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    The Land of the Dead


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    The Land of the Dead Empty The Land of the Dead

    Post  Didymos on Wed Jun 02, 2010 2:48 pm

    The Land of the Dead


    I am Tony B. and I am sharing this because of an incident which shall become apparent later in the story line.

    The heatwave of the new year transition 2005/2006 wrought havoc to my already tortured body; struck with a disability of motory balance, rendering walking extremely difficult.

    I developed symptoms of pneumonia in my left lung and found breathing exceedingly difficult.

    Then the lung infection migrated from the left lung tissue to its right counterpart, rendering me bedridden again. The slightest movement caused chestpains and then parts of my hands and legs developed numb spots, often cramping up and adding to the pain.

    Now whatever one might call ones innermost identity in ones life, I shall call it soul.

    And my soul decided to escape this torturous situation and I experienced a form of OBE or Out-of-Body-Experience.

    Lucid Dreaming

    I am a lucid dreamer; meaning that I know when I am dreaming. So I remember my dreams in knowing that I am bilocated in the dreamstate.

    I have often dreamt about the past, my working life, adventures and activities and peoples fully aware that I would wake up and find myself in my wretched physical circumstances once again.

    The intensity of my dreams relates to the easiness I walk, run and jump about in my dreams.

    This could be of course a compensation given to me by my soul, freed from the physical impairements during those occasions.

    As I was in the military (Air Force), once I dreamt of the marching drills and my going to the pub afterwards with my friends. Now I would often say to my friends in my dreams that I was dreaming this and that I would not know when I would simply disappear from Dreamland, corresponding with my awakening from the dreamstate.

    Yet there is a graduation of those dreamstates; say one's working life and memories, one's physical remembrances of a healthy body, one's family and friends and so on.

    The following is different and another reason why I am choosing to share this. There is normally a graduation of dreamstates into OBEs into comatosis into death.

    This graduation engages the OBE in a more aprupt manner, say the white tunnel of light and the magnetic attractions experienced by the souls written about.

    Now I am not trying to be presumptious here; but somehow I know that the following is what comes after the white tunnel. The transcension of the vortex of the magnetic source would actually transport the dying person into the Land of the Dead.

    The Land of the Dead

    I found myself in a natural setting of luscious trees, characterised by the shadow giving properties of the former.

    There were people lazying about everywhere, either strolling about or sitting in groups doing nothing in particular.

    Now it must be said that I was located in a specific area, and a setting which so should not be generalised; but there were no cars or traffic, but there were cottages nested amongst the ubiquitous majestic trees.

    Also whilst the place was swarming with peoples, those people were not eating, smoking or consuming anything. I saw no young children or old people either, the ages seemingly ranging from about 20 to 50.

    Ah another one of those dreams I said to myself; lets explore the environment.

    My body was perfect once again and I could effortlessly move about.

    But something felt rather different from my previous experiences; I somehow knew that this place was a transition point, like a airport terminal and that I should ask some pertinent questions.

    There was one guy leaning against a post or something and I approached him.

    "Is this the Land of the Dead?", I asked.

    "Yes", he replied in a manner of matter of fact.

    "I had to ask", I said, "because I do not know how long I will be able to be here. I might suddenly disappear, because I am still alive on earth."

    He shook his head in disbelief and I felt that his understanding was that one either is alive on earth or dead there and not at two places at once.

    "Oh, I am so happy!", I exclaimed loudly moving on; knowing that I could now put my scientific mind into gear and explore the so called afterlife.

    First I went to a post and checked its solidity; it was solid with resistance just as on earth.

    I continued to stroll about observing the grouped people and approached a group of about 10 sitting and standing about a certain spot.

    There was a girl of about 20, whom I went to and took her hand and tried to pinch the skin on her wrist.

    "Does this hurt?", I asked her.

    She did not answer but I felt a kind of ignobility as having offended her.

    This changed suddenly however as our eyes met and we kissed spontaneously.

    "Ah so you liked that", I said.

    The group of about 10 also included what seemed to be two twin brothers in their 30's sitting on a bench about 2 metres apart.

    They had long protruding noses and their personal demeanor and attire induced me to ask them:


    "Rafka(?) and this is our sister", they replied, pointing to the girl I had just interacted with.

    "How did you die?", I continued.

    "Ah, we were sitting in our house when a bomb hit".

    I wandered on now forming more concrete ideas as what to do or look for.

    I also began to think that I might have died on earth and that I now could stay here in the Land of the Dead without continuing my sufferings.

    Stool 408

    I strolled on and came onto another group of mostly youngish women.

    "You know about continents?", I enquired from them; "you know Africa, the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia on earth. What is the geography here?"

    They mumbled a number of complicated names like zigibfilis, figoz.., ?

    Anyway I got the impression that this place was huge.

    I went on and asked a bypasser: "How do I meet my daughter Deborah, who committed suicide on earth?"

    "Go to a receptionist desk", he replied, pointing to a pulpit-like wooden construction nearby.

    I went there and met a say 50 year old man.

    "Can you give me an express way to meet my daughter Debbie, please".

    "Sure wait for my call", he answered and I noticed that a number of peoples were gathered waiting for their names to be called.

    But what a confused and chaotic setup I thought, it should be organised.They did not even ask me for my name.

    Yet, after only a short while I did not hear an audible, but a mental or holographic image voice:


    This was my name and I had not conveyed this name to the receptionist.

    So I went to the receptionist and he said to me:

    "She's working - Stool 408, not 48 but 4-0-8".

    "Thanking You", I said and continuing, "you know that I could just disappear from here. I am unsure if I am really dead or not on earth; but if I am alive on earth than this information about the Land of the Dead can help a lot of people down there."

    He looked at me and simply nodded approvingly, "indeed".

    He continued, addressing his motivation of being a receptionist: "Here I can talk to the doctor after leaving the consultancy room and I am appreciated, whilst before noone really cared".

    I left the receptionist and asked someone what a stool number was.

    The someone pointed at little wooden pegs, like street markers associated with the cottages in the Land of the Dead.

    So I went to one of those markers and it read 22.

    Now where do I go from here I pondered, when a most dreaded feeling invaded my soul space.

    I was still alive on earth and just about to wake up, before I could meet Debbie and further investigate the Land of the Dead.

    Tony Bermanseder, authenticated January 6/7 2006.

    PS.: Personal Analysis

    The reader should know, that normal social etiquette and conformities do not generally apply in either dreamstates or OBEs.

    Neither does logic as generally applied in the context of space and time.

    One must learn to think logically in a learning curve, rather similar to any good educational processes.

    My understanding of the subject matter from both the scientific, and the philosophical or spiritual perspective is that I found myself indeed at a junction point in the Land of the Dead.

    All people were very friendly where I found myself, characterised by a common consciousness, say the seeming lazying about.

    My daughter Debbie 'was working' and at a different location which I experienced; say the stool numbers at my location were around 22, whilst Debbie was at 408.

    The Bulgarians seemingly had not moved on from their sudden death when their earthly house was bombed. They were still sitting about, just being themselves.

    The groups of young women reminded me of earthly drug abusers and their respective peer groups.

    So I can see interwoven and graduating vibration levels without sickness, disability and a complete freedom of choice.

    All endeavour is completely left to the individual; subject to the individual's mental awareness and inquisitivity.

    If one has a question, one simply asks at a receptionist desk, where the receptionist knows wherto one should be directed to satisfy ones requests.

    I shall end here with the simple statement that many mourners and distressed people may find solace with respect to this shared experience.

    The reality of the soul is beyond question in my experience and the transient earthly body has a shadow counterpart, but DNA perfected - in the Land of the Dead.

    Love and Insights to All.
    Tony B.
    Eric B
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    The Land of the Dead Empty Re: The Land of the Dead

    Post  Eric B on Wed Jun 09, 2010 9:59 pm

    Incredible to think that everyone incarnate has the ability to choose their destiny in soul, here and in the now. I assume there will be little difference in energetic core geometries expressed from soul since the Vastness of god appeases all unique properties.

    Alienne Laval
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    The Land of the Dead Empty Re: The Land of the Dead

    Post  Alienne Laval on Sat Jun 12, 2010 11:42 am

    You simply find your "destination point", you perceive that by growing contendedness. We could live all that on earth already, but the Logos departed too far from Psyche (Soul), finally behaving if it had a reality of its own.

    Souls are very submissive (in earthly terms), they love to help and do chores; but they often suffer the self-separated Logos that does not feedback.

    asha ⭐

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    The Land of the Dead Empty Re: The Land of the Dead

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