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    HER~HIM Integration and Sexual Magick Tula%20-%20Copy_zpskwgqrbny

    Nos, Book of the Resurrection

    The Revelation

    Because of the proximity of a new cataclysm, within the Eternal Return, and because the places of those who will be saved by the Flying Discs of Light have almost been filled, I have been permitted to reveal certain pages of the sacred book which refers to the cosmogony of this Martial Initiation of A-Mor – thanks to the same acceleration of time which foretold the catastrophe.  
    Here is what appears in the book which was salvaged from the fire:

    How the Cosmic Egg was broken

    “There was an Egg, which was all the non-created world, with transparent walls through which there could be seen no one and a non-outside. And this was where HIM-HER lived.  In the breathing of the Great Egg, from time to time, like something which happened before the seconds and the hours, there appeared the colour green, which ,might have become a star, or a ray of light, but which remained a the motionless, cosmogonic Great Egg.  A music, a sound, took shape; or rather, the seed of a music, its insinuated trembling.  And the being which was there, inside the Great Egg, seemingly complete and eternal, gave off a green vapour, and in that tenuous music the vapour condensed and She stood before Him, as if in the play of a breath or the simulation of a dance.  But She did not yet exist.  Hurriedly, He incorporated Her, breathing in deeply, becoming HIM-HER once more.  
    But the experiment had now been made, The time was foretold.  Chance became Destiny within the Great Egg.  The breathing became rhythmic, although it still stayed within the walls of transparent ice.  And each time the Being breathed out, She emerged and danced a little, covered in a green placenta, until He breathed Her in as if he were drowning in a horrible pleasure, rapidly, rapidly, so as not to let Her escape.  And a new chance-destiny occurred.  The green veils fell away from her.  And He saw Her for the first time naked in her body made of breathed time, play and dance.  And all his eternity could not suffice Him to gaze upon her nakedness.  In an ecstasy of green fear.  And as this event occurred for the first time, circular like his breathing which was now spinning like a star, She became hard, retainng her substance and form, until She, too, could gaze upon Him from outside.  And although She tried to return, She could no longer do so, because She didn’t fit, She couldn’t get in.  She was alone for a moment, but in that moment She realized that being alone could be a pleasant sensation.  And She began to dance more and more quickly.  And when He returned from his ecstasy, all his efforts to reincorporate Her were in vain, because the entrance had become smaller or had closed, leaving the terrible female at liberty, uncontrolled.  And as He came closer to Her, He experienced the vertiginous sensation of his on flesh touching itself on the other side of a mirror.  And it was She who took him into her body.  But this was not at all the same thing.  

    It will never be known who smashed the walls of the Cosmic Egg, whether it was Him or Her.  The Egg turned into a Star, a myriad of stars, into the music of the spheres.  Someone stood waiting as if beside a spring, where the history of the cosmogonic Egg is guarded in the secret depths of its impenetrable mystery.  
    It has been said that She was the one who smashed the walls of the Great Egg, who was the active one, and that He remained motionless, as if paralysed.  But, as we have seen, it was He who began to breathe Her, projecting Her like the image in a dream, so as to see Her unfold, beginning the uncertain separation and to believe that He loved.  It was He who invented this almost-love.  But, it has always been said that it was She, the seductress, the green-veiled ballerina, who gave a beginning to the flow of the waters of the river of forms, to the hallucinatory game of looking at oneself in mirrors.  
    But, is there not perhaps another hidden being, either inside or outside the Great Egg, who pre-insinuates the drama?   Another being who has discovered the way to get in through the walls of frozen glass?  
    Outside there is nothing but Eggs, more Eggs.  Because this drama takes place in only one of them.  In the others there is still the eternity of HIM-HER, like an inviolate act.  

    The Her of Him

    We are coming down from the Ray of Green Light, first to the inaudible music of the Black Sun, then to the audible music of the Sun of Gold.  And from its light which surrounds us, we have managed to extract the knowledge that the externalized woman does not have a soul or a “pre” –existence which would make her immortal.  Because She was projected.  This knowledge drives her to suck in the man, drawing him into herself, repeating the original event, but in the opposite way, as an even more obscure act.  He will become the son, prolonging within the species the possibility of the Eternal Return, the turnings of the wheel, so that the hope of reintegration can continue.  And the longing.  She perpetuates herself in reproduction, conserving the increasingly tenuous hope of resurrection and of becoming immortal.  However, solely through His immortality can She become immortal.  This mystery is revealed only to a few in the initiation of the Grail, that stone which fell from the Ray of Green Light, that cup of eternal life.  
    There are two types of women: the seductress, who wishes to go on dancing outside so as to imagine herself alive and with a soul, enticing the warrior in order to desecrate him (Ecce Deus fortiori me qui veniens dominabitur mihi!); and she who places her eternity in the hands of her lover, who “dies so that he may live”, because she believes in him with faith and love, imagining that if he regains his eternity, he will make her immortal, too.  

    Whoever has the good fortune to meet this woman, should respond to her with loyalty and honour, and should one day try and return through the walls of transparent ice, beyond the cold and the storm, because she has staked her immortality on his.  
    Woe betide the one who having received the gift of eternity in the cup of death, was not loyal to his Her and was not able to bring Her back to life!

    There is only one her for each him.  She has been singled out for him in some register of the universe.  This cannot be changed, because She is the Her who came out of Him.  In the turning of the wheel of Eternal Return, it is not always given for them to meet.  One or other might arrive late, or too early.  But if they do manage to meet, everything must be put at stake to bring her back to life.  And it is a crime to continue losing lives in other non-essential searches; because no one can succeed in replacing his Her.  

    The way of return is a hard one.  Here is the song of the wayfarer:

    "O Lucifer,
    There never was a passage,
    And no one, since
    Earliest times,
    Has ever discover it,
    Neither by sea nor by land,
    This slender thread of crystalline water,
    Wind and green light,
    This sighing of his breast.
    The way is agonizing,
    Deep are the waters
    Of death!
    Where, O Lucifer
    Shall we cross this immense sea?"

    With Luci-Bel we have lit this fire which never goes out and which leads us to a superhuman, irreversible destiny.  

    The Gods

    Those Eggs whose walls of ice have not yet been broken, within which the Cosmic Eros has not divided, are the Gods who watch us, following our enterprise from within their frozen immobility, in their absolute darkness, their black holes, through their walls of real glass. They are the para-Him and the para-Her.  The inviolate ones.  However, perhaps they hope that from our movement, our fore-seen chance-destiny, conscious light may emerge from them as well, like an imperious meaning which will force them to cross the walls of real glass of their Eggs and which will smash them, so that the vibration projected by our drama, our dance of pleasure and pain, may illuminate the darkness of the inviolate ones.


    It is whispered that there was once a woman who did not emanate from HIM-HER, the Cosmic Eros, and did not escape from it in a sigh of imagination and desire.  And she was believed to have an immortal soul. Thus, she was the first companion of the Androgynous, being Androgynous herself.  But this is no longer spoken of.  
    In the darkness of the primordial Egg, this darkness is only so for whoever is looking at it from the outside, because this darkness is a different kind of light, submerged in fury.  Whoever is inside it only sees through blinded eyes, through the frozen glass, from one pole to the other.  HIM-HER sees HER-HIM.  
    HER-HIM, the first companion of the Cosmic Eros, has never been heard of again.  And it is better so.  The illusion of a return to HIM-HER and the possibility of reabsorbing her into oneself, becoming frozen forever, was believed in.  Has it ever been successfully achieved?
    No, because it is still being sought on the outside of women, in their physical bodies.  It should be known then that, in reality, the solution is to be able to bring Her back to life, to resurrect Her within his soul.  
    However, once the Great Egg has been broken, nothing can ever be the same again.  The way back never reaches the same point in the returning of the spiral.  And She will never again go back inside Him, as She once was before the beginning of time.  Now She will lose herself outside at speeds which reach the other side of light.  
    But, eternal love has been created.

    The Secret

    There is no single species of women in the world.  When the Egg of HIM-HER was broken, HER-HIM watched the event from within her city of blue-green glass.  She couldn’t resist following suit, and so she, too, smashed her wall and projected her own him.  And now we have a divine woman who is also seeking her lost totality within the Circle of the Returns.  She is not the primordial and illusory female.  She is the woman who leads the elect to the heaven of Absolute Love.  
    HER-HIM has also put everything at stake, risking her mortal him, projecting him into the irreversible enterprise.  She will never get him back again in the same way.  And in the immensity of the universes, it is difficult to know how this story will end and whether both will be capable of smashing still other walls of even thicker matter, succeeding in loving one another in such a way that a para-Love which occurred on the other side of space and time can reach an eternity of another light, thus modifying the Monad, illuminating the darkness of the Primordial Egg in a different way.  And in the rebellion of this game from which there is no escape, to succeed in eternalising the her of HIM-HER and the him of HER-HIM, clothing their images with immortal substance.  

    The face of the soul

    Only those who have recognized each other, thanks to a chance destiny, on the Polar Mountain of the Revelation, in the depths of midnight, can fulfil this mystery of love and resurrection, supremely personalized, within the fatal circle of meeting and losses.  
    Someone is watching this drama, still attached to its him and its her by a golden string.  Someone who has been waiting as if beside a spring.  And if love triumphs, not only will they have been immortalized, reaching a world that is even more glorious than that of the Gods, but they will also have given a face to HIM-HER and HER-HIM, illuminating the non-existence of the Black Sun with the lights of this Other World.  Because through drinking the liquor of Eternal Love in the Grail of green stone, they have been able to penetrate the virginity of their own and each other’s Monads.

    The Circles of Return

    In the initiation of the warriors of A-mor, the aspiration is not to achieve the Androgynous, but the Absolute Man and the Absolute Woman.  The woman dies.  She is dead.  She must die in order to return to life.  She is the warrior’s companion, existing only in his mind, in his Spirit.  Only with the memory of his beloved in his heart can the initiate achieve the Grail.  In the warriors of the order, immortality passes from the species to the individual, accompanied by an incurable sterility.  Because he who continues to procreate children of perishable flesh cannot resurrect.  
    The sign of the immortals is the square pupil.  Look closely at the eyes of every traveller you meet, lest an immortal cross your path and you fail to recognize him.  
    You have the impression that you have heard these words, seen the fire that consumes and illuminates each of these pages, and had the vision of the Cosmic Egg before.  And this is so, because the Great Egg is to be found inside another still larger one, which has never been broken.  Because of this, the act of losing is eternally repeated, because the longing revolves within the walls – still intact but limited- of a universe without exit, repeating each image, each fragment, each star, eternally.  Until someone, some day, in the depths of midnight, reaches the Midday Sun and, with the sword of a Ray of Green Light, succeeds in smashing the walls of this other huge Egg, opening the way to the existence of a reality which has never been imagined even by the greatest of the searchers of longing.  
    Drive your sword into the mirror beside the fire, so that as it is reflected in it, ‘everything looks as if it is in an upside-down sky’, like an arm holding it, rising out of the waters.  And passing your sword over the fire, sing:

    “O Sun of Gold that reflects the Black Sun!
    O Black Sun that hides the Ray of Green Light!
    Withdraw your luminous shadow,
    Rend your veils, so that
    I may see the hidden face,
    Veiled by your disc,
    By the revolving of your swastika,
    Because the one who is hidden there
    Is I myelf.”

    ‘…Let forgetfulness never again fall upon us, let what we lived through in the Eternal Return not find us again without memory, without recollection, let us engrave it forever…
    …Continue your search for the city, enter it.  She, too, is searching for it…’
    Draw your sword, unsheathe it, the moment has arrived.”

    From this vision, one can deduce the following: loveless A-Mor consists of a reintegration of her in Him and him in Her, which Jung conceived of as the reintegration of the Anima and the Animus, psychologising a sacred mystery.  However, this does not imply a return to the original Androgynous, a recomposition of the Cosmic Egg which had divided, because now a face is being given to the soul, as the book explains.  The face of the Lover and the Beloved, of Her ‘him’ and His ‘her’.  HIM-HER and HER-HIM have found each other again in a different way, with A-Mor, that is, without-death, becoming transfigured in a total Absolute Personality, achieving One-Self.  Separated and united for all time in the separation of HIM-HER and HER-HIM, in the immortality of a resurrection which has thus been invented and created, of a non-existent A-Mor, but more real than anything that exists.  The A-Mor of HIM-HER and HER-HIM.
    Hoc est ergo magnum signum in cuius investigatione nonulli perierunt!

    Miguel Serrano

    Casa Camuzzi, Montagnola


    "Man has to rescue the woman who dwells in the woman."~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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