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    Transmissions from Arcturus in Supplement to Thuban Agency 1&2


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    Transmissions from Arcturus in Supplement to Thuban Agency 1&2 Empty Transmissions from Arcturus in Supplement to Thuban Agency 1&2

    Post  Didymos on Thu May 27, 2010 1:15 pm

    Hi All!
    I have taken the liberty to repost a certain thread from the Mists of Avalon forum here and on cosmosdawn.com.
    This thread addresses the Thuban Agenda in a rather comprehensive manner; but without emphasising the omni-scientific and 'scripture-prophetic' parameters.
    This thread is subsequently VERY EASY to read and so serves as a wonderful supplement and comprehensive introduction for the 'Archives of the Dragons'.
    The messages are on SuiGeneris' platform of the Galactic Federation of the Worlds and is there freely shared by Myplanet3, a member of the Thuban forums.
    I shall be pleased to answer particular questions of this thread, which I shall publisize in fashion and a platform which is of course open for all to contribute and discuss in any way desired.
    I begin with an excerpt on part3 and a part which is very pertinent for the present situation at hand.
    Love and Honour to All and a dragon-hearty Thank You to Myplanet3 for sharing this datastream from the Arcturian emissiaries of the Elders of Thuban.


    Some communities already exist where people feel they belong, spontaneously share resources, are pleased and proud to care for each other and for the place they live. Such communities are of one mind, in the sense that they focus on their common values, their common humanity, while celebrating their diversity as a source of new experience, enjoyment and vitality for all. Ultimately, all human beings may choose to live like that. But first they will have to agree on an alignment that gives priority to peace and conciliation. This may happen when an entire generation remembers all that they are and recognizes humanity as one organism, one collective consciousness, in all of its apparent multiplicity of form....

    Part 1: The One and the Many

    Part 2: The End of Time as You know it
    Part 3: You choose the Focus for Expression and Awareness
    Part 4: You are definitely imbalanced
    Part 5: What are You doing here?
    Part 6: The Paradox of Freedom
    Part 7: Now...You choose Ease, Grace and Clarity
    Part 8: Greetings

    Greetings from Metatron and Arcturus through Kayla on this day.


    We are all spiritual beings. In this domain, no one teaches and no one reveals, because everyone already knows. You forgot what you know, for many reasons, but now you may be able and willing to remember. If what we say reminds you of your truth, you will sense yourself relaxing into a “YES”, which may feel like coming home. It may also create JOY within you and a sense of great freedom.

    The quantum leap in consciousness is a gift of grace that anyone can choose to accept at any time. You do have to choose, however, because you are among the beings who are experimenting with free will. You are (and always will be) free to remember, reveal or recreate your KEY to the door of remembrance… or not. Even when you have your key in your hand, you are (and always will be) free to use it now, and again an hour from now, and again tomorrow and the day after… or not. Why would anyone choose not to open this door? There must be a good reason, or there would be no real choice.

    In the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, humans asked the biggest computer ever built to answer the ultimate question of “Life, the Universe and Everything”. Their answer turned out to be “42”… which is not quite as comically absurd as it seems, given that every answer depends on the question being asked. So. For you now, what is the ultimate question of “Life the Universe and Everything”? Is it really about life and the universe? Or are you looking outside, inside and everywhere in sight for some way to explain the existence and purpose of YOU?

    For many human beings on earth at this time, the question takes the simple form: “Who am I? And what am I doing here?” That may sound like two questions, but it’s actually only one, stretched over (space-)time. A satisfactory answer to this version of the ultimate question resolves all others because it includes all others.

    This I that is also a We

    You have doubtless heard the expression “As above, so below”, which comes from an ancient teaching called the Emerald Tablet, revered by alchemists as their most sacred text. It contains a symbolic story of creation, but a particularly significant extract translates into something like, “As above, so below; as within, so without…”

    It means that you can look at any one part of creation and see the pattern that drives the whole. Excellent work has been published about the holographic nature of our universe, but you do not have to understand holographs, fractals, toroids and spiral dynamics (in other words, you do not have to read the world in the language of math and physics) to recognize that what you perceive changes when you shift the level of your focus.

    Imagine putting your finger under a microscope and leaning over to look at it through this instrument. Recognize that you will see the very same thing, at a different level of focus. So your finger IS, at the same time, cells. Another level “down” or “in”, that same finger is molecules, made of atoms. One more level, and you can see that your finger – indeed, your whole body, and everything else in our universe – is a repeating pattern in constantly moving energy.

    Several versions exist of a short film that takes you from a man in his backyard, up into the galaxies and then back to earth again. As the camera moves back, the gradually increasing distance creates levels of focus that define what you perceive as one unit: first you see one man, who exists within a family in one back yard, which in turn exists within one neighbourhood, which exists within one town, within one country, one region, one continent. As the viewpoint keeps moving up and away, your focus goes to another level, as all of these form one planet, which lives within one solar system, within one galaxy, one group of galaxies, one cluster….

    So what you see as “one thing” depends on size, in other words on the level you are choosing as your range of focus. When the wide angle (virtually) reaches the infinitely large field of light, the camera’s viewpoint slows, stops, and starts back, zooming down through all the levels to reach the man again. Then it continues past the skin and into organs, taking you level by level into one cell, one molecule, one atom… finally reaching the nucleus and the electron haze, the quantum field. At this point, you have come full circle, as what you “see” when you move towards infinity, whether very large or very small, “looks” the same.

    The math and physics that they try to teach you at school are just languages to represent patterns of creation. The underlying patterns are the same, everywhere in our universe. What does this mean? Look at any one level, and you will see all. Our universe is a “holo-movement”: a holograph in perpetual movement. Every tiny segment of a holograph contains all the information in the whole, so illuminating any constituent part shows you the whole picture. The Delphic Oracle advises you to “know yourself” because, if you do, you will also know humanity, earth, the star systems, the galaxies and all of creation.

    Turn the Emerald Tablet upside down: As below, so above. See one cell as it truly is, and you won’t need to see more. Let’s not forget that each cell contains a complete set of DNA, with all the information needed to make the whole. Each of your cells knows who the whole of you is, but each cell is expressing only a small part of you. You are doing exactly the same thing for humanity, which is doing the same thing for earth, which is doing the same thing for your galaxy, which….

    You’re just like a cell, really. You’re surrounded by a semi-permeable membrane (your skin). Inside your membrane, an organized group of semi-autonomous interpenetrating organs and systems work together to form what seems to be one living unit. You may believe that your brain is in charge of the physical you. In fact, your cells are self-organizing. No need for a leader or a hierarchy – every cell already knows what to do. Cells organize themselves and follow their function, based on the blueprint they have inside them, upon which they are built. All beings do this, in fact.

    Looking outside your skin, you can see that you live within other interpenetrating self-organized organs and systems. You reside, work and communicate with many semi-autonomous units, with whom you form and move within larger structures. All of these interpenetrating collectives within collectives – families, companies, communities, nations, religions – together form a larger self-organized structure, humanity. And of course, humanity lives among and within more self-organized and interpenetrating collectives (animal, plant, mineral), who together form one larger unit, planet earth. If you can sense that you are an integral part of the planet at your level of focus, perhaps you can imagine that the earth might feel the same way at her level.

    When you see the physical structures inside and outside you in this way: As within, so without. You are a vast collective within a vast collective within a vast collective. Every “I” is also, at the same time, a “We”.

    Now stretch that a little. Look at your personality; look at your thoughts, feelings, intuitions… and see the same pattern. You are a self-organized collective, focused at one particular level and acting as an individual, among and within other individual-collectives.

    Let us take each of your levels in turn.

    You are a self-organized collective…

    Some authors, ancient and modern, have shown that it makes sense to see your individual personality as a collective. Different theories structure you into three interacting parts (ego, id, superego, for example, or adult, child, parent), or nine tendencies (with descriptive names or numbers), or twelve archetypes (corresponding to the astrological personality system… or not), or even more.

    So the concept of multiple mind goes beyond designing intelligent computers. And the term “multiple personality” does not only apply to people who deal with trauma by individualizing their many “selves”, who jump in one by one to take over a sealed-off consciousness. Most humans pay little or no attention to the way they function inside their mind, but you are all multiples. Each of you has sub-personalities, subconscious and unconscious selves, who exchange a multitude of thoughts, feelings and perceptions. The same is true at all levels.

    At the center of your sense of self, you organize thoughts, feelings, intuitions, instincts, and many other forms that energy takes within your sphere. Some come with you into a lifetime when you “are born”; others flow through your field of awareness all the time. You choose moment by moment to let some in, and you refuse entry to others. Day after day you allow some to stay, and you try to kick out the ones who overstay their welcome.

    Many teachings and practices demonstrate that you are not the thoughts, beliefs, feelings, reactions, habits and impulses that course through you – for when they are gone, you are still here. They exist as potentials within your field and become real for you if you focus on them. Even when they seem real and valid, it is always up to you whether thoughts and feelings are allowed in, welcomed as guests, kept as permanent residents… or graciously declined, ignored and allowed to dissolve as far as you are concerned… whether or not they become or remain real and valid for others.

    …focused at one particular level…

    If you are reading this, it is highly likely that you are a human being on earth. It would be more accurate to say that you have agreed to focus intently and to try as hard as you can to maintain a sense of being only one person, with one personality (however variable) unfolding within one lifetime on one planet. The term “human being” makes more sense reversed, for that is what you are: YOU, being human. You are focused into a human form, having chosen the point of view of a human lifetime on earth. No matter what your belief system may be, you know that this point of view is temporary. You, or the parts of you, or the stuff of which you are made existed in some form before (and will exist in some form after) you/they became the human being that you are now.

    Some people think about such things, and some don’t. But even those who focus on practical, “down-to-earth” pursuits are not always focused in the same way, though they may ignore this fact. Asleep, dreaming or medicated, they are “elsewhere” as often as those who deliberately shift their focus under hypnosis, in meditation, visualization or mystic vision.

    Your sense of who, what, when, where and how you are depends on your focus of expression and awareness. Your focus is a tuner. Consciously or not, you are always placing your attention within a range of frequencies. Tune into a passing thought that triggers a painful memory, and your focus shifts to the station for awareness of “the past” and for expression of anger or grief. Thoughts, emotions, impulses, intuitions, flashes of insight… all are energy expressed and experienced at different frequencies, like billions of radio and TV stations that you tune in or out.

    All life forms emit and receive transmissions at different frequencies all the time, and everything in the universe is alive in this sense. So you can tune in and share any thought, feeling or perception, any “message” being emitted by any being within your chosen range. Parts of you are doing this all the time. You are simply more or less aware of those parts of you.

    …acting as an individual…

    Acting as if you are only one (well-defined) unit is the primary interest of being human. This is true even for those of you who wonder what you’re still doing here and why you can’t simply rise above, once and for all, into the splendid spiritual realms. You came from those realms, and you chose to become human because you wanted to focus thoroughly at this level of perception. You did this for any number of reasons such as:
    · to experience life intensely and selectively, separating out the diversity of creation to enjoy each taste, each sound, each color – each perception, thought and feeling;
    · to hide all knowledge of the future and thus turn life into an adventure, a series of surprises and challenges, with evident choices and consequences;
    · to “forget” the past, as well, and thus make it possible for you to see any situation that you tend to create from a different point of view, or to take it to another place and time with different influences around you, allowing you to evolve, choose again and re-define who you are;
    · to go through chosen experiences slowly, step by step, allowing you to understand your choices differently, create new meaning out of them, see how they define you, and decide whether you want to change anything, really, or whether you finally choose to see this universe as perfect, exactly as it is.

    The system we all set up together and the agreements we all made, as parameters for life on earth, have served multitudinous purposes. A time has come when we can step back and see this planet as an immensely useful joint project, created by all of the beings in, on and around the earth. Nearly all the beings who became human agreed to forget their previous or parallel galactic and planetary histories, for very good reasons. Our purposes have been as many and varied as the beings that have evolved into all the forms on earth now.

    We cannot tell you what YOUR reasons were. Only you can remember yours. But, if you are reading this, you may now choose to remember why you came to earth.

    …among and within other individual-collectives

    You may have noticed that we have not yet used the word “God”. Human beings have created so many different versions of God, it has become difficult to use the word without carefully attempting to define what you mean. When Carl Gustav Jung was asked if he believed in God, he said, “I don’t have to believe. I know.” A clever answer, as it takes you to an inner level where it seems that nothing more needs to be said. The questioner of that era did not ask, “What do you know? How do you know?” Perhaps today he would.

    There is a book entitled How to Know God, about the ways that human beings define themselves through – and evolve along with – their concept of the ultimate being. The author [Deepak Chopra] perceives a number of stages in the evolution of human consciousness and details correspondences between these and common concepts of divinity. It is not our purpose to address or further refine such concepts. Perhaps, if the word “God” is truly used to mean “ALL that IS”, it needs no further definition. The verbs to be and to exist cannot be defined except in a circular fashion. Beingness is what all of creation shares.

    It is possible to experience a sense of “all-ness”, of “oneness”, as anyone who has had a mystic moment will confirm, but it is not possible to compare such moments and see if they are “the same”. What happens during such experiences is that your restricted point of view expands to include much more of all that is. Doing this is useful because it demonstrates that you can shift your focus to another level, a level that tends to generate feelings of bliss… so is likely to be remembered and sought again. But you are probably not (yet) able to maintain your focus at widely different levels of expansion at the same time… and then shift consciously among them.

    From our perspective, it seems that (in this universe) the oneness, the unity, of “all that is” creates multiplicity within itself at all levels. Many human beings have described revelations and experiences of multiplicity in violent terms: as a shattering, a fragmentation or a disintegrating, searing wall of fire… in the same way that your science conceives of a “Big Bang” or speaks of one such sudden increase in multiplicity on earth as the “Cambrian Explosion”. Many of you also speak of the “descent” into material form as “the fall”. But you could also consider this to be our great adventure, the result of an intensely creative process of choosing again and again and again among the infinite variety of potential forms that are available to us always.

    As mentioned earlier, in the forms that you perceive, constituent parts seem to be structured in many layers of semi-autonomous interpenetrating collectives. Your cells form organs and systems that constitute you. You and other humans form families, clans, tribes, communities, companies, nations that constitute humanity….

    As below, so above: it can hardly be surprising that the realms “above” and “below” you – the “higher” realms of soul and spirit, the “lower” realms of elemental fire, air, water, earth – are structured in much the same way.

    Another idea whose time has come: many people thought they were human beings who sometimes had spiritual experiences… but now they see that, from a different perspective, they are spiritual beings who are choosing to have a human experience. You are still focusing expression and awareness in a physical, emotional and mental center that you think of as yourself, but you can expand that self-definition and see your temporary human self as an extension of your eternal spiritual self.

    From our viewpoint, there has never been any separation between your many selves; it simply has been very useful (and enjoyable) to pretend that this is so. During your usual daytime experience, you restrict your focus to the range corresponding to physical life on earth. But a multitude of other ranges exist, within which you could focus and perceive. Your spiritual self is who you are when your focus, your tuner, shifts into a much wider range of frequencies.

    Your soul self is part of a soul family, which exists within and among clans and tribes of larger soul groupings that have criss-crossing “genetic lines” and a whole host of ancestors, forming larger soul communities. Different human beings use different words for these collectives and describe the realms of soul and spirit in different ways. That may seem confusing or contradictory to you, but you could also see it as reassuring, in a way.

    As below, so above: when beings focus expression and awareness into the range of frequencies that humans define as “spiritual”, each of us still has a unique point of view. It may be a wider, larger, less detailed point of view, allowing those in the soul/spirit realms to have perceptions and concepts that differ from the ones held by those who are being human. But the viewpoints of those in “higher” or “lower” realms are still focused within a partial range of frequencies. Each being is only one individual-collective focused within a range of frequencies in this universe (just like you are).

    It does not matter whether you consider your “spiritual selves” as guides, angels, ancestors, “ascended masters”, other souls who do not happen to be extended into physical form at the moment… or soul groups, clans, tribes, communities of origin, councils, federations, hierarchies or constantly changing associations of “spiritual beings”, under whatever name comes into the minds of those being human… or aspects, qualities, archetypes, creative energy forming configurations and patterns, structured in some way, serving various functions, available for you to recombine or… whatever. It does not matter whether you revere and place them above you… or recognize their energy as family and think of them as relatives, currently invisible partners, allies, friends… or anything else that occurs to you. It does not even matter whether you pay attention to them at all. We really don’t mind when humans leave us to our realm and attend only to theirs for as long as they are in a human lifetime. Each and every human is perfectly free to choose. And no one can know what is best for anyone else.

    If you are reading this, however, you may be interested in sensing, for a moment, what it might be like to be one of your “spiritual selves”. Call upon your imagination. Imagine having access to a fully agreed upon system for sharing all the diversity of creation. Through this system you can access anything and everything that any being has ever imagined, thought, felt, seen, heard, tasted, touched, sensed or conceived of in any way. A multi-sensory Internet with unlimited access: no need for technology because you are fully able to focus, beam in and experience anything within it… as a kind of waking dream… that you can beam out of again whenever you choose.

    Sense how you might be able to alternate and scan different points of view on the same experience, sharing the birth of a child, for example, from the viewpoint of the mother, the father, the infant, the brother, the grandmother… and then blend those viewpoints into a synthesis experience. Scan and blend the viewpoints of everyone taking part in a (seemingly) natural disaster. Experience individually and then blend the viewpoints of all the members of an entire civilization: the Mayans, for example, or the entire Roman Empire.

    In the wider, larger range of your “spiritual selves”, you have this ability to shift your focus and share all the experiences – along with the cumulative knowledge and wisdom – of all the members of your soul group, clan, tribe, and community. The membranes between these “cells” of experience do exist, but they are even more permeable than the membranes between the physical cells of your body. They are much more permeable than the membranes that many of those on earth now reinforce and staunchly maintain between their human selves… and everything else in the universe.

    Your “spiritual selves” are you, focused in a different range of frequencies. They are the same as you when focused in the same range. You may join them, more or less consciously, the next time you fall asleep… and when you leave this lifetime. If you extend your sense of self into a wider range of frequencies while also in the range of daytime consciousness, you remember that you are an eternal being.

    We are all eternal.


    There is clearly something special about this time on earth. Humans on different continents have evolved remarkably similar mythological stories of creation, destruction and re-creation, and many civilizations left records of attempts to describe and even to calculate “the end of the world”. For some doomsayers, the apocalypse is always at hand, but prophecies converge around symbolic events and multiply when such events occur… as they have again since the advent of nuclear power in recent human history. Books, documentaries, messages throughout your media have brought to light ancient calendars and portents that designate this era as… well, something to do with “the end” and with “time”.

    We will not join the entertaining discussions and interpretations of these “end times” that you can easily find elsewhere, as this would not help us to answer the ultimate questions asked in Part I of this series. One interpretation does seem to us to be of use, however: to see, in this phase of human evolution, a potential – for those who choose it – to experience “the end of time as you know it”.

    How do you know time? You surely know that the ways most people think about time are means to measure and count. Humans observed the cycles of nature, up to the sun, moon and stars, down into molecules, atoms, particles… and used the cycles to build a system. They devised different ways to count and different calendars for practical purposes like navigation, celebration or scheduling meetings. Eventually some groups felt that they had to agree on (or impose) one global system for scientific accuracy, engineering and technology.

    Clock time is not the culprit, in fact, even if human beings use it to enslave themselves and each other. Life within this galaxy does unfold in cycles and spirals. The three hands ticking around a traditional clock serve as a fine metaphor, even today, for the way that manifestation occurs in our universe through patterns that use whole number values, in cycles of sustaining and spirals of evolution through overlapping levels.

    One has to wonder, though, how human beings ever came up with the idea of linear time – splitting the eternal NOW (that we always live within) into a virtual reality of past, present, future. This concept may have had its practical purposes, as well. It may even have served to generate hope and the modelling of progress “in the future” for humans who felt mired in stagnant energy. But it will block your evolution now if you don’t see through it.

    Past, according to what? Future, according to when? The only purpose these words can serve is to designate something as not now. “Not now” means optional. You are free to focus attention on anything that is not now, or not to focus attention on it. Things only become real for you when you focus awareness on them. Focusing brings them into your field in the present moment, the NOW where you always are. If you graciously decline to focus your awareness on an event that is not happening now, or if you did focus on one but then stop and turn your attention elsewhere, that event ceases to exist for you in any way that matters.

    The words “re-member”, “re-call”, “re-collect” show you what you are doing when using memory. You pull back together, summon once again, and gather into your present moment things that no longer exist here and now for you. You freely choose to bring the past into the present when you honor an ancestor or celebrate a historical event… but also when you recall something that triggers guilt or regret if you think about it now. You freely choose to bring the future into the present when you consider an option, envisage a potential, imagine a dream coming true… but also when you worry about something that may or may not happen. As many authors are pointing out these days, the past and future are mental constructs. The human mind has invented a timeline to situate itself within the realm of all potential memories and projections, relative to where/when you are now. Nothing in the past or future is real in any way that matters – unless you choose to make something out of what you can remember or imagine… within your present moment, where you always are.

    If you have integrated this truth, you know that you are always the synthesis of what you have chosen and are still choosing to focus on now… and again now… and again in every single, ever-renewed moment… forever. When you apply that knowledge each moment of your life, you realize that:
    · you are 100% responsible for what you focus on;
    · what you are focusing on is your experience and defines what is real for you; and
    · every moment gives you an opportunity to choose again.
    Knowing this, every single moment, gives you back your freedom.

    You define your space and time

    How long is now, for you? Most people find it hard to answer that question, so they snap their fingers or tap their hand on the table. Naturally, as soon as you’ve done that, the sound is gone and so is that moment, that “now”. You’re already in the next one.
    Many teachings have pointed out that you cannot get away from NOW because you are always in the present moment, even when you try to escape from it. It is where you are. You can, in fact, see your definition of “now” as the when – the time aspect – of who you are. And “here”, however you define it, is the where – the space aspect – of who you are.

    This is true because you are currently choosing to exist within the parameters of space-time. Please believe us, you do not need to understand anything about physics to realize what this means. On earth, in physical form, you have a clear sense of when and where you are, in relation to everyone and everything that is not in the same place at the same time. Who occupies which part of space at which time has to be subject to agreement, if you wish to act as separate individuals in a place where you see and feel matter as solid, and where you don’t want to crash into each other or anything else. Space and time provide structure and order, allowing you to separate out the vast diversity of potential in creation. They allow you to experience energy in form as “this over here” and “that over there” (objects in space) and as “first this, and then that” (moments in time)

    You have chosen to separate creation into one thing next to the other, and one thing after the other. Remember that your finger is also cells… atoms… particle-waves of moving energy… and so is the air around your finger and all the objects in the world. If you shifted your focus to the quantum level, everything would dissolve into patterns of light within darkness, and you might find it hard for a while to see where your finger ends and the air begins. But we have all evolved a way to agree on how to tell where one thing ends and another begins. You are focusing expression and awareness into a range of frequencies that correspond to physicality, creating matter in space and time. Evolution on earth has developed the sensory organs that you are using to experience creation in this way.

    You have probably seen images that attempt to show you the different ways that cats, bees or eagles see, and you know that many animals hear or smell in a greater range of frequencies than you do. You also know that radio, TV, telephone, satellite and other signals are radiating through the air all around you at frequencies that you cannot see or hear. If you expanded your focus to encompass all these ranges, you would have to find a way to use your inner tuner in the way you use technology, to select the communication that interests you. The human experience of life is highly selective. So is the cat or bee or eagle experience… or, for that matter, the tree or rock experience of life.

    The fact that you have selected (and are continuing to select) your range of focus means that you have a choice. Nothing would exist in experienced form if there were no one choosing among the infinite potentials of creation. The purpose of your life – of nearly all life – is to choose. You are the culmination, the synthesis of all you have chosen and are still choosing now. All that you are aware of, at this moment, is the result of billions upon billions of choices. Your spiritual selves can remember many of those choices. Your human self has chosen to forget nearly all of them. As mentioned in Part I, there were many good reasons to do this… one of which was so you could have truly new experiences and make it possible to choose again.

    Why? Maybe we all ran out of ideas. Maybe the life forms we had sustained on other stars or planets became too specialized, too much of one mind. Or maybe we just got too rigid, too set in our ways to create anything new without a major shake-up. You know how people tend to become slaves to their own experience, as they get older? They’ve “been there, done that”. They tell younger people that a new idea isn’t really new at all – it’s been tried before and it didn’t work, so there’s no point in trying it again. They get cynical or grumpy. Even before getting old, many humans close down whole domains of life to avoid getting hurt or feeling frustrated anymore.

    As below, so above: groups, families, clans and tribes of souls do this, too. Whole communities of origin, entire civilizations, have shut themselves off or shut down, becoming crystallized in defensive choices. Sometimes the only solution seems to be to destroy everything and start again. Or perhaps to destroy only part of what has been created, resolve to apply the lessons learned, and see what develops from there. How far back do such choices go? If we are talking about “the end of time as you know it”, when did that time begin?

    We are all eternal beings. The range of our choices is infinite. Expand your focus out towards infinity, and you begin to feel the extent of your range. Once you have done that, you may choose to keep going… in which case we won’t be hearing from you any time soon. If you are like the rest of us, though, you will probably make the choice that we have made many times before. As you realize that your awareness is heading out towards infinity, you will say, “Ah, yes. This, too, is infinite.” And you will return to something defined.

    Why? Perhaps because infinity is all the same. It always ends up being everything at once.
    We have been out to infinity before. We came from there and know that we can always return. But we like making choices, apparently. And any choice we make defines us as only one part of all that is. Strictly speaking, even choosing to be part of “all that is” distinguishes us from “all that is not”. Beingness is our first choice, then we move into “being what?” All the potential of creation in this universe opens before us. Choosing, we step out of infinity. To choose is to focus on this part of all that could be, over here (and therefore not that part, over there). This is what I choose to be now. This is what I choose to hear. This is what I choose to see. Choosing splits infinity into the part that you are aware of now… and all the rest (that you are not aware of now).

    It seems that, at least in our universe, Creator, God/Goddess, Spirit (or whatever name you choose) believes that All That Is has to do this to know anything at all. An undifferentiated whole cannot know its own potential. It cannot even know if it exists. To know, you have to have a knower and a thing that is known. So you have to split the whole into at least two parts.

    In our present wave of creation, we did that once, creating a Knower and a Known. Then we did it again, creating two knowers, two centers of focus, which became four and then eight… somewhat in the way cells divide. More points of view provide more ways to know – more creators of knowledge.
    We are all creators of knowledge, the knowledge that we call our own. We select out of all the potentials of creation what we choose to express and experience now… and again now… and again now… forever. And we transform our expression and experience into knowledge by synthesizing its essence within us.

    The sacred geometry of this universe: step 1

    Both physics and metaphysics, both science and religion, present the universe as having a beginning. Of course, they are talking about our known universe, which (by definition) is the only thing any of us can talk about. Our universe exists within or is built upon space/time (among other things), so both science and religion posit a moment of creation that represents the beginning of space/time as we know it.

    Nowadays you hear about multiple universes, parallel universes, or the “Omniverse” that holds all potential… so more human beings realize that our universe is only one of many possible creations in form.
    If you choose to go into these other universes, you will eventually understand that “This, too, is infinite.” And you will realize that there is such enormous potential in the patterns of creation that we have chosen to evolve in our highly diverse group of galaxies, why go somewhere else? This is a wondrous place. And anyway, you can know the whole through any one of its parts, so there is no need to look any higher or lower. Draw a circle around any segment of a holographic whole, shine the light of awareness through it, and you reveal the full potential that is everywhere the same.

    Draw a circle. Define a sphere. That is the most essential act of creation in this universe.
    A sphere self-generates every other form and shape we know. Ancient human mathematicians demonstrated that this is true, and their work is being studied again today under the name “sacred geometry”. The scientifically minded may point out that plain old geometry shows you this, as well, but many people lose interest when universal patterns are separated from the wonders of the world and represented, instead, in mathematical language. It’s much more fun to watch the short Disney film that puts Donald Duck into “math-magic land”, or to read one of many delightful books available now that can act as your guides to constructing a universe.

    How do you draw a circle and define a sphere? You cannot do this without choosing a point for its center, and a length to determine its size. Within the infinity of potential, this is the choice we all made… and continue to make every moment.

    Select a point (any point will do) as your center, your home. There. You have just created space, in the experience of selecting your very own “here (and therefore not there)”.
    Now move in any direction away from that point, and then stop. Notice that this took time. Time exists as soon as space – and therefore the possibility of movement within it – exists. They are created together by one choice. I define myself as here now, so if I want to be anywhere else, I have to move… which takes time.

    But please note that my previous “there”, when I choose to move towards it, becomes “here” for me as soon as I get there. It may be a different “here” from the previous “here”, but it is where I am now. So I am always here now (wherever and whenever that might be). And I can choose once more.
    That may not sound like much to you, but it is the defining act of creation as we know it.
    We locate ourselves in the kind of space that we have created in the frequencies of physicality by using length, width, and height: three dimensions. Which define our sphere. A massive explosion in all directions from a central point is what light supposedly did at (or just after) the “Big Bang”. This is what most people think created the universe.

    It would perhaps be more accurate to say that it revealed one potential universe. Our Creator/God/Source fractured expression and awareness into us, heard the potentials of sound and saw the potentials of light… in and though the experience of splitting ITSELF into us. We radiated from each of our centers to take on sound, light, shape… in patterns that revealed the potentials of a universe, ours. Thus we “were created” to “mirror” potential patterns of form to each other – selecting, manifesting and experiencing them together.

    Fast forward to earth… where we have focused very intently on expressing a synthesis of our creations to date and on experiencing these creations as a shared, consensus reality. This has allowed us to exchange experiences, create more diversity together and find solutions to what we perceived as problems. But we were never trapped within this creation. We have always been free to slide around within the parameters of what we create.

    Please do. You are never stuck in your most recent choices. You chose to focus expression and awareness into a human lifetime, and you may continue making that choice for a while longer. But understand that you are always defining where is here and when is now for you, every moment of every day, over and over and over again. You are making that unique choice through your center of focus. No one is in exactly the same here and now as you are.

    Some Eastern teachings and modern philosophies say that you are awareness itself. There is truth in that statement. Clearly, though, awareness is something that you share with all other human beings – with all other forms of life, in fact, in very different ways. What distinguishes you from all other forms of life is your choice of where, when and how you focus awareness.

    Quick summary: in our universe, the defining way to create the experience of “who you are” is by choosing where is here and when is now, for you. You are probably not aware of it, but you are recreating space and time for yourself in every moment, as you choose to maintain your agreement to focus expression and awareness within your human body-mind-lifetime. You continue to define here/now in relation to where and when you chose to be before and where and when you choose to be next. Creating within space/time means choosing to know creation in this way.

    There are an infinite number of ways to know the infinite potential of creation. We are the part of that infinite potential that has chosen to know through experience. Experience means “going through”, and that’s what we do: we move through the space and time that we selected out of all that is. Every move we make defines us and creates us anew.
    It does not matter whether we have done this before or will do it again. The only wave of creation that matters is the one you are in now. If you did not already know this and chose to go into another wave of creation instead, you would be there… and that one would be the one that matters to you. They are all equivalent anyway, as the potentials are everywhere the same. All realities are interpenetrating. Everything that can exist anywhere, by any other name, can also exist here and now, wherever YOU are.

    Expansion and contraction

    After choosing our center and moving out in all directions, we did not keep expanding forever at the same rate. Or rather, anyone who did is no longer with us now. At some point, we had our first “Ah, yes” moment (“This, too, is infinite”), and we started slowing down, to see what that would be like. Some of us stopped for a while. Some of us went back. The diversity of our choices created the elements found in our galaxies and the cycles of life as we know it: a range of forms generated by moving in and out, back and forth, up and down… and around and around and around.

    In many traditions and teachings, the breath is seen as the essence of life. It can certainly be considered a fine metaphor for our major means of creating form. The way we see it, what human science calls “life” is only half the story: the out-breath, or expansion into manifested form. When you extend yourself into a human lifetime, you breathe expression and awareness into a chosen pattern, slowing down the outer limits of your focus to accompany form into a range of frequencies that you can see, hear, touch, smell, taste, or perceive as thought, feeling, instinct, intuition… within the physical earth.

    As many people have said, life and death are not opposites. Life has no opposite. Life is a form for expression and awareness, a choice that is ours eternally. The opposite of death is birth. Birth happens when a spiritual self breathes out into physical form. Death happens when that (somewhat modified but same) self breathes in again, leaving physical form. The spiritual self never ceases to exist and never loses its ability to choose where, when and how to focus expression and awareness. All who come to earth freely choose to focus expression and awareness here now. Those who breathe out into human lifetimes choose that potential form, sufficiently “out of range” of other potential choices, to experience being separate from the spiritual self and its access to all potential pasts and futures.

    We will say once again that all beings who are now human did this for good reasons that each of you can choose to remember. But you will only draw to yourself the means to remember if, when, and in the way that all of your selves agree would best serve your purposes.
    Breathing out and breathing in – expansion and contraction – have provided a huge playground for creation in this universe.

    When we breathe and move out, we release ourselves into a new space and time, where we can join with others, colliding, mingling, blending, creating the possibility of recombination and evolution.
    When we breathe and move in, we evaluate, synthesize, crystallize and thus sustain some of our choices, retaining what we choose to use again in our next contribution to (and experience of) collective creation… when we choose to breathe out again.

    Yes, it is possible to expand or contract forever. Some beings do, holding to the purity of one choice. But anyone who expands forever cannot create a sustained form, and anyone who contracts forever becomes so densely packed and unable to move that it is no longer possible to evolve. In our universe – our realm of creation – we have chosen to create in cycles that change every now and then, cycles that shift: circular movement that rises or falls to create spirals through potential sequences.
    Thus we have chosen both to sustain and to evolve.

    When you breathe your self back in (and are no longer in physical form), you can review your latest cycles and spirals. The range of frequencies that you focus your self within between lifetimes is higher. Higher means faster, not better. Your spiritual selves, representing all of your soul community, know that earth human is the best choice for your soul group now, or you wouldn’t be here.

    Your spiritual self is also one and many. It is the part of you that remains on what some people call “the other side”, and they may imagine it as a guardian angel or guide. This part of you is focusing expression and awareness within a faster range of frequencies, where your earth days, months and years are experienced as if they were only seconds, minutes, hours. When you fall asleep, your sense of time changes along with your focus, as you temporarily shift into some of these more rapid frequencies. When you wake up, your focus shifts back into the much slower range of human consciousness, so your sleep time seems to have gone by in a flash.

    You have probably heard teachings that say: “What we take to be reality is in fact the dream, and we awaken when we realize that our true self is not of this world.” You may also have heard the story of the emperor who dreamt he was a butterfly and afterwards could never be sure that he was not in fact a butterfly dreaming he was an emperor. Seen this way, the Matrix is an illusion, and reality is outside or beyond it. That is one possible point of view, but not the only one. There are many worlds to choose from. And as long as you choose to focus within a world, that world is your reality.

    Your whole self does not only exist within three dimensions or four or five or six. In a later transmission, we will look at terms people use for other worlds – densities, levels, planes of existence – and the many ways that you can choose to divide or count these, if you wish.

    Through the looking glass

    When Alice goes through the looking glass or when the Bible says, “Now we see through a glass, darkly”, the word “glass” means “mirror”.
    Any metaphor that stands the test of time and turns up in different sources contains some recognized truth. One such metaphor presents the world as “God’s mirror”, implying that what we perceive in form reflects the underlying patterns of creation. Look at what a mirror does: it gives you your image, reversed. It allows you to see what you’re doing but flips the picture and shows it to you backwards. The world is a mirror for you. Human beings are all mirrors for each other. Remembering who you really are may be found in a reversal of perception that lets you see yourself from another point of view.

    For example: you probably think of yourself as one thing (a human being) in a world of many things. That is not wrong, but it is only one interpretation of reality. In Part I, we showed how you can adopt another point of view and see yourself as a group of collectives – a physical collective of cells, organs and systems, interpenetrated by a psychological collective of sub-personalities with tendencies, attitudes, feelings… participating in a collective mind that seems to be constantly generating and exchanging thoughts. This multi-collective you is intently focused on acting as (or pretending to be?) one individual human being, living among and within all the other individual-collectives that together constitute this earth.
    Imagine what it might feel like to be our earth. All of humanity would be only one scattered element of your surface. Your neighborhood would include the moon and planets, asteroids, meteors and other visitors, and the electromagnetic fields that they all move in and through. You would be one of an association of beings that developed this system, with the sun at its center, and that is evolving its own composite nature at its own level of experience.

    Stretch a bit further. Our galaxy is one organism, as well: one complex life form. Science fiction tends to imagine planets and races, their alliances and wars, creating the same kind of drama that humans find so fascinating on earth. But just as earth has a wondrous life of her own, so does our galaxy in its neighborhood, within its own sphere, in a collective creation with other galaxies. You can take the point of view of any form, all the way up and down the scale. Spheres within spheres within spheres: atoms and molecules move and change within the cells of your finger; your cells move and change within you; you move and change within your community on earth; the earth moves and changes within this solar system, galaxies within clusters…. all the way up and out to all that is.

    Now do the same thing with time. You experience life at a certain rate, where minutes make up hours, days, months, years, and everything that takes place this year will be dated within this decade, this century, this millennium. At present, human lifetimes rarely last more than one century, but you can expand your focus in imagination to take the point of view of your ancestors or of your children’s children. In Part I, we suggested blending together and taking the collective viewpoint of an entire civilization that lasted centuries. Human beings have individual souls but they also share a collective soul, so you can access the viewpoint of all of humanity. The history and point of view of earth is even longer and wider. Therefore, when you expand into the earth’s point of view, human centuries and millennia will seem to last only minutes and hours.

    Keep going. For a being as large as our galaxy, human history goes by in a split second. For the Milky Way and Andromeda, “one galactic minute” is equivalent to millions of earth years.
    So what happens when you expand even further, into the range where all of creation as we know it exists within what you would perceive (from that viewpoint) as a split second? A split second is really no time at all, is it?

    Take one final step, expand just a little more, and everything that anyone could ever know exists within one moment, this one, now. At that point, for you, all of creation exists all at once, now, as one vast field of potentials.
    That is what some people call “God time” or “no-time”, when all of time is now. It’s hard for human beings to imagine with any clarity. But it’s useful to stretch your boundaries and recognize that time is a very relative concept. Relative to size, as we have just seen, and therefore relative to space. That’s Einstein for dummies – and don’t worry if you’re in this category: so is our channel and nearly all the other beings on earth!

    The choice to extend your self into a human lifetime sets your boundaries and determines your sense of space and time. When you leave a lifetime, your sense of space and time can change rather radically… if you allow it to. Many of those who are earth humans now have long refused to do so, intently holding their focus inside the earth sphere, and of course that is perfect as long as their soul group’s purposes kept them within a cycle. This, however, is the era when many cycles come to an end and new cycles begin. This is a time of far greater choice.

    In preparation for those choices, you can experience shifts in your sense of space and time now, while remaining within your human parameters. Maybe you already have. After all, when you are highly productive or happily adrift in a daydream, hours pass quickly. But when you’re sluggish, bored or depressed, time plods along as listlessly as you do. Fear stretches time, does it not? Imminent danger – remember what it feels like to slide towards what you recognize will probably be an accident? It feels the way they show such scenes in movies or on TV, in slow motion. This particular shift in focus is a survival response, giving you “more time” to choose the best strategy, while you still can. Fear is low-frequency; it slows down time. So does hopelessness and boredom. Elation is high-frequency, so time does indeed “fly” when you’re having fun. If you start to pay attention, you will sense your own relative sense of time shift along with the tone of your feelings, making your inner clock different from everyone else’s.
    Observing your own multiplicity and experimenting with other points of view are ways of joining the evolution of human consciousness during these “end times”. Some of the potential outcomes for this era in human history have been as dire and dramatic as the prophecies and portents you have heard about. But if you are reading this today, you are one of the many who have chosen differently. Rather than end humanity’s time on earth, you have chosen to evolve your previous interpretations of what this “end” of “time” would mean for you. You are considering whether you still wish to be bound to a specific experience within space/time. So this can be the end of time as you have known it, the moment when you allow yourselves to take back your freedom.

    This special era also provides us all with an opportunity to see more clearly, so it does constitute an “illumination” or “enlightenment”. A few centuries ago, an “enlightenment” of the human mind brought greater knowledge to human beings through reason, philosophy and science. Now comes a time for enlightenment of the human soul and spirit. Then as now, light allows you to see more of what has been within and around you always. The human mind made instruments to extend the range of its physical senses. What tools will you invent to expand your perception further now?

    The only limits you ever have are those you choose. You are never trapped within any system. We have all always been (and always will be) free to expand, contract or otherwise shift our focus… and thereby change what is true for us.
    Space/time provides the structure for our universe’s “filing system”. And technology follows consciousness. In one generation, human filing systems have evolved from rigid and linear – text and figures in ink laid down on paper or cardboard that can be stocked in boxes or cabinets of wood or metal – to fluid, flexible, ephemeral: images on a screen… that may or may not be held in some virtual place that hardly anyone can locate (or even thinks about anymore). You would not have built an Internet if you were not already conceiving of reality in a similar way. So perhaps you can now see space/time as an invisible architecture that allows all the users of this universe to surf around, select, focus on a picture from one point of view, listen to a tune from another point of view, concentrate on one lifetime, link through to others and navigate freely within the sphere of our creation.

    These “end times” are providing opportunities for you to free yourself from many of the belief structures that have been keeping you in conceptual prisons. One that may already be obvious to you is duality. After all, you know that nothing is either hot or cold: everything you can feel is located on a scale from “hotter” to “colder” (because water, air and earth vary in the amount of fire/heat with which they are interpenetrated). Nothing that you can see is either black or white, either light or dark, either “good” or “bad”… but always some of both, which you choose to evaluate and define for yourself as more or less… or not.Part 3:

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    As mentioned in Part II, all that is (whether you call this “God” or not) is both one and many. People tend to capitalize concepts like the One and the Many because they believe that the spiritual realm is sacred, which they see as above… if not totally beyond you and me. The universe, creation and life are indeed sacred, but then so are we, so are you. It is not above us. It is not separate from us. It Is us – all of us, all beings, all that exists, all together.

    “All that is” lives (by definition) through all life forms. We are among those life forms, so God, Goddess, Creator, Source, Spirit… lives through all of us, too. We are within the grand fractal of multiplicity that constitutes who the great BEING is in our universe. Each of us is an eternal spark of great being(ness) who keeps changing form.

    And each of us contains all the potentials of creation, as every tiny segment of the holographic whole contains the whole pattern and could, if it wished, create the whole picture.

    We are going to keep repeating these metaphors, because they reveal the answer to our ultimate question. For now, we will try to state as simply as possible the first half of our answer. Who are you? You are a chooser of focus:
    • You are one part of the whole (God, All That Is) that has defined a sphere of being, within which you select, express, perceive, experience, interpret, synthesize and thus create a unique center of knowledge of and for our universe.
    • You are the only one who has taken your unique path through the universe that we all created together, and who now carries within you that unique synthesis.
    • As you continually focus and re-focus expression and awareness, selecting from the infinite potential of creation, the universe (God, All That Is) knows itself through you.
    Many people cannot yet accept the idea that they are choosing what happens in their lives, much less what happened in “previous lives”, if indeed they had any. They identify with the narrow focus of their daytime, conscious self, who has inherited many beliefs from previous generations. It seems as if their life is happening to them, and they think that they only have control over some things some of the time.

    This is a perfectly logical point of view for a daytime, conscious self. Each of us is much more than that, however.

    All the lifetimes of your ancestors and all the experiences of world history have created who you are now. You are the visible tip of an enormous iceberg. Or, to use a slightly warmer metaphor, consider ripe fruit that has fallen from the tree and no longer remembers that is part of an organism made of leaves, stem, branches, bark, roots and constantly renewed seed.

    The fruit does not have to do anything: it already contains the seed. You do not have to meld or “become one” with your spiritual selves, your divinity, because they and you already are “one”. You don’t have to merge your daytime, conscious self with your subconscious, unconscious, multidimensional, invisible selves. They are already now part of the whole you.

    You are a culmination of innumerable choices, linked to innumerable lifetimes, fulfilling contracts and agreements made by all the souls of your ancestors, family, clan, tribe and community. These agreements go back to before the earth existed. They brought you to earth and its latest cycle of human lifetimes, within which you agreed to forget your past. But all of them are you, all of them are cells in the great being that is the highest, widest, largest you that you can imagine.

    So yes, perhaps your daytime, conscious self has not (yet) remembered – or has trouble recognizing every moment of the average day – that you are always in the process of choosing where, when, what and how you live, act, feel and perceive. Include your whole self, instead. Think of all your ancestors. Think of all your subconscious, unconscious, past, present and future selves… and the concept of you as a culmination of choices may make more sense.

    We have all been creating in this way for eons. Our tendency is to do so in cycles, creating a synthesis within a certain sphere and then “starting over again”, when we define a new sphere for ourselves and plant the seed of our synthesis within it. We then take on our seed form, the latest version of our synthesis, to create anew within that sphere. As mentioned in Part II, our current wave of creation has been cyclical and spherical, expanding and contracting, sustaining in circles (spheres) and evolving in complex spirals through the potentials of creation.

    Interesting footnote: many people use the word “evolution” without knowing that it comes from a term meaning “to uncoil”, implying curvature and reversal. Plants grow by uncoiling stems and leaves from seed in a spiralling upward motion towards the sun (the center of their local universe and source of their energy). DNA resembles a coiled spiral that uncoils to replicate and generate. Uncoiling suggests motion in a reverse circle, a kind of unwinding within a mirror. This will remind those of you who have studied astrology that the smaller cycles of your solar system revolve within larger cycles, which seem to turn in the opposite direction. Thus it seems to the average human that the larger “precessional ages” unfold backwards, with the Age of Aquarius opening towards the end of the Age of Pisces.

    But if we go much further down that road, we are going to lose too many of you. So let’s get back to you.

    A culmination of choices

    You may have been taught that God created man (woman and child) in His image. And indeed, the eternal creative living force generated us as eternal creative living beings… some of which are experiencing life, at the moment, as humans on earth. But we are all (always were, always will be) eternal co-creators, parts of the eternal creative whole.

    We know how difficult it is for many humans to understand this and will therefore present another quick review before going further. Sometimes things are easier to grasp when summarized in different ways.

    You co-create as you choose among the infinite potentials of creation. Your whole self (all of who you are) creates by selecting out of those potentials the aspects of the whole that you experience and express. You define your sphere by locating your center of awareness – choosing where and when you are – within a range of frequencies. Thus you become aware of what can be created in that range, and you express some of these potentials. You continually choose how you focus awareness to take in what becomes your reality, your experience. Each of us is a co-creator in the sense that the creative life force (God, All That Is) creates its expression and experience through our choices.

    You have already defined your sphere by selecting some of the potentials listed below. You are currently sustaining some of your previous choices and experiencing the result, in order to review, refine, create a new synthesis and choose again. That is how you have become a culmination of a series of choices that now place you within:
    • a wave of creation within a universe
    • a primary orientation (God-aspect), which often generates
    • a related function, which tends to define
    • a soul community of origin, which usually differentiates and leads to a choice of
    • a soul tribe and clan… which can change and permute on their own or through alliances and partnership with others, leading to choices of
    • a soul family and soul group, which tend to undertake
    • agreements to participate in collective creations (such as this solar system), as well as missions, functions or roles within these creations, for example
    • contracts to sustain, evolve or experiment with specific aspects of creation within any one sphere… such as (in this era) human personality, or relationships between individuals and collectives.

    You agreed to participate in the creation of life on earth. Evolution here tries this, tries that, sees what can be sustained along with what else… what works and what doesn’t, what pleases and what doesn’t… like an ongoing scientific experiment… like a marketplace… and just like you, in your own life.

    The earth experiment has parameters, within which you have chosen a life form, a level of consciousness, a cycle of incarnation and a current lifetime. The ones you (the whole you) chose are the ones you felt would best serve the evolution of all that you have chosen to sustain within your self, as yourself, until now.

    We mentioned human personality as an example, above. In the latest phase of our experiment here, the beings that chose to focus awareness as mammals on earth have been developing the expression and experience of diverse individual personalities within one species. Humanity has evolved this experiment furthest, using a system of creation that combines archetypal principles to form unique individual personalities.

    In Western civilization, these archetypes have been embodied in the Greco-Roman pantheon and in astrology as, for example:
    • Greek Ares / Roman Mars = the personal will, the survival-oriented discoverer, warrior, initiator and entrepreneur, one of the masculine aspects of human nature, whether the human is male or female;
    • Greek Aphrodite / Roman Venus = the personal pleasure principle, the sensual discoverer and seductress with a great love of beauty, one of the feminine aspects of human nature, whether the human is male or female;
    • Greek Hermes / Roman Mercury = the personal mind, the intellectual discoverer and puzzle-solver with little concern for ethics but a great love of communication, an androgynous aspect of human nature.

    These three have received your greatest attention, along with the moon, of course – representing your emotions, reflecting the light of the sun… which represents the essence of your sense of self in any one lifetime. These archetypes are a part of you at your level of focus, in your family and neighborhood, just as the planets, stars and constellations are part of the galaxy in its family and neighborhood. As above, so below: the same principles express at different levels throughout the universe. There are many more archetypes, of course – all your “gods and goddesses”, each of which represents and is expressed as a human personality characteristic. Each human personality is both one and many.

    It is useful to keep recalling, as well, that humanity and its purposes are only one part of the earth experiment. Earth has chosen to constitute one of the living libraries of this universe, expressing in physical form, over time, as much as possible of the diverse potential of creation that she also carries within her DNA. Earth is providing the answer to her own question: “How many different species, how much diversity, can co-exist within one organism in a chosen range of frequencies?” Earth has sustained and evolved diversity at varying levels of density and will continue to do so, throughout her existence. Many species have gradually adjusted their size, shape or behavior, adapting to a wide variety of conditions, in order to sustain forms by finding a functional niche within the self-balancing organism that is this earth.

    Human beings have their place within this living library. They honored in the past (and will again in future) the natural balance of earth. During this phase of the earth experiment, however, they have been creating a certain imbalance because they have also taken on a unique role in the evolution of another, much larger, galactic organism.

    In one tiny segment of the holograph that is earth, humans express patterns that also exist at other levels of our galaxy and galactic cluster: patterns of conflict and resolution, of dominance and submission, of refusal and acceptance, of resistance and release…. These patterns have been and are being played out at the quantum level, the molecular level, the cellular level, the level of organs and systems within each body… individually and collectively, in the solar system and in the stars… both near and far from us, in our past, present and future. We just happen to be the ones who are working and playing with these very same patterns on earth now, in a collective creation involving many soul communities of origin, of partnership and of alliance within our galactic cluster… all of whom are a part of who you are. You may see them as your ancestors, but our “past” choices (our choices among potential pasts) are part of what defines who we are now. All realities are interpenetrating.

    Resolution to conflict or recurring war, acceptance and allowing where there used to be resistance or refusal, release of what used to be rigidly held in place… Such evolution may be facilitated when many groups work together within a fixed set of agreements. In the physical world, new forms arise when genes recombine, sometimes unexpectedly. New forms at any level of being then exist, as recognizable potentials, at all levels of being within a holographic whole.

    Each of us has a part to play within this vast collective creation. It would take six volumes to list all the questions being answered on earth, all the issues that humanity and all the other participants are sustaining and evolving. That is not our purpose here. Anyway, we don’t have to – look around and you will see these questions and issues in action all over the planet. The ones that matter to your soul community, tribe, clan, family and group are the ones you are working on now… or working though, playing with, experimenting, enjoying… depending on your point of view. Many earth humans take things very seriously. This may be a side effect of your chosen level of intensity. You are so thoroughly focused on finding solutions to problems within this range of frequencies, you sometimes get a little obsessed.

    This could be a time when it becomes easier for you to “lighten up”. When you begin to remember all of who you are, your perspective widens. You see that you have always been free to choose your reality, your world, you experience… and so has everyone else. You understand that no one has any power over anyone else, unless they previously agreed to experience an imbalance because they thought it would serve their purposes. You realize that you cannot understand the complexity of anyone else’s choices, whether they are now a man, woman or child on earth… or not on earth at the moment. It’s hard enough to understand your own. Things are often not at all what they seem to be.

    One of the questions about to be answered by humanity is: “When individual human beings remember all of who they are, recognize that they have always been free, and embrace what this means – in particular the fact that they are (and have always been) 100% responsible for everything they create as their expression, experience and knowledge – will they reclaim their freedom and sovereignty in full consciousness… and will they use it wisely?”

    Unity in Multiplicity – a work in progress

    We would like to look at another question being answered through the evolution of humanity on earth at this time, namely: “What are the best structures that individual life forms can choose to create together as collectives?”

    In Part I, we gave one definition of who you are: a self-organized collective, focused at one particular level of awareness and acting as an individual, among and within other individual-collectives. That can be said of any complex life form within our universe. Your individual cells sustained and evolved the collective structures that are the physical you. At your level of focus, as an individual human, you are involved in sustaining and evolving the collectives to which you belong.

    Humanity is also a self-organized collective. Unlike many other species, however, human consciousness in this era has not yet agreed upon one collective structure, one best way to join in groups and create together. The soul communities represented here brought in different structures, and one of the many purposes of humanity (in this phase of evolution on earth) is to test a range of collective structures. You form different kinds of families and other creative, cooperative groups: clans, guilds, associations, organizations, companies, communities, villages and neighborhoods, towns and cities, nation-states and their alliances and regional groups, trans-national and global networks.

    Building on the results of previous phases in the earth experiment, all the soul communities who are participating in this collective creation have agreed to parameters and conditions that could serve the interests of all. During this phase, they all agreed to create a neutral playing field by starting a new humanity. All would express and experience creation through one DNA: earth human DNA. Despite all apparent differences, the holographic whole, i.e. the human being in potential, would be the same for all.

    And so they select cycles of individual human lifetimes, adequately and fairly representing each community. Re-creating a galactic synthesis to date in this new One Self – this “all for one and one for all” human form – each community expresses its essence through individual humans who have forgotten what they really are. All communities agree to see if their evolution can be served by this fresh start, with everyone temporarily sealing off access to knowledge of all past and future potentials. Humanity thus expresses the entire range of choices without bias. The beings who “descend” into this arena and become individual humans sustain and evolve what they choose, as they choose – as they meet up with others (who seem so different), as they intermingle and create their own families, clans and tribes, combining and recombining…

    How will these individuals choose among all the potentials present within the vast collective? Returning to our sample question, for example: how will they sustain and evolve groups based on different aspects of who they are? Which type of grouping has more vitality, more longevity? Will they unexpectedly evolve a previously unknown type of group? What will be more important in the long run: shared ancestry, current family ties, shared resources, similarities in culture, customs or ethics, shared interests, goals, activities, hopes or dreams?

    This phase of human history is a catalogue of attempts at self-organization into functioning collectives. Individuals and small groups have experimented with ways to recognize or refuse, build or take apart, join or leave larger groups. Humans are now expressing a myriad of ways to relate to one another, interact, combine and recombine. Looking at this aspect in this manner, you may understand how your spiritual self views humanity’s vast combinatory and constantly evolving potential – and finds life on earth utterly fascinating. Naturally, it can feel quite different when you are intently focused within a human lifetime and experiencing as much pain as pleasure.

    If humanity had already found obvious or natural collective structures that would suit everyone, people would only form one kind of family, company, community or government. They would all use the same “best for all” blueprint in teaching, health care, employment, or the task of creating a sense of safety and security for everyone. The fact that all of these domains generate such controversy proves the opposite: we are still evolving alternatives and seeing whether we can find consensus in collective matters of importance. Consensus cannot be forced, not in any way that lasts. Our collective history should have taught us that by now.

    It would take us too far afield to consider how humanity is testing the amazingly diverse means that other life forms have used to organize themselves as collectives. But you can take a good look at other species on earth and see quite a few. This earth evolved through stages where single-celled organisms joined, got organized and formed multicellular organisms of many kinds. Humans are like those single cells now – individuals trying ways to function as multicellular organs, systems, bodies… all of which are organisms…. within the vaster organism of humanity itself. Humanity as a whole is already “one”, but many of those involved in this experiment still have singular purposes that need to be served… before humanity will be able to speak, consciously, with one voice.

    Some communities already exist where people feel they belong, spontaneously share resources, are pleased and proud to care for each other and for the place they live. Such communities are of one mind, in the sense that they focus on their common values, their common humanity, while celebrating their diversity as a source of new experience, enjoyment and vitality for all. Ultimately, all human beings may choose to live like that. But first they will have to agree on an alignment that gives priority to peace and conciliation. This may happen when an entire generation remembers all that they are and recognizes humanity as one organism, one collective consciousness, in all of its apparent multiplicity of form.

    This, too, is “ascension”: awakening to wider, larger, higher points of view. We see the potential of all human beings joined in shared celebration of the fact that they are all the same and all different – one creative eternal being expressing and experiencing a multitude of forms.

    If you look around at your world now, however, you will probably think of this potential as a work in progress.

    What next?

    If you are a chooser of focus for expression and awareness, what will you choose to focus on next? If your attention can cause anything to grow and bloom, what will you select to tend and nourish now within your sphere?

    As a unique individual expression of this universe, you are the only one who can answer that question. In our view, the best way to do so is to follow your own guidance, however it expresses itself, whether (seemingly) from inside or outside. Intuitions, instincts, gut feelings, synchronicities… you can pay attention to whatever leads you in directions that feel right and good to you.

    We will be looking at this in other transmissions. If you agree, we may also offer our point of view on the things that most human beings believe they want more of in their lives: love, health, creative self-expression, freedom, peace of mind, clarity and wisdom, in a (seemingly) never-ending quest full of paradoxes.


    There is a conundrum woven into the fabric of your life.

    You are a creator. To create, you choose. You select your expression and experience from all the potentials of creation. Can you choose if you have no preferences? And if you have preferences, can you hold them and nevertheless love everyone and everything as it is, without any conditions? Unconditional love implies compassionate, divine neutrality. Neutrality does not choose. To be totally allowing is to disappear from the world of form.

    The all-pervading, infinite potential of being – Spirit, God/Goddess, All that Is, the One – comes into its Many forms in our universe through all our choices. If you ever stop making choices, you will no longer be focused on any one part of creation. You will then truly be “home” again, and your experience will be of everything at once. But no one will experience you. Or only in mystic moments as somehow, mysteriously, the same as their own deepest sense of being. For you will have joined the essence of All that Is.

    Not ready to do that yet? No problem. We’ve got all the time in the universe.

    To resolve a major cause of suffering among humans, however, it would make sense to recognize that you are creators by nature, choosers by nature, conditional by nature. Parents do the best they can for their children; partners give each other as much as possible; and that horrible person who treated you so badly served a purpose in your evolution. Your primary objective in this universe is to create, sustain and evolve what you are, not to live happily ever after with any particular person.

    If you want someone to love you in a specific way, we suggest that you BE that someone. Decide what you want and give it to yourself. It is likely that all the people in your life are (just like you) trying to get what they think they need from others, and (just like you) they often fail and fear that they will not get what they need. Instead, give yourself love, approval, admiration, appreciation and support. When you fulfil your own needs – when you take very good care of yourself and no longer seek anything specific from other people – you can connect with everyone at a “higher”, intuitive level. Then you naturally sense and serve what is best for everyone and bring out the best in others, as well. Do not pay attention to those who will call you “selfish”, for usually these are the people who are not taking good care of themselves and may want something from you. Tell them that God is everywhere, not only in others, but also in self. True balance means BOTH service to self AND service to others, in equal measure, according to perceived need.

    If you do not give unconditional love to yourself, you will forever seek it elsewhere, among other humans, where it cannot be found… or you will give up on other humans and buy yourself a dog, who will appear to love you that way (but you will probably not find that satisfying in the long run). Ergo: be kind to yourself, gentle and loving. Be unto yourself as you wish others to be onto you.

    Realize that there is only one of you, and you have the DNA and fingerprints to prove it. So does every other human being: each of you is unique, each of you is special, each of you is a “star” and equally so: an incomparable culmination of choices that have taken you on an amazing journey of discovery, growth and evolution.

    If you are not satisfied with something in your life, it would be useful to think of it as the result of past choices and therefore already in your past. The time lag inherent in creation on earth allows choices to be sustained and thoroughly reviewed before you choose again. Note how some of your choices – made for good reasons – create unexpected results, and consider unpleasant outcomes as a revelation of what you will choose to change next.

    To approach and resemble your true divine spirit, it is important to love your self unconditionally, as the center of a unique sphere of creation. There is only one “significant other” who always loves you that way (always has, always will): the One that we all are, together. The One God, Spirit, Being allows and enables us to be whatever we choose to be… because the One that we all are expresses and experiences ITSELF AS US… in all our marvelous multiplicity, complexity and seeming chaos.


    It seems difficult for many people to understand and accept that they are choosing the way their life expresses itself, every moment of every day.

    It’s one thing to say, “Please notice that you are not your thoughts, your emotions, your perceptions… because when they are gone, you are still here.” Whether or not they meditate, most people can connect to the “watcher self” within. They can even get their head around the idea that they are constantly choosing what they pay attention to… and that what they focus on, moment by moment, is what becomes their experience. You interpret a passing thought while remaining alert to the sounds of people and cars, scanning the sidewalk in front of you as you walk, check out a traffic light, notice an unpleasant smell – tuning into the emissions of color, sound, rhythm and movement, all that you can sense inside and outside your self. So you function as a receiving station, yes?

    But you operate as a broadcast station, too. You generate emissions constantly, even when perfectly still.

    Energy radiates. As heat, as light, in any form in this universe, energy radiates outwards from its source. Even as YOU, energy retains its basic nature and radiates. It beams out the pattern that the chooser of each form is selecting in that NOW moment, and continually broadcasts this pattern to the rest of the universe. Every being expresses who it is all the time, radiating its signature pattern outwards from its center in all directions.

    You emit a complex tonal pattern throughout the range of frequencies corresponding to all your “previous” choices, 24 hours a day. When you sense the silent presence of someone behind you and know who it is without consciously seeing, hearing or smelling anything, you have interpreted a familiar pattern. You do not need physical senses to tune in to emissions. But when you do see with eyes, hear with ears, or smell with a nose, you are using each of these senses as a tuner. Tuners have evolved in each species to perceive within a selected range of frequencies. Dogs perceive a wider range of the bandwidth corresponding to smell than you do, and bats are equipped to perceive sounds in a range that human ears cannot hear. You do not see light emissions above or below the range that corresponds to the colors of the rainbow, even if scientists measure and depict how infrared or ultraviolet might appear to someone who could see them.

    Notice that when you close your eyes, you still see. You visualize, more or less clearly, whenever you remember a scene or enjoy a fantasy. Some people have visions while meditating or in prayer, others as they recall their dreams. Very few can keep their eyes open and yet entirely “replace” what they see around them with a scene from another time or location. Nor would you want to, as it takes phenomenal control of this ability to avoid causing chaos in your daily life. But nearly all humans are capable of visualizing clearly with their eyes closed.

    The same is true of hearing. Some people are highly auditory and will tell you that they hear music inside their head… although few will admit to hearing voices! Those who do often imagine that they are “talking to themselves”. But the range that you hear with your ears constitutes a tiny segment of the bandwidth that sound travels on, obviously, or you could tune into radio broadcasts without a radio and listen to what a friend has to say without using the phone.

    Entering a human lifetime sets your parameters. You can remain within this pre-set range and simply enjoy the intensity of perception on earth. But you can also experiment with perception in other ranges. In fact, you already perceive in other ranges. You just don’t see it that way. Many people are now comfortable with the idea that you all have what is commonly called a sixth sense, variously known as intuition, gut feelings or hunches. Perceptions in this range give you a vague sense of knowing without knowing how you know.

    But what do you think is happening when you have a passing thought? Most people believe that their brain is generating thoughts in words that only they can “hear”, or perhaps in images that only they can “see”. They prefer it that way, too. Given the choice of freely sharing all their thoughts, fantasies and dreams, most people would refuse. Humans have privacy issues.

    From our point of view, thinking is a “sense”, similar to sight and hearing. You pick up thoughts emitted by others, but you think they are your own. Your sense of thought selects from all the ideas in the thought streams flowing through your sphere, which it perceives as coded patterns. These patterns are interpreted as they pass through the filter of your mind, guaranteeing that you will perceive them in a language you understand – linguistic, visual, mathematical, symbolic, musical, kinesthetic, or a combination of the above. You emit thoughts, as well, but you do so in continual interaction with the thoughts emitted by others. Most of you are not aware of the ongoing exchange that one of your selves (another part of you) is conducting within the range of frequencies where thought forms flow. You only perceive the result.

    Your emotions are not all yours, either. When you feel angry or sad, you are sensing an emotion, but did you emit or receive it? Energy takes the form of emotion within a specific range of frequencies, and you are able both to emit and to receive emotions within that range. Thoughts, beliefs, memories, perceptions and (mis)understandings can trigger emotions that remain blocked within your sphere because you refused to feel them before. But you can also sense an emotion being felt by or held within the sphere of someone you know, a stranger passing by, or people who watched the news that day. Whether or not you are aware of this, your sense of emotion selects, interprets and allows you to feel these patterns. Fear, hate and anger transmit in the lower (slower) end of this range of frequencies; mid-range patterns include frustration or boredom, and the high (rapid) end contains emotions such as enthusiasm, ecstasy and bliss.

    Your senses of thought and emotion select and interpret for you, according to your unique signature pattern, based on any positive or negative “charge” on similar patterns within your sphere. If your true inner attitude towards any thought or emotion is compassionately, divinely neutral – unconditionally allowing – that thought or emotion will pass through you without any effect whatsoever.

    Most of you have not yet chosen to remember this about yourselves. If you did, everyone would always know what everyone else was thinking and feeling. You would no longer hide or repress emotions or ideas. So you could not please others, obtain approval or conform in situations that you find unacceptable. You could not numb yourselves to avoid unpleasant conflict, and there would be no mysterious inner drives pushing you to do things that your parents, family, friends or church say you should not do. You would no longer be split.

    Human beings use different words to talk about realms that they do not (or only dimly) perceive. Psychologists talk about the subconscious and unconscious or the personal and collective unconscious; religions posit heavens, hells and layers in between… all of which seem to be behind a “veil” that you cannot see through. From our point of view, in order to enter and function in physical form, you learned to focus awareness within a narrow range that restricts what you now define as real. Some of you are evolving to perceive within a wider range and to envisage a larger definition of reality. As always, you are the one who defines yours.

    Your subconscious and unconscious realms are inhabited by other beings, other “selves” or parts of you. Energy radiates through their signature patterns, as well, into a configuration of sound and rhythm, light and shape and color, in a different range of frequencies from yours. So they have no physical form in your current reality, and you will not perceive them unless you choose to entertain this possibility and allow your range to expand. Many people are choosing to try this now and see. Why not? It’s an adventure. You don’t need any special talents or qualifications. In this rather special era, it no longer requires many years of discipline, either. You do not have to study in any particular school, tradition or group, much less under any self-proclaimed master, guru or teacher. All it takes is openness, patience and willingness to be led by your own inner guidance and discernment.

    Maybe you have already reconnected with more of you are? In this transmission, we are looking at you as a creator of expression, one unique expression. Every human being, every animal, every plant, every snowflake is unique, unlike any other. And yet, together, we are all One because we are all choosing among the same set of potentials. The complete set of potentials exists everywhere, all at once, inside you and outside you, inside and outside everyone and everything in every moment. Each tiny segment of the whole contains all the potentials of the whole… while expressing one, unique, evolving synthesis in form, in the choice of crystalline blueprints that are currently activated and manifested within each sphere.

    Let’s see how we all do this.


    Creation starts with imagining. The desire and ability to imagine is the factor in the equation that we would name to initiate, in its meaning of to launch. This constitutes one third of your creative power. The other two thirds are to sustain and to evolve. Those of you who have studied astrology will recognize that these factors correspond to the modes known as cardinal, fixed and mutable within the cycles of creation in your solar system.

    Imagination initiates form within a range of frequency to which humans have conscious access. All forms in this universe are first created as imagined thought forms, and many go no further. If you were to leave your body and focus awareness entirely within the realm of imagination, anything you thought up would manifest instantly – you would experience it as “real” – but as soon as you stopped thinking about it, it would dissolve back into potential. Only those imaginings that are sustained as thought forms and repeatedly activated, within an individual or collective sphere, “descend” from the realm of dreams and fantasies into lower (slower) ranges of frequency. All realities are interpenetrating, but some are much more sustained than others.

    Your night dreams seem real because, when your body sleeps, you temporarily aim your focus into the range of frequencies where dreams take form. Most of you forget them very quickly because you re-focus so quickly and intensely into the physical range of frequency when you wake up. Fully awake, you are focused within the range of matter, where manifesting and dissolving take much more time because all forms are “slowed down” and sustained. Ergo: the second factor in creating on earth is to sustain the products of the imagination strongly enough, consistently enough and long enough for them to find a way to filter down and take physical form.

    Any thought that merely passes through your mind will create nothing in your sphere. Only a sustained thought creates. That is why some people say that you create with your beliefs. What is a belief if not a thought that you have invested so thoroughly, you are sustaining it all the time? Your focus fixes ideas that you consider absolutely true: concepts you learned and never questioned. These beliefs become permanent fixtures in the subconscious realms of your mind, continuously attracting means and methods for crystallization into form. The more absolute the belief, the harder it will be for you to realize that it is only an idea, which you could now choose to evolve.

    Divine neutrality and perfect balance do not create sustained forms. Imbalance created everything that you see around you. Positive or negative charge fixes and thus sustains for a while anything that can be imagined, through the catalyst that you call emotion. As you know, emotion (energy in motion) is fluid in nature. The association of emotion and water in mythology and symbolism suggests that human beings sensed long ago where emotion lives. Life on earth is based in water. Those who live on dry(er) land carry the ocean around inside them. Human bodies are mostly water. It may thus seem natural that emotional charge, acting as a catalyst to bring creation into material form on earth, is carried in water. The charge fixes the pattern of any thought present at that moment.

    If you let an emotion flow through you, it will crystallize nothing. But if you hold, stoke, resist, fight, or sustain it in any other way, the charge will set a pattern within you. This happens in exactly the same way whether the emotion is, in your opinion, positive or negative. When a sustained thought – belief, expectation, judgment, intent, ambition, obsession – triggers or accompanies an emotion, the emotional charge sets the corresponding crystalline pattern into all the water within your sphere: in your physical body and around it, as water evaporates from you into the air all the time. Any pattern repeatedly set in this way will remain inside your body and act like a template, expressing its blueprint as part of yours.

    Any form, any pattern, whether you see it in yourself or in others, at home, at work, or in the news… if you can see it at all, it was charged within someone’s sphere persistently enough to descend into matter. If it is there now, it is still being re-charged or it has not yet had enough time to dissolve. If you notice it, it has importance for you. Anything that has no meaning for you and causes not the slightest emotional reaction has no reality within your sphere… so you don’t notice it at all.

    You can learn much about the splendid crystalline world of water and its templates in the photographs that many of you have seen, published by the Japanese researcher [Masaru Emoto]. Further research will show you more, in years to come, about the catalyst of creation in material form.

    Here we will simply repeat an essential point: in the realm of matter, there is nothing wrong with a negative charge. On the contrary. Two opposite poles allow creation in material form to begin. Negative and positive are created together, at once, and exist only in relation to each other. If one ceased to exist, so would the other. The agents of creation get to work, no matter which way an imbalance tips the scales.

    The same is true of light and darkness. Vanquishing the dark would make it impossible to see the light. As without, so within: metaphorical light and darkness reflect their material counterparts. God is always on everyone’s side, as the essence of creation remains eternally neutral. So, in our view, your spiritual purpose cannot be to conquer darkness or even to send light to everything that you despise. Duality is such a perfect playground for those who wish to create within its potentials (and is therefore being sustained by so many beings) that you could not destroy it, no matter how hard you tried. And why would you want to? You are evolving, not to destroy duality, but to transcend it. Transcend means “rise above or go beyond the limits of”, and you do this by getting some distance and enlarging your point of view.

    Evil cannot be vanquished. It is a form of imbalance that will never cease to exist as a potential. That is what free choice means. There would be no freedom if someone could forever lock up the “dark forces” and prevent all beings from ever choosing that expression again. But you go beyond evil when you remember and recognize that you are (always have been, always will be) free to choose how you express and experience creation… and so is everyone else.

    You do not have to understand the choices made by those who express a different synthesis from the same vast set of potentials that we all have within our spheres. You can honor and respect any choice made by any being. Life on earth proceeds according to agreements, some of which exist in realms that are currently outside the range of your daytime consciousness. Many of these agreements allow those who have made apparently divergent choices to create together within one system. You are still choosing, for good reasons, not to access the agreements of others, so you cannot understand their choices easily, if at all. It is often difficult enough to understand your own.

    Remembering and celebrating our divine, eternal free choice enables us all to dissolve our attachment to vanquishing the “dark side”. This is how we discharge evil from our spheres. First, we situate it in our past and see it as a tool that has allowed us to experiment with a wide range of intense experiences. Intense, fixed, sustained experiences make clear, to each of us, what we wish to create next.

    In our view, advanced societies enshrine ethical duality – the battle between good and evil – in mythology, epics and other works of art. Members of these societies depict the potentials of drama, horror and barbarity, but they see these as errors of their own past that no one would ever choose again. They, too, would bring Star Wars or Lord of the Rings to the screen, to experience the great clash as a story in a time that will never return to their sphere. When humans all over this earth finally transcend duality, they will no longer choose to experience battle in any other form.


    Quick summary: creation does not care whether an idea, a dream or a fantasy is persistently charged with positive or with negative emotion, as either one will draw thought into material form. The net balance, like a set of scales, gives the otherwise neutral field of our universe the means to decide what to bring into material existence. If you want something very much, your positive desire charges that imagining, but if someone else who is even vaguely connected to the same potential is creating a negative charge around it, this counterbalancing effect may slow down manifestation. Contradictory desires or beliefs (held by one or more beings) balance each other out, making it impossible for the field to respond.

    Imbalance manifests. Balance restores to potential. So the fact that you are now in physical form means that you are definitely imbalanced. Fascinatingly imbalanced, intensely enough to be creating a life in material form.

    Any judgment, preference or condition that you require for your own serenity and joy will appear in your life, but not necessarily in the form that you were consciously expecting. It may even manifest in a form that you will not recognize or appreciate at all. For example, as some people now know, any desire that you clearly imagine as situated in your future will forever remain that way: in your future. And anything that you definitely do NOT want, anything you worry about, can’t stand or yearn to get rid of, anything you feel is wrong with the world and has to change… all these conditions that you continue to focus on… will remain in your life, as well.

    Desiring something that is NOT here now or refusing something that IS here now: both are forms of resistance. You have surely heard the expression: “What you resist, persists.” Resistance creates friction, slowing down your rate of frequency, increasing your density, and solidifying whatever you are holding within your sphere. As below, so above: objects in motion slow down when they produce friction or turbulence and thus resist passage through air, water, or whatever they happen to be in at the time. Friction, resistance, turbulence: do you feel the tension in those words? It takes a certain rigidity of focus to be a creator in the world of form.

    The more inflexible and obsessive your judgments and preferences, the more powerful the charge. Your senses use your signature pattern to select from all potentials. So you project the patterns that you hold within your sphere – out into the world around you – and see them there. Others mirror them back at you. You perceive in everything, everywhere, the reflection of your own fixed patterns.

    To use another metaphor: the earth, as you know, has an electromagnetic field. So do you. You are made of the same elements as earth, and you act like a magnet. You attract into your perception and experience whatever is “charged” for you. The universe is teeming with potentials for you to perceive – plants, animals, minerals, thoughts, feelings, intuitions, sensations – but you only react, respond, retain or even notice the ones that are held within the liquid crystal emitter-receiver that you are, through a positive or negative charge that repeatedly fixes them within your sphere.

    You accomplish unconscious creation all the time, as your beliefs create your reality. Achieving creation in the physical world consciously is another matter… another work in progress for some of you at this time. Books and courses abound on the subject, and your inner guidance may lead you to one that will serve your evolution. If you are reading this, however, you may be trying to create greater balance in your life, practicing more “unconditionality” and moving in the direction of divine neutrality. If that is true, we may be able to offer some suggestions to assist you.

    First, it might be useful to appreciate the highly sustained, intense, “slow-moving” realm of creation that you are currently in, for the purposes it serves. It enables you to cancel what you have ordered up, every time you start to imagine something but then realize that you do NOT, after all, wish to have that thing in your life. Give up the thought, let the emotion flow away, and the imagined outcome will remain in the world of dreams… and nightmares: same world! Just as important, it allows you to undertake a thorough, careful review of the choices that you are maintaining within your current synthesis. On and as earth, you are fully able to enjoy (and perhaps release) the aspects that you find positive and to reconsider (and perhaps allow) the aspects that you find negative. So recognize that you are already now in the process of moving towards greater balance.

    Most human beings are not trying to find balance by “working through” or releasing all emotional reactions, the ones that feel positive as well as the ones that feel negative. Most of you wish to release only the negative. But those of you who swing between the two poles might consider graciously declining the highest highs, as this will tend to counterbalance and prevent the lowest lows.

    If you are plagued with a recurring negative emotion, there are many teachings that can be of assistance. Given what we have said thus far, it should not surprise you that we would echo those who recommend a shift in focus. You cannot counter a negative charge with blaming, complaining, brooding or lamenting, all of which will add more negative charge to your mix. Feel the emotion; respect it as a reflection of your truth – as whatever made you feel this way is unacceptable for you. Do not fight or repress that feeling, for any attempt to eliminate or resist it will only make it persist at a subconscious level, from which it is certain to rise again.

    Instead, as soon as you can, shift your focus. Look at something else, something that feels positive to you, right alongside it. Do not deny that your negative reaction is there, but allow something else to be there, as well. A cartoon, a funny movie, a walk in the park, anything you enjoy and can focus on for a moment will add a positive charge to that negative mass. This will begin to neutralize it. As you discharge your sphere, little by little, you natural well-being returns.

    The resolution to a series of movies that many of you enjoyed [the Matrix trilogy] symbolizes a canceling out of this nature. The positive anomaly (Neo) kept attracting the negative anomaly (Mr. Smith), but neither of them could ever win this battle. When Neo allowed Mr. Smith to attempt to take him over, positive became interpenetrated by negative: they merged, cancelled each other out, and both disappeared. Similarly, positive emotional charge can merge with anything negative in you, neutralize it, and restore natural balance.

    Turning your attention to something you appreciate will not dissolve the situation that you find unacceptable, but experiencing its opposite will give you some detachment and allow you to see that you have options. You are never trapped in any pattern, no matter how powerfully unconscious it may seem. You are always free to choose differently this time. You can let the emotion move along with you, in a new direction. If you cannot take relevant action in the physical realm, choose a different expression. Some people take emotion into the mental realm, using it to creating understanding and meaning, which add a positive charge to their sphere. (For others, however, analysis only takes them around the same negative spirals.) Some are able to channel emotion into creative self-expression, adding the positive charge of transformative artistry, while others can take it into the realm of the imagination, using visualized positive potentials to counterbalance negativity.

    Recognizing that something is still charged for you but that you can begin to discharge it by adding a small dose of its seeming opposite: this is the beginning of the end of duality. And often the homeopathic principle applies, as you have to trigger and allow the negative charge to be there, provoking yourself to respond with a positive charge and thus to counterbalance it. Even when something recurs and you thereby discover that it still carries a charge within your sphere, you can appreciate this as truth, classify it as an old pattern coming up for release, and see whether it might not be possible to choose differently this time.

    In every situation of any kind, you choose how you respond. No matter what else is going on, how you feel depends on what you are paying attention to NOW. And that is up to you. You can always choose to transcend any situation, to “rise above or get beyond”, by shifting your focus to something else – anything at all – that makes you feel higher (rise above) or further along your path (get beyond). This, too, is ascension.

    Practicing transcendence will make you see that your serenity and your joyousness are totally independent of situations and outcomes. Soon you will find yourself taking one more step… into the crystal clear center of who you are. This is not a place, even if it is named by various teachings as the sacred chamber of your heart or the stillness at the core of your being. When you have reached that point, you will have no further need for any practices at all, as consistently returning to your still center automatically shifts your focus – no matter what else is also there with you – to serenity and JOY.

    Then all is perfection, always.

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    The singular and multiple nature of who you are, the roles that all your selves are playing, the way you situate your conscious self in space and time on earth: put these together and they can add depth to your view of a human lifetime, rounding out the concept that goes by the name “reincarnation”.

    Many people who hold this belief talk about your “previous lives” as if the person in them was you, the same you as the one who is here now. This is both true and not true, depending on your point of view. You are a “we” made up of many selves. Your conscious self is focused in this lifetime. Your other selves are carrying out the functions they have chosen… because they enjoy one most, do one best, or feel like trying one now. No separation exists between these parts of you – only a semi-permeable membrane that some people call the veil, which has been hiding the others from your conscious self.

    As we have said before, your soul self and your spiritual self are also One and Many, both individual and collective. Souls come in groups, families, clans, tribes and communities. Every time the multiplicity of your soul “incarnates”, all of your soul selves express and experience aspects of that lifetime and the lifetimes of others with whom you enter into relationship. When a lifetime is over, you all come back together on the other side of the veil and share all these points of view. The merging of experience creates a new synthesis, a new “seed”, the essence of who you are at that point. You then all choose where and when (or whether) to plant that seed again, now. The choice involves creating a sense of how your new synthesis might unfold in a way that would be interesting, enjoyable, useful – a way that would serve the evolution of all that you are. As your group soul imagines a new way to unfold, if you are drawn to the idea of investing another human lifetime, you begin to attract potentials corresponding to the best lifetime for all of you.

    If a potential lifetime aligns with the signature pattern of your new synthesis, one of your selves focuses awareness to anchor the daytime consciousness of the human being, while others take on the expression and experience of subconscious or unconscious selves. During the lifetime, as choices are made, potential scenarios align and manifest… or dissolve. Given the split in human awareness, your conscious self seems to be the one making decisions… but is accompanied, influenced, guided, driven, frustrated or even sabotaged by your other selves, according to what is perceived as best for the evolution of the group soul. No matter what actually ends up happening in what you call reality, every lifetime offers innumerable moments of choice. Each of these moments reveals aspects of who you are now, confronts you with the result of all your previous choices and allows you to choose again.

    Families of souls tend to incarnate as families on earth from one generation to the next, so choices often involve incarnational cycles of related lifetimes. Observing, sensing, working as soul-level architects for generations currently on earth, your many selves imagine a host of alternate scenarios with roles that each part of you may choose to take. Some of them then act as transposers, calibrators and modulators to bring the chosen soul-level blueprints into form. Outside daytime consciousness, you can preview likely sets of potentials and sense how they might serve whatever you all feel drawn to expressing and experiencing. Your many selves are doing this all the time. The dance continues not only in between but also throughout lifetimes in physical form, as if you were all in a great ballroom but only some of those dancing were visible.

    Your daytime conscious self is focused inside a lifetime that you think of as yours. So a scene you experience in dreams, flashes or visions that seem to belong to another lifetime, or an affinity you feel to a place or time where you sense you lived a “previous life”, reveals something that has a positive or negative charge for your soul group, family, community… for at least one of your many selves. An emotionally charged event in that lifetime is perfectly “in tune” with a segment of your signature pattern, and this establishes a potential link between you and it now. When you are inside space/time, it seems to belong to your own past or that of your ancestors. When you are outside space/time, you see it as an emotionally charged element that all your selves have access to because it feels “unfinished” to you.

    This helps to explain many puzzling things, for example:

    1. In what is called past life therapy, people experience “flashbacks” that often lead to an intense moment containing a powerful, locked-up emotion… that could not be accepted, allowed to flow and thus to dissolve during that lifetime. Throughout every lifetime, including the one you are in now, you allow some events to be as they are and feel some emotions without resisting or refusing them. But other emotions get blocked. When you do not give an emotion an outlet and allow it to flow through you, its charge fixes the related experience within the sphere of your group soul. Many people “regress”, in this form of therapy, to moments in other lifetimes where the human being they identify with is dying, being tortured, realizing that they have been betrayed, that they have done something that feels terribly wrong, have wasted their life on an illusion or… anything experienced as impossible to accept.

    2. In therapy and also in life, breakthroughs that truly cure mental (and sometimes also physical) illness happen NOT when people intellectually analyze their problems, but when they “re-live” a key experience and feel the emotion locked up within it. This can happen less consciously, as well, if a new experience triggers an emotion that you have not been ready, willing or able to feel before. As you feel the emotion – whether or not you express it – it flows through your sphere, and the charge it held dissolves for you… but only to the extent that you allow. If you resist, a part of it remains a part of who you are… and will inevitably draw triggers to you again.

    3. Some scoff at the fact that so many people claim to have been someone famous in a “previous life”. But, outside time, we can access any lifetime that will serve our evolution. Famous lifetimes are the subject of discussion, writing, films and fantasy, so they are “re-charged” all the time. As people open to the idea that they may also have existed elsewhere and allow perceptions to enter their experience, they attract relevant scenes into their awareness. The first ones to come through are often those that hold the strongest emotional charge. If it serves your evolution, you may well experience a moment in one of history’s highly charged lifetimes, a moment containing a locked-up emotion of significance to you. And thus you may believe that you “were” Cleopatra or Alexander the Great.

    4. The traditional concept of reincarnation makes it hard for some to understand how there could be so many more humans on earth now than at other known times of human history. Moreover, some dislike the idea that we have all been incarnated as other life forms, as well. The current cycle is highly accelerated in this era, so most of the group souls involved in the earth experiment spend less time than before focused “between lifetimes”. For every conscious self, the number of perceivable subconscious selves is highly variable. Outside space/time, we are all connected and compose one divine network, where many can be linked to few or few to many. It is only inside the system of creation on earth that each of you has chosen to be one human being at a time.

    That is what you are doing here. This lifetime is the current culmination of all your choices: your essence, your “seed”, unfolding as this particular “tree” of life. It is an integral part of what we are all doing in this universe: creating, sustaining and evolving who we are, by selecting among all the potentials of creation.

    You define reality within your sphere

    As you may recall, in a previous transmission we said that the primary creative act in our universe is to define a sphere. Creating your self in this way, you start by sensing your presence as a central point, and then as the outside and inside surface of your new playground. You immediately have a friend to play with, too. Once you have moved from the center to anywhere else, there are two of you: one holding the center and another moving around. With both there at once, you can move your sphere through the space that you have defined as outside it, or you can move around inside it and discover all the amazing shapes that naturally arise from repeated movements within a sphere. Or you can do both at once.

    You are, in fact, doing both all the time. Persistently repeating quantum, atomic and molecular patterns within a sphere sustain the shape of a physical form – like the one you are in now – and parts of you are doing this continually. And you shift your entire group soul’s sphere, right along with your physical body (currently at its center) every time you move. Moreover, you shift its perceived inner and outer limits whenever you expand or contract your focus. For example, you contract your sphere when you give in to obsessive regret or recrimination about “the past”, or to self-limiting worry, anxiety or fear about “the future”. You expand it whenever you engage in imagination, rise to a challenge, allow yourself to do or say something that “isn’t like you”, carefully observe something you never noticed before, or evolve in any other way.

    At the beginning of this wave of creation, before you started making choices, your sphere seemed empty. In truth, it was (is, always will be) full. Full of all the potentials of creation because they are present everywhere at once. Remember: in a holograph, every tiny segment contains the full potential of the whole.

    One of your selves holds the center of who you are now. Your other soul-selves move around to scan potentials and consider whether it might be enjoyable and/or useful to try this one now, or maybe that one. From the realm of imagination, they send alternatives inwards, towards the center of who you are. The self who is holding the center gets to choose. In your slowed-down physical world, the one at the center has plenty of time to make up his or her mind. This is your daytime conscious self, the one you think of as you, who experiences scenarios in dreams, fantasies, unexpected thoughts, impulses, intuitions, etc. Any scenario that you do not love enough to welcome and do not hate enough to resist will dissolve, out in the realm of imagination, before it can precipitate into form and enter what you think of as your real life.

    Anything you do welcome or resist begins to attract the forces of creation. You will start to see signs of it around you. It may not seem like a part of your life at this point, but it already is, as you only notice things that already have meaning and purpose for you.

    The more intensely focused you are on any one thing, the less you will notice anything else… especially anything unfamiliar. Magicians intensify and distract your focus to entertain you; pickpockets do it to steal your wallet. In a documentary that you may have seen [shown on BBC TV], the narrator does it as he moves from one scene to the next, before telling you about a recent experiment conducted by a research team. This team gathered a roomful of people, told them that they were going to watch a film and gave them a task that required concentration. The narrator invites you to play along as you watch the experiment, sitting in front of your TV.

    Following the instructions, you try to count the number of times yellow balls are passed back and forth, as a large number of actors crisscross, toss balls of different colors and do other things, besides. The film ends. The head researcher asks the roomful of people in the experiment for the answer. They don’t agree (which is reassuring, as you weren’t so sure, either!). Then he says that there was something unusual in the film. He instructs the participants not to say what this was but to raise their hands if they saw it. Only two hands go up. He asks them what they saw. They both reply: “A gorilla.” The others laugh and are incredulous, so he shows the film again. And this time – knowing that there may be a gorilla and watching out for it – everyone smiles as they see a man in a gorilla suit saunter through the crowd of crisscrossing actors and stop to beat his chest before plodding off in another direction.

    To prove the point further, the narrator replays half a dozen scenes that you saw earlier in the documentary. You easily recall these, as they all present striking landscapes or recognizable city scenes. Only now you see that a gorilla was lurking in the background, here, there and everywhere. But you never saw it. Your expectations do not include a gorilla leaning against a lamppost in London or tucked under a tree by some lovely country road. In exactly the same way, nearly all the time, you are focused on and interpreting the familiar in your everyday life, and you only see and hear what you expect. All your expectations are beliefs (fixed, repeating thoughts) that make each day much like the one before, enabling you to function in the physical world… as well as in groups, families, communities, societies – worlds created by human beings.

    Which brings up an interesting question: what do you expect, when you enter a human lifetime? Newborn babies do not seem to expect themselves to be separate beings. Children have to learn the difference between “I”, “we”, “you” and “they”, one of the countless distinctions that people make in consensus reality. Adults tend to be very sure about most of the distinctions that they believe in, so it is hard for the average child to resist. But some children have always focused in a different range and structured perception in a different way, making it difficult for them to communicate and function “normally” in family and society.

    Who can say what is worth including in your world? What do you consider real, significant, true? This varies enormously from one family, culture and generation to another. Once you clearly see that truth, you can reclaim your freedom to choose what is real, important and true – for YOU.

    We mentioned earlier that persistently repeating quantum, atomic and molecular patterns sustain your physical form. Persistently repeating emotional and mental patterns sustain the “shapes” and “colors” in these spheres, as well. Through them, our universe creates the expression and experience of your life.

    Everything that carries an emotional charge within your sphere, conscious or not, emits a persistent call, broadcasting to the universe that this, too, is a part of who you are. Anyone emitting a complementary pattern will sense harmony and be attracted to yours. And you will tend to find theirs irresistible as well, no matter whether the attraction feels positive or negative.

    That is what is meant by “resonance”. If two musical instruments are in tune, they trigger each other. Pluck a string on one violin, and the sound you hear is a wave emitted and expanding in all directions. When the wave reaches the string that matches its frequency on another violin, that second string will start to vibrate and produce the same sound. This phenomenon also explains a recurring scene in some comical movies, where a soprano hits a high note that shatters a glass. If a sound matches the frequency at which glass molecules vibrate, the molecules will respond, so if the glass is very thin….

    The energy that radiates through your signature pattern, as you, emits not only the codes that correspond to your shape and colors but also to your current tone, a pattern of sound. These tones are outside your physical range of hearing, so your conscious self cannot be aware of them. But your unconscious selves hear your music and everyone (and everything) else’s, as well. They sense when the approach of someone or something creates resonance as it enters your sphere and sets your “strings” vibrating, whether or not that resonance will seem harmonious to you when you enter into relationship. The same is true, incidentally, of your sense of smell. All the perceptions out of range for your conscious self, but perceived by your selves, combine to inspire the vague felt senses known as intuition, instinct, impulse…. Even when you pay no attention to these senses, they continue to drive you from within and create the events in your life.

    Great but not a Chain

    There is a concept of creation, which some of you have come across, known as the Great Chain of Being. Long before some humans started calling themselves scientists and discovering the structures of form in this universe using scientific methods, others calling themselves philosophers spent enormous time and effort on the same quest. Just like the scientists, they never reached a consensus about the true nature of reality, experience and knowledge. So there are many versions of the Great Chain of Being, as hundreds of authors have divided, sub-divided and given different names to planes of existence. Such models propose anywhere from two or three to 36, 49 or even more levels of reality.

    We find it useful when experts do not agree, because discovering multiple points of view frees you to choose your own. But it also seems to cause confusion in people who do not feel that they are ready or able to access their own inner wisdom.

    Let us take one of these structures, a simple one. (For our purposes, any one will do.) Imagine five spheres of graduated sizes, nested inside each other like Russian dolls. Unlike Russian dolls, however, you can’t take the inner ones out. As long as all the spheres are there, they remain inside one another. You can see through all but the smallest one at the center. They have no clear boundaries, as each sphere overlaps and fades into the next one down. Each bigger sphere contains everything that is inside the smaller ones lying within it, but also adds something new at a higher, wider level.

    If you have trouble imagining this, think of the sun as a first sphere: level one. The sun is a sphere within a sphere, as it is completely surrounded by its solar system, which includes the sun but also adds more to it: level two. Its solar system exists within a galaxy, which includes the solar system (and its sun) but also adds more to it: level three. And so on.

    When thinking about our universe – or when philosophers talk about the Great Chain of Being – you tend to see it as something very large, of which you are a tiny part. But… as without, so within: if you are inside it, it is also inside you. You ARE the Great Chain, in miniature: a model of this universe.

    In our five-sphere structure, matter is the first sphere of existence. It is also the most solid one, the one you can’t see through, at the center of all the nested spheres. As earth, rock, metal or base elements, matter is considered inanimate, which means that scientists think it is not alive. In our view, awareness focused at this level creates the highly complex intelligence of atomic and molecular existence. There are beings who structure the first sphere of existence, and it makes no difference to them what names we choose to give them: forces and laws of nature… or elementals, devas, nature spirits, gods….

    No clear boundary separates the first level from the second, which interpenetrates and contains it. Everything that scientists define as alive is made of matter, and the second sphere is what most of you call “life”. As you probably know, biological life on earth is carried in water. It is both sustained and evolved through the agency of positive and negative emotional charge, in and as liquid. Physical bodies, made of matter, are charged with this kind of life in their fluid emotional spheres. All your cells are animated matter. Emotional charge fixes many patterns within the fluids of your body. But its sphere extends beyond your physical body, as well. Emotions flow not only through all your cells, which are largely made of water, but also in and out (of you and all others) through the vapor in the air around you.

    The third sphere is mind. Thoughts are carried in air. Your physical body hardly senses them at all. The contents of your mental sphere move very fast, as thoughts flash through seemingly empty space both around you and within you (there is a great deal of space between your constituent parts). Your mental selves interpret the ongoing information exchange, and you sense the result as inner speech, imagery, or sometimes as remembered smells, tastes, touches. Your mental sphere interpenetrates and encompasses your physical and emotional spheres but extends beyond them, at varying distances into the air around you.

    So our structure in this universe may be Great, but it is not a Chain. All human beings, (in fact, all beings in form) are spheres within spheres within spheres. Your mental selves, your emotional selves and your physical selves, interacting in their spheres – it’s all YOU. The spheres simply get denser, more solid, as you move inwards towards the center of who you are now.

    The slowest-moving, most sustained part of you is your physical body. It may not be shaped like a sphere, but it’s useful to think of it that way: as the smallest, most densely packed part of you; the part that has crystallized into physical form, around and as the center of everything that you are choosing to be now. Your other spheres are not spherical, either, really. More fluid, they expand, contract and shape-shift constantly.

    As without, so within. Your physical body contains solids, liquids and gases. Your material (physical-earth), life (emotional-water) and mind (mental-air) spheres exist within you, in and as these elements. Each of your spheres is anchored at your center, so you carry them all around with you. Each larger sphere merely has an emission and reception zone that extends progressively farther out. Emotions can be transmitted and sensed a certain distance away, and thoughts can be emitted and picked up even further from the center of the physical body.

    In this simple model, your fourth and even larger sphere is the realm of soul. Your sub-conscious (and some of your currently unconscious) selves reside here, permeating all your other spheres but adding another level to them. No matter how you conceive of the parts of you that exist within this sphere, they are always moving through you and all around you at even greater distances than human thought. Your soul sphere exists “inside” space, invisibly enfolded within the space we all occupy. So your subconscious selves (guides, angels, partners) cannot be sensed directly. You perceive them through the results of their work as impulses, inner drives, intuitions… and in the thoughts they steer your way. What some people call your “Higher Self” is a group soul, a soul group – both one and many selves, all a part of who you are. It’s just that this part of you is focusing awareness within a much wider range of frequencies.

    As for the fifth sphere, what some people call Spirit: how far you choose to extend that sphere, outwards and inwards, is up to you. We prefer to use the word spiritual for the sphere that we all share: the one being(ness) that we all are, our One Self, who is everywhere at once. In this sense, your spiritual self is All That Is, which includes and transcends ALL smaller spheres in our universe.

    You are a multidimensional, multi-sensorial, multi-level being, capable of perception and interaction at all levels of existence. How much of your (and our) One Self you choose to include in your definition of yourself, and how many of your (and our) many selves you identify with… is entirely up to you.

    As we were discussing this simple model, you may have noted its parallels with traditional or ancient teachings, as follows:

    1. matter
    physical sphere
    2. life
    emotional sphere
    3. mind
    mental sphere
    4. soul
    causal sphere
    5. spirit
    God, creator, source
    ether, primordial substance

    Some traditions call all your spheres “bodies” and use the word “aura” to talk about some of the spheres that you cannot normally perceive with your physical senses. But it seems that newcomers to these teachings sometimes misunderstand the traditional representation of the “aura”. You have probably seen an image commonly used: it looks like a human body surrounded by rainbow layers of color. Without careful explanation, you might not realize that this image is NOT representing one layer on top of the next, but permeable spheres nested inside each other. Each sphere is anchored at the center of each being and permeates everything in all the smaller spheres within it.

    You define your terms

    Your individual-collective soul sphere extends into what some people call the causal plane. Interesting choice of words, as it implies that your soul-selves cause most or all of what happens in your life. Their element, fire, serves as an inner torch to light your way… perceived as the inner fire of inspiration, passion, excitement.

    Those who have studied the traditional teachings will probably have noticed that we prefer to avoid words used by human beings in very different ways. For example, for centuries the word ether referred to a rarified element believed to fill the upper regions of space and/or to the medium that transmits transverse or radio waves. Ethereal means intangible, unworldly, lacking material substance. But people have used the words ether and etheric to mean many different things. Similarly, the word astral refers primarily to stars. It can be confusing when some people use astral for a “body” at a level corresponding to your emotional sphere, while others say astral when referring to a much wider realm.

    Confusion tends to reign, as well, among multiple definitions of the words dimension and density. Some use these terms as synonyms; others do not. As many teachings have pointed out, it is difficult to talk about non-physical domains in words that originally evolved (and continue to be used) primarily to communicate about the physical world. When attempting to do so, it is useful to define the way you use your terms.

    Density seems to indicate how closely packed things are. At any level (particles, atoms, molecules, cells, humans, stars, galaxies…) individual constituent parts have more or less apparent space between them. Consider a metaphor often used in this context: the three states of water. When water cools down and freezes into ice or snow, its molecules bond into crystals that make them seem solid. The signature pattern of water does not change when the substance is frozen, but its pattern slows down and crystallizes because less energy is radiating within it. Apply heat, warm the ice, increase the energy water holds, and the bonds between its molecules break, transforming water into its liquid state. When molecules in substances tumble around each other and move faster, they feel fluid, and anything solid will swish through them. Apply even more heat, increase the energy further: the molecules move faster still and can jump into the transition zone where water and air overlap. As they do, water becomes vapor and seems to disappear. If its temperature is not maintained, however, it will steam up any surface as it shifts to being liquid again.

    So: as the frequency of a substance rises, more energy is contained within it. When water heats up enough to become vapor, you can’t see it anymore. It has become invisible to the sense organs of your physical body that operate within the solid and liquid ranges of frequency. It has become a part of the air, and you do not see forms (like gases) that express within that range. You can smell some of them, though, or sense them in other ways, as you do when you feel a breeze.

    Any substance will seem denser (more solid, heavier) when expressing its signature pattern more slowly (at a lower frequency) and less dense (more fluid, lighter) when expressing its pattern more quickly (at a higher frequency). As your scientists have discovered, it may not be measurably more or less dense – sometimes quite the contrary – but it will appear to be.

    This is also true of you.

    The most common use of the word dimension refers to size in space. Measure the distance from one point to another along a straight line, and you can define any shape. When you measure the sides of a box, for instance, you say that it has a certain length, height and width – the three dimensions of space.

    Some people call time the fourth dimension, but physicists disagree, as they mathematically measure three dimensions of time, as well. Others say that time is structured like a long strip of paper, twisted, with the edges then taped together [a Möbius strip], a good metaphor for its potential cycles, spirals and layers… but which also seems to imply more than one plane. Most human beings find such things too difficult to understand.

    For some of you, the fourth dimension (and beyond) is the realm of dreams and the “place” you go between lifetimes on earth, which may also be the home of guides, angels and all those who have “ascended”. But that realm is not a place at all. We would agree with those who say that it could more accurately be called an analogue. In a sense, it is the hidden half of what you are now… because what some of you call the veil is actually a twisting that generates space-time inversion. We will try to explain this as best we can.

    In your physical sphere – on your side of the veil – space is extended and time is enfolded. Your expressions manifest in the three dimensions of space, but your expressions within time remain hidden.

    In your soul sphere – on the other side of the same veil – the opposite is true: space is enfolded; time is extended. In that realm, you have access to all potential pasts and futures, but you cannot physically manifest any of them in a sustained manner within the dimensions of space… except by crossing over to where you are now.

    “Enfolded” means compressed within what you see as empty space. Not only in the space around you but also in the space within you. As you will recall, there is plenty of (seemingly) empty space between the nucleus and the electron haze in every atom, and everything on earth is made of atoms, including your body. As above, so below: just like you, every atom has a central sphere made of matter, with structures that you can see through a powerful microscope. And, just like you, every atom also has other spheres, other levels of being… participating in the processes of life, mind, soul and spirit… in structures that you cannot perceive.

    Compressing increases the speed at which energy radiates a signature pattern. The “movies” of all potential pasts and futures are projected at VERY high speed within your soul sphere, a speed that makes them imperceptible to your physical senses. These potential pasts and futures are forever looping, enfolded around you and within you, expressed in what for you is “inner space”. Their patterns transmit on specific bands of frequency, in much the same way as all the inaudible and invisible navigational signals, radio or TV programs and cell phone conversations flowing around and through you right now. Again, let us emphasize that there is a huge amount of inner space within and between the constituent parts of you, as much the outer space within and between galaxies. You perceive the forms expressed in your own range of frequencies, but the space you occupy is also inhabited by other beings, expressing in other ranges of frequency. They pass through you and through each other, like all those different broadcasts do.

    In a previous transmission, we mentioned the images [Magic Eye or Another Dimension] that suggest how different patterns can co-exist, but you only perceive one of them at a time. These computer-generated images use a system that enfolds one pattern of dots inside another. You gaze at the surface pattern for a while until your eyes go a little out of focus… and suddenly a different image emerges from within, like magic. The world around you is like that, too. Most of you have simply not yet chosen to shift the focus of your senses. When you begin to do so, you will also begin to see, hear, smell or otherwise sense the forms that manifest within the same space as you, enfolded in non-physical ranges of frequency. Some of you are already allowing this evolutionary process to unfold consciously, during your quiet time.

    The human mind has always perceived much more than most people imagine, endlessly more than anyone would ever want to retain. Subliminal advertising was banned after studies showed that many people felt a change in mood or acted on suggestions, when flash-frame images or words (that they could not consciously perceive) were inserted into films. Under hypnosis, many people remember scenes in far greater detail than they could consciously have perceived at the time. Not to mention those who have had what you call “near-death experiences” and who later describe details or conversations that they cannot have consciously seen or heard.

    Your focus is a highly selective filter. Daytime human consciousness holds a narrow and intensely concentrated point of view. Very useful, this has been, for eons, but much less so now. Has the time come for you to expand yours?


    O thers cannot enslave you, but you can be imprisoned by your own beliefs. If you believe you have no choice, you will indeed have none. You may choose a lifetime that will tend to attract persistent restrictive patterns, and you may take them on as part of your “education”. Humans are brought up by parents and in communities that restrict freedom for the sake of getting along, fitting in, being “realistic”, responsible, considerate, making others happy or proud. Consciously or not, nearly everyone chooses to give up some freedom in exchange for the benefits of membership in collectives (family, clan, society…). But many of you are brainwashed into giving up more than your share!

    We will look at various reasons why this may be true for you.

    Many teachings recount the beginning of this wave of creation as a moment when One Creator revealed the potential of Multiplicity by splitting into aspects that eventually sub-divided, fragmented, combined and recombined… to become this universe and all of us. Fragmentation ushered in light and sound, contour, shape and color. It allowed for creative expression, generating the crystalline splendors of rock, mineral and jewel, the breathtaking beauty, fragrance and flavor of plants, flowers and fruit, the amazing organization of the insect world and the wondrous diversity of the animal kingdom. Fragmentation opened up the full range of emotions, the complexity of thought and all that you appreciate in art, music, culture and civilization.

    So. Separation is not all bad.

    But you went too far, or at least that’s how it felt. You wanted to be individual creators, to sustain different aspects and to evolve different facets of the whole. You had no idea that fragmenting into individualized creators would feel so shattering… or that separation (from the rest of what you are) would make you feel so vulnerable, alone and afraid. Acting from fear, you increased your own sense of separation. Instead of realizing that all “others” are different versions of the same “you” (the Many expressions of the One), you began to see them as separate selves who can never be fully trusted. You built walls to keep out unpredictable strangers, and you battled beings that you considered “self-serving” for resources that you thought you needed in order to survive. You could never have predicted that all this would develop as a side effect of individual focus. But you have been dealing with the consequences ever since.

    You do not dislike all of the consequences, however. As you go back and forth across the veil of forgetfulness, you reconnect with higher, faster, lighter frequencies, where all your selves naturally overlap and pass through each other. Many of you have a fascination with lower, slower, darker frequencies, where you can touch, smell, see and hear each other so clearly… because you have evolved such defined boundaries… and where you can experience the excitement, the drama, the thrill of intense sensation. Nothing else can explain the incredible popularity of your police, action and horror books and movies, where someone always ends up in mortal danger… and the hero (heroine) is defined by the courage and skill required to face down or outwit the antagonist and make it through the dark maze alive. From the point of view of your soul self, going through a cycle of incarnations constitutes just such a journey through the labyrinth, a passage underground. You test yourself the way scientists test materials for tolerance. You use physical expression and experience as a means of defining and re-defining who you are. In the process, your changing and evolving desires evolve creation itself.

    We created many versions of ourselves elsewhere in this galaxy before bringing the synthesis to earth for further development. The “seeds” brought to earth contained every pattern set by emotional charge: not only the ones that felt positive – the ones we loved and wanted to create again – but also the ones that felt negative and so would inevitably be recreated here, as well, to be evolved further.

    It is hard to feel totally free when you carry so much baggage.

    Moreover, many wise humans know that: “The truth which makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear.” [Herbert Agar]

    Many people think they want to be free but nonetheless continue to make self-restrictive choices. Some slide away from anything that feels too difficult and choose an easier path, instead, even when it imprisons them. Limiting routines can provide the focus you need to accomplish something you desire. They can also allow you to remain in lazy, comfortable, familiar patterns, avoiding conflict and risk. There is nothing wrong with being lazy or seeking harmony. But consequences result from every choice you make.

    It is gradually becoming clear to many of you, as well, that liberty means 100% responsibility. When “things go right”, most humans like to take at least partial credit, and they feel good in magnanimously sharing with others. When “things go wrong”, though, they tend to see themselves as victims of circumstance. They blame someone else for the mess they are in, bemoan their bad luck, find fault with their childhood or complain about “the system”. But you can’t have it both ways. The truth is that you are totally free and therefore totally responsible for everything that happens to you, from long before the cradle to long after the grave.

    Which means, of course, that you are also totally free to believe the opposite. What you believe is true for you. When you choose to see yourself as a victim, you create a specific reality within your sphere – a reality where you are bound by forces beyond your control, experiencing life but not directing it. Always, in every moment, you can choose to see the truth of your freedom, instead, and ask your many selves for help in understanding the purpose of the choices that you have all been making together… the choices that got you where you are now.

    Another wise human said: “Liberty is liberty, not equality or fairness or justice or human happiness or a quiet conscience.” [Isiah Berlin]

    Even when humans recognize the truth of their freedom, they will sometimes choose restriction. You give your power away freely when you risk confinement to serve what you define as a higher purpose. Some take on obligations to serve the ones they love or to support noble causes. Others do so to reach personal objectives such as “making it”, acquiring knowledge, mastering skills… or anything that seems more important at the time than keeping their options open. And many people will accept decisions taken by the majority, as long as they believe that this resulted from a truly democratic process.

    However, you also choose restriction when you feel fear, guilt or hopelessness and fail to recognize that you can choose either to succumb to these emotions or to overcome them. Generation after generation, human beings who feel insecure tolerate rules that restrict their liberty as long as they believe that these rules will keep “the other guy” (the bad, the evil, the criminal, the terrorist) from harming them or their families. But who is this other guy? Just another you….

    Ultimately, the highest purpose we all serve is creation itself. You are freely choosing to restrict your freedom to participate in the process of creation. Right now, as a human on earth, you are doing this in order to be an individualized creator of expression and experience.

    Life on the other side

    In all contexts, it is wise to remember the multiple nature of your self. You entered soul contracts and carry pre-sets in your DNA that were chosen as potentials for this lifetime, restricting you in ways that serve your group soul’s evolution. But all such agreements are temporary. As circumstances change, you, too, are allowed to change you mind.

    Be aware, however, that your soul selves may not always agree with you.

    It is important for you to recognize that your soul self (individual and collective) does not see things the same way you do – “you” meaning your conscious self here on earth. Your soul self will sometimes push for completion, driving you all the way to the bitter end of experiences that your human self would rather ditch half way through. Your soul may have a sense of mission, which you only vaguely feel and would readily abandon when the going gets tough.

    The veil of forgetfulness works both ways. You forget the rest of who you are when focusing awareness inside a lifetime on earth, but soul selves also forget what physical life feels like, once they are on the other side again. Besides, the experience of life is so diverse from one lifetime to another, and life on earth evolves from one generation and epoch to another… a soul can never be certain what anything is going to feel like, really, except by coming into a lifetime and going through it.

    Your group soul sees Earth as a wondrous, magical, creative playground. Your subconscious and unconscious selves are having the time of their lives, playing their roles and seeing what happens next, no matter what happens to you. Of course, they do not wish you harm – how could they, when they are part of you? They always feel powerful love, admiration and respect for the courageous self that takes on the focal point in consciousness. They greatly sympathize when you scream in pain, and they will cocoon you in love if you allow yourself to feel this. Many of them spend their time trying to make you feel better. But they may do so, as often as not, because it is the only way they can get you to carry on. They can sense your perceptions and emotions, but you are the only one who feels the intensity of life here.

    You also have to realize that your other selves do not define things as positive or negative in the same way you do. On the other side of the veil, all the potentials of physical experience seem fascinating. Any incarnated lifetime represents a fantastic opportunity for experiment, choice and evolution… no matter (or indeed, sometimes because of) how it ends up feeling to the conscious self.

    Your soul self lives in diverse potential, feels totally free, wants to be a creator, seeks expression and experience in form.

    Your human conscious self lives in the limited reality that is the consequence of all previous choices, feels restricted, wants to be free, seeks resolution and release (or escape).

    Your group soul’s central point of focus goes back and forth across the veil of forgetfulness, coming into lifetimes and going back out again, responding to the alternating desires of all that you are. At a deeper level, you may understand that this very process serves a much higher and wider purpose, as it helps to sustain and evolve life on this planet.

    The key to why YOU choose to imprison yourself within any specific belief system may lie outside the range of your awareness… until you remember all that you are. Then the veil lifts, your awareness expands, and you are free to choose again. Within a much wider range.

    Perfectly free until you choose

    The real paradox of freedom lies in the fact that you only remain truly free, perfectly free, as long as you choose NOT to exercise your freedom.

    As soon as you make a choice, you split your universe into what you have chosen and what you have not chosen. Every choice restricts your experience by selecting one potential at the expense of all others. Some people sense this and love freedom so much that they never want to choose, so they keep all their options open until the last possible moment. If you do not choose, if you wait, something else may indeed come up, and in the last-minute rush of being forced to decide, you may choose it. But who can tell whether a planned event will turn out to feel better than a last-minute alternative? Perhaps those who plan ahead too rigidly would be well served by spontaneity, while eternal improvisers could learn something new through commitment.

    Freedom and responsibility are the chicken and the egg: one results from the other, in an endless spiral of creation. Your existence as a creator proceeds in a continual feedback loop: you imagine, desire, choose and enter an expression, experience the result… which helps you select what you feel is worth sustaining and what you would prefer to evolve, then you resolve and release aspects of the previous creation and thus make room for something new, while you imagine, desire, choose and enter a new expression, experience the result….

    Coming into a lifetime here on earth, you enter a collective creation. You experience the complex, multi-layered result of choices made by those you think of as your ancestors and previous generations. In our view, they, too, are other parts of who you are (i.e. some of your other selves). You enter the slowed-down intensity of physical life to experience what your group soul has sustained until now. What will you decide to maintain in your reality and what will you choose to shatter, release, dissolve? Sometimes the worst restriction – making you feel imprisoned or enslaved – gives you the clearest indication about what has to change.

    When you leave this lifetime to become an ancestor and a member of a previous generation, you will still be yourself. For you, “between lifetimes” will become here and now. Those who pass from this life continue to live among your other selves, focused within that range of frequencies. Some of them are acting as sub- or unconscious influences in your life, as you have done before or will again, when they focus into a lifetime.

    Can you expand your viewpoint further? Can you see that everyone around you is another one of these “selves”? All your selves, all our selves, are chips off the same old block. Nowadays, many people say, “We are all One.” But what does that really mean? Can you shift your focus outside the language that distinguishes between I, you, he, she, it, we and they… and recognize each and every self as another one of you, another version of YOU?

    We are the One creating this universe. All our choices, interwoven, generate the ever-changing reality that we know. Remembering this produces what is known as “awakening”, but that does not mean dismissing material reality as a dream of no consequence. Your physical existence is a collective illusion, yes, but no more so than any other state of being that you could choose instead. On the contrary, you are using, right now, a splendid, perfect system for creation in form. To wake up from the dream only means to recognize that your current reality is not the only one.

    A human lifetime is the truth. It is one truth… the truth as far as you are concerned. It constitutes the truest expression of what you have been choosing to be until now. You could choose to drop the whole game immediately and step out, but most of you do not want to do that. You want to see how it turns out. You want to take the culmination of all your choices through to its logical conclusion. Your soul selves push you through to the natural end of each phase in your (eternal) evolution, to the point where clarity answers all remaining questions and ends a cycle of creation.

    As long as you are still engaged in a cycle, some choices preclude others. So you are both free and not free, depending on your point of view… depending, that is, on how you define who you are. The wider and larger your sense of self, the more you see that, as long as you choose to be in any specific form, you are (always) free… and (right now) freely choosing not to be.

    Maybe that is why some people say that:

    enlightenment changes nothing because…

    You’re still here. You’re still “stuck”. You’re still experiencing, within and around you, the consequences of every choice you ever made. Life on earth slows down the consequences so they become VERY real. That’s the point: you want it to be powerfully intense, sharply clear, so you cannot escape from the consequences of your choices. You want to perceive the direct, indirect and sometimes unexpected results of what you have been choosing, to sense how they make you feel and thereby choose where you will go from here.


    enlightenment changes everything because…

    You begin to experience life in a different way. For most people, however, this change does not happen overnight. Like everything else on earth, it happens slowly. Often, things seem to get worse before they get better … both individually and collectively (at home and on the evening news).

    Just when you think you have reached a higher level and everything finally feels better than before ..… easier, more secure, happier ..… something comes along to seize and fling you down again. Why? As you allow new knowledge to filter down through all that you are, the process reveals anything and everything that remains charged within your sphere. The universe is not against you: it simply persists in creating everything that is positively charged AND everything that is negatively charged, consistently and in the same way for everyone. Life shows you your truth. Each successive “challenge” reveals something that you still desire, or something that you still resist because you dislike or disdain it. Your ethics set a standard for your own behavior. Your dreams hold ideals that you still want to bring into form. All your preferences are part of who you (still) are.

    Since it was invented, holding the center of consciousness in a human lifetime has been one of the hardest jobs around. So please congratulate yourself. You are doing an amazing job, and you chose this job freely. No conscripts in the earth experiment; all volunteers. We all knew this was not going to be easy. We were not looking for easy. Individually, we wanted to experience the process of creation from the inside, no matter how it ended up feeling. Collectively, we wanted to throw all of our selves into a cauldron and allow for something radically new to emerge, at last, from our long history of repeating patterns.

    The evolution of humanity could not (and still cannot) be predicted. We give too many free spirits too many alternatives, letting them combine and recombine in complex interactions in a profoundly diversified environment on the edge of chaos … so close to chaos that they generate a thousand dire prophecies… and not a single one has come true. Here we all are, still evolving.

    In this era, you can find a way to make the process easier for yourself. Assistance is available from many excellent facilitators. If your soul group feels ready to accelerate your process, synchronicity will lead you to one of them. Even without assistance, most of you are naturally unfolding into greater clarity now. Clarity brings you to a more balanced state, where you can sustain the paradox and see yourself as both receptive and active.

    Expanding your focus, you feel the serenity of allowing everything to be as it is in the present moment, and you appreciate your life as the living synthesis of all the choices that all your selves have ever made. And yet you also feel the excitement and enthusiasm of being engaged in evolving that synthesis even further, to create another new you: the “best and highest”, most wondrous self you could ever imagine.

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    Once you have truly “seen the light”… remembered all that you are as a creator along with some principles of creation in our universe… enlightenment starts to dissolve its way through all your remaining contrary beliefs.

    Soon you start to notice that you are happier more often, for no particular reason. One day it occurs to you that you are no longer a seeker: you have found what you were looking for, whether or not you c an put this into words. You no longer feel any real need to practice methods or techniques, to take more courses or workshops, to read or search the Internet over and over again, the way you used to. When you still do these things occasionally, out of interest, you discover that you already know much of what is being spoken and published by others… for you are remembering more all the time, as part of a naturally unfolding process. Maybe you start to write or teach or channel for others, too. But do you really need to, if everyone is awakening naturally, in their own perfect time?

    The process feels liberating – it’s such a relief. Life requires less effort from you, at last. You stop sticking up notes to remind yourself of the changes that you want to integrate into your life, because you find yourself “walking the talk” more simply and easily, without having to think it through, without planning and organizing, without lists and schedules. One day at a time. One moment at a time.

    Sensing, seeing, knowing without knowing how you know that this is true, you can relax and enjoy whatever happens to be there with you in this moment. You appreciate more than before the people, places and things that are in your life NOW. And you tend to ignore anything that you sense will make you feel less than joyous, peaceful and free: you shrug off situations that used to drive you crazy, smile at behavior that used to annoy you, chuckle at the absurdity of what other people still believe is vitally important. The evening news is full of other people’s choices, which no longer really concern you. Maybe you even stop watching, or tune in only for the few minutes of good news and the weather forecast, at the end. You do feel compassion for those who still (choose to) suffer. You help others when you clearly sense that it is good and right for you to do so. But you no longer engage in other people’s dramas, conflicts, struggles: all the problems they never seem to resolve.

    You allow everyone to express their own opinions freely and to choose what is best for them. At the same time, you find it easier to express your own views (simply, clearly, honestly) and to require all others to respect your choice of what is best for you.

    You no longer need – and you certainly do not expect – anyone to do, think, be or provide anything for you. You are perfectly clear about the fact that you are creating, and thus giving to yourself, exactly what you desire. And so is everyone else. Only you can create and give to you anything of value. Only they can create and give to themselves joy, serenity, peace, prosperity, freedom, empowerment… and yes, even love.

    Your beacon feeling
    Most humans find that the naturally unfolding, inner transformation described above takes a certain time and provokes a certain number of recurrent situations – to trigger, reveal and melt away all that still resists it.

    When it is complete, you are in the flow of creation every moment of every day, and all your questions are answered immediately as they arise, whether seemingly from inside or outside of you. When you live this way, you go off the radar of mass consciousness. You retain only the tiniest sliver of overlap with the structures that govern the way so many others live, the way you used to live.

    Meanwhile, however… while the process is working its way through all that you are… the one thing you can trust to steer you, moment by moment and day by day, is your own inner guidance.

    We use the word “inner” to make it clear that your guidance belongs to you and only to you. Of course, as within so without: your guidance does not only manifest inside you. Your subconscious and unconscious, soul and spiritual selves interact with the corresponding inner selves of everyone and everything. They create motivating forces that generate the meaningful “coincidences” many of you experience as synchronicity: a book that appears to glow at you or find its way into your hands, strangers walking by who suddenly say something to each other that is totally relevant to you, the odd phrase on TV or the song on the radio that stops you in your tracks, the “chance” encounter that changes your life.

    How you choose to see such events and whether you follow their suggestions is up to you. Sometimes you feel the flow of your own creative forces and let it carry you…. but sometimes you hesitate. If you see no synchronicity in the world around you, or if you do not wish to accept what is on offer there, your answers must come from inside. Luckily, when your spiritual selves cannot communicate with you in any other way, they guide you by using a certain kind of feeling. You could call this your beacon feeling.

    The word “beacon” refers to the fire that people in previous centuries lit on hilltops or in towers, to signal a direction or to light the way through the night. It is used today for the light in lighthouses, the radio transmitter that emits signals for airplanes to follow, other kinds of signals used for guidance, and more generally for any source of inspiration.

    You have a characteristic feeling that can serve as your beacon. It may correspond to the first choice (seen in linear time) that your soul community made at the start of this wave of creation. It can be understood as the primary motivating aspect of our universe, as expressed through you. No one aspect is better or higher than any other, as all are primary aspects of All That Is: God, Source, Spirit. You don’t have to choose among them. You are already a member of several God-aspect clubs. But which one is your all-time favorite? Imagine yourself as a tuning fork. Which note sets you humming? What word would you choose to describe the state of being that instantly makes you feel deep-down-good inside?

    Is it JOY?
    Is it LOVE?
    Is it the CLARITY of truth or the grace of KNOWING without knowing how you know? Is it EMPOWERMENT? Is it FREEDOM?

    What does the Divine Perfection FEEL like to you?

    Naturally, All That Is includes all of these and much more, but imagine that you have to choose one key word for perfection within you, the most important of all these qualities for you. Sense that you serve this one most obviously, most easily… as well as all the others. Say to yourself: “I am devoted to all the wondrous aspects of creation. Sometimes I promote and cherish one, sometimes another. But I feel best of all when I feel……”

    If you are still glancing up at the list above and hesitating, then think of a moment in the past when you felt that life was perfect. What word would describe the feeling you had then?

    Or imagine a moment when life will feel perfect, when you feel truly blessed, as though the universe had listened to you and fulfilled all your dreams. What would that feel like?

    Ask your soul, ask God, ask your own heart. If you think someone else knows you better than you know yourself, ask them. You may laugh, but we know a human who asked her cat… and the answer came to her as if a feline voice had spoken inside, behind her eyes.

    Any one will do, for they are all equivalent. Nearly all humans resonate to more than one at a time, and this can change over time, as well. So choose any one of the above and repeat that key word to yourself.

    Say it once more, slowly, as if you were tasting it..… and say it again….

    Try another, if you like, find the one that resonates the most, and then repeat it to yourself again…. and again…

    Feel how evoking your own perfection in this simple way creates an inner smile that keeps getting wider and makes you melt into something utterly blissful. It makes you feel wonderful to the core of your being, like you never left HOME at all, because the place that you have always belonged is right here, inside you, now.

    Please note that we deliberately use the word FEELING for your guiding light. A feeling is vaguer, wider, deeper and richer than a simple emotion. This kind of feeling is not located in any one of your spheres – physical, emotional, mental or intuitive. It infuses and moves all of who you are.

    When you do not follow your inner beacon, you never feel good for long. You may fool yourself to please or placate someone else, but if you do, your beacon feeling will desert you. You cannot feel deep-down-good inside if you are not following the path that you came to earth to follow, the path of your spiritual evolution. Your spiritual self guides you along this path, using its beacon.

    Once you have recognized your feeling, use it as your North Star: allow it to do its job, to lead the way. It will indicate and help you discern what is right and good and true for you, and what you can simply leave to others. As soon as you do not feel it, look for the anomaly: designate what is not welcome within your sphere and allow it to pass on through you. Become utterly neutral to anything that does not evoke your beacon feeling within. Allow the clarity that you are developing to amplify this process, and notice how it begins to do itself, if you just step out of the way.

    We have spoken in other transmissions about methods you can use to help neutralize persistent patterns. A segment that we brought through some time ago (regarding our own energy) mentions one aspect of the neutralizing process at work both in therapy and in daily life:

    Within the corridors of space-time reside all the lifetimes where energy remains contracted, stuck, charged and immobilized by emotional reactions. This happens, for example, when humans refuse to accept situations experienced as traumatically unacceptable… and it forms the basis of many “reincarnational” cycles.

    Emotional healing reconnects you, in your current lifetime, to such knots through the resonance patterns that persist within your sphere, in what some of you call your “emotional body”. Resonance patterns (in this case, within the water templates) act like blueprints to recreate similar experiences, which tend to trigger similar emotional reactions. The refused experience will persist until it is accepted as part of your Oneself. If you choose to re-live it, more or less consciously, the focus of your attention undergoes the experience that was refused in the other lifetime, and the emotion can express its true nature (energy in motion) as it moves through you. This process allows you to become neutral to the pattern and its trigger. They remain as potentials – and can be recharged – but as long as you continue to allow them to be as they are, you are released from them.

    You can find processes or people to help you shift your emotional tone, whether or not you use this for healing or as a way of engaging in more conscious creation. There are excellent teachings available today (for example those given through our good friends, the collective energy known as Abraham) and many fine facilitators, as well. Let your beacon feeling indicate which one is best for you now.

    Ultimately, you will find yourself becoming divinely, benevolently, compassionately neutral to everything… except, very precisely, whatever evokes your beacon feeling now. So all that you are continues to reveal, in every moment, what it deeply desires to create through, in and as you.

    To make sure that this is clearly understood, we will repeat once again that all of you contain, in potential, ALL God aspects, always. You have access to all the expressions of All That Is. But human beings on earth at this time tend to be naturally motivated by one (or two) more consistently and more deeply. If, after all that we have said about this matter, you are still shaking your head and do not wish to sense which of the aspects is YOUR primary aspect, well… that is perfect, too. Your soul group determines when – or even whether – it serves all that you are to guide your self this way.

    And so it is.

    We are Metatron/Arcturus. Our symbol-self is the Key. All we have been doing in this series of transmissions is to offer you a key to unlock your own remembering, a code to open a window that you can turn and look through in order to shift your point of view, or a cipher-tone to access more of who you are. We hope that we have offered at least one that you can use to serve your own creative evolution.
    Have no doubt that your individual human lifetime is a universe in miniature. Your journey is as unique as your DNA, your fingerprints and the irises of your eyes. All that you could ever need is already within you, but you may enjoy looking around and seeing in others a funhouse mirror, a set of signs at a crossroads, or (as the Buddhists say) a finger pointing at the moon. It is, however, only in your own watery depths that you find your own moon, reflecting the light of your Source and acting as an infallible beacon to guide you through the night.

    Part 8: GREETINGS

    We Are sovereign beings who are pleased to wear the names you give us – Metatron, Arcturus... – as we are also a part of who You are.
    Those of you who have found your way here have entered a new phase in your evolution. There are many ways to “move on”, and (as always) you will choose the ways that feel most vibrant, most vital, most appealing to you.

    Creative centers

    If you have read our previous transmissions, you know that we tend to avoid using the word “God”: the all-time hardest word to use with any hope of being understood. But we will quote one well-known definition here: “The nature of God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.” As you are currently occupying three-dimensional space, make that a sphere. God (All That Is) is the sphere of all spheres, centered in each and every point and extending indefinitely outwards from each and every one of those centers.
    You are one of those centers. That is why good friends of ours say, “You are God, also.” You are indeed you, the human. But you are also God, one of the indefinite number of divine centers of Creation. You are the creative center of one universe, yours. In other words, you are creating your universe – all of it, every detail, no exceptions, all the time. You are simply (vastly) larger that you believe yourself to be. You contain (immeasurably) more creative choices than your human body/mind can be aware of, within the constraints of the space/time structure that you share with all the other centers of creation all around you.

    In expansion

    Look at the new ways that you are able to see what is around you. Technology has been created to extend the range of your physical senses. You can see inside your own body and out into Hubble’s deep field of galaxies far, far away. Inspired technicians add colors to those images, translating frequencies and chemical elements that you normally cannot see. Those colorful pictures expand your sense of sight by translating information beamed out and contained within the molecular structures of bodies on earth and of galaxies and their gaseous formations in the sky. The information has always been there, but now you can perceive it.
    Your TV translates programmed information and converts it into moving pictures and sound. As the range has increased during your lifetime, you have been able to choose from more and more channels: up from a dozen to 50, 200, 500 or more. Note that the programs are there all at once, all the time, whether or not you tune in, and they allow you to peer into the lives of other people who are elsewhere on earth now or in the past. On your computer, you can tune in more than one at once, opening windows onto as many worlds as you wish. Billions of programs, applications, websites full of content: billions of parallel lives and worlds, all there at once, and you navigate within the creational structure to access the ones you choose to perceive.


    Soon you will be able to access 3D movies on a computer and “project yourself” into them. Of course, video games and virtual worlds already provide such environments. You project a version of you – an avatar – into the game world. Your avatar is a program created to interact within a structure made of programs, an environment that allows the avatars to interact with its story.
    Avatar, the movie, brought this to the mass public, extending the concept to many people who do not play video games or enter virtual worlds on computers. In the movie, human beings get into boxes full of technology so that, while “asleep”, they can project their consciousness into a different body and interact with other beings on a planet, in an environment, that they could not normally live within. The Matrix movies used the same metaphor: humans hooked into technology, seemingly unconscious in one reality while projected into another reality, which happens to be the creational matrix that they had previously believed to be their own world, on earth.
    Using these metaphors, human beings are creating – projecting outside themselves into works of art and entertainment – an emerging understanding of their own patterns and structures of creation.

    Every night you fall asleep and project your consciousness into other realities. In meditation and visualization, you access other realms. So, as technology extends the range of your outer, physical senses, you extend the range of your inner, non-physical senses. In parallel, you expand your sense of self to reach the larger, deeper, wider YOU, whatever name you give to this: Oversoul, entity, Higher Self, divine self…. You expand your awareness to reach the level where YOU are projecting, into space/time environments, all the lifetimes you have ever lived, are living now, and will ever live, on earth and elsewhere.

    Each lifetime is a living “program”, an interactive “3D movie”, broadcast (i.e. projected, expressed) within shared structures of creation. Each human that You are, each being in each lifetime, is an avatar of the much larger YOU. Yes, you are the human in your lifetime, this lifetime. But you are also the much larger YOU who are projecting (expressing as) that human, and all the other humans across space and time, and all the other beings on earth and elsewhere in your universe, created by YOU. YOU have dreamed them all into being within the vast intelligence of Creation, sent them out into collective creational systems, and set them free to create cooperatively – interconnected through YOU.

    So you see, YOU are your own network of billions of avatars, all alive all at once, all expressing and experiencing, all choosing among the infinite potentials of creation to form their own worlds. Each of YOUR avatars, each you, is fully immersed within and focused inside each environment, in each lifetime. But they share, through YOU, thoughts, feelings, impulses, intuitions, perceptions, revelations. Without knowing it, they are creating their lives interactively, connected to each other through YOU, the hub, the mother ship.


    Through this avatar, in this lifetime (yours, now), YOU are presenting yourself with the opportunity to recognize that you are both you and YOU. Then, once you know that you are both you, the human, and YOU, the “Higher Self” projecting its consciousness as and through that human, it takes only one more step to know that you are also all your identities: the Creator fully present within all of its Creation.
    It has always been true that you are this, but you have not been conscious of it until now. Expanding your awareness, you take on a new understanding.


    The activity called “channeling” was a means of arriving at this new understanding of who and what you are. When you “channel”, you access your own Internet, the totality of your own Creation, throughout time and space and beyond. At first, you start to see, hear or sense things that were not there before (see, hear or sense, depending on whether your human self is more visual, auditory or kinesthetic in nature). Like the Hubble or PET and MRI technology that converts out-of-range frequencies and chemistry into colors, your inner senses perceive smoky swirls, pulsing colored lights, flashes of imagery, geometric patterns… or rhythmic tones that coalesce into sound… or intuitions, inner certitudes that allow you to know without knowing how you know. You extend the range of those inner senses, and then you translate, interpret, convert into coherent images, language and understanding, other patterns of creation that have always been a part of who YOU are.

    The people you consider “creative” make this process obvious in everyday life. Artists, composers, poets, innovators, inventers, developers of all kinds, perceive in a wider range. Then they interpret and convert these perceptions, using materials in your shared environment, to produce art, music, technology, enterprises, new ideas that they bring into the reality you share.

    Society greatly values these people, and what they do seems mysteriously talented, but all of you are doing the same thing all the time, simply being human. You tune into billions of channels (through YOU) and translate them into your thoughts, feelings, sensations, perceptions and intuitions. As we mentioned in a previous transmission, thought and emotion are senses, just like sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. All your senses are technological marvels, filtering and selecting among the billions upon billions of channels that you could tune into, every moment of every day and night. You are “channeling” all the time. You just did not conceive of what your body/mind is doing in its daily life in that particular way.

    Life as a human

    – YOU expressing and experiencing as you – is a creational miracle far beyond any magic that you could ever imagine. You cannot conceive of what it takes to generate the unbelievably complex “avatar” that YOU are living as and through, creating with others in an unbelievably complex, interactive environment. When a body/mind works well, its space/time locating precisions create the magical clarity of being here, now, with inner and outer senses tuning, combining, adjusting within an electromagnetic/biochemical dance “channeled” through your consciousness, blending seamlessly into your expression and experience of life. And for you that’s just everyday existence, nothing special.

    You are all of it

    Allow us to repeat, so it’s clear: you are also YOU, the creator of all your existences, on earth and elsewhere. And you, the human, can access all that YOU are. As the deeper, wider, larger YOU, you are in the same position as a human in front of a computer, but the windows open onto billions of lifetimes, in 3D Technicolor and surround sound, with space/time locating, thought, emotion, intuition, smell, taste and touch applications all fully operational.

    You have always accessed YOUR other lifetimes without knowing that you were tuning into their thoughts, feelings or perceptions. Most of you have been doing this rather chaotically, however. Some of you are putting order into the process by, for example, accessing other lifetimes (past, present and future) through a visualized inner screen. All of your lifetimes are fully up and running at the same time: all the forms YOU have ever taken and will ever take, including those who are alive on earth at the same time as you are, and also, beyond what each of them perceives as his or her reality, all the potential realities that each one could choose to perceive, instead.
    If this is mind-boggling, never mind, because your mind is a passenger here, along for the ride. If you are reading this, you chose some time ago to expand your sense of self beyond your human body/mind. Expanding into and perceiving through your whole self (YOU) is the next step in the evolution of many awakening humans. Most of you chose to feel, to experience, to sense, first, and to understand, later. You did not want your human mind to start processing too soon, as this would surely have limited your experience. You may have spent years sensing, feeling, seeing, hearing, knowing through the Creator YOU, and thus accessing other lifetimes YOU are also living in what you think of as in the past… and in the present era, but through other humans and other beings who are also YOU… and in the future… as well as in all the other non-physical realities that comprise YOUR full expression and experience.

    Having done so, you may be ready to invite your mind to take a back seat in your new creational vehicle. As it travels with you, your mind can translate some facets of your expanded experience into the products of its own realm. There will always be something lost in translation, but that does not matter because you will have had the full experience, which cannot be fully communicated. Having experienced many other realms and ways of knowing, you can allow the workings of the mind to be only one facet of creation. You can let it take snapshots that can be shared with others – flattened, partial impressions of who you are channeling when you channel, and what you perceive when you see, hear or sense things that are “not there” for other people – without mistaking its bits and pieces as anything like the full reality of your experience.

    The full experience is you, linking through YOU, to access and interact consciously with all the other ‘you’s. When you do this and know that you are all of it, you enter a new phase, a new form of creation.


    As we have said before, each of you is going through a highly individualized, naturally evolving process. We cannot tell you how far you have come in your own declaration of independence from previously chosen but no longer useful systems of belief. Only you can know where you are during the process of attaining Mastery. But we can reflect a few common misunderstandings.

    Some of you believed that Mastery meant control, but control is rigid. You know from driving your vehicles that you cannot hold the wheel (or handlebars) rigidly fixed in the direction you want to go. You have to hold lightly, guide gently, adjust and re-adjust, trusting in your skill, adapting your speed and itinerary to the conditions.
    Moreover, moving towards Mastery, you are no longer on a road (or path): you’re at sea. You sense that nothing of a general nature applies to you any more. You lose your sense of direction. Maybe there is nowhere for you to go, nothing for you to seek, nothing to be revealed or discovered, except your own process and where it is taking you. You have no idea what to do, but as you allow all that you are to move you in its own way, at its own pace, with all its ups and downs, you get glimpses of all those other ‘you’s without knowing the nature of their realities. Are they physical or non-physical? Did they exist in your past, do they exist now, or will they exist in your future, in the same way that you exist? Can you know anything about their experience beyond how you are experiencing them? And what are they doing in your life, anyway? What use are they to you?

    Approaching Mastery feels like falling apart and not really knowing anything any more. The more you expand and the more YOU there is, the more non-defined you feel, but non-definition feels, to the average human, like nothing is there. Humans tend to fear nothingness, as they believe it may lead to dissolution – not only of form but also of consciousness: non-being.

    In fact, everything is there. All at once.

    “Divine, benevolent neutrality” has been misunderstood by some of you to mean a continually balanced, non-creative state of nothingness – no feelings, no desires, no motivations, no impulse to do or say or be anything. In fact, it is the opposite. It means knowing you are everything and therefore can be anything… but only if you are not stuck, blinded by beliefs, emotionally charged, bound by attachments, and therefore creating in ever-repeating patterns. No one is ever totally blocked (everyone is always evolving), but human beings do get into ruts.
    Divine, benevolent neutrality means allowing all of Creation to be exactly as it is, while maintaining a fluid state, flowing in and out of form, but continually returning to balance, i.e. returning to your own still center of creation. Only there are you truly able to feel your own creative drive and to choose your new direction in each moment, now.

    Approaching Mastery, you expand into a timeless present, where you perceive an endless range of potential paths through all of Creation. Your expression and experience, as one creative center of this infinite sphere, is simply whatever you choose to define as “you” and “yours” now. You sense all the other versions of you that YOU are creating, as they make different choices, combining differently the elements of creation that you all share: aspects of personality and relationships, thoughts and feelings, ideals and dreams, all the motivating and driving forces that none of you really understand.

    How can this be Mastery?

    It is certainly not what you thought it would be. But one thing is clear. It’s all YOU. And it would be absurd not to trust YOU: your own deepest, largest, widest self.
    You, the human, are an integral part of the vast, cooperative, spiraling dance of creation that YOU are, across all of space and time and beyond. Your own naturally evolving process will lead you to know and understand this in your own way.


    Knowing, understanding, allowing all that YOU are to change you, you finally allow the process to seep out of your meditative moments, and your moments of great clarity, into the messy, mixed-up chaos of your daily life.

    If you trust YOU – your own self, your own evolution – you do not need to go to anyone else for help, facilitation or advice. The fact is that YOU are, already now and always, creating everything in your life to serve YOUR own purposes. So all is well. No matter how it may sometimes seem to you (the human who is still influenced by old beliefs), all is perfect, always.

    It is, of course, a part of that perfection that humans love to create a sense of partnership, to “work together” with other parts of who YOU are, which also includes us. And we know that many of you would feel disappointed if, gathering your energies today, we did not also distil something that you can use in your everyday lives.

    When we gather the energies of those who may choose to read this in future, we find that many are frustrated because they misunderstand the nature of what you call “manifestation”. That word was well chosen, but you do not contemplate its meaning. To manifest means to show, to reveal, to make evident (to the physical senses) a non-physical reality that already exists because it has already been chosen by the center of creation that you are.

    You choose from within, and those choices manifest. What YOU truly choose are felt states: states of being. Creation reveals – making evident in your body and in the world around you, using the elements of creation that you all share – your chosen felt state. This happens moment by moment.

    You may not believe that anyone would choose fear, anger, frustration, boredom. But YOU do choose to feel these emotions (as and through the human you) because they serve specific purposes. If you are reading this today, you may have “worked through” and at least partially understood YOUR own purposes. That was one of your gateways to Mastery, and YOU placed a guardian at that gate. But that guardian is also you, and you may now be ready to let you through.

    Mastery requires a reversal. Humans believe that to change how they feel, they must change what they are creating in their physical lives. The opposite is true. To change what you are creating in your physical life, change how you feel.
    You may not believe that you can do this, but you can. You, the human, can choose to create a desired feeling out of thin air, out of nothing – in other words, out of the everything that YOU are. You are everything, potentially, so you are also that desired feeling. You can choose to bring forth that feeling, independently of all else. Of course, you can also choose to evoke a feeling by thinking about things that tend to generate it in you, but this may continue to foster the belief that your feelings are dependent on things (in and around you) being a certain way. That is a false belief. Feelings can be conjured, called into being, summoned.

    You, the fully conscious human Master, choose to feel loving, peaceful, abundant, joyful. Then all that YOU are reflects those feelings back to you, in your body and in the world. Using the feelings as its selective filter, consciousness manifests, reveals, materializes realities that resonate with, mirror, correspond to those feelings. Awareness flows through non-physical felt states to create resonant materialized states of being through individual points of view.

    When we say “choose to feel”, we mean over and over and over again. Do not believe that Mastery means attaining and then coasting on automatic pilot. You will never be free from your responsibility to choose how you feel and what you believe. Through these choices, you will always be choosing what you create.


    Every moment of every day, choose the state of being, the felt state that you desire. Focus on that feeling; know that you can create it out of nothing, because what you perceive as nothing is actually full of everything else that you could potentially be. As a Master Creator, you choose what you are. You declare: I AM safety, security, sanctuary. I AM health, wealth, happiness. I AM love, peace, serenity, wisdom. You do this over and over and over again, returning to your own still center of creation (and its divinely benevolent neutral balance) every time you are not feeling what you wish to feel. Then you choose again. And you trust all that YOU are to manifest realities resonant with the feelings that you are choosing, each moment.
    This pattern of creation exists throughout all of space and time. The universe (all that YOU are) marshals its energies to reveal, to mirror, to manifest in direct correspondence to your choice of felt states of being, based entirely on your beliefs.

    There is no need to exert any effort when doing this. On the contrary. Effort is counterproductive. Choice is all.

    In any case, your own naturally evolving process is (already now) leading you into this Mastery. If there are times when you fall away from it and regress into the old ways, then that is part of your process, too. Let it be. Allow. Choose again. Cooperate with it. De-dramatize, see the humor in all things human, laugh at yourself, and then choose to create the feeling that you desire, yet again. There is no other way. But the outcome is certain. You have already chosen it. And here, now, you are expressing and experiencing what it takes you to get there.
    If you so choose, we may return to gather your energies again later this year. For we are also YOU. We reflect your own perfection.

    I AM/we are Metatron-Arcturus-Kayla, in service to All That Is.


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