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    " Poppy, we are soon going to Andromeda!"


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    " Poppy, we are soon going to Andromeda!"  Empty " Poppy, we are soon going to Andromeda!"

    Post  Didymos on Mon Jun 28, 2010 11:56 am

    The Mayan mystery of 2012 and ET-messages from Hunab Ku

    Decoder-Jordan-Michael (DJ) and Sarah Kate exclaim to their GrandPa Tony:
    " Poppy, we are soon going to Andromeda!"

    A child observing the starry sky, might experience a deep longing to 'go there'. The child might feel a deep sense of being a starchild and of coming from or of being destined of going there.

    And indeed, the child's bodily form consists of stardust, as science popularisers like Carl Sagan have told their media approved audiences. The material of solar systems and their planets and lifeforms are largely constituent of third generation stardust derived from supernova explosions in a well studied and analysed nucleosynthetic transformation of the matter found in the universe since the latter's birth from its primordial stringplasma about 19 billion years ago.

    But how can a terrestrial spaceship travel to the stars and other galaxies?

    The physical universe observed is analysed by cosmologists and astrophysicists and other scientists, amateur and professional and is found to obey particular 'laws of nature'.

    Those laws, formulated in the universally applicable language of mathematics are continually refined and are made subject to experimental validification in the modus operandi of the 'human scientific endeavour' termed the 'scientific method'.
    Those laws then have shown, that no material object, including the embodiment of the child DJ; can travel at a speed exceeding the 'speed of light', calculated at so 300,000 kilometers per second.

    The Andromeda galaxy, sister to the Milky Way in the Local Group of galaxies and part of the local Virgo supercluster, is so 2.5 million lightyears away. This distance of about 24 billion billion kilometers would so take about 80 trillion seconds or 2.5 million years to transverse.

    As a consequence, the professional nondreamers discourage children like DJ to ponder their plans of journeying to the stars. If it takes 8 years to travel at lightspeed to one of the nearest stars in Sirius; and if it takes so 26,000 years to journey to the center of our own milky Way galaxy; then there is no chance to ever achieve intergalactic travelling in human lifetimes.

    But those selfsame nondreaming scientists have also discounted the flight of the bumble-bee and the travelling through air of decaton Jumbo jets, based upon the 'lawsof nature' as they understood the latter at those nexus points of the historical timelines of the prevalent sciences.

    By demonstratitive effect of the bumble-bee and transatlantic flights in prototypical aircraft; the scientific experts soon found the mathematics hidden in their books and journals of knowledge. Aerodynamic fluid flow and differential pressure gradients soon 'explained' the flight of bumble-bees and that of the spaceship prototypes and the 'laws of nature' were found to be more accomodating and less restrictive then was envisaged by the pundits of the 'scientific knowledge' and the 'scientia gnostica'.

    And so grandpa Tony said to DJ: "Sure DJ; you shall visit places which seem far away, yet places you can see and experience with your imagination and locations, which trigger certain remembrances within your dreams and your conscious encounters in books, films and other media."

    This treatise then shall extend the 'laws of nature' as hitherto categorized and made public by the highpriests of the scientia gnostica. Like the science of aerodynamics, this science of the HD-Lightmatrix is not a new science, but a science which was always there in the 'laws of nature' but had remained hidden.

    The timeline for its unveiling had not been 'right' in the general unfoldment of the nature and the purpose for this planetary lifeform, called humanity.

    But just as it takes 26,000 years for light to travel from planet earth to the center of the Milky Way galaxy; so will it take 26,000 years for the intelligence located at that center to communicate with planet earth.

    This time is up!

    This daycount is 5x13x144,000=9,360,000 or 25,626.81 civil years (Gregorian).

    This time is actually an exact number of daycounts and independent upon how long or short such a day is in hours or minutes or in seconds. The precessional measurements are so linked, but remain peripheral to this 'measurement of 'Mayan time'.

    The Mayan mystery so reduces to Hunab Ku, as the intelligence of the Milky Way galactic centre; having sent a message, which after travelling for 9,360,000 days (kin) will reach the center of the earth on December 21st, 2012. This in a nutshell is the meaning of the 2012 Mayan nexus point.

    I am an agency, commissioned to elucidate the message from Hunab Ku and to prepare a platform for a new (omni-scientific) dispensation post the arrival of the galactic message.
    The processing of the message from Hunab Ku is a collective task. All human and nonhuman sentiences are to partake in this processing in divers talents and creativities.

    The omni-science published in this thread is a foundation of string parametric initial- and boundary conditions. This omni-science is directed at the undergraduate or college level of mathematical nous and therefore awaits collaboration with the expertise of technological applicability at the graduate levels and beyond to physically implement the technology indicated.

    In using those boundary conditions, the endeavours of application- and experimental physics will be 'blessed'; because (as shall be realised in the details of the information published) to 'travel to the stars', particular boundary conditions must be satisfied to ensure successful application of mathematical formula to technological progress.

    In short, to successfully 'tap' the energy one must 'ride' the lightmatrix in resonance with the parametric specifications of the construction of the lightmatrix. And it are those parametric specifications, which shall be published in the context of what the HD-Cosmic Lattice represents for the technology of a unified starhumanity, having graduated from its mode of separation characterising the old humanity before the nexus point of the warploop (from December 8th, 2004 to April 1st, 2012) and a number of 'warpdates' within this enveloping timewarp.


    It is a well known scientific fact, that the phenomenon of magnetism is quantum reduced to electron spin.

    A magnetic 'northpole' can be said to be a righthanded up-spin of an electron, the magnetic field rotating in this 'clockwise' direction about an 'northern outflow' current representing the electron moving as a current-element.

    Corollarily, a magnetic 'southpole' depicts lefthanded down-spin of an electron, the magnetic field rotating 'counterclockwise' about an 'southern inflow' current of the moving electron.

    In terms of the present state of establishment physics then, the phenomenon of magnetism reduces to a subset of the phenomenon of electricity in terms of the movement of electrons coupled to the latter's properties engaging those of Coulombic electric charges (electropoles), coupled to inertia, i.e. the mass carried by the electron.

    The omni-physics states however the reverse, the electric current is a subset of the magnetic current, provided the origin and nature of this 'Coulombic charge' is appropriately understood in its coupling to inertia.

    Then the origin of the electric charge is not fundamental, but the origin of the magnetocharge is.

    This allows the well studied and analysed coupling of mass to electric charge to be reevaluated as being a consequence of a primordial state of uncoupling between those 'facts of observation and measurement'.

    If magnetism can be reduced to quantum electron spin, then this fact alone suffices to define the magnetic phenomenon and without any necessity for the mass coupling.
    Then if the massless (fermionic halfspin) electron selfstate represents a second generation emergence from a prior (bosonic full-integral spin) as a bifurcation; then this bosonic quantum integer-spin can be used to define the magnetic phenomenon as precursor for the emergence of fermionic quantum spin of the electric phenomenology.

    This requires the existence of the magnetopole-bosonic full-spin quantum eigenstate prior to the existence of the electropole-fermionic half-spin quantum selfstate.

    The elementary nature of the magnetopole can so be utilised to model the emergence of not only Coulombic charges, but also the emergence of inertia and of mass from a prior massless energetic eigenstate.

    Massless (Goldstone) bosons exist in the form of photons, gravitons, phonons and the ancestors for the nuclear interaction carriers, which are known as massless gauge agents, giving physical reality to such labels as Higgs Boson, Weakon, Gluon, Neutrino, Axion, WIMP and RestmassPhoton.
    (If a symmetry is broken explicitely, as well as spontaneously, then a Goldstone boson is said to be a pseudo-Goldstone boson and massinduction results via the explicity in status quo nomenclature).

    Omni-science reconstructs just what this 'symmetry breaking' manifested in terms of superstring parameters and so naturally crystallises the massless Goldstein bosonic selfenergy as being causative for a later massinduction by an 'explicit' definition for the nature and origin of this 'mass' in the form of magnetopoles coupling AS inertia in a 'mapping' of magnetocharges onto the electrocharges.

    This entails, that all mass is truly a lower dimensional form of magnetic electricity; highly densified or transformed in frequency parameters.

    Massless photons are generated by the acceleration of Coulombic charges, say the oscillations of solar inertial protons undergoing nuclear fusion in the conversion of hydrogen into helium.

    It is so the acceleration of the lower-dimensional electrocharge, coupled to inertia by first principles, which generates the massless photonic electromagnetic energy quantum (E=hf).

    It is the acceleration of the higher-dimensional magnetocharge, not coupled to inertia by first principles, which generates the massive antiphotonic electromagnetic energy quantum (E=mc2).

    There are many details to this, details which are elaborated in depth in other threads found on the linked website.
    Here it suffices to state, that the nature of the magnetocurrent allows any mass to become transformed into a form of magnetic electricity coupled to electricity by the well known laws of electromagnetism, say Maxwell's Equations (with the magnetic monopole symmetry included).

    As the flow of Coulombic charges induces a magnetic field (Laws of Faraday, Lenz, Ampere and Gauss) and conversely a changing magnetic field induces an electric field via electromotive force (Energy/Charge=Volt); the omniphysics of electromagnetomonoplism enables a 'higher-dimensional' physics to expand the spacetimematter restrictions of the metricated physics of Minkowski-Einstein, of Newtonian mechanics and the statutes of the present paradigm of the establishment.

    Old Mass Coordinates - de Broglie Deflaton-Scaling - Superposition of external magnetic fields onto internal electric fields - Natural Current Equivalent - ElectroMagnetoMonopolic Induction - (RestmassPhotonic Hybridisation; Frequency Modulation; Holofractalisation) - MagnetoElectroMonopolic Induction - Normal Current Equivalent - Superposition of external electric fields onto internal magnetic fields - de Broglie Inflaton-Scaling - New Mass Coordinates

    1. Calculate the Phasevelocity (Vph) of the matterwave for a constant sourcesink frequency (fmax=f*) parameter using Vph=R.f* for a chosen displacement coordinate R.

    2. Calculate the total inertia as a density function for the object to be matterwaved or 'teleported' in de Broglie parameters.

    3. Convert this density function into the masseigen-frequency selfstate (fmin=1/f*) using the magnetopolic currentflow from the selfdual Planckian superstring transform.

    4. Induce the Magnetopolic Natural Electricity by converting the massequivalent Normal Electricity via Biot-Savart {B=μoqv/4πr2↔ Mω/2rc2}. This requires intersecting technologically generated magnetic fields to neutralise the selfinduced rotation of mass M from first principles. This then transforms the information of mass M into monopolic current IM by inducing the Electric Field from the Magnetic Field by Electromagnetomonopolic Induction.

    5. Calculate the superconductive Natural Electricity equivalent to the magnetocurrent using IM=2ef=2eE/h in quantum holofractal terms in summation.

    6. Convert the 'Natural Current' of the inertia into the frequency equivalent and apply the Newtonian Forcelaw extension as the applied EMF (Volt V=Energy/Charge).

    7. Utilize the natural chirality coupling between the electromagnetic gauge agent (the so called virtual photon) to the RestmassPhoton (RMP as the gauge agent coupling fermionic matter to bosonic 'dark matter' by strongweak nuclear supersymmetry) to render the wormhole tunneling superconductive in the nonduality between wave and particle in modular duality between source-frequency and sink-frequency.

    8. Utilize the holofractal nature of the HD-Lightmatrix to superquantize the attained energy eigenstate in terms of a density function, incorporating the volumar 12-dimensional brane characteristics of the RMP at the 14 TeV energy level at the RMP frequency of 3.4x1027 Hertz or a wormhole perimeter of 8.9x10-20 meters.

    9. The hyperquantized volumar 'matterwaves' through interdimensional space as the microquantised RMP-volumar in the energy eigenstate of 'source-consciousness' and reintegrates the information- or data-integral after completion of the hyperdimensional lightpath.

    10. Provided there exists an external electric field at the new coordinates, the encoding process for the (old mass-magnetopolic current-new mass) transformation will deencode under observation of the natural conservation laws regarding the encoded parameters of information, energy and momentums. The internal magnetic field will externalise in the remanifestation of the inertia at the new coordinates as that encodement.

    The Cosmic Lattice aka the Light-Matrix of High Definition

    Aye the Cosmic Lattice of the 83=Wisdom=Gnosis=Kryon=11.

    With its 12-faced crystalline Dodecahedral spacetime vortices, also known as bilocated wormhole vents of the sourcesinks and the sinksources. When the 'Little Superstring' inflated in de Brogliean hyperacceleration; a scaling relationship between the encompassing metrically undefined, yet closed 11-dimensional membrane space and the expanding metric of the open 10-dimensional stringspace was implemented.

    The scaled velocity of the de Brogliean phaseshift VdB was supplementary to the lightpath X=cT of the group velocity Vg metricated and describes the intrinsic nature of all matter as higher dimensional matter waves.
    {VdB=wavelength/time=lambda.frequency=λ.f=(h/mVg)(mc2/h)=c2/Vg >c for all Vg < c

    In the superstring cosmology of 10 dimensions and an expanding hyperbolically curved universe; the linespace of the asymptotic approach of the metrics so is restricted by the groupspeed and the lightspeed invariance given by the lightpath X=cT and with lightspeed c the upper bound for the observed velocities.

    The superbrane cosmology of Matrix-M-Membrane-space in 11 dimensions of ellipsoidal-toroidal closure in a maximum modular scale of a Hubble-Radius Rmax is however tachyonic in always exceeding lightspeed as its lower velocity bound.

    The de Broglie phase velocity so becomes an universal constant in: {VdB=Rmax.fmax=4.793...x1056 m/s}.

    This is the (almost) instantaneous communication wavespeed of the HD-Lightmatrix and is also the 'speed of electromagnetomonopolic sourceenergy' also known as 'thought', connecting all of the dodecahedral spacetimequanta.

    And crystallizes the scaled relationship between the Matrixspace and the Linespace as the function:

    {R(n)=VdB.T=VdB/F(n)} and where the lightpath X=cT in the linespace becomes a scaled holofractal function of inverse time 1/T=F(n) in the matrixspace.

    n is the dimensionless parameter defining linetime t as a function of the 11-dimensional metric encompassment as: {n=Hot=ct/Rmax for c=fmaxmin and for a nodal Hubble-Constant-Frequency defining the oscillation of the matrixspace in about 16.9 billion years by Ho=dn/dt}.

    n also defines a dimensionless maximum-minimum metric displacement in Null-Time {nomin/Rmax=Vg/c}.

    To transverse the 10-dimensional linespace in terms of the rootreduced 12-dimensional omnispace, that is the volumars of the metrications; any agglomeration of a spacetime quanta count N can be scaled to transduce the de Broglie phasespeed into a partition between displacement scale R(n) and a Matrix-Frequency F(n); provided the Cosmic Lattice can be 'tapped' or 'unbalanced' from its equilibrium Nullstate defined in the buildingblock of an individuated spacetime quantum.

    The Newtonian momentum extension for the Matrixspace is given in the wave momentum {p=hf/c} of the matter waves coupled to the linear momentum {p=mv} and the energy momentum relation:

    {m=mo/Sqrt[1-(v/c)2 ] by (mc2)2 - (moc2)2 = (pc)2 }.
    {F=d(mv)/dt=d([hfv/c2]/Sqrt[1-(v/c)2])/dt=(hf/c2).(dv/dt)/(Sqrt[1-(v/c)2])3 + (hv/c2).(df/dt)/Sqrt(1-(v/c)2 );

    defining: {F= Fa + Falpha = mo(dv/dt)/(Sqrt[1-(v/c)2])3 + (hv/c2)(df/dt)/Sqrt[1-(v/c)2]}

    The linear forceterm Fa describes the relativistic particle properties of the interaction in terms of mo, whilst the angular forceterm Falpha is the 'vacuum' force of the matrixspace utilizing spaceawareness angular acceleration (df/dt) independent on the metric scale.

    The Alpha-interaction of the matrix now becomes coupled to the linespace in the relativistic groupspeed Vg=noc=λminc/Rmax as:
    {(moVg(df/dt)/f)/Sqrt(1-(Vg/c)2 )=(moVg(df/dt)/f)/Sqrt(1-no2)→moVg(df/dt)/f)} in the limit for nulltime no=6.259...x10-49 ~ 0 and defining time-instantenuity in sinkfrequency to=fmin=1/fmax=3.333...x10-31 seconds* as the modular dual for sourcefrequency fmax=3x1030 Hz*.

    All matter thus is quantized in the formulation through the masseigen frequency fmin of the instanton:

    {Energy E=hf=mc2
    E=hf iff mo=0 in E2 + Eo2 = (pc)2
    E=mc2 iff fo=fmin in E2+ Eo2 = (pc)2}

    A mass agglomeration mo, in matrixspace and of momentum moVg , so becomes subject to the quantum angular acceleration awareness differential (df/dt) acting on a linear time segment 1/f=t.

    The awareness differential for spacial volumar selfconsciousness is maximised in the permutation entropy counter (fmax)2=9x1060 and minimised in the modular dual reciprocal of the sourcesink in the sinksource 1/(fmax)2 as the inertial maximum of maximum 'free space' impedance.

    The matrix M-space Alpha-Interaction so replaces the momentum change of the Newtonian F=ma=m(dv/dt)=dp/dt by a frequency scale change F=mv(df/dt)t=p(df/dt)t.

    The de Brogliean phase velocity of inflation so renders the inflaton Hubble Event Horizon Rmax=c/Homin/no as the upper bound for modulated scales of linear displacement.

    The demetricated parametrisations for the generalised Schwarzschild solution for the HD Lightmatrix are:

    {Displacement-Curvature: R(n)=Rmax[n/(n+1)] and for dn/dt=Ho

    Velocity-Derivative: V(n,t)=dR/dt=(dR(n)/dn)(dn/dt)=c/[n+1]2

    Acceleration-Derivative: A(n,t)=d2R/dt2=(dV(n,t)/dn)(dn/dt)=-2cHo/[n+1]3}

    The M-space containing metric is defined in the Vortex-Potential-Energy or VPE (ZPE) of the minimum metric configuration as Planckian Harmonic Oscillator:

    {Eo= ½hfmax=½mmaxc2=GommaxM/R(no) for R(no)=2GoM/c2

    with R(no)=Rmax[no/(no+1)] > λmin=cto as the minimised lightpath X=cT and maximised in the de Broglie event horizon R(n→∞)=Rmax (asymptotically approached in infinite linearised time t).

    The total inertial mass of the universe is then Mtotalcritical.Vcritical=for a critical density for (spherical 3D)closure (inclusive the gravitational, but noninertial matrix energy classified as dark or hidden) of:

    critical= 3Mtotal/4πRmax3=3Rmaxc2/8πGoRmax3=3Ho2/8πGo}.

    The critical de Broglien phase acceleration AdB=Rmax.fmax2 of the inflaton-instanton of metric spacetime then is superposed onto a 'dark energy' cosmological boundary acceleration given in the gravitational curvature potential of the initial conditions and for a inertial baryon mass seedling Mo as:

    {A(no) =GoMomin2 =(Mo/2Mtotal)AdB=(deceleration parameter qo)(matterwave hyperacceleration)}.

    The deceleration parameter qo also defines a quasar wall cosmological redshift boundary specifying a galactic supercluster gravitationally interaction scale at z=7.477 for a Sarkar-Curvature of RSarkar =2GoMo/c2 of about 236.5 million lightyears in qo.Rmax=72.4 Mpc.
    Higher cosmological redshifts define a cosmogony of ylemic (dineutron) protostar epoch, where the thermodynamic Planck Black Body radiator expansion specified a temperature background which gave the gravitational potential of crystallising VPE-vents as a function of this temperature and quantum parameters independenyt on the inertia equivalents of subsequent Chandrasekhar neutron stars of 3x1030 kg.

    This concludes some detailed excursions into the Cosmic Lattice aka the High Definition Lightmatrix of the universal cosmogenesis.

    This message is part of the High Definition Lightmatrix Definition post and is reproduced in connectivity with appropriate mathematical symbol representation on the linked website.

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