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    Why the Mayan 'Times of the Old Humanity' END in Mayan 'Times of the New StarHumanity'


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    Why the Mayan 'Times of the Old Humanity' END in Mayan 'Times of the New StarHumanity' Empty Why the Mayan 'Times of the Old Humanity' END in Mayan 'Times of the New StarHumanity'

    Post  Didymos on Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:14 pm

    Mayan Tzolkin Calendar of 260 multiplets aligned to the Timeline of the Logos

    The Mayan Calendar as a Holofractal

    This message will corroborate on the information published and shared by Serafina de Whynot aka Susan eXchanger aka Susan Lynne Kitsinu.

    These messages therefore shall represent a joint endeavour between Serafina's Information and the Thuban data stream.

    Correlation shall indicate the RESETTING of the Mayan Calendar at the December 21st, 2012 nexus date and so begin to describe the New Age of the Starhumanity following the birth of the Starhuman Super (or Christ) Consciousness following the 'End' of the Mayan long count calendar.

    We shall also describe the Last 33 New Moons and 33 Full Moons leading up to and completing this Mayan long count calendrical keeping of linear time.

    As a Lunation or Synodic lunar month comprises about 29.53 (mean solar days) and so the Moon astrologically occupies a 'sign' for about 2½ (mean solar days); I shall associate two adjacent starsigns with the Conjunction of the New Moon (allowing Solar Eclipses) and the Opposition of the Full Moon (allowing Lunar Eclipses).

    For this purpose then the (+) symbol will refer to the following sign and the ( -) symbol to the preceding sign in 'astrogenetic energy' intersection; whilst no symbol means a relative central conjunction/opposition for the 30 degree spread per astrosign.

    The 20 Mayan Sun signs or Glyphs repeat in 20x13=260 Days/Kin to describe the Tzolkin.

    The 20 Mayan/Aztec-Sun Signs

    Sun Sign





















    Day #1=Maya#1/1/1IMIX=May 27th, 2010 =1st Full Moon in Scorpio(+)=Start of 1st Mayan 260 Kin Cycle of the Great Transformation

    Day#17=Maya#1/17/1CABAN=June 12th, 2010=1st New Moon in Gemini

    Day#31=Maya#1/31/2CHUEN=June 26th, 2010=2nd Full Moon in Sagittarius(++)

    Day#46=Maya#1/46/3CIMI=July 11th, 2010=2nd New Moon in (-)Cancer

    Day#61=Maya#1/61/4IMIX=July 26th, 2010=3rd Full Moon in (-)Aquarius

    Day#76=Maya#1/76/4CIB=August 10th, 2010=3rd New Moon in Leo

    Day#90=Maya#1/90/5OC=August 24th, 2010=4th Full Moon in Aquarius(+)

    Day#105=Maya#1/105/6KAN=September 8th, 2010=4th New Moon in (-)Virgo

    Day#120=Maya#1/120/6AHAU=September 23rd, 2010=5th Full Moon in Pisces(+)

    Day#134=Maya#1/134/7IX=October 7th, 2010=5th New Moon in (-)Libra

    Day#150=Maya#1/150/8OC=October 23rd, 2010=6th Full Moon in Aries(++)

    Day#164=Maya#1/164/9KAN=November 6th, 2010=6th New Moon in Scorpio

    Day#179=Maya#1/179/9CAUAC=November 21st, 2010=7th Full Moon in Taurus

    Day#193=Maya#1/193/10BEN=December 5th, 2010=7th New Moon in (-)Sagittarius

    Day#209=Maya#1/209/11MULUC=December 21st, 2010=8th Full Moon in Gemini(+)

    Day#223=Maya#1/223/12AKBAL=January 4th, 2011=8th New Moon in (-)Capricorn

    Day#238=Maya#1/238/12EDZNAB=January 19th, 2011=9th Full Moon in Cancer

    Day#253=Maya#1/253/13BEN=February 3rd, 2011=9th New Moon in Aquarius
    Day#260=Maya#1/260/13AHAU=February 10th, 2011=End of 1st Mayan 260 Kin Cycle of the Great Transformation

    Day#261=Maya#2/1/14IMIX=February 11th, 2011=Start of 2nd Mayan 260 Kin Cycle of the Great Transformation


    Day#268=Maya#2/8/14LAMAT=February 18th, 2011=10th Full Moon in Leo(+)

    Day#282=Maya#2/22/15IK=March 4th, 2011=10th New Moon in (-) Pisces

    Day#297=Maya#2/37/15CABAN=March 19th, 2011=11th Full Moon in Virgo

    Day#312=Maya#2/52/16EB=April 3rd, 2011=11th New Moon in (-)Aries

    Day#327=Maya#2/67/17MANIK=April 18th, 2011=12th Full Moon in Libra(+)

    Day#342=Maya#2/82/18IK=May 3rd, 2011=12th New Moon in (-)Taurus

    Day#356=Maya#2/96/18CIB=May 17th, 2011=13th Full Moon in Scorpio

    Day#371=Maya#2/111/19CHUEN=June 1st, 2011=13th New Moon in (--)Gemini

    Day#385=Maya#2/125/20CHICCAN=June 15th, 2011=14th Full Moon in Sagittarius

    Day#401=Maya#2/141/21IMIX=July 1st, 2011=14th New Moon in (-)Cancer=Black Moon Begin 2011

    Day#415=Maya#2/155/21MEN=July 15th, 2011=15th Full Moon in Capricorn

    Day#430=Maya#2/170/22OC=July 30th, 2011=15th New Moon in Cancer(+)=Black Moon End 2011

    Day#444=Maya#2/184/23KAN=August 13th, 2011=16th Full Moon in Aquarius

    Day#460=Maya#2/200/23AHAU=August 29th, 2011=16th New Moon in (-)Virgo

    Day#474=Maya#2/214/24IX=September 12th, 2011=17th Full Moon in Pisces

    Day#489=Maya#2/229/25MULUC=September 27th, 2011=17th New Moon in Virgo(+)

    Day#504=Maya#2/244/26KAN=October 12th, 2011=18th Full Moon in Aries

    Day#518=Maya#2/258/26EDZNAB=October 26th, 2011=18th New Moon in Libra(+)


    Day#520=Maya#2/260/26AHAU=October 28th, 2011=End of the 2nd Mayan 260 Kin Cycle of the Great Transformation

    Day#521=Maya#3/1/27IMIX=October 29th, 2011=Start of 3rd Mayan 260 Kin Cycle of the Great Transformation


    Day#533=Maya#3/13/27BEN=November 10th, 2011=19th Full Moon in (-)Taurus

    Day#548=Maya#3/28/28LAMAT=November 25th, 2011=19th New Moon in Scorpio(++)

    Day#563=Maya#3/43/29AKBAL=December 10th, 2011=20th Full Moon in Gemini

    Day#577=Maya#3/57/29CABAN=December 24th, 2011=20th New Moon in Sagittarius(+)

    Day#593=Maya#3/73/30AKBAL=January 9th, 2012=21st Full Moon in Cancer

    Day#607=Maya#3/87/31MANIK=January 23rd, 2012=21st New Moon in Capricorn(++)

    Day#622=Maya#3/102/32IK=February 7th, 2012=22nd Full Moon in (-)Leo

    Day#636=Maya#3/116/32CIB=February 21st, 2012=22nd New Moon in Aquarius(+)

    Day#652=Maya#3/132/33EB=March 8th, 2012=23rd Full Moon in Virgo

    Day#666=Maya#3/146/34CIMI=March 22nd, 2012=23rd New Moon in Pisces(+)


    Day#676=Maya#3/156/34CIB=April 1st, 2012=Pregnancy of Gaia Begins with 70 weeks of Daniel


    Day#681=Maya#3/161/35IMIX=April 6th, 2012=24th Full Moon in (-)Libra

    Day#696=Maya#3/176/35CIB=April 21st, 2012=24th New Moon in Aries(+)

    Day#711=Maya#3/191/36CHUEN=May 6th, 2012=25th Full Moon in Scorpio

    Day#725=Maya#3/205/37CHICCAN=May 20th, 2012=25th New Moon in Taurus

    Day#740=Maya#3/220/37AHAU=June 4th, 2012=26th Full Moon in (-)Sagittarius

    Day#755=Maya#3/235/38MEN=June 19th, 2012=26th New Moon in Gemini

    Day#769=Maya#3/249/39MULUC=July 3rd, 2012=27th Full Moon in (-)Capricorn


    Day#780=Maya#3/260/39AHAU=July 14th, 2012=End of the 3rd Mayan 260 Kin Cycle of the Great Transformation

    Day#781=Maya#4/1/40IMIX=July 15th, 2012=Start of the 4th Mayan 260 Kin Cycle of the Great Transformation


    Day#785=Maya#4/5/40CHICCAN=July 19th, 2012=27th New Moon in Cancer(+)

    Day#799=Maya#4/19/40CAUAC=August 2nd, 2012=28th Full Moon in (-)Aquarius=Blue Moon Begin 2012

    Day#814=Maya#4/34/41IX=August 17th, 2012=28th New Moon in Leo

    Day#828=Maya#4/48/42LAMAT=August 31st, 2012=29th Full Moon in (--)Pisces=Blue Moon End 2012

    Day#844=Maya#4/64/43KAN=September 16th, 2012=29th New Moon in Virgo(+)

    Day#858=Maya#4/78/43EDZNAB=September 30th, 2012=30th Full Moon in (-)Aries

    Day#873=Maya#4/93/44BEN=October 15th, 2012=30th New Moon in Libra

    Day#887=Maya#4/107/45MANIK=October 29th, 2012=31st Full Moon in Aries(+)

    Day#902=Maya#4/122/46IK=November 13th, 2012=31st New Moon in (-)Scorpio

    Day#917=Maya#4/137/46CABAN=November 28th, 2012=32nd Full Moon in Taurus(++)

    Day#932=Maya#4/152/47EB=December 13th, 2012=32nd New Moon in Sagittarius

    Day#940=Maya#4/160/47AHAU=December 21st, 2012=RESETTING of the Tzolkin in Glyph=Glyph*

    Day#941=Maya#4/161/48IMIX=1IMIX*=December 22nd, 2012

    Day#947=Maya#4/167/48MANIK=1MANIK*=December 28th, 2012=33rd Full Moon in (--)Cancer

    Day#961=Maya#4/181/49IMIX=2IMIX*=January 11th, 2013=33rd New Moon in (-)Capricorn

    Day#=977=Maya#4/197/49CABAN=2CABAN*=January 27th, 2013=34th Full Moon in (-)Leo

    Day#991=Maya#4/211/50CHUEN=3CHUEN*=February 10th, 2013=34th New Moon in Aquarius

    Day#1006=Maya#4/226/51CIMI=4CIMI*=February 25th, 2013=35th Full Moon in Leo(+)

    Day#1020=Maya#4/240/51AHAU=4AHAU*=March 11th, 2013=35th New Moon in Pisces

    Day#1036=Maya#4/256/52CIB=5CIB*=March 27th, 2013=36th Full Moon in (--)Libra

    Day#1037=Maya#4/257/52CABAN=5CABAN*=March 28th, 2013

    Day#1038=Maya#4/258/52EDZNAB=5EDZNAB*=March 29th, 2013

    Day#1039=Maya#4/259/52CAUAC=5CAUAC*=March 30th, 2013

    Day#1040=Maya#4/260/52AHAU=5AHAU*=March 31st, 2013=End of the 4th Mayan 260 Kin Cycle of the Great Transformation

    Day#1041=Maya#5/1/53IMIX=6IMIX*=April 1st, 2013=


    Day#1050=Maya#5/10/53OC=6OC*=April 10th, 2013=36th New Moon in Aries

    Day#1065=Maya#5/25/54CHICCAN=7CHICCAN*=April 25th, 2013=37th Full Moon in Libra(+)

    Day#1080=Maya#5/40/54AHAU=7AHAU*=May 10th, 2013=37th New Moon in Taurus

    Day#1095=Maya#5/55/55MEN=8MEN*=May 25th, 2013=38th Full Moon in (--)Sagittarius

    Day#1109=Maya#5/69/56MULUC=9MULUC*=June 8th, 2013=38th New Moon in Gemini

    Day#1124=Maya#5/84/57KAN=10KAN*=June 23rd, 2013=39th Full Moon in Sagittarius(+)

    Day#1139=Maya#5/99/57CAUAC=10CAUAC*=July 8th, 2013=39th New Moon in Cancer

    Day#1153=Maya#5/113/58BEN=11BEN*=July 22nd, 2013=40th Full Moon in Capricorn

    Day#1165=Maya#5/125/59CHICCAN=12CHICCAN*=August 3rd, 2013=Last Day of 70 Weeks of Daniel

    Day#1166=Maya#5/126/59CIMI=12CIMI*=August 4th, 2013=Resetting of Cosmic Plumed Serpent Office


    Day#1168=Maya#5/128/59LAMAT=12LAMAT*=August 6th, 2013=40th New Moon in (-)Leo


    Day#1180=Maya#5/140/59AHAU=12AHAU*=August 18th, 2013=

    Day#1181=Maya#5/141/60IMIX=13IMIX*=August 19th, 2013=


    Day#1183=Maya#5/143/60AKBAL=13AKBAL*=August 21st, 2013=1st Full Moon in Aquarius(+)


    Day#1198=Maya#5/158/60EDZNAB=13EDZNAB*=September 5th, 2013=1st New Moon in (-)Virgo

    Day#1199=Maya#5/159/60CAUAC=13CAUAC*=September 6th, 2013

    Day#1200=Maya#5/160/60AHAU=13AHAU*=September 7th, 2013


    Day#1212=Maya#5/172/61EB=14EB*=September 19th, 2013=2nd Full Moon in Pisces(+)

    Day#1228=Maya#5/188/62LAMAT=15LAMAT*=October 5th, 2013=2nd New Moon in Libra

    Day#1241=Maya#5/201/63IMIX=16IMIX*=October 18th, 2013=3rd Full Moon in Aries

    Day#1257=Maya#5/217/63CABAN=16CABAN*=November 3rd, 2012=3rd New Moon(-)Scorpio

    Day#1271=Maya#5/231/64CHUEN=17CHUEN*=November 17th, 2012=4th Full Moon in Taurus

    Day#1287=Maya#5/247/65MANIK=18MANIK*=December 3rd, 2012=4th New Moon in Sagittarius

    Day#1300=Maya#5/260/65AHAU=18AHAU*=December 16th, 2013=End of Mayan Tzolkin Correlation

    Day#1301=Maya#6/1/1/66IMIX=19IMIX*=December 17th, 2013=5th Full Moon in Gemini(+)

    The Birth of the New StarHumanity so will be completed after the completion of 45 Full Moons and encompassing 44 New Moons in a 1300 Day/Kin Count for the Mayan Tzolkin in 5 Tzolkin Cycles reflecting the 5x13=65 Baktun Cycles of 65x144,000=9,360,000 Days/Kin or the Great Precessional Mayan (Civil Year) Count of 25,626.81 or 25,626.83 (Tropical).

    This correlates and calibrates the Mayan Tzolkin with the Timeline of the World Logos.

    The Maya did not ascend physically, but the group consciousness; establishing a form of harmonization between the Circular degree count with the day count of a 'season defined year'; 'timewarped' itself and left the Gaian sphere after establishing the 'World-Tree' and say as described in the Calleman cosmology of the 10 tiers of Consciousness represented and symbolised in the Bolon Yokte Mayan Pyramid:

    Why the Mayan 'Times of the Old Humanity' END in Mayan 'Times of the New StarHumanity' 9-levels-evolution-pyramid-calleman
    Bolon Yokte, the nine-step god with the nine waves of evolution.

    The Maya then RETURNED; within the Logos Worldtree defined warptime loop; in the manifestation of their original encodings of the 'mapped' 2012 end-date through the office of the 'Plumed Serpent' on May 27th, 2010 to allow the RECALIBRATION of the 'Time of the Old Humanity' begun 65 Baktun counts preceding that end-date (March 23,615 BC) to Start a 'Time for the New StarHumanity' and as exposited in this message from the rememberers.

    As can be ascertained from the Mayan day-count calculus following; the INITIAL day/kin count is in a count of 18 and which multiplied by 20 gives the Tun of 360 Kin corresponding to the degrees in a circle and say as the 'Great Platonic Year of the Precession' in the 'Ancient Year' of 360 Day-Degrees also utilized in the Timeline of the Logos in the encoding of the scriptures.

    So the uppermost Vinal of the 20 Kin/Days MIXES the 18 day-degree count of the 'Sacred Platonic Geometry' of the Pentagon:

    {Golden Mean X=2sin(18°)=0.61803398...

    from Euler's Identity exp[iπ]=XY=X+Y=-1=i²=cos(π)+isin(π)}

    with the 'Ancient Year' of 360 Days and the HAAB for a solar 365 day/kin count from a 13x28=364 lunar day/kin count to the indicated celestial mechanics of the frame referential 'time reckonings', based on astrological seasons and time keepings.

    Then the Gregorian Civil Year approximates the Sidereal 'background stars' (365.25636) - and Tropical 'zodiacal' (365.24219) Years in the 400-year cycle of 400x365.2425=146,097 (mean solar) Days in the 'Gregorian-Civil' Calendar used by 'scientifically standardized' contemporary human civilisation.

    The Mayan Calendar so synchronizes with the Civil Calendar in the '400 Civil Years' becoming the 20x20=400 stepwise geometric progression of the Mayan Pyramid (say Bolon Yokte) of the 13-tieredness of the Tzokin and as described in the Calleman 'World-Tree of the Consciousness'.

    This Calibration then 'quantizes' or holofractalizes this 'long count' with the 1300 day/kins of the 45 Full Moons to RESET the Mayan Calendar not as a 'standard' New Year; but as a RECALIBRATION between the Old Human Culture of uncalibrated systems for the 'time counts' and the New StarHuman Culture of tjhe Calibration in the 'sacred geometry' then attuned to the methodology of 'modern starhuman omni-science'.


    3.-Tun=360=20Vinals~0.99 CY for 13Tun~12.8 Civil Years CY = 13 Ancient Years
    4.-Katun=7,200=20Tun~19.7 CY for 13Katun~256.3 CY
    5.-Baktun=144,000=20Katun~394.3 CY for 13Baktuns~5,125.4 CY
    6.-Pictun=2,880,000=20Baktun~7,885 CY for 13Pictun~102,507 CY
    7.-Calabtun=57,600,000=20Pictun~157,703 CY for 13Calabtun~2.05 Million CY
    8.-Kinchiltun=1,152,000,000=20Calabtun~3.154 Million CY for 41 Million CY (x13)
    9.-Alautun=23,040,000,000=20Kinchiltun~63.08 Million CY for 820 Million CY (x13)
    10.-Hablatun=460,800,000,000=20Alautun~1.26 Million CY for 16.40 Billion CY (x13)

    The purpose of the Maya so was to manifest the cosmic archetypology as a nested or holofractal cosmology from the age of the universe to the cyclic day/kin count.

    Why the Mayan 'Times of the Old Humanity' END in Mayan 'Times of the New StarHumanity' Copyof9steps

    All my love,

    Sui♥️ http://birthofgaia.heavenforum.org

    3.-Tun=360=20Vinals~0.99 CY for 13Tun~12.8 Civil Years CY = 13 Ancient Years
    4.-Katun=7,200=20Tun~19.7 CY for 13Katun~256.3 CY
    5.-Baktun=144,000=20Katun~394.3 CY for 13Baktuns~5,125.4 CY
    6.-Pictun=2,880,000=20Baktun~7,885 CY for 13Pictun~102,507 CY
    7.-Calabtun=57,600,000=20Pictun~157,703 CY for 13Calabtun~2.05 Million CY
    8.-Kinchiltun=1,152,000,000=20Calabtun~3.154 Million CY for 41 Million CY (x13)
    9.-Alautun=23,040,000,000=20Kinchiltun~63.08 Million CY for 820 Million CY (x13)
    10.-Hablatun=460,800,000,000=20Alautun~1.26 Million CY for 16.40 Billion CY (x13)
    Why the Mayan 'Times of the Old Humanity' END in Mayan 'Times of the New StarHumanity' UnderworldsM
    The purpose of the Maya so was to manifest the cosmic archetypology as a nested or holofractal cosmology from the age of the universe to the cyclic day/kin count.

    Bluey TonyLove with Serafina de Whynot; TWO of the Maya returned in the ONE Office of the Plumed Serpent - reconfiguring the 'Fall' and the 'Wars between the Worlds'!

    In Lak'ech - May the Love of the Cosmic Logos of all the Worlds guide your Understandings and lead you all into your Remembrances and the forgotten wisdom of and about yourselves as your very own other yourselves.


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    Why the Mayan 'Times of the Old Humanity' END in Mayan 'Times of the New StarHumanity' Empty Technology of Telepathy

    Post  SuiGeneris on Wed Jun 23, 2010 4:46 pm

    Technology of Telepathy

    Why the Mayan 'Times of the Old Humanity' END in Mayan 'Times of the New StarHumanity' Telektonon
    Telektonon Earth Spirit Speaking Tube, Technology of Telepathy

    The purpose of Telektonon is to overcome the power of false time and restore the
    power of true time. Since telepathy is a function of true time, to play the Telektonon
    is to rediscover the technology of telepathy. Because all of humanity is now living
    and following the curse of false time, the thirteen moon Telektonon and the return
    of telepathy is a universal antidote for all of humanity.

    Time is a frequency. The frequency of true time is 13:20, thirteen moons, 20 fingers
    and toes. The frequency of false time is 12:60, twelve-month calendar and
    60-minute hour.

    12:60 time is “false” because it limits the mind and consequent life style to the third
    dimension. 13:20 time is “true” because it liberates the mind and consequent life
    style into the fourth dimension. While the third dimension is physical and knowable
    to the senses, the fourth dimension is telepathic and knowable to the mind.
    Through playing Telektonon, our third-dimensional reality is reorganized by
    fourth-dimensional, telepathic knowing.

    Source: Goldenone on June 23, 2010 at 11:08am in 5D Topics

    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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    Why the Mayan 'Times of the Old Humanity' END in Mayan 'Times of the New StarHumanity' Empty The Journey of Timeship Earth

    Post  SuiGeneris on Wed Jun 23, 2010 5:40 pm

    Why the Mayan 'Times of the Old Humanity' END in Mayan 'Times of the New StarHumanity' JLCCEpcotsSpaceshipEarth

    The Journey of Timeship Earth!!!
    The Journey of Timeship Earth
    The Gift
    Time Shift 1992
    The time of the gift
    One wavespell maps the adventure
    That unlocks all wavespells
    Charting the Dreamspell journey
    Of Timeship Earth 2013

    From the time of the Monkey Genesis in the middle of the Blue Western Castle of
    Burning, the planetary kin lived by following and practicing the magic of the Thirteen
    Moons. Descended from the twenty solar tribes, each planetary kin possesses twenty
    fingers and toes. In this way the planetary kin of the Monkey Genesis Dreamspell of
    Magic lived according to the lunar:solar ratio of 13:20.

    The 13:20 ratio is the base operating cycle of Timeship Earth. Thirteen moons, twenty
    solar tribes living in harmony sustain Timeship Earth in its orbit around the sun.
    Then came the time for the planetary kin to complete the Monkey Genesis and enter
    the Moon Genesis. According to the Dreamspell code of the castles, upon leaving the
    Southern Yellow Castle of Giving and entering the Green Castle of Enchantment, the
    planetary kin were to receive the gift of the increased 13:260 Timeship Earth operating

    In the profound space between the Monkey Genesis ending and the Moon Genesis
    beginning of the Enchanted Castle a trick was played, a theft occurred, power was
    usurped. How? And why?

    The current Dreamspell of Timeship Earth is now approaching its twenty six thousand
    year finale. This Dreamspell is only the most recent Dreamspell cast in the planetary
    system of the Sun. Numerous times before on different planets within the local star
    system had Dreamspells been cast. Not all of these Dreamspells ended well.

    One planet was destroyed, Maldek, the fifth planet out from the Sun, is now known as
    the asteroid belt. Its history lost, the debris of its Dreamspell still holds Maldek’s orbital

    Catastrophic disturbances also occurred on Mars, the fourth planet out. The power that
    once animated Maldek and Mars was now absorbed and appropriated by Jupiter, the
    sixth planet, and held in check by Saturn, the seventh.

    Jealous of their increased power, forces on Jupiter and Saturn conspired against the
    planetary kin receiving the gift of the 13:260 ratio. This gift would have given Earth
    equal power and would have established a direct connection between Earth and Uranus,
    the eighth planet.

    For just as Earth is the third planet out from the Sun, so is Uranus the third planet in from
    the galaxy. Together Earth and Uranus hold the orbital balance of the solar system.
    Both Earth and Uranus have two planetary orbits on either side of them. As long as
    Jupiter and Saturn held the power of Maldek and Mars, the channel between Earth and
    Uranus was closed. Instead of the 13:260 ratio already stored deep within the crystal
    core of Timeship Earth, the planetary kin received the 12:60 ratio, the dark Dreamspell
    of History. The promise of Galactic Time Magic and Cosmic Selfhood was stolen from
    the planetary kin.

    The purpose of the twelve was to erase all memory of the Monkey Genesis when the
    planetary kin, men and women equal in their magic powers, lived by the Thirteen Moons.
    So the thirteenth moon was dismembered and added on as extra days to the calendar of

    This absorption of the thirteen into the twelve was called an improvement by the male
    impostor priests hypnotized by the combined powers of Jupiter and Saturn. It takes
    twelve years for Jupiter to orbit once around the Sun. It takes sixty years for Jupiter and
    Saturn to be conjunct.

    Twelve times five equals sixty, one sixth of the flat three hundred sixty degree circle.
    The difference between twelve and five is seven. While the priests of the calendar of
    ancient babylon banished the power of the Thirteen Moons, they replaced that power
    with the power of seven.

    While the twelve diminished the power of thirteen by one, the sixty raised the power of
    twenty by three. A seeming increase in power occurred, but an increase only on the flat
    plane of third dimensional time to which the planetary kin were now consigned.
    With the banishment of the Thirteen Moons, the fourth-dimensional time magic of
    the planetary kin became the property of the priest class. Setting up religions and
    governments to maintain the kin within the third dimension, the priests were assured
    that anyone having fourth-dimensional experiences either be appropriated by religion
    and government or else be destroyed.

    From the outset, once the 12:60 ratio became the standard of the Dreamspell of History,
    the planetary kin were placed increasingly out of phase with Timeship Earth which still
    operated on the base 13:20 ratio.

    Only in Central America and Mexico, far from the priests of Babylon, did the calendar
    of thirteen flourish during the Dreamspell of History. Despite their own corruption, the
    priests called Maya kept both the calendar of thirteen and the memory of Venus, the
    cosmic starlight initiating the Moon Genesis. In this way the 13:20 operating ratio of
    Timeship Earth continued to be maintained far into the Central Enchanted Castle of the
    Moon Genesis.

    Even so, five hundred years ago, did the priests and warriors of the 12:60 ratio venge and
    destroy as much as they could of the knowledge and memory of the Mayan 13:20 ratio.
    This accomplished, the mission of Timeship Earth went into hibernation.

    The 12:60 ratio was now triumphant over all the planet. Third-dimensional time could
    now be mechanized. While offering the magically dispossessed planetary kin increased
    material wealth, comfort, and power through application of the template “time is money,”
    the male priesthood now confounded all memory of the thirteen with ignorance and

    Despite the sinister materialism of the male priesthood, the subtle power of the Castle
    of Enchantment continued to move forward. The Dreamspell of History paved its own
    shortsighted path over the last few steps of the twentieth wavespell. All the while, saints,
    martyrs, poets, and visionaries of every kind beckoned to humanity with their glimpses
    of the Timeship and its glorious destiny.

    Operating in disregard of the natural 13:20 ratio of Timeship Earth, the civilization of
    the Dreamspell of History increasingly took on the quality of a time warp.

    Fourth-dimensional time is radial, shooting out in every direction simultaneously from
    the ever-present now. The radial simultaneity of fourth-dimensional time creates a
    holosphere of ever more complex orders of synchronicity.

    Operating exclusively by its own power, third-dimensional time is flat. Like a phonograph
    record, the time warp of the third dimension is but a thin slice of the total holosphere of
    fourth-dimensional time.

    Like a phonograph record, the time warp is limited in size and duration. No more than
    fifty-two hundred years are available to be recorded in the grooves of the record, and
    then no more can be recorded. Naturally the priests of third-dimensional time are blind
    to the limits of the record upon which they are recording and being recorded.

    So it was that on August 16, 1987, the recording of the 12:60 ratio came to its end. The
    needle is now skipping wildly over the record as the priests try to continue the recording.
    Strange sounds, dissonances, deja vus occur with wild insistence. The great awakening
    has already begun.

    The Dreamspell of History shattering, the Time of the Gift of the 13:260 ratio has
    returned once again. That time is the Time Shift, July 26, 1992, when the reactivated
    Timeship Earth will arise everywhere within the midst of the shattered flatland record of
    the third dimension.

    The gift for leaving the 12:60 ratio and entering the 13:260 ratio is the Thirteen Moon
    calendar for casting the Planetary Service Wavespell. Keyed to the Dreamspell Journey
    Board, the Thirteen Moon wavespell unlocks all castle wavespells and opens the two
    hundred sixty galactic gateways of Timeship Earth.

    Thirteen perfect moons of twenty-eight days each. Each moon a perfect reflection of
    every other moon. In sequence, each of the thirteen moons carries one of thirteen galactic

    Thirteen perfect moons, one perfect wavespell. The thirteen moon wavespell, a perfect
    reflection of the castle wavespell.

    The first moon is the Magnetic gate. The next three moons are the first three chambers of
    the wavespell. The fifth moon is the Overtone tower. The next three moons are the next
    three chambers. The ninth moon is the Solar tower followed by the last three chambers
    of the wavespell. The thirteenth moon is the Cosmic gate.

    Magic flight occurs on the free Green Day between the last day of the thirteenth Cosmic
    moon and the first day of the first Magnetic moon. The free Green Day synchronizes
    with July 25 on the present solar calendar. The first day of the Magnetic moon is July 26.
    The purpose of the Thirteen Moon calendar is to gather together the service of the
    planetary kin on behalf of Timeship Earth. Like any wavespell, the Planetary Service
    Wavespell of the Thirteen Moon calendar follows the same template of adventure and
    time magic as the castle wavespells.

    All twenty wavespells of the 13:260 ratio are mapped on the Dreamspell Journey Board.
    While the Thirteen Moon wavespell serves to convert third to fourth dimensional time,
    the twenty wavespells of the Journey Board map all of the radial overtones of fourth dimensional time.

    By surrendering the 12:60 ratio and accepting the wavespell perfection of the Thirteen
    Moon calendar, all planetary kin will discover their own galactic gateways.

    Following the Time Shift, July 26, 1992, the planetary kin can take advantage of the
    stored power of the Castle of Enchantment.

    Through application of the overtone magic of galactic time, within twenty years the
    planetary kin can complete the Journey of Timeship Earth 2013.
    With nothing left to lose and nowhere else to go, it is time for all planetary kin to enter
    the adventure of Timeship Earth.

    The Earth shall prevail
    The garden shall be renewed
    The magical power of the kin shall be restored
    The time tunnel between Earth and Uranus
    Shall be opened
    The Moon Genesis of magic flight shall be fulfilled
    The Galactic Dreamspell shall be
    Successfully entered at last

    June 23, 2010 at 10:13am in 5D Topics

    "Because of a great love, one is courageous" Lao Tzu

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