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    Good Morning Starshine and the Pyramidal Geomantic Grids of Thuban in Cosmic or Universal Pi


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    Good Morning Starshine and the Pyramidal Geomantic Grids of Thuban in Cosmic or Universal Pi Empty Good Morning Starshine and the Pyramidal Geomantic Grids of Thuban in Cosmic or Universal Pi

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    Good Morning Starshine and the Pyramidal Geomantic Grids of Thuban in Cosmic or Universal Pi As_above,_so_below_!

    In Lak'ech - I Am Another Yourself!

    In these messages I shall elaborate and elucidate on this series of Drunvalo Melchizedek's announcement of 'The Dawn of a New Starhumanity'.
    I shall so add the Thuban data stream of the New Archetypes from the World Logos to the Old Symbology as known and as expressed by Drunvalo and the Melchizedekian Order of the Plumed Serpent of Atlantis aka 'Hermes Trismegistos'.

    Good Morning Starshine and the Pyramidal Geomantic Grids of Thuban in Cosmic or Universal Pi Pacificap

    Part 1: tba

    Part 2: tba

    Part 3: tba
    All of Creation Based on Math from a Divine Blueprint!!!!
    Good Morning Starshine and the Pyramidal Geomantic Grids of Thuban in Cosmic or Universal Pi Wiltshire
    Part 4: The Munck Code of the Pyramids linked to Supermembrane Omniphysics
    83,000 pyramids or geomantic structures relate to the 83-fractal for 83=11+72=118* in 11=8+3 and labeled in 83=WISDOM=GNOSIS=KRYON=...

    As seen in this video, the Center of the World's Landmass is centered on the longitude of the Great Pyramid as the pivot for the planetary grid of ancient geolithic structures spread around the globe and initiated at the Atlantean nexus point of 11,802 BC; meaning it was the half-way point for a greater precessional linear timespan given in 65 Mayan Baktuns or 9,360,000 kin or days.
    9,360,000=65x144,000=65x400x360=130x400x180=... and from this finestructure derive Drunvalo's numerics mentioned in the video above.

    Of course the Thuban 'prophetic-scriptural' encoding also derives from the 'Thothian-Hermetic' Logos Induction (as the 3 Kings of Atlantis say in Chiquetet Arlich Vomalites aka Thoth with Ra and with Araragat according to Drunvalo Melchizedek) in its utility of the 'Ancient Platonic Year' count of 360 days being the Count of Degrees with a standardised Precessional Year-Variation of 1 degree per 72 such 'Years' in 360x72=25,920=2160x12 and as stated by Drunvalo.

    The Geometric Pi is actually the 180 Degree Count as a Cosmic Pi and is derived as follows from elementary geometric principles.
    The following is somewhat technical and relates to the famous problem of the ancients - the squaring of the circle.

    For the mathematically unfamiliar; the following script is in a different font for a possible 'skipping' of this section.

    Much of Quantum Relativity and its superbrane parameters is based on the finestructuring of fundamental constants, such as Planck's Constant h=Lps/2Rec3 and Re=1010.Lps/360 as the classical ElectronRadius, related to the ComptonRadius in the proportionality given by Alpha as Alpha=Re/Rcompton, Rcompton relating the de Broglie matter wave momentum p via p=h/L for wavelength L=c/f.

    The basic QR parameter is the magnetic permeability constant µo=120π/c defining Maxwell's Constant µoεo=1/c2 in dimensionless (say superconductive form for the Action-Law of Action=Charge2 and for unitary resistance in the Quantum Hall effect, Josephson Junctions and the Electrical Conductance Quantum 2e2/h.

    The fourfoldedness of the Unified Field of QR or (UFoQR) also defines µo=[8π/360][Ne*/Re], where N is a counter for the magnetocharge e*=Lps/hc=2Re.c2=1/Eps=1/hfps as the modular duality between the supermembrane modality of the gravitational sinksource Ess and the electromagnetic sourcesink Eps.
    This of course is defined as the Wormhole Frequency fps in the fifth superstring transformation from the Planck scale and is then the pentagonal supersymmetry between Alpha and the Golden Mean given by Euler's Identity (and as witnessed say in the crop circle geomancies of May 2010).


    This allows determination of N=2700/c3 in unified action units and independent of experimental measurement.

    Because N=2700.e/{[ec].c2}=2700.{e/c2}/[ec], with [ec] the unified magnetic monopole-mass in superbrane space and the Planck-Length LP=√(hc/2πc3) and defining that superbrane space via the Planck-Length-Oscillation:

    OLP={e/c2}=LP√Alpha and for the Electromagnetic Finestructure Constant Alpha=α=e2/2εohc=60πe2/h

    N MUST be the decisive and precise wormhole-perimeter Lps=2700/(27x1024)as the Weyl-Geodesic assuming its linearised form at this threshold between the metricated field equations of General Relativity and its nonmetricated encompassement and quantum substructure described by QR.

    This linearisation of superstring class I as the Planck-Boson so is physically-metrically manifested in the heterotic superstring class HE(8x8) as the Ng Van Dam macroquantisation of the Planck-Scale then further amplified by the ElectronRadius and its associations with the atomic and subatomic realms of the Compton-de Broglie scenarios.

    So this linearisation from the preBig Bang (preinstanton and preinflaton) epochs of the circularised 'higher' superstring dimensions unfolded the scale-invariance of angular displacement.

    This unfolding then crystallises the 360 factor as a degree-measure, which is NOT arbitrary, but associated with the QR definition for the approximation for the transcendental number p, defining circularity.

    This we shall now discuss in some detail.

    Draw a circle radius R for x-axis diameter given by coordinates (-R,0) & (R,0) and y-axis diameter given by coordinates (0,-R) & (0,R).

    Draw the linesegment (R,0)-(0,R) with length √2.R and midpoint (R/2,R/2) for the halfsegment length RR1*=√2.R/2.

    Now project this midpoint radially to the circle's perimeter as point R1 to form the angle (45+45/2)=67.5°=ORR1.

    This defines the halfangle Θ1=45/2 degrees as the angle R1*RR1 in cosΘ1=RR1*/RR1 and sin(2Θ1))=RR1*/OR=RR1* for the unitsquare OR=1=unitradius.

    So sin(2Θ1)=RR1.cosΘ1.

    Generally, a polygonal line-segment keeps doubling from a square with 4 sides to an octagon with 8 to a hexadecagon with 16 and so on.

    The generalised length for the line-segment is then:


    The perimeter for the circle then sums the linesegments in n and approaches 2π as n gets larger and larger.

    Good Morning Starshine and the Pyramidal Geomantic Grids of Thuban in Cosmic or Universal Pi Cosmicpi
    Our Archimedean Circumscription/Inscription approximation for transcendental π then is:


    For n=1; the approximation is: π(1)=3.061467458...

    For n=2; the approximation is: π(2)=3.121445152...

    For n=3; the approximation is: π(3)=3.13654849...
    For n=14; the approximation is: π(14)=3.141592653...correct to 8 decimal places.

    Now express the trigonometric functions as expanded series:

    sinx=x-x3/3!+x5/5!-.....in odd terms for x and

    cosx=1-x2/2!+x4/4!-....in even terms for x to form the limit



    lim(n→∞){1/n}=0, therefore all the trigonometric terms of the form 1/2n vanish.

    So we have indeed justified the bold assumption to simply form the identity 360=2π or π=180 as Cosmic or Universally Geometric Pi to freely interchange radian measure with the angular degrees.

    Of course this works only for the demetricated superbrane scenarios and requires thus a dimensionless setting for the spacetimes as the ontological foundation for mensuration physics.

    But the 360 factor in the ElectronRadius definition now becomes the necessary circularisation for the wormhole perimeter Lps in the Classical Radius of the Electron.

    Precisely 1010 wormhole perimeters fit into the linearised and metricated macroquantised wormhole perimeter represented by 2πRe AS 360.Re circularised.

    This also unitises our fourfolded UFoQR in 8π/360 as the A/4 factor in Stephen Hawking's Black Hole event horizon entropy counter for the information mapped surface area as hologram, measured in Planck-Areas.
    In short the entire quantum geometric structures and as described by QR fall into place.

    PS.: A further aspect of QR and its foundation on the pentagonal symmetry inherent in the Fibonacci patterns is here indicated.

    Kepler used the five Platonic Solids or five Regular and Uniform Polyhedra to model the solar system.

    Then there are 13 SemiRegular polyhedra, known as the Archimedean Solids; including for example the Icosidodecahedron of 32 faces (20 triangles and 12 pentagons) and of 60 edges and 30 vertices.

    Euler's Theorem for Polyhedra is the Euler Characteristic: V-E+F=2, serving to indicate the topological genus for the polyhedron in connections to manifolds or surfaces.

    For V=Number of Vertices, E=Number of Edges and F=Number of Faces; the Icosidodecahedron qualifies as:

    The five Platonic Solids are:

    1. Tetrahedron:...{V=4; E=6; F=4} with 4-6+4=2
    2. Cube:.............{V=8; E=12; F=6} with 8-12+6=2
    3. Octahedron:.......{V=6; E=12; F=8} with 6-12+8=2
    4. Dodecahedron:.....{V=20; E=30; F=12} with 20-30+12=2
    5. Icosahedron:......{V=12; E=30; F=20} with 12-30+20=2

    The interesting thing from QR's viewpoint is that the superposition of all five Platonic Solids gives V=50=F and E=90.

    In view of our dimensional reduction of Möbian connectivity and the mapping of 3D onto 2D as 3D-hologram of Information as inertial mass transformed into magnetocharged electricity as mass-current; this equality for the 2D-faces with the 1D-vertices should point the way for a physical representation of the surface-mappings in a binary-digital representation of QR's subtimespace.

    Day#-7=Creation-Day#1=Saturday,21February23,615BC-G=Human Embryo in Image
    Day#-5=Creation-Day#3=Monday,23February23,615BC-G=Human Larvae in Image
    Day#-3=Creation-Day#5=Wednesday,25February23,615BC-G=Human Pupa in Image
    Day#-1=Creation-Day#7=Friday,27February,23,615BC-G=Human Imago in Image

    Day#0=Creation-Day#8=Saturday,28February23,615BC-G=Human Path in Image-Mirror

    Day#1=Sunday,01March23,615BC-G=Human Conception in Imagonation
    Day#3=Tuesday,03March23,615BC-G=Human Conception in Pupasation
    Day#5=Thursday,05March23,615BC-G=Human Conception in Larvaeation
    Day#7=Saturday,07March23,615BC-G=Human Conception in Embryonisation


    Cycle1=#9,792=Friday,21December, 23,89BC-G=Human Embryo Initialized from Conception

    Cycle2=#155,889=Friday,21December, 23,189BC-G
    Cycle3=#301,986=Friday,21December, 22,789BC-G
    Cycle4=#448,083=Friday,21December, 22,389BC-G
    Cycle5=#594,180=Friday,21December, 21,989BC-G
    Cycle6=#740,277=Friday,21December, 21,589BC-G
    Cycle7=#886,374=Friday,21December, 21,189BC-G
    Cycle8=#1,032,471=Friday,21December, 20,789BC-G
    Cycle9=#1,178,568=Friday,21December, 20,389BC-G
    Cycle10=#1,324,665=Friday,21December, 19,989BC-G
    Cycle11=#1,470,762=Friday,21December, 19,589BC-G
    Cycle12=#1,616,859=Friday,21December, 19,189BC-G
    Cycle13=#1,762,956=Friday,21December, 18,789BC-G
    Cycle14=#1,909,053=Friday,21December, 18,389BC-G
    Cycle15=#2,055,150=Friday,21December, 17,989BC-G
    Cycle16=#2,201,247=Friday,21December, 17,589BC-G

    Cycle17=#2,347,344=Friday,21December, 17,189BC-G=Human Embryo to Larvae

    Cycle18=#2,493,441=Friday,21December, 16,789BC-G
    Cycle19=#2,639,538=Friday,21December, 16,389BC-G
    Cycle20=#2,785,635=Friday,21December, 15,989BC-G
    Cycle21=#2,931,732=Friday,21December, 15,589BC-G
    Cycle22=#3,077,829=Friday,21December, 15,189BC-G
    Cycle23=#3,223,926=Friday,21December, 14,789BC-G
    Cycle24=#3,370,023=Friday,21December, 14,389BC-G
    Cycle25=#3,516,120=Friday,21December, 13,989BC-G
    Cycle26=#3,662,217=Friday,21December, 13,589BC-G
    Cycle27=#3,808,314=Friday,21December, 13,189BC-G
    Cycle28=#3,954,411=Friday,21December, 12,789BC-G
    Cycle29=#4,100,508=Friday,21December, 12,389BC-G
    Cycle30=#4,246,605=Friday,21December, 11,989BC-G
    Cycle31=#4,392,702=Friday,21December, 11,589BC-G
    Cycle32=#4,538,799=Friday,21December, 11,189BC-G

    Halfway-Point=#4,680,000=Tuesday,26July, 10,802BC-G

    Cycle33=#4,684,896=Friday,21December, 10,789BC-G=Human Larvae to Pupasation

    Cycle34=#4,830,993=Friday,21December, 10,389BC-G
    Cycle35=#4,977,090=Friday,21December, 9989BC-G
    Cycle36=#5,123,187=Friday,21December, 9589BC-G
    Cycle37=#5,269,284=Friday,21December, 9189BC-G
    Cycle38=#5,415,381=Friday,21December, 8789BC-G
    Cycle39=#5,561,478=Friday,21December, 8389BC-G
    Cycle40=#5,707,575=Friday,21December, 7989BC-G
    Cycle41=#5,853,672=Friday,21December, 7589BC-G
    Cycle42=#5,999,769=Friday,21December, 7189BC-G
    Cycle43=#6,145,866=Friday,21December, 6789BC-G
    Cycle44=#6,291,963=Friday,21December, 6389BC-G
    Cycle45=#6,438,060=Friday,21December, 5989BC-G
    Cycle46=#6,584,157=Friday,21December, 5589BC-G
    Cycle47=#6,730,254=JD#-173,463=Friday,31January, 5188BC-Julian
    Cycle48=#6,876,351=JD#-27,366=Friday,28January, 4788BC-Julian

    Cycle49=#7,022,448=JD#118,731=Friday,25January, 4388BC-Julian=Human Puppy to Imago

    Cycle50=#7,168,545=JD#264,828=Friday,22January, 3988BC-Julian
    Cycle51=#7,314,642=JD#410,925=Friday,19January, 3588BC-Julian
    Cycle52=#7,460,739=JD#557,022=Friday,16January, 3188BC-Julian
    Cycle53=#7,606,836=JD#703,119=Friday,13January, 2788BC-Julian
    Cycle54=#7,752,933=JD#849,216=Friday,10January, 2388BC-Julian
    Cycle55=#7,899,030=JD#995,313=Friday,07January, 1988BC-Julian
    Cycle56=#8,045,127=JD#1,141,410=Friday,04January, 1588BC-Julian
    Cycle57=#8,191,224=JD#1,287,507=Friday,01January, 1188BC-Julian
    Cycle58=#8,337,321=JD#1,433,604=Friday,29December, 789BC-Julian
    Cycle59=#8,483,418=JD#1,579,701=Friday,26December, 389BC-Julian
    Cycle60=#8,629,515=JD#1,725,798=Friday,23December, 12-Julian
    Cycle61=#8,775,612=JD#1,871,895=Friday,20December, 412-Julian
    Cycle62=#8,921,709=JD#2,017,992=Friday,17December, 812-Julian
    Cycle63=#9,067,806=JD#2,164,089=Friday,14December, 1212-Julian

    Cycle64=#9,213,903=JD#2,310,186=Friday,21December, 1612-Gregorian

    Cycle65/O=#9,360,000=JD#2,456,283=Friday, 21December, 2012-Gregorian=Human Imago

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