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    Post  cosmicnight13 on Mon Jun 20, 2011 4:10 pm

    As god’s current test tube babies, it is our duty at this time , to have more than a brief look at our shortcomings / shadows.
    LIVEEVIL – polarity – mirrors haunt us…and as soon we’ve conquered a major obstacle, its followers appear on the stage --only bigger and darker…forcing us to increase our efforts and exertion of our «  inner end-Time – memés – processing.


    brain use…a feedbackloopsynergysm, catalyzing.....somewhere within these molecules and their atomic space – garden...added by a time-accelerationmouldedInformationbuster, that is sweepinG modulated spiritslates blank....there lies a boundary , where the strangenes of Quantum Behavior ends, and the familiar classic physics begin. Duality focalising points drift towardsthe old archetypes/blueprints, which no longer shall take hold of our inward smiles…in 12 D: space/time undefined
    lower D's: manifest T/S coupled to consciousness...which stays finite, lol… the original circle becomes squashed – by the double , with the double, where'e s the double in all of this? Focus!

    ………while GAiA holding hands with RAh-SOL, strolling down the riverbench at the supergalactic/cellular NeXus: PERSEUS ANDROMEDA.∞

    Galaxy: cellular units containing subcellular geometric fractals which manifest as StarSystems, from solar…n to nebulae ––connected via PhaseShifts about any maYaor axis

    .∞..and out of the shadow merges the DualityFriction .–∞–then e…merges,
    splits blueprints……past/present.object…¿…then image of object/future
    it's poleShift and Twosidedness; of metaphysics doubles in Onesidedness.

    …:Shadow: imagine ego's looking the oppositeway the real physical eyes are looking:…
    is the double in unprocessed form in the mIRRorr of Space/time: double sided sURface. Tail of the coin in the Twosidedness………lol……

    usinG your shadow eyes imagine it it like this: [/color]

    Most of us have implants that they added a million years ago to reduce our consciousness. They have been around that long. Archonic programming is on our brain-waves, "they drop your consciousness down. they suppress you down so your more physical - you loose sight of things. "The crystals were programmed thoughts of limitation. Your strongest natural ability has been programmed to be your weakness, causing you great personal frustration each lifetime. It's extremely frustrating knowing internally that your life really could be easier if you could just remember how to do it. Imagine a life without limitations; without interference."- OT levels in Scientology get rid of these implants layer-by-layer —

    The topic of “soulless people” (also coined “Organic Portals (OP)”) is deep and far-reaching. It begs the question, what is a “soul” to begin with? Some people who appear “soulless” may actually be a “soul in struggle“, so we need to be careful not to judge too quickly, but get a better and deeper understanding of this topic. When exploring this idea more closely, with an objective, open and critical mind, it gives huge insight into the state of the world. OPs have their natural place in the grand scheme of things and they also serve a purpose in the evolutionary process. There is nothing evil or wrong with them, nor is it about “us vs. them”, but simply having a deeper understanding of humanity so we can actually live truly in more harmony, aligned with the universe, nature and evolution of Being and Knowledge.

    EVERYONE is on the level of an OP until he/she engages in inner work activating the higher centers. We all are “Organic Portals” to one degree or another as the “predator” and matrix works through all of us (see next point) until we make the effort to gain self-knowledge and work on fusing our higher centers that connect us to our higher self in a conscious way, dislodging our programs and conditioned, mechanical behaviors so we’re able to use our will in a conscious and awake manner.
    We are all feeders until we learn to stop our feeding off of others and how to stop others from feeding off of us.
    How Many Layers Does This Onion Have?

    Every individual in an STS (service-to-self) hierarchy is both predator and prey. Predator to those below, prey to those above. Likewise, anyone who is predator or prey participates in the STS hierarchy. Does this sound familiar?

    • OPs collect soul energy from souled individuals.
    • This energy is transmitted to 4D STS.
    • OPs are intermixed in families with souled individuals.
    • When a souled individual makes the commitment to the “work,” he or she needs to learn to conserve the soul energy for without it the work cannot be done.
    • When one makes a commitment to the “work,” one comes under attack.
    • This “attack” comes from those closest to you: family and friends.
    • “BUT, when someone is in the process of ‘growing’ and strengthening the soul, the Control System will seek to insert even more ‘units’ into that person’s life.

     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 Vmz_ausstellung_kalligraphie_pressebild_01

    "Suppressing the true spiritual nature of man", and "forcing man into committing spiritual suicide".

    '…what is new and indeed very strange is the idea that there could be billions of these Organic Portals who have been vectored toward keeping those unaware of this concept lost in the “wilderness and desert”, ensuring the continued production of “loosh” from all of humanity. [“loosh” is defined as a metaphysical energy that ranges from the crudest etheric energy produced by plants to the most refined astral energy produced via human love and suffering. Loosh is equivalent to demiurgic energy.

    the Demiurge ( Logos; Nous) converts abstract metaphysical archetypes (higher thoughts/ideas) into physically manifest forms, akin to your browser turning source code into a displayed web page. Just as a browser obediently displays what it’s given, the Demiurge projects, shapes, and perpetuates physicality in accordance with the archetypal thoughts fed into it by the Creator. Archetypes are the building blocks of meaning, the fundamental alphabet of existence, the abstract thoughts of the divine, of which all things are but particular expressions.]

     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 Phenomena-standing-lenticular It should be noted here that we are not talking of some form of malignancy or evil on the part of Organic Portals, rather it would seem that they are simply doing and acting according to their natures, which it appears is to a large extent “soul-less”.

    The actions of mankind is helping the reptilians take power and control and eventually will help them succeed unless we change. This is done using the law of planetary Karma whereby mankind receives back equally what mankind does to other humans. The reptilians know this and manipulate us into actions that will attract back to us Reptilian deeds. An example would be the persecution of races, the Jews would be an example and other races are persecuted but we may not hear about it. We then will in return be persecuted by the reptilian race. The reptilians are behind such persecution but we are doing it. Another example is our prison system, a world-wide system and this attracts to us actions by the reptilians to imprison our spirits in their prison. There should be an alternative system to handle crime such as fines for theft rather than imprisonment. Mankind can therefore turn the tide of reptilian take over by changing such actions.

     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 380968_10150495157579206_153708179205_8495408_1764186687_nAndrew Jones 2011

    The only reason that they have got this far is because no one knows; Exposing them and what they are doing can stop them, burying your heads in the sand is a sure way of allowing them to keep at it. Their hidden agenda is preventing us raising our consciousness. To turn a tool for understanding the true terror of our situation in this world of the fallen into a weapon against individuals is to empty it of its spiritual importance and render it a tool of our enslavement in the material world, the same process that has occurred to all of the world’s religions during the course of our unhappy history.…
    For those who aspire to be conscious and to learn how to “do” in the esoteric sense, must step out of their personal film peopled with Organic Portals. It takes two to tango, and generally neither party will find fulfillment. The heart cannot grow toward purity while engaged in a dance with Organic Portals.

    the meaning of dreamtime

    from another angle, the Earth test is nothing other than the ability of the Earthlings to advance into galactic time. The Nine Lords of the great star Sirius hold the Council of Judgement. The Arcturians, Pleaidians and other members of the Galactic Federation await the human response. This is an event of a universal nature that ascends all, that stretches across all dimensions, into all timelines, into all dimensional realities. It is a very unique moment and this is why it is described as similar to that explosion of singular consciousness that God had when the Universe was born. It is an explosion of consciousness and consciousness is ready to shift and re-arrange itself. It will quickly fall back into timelines that carry on or continue.

    How you qualify it, how you mold it and experience, how far beyond the ego you rise so that you can be in the true resonance of the Divine as it has this experience, is still to be seen and you are still a work unfolding as are all humans to some degree or another.
     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 RrpAA-midway station (=arcturian-antarian): monitoring base between 4. and 5. dimension, located above the planetary midpoint between jupiter and maldek. A central control system monitoring the timing of the entire universal program and having it running simultaneously on diverse screens: The akashic record of all events on planets, star systems, etc, which, at this time is in an accelerating synchronization process of all its inherent accumulated karma of all history -to the present moment!
    The present superconscious activation is the direct consequence of engagement with the “Sirius Council of Nine.” These are the archetypal form signatures whence emanate the Bolon Tiku, or “Nine Lords of Time and Destiny.”

    As the Sirius Council is the highest coordinating level of order within this galaxy, it is the originating point of all of the spiritual information streams that have penetrated (and continue to penetrate) the dense mental environment of V24.3. The galactic masters, including all the great prophets, are frequency nodes within the Sirius system. Quetzalcoatl is one of these. Each of the galactic masters has a special function and purpose. That of Quetzalcoatl is us subsumed under the principle of “Return.”
    Transcend the Limits of your Thoughts.

    CHC6, Book of Transcendence :“Consistent study of the synchronic programs, inclusive of the AA Midway Station organizational structure, helps us to embody the entirety of the system and become CSR walkie-talkies or Midway Station “field representatives”. This is the opportunity that the AA Midway Station has opened to us.”

    “When the phaseshift occurs and the third dimension operation phase into the fourth dimension, the AA Midway Station supervisors do not wish for it to take the form of collision but rather to be an integrated in-folding, like the fingers of UR hands coming together in mudras or prayer.”

    “A few operatives are already experiencing third-and fourth-dimensional systems operating with double mental levels simultaneously. In this way the phase shift of the planet will be easier to facilitate in 2013, the docking point of Timeship Earth 2013. This is only the beginning.”
    Consciousness can change outcomes, based on its belief-patterns.
    how this works, lisa reneè knows it

    in lak'ech

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    Post  cosmicnight13 on Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:39 pm

    Kin 183: BLUE MAGNETIC NIGHT of the Blue Night Wavespell – November 27 – December 9, 2012

    I unify in order to dream
    Attracting intuition
    I seal the input of abundance
    With the magnetic tone of purpose

    I am guided by my own power doubled  A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQLjTx6arBXnmAcaggKuvCl6LSScBAz0u6iAA4zMMdftmwiQK9C

    A new breath, burst of energy today that takes us directly into the Dreamtime.

    the HumanUnconscious.
    That portion of the psyche which is outside conscious awareness. the personal unconscious derived from
    one's own experience,  A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 0

    and the collective unconscious containing the universal pat terns and images called archetypes. These are the basic content of religions, mythologies, leg ends and art.
    They emerge from The collective Unconscious in a more secondary (unnoticed) way than from the individual's where an encounter with an archetypal image through a dream or vision evokes a strong emotional reaction, conveying a sense of divine or transpersonal power which transcends the ego.

    This in a world where the psychological way of dealing with transpersonal issues has marched increasingly toward pharmacological solutions….

     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 Heptaganon-jpg
    Taking the Devil seriously does not mean going over to his side. Rather it means coming to an understanding.”

     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 Top-ten-shadows-115-A-page-from-the-The-Red-B-0041

    You can use parallel realities to your advantage now that you are aware of their existence. Know that if you desire to make a change in your lives whether it is a small change or a very large one, the reality in which you have accomplished your desired outcome already exists! So all you have to do is align with that version of reality in which you have attained your goals. You are creator beings and as you begin to consciously partake in creating your reality, the experiences which you can have are limitless.

    This is when you really begin to have some fun. Remember that everything is energy, and everything resonates at a specific frequency. You must be vibrating at a similar frequency in order to align with that experience. The 6th dimension and beyond no longer hold what you would call a physical form. The vibration is far too fast to be contained within a dense physical structure. Equally, the High Self may present itself next time as simply a luminous cloud of consciousness that can communicate to you, or it may represent itself in another way.

    Do not worry about the way it presents itself or the way the low self presents itself. They are both that which could be called shape-shifters in consciousness. Be aware that your imagination is the true guiding principle that allows you to move into your multidimensionality, for imagination is the scope of consciousness to imagine itself, to create itself, in may different ways. In form, indeed, one could say that, which is God in essence that which is the God figurehead, is indeed pure imagination.

     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 2812
    Don’t lose hope or optimism, as you need these to carve out a pathway to heaven through times of hell.

    "Love didn't get the species into this mess, and it won't get us out."

    Dragons, Sirians, leylines, gridlines, galactics, celestials, Illuminati, Annunaki – what is going on here?

    Look at the patriArchal Earth
    A species with amnesia: all that doesn't fit the accepted paradigm is eradicated.
    The paradigm: Lock life into a hologram, gather the whole of its information on a 2d-surface - project it out into space as a 3d illusion

    Let’s take a walk into the back roads of the frontal cortex, keeping in
    'mind' that 'Truth on human terms has a half-life of five seconds

    "the Human collective Unconscious
    is a multi-dimensional creating machine, constantly outlining 'the reality' we perceive, past unrequited memories, disavowed dream figures, forgotten beliefs;

    the human psyche, existing outside of, nonetheless conditioning and organizing time and space, through formless archetypal plasma streams /noo-structures -the haunting human HIStory of being controlled

    — every 4 quadrillonth of a second renewed. When the psyche is unlinearly dreaming or musing it attracts synchronicities.

    Nothing is faster than the speed of thought - it is instantaneous! Let us make every pulse a little lighter, a little more loving, a little less fearful.

    We are reaching the pinnacle of what we would call the decision point for humanity. On our journey Home.

    are places and things which are overlooked, forgotten, neglected. Layers of memory made from material and images from industrial cities and over grown gardens.

    We seem, for instance, to enjoy imagining that we are a set of individuals when nothing could be further from the truth. Often we seem little more self-aware than a flock of starlings – or a shoal of red herrings. We gain admission to the other side of our so-called “rational” civilis­ation – that great, barely acknow­ledged sea of strange stories and accounts of inexplicable events, which circulate eternally among us(foxx).

    People awakening from a virtual reality inside a virtual reality. The prison is constructed of many walls, and when one wall falls down, there is the initial rush of relative freedom, but there remains another wall and another wall after that. The prison is a labyrinth of unconsciously lingering irritation of unseen entities that are intentionally using and manipulating humans negatively to cause problems, pain, misery, injury etc. in other people, they’d be horrified beyond belief that those are even feeding on this energy which the human host unintentionally fires.

    Dropping the old paradigms of 'what to expect next'.

    Until the individual is no more relying on pictures, images, sounds, words, feelings, and thoughts to interpret their world, they remain inside a wall of the prison I have previously described as the suppression framework of the Sovereign Integral/innerHeart due to the mathematical equations that guide the process.
     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 Beautiful2bunderwater2bworld2b252892529 being pushed as information-vortices, energy-fields without form are energy-fields in chimerically combined and transformed patterns, that reflect no more than an old lower frequency patriArchal earth in a “synthetic quantum environment”, explaining why its informational content is always frozen past a specific point.

    The old dualityEarth, squeezed thru a bottleneck. Therein a race of beings that are trapped inside this suppression framework, unknowing of their condition, worshipping Gods that do not exist, believing in heavens and hells that are unquestioned parts of their consensus reality, praying to masters and saviors to absolve their sins and moral apathy, and continuing to fear death and non-existence as if they were absolutely unaware of their true nature.

    [size=9]Where there is but an advancing cycle required by the larger cosmic order, the obscenely wealthy ones only hope to cause billions to stay glued to their official
    NEGATIVE timeline"
     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 George+Orwell+1984

    The archetype is strong enough to manifest thought-forms and prejudice among those who have not seen through this particular trap.

    As things break down, anyhow.

    The old guard is stubbornly clinging to the status quo and espouse the virtues of ideals that in reality are simply justifications and lies.
    They attempt to cover up their abuse, greed, and crimes by appealing to 'the good old days' when they could get away with transgressions that created the current mess

    There is no evolutionary solution to our spiritual problem. There is only the need of a total cleanup of our rotten governments.

    I believe we have yet to understand gravity and electro magnetism. (Earth is bonded by gravitation and magnetism)“Although these parasites are not human, they feed off the negative energy/emotions of humans. It is unclear when these cosmic, amoeba-like creatures first came to earth, but we know they were discovered by shamans in altered states of consciousness long ago and have recently been photographed. The reason everyone is not seeing them on a daily basis is because the creature's energy signature is beyond our normal, narrow range of vision within the electromagnetic spectrum. What scientist call "visible light." who access human consciousness through telepathy and simulation. They infect our imagination and use the power of make-believe for deception and confusion. Their pleasure is in deceit for its own sake, without a particular aim or purpose. They are robotic in nature, incapable of independent thought or choice, and have no particular agenda, except to live vicariously through human beings. They are bizarrely able to pretend an effect on humans, which they do not really have.The Gnostic view of their role closely matches the "flyers" in The Active Side of Infinity, the last book of Carlos Castaneda, who says that the flyers are "the means by which the universe tests us."…thru virulent, psychic pathogen that insinuates thought-forms into our mind which, when unconsciously en-acted, feed it, and ultimately kills its host (us). It doesn’t want to kill us too quickly however, for to successfully implement its agenda of reproducing and propagating itself throughout the field, it must let the host live long enough to spread the virus

    On all levels -from the minutest to the max, the same rules. Binding upon an illusive holographic reality projected from elsewhere, like a movie…. but: "YOU are the program of a time/space-cube" and “All realities in the third and fourth dimension are holographic projections from the higher dimensions of reality”.
     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 Serpiente_emplumada_310541_t0
    Archons are archetypes are us. The ghoulish entities deployed by the occult engineers stand in our either ways . They are just malevolent masks that hide an empty souls. We are well into the vortex of ‘no way back’. Yet our passage through this vortex leads us home.
    The collective psyche seems to be in a grip of a powerful archetypal dynamic in which the long-alienated modern mind is breaking through, out of the contractions of its birth process, out of what Blake called its "mind-forg'd manacles".

    ...to rediscover its intimate relationship with nature and the larger cosmos. And so we can recognize a multiplicity of these archetypal sequences, with each scientific revolution, each change of world view; yet perhaps we can also recognize one overall archetypal dialectic in the evolution of human consciousness that subsumes all of these smaller sequences, one long metatrajectory, beginning with the primordial participation mystique and, in a sense, culminating before our eyes.....

    The masculinity of the Western mind has been pervasive and fundamental, in both men and women, affecting every aspect of Western thought, determining its most basic conception of the human being and the human role in the world...This masculine predisposition in the evolution of the Western mind, though largely unconscious, has been not only characteristic of that evolution, but essential to it. For the evolution of the Western mind has been driven by a heroic impulse to forge an autonomous rational human self by separating it from the primordial unity of nature.... the evolution of the Western mind has been founded on the repression of the feminine—on the repression of undifferentiated unitary consciouness, of the participation mystique with nature: a progressive denial of the anima mundi, of the soul of the world, of the community of being, of the all pervading, of mystery and ambiguity, of imagination, emotion, instinct, body, nature, woman.
     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 Small%20Signature%20Prints5_tn
    But this separation necessarily calls forth a longing for a reunion with that which has been lost....For the deepest passion of the Western mind has been to reunite with the ground of its being. The driving impulse of the West's masculine consciousness has been its dialectical quest not only to realize itself, to forge its own autonomy, but also, finally, to recover its connection with the whole, to come to terms with the great feminine principle in life: to differentiate itself from but then rediscover and reunite with the feminine, with the mystery of life, of nature, of soul.....

    Women are discovering the presence and power of goddess archetypes in their psyche. Women everywhere are releasing old patterns of letting themselves be controlled and giving away their power. Women (and men) are awakening to their soul identity and beautiful truths about themselves.

     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 387817_521022344575966_1910519221_n

    The Eclipses bring that which is termed the Feminine Energies into greater proportion. Yet do not consider these energies as directed to only one ‘gender ‘ or aspect of humanity. For in Divine Aspect you are neither male nor female. Gender is an aspect of polarity, of duality. Gender, to be clear, does not occur in higher dimension
    With this New Moon, we enter the last six weeks – the home stretch, of 2012. We enter an eclipse portal with a total solar eclipse now at New Moon and a partial lunar eclipse at Full Moon at the end of the month. As a SuperMoon, every effect is strengthened, as the Moon is closest to the Earth and in exact alignment with the Sun/Moon. The Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun during solar eclipses essentially blocking out the Sun's electro-magnetic and radiant energies that are vital to life and allowing a momentary empty moment that can clear and reset our energetic bodies. Anything can happen; release takes place. We realign to this present moment. The universe is offering you an empty vehicle to fill with whatever you want to let go of.

    The month is shifty. Three planets change direction. Mars changes signs. Mercury, as you may have noticed, is retrograde (Nov 7-27) allowing weeks of loose connections to realign in new ways (or just tangle around your ankles). Mercury, too, changes signs on 11/14 retrograding back into Scorpio. We just can't move forward in our usual ways with the Messenger and Communication planet looking backwards over his shoulder, although our inner networks just might expand in ways we hadn't imagined.
    Neptune and Chiron turn direct Nov 10 and 14 having been retrograde since early June. Reflect on how active our collective unconscious (Neptune) has been since June and how much healing you have experienced since that time. Old stories and issues that hold our magnificent expression in check rise up into our faces and cannot/will not be denied. Saturn is benevolently working with Neptune to dissolve our deep emotional inadequacies and limitations. An exact square from Mercury to Neptune in the New Moon Chart is making it difficult to focus on the purely logical, forward-moving aspects of life. So there may be some frustration as we lean toward the strong pull of the emotional centers and the desire to take time to listen to our intuitive inner voices for direction and guidance.
    [from http://darkstarastrology.com/lunar-eclipse-november-2012/ ]

    the disciplined Art of letting go of associated wounds, raw deals and scenarios where you lost personal power. Drop what you're dragging from the last century that most of you were born in (unless you're under 12 years old). Feed your heart with whatever makes it swell with love and courage. Transformation is shamanic work. Facing the dark; surrender; strengthening your essential core; gaining personal power on the 21st when the major energies of Spirit will descend onto this planet.

    It will be the last push, if you will, to extract Mother Earth, Gaia, from her old form, the last energetic that will be of a nature that will indeed compliment this shift of consciousness that Mother Earth Gaia will be going through. And therefore for many it will be the final day, for there are seen to be events that could happen on that day for those whose timelines intersect on that day, which, again, is the majority, that will be so final and complete that their sojourn on the planet will come to an end at that time

    Life is just a big holodeck whose rules are governed by our beliefs.
    “a divine drama of incarnation.”

    Mortal death on Urantia does not automatically detach the personality or the viability of the soul until the decision is made to walk to the beckoning LIGHT of the spiritual star all see.
    In addition, on Urantia, there is an abnormal quantity of souls who do not wish to depart, so there remain many etheric soul issues, many packets of emotions remaining here which should be dissolved. There exist all these "Thought-Forms" of fear, horror, anguish, anger and hate that have been created here "artificially"2 for thousands of years and especially during the last 200 years by the former Planetary Prince (Caligastia), and by his followers who were still free to continue the game in which they were engaged.

    These thought forms and souls of people were deluded themselves, and they are collectively likely to have major issues while defending their existence as they are and the games of thought which maintain them. These energies of soul invested with personal will and associated thought forms do not have the necessary capacity to understand they require help to dissolve the horror of existence most have lived with for centuries. Those who claim to know how to cleanse these areas without training do not have the protection and understanding of the game they intervene into and have not the capacity to deal with this problem.

    [Thought Forms2 = Thought forms are actual metaphysical constructions of a mortal mind that are alive and bearing fruit as independent energetic constructions. While these forms have no will of their own, they do propagate some more and related thought forms akin to their original intention. For instance, a thought form which expresses hate does so to control actions of both the originator and the victim. Such a thought form can also attach itself to others who are not involved in the original intention of the originator, but because these forms propagate, they infect bystanders to the degree they harbor similar emotions. It is in this way that a whole society can become infected with greed or lust for money and power, and may be seen in the western cultures of America and Europe today, and it is these egregores,– actual bundles of thought forms– which are quickly infecting the rest of Urantia.]These are energies associated with the past that has cause Urantia so much suffering, and they will not be dispelled quickly or easily without a lot of approachable reasoning to be given to both the living soul if involved, or the parasitic thought form which faces annihilation at the hands of the Michael envoys consisting of mortals, Melchizedeks, angels, midwayers, and a host of others not revealed to you.
    An Egregore is a thought form which has been appended to the grid and is available to the Borderland/astral and to the Etheric. As a thought form it contains fear and residual pictures of horror and were used effectively by Caligastia to maintain trapped souls in their place. The danger to humans is through the use of mind areas which abut the morontia circuits used by the Creative Spirit to maintain the mind adjutants and other finite mind maintenance. Accidental access to these egregores can cause harm through excessive fear or paranoia to normal, every-day events in the waking and sleeping states. Under no circumstances should individuals attempt to enter the borderland area without Melchizedek instructors in attendance.

    The Borderland/astral is nearly exhausted as far as the number of events and incidences that may be found there; however, there are reasons to believe that it contains about 1,000,000 different egregores that still have to be eliminated in order that the Magisterial Mission may proceed without having to take time to further clear this area out

    http://www.wayseers.eu/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/about1.jpg " alt=""/>


    There are an infinite number of parallel universes (realities), one to account for every variable that is possible. There is a parallel universe where you exist as what you would call a time traveler. But remember, you aren't traveling in time you are only changing your universe to one that better suits you at that moment.

    The agreement (rules/laws/etc) for earth are that you move from one universe to another that is only minutely different from the previous one to generate the illusion of time. This is similar to your film projector where one frame after another is shown and it creates movement, the illusion of time and the illusion of a beginning and end. This agreement is a fundamental agreement much like say gravity and is part of the conscious collective and is not easily changed by an individual. Once enough individuals believe in an alternate possibility then those agreements may change.

    (I asked what would happen if you went back in time and killed your grandparents)

    Nothing - you exist. You will always exist, you simply would have no grandparents in that universe. The concept of birth and death are part of the illusion. In most other incarnations you just decide to be or not to be there is no dependence upon others for your existence - you already exist. There is also a veil placed over this original Matrix causing a death seal to grow inside of the brain causing the illusion of mortal man to be temporarily replacing the immortal man of the Creator's Mind. That Seal will melt away once the Central Sun regains harmonic realignment. This seal has been blocking the normal immortality that allows the traits of immortality such as instantaneous healing resulting from the reality that all that was created in the image and likeness of the Divine Creator can not become anything other than the perfect likeness. Therefore there will be no more illness, disease or sickness of any type. There will be no more death. There will only be individual decisions of when and where an individual desires to remain.The Universal Template is the 12th dimensional template. The template is an etheric, spiritual template that holds the codes and keys of the perfect creation. This creation can appear as a star, a sun or a man. The template holds the perfect form. The 12 DNA template is created from this same mold of the template. So, the date of the return of Universal Consciousness is the date of the return of 12 DNA awakening.There will be many who do not experience this transformation and many who will never believe that it ever happened. A person must raise their frequencies of Consciousness or level of knowing and align into that Universal and Cosmic Frequency of Knowing in order to see the Reality of that Frequency Channel. Those who are tuned in to channel three or channel four will not be watching what is taking place on channel 12.

    Perfect Storm Overlays require us to learn how to firmly position ourselves in the Eye of the Storm at all times. And this is immensely helpful, for it is what we most need to do. Perfect Storm Overlays will continue until we can stay permanently anchored in our Heart’s Knowingness which is the new Eye of the Storm. While we are experiencing them, it’s important for us to remember that It’s not the duality in the outside world that goes away, but it’s the duality patterns WITHIN US that cease to be.

     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 34snqde
    — if, for example you were to enter one of the polar dimensional regions or one of your triangulated dimensional passages, into a parallel earth, in different space-time continuum, how far would you truly be from the point you entered it? The answer is in inches and eons.

    The primary entrances to the inner hollows of the planet are the polar regions. The expanded dimensional aspects of our multidimensional earth[s] are quantum connected at the poles. It is the magnetically flattened aspect of our polar regions that allows for the hollow chasms in the planetary sphere. Your Admiral Byrd wrote of flying over this region and seeing tropical lands of flowing rivers. We tell you that he did dimensionally pass for a brief timeless period into the parallel aspect of the hollow earth. At the polar regions dimensional hyper-transport can occur under a range of specific conditions, somewhat like traversing a steep conical inclined field, and elliptically flipping. The sensation is that of suddenly being 'flat' again or parallel to the surface. In fact one is in a parallel dimension. Many races and beings exist down/beyond there.

    — there was one man who had two energetic copies of him come out and separate/be pulled to 2 different scenes. He didn’t stop to exist when his copies were extracted, he was still doing what he was doing totally unaware that this was happening. - Therefore, I don’t believe that people will simply disappear when timelines separate, they will continue on other ones, but their versions/bodies on our timeline will be killed in the cataclysms. Their spirit might even be instantaneously transferred to their embodied version on some other timeline.

    Les Dynamics of Time, Postulate 13.9: “The
    activity of the aggregate of alternative personalities is determined by
    the host's bodies collective agreement on the goal of time travel.


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     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 Empty timelines

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    Matter and antimatter form different types of parallel universes.

    Some are separate dimensional planes governed by succinctly different sets of physics, geometrics and physical laws. Others duplicate your universe quite closely. Some parallel universes exist in subspace within parameters of ‘formless geometry’ and are completely different quantum realities. Some universes are smaller than a molecule, such is the paradox of spacial enigma. Physical universes such as yours are the exception, not the rule. Indeed there are highly evolved Beings in the
    Cosmos that are quite unaware that realms of physical universes even exist.
    Indeed there are distant components of your own Beingness, quite unaware of your physical self.

    Dimensions work like time frames, like tapping into your inner timeline-tapestry, a kaleidoscope of subconscious realities -unravelling in full spectrum and flux, abundance, which has the Latin word origin ‘to move in waves'..

    The visible physical matter that is understood within our current limited level of technology actually makes up less than 4% of the multiverse…

    —What fascinated me the most was that not a single hair does fall of anyone’s head if it isn’t part of Ocean’s Plan. The feeling was one of total safety because I was connected to the Ocean intimately, and aware of how EVERYTHING is being orchestrated. I was being one with this Ocean, I was literally wearing it and feeling its internal tides.

    more timelines

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     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 Andylloyd24_12
    -on some timelines the Nibiru comes closer and closer. It is indeed this which will cause the extreme events that have been predicted by so many.
    Those who wish to experience those events may find that they are on timelines where the effects of a foreign body in space have direct effect on their physical planet that is beneath their feet .

    The number 20 is about having active knowledge of both good and evil and consciously choosing good. It is service to others, spiritual upliftment guidance, ‘unveiled service’ a call to light duty. Soul selves’ become activated, being truly aware of ones inner light, a call to action. The Zero means to blend with God’s presence, open new doorways, and new opportunities. Bear the cross in order to see the crown
    The number 12 means a complete cycle of experience. There were 12 precious stones in the oracle breastplate of the high priest, set in gold with God’s unidentified names. The soul attracts that which it needs to learn. Reversal of negativity.


    are access points to energetic fields of possibility that exist parallel to yOur present focus reality. These alternate timelines are templates created from yOur own field of probabilities. Only a small percentage of these possible timelines become focus timelines. A timeline not chosen as the focus timeline continues to exist energetically within one’s field of probabilities. To gain glimpses of these probable realities that exist beyond the physical plane, align yourself with spirit – with your self as you exist in other dimensions. The fourth dimension is more a state of mind than an actual place. Once you unite with your selves across time, you can consult the future to discover the probabilities you are setting up, as well as other, alternate probabilities
    , and consciously choose the course most closely aligned with yOur purpose.
     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 Fieldbluecrystals
    That being said, we are left with our third point (the second being the fable of the twin-flames) — that of the “gates” themselves. They, too, are just devices or mechanisms — ways of carrying out what the Oversouls have scripted/written to occur in keeping with the Creator’s desires for a new Creation.

    Each of these 12 gates will take those that are on a given timeline to their new place in the new Creation. While most people who do not drop their bodies immediately will think they are still on the same planet as they always were, they will not be. There is no version of this present planet Earth that comes through any of the wormholes intact. Each version of planet Earth will emerge in a different place in the new Creation. The version that becomes the “new Earth” (which we refer to as Terra/Gaia) will move out of her 3D body and move into her 4D expression. Some people will end up on a 4D negative-polarity planetary “twin” to Terra, which we will not name. All other “Earths” will move into other 3D planetary bodies, and each of those will provide more 3D experiences for those who are scripted to have them in the new Creation.

    The timelines are already separating out from each other and have been doing so for many years. The movement is not generally apparent and ironically, those who pass out of your experience may continue in a different direction — one that is parallel to yours but not perceivable by you. It’s as if each timeline has moved into a tunnel (its own wormhole) and as things move forward to their conclusion, all memories of what one left behind will fade as new information comes in and new scenarios present. This is already in motion and can be seen as an overall movement, but one that is not shared equally across all beings who are now in bodies on the present planet. Those who pass out of your experience may or may not still be walking around on another timeline, but all you have to do is keep your eyes trained on the journey that is yours alone to make. It has all already happened anyway, so just enjoy the journey as much as you can, be good to yourself, and be ready to respond to what shows up. See the commentary section

     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 3437142845_b47eac5719_z

    Bio-Chemical Process
    — The Universe is not (only) an intellectual process
    The belief thought-images that surround us are co-created in mass fields by all of humanity in agreement in the macro. Individually they are projected according to yOur light quotient. These manifest into physical reality.

    This involves a physical process. Thought frequencies are digitally received and are immediately propelled bio-chemically within the brain. Every thought produces a bio-chemical enzyme. That enzyme works with the physical and nonphysical, in sync with the programming. Mental enzymes are connected with the pineal gland. The Pineal gland receives them as geo-coded transmissions. Each image, each thought, being interpreted and sorted according to its energetic signature. They must pass through the program parameter of belief after reception at the pineal. Your brain screens what is determined as real or unreal. Believable or unbelievable according to the light quotient programmed into the brain. The bio-chemicals produced are produced with acceptance ingredient or rejection ingredient. These are allowed to open or close the gate to higher mind accordingly.

    These bio chemicals are sent as coded neurons, and are the delivery mechanism of this thought-energy, containing all the codified data necessary for translating any thought or image into physical actuality, or not.
    Thoughts that are congruent with belief move to reproduce the inner image within the brain and through each nerve fiber of the body physical. These then are the initial fires of gestation for forming the new reality.

Incongruent thoughts are exceptions to the concept of 'Ask and it Shall be given', they may, unless the asking is channeled from within in sync with higher mind, have little effect.

    The next step is through clear mind intent, the force of will, will driven by the acceleration of emotion and feeling.

 This done, the physical body releases the objective in a digital code to the sublime body, the intact Auric Field in a semi solid, congealed light code, projected and accelerated from the chakric system.

    Essentially, the task of creating positive outcomes involves stepping outside the box of perception
    Mind – without belief systems, in an enhanced state of consciousness and without tensions (which create force lines) – is the builder, and focused will-power is the activator, practicing

    the Art of Not Wanting
    ........................................  A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 The_Sentinel

    The more responsibility you appropriately take on, the more your frequency will increase
    “Go slow around the corners of the odd chattels. Feel life's mystery around you. There’s no need to rush. You’ll get there. Scorekeeping is not necessary ; there are times when comparing has little role to play.”

    The core of Mother Earth is crystalline.
    That crystal holds the program for our planet, which is ‘Abundance for all beings’… As long as there is one person hungry on this planet abundance, we still have work to do.

    There is an inner core, rotating clockwise and an outer core that rotates counterclockwise. In light speed, increasing, it radiates lucid coherent energy upward in every direction. The ratio of earth core's inner spin to its outer spin is directly affected through this ratio of torque change and the flash of time enfolds in different manner (also in our 3d outer crust reality).
    At present the 'tuning' is not complete, and so there is currently an imbalance within the center of the planet, within the very core, as to how the core spins both clockwise and counterclockwise and so then there must be a balancing upon the earth as well. Otherwise, without such balance the earth cannot truly move into its higher octaves in requisite preparation for receival of higher dimensions.
     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 About1
    The Crystalline Core has a physical and non-physical reality, one is matter the other anti-matter. The physical core is crystallized in magnetic iron-nickel alloy-composite, it's not hollow. The anti-matter bioplasmic Angelic Field is its counterpart, the twin 'parallel Earth'. It's quite real, and our subtle body and our chakric centers tie into the plasmic sphere of antimatter. It is a less dense form of life, and not usually visible to the naked eye. It operates at a much higher frequency, and extremely high life forms abound in this energy, and evolve faster within it.

    The Parallel Antimatter Interface

    Our Universe, our Cosmos is approximately 80% antimatter. That we term the Angelic Kingdom, the Ascended Masters, Faeries, Elementals and the Sacred Dragon all interface with our physical earth thru the lens of antimatter. Because our etheric body interfaces into antimatter, it can be said that human kind are in fact hybrids of matter / antimatter, evolved from anti matter. The natural electric fields in the physical body are connected to the human auric EMF thru the chakras. The bioplasmic body evolves into the star tetrahedron of the MerKaBa that is in fact a hybrid bioplasmic form. It is twinned to the physical-carbon based body through the double-cones of the chakric systems , which are in essence particle accelerators. As such the energy flows in and out and vice-versa with the bioplasma body generating the human electromagnetic field. When humans learn to operatively develop the MerKaBa the chakras are able to emit jet streams that allow for more complex geometries to form into MerKiVic states, and a greater number of chakras and subchakras are activated.

    Dragon energy.. not evil. The Sacred Dragons are benevolent and fully conscious beings. These do indeed exist, and have existed on the planet long before humanity. They possess supreme divine intelligence and are extremely advanced. They are protectors of humanity and of the planet, and are taking a greater role in the Cosmic Trigger. These beings are Masters of what is termed earth-kundalini and as such are involved in engineering aspects of the aptly named dragon line-currents and ley lines which are in fact arteries of life force on your planet. They are now in a greater role, involved in the formation of new energy lines within the crysto-electromagnetic surge of the Cosmic Trigger, or crystallization expansion of the Ascension into the Earth's-Current Leys. Those who physically set the Crystalline Grid, love man, are sacred, had interdimensionality, they also had physical attributes. 4D. It means strength. It's stability. It's the Crystalline Grid creator energy! ...the foundation of the planet. There's a section of this Crystalline Grid that's alive. It's a mammal. It contains the storehouse of the planet - the knowledge of everything - within its DNA…the whales. [http://www.earth-keeper.com/EKnews_77.htm ]

    While what you term the Mayan Calendar has been available to mankind prior to the dimensional expansion of preliminary affairs,
     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 600 K'utz Chman, which translates roughly as "Grandfather Vulture", a worldbridger between the olmec and mayan culture, found in Tak'alik Ab'aj, a large city in the Retalhuleu department of southwestern Guatemala ,

    the conscious divine energy behind it is independent of and vastly predates the Maya. It is in its core a potent living energy field that is by no means dependent on what is contained in the calendar or interpreted from the remnants of the calendar. The labels we use today to differentiate ancient cultures like "Olmec" or "Maya" actually obscure the diversity of ancient societies. They are convenient terms to help us think about traditions of art and culture, or time periods and regions, but they can also limit us to thinking about cultures as rigid and defined rather than dynamic and ever expanding, in a constant state of reproduction and transformation. While it is the source energy that allowed the calendar to be composed, that very composition is merely one aspect of this dynamic gestalt.

    The closest approximation we will give as the period we speak would be 300 million years ago.
    This epoch at a phase of the holographic earth where the land masses were very different from the present. The spin of the earth had a different axis and rotation. Time did not exist in fixed linear format, and spacial expression was far more fluid. Thought moved the consciousness instantly. Almost all of you entered the Earth at this time, this pre-human time. You entered as thought, and experienced the Earth, un-tethered to its grid or gravity. Experiencing the Earth somewhat as an adventure, a manifestation of thought. Traveling here and there instantly, and dematerializing at will. It was a time of non-polarity, before the Earth fell from the Firmament and became a University of Duality.
    It was a different earth, an elemental earth of purity.

    The antimatter plasmic composition of that field is what you term the 'Parallel or Omni Earth'; in varying layers or dimensions of intensity. Your developed Mer-Ka-Na field is indeed capable of holding this energy, and transporting you within it. And we add, that your core existence is in the realm thought of as anti-matter, indeed it is your home.

    the stuff termed the Elemental. These material aspects were full spectrum, not just as dense physical matter but rather the complete spectrum of matter and anti-matter within the five matrixial formats or elements : Air, Earth, Fire, Water and the fifth - Etherium nonphysical manifestation of Divine Mind.

    The forgotten lore of Faeries, Mermaids, Sprites, Dragons, Trolls, Gnomes and such. Not all Devic forms are what you may think of as positive or benevolent in nature. Some are consciousness sourced from electromagnetic fields and as such both positive and negative. They are required to balance the electrical spectrum .

    Some view mankind as brothers, others do not. Yet both are electrical l forms of bio-plasmic life, in a manner of speakings light based elementals generally sourced of air. There are varieties of faeries that are water sourced and plant kingdom sourced. The plant sourced faerie is traditionally referred to in your folklore as pixies and brownies.
    The physical aspects of the prehuman earth went through myriad periods of vast change. The oceans rose to much higher levels than your present seas contain. The land mass of the earth was for a period of time in one centering, that termed Pangaea, this long before continental drifting and separation. This long before Atlantis & LeMuria . according to Aurobindo, this process proceeds not only as a movement of upward unfolding but also as a downward 'descent of the Supermind

    can't hear guidance? go clean style, clean your thoughts.

    Awareness is within all and is a voice that does speak to all but in a way that most never hear, for what is needed is a process of refinement, a process of expansion. If one stays in a 3rd dimensional ensnarement of consciousness where one simply abides by the physical rules and does not realize in any way, shape or form that there are energies of consciousness that are within one that supersede physicality, one would not feel inclined to go seeking. One would simply have the physical experience that one deems as the most important.

    The Law of Love is that Law which places the welfare and the concern and the feelings of others within self. The Law of Love is that close affinity with all forces that we associate with as good. The Law of Love is that force which denies the existence of evil in the world that resists not. Love is the path of least resistance.

    mon talk's website

    time is a vector quantity that places things within the physical realm of the space/time continuum. It has shape — height, depth and width — just as “space” does, and it serves as a “locator,” but has no separate reality of its own, other than to be useful as a model through which one can place things and events in relationship to each other.
     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 Maya-232x300 Our calendars and other devices for marking or measuring time are just that — devices that various mental processes have invented as useful tools to describe these phenomena. However, because of the nature of the experience of thinking that you are a separate being, whose existence is separate from and in relation to everything else you perceive, you tend to get things backwards. Instead of perceiving these devices as devices, you confuse the measuring tool with the thing that is being measured. You place undeserved importance on both the devices and the interpretations of them made by others whom you consider authorities of some kind, while the clock on the wall and the Gregorian calendar are just that: deliberately engineered to keep us disconnected

     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 SaLuSa-Room-by-Laura-b .......................................Simulation of SaLuSa’s private quarters should I say he has his own private observation lounge. He also has access to the bridge, but he likes his privacy He can zoom in with the screens as close as is needed. When it is needed. I was also shown in his quarters, parts of my past lives, and of the akashic records.(laura)

    • It's • unimaginably • larger • units •

    A soul for instance of the same age as a normal body would “not even” be in the process of conducting a life as a mineral gas, let alone not even suffice for the existence as an insect. The life experiences needed for a soul to live a life as a human is very extreme, to give you a small intuition, the probable probable age of “your” Soul lies between 10 –22 Billion Years of Life Experience, this is no joke ! As you might probably know or have at lest assumed, the Soul is immortal.

    Nevertheless, as the inner child will be as it is, it will behave just as like.  A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 Clip_image004
    When children are confronted with situations they cannot understand or control and are of very negative nature, that hurt especially emotionally, they will tend to seek refuge behind an object or a person either real or fictitious. Fear is the greatest foundation for this Mask / Wall which the inner child builds. It is then referred to as the Ego! Especially when the fear-factor grows in complexity, simple fear of physical abuse or resentment at child's age grows increasingly to a more complex form of fear.

    People are afraid of what they are afraid of, that is: being afraid of looking into themselves in full circle.

    "ITS up to everyone to pay attention to the correct signals and stop looking into the false blurred dim light that controls you like a moth to a flame!
    See it now clearly in your mind’s eye how the predator trevally panics and feasts on a school of anchovies, how the hawk disrupts the pigeons’ trajectory and finds its talons in its prey. See it now clearly in your mind how the fear of a planet-wide war, the stress of an economic downturn, the spinelessness of your politicians, and the greed of your bankers might panic, disrupt and unsettle you. Watch the warmongering of some marginal adherants of Middle Eastern religions blackening the whole region, whilst the spiritual majority just wants peace. Do not allow it to color your reasoning in these times."

    the common ego is a charade, it is not even a real consciousness, (even if it takes over the control of the body's thought processes). It is simply the mask that yOur inner child has held up most of its life to find a form of protection behind it. It prevents us from speaking the truth, yOur inner child like all children has realized that lying will often prevent punishment, a child knows nothing of the necessity of Integrity. It will not speak the truth if it results in punishment. Even if it will not result in any real or serious form of physical or emotional pain to speak the truth, the fear of the eventuality of such punishment is enough to keep the child from speaking the truth. There we have again the fear-factor!

    the energy itself of hate will be dead and eventually gone. And it is the inner workings, that people need to do—get back in touch with the planet, as a living, intelligent entity.
    You may call it a transmutation or baptism by fire, a burning/releasing of old frequency patterns.
    People find security in the sword, people find security in arms, but those things are just temporary appeasement, so the progress I implore you to experience is to take action, take action of your own lives to influence and control your own mood;
    Strive to establish emotional harmony and serenity within the illusionary world of the fourth dimension as you seek wisdom and endeavor to become acclimated to the mental plane of the lower fifth dimension. You must be ever alert for the whispers of your Soul and Higher Self. It is also important that you understand that you do not have just one Higher Self, but many fragments/Sparks of your Higher Self scattered throughout the universe.a way to quickly transmute the old negative energies within your physical vessel.

    Furthermore, when you feel abused, it might seem unfair that you should give up the right to get even, the right for you to even the score, but you are in fact retarding your progress when you engage in such pursuits.
    These trivialities of life do not impact heavily on yOur mood!
    Learning how to protect our energy from all parasites and use it wisely each day has been something we’re all having to master.

     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 UniversalPeaceLrg

    At times the conscious self rises or is raised to that higher region where it has specific experiences and states of awareness of various kinds which can be called 'spiritual'... At other times it happens that some contents of the superconscious 'descend' and penetrate into the area of the normal consciousness of the ego, producing what is called 'inspiration'. This interplay has great importance and value, both for fostering creativity and for achieving psychosynthesis.

    Metatronic Key the sacred science of crystalline geometric consciousness

    the Aura must be intact, and optimal in 13-20-33 cycle and reach. It then passes through the Mer-Ki-Va to Mer-Ka-Va to Mer-Ka-Na field (dreambody-projections). All propelled by will. The clarity and intensity you insert behind the thought-desire or goal determines to a great degree the immediacy of its materialization. Once you learn the mechanics of conscious creation it is essential then to utilize the engine of genuine desire with image visualization and emotion to complete the process of physical manifestation..
    it can be implemented with the application of correct protocols. After all, the order of things in the invisible world is founded in
    [url=http://birthofgaia.heavenforum.org/entangled hierarchic protocols]entangled hierarchic protocols[/url].

    This is wonderful because anytime we have the opportunity to bring that unconscious shadow side into awareness we evolve. Most of the problems in our lives are sourced in the shadow side. Since it houses our unconscious fears, it is the place that motivates negative behavior – without us understanding why. It’s our personal weakness or downfall and it causes us a great deal of pain. But today, the energy is going to evaporate some of that shadow for us without a direct confrontation (usually shadow integration hits hard and heavy).
    Without the practitioner's having the ability of tantric interweaving with supernal protocols, it would not be possible to confer status, confer a post or office to beings who are to be exorcised; it would not be possible to request a being, an entity, a mindstream to use their abilities to become a protector of places, people, and things, let alone join fields of supernal beings transcending their current mode of rage, despair, confusion, and so on.

    When we release the facade that we are anything less than worthy, we reclaim our Divine Power by no longer looking outside of ourselves for validation, this people pleasing…We realize we are worthy simply because we were born, we no longer look outside of ourselves for approval. And we are no longer commanding into our lives, the experiences of hope, wish, want, need and try, as such an experience is the exact opposite, of what we were desiring/expecting. Knowing, that our creative thoughts ARE being granted to us, just like the old patterns of thinking granted unto us this enervating place of lack.

    What a task! To see that what might be adjudged as something totally negative and uncalled for is, in truth, endowed with Spirit and its divine mission here on Earth.
    Get a little pride about ourselves. All is in order and there’s no reason for panic, just a changing of the guard. It’s Life and life is not a static state.

    Commanding the Universe "what it is that you are being, and not what it is that you want!" is changing the Operating System (OS) of the Human Collective, to the New Paradigm version. (And "NOW"! not "in the near future")

     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 60655088

    The 90% majority of your brain remains unused, un-activated, programmed into dormancy.
    That is because any thought that does not fit in with the limited thinking programs of your cultural programming or dogma, you auto-deflect.
    Even when you expand your Belief Horizon you must optimize and balance the auric field for the Crystalline aspect that allows creation to function.
    The Key Evolvement Principles for Accessing the Law of Creation are:

    1) Expanded Programming of the Brain - Knowledge into Belief , is accepting something i would have never dreamED of accepting before

    2) Release of Ego-Personality Control to Divine-Mind Aspect of Higher Consciousness

    3) Maintain EMF Balance

    4) Activate the Mer-Ka-Na Crystalline aspect of Pituitary, Pineal, & Thymus

5) Maintain Balance & Clarity

It is essential that you understand that the 3d brain, the ego-personality aspect incorporated in your physical 3d biology is programmed for 'survival' in a primary coding.

    It is the 'survival' code that brings in the warning signals that involve cautions often experienced as fear and doubt. The frontal mind, the ego-personality aspect, is engineered to dominate your 3d consciousness, in order to allow linear time flow and survival within the physical plane. The challenge is that to arise above 3d consciousness you must rise out of ego consciousness and flow into Divine Mind within the Seat of the Soul, the gateway into Divine Mind.

    A nightly sea in the...
    .............................. A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 YFNCc9ckaTTdjwy4 the region around the supermassive black hole in the quasar SDSS J1106+1939

    Fear is very attractive, along with those other thought forms of anger, violence and tragedy etc.
    It's the shadow's command, a slave owner and internal dialogue is its chains.
    When it sees that its slave is being freed, the internal dialogue will cause one to lash out at the one
    who is freeing the slave. It can cause a student to try to retaliate against the teacher. One must be
    very careful to realize who is doing the whispering and why. The shadow creates an endless version
    of illusion. This can occur -- and has occurred -- even after years of learning.

    At this point in evolutionary time we are creating upside down and backwards!
    both the conscious self (including the so-called personal unconscious) and the collective unconscious; so that the unfolding of the higher and transcendent dimensions are possible only through a rediscovery of that which has been rendered unconscious.

    Since the ego cannot develop except in distinction from the non-ego (individual distinct from society, psyche distinct from nature), the development of egoic consciousness necessarily occurs over against unconsciousness. A stable transcendence is not possible without our 'going back' and awakening to all the marginalized levels of both the individual's buried history and complexes (the personal unconscious) and the collective unconscious. The difference between, on the one hand, the transpersonal domains and, on the other, the pre-personal and personal domains is that the transpersonal is an integrative joining, a flowing together of the conscious and the unconscious once the divisive structures begin to be deconstructed. As we negotiate the curve and enter the Return arc, it is through a transpersonal embrace that all deeply rooted dualisms [ie. racism, sexism, ageism] and divisions of the Outward arc can begin to be reconciled, the epistemic losses, dialectically established on 'the other side' of our 'partial' epistemic gains, can begin to be redeemed.

    It is fascinating to stop and consider that everything that has occurred, everything we have experienced, everything we have been taught to think of reality was programmed into a galactic beam that is now shifting. It is even more fascinating to consider that the raw material that formed this particular beam was the karmic residue of previous worlds that was then coded into the DNA of the beings on this planet.

     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 69458_449539011774485_112901196_n

    As the planetary magnetic field is increasingly disrupted, the majority of the collective mind consciousness fields also become extremely agitated. Along with many extra-dimensional forces acting upon the collective fields, the chaos becomes even more extreme. Additionally as the dimensional spaces (time vectors) collapse in the lower frequency fields, (1D-2D-3D) the impact creates a compaction and compression in the field at that level of frequency. As a result, the frequency of the (1D-2D-3D) collective mental bodies and where it was connecting to those frequency broadcast fields is undergoing rapid compression. The compression of these fields is necessary, as they are moving to the next higher octave system, otherwise called the future time field.

    This literally changes the frequency levels of what our brain receives as impulses sourcing from the planetary collective mind field. It also severely reduces the parameters of the lower frequency that our brain and nervous system is used to connecting to as a part of our individual “thought-form”. So if we still have a sense of identity with thought-forms existing in the lower vibrations mentioned, those areas of our collective 1D-2D-3D mental body (personality matrix) are being compacted. This compaction is at such high level pressure, that without context, this feels like being pounded mentally with an energetic gavel over and over again, in the form of fearful, obsessive or looping thoughts. Because the physical body is elemental and being impacted by these same mental forces, the pressure may also be felt as intense symptoms in the body. This part of the lower identity.

    The best way to understand what is happening to the lower mental bodies on the planet is to apply the context of a computer hard drive file storage system that requires a file maintenance defragmentation. This “defrag” process scans to find all broken links, fragmented or corrupt files, and organizes them in the most efficient way to recover and retrieve the hard data into usable formats. If the internal data is not repairable or usable (i.e. appropriate for the next stages of the evolution journey) it may be effectively deleted. This changes our life in a radical way, as things that were supporting the use of those old file systems, may no longer be there or available for continued use. This forces our transformation whether we like it or not. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defragmentation. ) individual experience is people in 3D start to “lose their thought-forms”, or lose coherency in their thought patterns. If they do not know how to retrain how they think and process multidimensional reality, they can revert to more infantile or primitive behavior. (This is what happens with Alzheimer patients,
    releasing linear ego thought patterns, and clear its sub personalities and fragments

    It's clearly the area where we can all intend to improve our compassion and strength to persevere in the midst of this growing mess of unprocessed personality-splits, knowing that it has to be purged in order to be seen by the people ( the collective consciousness) and dealt with.

    All of us have to see and feel what is “hidden” in order to overcome it, transcend it, and transmute it, for ourselves, for our planet, and then subsequently, to anchor the support for others who are awakening in the future cycles. This calls for compassionate witnessing the prison of thought forms in the midst of the collective field of pain

    : ) All is in perfection, all is in good order

    and then we will migrate into the future. Each into our own future, learning: 'My life isn't about me!'

     A welcome to the Powers That Be - Page 2 544705_369306006466851_1136493819_n

    [size=9]Masters, it will be more of a gradual shift, depending somewhat on the mass reaction of humanity. 2012 is just the beginning, for the crystalline energy is amazingly robust and effusively dynamic. This benevolent energy is indeed a force of omnipotent ubiquity that has not been seen on the planet in many millennia. It is a powerful combination of telluric, hyper-dimensional and cosmic forces that are capable of shaking the earth and opening dimensions. It is also capable of up shifting your frequency. All of these are in fact occurring, and exponentially so, as there are dynamics of crysto-magnetic physics at play that are beyond your current scientific comprehension. The planet ascends on the 12-12-12, and rebirths on the 12-21-12. The planetary axis will not tilt in the feared devastating degree, no destructive meteor will crash into the earth, and the magnetic poles will not shift. Prior to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, it indeed would have had. But you changed that. Kryon, the Magnetic Master has told you 2 decades ago, of the change brought about by the Harmonic Convergence, of how humanity met required quotient of the 'Light-Measurement' and thus scripted the Ascension to take place.

    So understand that 2013 is then the new beginning in an expanded matrix. In the next 26 years, the planet will shift away from singular heliocentric aligned patterning into Galactic patterning. All ongoing planetary changes incl global warming are part of it, enabling the Earth, and mankind to release the' old energy'

    in lake'ch I AM Another Yourself


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