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    Sexuality? What is true sexuallity? And, how important is it to you? -


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    Sexuality? What is true sexuallity? And,  how important is it to you? -  Empty Sexuality? What is true sexuallity? And, how important is it to you? -

    Post  Neo2012 on Fri Oct 01, 2010 7:22 am

    To me sexuality is a pretty big fucking deal! How else would we exist today if our ancestors had not discovered that all living things originate from one simple factor. And, by this, I am not referring to an event, or singularity as any evolutionist would think, rather from something much more simple yet complex, the law of attraction, procreation, survival and good ole fashion pleasurable sex. Thus, to say the least, sexuality isn't just sex, is it? No! It goes beyond that! It means that as human beings we have the uniquess of understanding beyond the fisical! It means to understand the state of feeling sexual, and sexual desire. Thus, being able to express that particular condition of feeling sexual, feeling attraction, and more importantly of finding ones' self attractive enough to feel comfortable to express our sexual desires...that's true sexuality. Yet, how can we really accomplish being masters of our own sexuality when more often than not so many people seem closed off and easily offended by the simplest of things? --  Look at the sculpture above! I found on a website for sale, entitled the Origin of Life! Does it make you blush? Do you feel offended? - Would you buy a sculpture like this one for yourself, your office, Yacht, ect?  I can easily perceive why someone would call it the Origin of Life? I call it the origin of sexuality, I love it and life! lol How important is sexuality? -- Holly Shit! Us men think is everything! The world revolves around it! But, that's just my opinion! lol

    Sexuality? What is true sexuallity? And,  how important is it to you? -  Empty Re: Sexuality? What is true sexuallity? And, how important is it to you? -

    Post  Guest on Fri Oct 01, 2010 8:01 am

    Up for discussion and sharing..an exchange...preferably not "explaining"..when people try to explain...they tend to impose...

    One of the many views on love:

    Conscience as a living thought (thought that thinks) in a light-geometry-vibration-particle-energy-cell manifestation (holographic body).
    Body as a biological computer - growing, responding, thinking (7 mind centers), communicating...of which brain is to be a storage unit...a portable library that we can not access in full due to low vibration.

    Vibration depending on the dimension (the hologram) of consciousness.

    Light as a binding force of all that is and thought as a creating force of all that is.

    Love = light (often used in abuse) and knowledge. Love as something that binds together and expands. So love as you and me and your neighbor and all that is.

    All creation is equal (all=all, no exclusions). For all creation is thought-light manifestation and all creation is love. Love is creation - all that is.
    You allow love to be, the allowance of others to be as they are, patience for others as they are. One does not "do" love but allows it to be.

    Patience not to be confused with tolerance-resentment (example - ok ok...you go and do that, but i just hate it...)

    Love as acceptance. You do not "warrior" what you dislike out of existence. Do not fight against something..if anything...be pro to the opposite (do not be anti war, be pro peace)
    Acceptance of yourself and others.
    To accept is not to condition in any way or have expectations or a need to control the actions or output...etc

    Love is also not exclusive... it is not love to say you have it for one or few individuals but not for the rest.

    To refuse the acceptance is to hurt. That is no longer love, it is fear. Love does not hurt. Love is creation, denying is to deny yourself....is to deny light. Denying light is to cut yourself further and further from the source (you get sick, you age faster, you have mental disorders...)

    ALLOWING others to experience what they need to experience, while you yourself remain in observer mode and also undergo your own experiences. It does not mean indifference. It means you do care, but you do not kill yourself over it, since that (being a victim/martyr) has never ever contributed to the good of all.

    One of the many views on sexuality:

    Understanding sexuality is a lot like considering your next shopping experience. Meaning there is this beginning thrill that ends after some "use" and than you have to go and buy something new. Gives some temporary comfort and happiness...

    What also tends to be the problem is the daily mind-wash about it. Part of the mind-wash is what people in general term to be "love" and how they connect it to the sexuality.

    The question that arises is...should sexuality even be tied to what love actually is to be?

    On the most basic level the male and female can indeed create. They make love by "making love" (having sex). They are utilizing sexual energy of creation. Strong energy.
    Thus sexuality is not to be approached with the selfish intent.

    Male sexual organ is primarily in the red mind center (more physical). The female is primarily in orange mind center (more emotional). Both are part of the lower self...the playful child...the base mind centers which have a very important connections - 2nd mind center which is connected to higher self 5th mind center - creativity connected with creativity of expression = process of creation (thought-word-manifestation)...and 1st mind center as entry point of lowers self connected with 7th as entry point of higher self...and 3rd mind center as a meeting point - if the base mind centers are not working properly (are blocked) the dysfunctions comes to be (emotional trauma and ignorant/distorted mind, illness of organs encompassed )...etc Or in other words...the lack of connection with the source, with the light, with love.

    The word "lower"in this case is just that - lower. It has no malevolent meaning. Like negative in electricity is - negative.
    The unpleasant sensation one might get reading word "lower, negative"

    (unless a person is defending a point of view of chakras being the energy extraction points for malevolent ET and are just part of new age movement or new age religion...a distorted teaching of what actually is...)

    So i will state that love is connected with sexuality but sexuality itself is not love...sexuality is not a "must" for love to be experienced and allowed, accepted....

    Sexuality is a choice.
    Your choice of with who, why, when, what, where...

    It is advisable not to experience sexuality if there is a selfish intent involved or if the person does not understand what sexuality is. The more you give, the more you stimulate and the more you receive as (if) the other does the same....giving energy increases it, taking it...leaves you tired and empty since it is an exchange of energies..as a hologram...it is a frequency or an electro-magnetic exchange. That is why if forced and/or pressured upon to make sexual contact can disturb the person so much.

    Sexuality as creation mostly depends on intent. Your intent is extremely important as it "defines" your focus. Focus might be hard to endure as it requires stillness of mind and the stillness of mind has many "preliminary requirements". So for many it is not something you just go and do....

    Energy of sexuality is strong. Very strong. Just look around you...(a commercial with a muscular man with a new model of some car and those women just having that "hungry" look for him...and many other in a lot of cases much more direct examples)

    Sexual orgasm is a powerful energy..a glimpse of what can be when "tuned in"....energy follows intention...so dedicate/intent your orgasm to someone/something.

    What wonders the mind is what all can be counted as a dysfunction of lower self. Once can make a quick guess and state that sexual obsession (mostly visible in males but also females) can be one of those things. Mostly that can be done via pornographic industry - meat level. Other things can also be neglecting/refusing sexuality, manipulative and obsessed behavior patterns, lack of self worth and energy....

    One can also wonder about "specifics" such as different sexual practices (with who and how for example) and what can be considered as dysfunction. Given all the bombardment of the topic it can be rather hard to discern on this. The power of the ego can also be tremendous... What i personally am noticing is for example a more and more "opened culture" when it comes to sexuality...it is even propagated via the corporate media...and when someone has either a doubt (sadly mostly in form of violence and aggression) that someone is labeled intolerant (it is also a nice example of separating people and creating confusion). Modern sociology studies (like those of homosexuality) can be very....modern. And than there are, not so modern, anthropology studies such as those of Sambians (where young preteen boys preform oral sex on older boys/men to ingest their semen as a means of "getting the power" and have female partners later on in life) The term "modern" might be modern if you count in what we call "time". Without time many things might be simply considered to be "recent" or on grand scale o things just a "blink of an eye".

    Also simply stating that one feels what is "right/wrong" thing to do can be tricky. It might be best if consideration is based on energy (as mentioned above).

    So perhaps it can be stated that the topic of sexuality is far from being unimportant and should not be ignored and swept under the carpet for the sake of some morals and alike.

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    Sexuality? What is true sexuallity? And,  how important is it to you? -  Empty Receptivity is an important key!

    Post  Neo2012 on Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:28 pm

    Discussion, and great topics of debate! Share one thing in common, the expressions of one's opinion? - Co-existing like lovers sharing the same bed!

    Not everything translates in the form of subliminal messages. Hence, some discussions require a bit of explanation of thought unlike a TV commercial! lol

    Love & sexuality has an interesting connection.  Sexual practices, another interestic topic!

    Choice another interesting concept.  Let's discuss choice!  Again, this only my opinion...not an imposition!  Thus, I'll say this about "choice"; I think is an illusion much as being in control is another form of illusion.  And, I’ll elaborate!  Example: Upon birth or creation, did we choose our gender? Hair color? Eye color? Skin color? Nationality? Was there an element of choice? Is there an element of choice in the color of the sky, a tree, a fruit, or soil? No my friend! All of what we find in our every day life are inherent elements and qualities of which we have been naturally provided with, things we’ve inherit and have hone in as bees to honey, and in doing so we act on them naturally in various ways, mostly in two ways, either in opposition or acceptance. Example: disease, toxicity, and infections!  Don’t we naturally resist these things?  That is, the natural capacity of any species to survive by opposing, a psychological and physiological defense mechanism! That’s right, physical levels of our own defense mechanisms oppose harmful forces.  We do this not only at physical levels, we do so at a mental and emotional levers too! On the other hand we have acceptance either expressly or by conduct!  These to acts dominate our existence!  We confuse these facts by creating words like “choice”.  The truth is the choices are already there they’ve been there all along laid out for us!  People, life is simple!  Love and sexuality is simple too once we’ve captured the concept that to have a healthy love life, a healthy sexuality in essence requires acceptance to the many things we’ve already been given!   Again, rather than focusing on the illusion of choices, focus on the things laid out in front of you! Those that you are willing to accept and you know that you do and those you oppose! Learning that each path whether it be of acceptance or resistance will undoubtedly produce its own set of ripples of very different states of emotions, that bounds us like a legal contract to further consequences of our actions which ultimately will unfold like watching DRAMA unfold in a soap opera.  We have the power of producing injuries as well as healing! Ever think about that? Pleasure as well as pain, love as well as hate! Inherent to all! In essence the state of being in love or finding one's sexuality or appreciating someone else’s' is in our paths of receptivity.

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    Sexuality? What is true sexuallity? And,  how important is it to you? -  Empty Re: Sexuality? What is true sexuallity? And, how important is it to you? -

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