to create your container say as a Cylinder of volume V=(Area of the Base Circle)x(Height of the Cylinder)=pr2h.

    The Surface Area required to build the container then is twice the area of the base circle as the bottom and top/lid of the cylinder and the curved surface area, given as the circle's perimeter times the height or A=2pr2+2prh.

    Now this cylinder could take the geometry of a long tube or the geometry of a flat disk (like envisaged by a 'Flat Earth' bogus science).
    Knowing basic Calculus and its properties to maximise/minimise physically applied principles of the natural world via its derivative; you understand this problem of the shape of the cylinder as a minimisation calculation of the cylinder's Surface Area A.

    A=2pr2+2prh for a fixed volume V=pr2h and so the two unknown variables r and h can be reduced by expressing the height h of the cylinder as a function of the fixed volume V and so as  h=V/pr2.

    Now the available surface area material as a function of its radius r becomes:  A(r) = 2pr2+2V/r.

    The derivative dA/dr of this will be a minimum for dA/dr=0 by the properties of differential calculus and so:
    d{2pr2+2V/r}/dr = 4pr - 2V/r2 = 0  for 2V=4pr3 and  V = 2pr3.

    But you know that the generalised volume for any cylinder is given as  V = pr2h  and  identifying this as the same volume for a minimised surface area A shows you that this requires the height h of the cylinder to equal the diameter of the circular base of the bottom or the lid.
    The geometry of the minimised surface area for the most efficient utility of the tinfoil sheet then becomes the 'squaring of the circle' and so the geometry of a cylinder most able to approximate the volume and shape of a sphere embedded within a cube or that of a cube embedded or encompassed in perfect symmetry within a sphere.

    To illustrate with actual numerical calculations:

    For a thin long tube, say h=10r, the Surface Area becomes: 2pr2+20pr2 = 22pr2 and so 22 times the area of the basic circle with unit radius r.
    This radius must conform to the fixed volume V=1=10pr3 say and so can be calculated as the cuberoot of 1/10p for a total surface Area of 22px{1/10p}2/3 = 6.9418... area units

    For a flat wide disk, say h=r/10, the Surface Area becomes: 2pr2+2pr2/10 = 11pr2/5 and so 2.2 times the area of the base circle with unit radius r.
    This radius must conform to the fixed volume V=1=pr3/10 say and so can be calculated as the cuberoot of 10/p for a total surface Area of (22p/10)x{10/p}2/3=14.9556... area units

    For a long tubular cylinder then, the required surface area increases more slowly from the minimised value of h=2r, than for a flat wide cylinder.
    The minimised value of h=2r with Surface Area 2pr2+4pr2 = 6pr2 requires a basic radius r being the cuberoot of 1/2p for the unitised Volume V=1 and so a calculates a minimum Surface Area of 6px{1/2p}2/3=5.5358... area units.

    A 'Flat Earth' disk so is shown to be more wasteful in Natures efficiencies than a tubuluar cylinder from the deviation from the maximum efficiency given by universal spherodicity.

    This 'mathematical proof' hence validates the heuristic observations and statements as to the prevalence of geometrical  Archimedean and Platonic principles made by Pris and referring to the natural preference of holofractal entities on any scale to exhibit spherical and cubical symmetries into which other geometries, patterns and shapes can become embedded.

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 22902

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 Susskind-png

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    The Thuban Dragon Encompassment

    The Reptilian Draconian Envelope

    A Universal Twin-Logos Timeline of 1 Minute to Midnight Determinator
    by 'Astral' 4D/5D Hyperspace Objectives in Parental Archon Agenda-Position

    Bewußt auf Achse ||Conscious 'On the Road'|| Axon=Mathematics-Physics-Technology
    Sunday, May 17th, 2015


    The 2012 Nexus = 26 Minute Marker
    Nag Hammadi Archon Logos = 30 Minute Marker
    The 5-Year ET-Cooperative {PA-Thuban Agenda 2010 & 2011 Camelot-Thuban Agenda} = 30 Minute Marker
    The Higher-D Genomatrix of the Multi-ET = 31 Minute Marker
    The Necessary Vacuum 2017 = 32 Minute Marker
    The Polarity Distribution {USA;Mossad;...|-ve & China;...½+|½-...Russia;...+|} = 34 Minute Marker
    The 5-Year ET-Cooperative {PA-Thuban Agenda 2010 & 2011 Camelot-Thuban Agenda} = 35 Minute Marker
    The Vatican Timezone = 36 Minute Marker
    The 2015-2017 Timeline Focus = 37 Minute Marker
    One Minute to Midnight Determinator = 37 Minute Marker
    The 15 Year Timeline Polarity Shift = 38 Minute Marker
    The Reptilian Envelope = 44 Minute Marker
    The Portal of the RMP-14 TeV Wormhole Energy = 47 Minute Marker
    The 12-tiered DNA Hyperspace Aura = 49 Minute Marker
    The 'StarHuman Family' = 52 Minute Marker

    The Thuban Council has decided to release this timezone descriptor without endorsing or disendorsing the information presented.

    The Legacy of Thuban Omni-Science De Alpha Draconis Omega - Page 3 200fishes153-jpg

    Thursday, May 21st, 2015  ---  Day of Arachne; 08:45UCT

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